Friday, August 08, 2008

"What if God were the Sun?"

Did you know that America's most prominent Spiritualist is also a novelist? John Edward- a onetime TV star who claims to be able to speak with the dead - wrote this fascinating book, which was the basis for a 2007 Lifetime TV movie. My, the man is a veritable cottage industry. Here's an interesting article from 2001- "How the Mass Media Package and Sell Psychic Medium John Edward" - a typical CSICOP bunch of boo-hooing that the media was somehow invested in pushing Edward to the masses. Now that his talk show is cancelled, I wonder if this fascinating novel (which indeed seems to have a Sun worship theme in it) is a harbinger of things to come from Mr. Edward.

It's worth remembering that traveling preachers in the ancient world would perform ostensibly miraculous acts like healing the sick or communicating with the spirit world in order to help sell their religion to the masses. And the same types of hausfraus who tuned into Edward were usually the targets of these itinerant missionaries.

UPDATE: Reader Magnus pointed out that US politician John Edwards admitted to an affair a short time after I put this up...


  1. I'm afraid my one and only introduction to him was one of my favourite SP episodes:

    Maybe he'll write a sequel, 'what if God were the center of the galaxy'?

    and then, 'what if God was the thing that all the galaxies orbit around?'

  2. Interesting title for a novel. I might have to read that one! I have a theory that humans (and all life) receive our animating force from the sun rather than a soul or spirit or "one" great consciousness. I am sure that this is not a new concept but most people would be angered if someone were to say that they have no soul but instead they have sol. I am still developing this theory and I suspect that it will not be a popular one. But, that's ok because I have no interest in being popular.

  3. Sun in reverse = Nus, sounds like Noose, and what with the various hangings and decaps going round, some relating to 'Sun-God' celebs, I thought I'd slip it in.

  4. Intriguingly enough, Professor Knowles, I think that Mr. Edward "plays" his audience. Not that he ain't "gifted", mind you, but that he takes advantage of the most despondent, forlorn, mourning, yada yadda yadda, the kinds of peops that're relatively a snap to "read". A veritable cottage industry, ay? LOL! What with the title of his hereby spotlighted tome, ever hear of an early Hollow Earth novel besides H.G. Wells's "Journey to the Center of the Earth" (which, as you already "Gno", is currently enjoying a theatrical run as a vehicle for "George of the Jungle" actor, Brendan Fraser) by one Willis George Emerson entitled "The Smoky God" before? Well, the name for the Hollow Earth's central sun IS the Smoky God, and is worshipped by the 12-foot-tall denizens therein as THEIR god, with their "green" civilization in perfect sync with their enclosed concave surface world, the land mass of which is thereof alleged to be three times that of our convex world, mostly water. Well, Chris? What say ye?

  5. I don't buy into Edwards schtick at all, if that's what you're asking...

  6. Why does this NOT surprise me? I have a good friend that informed me of a book they are reading where the theory there is the "sun is not actually hot", that the vacuum of space would not be able to carry the heat all the way to earth, that it's "energy" striking the atmosphere is what causes the heat we receive. I thought this was very intriguing, so if the sun is not hot and not a big ball of gases, wtf is it? Hmmm. I say it's an event horizon of energy, but hey, you know me Chris, I always have the odd ball theories! LOL

    Be well bro!

  7. The 'noosphere' is a name for a gaian-like aether surrounding the Earth.

    Chris, what book is that? There's something Viktor Schauberger wrote about the Sun being the coldest part of the solar system (in relation to research on vortexes, and in water the centre of the vortex is the coldest part) - which seems to work since outer space is meant to be cold anyway! The atmosphere on Earth is what makes the radiation turn to heat.

    Also, 'nother reason I suspect that's true is because absolute zero (see the Kelvin scale) is when there is no movement at all in the molecule or in the electrons also are not moving.
    Something like a nuke bomb is the nucleus' of the atoms exploding outwards, and the Suns fusion is meant to be similar to how those bombs work. So maybe the core of the Sun is like the 'superfluids' that have been made recently, so it's this huge mass that is radiating out, well, radiation.
    The 'superfluids' are made by getting them as close as possible to absolute zero, and they have unique properties such as they can't be contained in normal ways - they just sort of leak out of the (molecular and atomic) spaces in the containers.

  8. Oh wait, I meant Michael. For some reason I read that wrong and thought Chris wrote about the book on the Sun.

    While I'm here again...what if his (back to this blog article topic) next book was "what if God was John Kerry" by John Edwards.

  9. Interesting that as you posted about the guru John Edward that the politician John Edwards just admitted to having an affair. Just figured you'd appreciate the sync.

  10. Call me odd... but Akhenaten was trying to tell people about the Akashic Field, electromagnetism-forged chemical elements pervading the universe, and our inherent connection to thus as SOURCE energy. If the "word" was with God, and *was* God, it might be said that: if anything can "divide" (or multiply) the waveform of the cosmic etheric VOID, it would most likely have to be the power of zillions of Suns. They do, after all, produce every known wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum, and, therefore, they do produce every known element in the table of our REALITY. Thus: Sun = God. But, rather, instead of praising one side of things, I'll say as every other practicing alchemist has ever said...

    That if it were not for both the electro-chemical manifestations from the Sun, we'd have no life-drive; and equally, if it were not for the protective forces of cyclic, rather than spiraling, geometries (such as gravity) in the cosmos - the FEMININE - there would be no "Eden" or nursery for material reality to bloom BIOLOGY. But is biology the end-all? Are there other forces that may be realized, as soon as they are impressed upon the matrix of cosmos? Will they represent more of the same, or something more three-dimensional (trinity instead of duality)? Hmm.
    Lux et Veritas,
    Brendan Bombaci

  11. Zupa,

    I'll have to try and find out for you, my friend is reading it and tossed that idea my way, will let you know.

    Peace all!

  12. All the Suns is good; I have this view of what's outside the universe being a sort of pure energy, and Suns (and the galactic centers that seem to generate them, and eat them) are a bit like holes where that energy comes in from, thereby allowing various manifestations of forms to exist here.
    Also there could just as easily be pockets within the space the Suns leak energy into, that are also of that prima matter.

    So the big bang would be more like a creation of space within the pure energy, and all the EM and aetheric and so forth manifestions of forms are alike to when white light breaks into its different coloured constituent parts.

  13. Zupa, you are ON it, my friend. My wife and I have carried on a conversation for years now about how suns and black holes are the cosmic 'check and balance' system that keeps it (perhaps) forever within as well as without... or as Hawking would geometrically define it, infinitely toroidal (and hence bipolar, with a central tertiary neutral or 'omni'-zone). This would, in effect, provide a stable way for the universe to 'expand' forever (recurving upon itself, with no 'big bang' return probability at all), and be contained within a Cosmic Egg of sorts. Outside of which, anything beyond our grasp... exists or doesn't.

    If "existence" requires biological form or even perspective sentience, then what lies outside the speed of light (ie: what lies outside TIME and the law of motion both) is definitely a be-all rather than know-all force, incapable of making any changes itself, and more probably able to be... molded by some artist (feminine or Yin or dividing power) equally as powerful but without the fuel inherently without said pure energy "void."

    Ah - Brahman, Prakriti, and Purusha, I would call these essences. Tesla did, too.

    Lux et Veritas,
    Brendan Bombaci

  14. Chris I saw the lifetime movie once and it had nothing to do with the literalness that I hoped for when I sat down to watch the movie. I had hoped that they would actually postulate that the sun was a god. I liked and enjoyed reading the thoughts of your other commenters too.
    I searched ideas like that about a year or so back and still personally believe in certain religious aspects of the sun such as life, warmth and death.
    Also about a year ago when Goro Adachi was postulating the demise of Isis (the space station) I kept seeing synchs with a red hood: from cars to capes. A couple weeks later the Hood dairy blimp crashed either in NC or Va. When I saw the story I was shocked to see the red lettering of HOOD Dairies on the blimp and to find that it was owned by a group with Virgin Atlantic!
    Ok. So, I still had red hoods on the brain so I googled it. I found a comic book character called the Red Hood! You probably can tell me more about that. Also in the same section of the wiki reference I saw where at one time Superman took refuge in the sun for like one or three thousand years and returned to vanguish some bad guy. Superman also did some time traveling in the series I read about. I was totally shocked and thrilled to know that Superman had lived in the Sun! It blew my mind! Do you know more about that and that seems like something I'd like to see you explore?
    As an aside I dreamed about that a while after reading that information. I dreamed that Superman told me that he was still in the Sun! Of course, I realize all the Christ/Messiah/Superman ideology but it's still fascinating especially in light of your Sun worship work here.
    I love your work here. Thank you so much for keeping us informed so very, very well!

  15. Zup,

    The name of that book is called "Whose Life is it Anyway" by Philip Bradbury.


  16. Right, I'll have a look for that book!

    Brendan, I'd say it is toroidal too. That shape, with the 7 'colours' / braids rising and falling throughout it, explains how the Mayan calader for example depicts the cycling of types of times (which of course are all dependent upon celestial body locations).
    The way the toroid is wound harmonises sine cosine and tangent waves, just like what you find in the AC power system.

    It also explains interdimensional, because say what some folks call a 'spinner' shaped universe can be mapped to fit vectors on the torus shape. There's points where two or more types of universes can interface with one another.
    And because of the way timespace is wound, it means that any particular point is time is adjacent to a bunch of other points that are not linear to it. That's where those right-angled Knight moves come in.

  17. The toroid again, or any vertices (as in grids) as mapped over any spacetime continuum - also is a visualisation aid in grasping why meddling with spacetime is so harmful: cause all you need to do is consider how one (or more) points can be linked (as in superimposed, not just doorway linked) to another (or more) points - and then consider what happens to the overall shape when those two (or more) points are pulled towards one another, or one area is pulled over to another area. The rest of it gets completely messed up. It'd be like sewing the sleeve of your jumper onto the neck - it ceases to function correctly.

    Also because the whole thing is joined up to itself continously, it explains how changes effect the whole, both back and forward in time.

  18. The sun is cold? Nope--it's as hot as those ignorant, buzz-harshing scientists say it is. The Earth's atmosphere converts the sun's energy into heat? Nope--if you're beyond the earth's atmosphere, and exposed directly to the sun's rays, unprotected, you fry. NASA has proven that by experience, unless you believe those evil NASA monsters are out to hoodwink everyone. Also, Mercury has no atmosphere to speak of, and it's hotter than hell. Something to do with the sun being nearby. And those are only a couple of the most obvious facts that anyone without a technical leaning can understand.

    The idea that the sun is cold, is an invention by occult pseudo-scientists. Among other things, it's an "idea" deliberately designed to screw up your mind, in a process intended to make you suspicious of real scientists, and eventually paranoid and thus open to more occult nonsense, to put you under the spell of the occult master's ideas.

    Sorry to harsh the buzz of the cold sun believers. Now, if you're all just idly speculating in a devil's advocate way, never mind me.