Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sabbath Sunday: Children of the Grave

No Metal band has ever- or will ever- come close to Black Sabbath in their prime. And this is as good as it gets. Ozzy may be a shadow of himself now, but in his heyday he was an amazing frontman.

This is from the 1974 California Jam. God, I wish I could build a time machine and go back there. When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was move to Southern California, live on the beach and make out with Tatum O'Neal. I was a total beach bum as it was, but Nantasket Beach could never be as glamorous as Santa Monica.


  1. So true. Not only about Sabbath, but Hull ain't SoCal by a long shot. At least it wasn't Revere ...

  2. Are you given an amoxicillin booster before you go into the water in Revere? Nantasket may have been a dump but it was Tahiti compared to RB. Too bad most of the girls back then all seemed to look more like Rosie O'Donnell than Tatum O'Neal.

  3. LOL! I think a biohazard protection suit might be a better bet. Ahhh, yes ... the "good old days," right?

    BTW- looking forward to your live Red Ice appearance soon.

  4. Greg, the funny thing is that I went into the kitchen after posting your comment and "Paul Revere" by the Beastie Boys came on K-Rock after the commercial break.