Saturday, August 26, 2017

Let Me Tell You a Story: City of Sins

In "Let Me Tell You a Story" I talked about the ongoing psychological warfare operation being waged on "conspiracy theory," a buzzword used to dismiss anyone who doesn't believe everything they see or read in the mainstream media.

We're seeing all kinds of armchair philosophizing from journalists, who at this point in the game are being existentially traumatized by the collapse of the print media, the overwhelming competition for gigs and politically-correct struggle sessions. To these undiscovered psychiatric geniuses, "conspiracy theory" is just some kind of coping mechanism for losers and borderline psychotics.

If this all sounds suspiciously Soviet to you it's precisely because that's where this line of thinking originally came from.

You see, I happen to perceive history and current events through a conspiratorial lens for a number of different reasons. But as I said, it basically boils down to the fact that I grew up in Braintree, Massachusetts in the 70s and 80s.

I left Braintree as soon as I turned 18 and never moved back. Don't get me wrong- I had a blast in high school. My life was essentially Repo Man as directed by John Hughes. But there was something wrong there. Like some subliminal signal or inaudible hum I couldn't seem to shake. 

And I couldn't escape the feeling that Braintree hated its children. The amount of abuse, neglect and predation I personally saw continues to stagger me when I look back on it. I didn't realize until later that it wasn't supposed to be this way.

And a warning- I'm going to tell you a story about child abuse that will stagger you, too.

A friend of mine dubbed Braintree "Twin Peaks East" back in the day, and it's an apt metaphor. It's also very, very much like Lumberton in Blue Velvet- a more or less normal suburban facade built atop an army-ant nest of corruption.  

But there's something much, much worse at work in Braintree. Most people- even people who live there- have no idea. And this is not ancient history, this is now. And understanding it might help us understand some of the largest forces we are struggling to understand.

The Braintree Police were mired in a major scandal in late 2016 where large amounts of money, firearms and illegal drugs went missing from the evidence locker. How large?
An audit of the Braintree police evidence room found that more than 4,000 pieces of narcotics evidence, 60 firearms and $400,000 in seized cash was missing.
I mean, this is Serpico stuff we're looking at here, only it's now and not New York City in the 70s. Unreal.

The Chief and Deputy Chief were forced to retire and hundreds of cases may have to be thrown out, including the drug case of a lunatic who was caught on camera trying to abduct a baby from a Braintree store.

The case against a major drug trafficker has also been effected.

Strong suggestions were made that the evidence locker clerk was responsible for what is not only grand larceny but official corruption on a scale that suggests collusion with larger criminal forces, of which there are many operating in Braintree.

The clerk, a 21-year BPD veteran, mother of one and stepmother of three from an old Braintree family, "committed suicide" two days after the investigation began. 

Vague and completely unsubstantiated rumors of misconduct were fed to local media. The clerk's married name was Susan Zopatti but I knew her as Susan Lawson in high school.

If you asked me back then the last person I would picture getting involved in a criminal conspiracy when she grew up, Susan Lawson would be near the top of the list. I mean, she was on the track team.

Before we get to some of the clippings I've gathered for you, let me paint you a picture first.

Now, most of you probably never heard of the place but it's on the Red Line. Most people from Braintree- or another other close-proximity suburb- just say they're from Boston. Six of one.

Braintree's most famous family today are the Wahlbergs, but they moved to East Braintree from Dorchester after Donnie signed his first New Kids on the Block check. They live a block away from my old house. They bought the old Moline place (I was friends with Robbie Moline. He was an excellent drummer).

My mother said armies of 'tweens used to march by our house every Saturday morning to hold vigil when NKOTB were hot. Mark used to live in Braintree when he wasn't on a shoot. The house is gated now, which is kind of amusing because the houses in East Braintree tend to be stacked atop one another.

Braintree is best known to historians for being the birthplace of the two President Adams but also as the site of the robbery that resulted in the Sacco and Vanzetti trial, in which two Italian anarchists were blamed- many say framed- for the robbery and murder of a security guard and paymaster of a shoe factory on Pearl Street.

This all went down in the wake of the Palmer Raids and became such a global cause celebre that luminaries such as HG Wells, Albert Einstein and even Benito Mussolini got involved.

Around the same time, Prescott Bush began climbing the corporate ladder in Braintree. He was working in the same neighborhood when George HW was born.

Braintree also home to the Massachusetts State Lottery, where the biggest single jackpot in history was awarded on Thursday. Go figure.

Braintree was an industrial suburb in the old days, dotted with factories. A lot were either abandoned or in ruins by the 70s. Me and my buddy Charlie used to play Planet of the Apes in the ruins of the old Michigan Abrasives factory, a door down from the Sacco and Vanzetti site. It was cool- the Monatiquot River ran through the ruined foundation. More on Pearl Street later.

The border between East Braintree and Quincy was straddled by the old General Dynamics shipyard, from whence the slogan "Kilroy was Here" came. Kilroy was James J. Kilroy, ship inspector during World War II. It closed in 1986. 

"General Dynamics", as everyone I knew called the shipyard, was the largest single private employer in the area and built battleships and destroyers for the Navy as well as some of the first LNG tankers.

General Dynamics, one of the top five defense contractors in the entire world, still keeps an address in Quincy. There is literally nothing there but a stretch of Red Line rail. 

About a half mile up Quincy Ave is the Citgo Fuel Terminal. For several years, Citgo was the property of the government of Venezuela. A few years back Robert Kennedy Jr. could be heard on radio commercials, praising the Chavez government for giving heating oil allowances to lower-income families in the area. Chavez died of an aggressive cancer, his ruling junta collapsed and Venezuela has collapsed into near-total anarchy. Citgo was bought back for a song.

But now, potential disaster: 
Benzene Levels In Braintree Exceedingly High
Natalie Cone
August 24, 2017
Wicked Local Braintree reports that out of six samples tested by GeoLabs and Phoenix Environmental Laboratories of Connecticut based in Braintree, East Braintree showed to have the highest levels of benzene. The Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station (FRRACS) revealed the results to the town council.
Spectra Energy, now known as Enbridge*, plans to build a 7,700-horsepower Fracked-Gas Compressor Station adjacent to the new Fore River Bridge in North Weymouth, which FRRACS says will adversely affect South Shore residents. 
Benzene is a carcinogen that has been linked to serious illnesses such as leukemia and lymphoma. According to the American Cancer Society, it is a contributor to acute myeloid leukemia (AML).
The other pollutants sampled were methylene chloride, 1.2 dichloropropane, 2-hexaanone, alkanes, hexane, acetone and ethanol. All exceeded Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) standards. 
“Braintree was where we found the greatest number of exceedences,” said Dr. Curtis L. Nordgaard, a Newton pediatrician, who is working with FRRACS  on the issue. 
“Some pollutants were two to three times as high as what the state considers acceptable for human health,” he added, noting that Braintree exceeded Boston’s pollution levels.
In other words, 200% to 300% past recommended safety levels.

Do you want me to sum up my brief in a single picture?

In Braintree, someone thought it would be a good idea to put a major petrochemical facility a few blocks away from a public beach and a large recreational and sporting facility for children. Or vice versa, depending on the timeline.

Does Spectra Energy sound familiar? It should. You also may know it as Enbridge. It's a major polluter and one of the primary partners in the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Which I think you may have heard a story or two about recently.


Now, in the previous post I mentioned the A/V teacher at East who was openly molesting a number of prepubescent boys. This was not a secret. Ask anyone who went to East before his arrest and they will tell you all about it. But since I hate- I mean, you have no idea how crazy this makes me- to make a public claim without evidence to back it up, I actually spent money to track down the Boston Globe story on the arrest. Here it is in its entirety:
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Feb 16, 1980
Start Page:1
Document Text 
A 44-year-old former Braintree junior high school teacher and scoutmaster pleaded innocent yesterday to 20 counts of rape and sexual assault against two Braintree boys. 
Robert Galowicz of Braintree was arraigned in Dedham Superior Court yesterday after a Norfolk County grand jury handed down the indictments last week. 
Galowicz, a recipient of the "Outstanding Young Man Award" from the Braintree Jaycees, is accused of having committed the acts over a period from 1976 through 1979, according to Norfolk County Dist. Atty. William Delahunt. The two youths involved, both students at East Junior High School in Braintree where Galowicz taught for 22 years, are now 11 and 16. 
Galowicz was being held on $50,000 bail and $5000 cash surety. He resigned from his job at the junior high school on Jan. 21. and was arrested a week ago in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., aboard a 52-foot cabin cruiser. 
Assistant Dist. Atty. Charles Hely told Dedham Superior Judge Thomas E. Dwyer yesterday that he sought high bail for the defendant because Galowicz had resigned his job, put his house up for sale, and left the community "when he got wind of the investigation." Galowicz was being held last night at the Dedham County House of Correction, Hely said. 
The investigation into the case has not yet been completed, Delahunt said. A further court hearing will be held in Dedham Superior Court on Feb. 28.
Delahunt. You've heard about this guy before (he declined to pursue murder charges against Amy Bishop) and you'll hear about him again. I'm not exactly sure what Delahunt's relationship was to the Bulger Brothers- meaning the tag-team of Whitey Bulger, crimelord and drug kingpin, and Billy Bulger, the State Senate leader and most powerful political figure in the Commonwealth-- but you couldn't do any kind of government business in the Boston area without dealing with one of them. Whether you wanted to or not.

And again, Whitey is one of the better-known MKULTRA test subjects and was living openly in Wollaston, right next door to Braintree, the entire time his brother and FBI handler told authorities he was hiding in Europe.

So there's a lot to unpack here.

First of all, "got wind of the investigation" is Braintree for "tipped off by the cops."

This is how it works in Braintree. Remember how I talked about that prostitution ring operating out of the T station using high school girls? I went looking to see if it was ever busted. I haven't found anything yet but I did find this story from 1991:
Police arrest four in prostitution ring

State, local, and federal law enforcement officials arrested four people yesterday and broke up what they said was a $60,000-a-month Braintree-based prostitution operation, with more than 4,000 customers.
Assistant attorney general Michael Cassidy said State Police officers, Randolph, Braintree and Malden police detectives, and Internal Revenue Service agents, armed with warrants, raided 10 locations across Greater Boston to conclude a two-year investigation. 
"This is a very organized and sophisticated operation," said Cassidy, who is the head of the attorney general's narcotics and organized crime unit. "They have beepers, computers and took credit cards as payment." 
Cassidy said two Braintree men, Eric Dunjaski, 24, and Frederick W. Derby, 23, were arrested at a home on Elm Street in Braintree, which allegedly served as the ring's principal office. The men were allegedly bodyguards and drivers for the prostitutes, said Cassidy. 
Both men were charged with deriving support from prostitution and were held at the Braintree police station until their arraignment at Quincy District Court today.
Two women were also arrested. Officials said they are among the 30 prostitutes who worked for the ring.
Two alleged principals in the operation were still at large yesterday, said officials.
Meaning the guys who ran the operation- and their best girls- were tipped off. You see this over and over again with these prostitution rings in Braintree. I don't know if the reporters writing these articles have that sussed out, but it seems to pop up a lot.

FBI Operation Cross-Country II, targeting underage 
prostitution, wasn't in Boston proper but Braintree

And then there's this recent story:
The shooting of a police officer and the suspicious death of a 19-year-old woman has Braintree officials considering tougher rules for hotels. 
BRAINTREE – Back in February, 2016, Mayor Joseph Sullivan announced an agreement with the town’s hotels to combat human trafficking. 
The effort included a police officer who would work four hours per night, five days a week in the area of the junction of Interstate 93 and Route 37, where five of the town’s six hotels are located and another is set to open this summer. The officer would be paid for by the hotels. 
Only one problem. 
“They agreed in principle, but when it came time for them to start the details, they all backed out,” District 1 Town Councilor Charles Kokoros said of the hotels. Kokoros participated in the meeting between hotel owners, Sullivan and then-Police Chief Russell Jenkins. 
Now, after the shooting of a Braintree police officer last month at Motel 6 last month and the suspicious death of a 19-year-old Lawrence woman at the Hyatt Place hotel on Forbes Road on Thursday, the town is looking at imposing stricter requirements for the town’s hospitality industry. 
“We tried the voluntary approach,” Sullivan said. “Now, we will try a firmer approach.”
Let me get this straight. The Mayor announced that agreement only after a scathing report in The Patriot Ledger about the rampant sex trafficking going on in Braintree. So over a year and a half ago, they had an "agreement" and now they are considering "tougher rules."

This has been going on in Braintree hotels since they built them. And now they're really putting the fear of God into the pimps; watch your step or the Mayor's gonna consider tougher rules!

Do you see what I'm getting at here?

Now, from what I've gathered from someone familiar with Galowicz, he only did a three-year bit. For 20 counts of rape. Only raping two boys 20 times is probably what Galowicz did in a week, not a three year period. And he was at East for 22 years. 

I don't know about you but I really don't think he got out of bed in the morning sometime in 1976 and said, "You know what? This might be a good time to start raping sixth-graders."

Everyone knew - and saw- that Galowicz spent a lot of money on his boys. He offered gifts as part of his lure. And if you find that hard to believe, note that he was arrested on a 52 foot cabin cruiser, which I am told he owned. That's a hell of a lot of boat for someone pulling in a junior high school teacher's salary in the 70s. Even on layaway.

My mother taught at a junior high in Milton at the same time, so believe me- I know what I'm talking about.

So how was all of this allowed to happen? Well, I'll tell you what. Let's do a simple bit of arithmetic. Schoolteacher, stable of young boys, inexplicable cash flow, "got wind of investigation."

I think you can do the sums.

If not, do a little reading on the sexual abuse scandal of the Boston Archdiocese. Eight of the publicly-named offenders served in Braintree at one time or another, including the notorious "NAMBLA Priest," Paul Shanley. He served at St. Francis, just past the old Zayre's, in the late 60s.

Of course, no one really knew about the priests then but kids had other things to worry about at the time.

Let me tell you a story.

My elementary school buddy Charlie lived off Pearl Street. Charlie's parents had money and he was the best kid ever to play with. They gave him every toy you could think of. His room was filled with toys he didn't even take out of the package. His older brothers collected comics but left for college, so every time I left Charlie's house I was carrying a grocery sack full of them. It was like Christmas, especially since my family were dirt poor at the time.

Charlie and I were coming back from South Braintree Square one day, sometime late June, early July 1976. We just passed the Michigan Abrasive ruins when this yellow Pinto pulls up the sidewalk. This guy, maybe early-mid 20s gets out and says "Hey guys! Do you want to go to this youth meeting at church? It's going to be great, everyone is going to be there."   Not, "this youth meeting at All Souls or this youth meeting at Sacred Heart." Just "church." No one talks like that.

There were two other guys in the car, same age. I remember neither of them looked at us. None of these guys looked like they'd been to church in years.

I was like, FUCK THAT.

I started to walk off. I knew we could book it through Michigan Abrasives and lose these guys if we had to. Charlie stayed. He started to talking to this guy. I was at least a hundred feet away and was yelling, "Charlie, let's go! Come on." Bear in mind I was this kid who had not only lost someone to a shooting incident whose explanation I didn't even believe at the time, but his sister was nearly abducted walking home from school a few months later. Charlie was not.

Now, this was by no means an isolated event. Kids in Braintree had to deal with this shit, probably in your town too. 

Soon after that, Charlie went to parochial school and I went to East. And I mean, it's hard to explain now but this was a time when parents seemed to suddenly abdicate their duties to their children and let them run rampant. Some of you probably know what I'm talking about. It wasn't just Braintree.

But there was also an enormous amount of child abuse, the kind that older people justified by saying it "toughened you up."

No. It didn't. It just made you angry and self-destructive.

It usually ranged from mildly abusive to really, really fucked up. And the neglect could take horrible forms. There were these three brothers (who we'd now describe as "on the spectrum") at East who were so filthy and uncared for that the nurse had them bathed and supplied with new clothes. The old clothes were burned in a metal can outside the cafeteria. I didn't hear about this- I was in the Vice Principal's office (which I was a lot) when all this went down.

That was the static. Young kids fighting and using drugs on the edge of the school grounds (if not inside them), open pedophiles recruiting eleven year-old boys in school, parents going out and leaving their kids unattended all night, stepping over passed-out drunks on your way to buy candy in Weymouth Landing; this was every day. And you took it for granted. No biggie. Wasn't it always like that?

But then one day a horrible, horrible signal burst through the static.

This might be a good time for some of you to stop reading. Because I'm about to tell you about Dianne DeVanna.

The following is as mild as you can possibly portray the systematic rape, torture, humiliation and beating death of a young girl that absolutely traumatized a town that wasn't exactly a paradise for kids. At the hands of her father, stepmother and another relative.
Nearly 30 years ago, the murder of a young girl reverberated far beyond the South Shore and resulted in wholesale changes in the way the state deals with child abuse. 
Eleven-year-old Dianne DeVanna was found dead in her Braintree home on Sept. 23, 1978, the victim of shocking cruelty at the hands of her father and stepmother. 
The little girl had been tortured, including being hanged by her feet from a staircase with her hands tied and mouth gagged. She died from a blood clot in her brain, caused by a blow to the head.
That's not even a thumbnail. 

Believe me when I tell you that Medieval inquisitors were kinder and gentler on heretics than Dianne DeVanna's own family (there is indication other children in the house were involved) were to a small, defenseless child. 

Dianne had been given up for adoption by her father after her mother died and he remarried. She was returned home in 1978. For the next three weeks she was beaten, raped and tortured every single day by the adults in her home. I've read the actual reports and they really are too horrific to detail here. 

Seriously, you really don't want to know.

Then one night she was subjected to a series of beatings over eight hours where her father, stepmother and some degenerate relative took turns kicking her to death as she lay on the floor naked, her hands bound with duct tape.

In Braintree. 

But it actually gets worse. Like rainfall, the coverup started almost immediately.

As it happens, no can quite figure out why Dianne DeVanna was returned to her family at all. Golly. A special statewide panel was called to investigate, that's how big a story this was. Yet, all of the very high-paid doctors and lawyers and bureaucrats just couldn't explain it. Why, it must have slipped through the cracks.
The case exposed huge gaps in the welfare system designed to protect children and led to the creation of the state Department of Social Services. After living in foster homes and residential facilities for six years, Dianne wanted to go home. A month before her murder, a judge ordered that she be returned to her family, even though all the professionals involved in the case argued against it. 
What then-Norfolk County District Attorney William Delahunt called “one of the cruelest and most sadistic” cases he had seen...
And sure enough, William Delahunt, good ol' "Kick 'Em Loose Billy", who let Amy Bishop skate and Bob Galowicz do an easy bit for multiple rapes, gave the male relative/rapist immunity from prosecution in an open-and-shut case that didn't need a stoolie. Even after that relative admitted to taking part in the murder and even after he admitted to raping Dianne every day.

OK. Listen.

If you don't understand why I don't trust what the government or the media says about anything now, then there's not much more I can tell you. I mean, there is actually a LOT more, and a lot more to this Amy Bishop case, but I do have other things I need to look after.

I will tell you this; I don't think "the System failed Dianne Devanna." I know too much to believe that anymore. I will say this though- you know all that talk you hear about "trauma-based mind control conditioning?"

Well, the Dianna DeVanna horror show sure traumatized a whole lot of kids in Braintree.

NOTE: Whitey Bulger was portrayed by Johnny Depp in Black Mass. Oddly, Depp also played notorious drug smuggler George Jung in Blow. Jung lived on Abigail Adams in Weymouth, also right over the Braintree border. I know the neighborhood well since I passed it all the time on my way to my ninth-grade girlfriend's house on Holmes St.

More recently there was a teacher at Ross Elementary who was busted for fondling fourth-grade girls, which he admitted to. He was there for 40 years. Kinda doubt that was a first time offense. Fucking Braintree, man.