Thursday, August 07, 2008

Here I Go Again...

Thor for Thursday, along with Sif and Him!
Just spreading the objectification around!

I've been having a lot of trouble falling asleep every night, so I've been taking the opportunity to meditate. It's been a blessing in disguise (and I believe that that's how all blessings come) and it's also helped me sort through a lot of things that I wouldn't necessarily address in my waking, working hours.

One thing I've been meditating on is where to take this blog. Blogs are a funny thing-a lot of them come and go. If its not a paid gig, a lot of blogs- even popular ones- can sort of fall by the wayside. Hell, a lot of paid bloggers phone it in.

For a few months now, I've been kicking around the idea of getting back into comics somehow, but not doing some story-driven thing that no one will read, but a more documentary type of thing, and something that would incorporate some of the ideas and concepts that get bandied about here on the Sun. Of course, since I'm obsessive-compulsive, I'd still have to post something every day here or I'd go into an elevated state of anxiety. One idea I had is doing a sort of comics version of what Steve Willner does with his videos (and doing so here!)

One thing some of you non-OCD people may not realize - or some of you with a different strain of it- but I sort of rotate my obsessions. Because when I come to one after putting it aside, it's like a shot of pure heroin to all the pleasure-receptors in my brain. And it lasts for weeks and often months sometimes. And when it wears off, I simply focus on another obsession.

Anyone who's had the misfortune to spend any time around me when I'm really on an obsession kick knows how irritating it can be, and when I get going on my Bruce Timm obsession, it can really drive people crazy. But he's like all of my favorite artists- Jack Kirby, Jaime Hernandez and Hank Ketcham, in particular- combined. And his approach to drawing is just so damn utilitarian, which appeals greatly to my inner Protestant-Boy (kudos to Grant Morrison for that great archetypal ID).

So, I've lined up several months worth of Timm for Tuesdays, and spent my time not sleeping working out ways I could somehow get all of my eggs in one basket, and put all of what I've been doing here into comics form (sometimes I wish I did Our Gods Wear Spandex as a comic itself). I may not dig most of what's being published in comics these days, but I love the form. Which is to say, I'm just like everyone else out there.

After all, what I do on the blog is mix words and pictures- it's really just comics by other means.


  1. I was browsing comic book covers the other day, and this one kind of goes with this post.

  2. That's a damn fine idea Chris. I'm looking forward to it!!!

  3. Well, don't look forward yet, D- I'm not sure I want to completely erase any free time in my life!

    Awesome catch Ed!

  4. yo C, i was never into comics, and never even into movies about comics until all of this synchromistic flava came about a few years ago (for me) but I am SUPER into music, especially hip hop and a group called Atmosphere has a guy named Slug who wears a shirt that says, "SHOOT YOUR TV READ COMICS." Thanx for getting me into the mix, now IRONMAN is my absolut fav, no darkknight yet, but thats cuz i gots no one to go to the movies with. Here is a link if you wanna peep Slug's shirt

  5. oh yeah, and another thing i even liked Superman Returns, i think it was the last one, where they said Supaman had a son. And i was juss kicking around ideas in my insomniac state such as yourself and wondered if that thought ever crossed your mind, the secret sun being a secret SON??? You know Da Vinci Code-ish, Holy Grail, Crown-prince William, blood of Jesus type tip????

  6. Interesting how the subliminal sex themes can pop right out at you if you know where to look. The first frame has a bird looking like an uninterested male appendage, being ridden by the temptress/minx. The middle frame has the bird now upright, interested and thoroughly dominated by the minx. However the male element takes charge of the proceedings by stalking the minx, and in the last frame you have the minx being conquered by a blast from the man as she rides the bird. Either the symbolism is too rich or I have sex too much on the brain.

    All I can say about your blog is that it's one of my daily reads, and I consider it time well spent enlightening myself. I only hope you don't give it up completely, like Jeff Wells at Rigorous Intuition did.

  7. "Never surrender" is my motto, Magnie!

  8. PS: Rigourous Intuition- My attitude is that if you spend all your time looking into the darkness, pretty soon you'll be surrounded by it. There's so much bad in the world- there always has been. But one of my many beefs with conspiracy guys is that the goal is to focus on evil, knowing full well you can never really root it out. That leads to a feeling of despair.

    I think it's important to be aware but to build something for yourself. A little oasis in a desert of malfeasance. You stay aware of the desert so you don't stray too far into it. And maybe the oasis can grow into a rain forest.

  9. Hey Chris

    Great to read you meditate, have been at it the last few days again too.

    Glad you have that "have to post" vibe too ;)

    and I'd LOVE to see you take it into a comics format too. I look forward to Steve's vids like I did xmas as a kid.

    Follow your bliss!

  10. Talking of Grant Morrison, there's a new video interview with him just posted c/o Arthur magazine

  11. Chris -
    I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago, when I was trying to fathom the depths of Oscar, as in " The Oscars". I knew it contained mystical/masonic symbolism, but I was stuck. Till I found one of your entries on the subject. Completely answere my query. I've been a devoted fan ever since. I also happen to love comics as well, so this is a double bonus for me. So I guess my point is- just focus on whatever you want. That's what a blog is for. Just DON'T STOP WRITING! I'm almost as obsessive about checking the blog each day as you are about writing it!
    All the best,

  12. I've got no-one to go to the movies with either! But that's not what stops me; what stops me going most times is the really long drive it takes to get to the only decent worthwhile theatre in about a 60 miles radius of where I live, and that once you get there you can't even have a smoke during the damn screening. F- that; I'll wait for the DVD.

  13. Whoa- I think some people misinterpreted what I was saying- I was kicking around the idea of doing more art for the blog, not stopping the blog itself! The whole idea is to keep the blog fresh.

  14. Whoa, Christopher, man, I'd've posted earlier to this but I was blown away by the synchro ... I "hunched" that, you, too were a fellow OCDer. Why, how couldja NOT be?! I'm never gonna stop it up, though; fuck that, Anafranil had me illogically paranoid. Talk about "getting going", see above post ( :-)}

  15. "One thing some of you non-OCD people may not realize - or some of you with a different strain of it- but I sort of rotate my obsessions. Because when I come to one after putting it aside, it's like a shot of pure heroin to all the pleasure-receptors in my brain. And it lasts for weeks and often months sometimes. And when it wears off, I simply focus on another obsession."

    This is my life, Chris. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

    -Morning Angel

  16. Let me just say to my fellow OCD folks, I recommend therapy over pharmaceuticals. I weigh more heavily on the obsessive pole over the compulsive but I found that really getting in there and dealing with the root causes of my anxiety was much more effective than drugs. I was on Elavil for a long time and didn't realize that it made everything WORSE and also gave me horrible tachycardia and arrhythmia. I'm old-fashioned and believe that a lot of this complexes spring from issues that can be resolved or relieved without medications.

  17. You're right, meds of the 'modern' kind do tend to just make you ill, especially if they have to be taken constantly. I could go on about that; but all I'll say is that it's obvious to me that they're designed to make people sicker, otherwise they wouldn't have dropped all extant knowledge of healing and replaced it with artificial drugs.
    (why d'you think the FDA and related crackdowns on 'alternative medicine' are compared to those Church related witchhunts)
    It stems from looking at life in completely the wrong way, as if biology is built like machines are in modular parts.

    That Jeff guy - he was nasty before he had those blogs here. He had an forum that was one of many forums that claimed to be about conspiracies - but if you actually posted about conspiracies what they'd do was personally attack you in reply, then if you told them to f--k off etc in reply back, then they would censor you and blame you, and ban you from posting. There's loads of fake conspiracy (and other) forums like that, all run by the same skiddie-injected-persons that are forced into the timeline artifically, like the guy called Carl in the book 'Enter the Vortex as One Light'.

  18. Chris, I never got diagnosed or anything with OCD but I have done stuff that might be like what you are meaning - I got heavily into the Kabballah back in '99, not in the way that any books etc dealt with it, and I used to every day be drawing out new sephiroth configs and paths and matching it up with Stan Tenen's website info, and to the Tarot, and I was basically trying to find this pattern; and I had reams of papers of these notes and scribbles, and merkabah geometries, and hundreds of breakdowns of English words into numerology equivalents, and this all went on for ages.......and one day me and someone else were watching the film pi (and on LSD, which is weird to watch a black and white film on) - I didn't involve anyone else in my various magical interests and hadn't told anyone about it; I never knew anyone who was into any of the same things as me - but it was like that film was about someone evil trying to find out what I was finding out with what I was doing on paper! It felt like part of me escaped onto the film and this whole big drama was being played out there instead, cause they couldn't ask me in real life as then I'd be able to quiz them too. And in the end I did find all kinds of things, then everything changed (I was messing about with an aetheric delta-T at the time too and might have altered something cause all these material things that I owned disappeared, it's like they still exist though, and places like shops and buildings all got really small inside them when they used to have more space); and I burned all my notes so no-one else could know what I found.....and all of a sudden I remembered all this stuff I had completely forgotten all my life.
    And I was fascinated for ages, even though I knew of this in theory, how these things could just jump into the movies and TV and news and so forth - everything I watched was trying to say this same thing, and was all about the same story, and I'm like 'why are you doing that, it's stupid'; plus loads of films I watched during that time had loads of extra bits in them, that don't exist anymore, and TV series had whole seasons/series that are not existing anymore.

    The other thing was that, when everything changed was also when all the chavscums started to really infest everywhere - it was after 9-11, and I really think that event is linked directly to where all those parasites came from - also like again they all got skiddie (script kiddie) injected into the timeline just to mess it all up even more.

    (a skiddie is like a malicious hacker - the metaphor here being that they look at the whole code and insert things into it to change it, then it's as if the code was that way all along unless you know how to check those things; the same thing happens with the universe - they take the original and from outside of it they place things in it in specific times and places, so as to change what it is like - and unless you know how to see that it can seem like the universe was that way all along.)