Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dream Log: Wasps and Water


It was somewhere in the back country- some old witch woman had created horrifying chimeras using wasps and attack dogs. The dogs had wasp heads and giant stingers for tails and then the dog heads were shrunk to fit on the wasp bodies. My wife and I were parked on a hill, surrounded by identical cars. We were being chased by the chimeras, large and small, and couldn't figure out which car was ours. It was kind of Simpsonian, come to think of it.

The streets of Braintree were underwater and we were traveling them on a motorboat. I had told my wife I wanted to go swimming, I didn't care if school had already started. I didn't know whether to go to the ocean or to a lake, but seeing the streets were flooded, it didn't seem to matter. A murder mystery imposed itself on the story, as the man who owned the boat took to the water in his scuba gear, never to return.

Back at St. Thomas More, two dirty young orphans were atop the roof and were about to hurl themselves to the street at the psychic direction of the unseen murderer, who turned out to be a famous African priest (shades of Thulsa Doom). I couldn't tell if they were boys or girls. Other bizarre types of incidents had taken place but I couldn't quite remember -- young wards of the church dying by their own hand. I'm seeing the train tracks near St. Thomas very clearly in my mind, but I can't tell if that was in the dream or not.

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