Thursday, September 19, 2019

Apocalypse is Just a Word for Things We Do Together.


No, I didn't write that headline. It's on a video about the recent oil field attacks in Saudi Arabia. But I may as well have, way things have been going.

Hey, it's the Apocalypse, right? Maybe we all wrote it together.

For reasons entirely unclear to me, it's been decided that Iran was behind the bombings that Houthi militants reportedly took credit for. As you'd expect, we're hearing all kinds of conflicting reports as to the methodology and damage that ensued from this event, but welcome to the Post-Truth Age already.

Either way, it's looking like yet another disastrous Mideast war could be in the cards (those cards being The Tower, The Devil and the Nine of Swords, for those keeping score at home) but I knew things would get a bit hectic this September. 

On account of... well, you know.

But hey, what's a Roman Empire without a war in Persia, right? Of course, it was the wars in Persia that eventually bankrupted the Western Empire and caused all kinds of misery and deprivation all across the known world. 

But by the same token it was war with the Persians that brought down Babylon, right? Guy named Cyrus? Big fella, nice beard, may or may not have had wings. Ring a bell?

Maybe it's actually Persia and not Afghanistan where Empires go to die.  

But wait: there's more! 

With India trying to take control of Kashmir again it looks like khandas and scimitars are rattling once more on the subcontinent. Both countries are said to have nukes (if you believe in that kind of thing) and both have a lot of angry young men to throw at each other's cannons.

After dabbling in Western-style liberal democracy for a while, the Indians seem to have decided that Western-style liberal democracy is for the birds. It certainly doesn't seem to do much good for Western-style liberal democrats. 

Like China, India sees itself as an august ancient kingdom that got fucked up and humiliated by the Western powers for too long, thanks to a fluke of history. 

Now that the Western powers have gone totally fucking batshit insane and are hellbent on collective self-destruction, they both seem to be thinking it's a good time to throw off any vestiges of the old yoke and flex some serious muscle, particularly in the seaways.

Russia has plenty of its own problems but one thing they don't have is a management class who subscribe to insane utopian fantasies that a bunch of laudanum-addicted pederastic toffs in Victorian smoking parlors thought were actually feasible. So chalk one up for the Russkies.

I tend to think Putin is overestimated as a tactician and a leader, and Russia's economy is at best shaky, but I've heard tell they've seen off a lot of pretty dire military threats now and again. Some crazy motherfuckers over there. Seen those extreme parkour videos? 


Call me crazy, but you know how I am with the symbols. I can't say it's exactly a vote of confidence to make your top hostage negotiator your Natsec Adviser while you're gassing up the Warthogs. I know, I know. I'm crazy. But I also have an uncanny habit of being right. Sometimes, at least.

Well, most of the time.

Not sure I find much solace in these recent stories here either. When it comes to apocalyptic, it's really, really tough to top a burning oil well. Luckily, the world survived a couple wars where there were a bunch of them. But as far as I know, Italy and Mexico are noncombatants. 

Well, maybe a coincidence. If you believe in that sort of thing.

And I may be getting old but did any 70s end of the world potboilers start off like this? Maybe The Stand? I can't remember, it's been so long since I read it. 

But yeah, all kinds of scary shit exploding in Russia these days. Has World War III already started but no one told the rest of us? Hope not.

I hope this is all just chest-beating. I can't take any more wars. Seriously.

And hey; what's a war campaign without some bullocks to sacrifice first? Or, if you prefer, some bullock sacrifices in a more Sex Pistolian sense? After all, burnt bullock offerings are so 2001. Plus, for Pommies.

I wonder how many porncore bands named themselves "Bull Semen Explosion" this morning? Or to make it more 2019, how many gamers changed their Discord user names* to "Bull Semen Explosion" this morning? 

Some, I'd wager.

Anyhow, back to the teaser of our post here. Yes, there've been quite a few mentions of the term "massive attack" in relation to the Saudi oilfield bombings

If you're a regular Secret Sun reader, that should be setting off sirens inside your head, on account of, y'know, actual Sirens.

Now, did any of you actually bother to watch any of the previous videos I linked to concerning the performance of yonder American standard, "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" 

I didn't point you to them just for giggles and grins, but on account of the fact that there's a fairly sizable body of precedent for influential and connected folks wanting to use this particular performer for... special occasions, let's just say. Get a taste of that magic for their own projects.

For the record, this particularly unsettling video montage was first rolled out at the end of January, in Scotland if memory serves. 

And lo and behold, just before the minute mark we see a huge oil field fire. Preceded by what you well might call a massive attack. 

What are the odds? Infinitesimal, I'm sure.

Now, I can't say why this woman has been chosen so many times to keen chilling laments for the dead. I mean, I certainly know, I just can't say. However, I can say that forty years into her career, it's actually a thing. Been pretty well-vetted by now.

If you haven't watched one of these clips before, what the hell is wrong with you? C'mon, get with the program. Are you interested in Synchromysticism or not? 

You are? OK, then. Have some respect already. Don't go making her lament for you.

Bonus Sync: the maker of Oxycontin just filed for bankruptcy.

Just so you remember, the old-school Sibyls also went on tour and sang their prophesies in distant hamlets.


As we've come to expect by now, the Massive Attack US tour kicked off the same night Hurricane Dorian made landfall. And again, we see the dreadful violaine skies, a phenomenon I never heard of before 2017. 

My guess is because this is some weird weather-mod artifact of some kind or other. I doubt you need convincing on that account.

Apparently our Sith Lords never heard of it, either. I did some searches on purple skies or sky and storms and hurricanes and got pretty much jackshit until recently. Clouds can be purplish at sunsets but that's clearly not what is being seen here.

I wasn't sure what to make of this story until I saw the photo was taken at Lake Isabelle ("Elizabeth," or "I, Sibyl") in Colorado. Is it just me or does that shot look like every Tangerine Dream LP cover ever? I think it's just me.

If you'd like to check it out for yourself, here's a map to Lake Elizabeth. Just take a right when you get to Fraser and keep going until you feel the deep.

Speaking of which.


Well, all you good folks remember how our interstellar friend 'Oumuamua swung by in the fraught month of October 2017, right? After some drama earlier in the month? Well, guess what? Now it has a Twin. Story broke on the 11th, apparently.

You do remember that 'Oumuamua was originally said to be from Vega, right? Dunno how they came up with that, but I never finished my astrophysics degree.

If 'Oumuamua was the scout, I sure do hope this new thing isn't the vanguard. But you can't quibble with the timing, seeing who was prophesying in the Twin Cities the night before this was announced, right? Like I said, eventful.

Seeing how I told you that the new religion will be initially eased in as art, specifically art festivals, it's worth nothing that this icon of a pagan god no one has ever heard of was installed on the altar at a Presbyterian Church in Binghamton, New York during one of these apparent art festivals.

Oh, this is precious: it's called The LUMA Festival. 

Here's a little teaser for it. I checked out the site and it's fill to the brim with pseudo- and semi-occult symbols. Plus, Mushrooms. The projection bit is rather interesting, too. 

The new religion will make the Dark Ages and Plymouth Plantation look casual and laid back. Just a warning.

Even more interesting is the fact that Binghamton was a setting in the pivotal X-Files episode, "Colony," which first introduced the clones and the Alien Bounty Hunter, not to mention Megan Leitch. 

It's one of my very favorite episodes of the series and fitting that a crytopagan revanchist operation like LUMA is headquartered there. All too fitting, actually.

This whole story is blowing up again, appropriately with the new 'Oumuamua Twin making the rounds. I don't know what to make of all this at the moment on account of I don't even care, but it all adds to the roll call of weird welling up in the Sibyl's wake.

So now that Our Blessed Lady is on US soil, I'll just remind you-- even though I feel like I shouldn't have to-- about the Elizondo--David Fravor thing, because I'm still laughing at the audacity of it all. It's just so deliciously absurd.

It's almost NASA-level hilarity. It would be a really great bonghit sync if there wasn't such a giant stack of these things already. Blink, on the other hand, might be more of a proper sync.So say what you will about Twin DeLozenge, he's got some interesting friends. And I quite like Angels & Airwaves, so factor that into your sums.

Speaking of NASA, in the wake of OSIRIS-REX we have the Hermes Regolith project. Weird, "regolith" sounds like Cindy Brady trying to pronounce "Regulus." Which is intentional, for all I know. Never count NASA out when it comes to larfs. They just don't give a fuck. 

Hermes has bugger-all to do with the Moon seeing as how he's got his OWN FRIGGIN' PLANET, but hey. Why let facts get in the way of an extremely expensive ritual?

Speaking of Regulus, you know that Alienstock Festival boondoggle? The "Storm Area 51" nonsense? Apparently Alienstock has been moved from Rachel to a new location.Three guesses where. Twin days after the 29th birthday of Heaven or Las Vegas, no less.

So maybe there'll be a world war and then the fake aliens will land and we'll all be enslaved by AI and turned into mermaids. I'm too old and jaded to care at this point. I mean, it's all such bother. Scare me with your disintegrator rays already.

Jus so you know, I got a lot more in the pipeline. Want to do something on Epstein and Friends, some new CRISPR type nonsense and all the rest. I'll have to save it for the weekend. This shit is tiring work, y'know? 


Finally, I've always marveled at how a 17 year-old punkette in some petrochemical nowheresville could have written lyrics that read exactly like an Akkado-Sumerian praise poem to the goddess of the Euphrates, but I'm glad the lovely and talented Iranian songstress Azam Ali brings it all full circle (give or take) with her haunting cover of "Shallow, Then Halo," the only CT cover other than Deftones' take on "Wax and Wane" that doesn't make me want to kick things repeatedly.

Thank you for this, Azam. You done the Sibyl proud. 

* Discord user names or whatever. Fucks, I give not.