Sunday, August 03, 2008

Scottish Sunday: My Antediluvian Baby

Scotsman Donovan Leitch started his career as a Bob Dylan imitator and then seemed to ingest a huge quantity of mind-altering chemicals, resulting in his subsequent reinvention as the Celtic Bard of Psychedelia. Donovan knocked out a great string of singles like "Sunshine Superman," "Mellow Yellow," and "Season of the Witch" and then retired to Connecticut for several years to raise a family (and count his money). Here he sings his ode to the Lost Continent, a big talking point in the hippie days.

Scotsman Jim Allen has been doing some interesting work in Bolivia and believes that it's a good candidate for Atlantis. Sounds kooky, right? Well, go look at his evidence.

Money quote:
Atl is an Aztec word meaning "water" and the combination of "atl" and "antis" an excellent name for this continent since large parts of it are in fact under water in the wet season with severe flooding throughout Amazonia and Beni regions.


  1. This song always evokes the memory of a buddy and I driving down the highway to the river, singing the refrain at the top of our lungs. Fantastic.

    Sadly, the song Universal Soldier has always been relevant too.

  2. Ahh, yes. Yet another architect of my formative years visits The Secret Sun :)

    Wear Your Love Like Heaven...

  3. Chris, Chris, Chris...You gave me chills down my spine. Don't do that!

    While you were posting this on Sunday, I was taking a break from my usual blog-reading and setting up a new blog, A Scottish Habit! This morning while I listen to this music I have the eerie feeling of convergence. If the Scottish connection is not enough to make the back of my neck tingle, I just finished a post on pagan-warrior spirituality, exemplified in Y Gododdin and Beowulf and in the lives of bold, young, idealistic men, the likes of which (and the ancestors) of this young man I'm watching on the tube.

    I'm obligated, I suppose, to cross-post this to A Scottish Habit, but I almost fear the consequences. Where will it all end?!

    -Morning Angel

  4. Well, the funny thing is that sometimes I wonder if the Scots are not some Celtic offshoot but actually Atlantean legates. And like you I'm not writing about this from an ethnocentric perspective.

  5. It ain't called the Atlantic ocean for nothing...and it's unlikely that Americas (central, south) eastern coastline matching exactly bar a big crater (gulf) to Africas west coastline can entirely be explained by their having split apart so long ago - what, and there's been that little erosion in all that time.......hoo yeah.

    It seems pretty obvious that what Atlantis refers to was a type of global, or much of the global, cultural exchange - ie they were in contact with one another for trade and related. All the current bs history is based around ideas like no-one in Europe knew about the Americas until it was discovered as 'official' history now claims; even the current Bible standard was sealed around that same time, and the current USA and what it's all about was being planned to be implemented on that 'new' continent back then too.

    Geologically Scotland seems to have been part of what is now called Nova Scotia.
    Some Atalntis markers and pointers have been said to include: Rh negative bloodtype (the people with no monkey marker genes), agglutinating languages (Finnish, Hungarian - which culturally also features Runic inscriptions).

    I don't know these languages, but to my ear Gaelic sounds alike to Swedish, in the same kind of way that Chinese languages and Japanese languages are very much distinct but have a common.....I'm not sure how to describe it, pattern or rhythmn maybe.

    English - sounds like what it is too: a bit of German and a bit of the Romantic languages.

    From the north of the planet towards the south, I'll have a consonant please, then a consonant and a vowel, then just vowels.

  6. Some more things about Atlantis:

    1. the idea people wouldn't have tried to sail very far out from Europes west coast because they believed the Earth was flat.

    Except they didn't; not all of them. Observatories in India and knowledge of star movements in Babylonia and by the Arab peoples show there were plenty of folks on that same landmass who were aware of motion in space of celestial bodies. And of course there's those measurements built into various old Egyptian structures that could only be known by peoples that understood the Earth is round, and of other celestial orbitals.

    2. the Azores.

    The Azores is the Atlantics Easter Island, in the sense that - well how come anyone lived there then? If no-one had gone there before.
    The Polynesians have no problems accounting for how people got to Easter Island from what we call New Zealand and Australia (and islands near to) now. What about Hawaii also - how did anyone sail there.

    Plato's description of where Atlantis was doesn't require a big stretch of the imagination to see how feasibly travel can have gone from northwest Africa and western Europe, to the Azores, to the Caribbean - and there's 'the new world'. Yes, the currents are different from the Pacific: And? Is that all they got? The ocean is deeper, so no-one could possibly ever have gotten there before?

    There's even the Mayan 'Dresden codex' that tells of a land called Tollan that sank, and the pre-Mayans had to escape it and sail to where the Mayan ruins and so forth can now be found. Yes, it could have been another Caribbean island....but that's the point - there could have been loads more islands all around that whole area and beyond.

    3. the 'Bermuda Triangle'

    Whatever you think about this, no-one can deny there's a bit of a co-incidence that it just happens to be where Atlantis is said to have also existed (around and about, and in); and there have actually been loads of ships and planes lost there unaccountably. And there's those underwater structures in Bimini.

  7. Wow, a plethora of information! Will take time to compute! Lemuria anyone? :)

    Thanks again Chris! Nice post!

  8. Lemuria - lemurs, walk upright by sort of leaping in a really cool way, only found in Madagascar.

    LeMUria - lost world of Mu....

    I forgot an important language from the list above - the Basque language. There's meant to be a higher than average incidence of Rh negative blood with Basques, and their land is located right where Plato said Atlantis was!