Saturday, August 09, 2008

17 Days in Beijing: Not off to a Great Start

The month of the Olympiad began with a provincial terror attack, continued with increasingly alarming reports of surveillance tactics that make Orwell look like a Pollyanna, and recently saw the murder of an American guest. Now we see the usual Olympic globalist happy vibrations shaken to their core by a bloody border war in Western Asia.

What are we looking at? Psyops? The types of destabilization tactics speculated on by Emory? Karmic chickens coming home to roost? All of the above? Whatever the case, I have a sinking feeling there's more bad news on the way.

UPDATE: A feeling which turned out to be correct...


  1. Interesting. RE the "terror attack": it appears they were Uighur separatists, and Islamic at that. This illustrates why I support the Dalai Lama so heartily: he told his people he would step down if they resorted to violence... with the Tibetan people so widely celebrated in the West, it is easy to forget they aren't the only ones with complaints against the Communist empire project.

    It is so easy to default to psyops I try to stay away from it without a wealth of at least circumstantial evidence. Why did the Chinese man attack the Westerners? Considering the priorities of Xinhua we can't know with any certainty. It could be that he was just crazy!

    Here is something posted as a comment to the eLLUMINATI blog you linked to:

    "Please, help us stop genocide of the small people of the South Ossetia!
    The small country, which has been constantly destroying for 19 years by Georgian fascists.
    And the world community conceal all the atrocities of Georgia for the sake of geopolitical interest of the USA..."

    That doesn't stink so much to me of conspiracy plot as it does business as usual. The comment concludes:

    "There is only one way for peace - it is declaration of the independence by the world community.
    We call on all decent people of the world not to remain indifferent to the fate of the Ossetian people."

  2. Try mini rituals leading up to a climax.... If 2012 olympics occur, there shall be a grand FINALE!

  3. They'd already have military backup if they changed their name to 'small oil-rich Arab nation'.