Sunday, August 03, 2008

Scottish Sunday: My Antediluvian Baby

Scotsman Donovan Leitch started his career as a Bob Dylan imitator and then seemed to ingest a huge quantity of mind-altering chemicals, resulting in his subsequent reinvention as the Celtic Bard of Psychedelia. Donovan knocked out a great string of singles like "Sunshine Superman," "Mellow Yellow," and "Season of the Witch" and then retired to Connecticut for several years to raise a family (and count his money). Here he sings his ode to the Lost Continent, a big talking point in the hippie days.

Scotsman Jim Allen has been doing some interesting work in Bolivia and believes that it's a good candidate for Atlantis. Sounds kooky, right? Well, go look at his evidence.

Money quote:
Atl is an Aztec word meaning "water" and the combination of "atl" and "antis" an excellent name for this continent since large parts of it are in fact under water in the wet season with severe flooding throughout Amazonia and Beni regions.