Friday, February 22, 2008

Fine Art Friday: Cassandra

Well, I spend most of the week running around getting ready for Wonder Con and then working on my presentation. Then my son comes down with a terrible case of the flu that requires antiviral meds. When I took him to the doctor we waited for an hour because there was only one doctor in the office. That night, I myself get a weird reaction to my own medicine, requiring me to go off of it, at least temporarily.

And last night, as we were packing I ran out to the store to get a couple last minute things. I looked towards the end of my street and saw this huge, dark-orange Moon sitting lower in the sky than I've ever seen it before. Not a terribly comforting sight. Then as soon as our issues seem to resolve themselves the first real storm of the winter hits, cancelling my flight.

The only real reason to study synchronicity or symbolism is so that you can use it for yourself. That's the ultimate mandate behind this blog. Part of that process may be to be aware of the hidden symbols in the media or the dubious connections in politics so you don't find yourself being sucked into someone else's crusade. Then there are these moments when random events seem to be warning you away from a possibly disastrous action. The hell of it you many never know for sure if your decision was correct.

I'm sitting here feeling sick about this, but I almost feel like something is intervening, throwing these obstacles in my path to change my course of action. Having a flight canceled is usually just an inconvenience, but given this particular sequence of events I found it best to err on the side of caution. And 6 other Continental flights to San Francisco were canceled today as well, so I'm sure the airport is a total basket case right now. And the storm is supposed to pick back up around 5 pm.

So in honor of bad omens, Evelyn De Morgan's Cassandra.

UPDATE: Or maybe it should be in honor of hysterical weathermen, who predict an icy apocalypse just so they can get more screentime. I hope my gut feeling was more reliable than those idiots' predictions, seeing how at the end of it all I canceled my trip based on the forecasts of Gotterdamerung this afternoon. It's actually quite pleasant out now and flights are back on schedule. Terrific.

But then again, maybe what was waiting had nothing to do with the weather. I'll say this, I've used synchronicity as a decision-making tool in the past, and I must say it has a pretty good track record. And like I said, you often never know when a crisis is averted, only when one hits.


  1. The last total lunar eclipse until winter solstice 2010, so no small omen to ignore really.

  2. Yeah, I trust my gut on this one. We just ended a 19 year lunar cycle with that eclipse, and that's the kind of thing I've been conditioned by circumstance to pay attention to. It's actually beautiful out tonight, cool and misty and full of magic. It's the balance of nature restoring itself after a disturbance. Better to spend it with my family then in a crowded plane with a bunch of angry, stressed out travelers.

    Comic cons come and go. And it's much more fun to be on the other side of the table. Working a con is misery, particularly when you're shunted off to the small press ghetto.