Monday, February 25, 2008

"The Green Oscars"

I was wondering why I put in my observation about the hidden 33 in the Bank of America logo in my Oscar sync post, but it turned out to be quite prescient; the entire stage set was filled with pairs and sets of threes. 

You can see below the columns holding the giant Oscars were rimmed with three rings and three rings of light were projected onto the floor. The stage was decorated in Masonic blue and gold, which clashed horribly with the deep red decor of the Kodak. 

 Several other sync winks came and went- Jon Stewart joking about Angelina Jolie's 17 kids, the 17 days it took to film Once, three songs from Enchanted. 

Couple interesting factoids- the first Academy Awards were held at the Roosevelt Hotel and the first film to win for cinematography was called Sunrise

At the beginning, Stewart joked this was the "Green Oscars," which made me wonder if his writers have been reading the Secret Sun...

All in all, a pleasant little diversion, filled with a few fun little winks and hidden symbols. What more can you ask for these days? Well, I could have asked to have been at the Moscone when Chris Carter and company played the XF2 trailer, but that's my miserable life for you.