Friday, August 08, 2008

17 Days in Beijing

I was wondering what kind of symbolism the Chinese would whip up for their big Olympic show and our friends in the People's Republic certainly came through with flying colors. And by 'flying colors,' I mean 'blatant, in-your-face Solar iconography.'

When I say 'rapidly oncoming, worldwide Solar religion,' I do mean worldwide.


  1. The worldwide solar religion indeed. Mass manipulators have been so successful, we haven't seen any of this coming, at worst it has been an indestructible itch in the back of distracted minds. This solar religion, I predict, will also come on the heels of another massive Church scandal which will make sex abuse look like a day at the beach.

  2. Remember how they had pictures resembling the "gray" aliens during the Sydney opening ceremonies?

    my addled teenage mind was quite amused at that. I'm sure they all kinds of other symbiology in there that went over my head.

  3. They'll have to clear all that smog away if they want to see the actual Sun though. Or anything else further away than three feet.

  4. Worshipping the sun makes about as much sense as worshipping grizzly bears - sure they are fearsome objects of worship, but neither the grizzlies nor the sun care a whit about those who would worship them.

  5. It would certainly appear to be so, Magnie. But there's something else going on with all of this as well, aside from the Sun's power (I recently heard that women kept underground for an experiment stopped ovulating). This all means something else to these people, something that I haven't yet been about to figure out.

  6. Hi Chris, I understand your work on solar imagery. Now I didn't see the opening ceremony but when I saw your pics above the first thing I thought was "bee hive". But then I suppose that a bee hive could be part of solar imagery, maybe?