So Wha'cha Wha'cha Wha'cha Want?

Friday, September 20, 2019

"But Lately One or Two Has Fully Paid Their Due..."

I haven't said much about the Jeffrey Epstein case because I haven't really had anything to say that hundreds of thousands of other people hadn't already said. And said far better than I could.

I knew for sure there were all kinds of Sunjacent plot points to the drama but nothing I found particularly surprising. It's all played out pretty much like you'd expect.

But let me first say this: I really wish people would stop using the word "pedophile."

It's a grotesque, Orwellian distortion of language and totally inaccurate. I believe we need to go back to the traditional term, "child molester."

Child molesters don't love children, in fact they hate children and childhood itself. When you get past the normalizing nonsense that elements within the MSM are trying to slip into the conversation and look at investigative reports and case studies, you soon see that child molester fantasies very often (if not usually) escalate into violence, torture, degradation and even murder. 

Attraction to prepubescent children is a paraphilia, meaning that the object of lust is exactly that; objectified. Think about some of Jeffrey Dahmer's philosophies for comparison.

Epstein wasn't even a pedophile as the term is usually rendered. Technically, he was primarily an ephebophile but more accurately, a statutory rapist. And a human trafficker. And an extortionist. And a money launderer. And God knows what else. I'd rather not.

This headline here perfectly encapsulates Epstein's mindset, in that his paraphiliac thinking even extended to the ridiculous fake-android hoax "Sophia." Just absolutely delusional thinking.

BONUS OBSERVATION: It seems we aren't hearing much about the sex-robot thing lately but I'd imagine it all emanates from the same fetid waters that brought us this farce.

13 year-old OG-cosplayer Heidi Saha 
being leered at. 
Psycho author Robert Bloch on right.

Sexual interest in minors and children has always been a very serious problem in nerd and geek circles, something I had to contend with when I myself was a minor circulating in those same circles. Being a latchkey GenXer from goddamn-fucking-Braintree, I developed a sixth sense for predators very early on, but some did not. 

Child predation was all over the place nonetheless. The guy who owned one of the first comics stores in the area went down on a molestation beef, as did a local magic shop owner. 

In fact, not only was the A/V teacher in my high school a known child molester (and probable pimp, for decades), it would so transpire that a teacher who was very actively involved in SF fandom had a crush on me. 

I found this out because a kid who sat in the front of the class room stopped me in the hall one day and said, "I hope you know that that guy draws pictures of you all the time in class." 

I later found out that was indeed the case when I snooped the teacher's desk. I was 14 years-old.

So with the Geeks now having inherited the Earth it's no surprise that some of the more unsavory facets of the culture are now mainstreaming themselves. 

It's a serious problem and one that's not going to be solved with hyperbole and hysteria. Hopefully it (and other problems unique to the culture) won't collapse society on the whole 

But I must point out that people like Epstein are able to insinuate themselves into places like MIT and Harvard because "nerd tunnel vision" isn't exactly naïveté, it's a symptom of more troubling appetites in some corners of those communities. And judging from Twitter, the problem is getting worse and more open. So much for sunlight being the best disinfectant.

I really hate writing about this stuff and I'm uncomfortable with people who lose themselves in topics like Pizzagate, but it's a fact of life, more and more so. Especially in STEM circles...

It seems Epstein wasn't some minor groupie in the powerful cliques of modern science, he was a major player. Maybe more than that, even. And given his, well, INSANE ideas and ambitions (like repopulating the earth with his offspring), he could well be more of a factor in the shocking collapse of credibility and integrity in 21st Century science. 

Not only that, but maybe he was a factor in the odd confidence people like Richard Dawkins and Richard Stallman have been known to display in their weird and creepy stances on child molesting.


Aside from everything else, there's been a lot of discussion as to some of Epstein's bizarre beliefs and the weird symbolism seen everywhere on Little St. James. A lot of it has centered on the so-called "temple," which looks like a set from an old Italian sword-and-sorcery movie. 

You don't need a Harvard degree in Semiotics (sic) to realize what you're looking at here. The only debates are over the meanings of the symbols and the exact purpose of this structure.

There's been a lot of speculation from more mainstream sources that this was Epstein's study or sanctum. I actually think there's something to that. 

Epstein clearly saw himself as a god and moved in circles that Secret Sun readers know for certain are filled with folks who hold weird, syncretic beliefs (or at least show a fondness for that kind symbolism), mostly derived from Babylon and Egypt, more specifically 19th Century Masonic garblings of Roman misinterpretations of Greco-Babylon and Greco-Egypt. 

So if this guy saw himself as a god, why would he not retire into a temple? That's where gods are housed, right? Ever had a look at Trump's penthouse?

As to the statues on the roof, my guess is that they're not Molech-- on account of Molech being a frickin' BULL and not a frickin' bird already-- but an owl and a rooster. I haven't seen good enough pictures to determine if they face the sunrise and sunset, but it's possible. The dome seems solar to me, and the stripes and rounded gold doors could be representations of the sky.

Of course, Owls and Roosters make me think about the Millennium Group, which is probably not so far off the mark with this whole cohort. And that statue near the door looks like a Hippocamp goddess, another icon that should be very familiar to Sunsters.

On second thought, it's more likely the figure on the left is a hawk eagle, given the crest.  Both the hawk and the rooster were commonly identified with the Sun in ancient times, especially in the kinds of Solar-Phallic mystery cults that Epstein seems to have a fondness for, at least their symbolism.

Solar-Phallicism is at the very core of many Mystery cults, as well as the secret societies that claim lineage from them. Sunsters are well-familiar with Mithras symbolism that seems to be a thing with the very tippity-top of the pyramid and has been for a very, very, very long time. 

There's no reason to believe that Epstein would be any different, given the solar temple and the giant sundial. 

At some point you need to acknowledge what's in front of your face. As with all the Mithras iconography, I doubt this stuff is built on a whim.

I don't want to go all Q or anything, but it is fascinating to me how all these cults and sex-rings that had been operating with relative impunity have been run out of business these past few years. 

My guess is that this are the results of investigative efforts on the part of law enforcement for quite some time and wasn't something Donald Trump initiated. But it seems that whoever is behind this is using the 24/7 circus American politics have become as cover for some long-overdue housecleaning.

I haven't been able to get much of a handle on the exact beliefs or rituals of NXIVM, but their activities certainly aren't a secret. As with Scientology, there's a whiff of the nerd about this operation, seeing that Keith Raniere once named himself after a video game. And of course, Allison Mack starred on a show about Superman.

Interesting to note that there's been a pretty heavy assault on Scientology for quite some time now as well. I don't know what the connection is or who might be behind it, but it's worth mentioning either way.


We still don't know for sure who ordered the Epstein snuff, but let me just imagine that I don't think that anyone was shedding too many tears at Windsor Castle. We all have seen the snapshots of Prince Andrew with Epstein and his girls, so that was a problem that needed solving. 

It's well-known Randy Andy spent a lot of time at Little St. James, and that's he's the dullard of the family, so let's just say I wouldn't fall off my chair if someone told me that someone rather high-up needed to tidy up after the priapic pinhead.

Which brings us to Kevin Spacey.

Kevin's had a remarkable run of good fortune as of late. The kid who kicked the whole Spacey shitstorm up (or more accurately, his TV anchorwoman mother) had a sudden change of heart and dropped the assault charges against him. 

That seemed to have something to do with his mother having deleted text messages on her phone she thought might put her son in a bad light. Either way, I sure old Keyser is happy to take the W.

Spacey's winning streak extended when the masseur that accused the actor of sexual assault suddenly dropped dead, and rather mysteriously at that. There's been some grappling over the man's passing behind the scenes but it doesn't matter who gets suicided, it's who drops the case. Right? 

I think Vince Lombardi said that. I'll have to check.

Now, let's set the Wayback Machine to last Christmas, when the viral "Let Me Be Frank" video surfaced. What did the Secret Sun have to say about that little missive in "Stairway to Kevin?"
The other big story this week was this weird viral video posted by Kevin Spacey. Portraying his character from House of Cards, Spacey is either letting us know he's lost his last remaining marbles or he's issuing a coded threat to his fellow BLs in Tinseltown. A threat stating, "If I go down, I'm taking all of you with me." 

My personal vote is leaning strongly--if not overwhelmingly-- towards the latter. Spacey is a sociopath but he's also a highly-intelligent and motivated sociopath. He's also in very deep indeed with the cryptocrat crowd and probably has quite a few tawdry stories about them to tell as well. 
I certainly don't want to impugn anyone's good character, I'm just pointing out the interesting connections between Epstein, Spacey and certain folks of high birth, folks who at least nominally command very large and very powerful agencies and forces that aren't generally known to be squeamish about punching anyone's ticket.

Who's the real evil genius then? Epstein or Spacey? And what was that commemorative mug all about? I guess we'll never know.

Maybe old Keyser picked up a few pointers from the only House of Cards that really matters (meaning not the unwatchable shitshow he starred in). If you've never seen it, for God's sake what are you waiting for? I guarantee you'll cancel your Netflix subscription immediately when you see what butchery was done to this work of conspiratainment godhead.

Finally, West Hollywood political fixture Ed Buck is finally having to face the music after running what sounds like a lost Millennium episode LARP (or an all-male remake of "Loin Like a Hunting Flame") for who knows how long. 

After two fatal overdoses in his home and a near-third, whoever has been protecting his fucked-up, drugged-out predations on black men finally ran out of patience with the psycho. Either that or got the whammy put on them. Hopefully, the latter.

And what the hell happened to The New York Times? Speaking as a former longtime subscriber, it's really sad. I'm not talking about their politics or "objectivity," mind you, I'm talking about their utter collapse of journalistic integrity. 

I actually believe that we need to publicly fund major newspapers of varying persuasions, because the clickbait age is utterly destroying what was once a fundamental social institution, a needed check on all power, not just the power you happen to disagree with. 

After all, sexual predation is a non-partisan, non-sectarian problem, isn't it?