Sunday, February 24, 2008

Synch Log: Oscar/Osiris

I'm sure many of you will be tuning into the Oscars (aka the Ausurs) tonight, but perhaps after my recent post you can use your secret ritual decoder ring during the proceedings. My prediction for Best Actor is none other than Chris Kelvin himself.

  The rest of it? I haven't a bloody clue- I've yet to see any of those movies. We took a trip down to New Hope today to escape my lingering depression over missing Wonder Con. A very wonderful-looking book named Ancient Mystery Cults practically flew into my hands at Farley's, and I had a photo op with ol' Ptah himself right across the street. 

What are the odds?
There's very little of the old Bohemian ambiance left in New Hope. Like everywhere else in the world, real estate developers and their toadies in the local government are sucking the life out of it, and tons of stores are shuttered. The plan was apparently to convert the place to luxury condos, but no one realized no one in their right mind would want to live there without the shops and the Boho ambience. 

There were vacant stores, empty condos and very light foot traffic on offer today. Just because you can turn Greenwich Village into a cold and miserable industrial park-slash-Soviet apartment block doesn't mean you can do so with these little enclaves outside of major metropolitan areas.

Driving down any commercial highway is always a treat for any semiotics buff, and I finally figured out the obvious- the new BOA logo is made up of three 11's, giving us the magic number 33

Surely just a coincidence, right?