Monday, February 25, 2008

Ten Thirteen: "The Search for God"

This past weekend, Chris Carter reiterated that The X-Files was "about the search for God." Interesting statement for a show about the search for extraterrestrial life. What did Chris Carter happen to discover about God in this search? 

Maybe there's a clue in some of his dialog...

From "Biogenesis"
SCULLY: Mulder, this, uh, artifact if I'm to believe what I'm being told about it...


SCULLY: It has a passage on it from Genesis.

MULDER: Scully, that artifact is extraterrestrial.

SCULLY: Mulder, it can't be.

MULDER: Did you know what that would mean?

SCULLY: No, it would mean nothing, Mulder.

MULDER: No, it would mean that our progenitors were alien, that our genesis was alien, that we're here because of them; that they put us here.

SCULLY: Mulder, that is science fiction. It doesn't hold a drop of water.

MULDER: You're wrong. It holds everything. Don't you see? All the mysteries of science, everything we can't understand or won't explain, every human behaviorism- cosmology, psychology, everything in the X-Files-- it all owes to them. It's from them.

SCULLY: Mulder, I will not accept that. It is just not possible.

MULDER: Well, then, you go ahead and prove me wrong, Scully.

From "The Sixth Extinction"

AMINA NGEBE: "The day of final judgment." On a spacecraft? Teachings of the ancient prophet Mohammed?

SCULLY: I found more, too. 24 panels... One for each human chromosome. A map of their makeup-- maybe a map of our entire genetic makeup... A complete human genome. I mean, it's like... it's the most beautiful... intricate work of art.

AMINA NGEBE: It is the Word of God.

DR. BARNES: You're wrong. There is no God. What's out there on the water... is only what we call "God"... What we call "creation"-- the spark that ignited the fire that cooked the old primordial soup... made animate from inanimate... made us.

AMINA NGEBE: I believe he is mad from the sun.

DR. BARNES: Mad? I'm perfectly sane... because today I understand everything, beginning and end, alpha and omega, everything in between. It's all been written. But the word is "extraterrestrial."

SCULLY: You're sick, Dr. Barnes. You need to get off your feet, lie down.

DR. BARNES: You think you're going to take the credit? This is my discovery.

SCULLY: I'm only here to help my friend.

DR. BARNES: You can't help him. You're wasting your time reading it.

SCULLY: It has power.

DR. BARNES: It IS power... the ultimate power. Your friend just got too close.

From "Requiem"

CIGARETTE SMOKING MAN: You misunderstand. I've great faith that Alex will find the ship. But if I told him how, he'd be... he'd be tempted to sell the information.
MARITA COVARRUBIAS: And you're certain it's there?

CIGARETTE SMOKING MAN: Oh, yes. But it won't be there forever. It's rebuilding itself.

MARITA COVARRUBIAS: If he finds the ship, then what?

CIGARETTE SMOKING MAN: To possess it is to possess the answer to all things. Every possible imaginable question.


CIGARETTE SMOKING MAN: There's no God, Marita. What we call God is only alien-- an intelligence much greater than us.

MARITA COVARRUBIAS: They're coming here, aren't they?

CIGARETTE SMOKING MAN: They're only coming back.

From "Provenance"
REYES: What I'm reading in your field report on these rubbings, Dana-- there's something I didn't understand. You say these were taken off a spacecraft. You determined they were words -- writings. You didn't tell us you knew what they said.

SCULLY: What little I read was through the help of an interpreter.

REYES: But you interpreted them as text from the Bible, from the Koran ... scripture from religions around the world. And science, too. The periodic table of elements.


REYES: And you wrote in your report they were millions of years old.

SCULLY: Based on radiometric readings from fossils that were encrusted on the surface of the ship.

REYES: Agent Scully, I know you've become more open-minded about these things ... but do you know what it is you're saying here? If it were true, these symbols wouldn't just be words ... they'd be the very Word of God on the surface of an alien spacecraft.

SCULLY: It'd mean that everything mankind believes in ... is in question.

REYES: And you believe this?

SCULLY: I didn't. I mean, I-I refused to believe it. But now I think ... I think there may be answers there.

"That poster on Mulder's wall, I think, says it all."
- Chris Carter February 23, 2008


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