Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Let Me Tell You a Story: You'll Float Too

"The past is never dead. It's not even past."- Faulkner

Well, as soon as everyone in the geek culture cognoscenti recovered from the stunning finale of Twin Peaks: The Return, the new adaption of Stephen King's It hit the theaters, setting off a new wave of retro-horror hysteria that will probably lead right into the premiere of Stranger Things 2 at the end of October.

For my part I can't help but notice how soggy the trailer for It is: there's water in nearly every major shot. It's been a while since I watched the original miniseries, but I'm not sure it gave quite the same impression. I read the book a million years ago-- and by that I mean I got through a little over a half of it (or It) and lost patience. I haven't seen the new movie yet and probably won't until this weekend so please don't spoil it. 

Or It.

But the conjunction of all that water and the theme of ancient (if not primeval) other-dimensional forces most certainly plays into the themes we've been, um, poring over the past few months. More and more data keeps, uh, pouring out as I try to stitch all of this information together. 

I know some of you still don't understand the significance of this Siren archetype I've been tracing but maybe it's because we're still in the middle of its debutante ball. Take my word for it that this goes way, way back. 

And I mean all the way back.

A reader had brought up the Pennywise/It! motif in my last "Let Me Tell a Story" post and sure enough, he may well have been onto something. I started poking around and looking to suss out the origin of It! and found this, on Stephen King's official site:
In 1978 my family was living in Boulder, Colorado. One day on our way back from lunch at a pizza emporium, our brand-new AMC Matador dropped its transmission-literally. The damn thing fell out on Pearl Street. True embarrassment is standing in the middle of a busy downtown street, grinning idiotically while people examine your marooned car and the large greasy black thing lying under it. 
Well, how the hell about that? Pearl Street. Huh.

As it transpires King confessed to starting the actual writing of It! (originally a bridge-troll caper) in the Summer of 1981. And it looks more than likely that he may have been inspired by a wave of pervert-clown sightings in my old neck of woods. From the late,  great, painfully-lamented Rigorous Intuition blog:
The first week of May, 1981, Daniel O'Connell, the Investigative Counselor of the Boston Public School Board, alerted the district's principals that "it has been brought to the attention of the police department and the district office that adults dressed as clowns have been bothering children to and from school. Please advise all students that they must stay away from strangers, especially ones dressed as clowns." 
Several days later, in Brookline, Massachusetts on May 5, two clowns using candy as lures tried to entice children into their black van parked near Lawrence Elementary School. According to Loren Coleman in Mysterious America, police had a good description of the vehicle: it was an old model with ladders on the side, a broken front headlight and was missing its hubcaps. The following day the Boston police, "responding to persistent complaints, warned that men in clown suits were harassing elementary children." One, driving a black van, was seen to be dressed as a clown only from the waist up; from the waist down he was naked. 
"By May 8th," writes Coleman, "reports of clown men in vans harassing children had come in from East Boston, Charlestown, Cambridge, Canton, Randolph, and other cities near Boston..."
Huh. Interesting. 

These names might not mean anything to anyone not from the area, but they sure set off the bells and whistles and clown-horns for me. Let me show you exactly why...

Now, call me crazy if you like, but tracing the path of these clown sightings it occurred to me that these characters could maybe- just maybe- have been from Braintree, considering that the sightings form a crescent around it.  

Just throwing that out there.

Also bear in mind this is the pre-computer age, so it's not as if all these various police departments even had any idea what the hell was going on in someone else's city. These clowns could well have been working the area from a base in Braintree and no one would be the wiser. After all, it seems a bit strange to work Randolph and Stoughton without paying a visit to the 'Tree. 

And it's not as if Chief Polio's Keystone Kops would have done anything to stop them.

Remember now that Braintree was home base for Bob Galowicz, Paul Shanley and the Pilgrim Youth Center, as well as the horrific murder of Dianne DeVanna (which is starting to look to me like a much, much bigger story). So it's not exactly like there's no precedent here.

Today, the 1981 Phantom Clown sightings are dismissed as another moral panic, to be lumped in with the Satanic Panic or the Day-Care panic or the recovered-memory epidemic a few years later. There are a number of pieces online about it, one of which claimed that:
(B)efore the 1980s there wasn’t that much concern about kids being kidnapped. It happened before the 1980s, but for whatever reason it wasn’t something parents were all that concerned about.   
I'm not sure exactly which bubble the writer here was living in but that's not what it was like when I was a kid. But the writer goes on to cite the Phantom Clown sightings as the turning point that led to parents becoming more vigilant and protective towards their children: 
This all changed. At the tail end of April, things started happening that parents, principals, and teachers couldn’t ignore. Daniel O’Connell, a counselor for the Boston Public School District, sent out a memo about men dressed as clowns bothering children to all schools. Teachers were told to actually watch kids between taking drags on their cigarettes. Parents were warned to be aware of where their children were going after school. 
Police start pulling over any car or van with a clown in it, which there were apparently a lot of them in the Boston area in 1981, but all they found were birthday party clowns. By May 9th, police were questioning the veracity of these reports. As they went over the multitudes of accounts, officers realized that no adult ever saw these clowns, only children ages five to seven.  
Well, duh. Kids ages five to seven were clearly the ostensible target. Correct me if I'm wrong but aspiring child abductors tend to avoid the gaze of adults when trying to kidnap children. Seems like a modus operandi to me. Continuing:
The evil clown scare was also a precursor to the daycare sex-abuse hysteria that swept the nation a few years later. In Massachusetts, the staff at Malden's Fells Acre Daycare Center were accused of sexually abusing the children in their care. The children testified in court that an evil clown and a robot were involved in the abuse. 
As the public later learned during the Catholic clergy sex scandal, sexual abuse of minors really had been happening in Massachusetts for decades. No clowns, robots or rabbits were involved, just trusted members of the community. The community had been so busy projecting its fears outward that it neglected to look hard at itself.
The Catholic clergy scandal was kicked off by the Boston Archdiocese coverup and scandal now immortalized in the Oscar-winning feature film Spotlight.

And almost inevitably, the Boston Archdiocese is now headquartered in Braintree.

One of the priests at the center of the Archdiocese scandal was adjutant Reverend Brian Flatley, who is the brother of the late Braintree-based real estate billionaire Thomas Flatley, who donated the office building the Archdiocese now calls home.  Thomas Flatley was also a longtime close advisor to the disgraced Cardinal Bernard Law.

Synchro-Watchers are familiar with the Joker motif, which is more or less a subset of the Killer Clown meme. Longtime Secret Sun readers remember the Dark Knight-Killing Joke synchroburst back in 2008. Well, as it happens there's an early example of the type, also from the southerly end of Boston, from the early 1970s.

Before James Holmes was even born, Kenneth Harrison made the news when he committed a string of murders under the name "The Giggler." Given his interest in the Fort Point Channel Bridge, I'm guessing he was from South Boston, home of MKULTRA valedictorian James "Whitey" Bulger. 

As sheer happenstance would have it, Whitey was climbing the rungs of power at the same time "The Giggler" was murdering people. From Dangerous Minds:
(The Giggler's) first victim was a six-year-old girl who had accepted a ride from Harrison while he was working as a Boston cab driver. Harrison somehow convinced the child to exit the cab with a promise of a “piggyback ride” on a bridge on the Fort Point Channel that separated South Boston from downtown. Harrison (threw the girl off) the bridge into the water. Her body was found almost two months later on a popular patch of beach and her death was ruled “accidental.” 
On June 15th, 1969 (at a Combat Zone)  dive, the Novelty Bar, Harrison joined ex-Marine and city employee Joe Breen on the shuffleboard court and the two drank and carried on together for the rest of the evening. (Harrison took) Breen out to the back...and smashed his skull in—leaving the 31-year-old face down in a puddle of dirty water.  
Later, Harrison dropped a dime on himself by calling the Boston Police Department switchboard in the early morning hours of June 16th.  
Harrison: My dear, at the corner of Washington and Kneeland Streets in a construction site there’ll be a man down in the water, dead. The Giggler…Ah ha ha ha ha
Phone call recording here.
Harrison seemed fairly desperate to get himself caught from the jump. But as cruel Destiny would have it, the Boston boys-in-blue just couldn't get their act together to nab this sad-sack:
Harrison (also murdered) a nine-year-old boy he strangled with a piece of twine before disposing of his body in a train tunnel in South Station, and a 75-year-old woman who he also he tossed from the Fort Channel Bridge.  
Following the murder of the boy, Harrison once again tipped off the Boston PO on January 6th telling them where to find the child’s body. Unfortunately the cops weren’t able to put the two calls together. 
I can't seem to fathom exactly how, but eventually Harrison got his wish and was finally arrested.  But try as he might, the Giggler couldn't get himself booked on his most prodigious murderous act.
 ...Harrison would confess to all four murders and in November of 1970 he was convicted for the first degree murder of Breen, for which he received a life sentence. He would also received three additional life-terms, one for each of his other victims.  (Harrison also took)  responsibility for the arson of the transient-friendly Paramount Hotel that claimed the lives of eleven, and injured more than 50.  Harrison (claimed) that he set the fire for “shits and giggles"(but) was never indicted for the blaze.
"Never indicted" for a mass murder at a flop house smack dab in the one of the swankiest neighborhoods in Boston. A fire that surely made a lot of real estate speculators extremely  grateful but was subsequently blamed on a gas leak. 

It happens. 

Harrison was transferred to the notorious Bridgewater State Hospital--which inspired American Horror Story: Asylum (which also namedrops Braintree)--and OD'd on anti-depressants just before his planned transfer to prison. How exactly a high-profile prisoner was able to get his hands on enough happy pills to overdose is a mystery to me.

Just another of those kooky mystery things.

Incidentally, the new season of American Horror Story has to do with killer clowns. Gotta love those coincidences.

POSTSCRIPT: I want to dive back into Twin Peaks in some depth, but it'll have to get in line. But I did want to bring this sync from the finale back up, since it kind of blew my mind.

Not only did we see the Brain-Tree again in the final episode but before that we saw Cooper bid farewell to the particular reality the series took place in with this benediction:

Not only did this sync with the Harvey motif we looked at before, it also synched quite eerily with the this series in more ways than one. Reviewers picked up on the "curtain call" motif in their headlines, like this one in The New York Times:

Again, here is what looked at previously:

This place has all kinds of history in my life but also in the life of the mysteries we're trying to unpack here. You see, the Curtain Call Theatre lies cheek-by-jowl with the apartment building (see image below) where the unfortunate Robert LaMonica met his end on the orders of none other than Whitey Bulger. 

The guy fingered for the hit- ID'd by a teenage girl who claimed she saw him while boozing it up at the adjacent Faxon Park, was recently cleared of the charges and released from prison after 35 years.

And again, there was a real-life Dale Cooper from Braintree, who went missing (and was eventually discovered dead) in the wilderness above Burbank, California. Burbank is a major hub for the television industry, as you probably know already.


  1. Bridgewater State Hospital, the subject of _Titicut Follies_, one of the most disturbing documentaries ever made. A house of horrors, complete with its own Nazi doctor force-feeding and over-medicating patients. The documentary is banned in Massachusetts, restricted only to medical school students. Fortunately, I was working for one such school a while ago and was able to check out the old VHS tape of it we had in the stacks. More disturbing than any fiction.


    1. 'It is one thing for the media, the police, the judiciary and the killers themselves to commit terrible acts without our
      knowledge or consent. It is quite another matter, with grave
      repercussions in the realm of psychodrama, public ritual and
      advanced mind control, when these crimes are committed with
      our consent. It is an ancient rule of both the moral and common law that silence connotes consent—silence and a lack of
      meaningful action constitute consent in the face of these crimes'



  3. Pennywise seems to Bob-up (AKA Bob Grey, the alien shapeshifter) in a lot of other of King's novels as well -
    "Connections to other works:
    The book reveals that one of Will Hanlon's army friends (and the cook in the Black Spot) is Dick Halloran from The Shining. Beverly Marsh's mention of the murders committed by a "crazy cop" in Castle Rock is a reference to Frank Dodd in The Dead Zone.
    Richie Tozier and Beverly Marsh appear in 11/22/63 when Jake goes back to Derry in 1958.
    Shawshank Prison from King's short story "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption" is mentioned. In the novel Dreamcatcher, there is the description of graffiti in Derry stating "Pennywise Lives!"
    In the novel The Tommyknockers, there is mention of children disappearing in Derry and one of the characters sees the clown Pennywise.
    In the epilogue of Insomnia, the wedding ring of the main protagonist rolls down a drain in Derry at which point the narration seems to imply that there is something else in the sewer which might pick up the ring.
    Pennywise Circus is first mentioned in the book NOS4A2 by Joe Hill, the son of Stephen King.
    The reference seems to mark it as a dimension of its own.
    In the 2017 film version of The Dark Tower, Pennywise Circus reappears as a decrepit, long-rotten amusement park and is one of the landmarks that Roland and Jake notice and even make camp next to during a portion of the film.
    Its true purpose is never known other than being a simple amusement park."

  4. I have my own take on phantom clowns, they are literally phantoms (albeit not always). Ejecta from the animus mundi/collective unconscious. On the spectrum with Bigfoot and 'aliens' and other faerie. Yes faeries. The darker side of the collective mind. As a child of about 5, I had a frightening encounter with a phantom clown in my bedroom. I was awake. Hence it was not a traditional nightmare. And it was years before King started to write his novel. I was probably about 5 so circa 1975. As a young child I saw all kinds of things that weren't supposed to exist, including disembodied heads and floating 'packs' of translucent globes. Only as an adult did I start putting it together. Without my childhood experiences I doubt I would be so open to the paranormal today.

  5. After reading this outstanding blog since its inception I decided to finally offer some slight insight.

    Regarding Curtain Call. In French, a curtain is known as a 'rideau'. 'Ri' is a Latin prefix indicating repetition or reversal - essentially movement of a sort.

    'Deau' is actually 'd'eau' which is also French meaning 'of water'. Curtain Call can literally be translated back into 'the call of/from the moving water'.

    As well, not sure if previously alluded to, but rearranging the name of the second hurricane - Irma - becomes Mari or Mary which is again derived from the French word 'mer' which means 'the sea'.

    Finally, Note the pic of Dale Cooper is with a redheaded woman. In the upcoming Justice League movie Aquaman's wife, Mera (Mary/Mer again) is a redheaded underwater woman. More mermaid connections.

    1. 'Red Sparrow' is the title of a forthcoming Jennifer Lawrence led movie, It's tale, which according to imdb:

      'Ballerina Dominika Egorova is recruited to 'Sparrow School' a Russian intelligence service where she is forced to use her body as a weapon. But her first mission, targeting a CIA agent, threatens to unravel the security of both nations.'

      (Charlotte Rampling & Jeremy Irons also star in RS, so the creep-It-factor will be at glacial 'all time low'.

      Social media buzz is this is the Black Widow origin tale to all intents and purposes.

      Anytime I see Lawrence I'm reminded of Odo the shape-shifting changeling chief security officer ('constable') of Deep Space Nine.

      This 'Mother' film she's in, directed by Darren Aronofsky Director of Noah (2014), will be ripe for trauma-as-entertainment sync-logging & the like.


    2. The RS trailer is shot as slickly asphyxiating as a perfume ad*, the first image I saw in connection with it were a shot of Odo wearing a Bob of a white wig - the spitting image of Diane as we're first shown her, Bobbed.

      *Lynch has shot ads for Calvin Klein's 'Obsession', Giorgio Armani’s 'Gio', Yves Saint Laurent’s 'Opium', Gucci's 'Gucci' & for Dior he shot 'Lady Blue Shanghai' starring Marion Cotillard in which:

      'As the vision of her lover fades, he hands her a blue rose and the flashback ends. Cotillard is in tears. She opens the bag and finds a blue rose.'


  6. The most primordial version of the "mermaid" story comes from Lake Titicaca, Bolivia/Peru, as written once and only once in Robert Charroux's phenomenal but mostly forgotten "L'Histoire Inconnue des Hommes depuis 100,000 ans" ("The Unknown History of Men of the past 100,000 years"). Her name was Orejona, and I've been obsessed with her since the age of 10. I've even had her name tattooed on my right arm.
    The very early pre-Inca people (and the few still extant Aimara tribes of the Andes) believed that 5 million years ago, a blue-skinned, blue-blooded amphibian female from the planet Venus came down to Earth, landed in her golden vessel on the Island of the Sun in the middle of the Lake, and mated with a prehistoric animal, either a large ape or an anteater-pig (!), giving birth to the very first animal-man, who would later become the first modern man, and remember her on a very deep ancestral level, mostly in their dreams and their psychedelic experiences, and base religions on this goddess from the sea.
    She might still be alive today, since they said she returned merely 40,000 years ago, to build the holy city of Tiahuanaco, and the famous giant stone "Door of the Sun", which was originally named the "Door to Venus", before the Spanish Conquistadors renamed it, renamed everything having to do with the Inca worship of the Venusians, and slaughtered over 99% of the population.
    There was even a story of how a Jesuit priest found the biggest, most beautiful green emerald in the world in an Inca temple, bearing an image of Orejona herself on it, so he had the emerald shattered into pieces, ground into dust and trampled it into the earth. The Church was REALLY f***ing serious about making people forget about her, they even cut out some of her followers' tongues, but fortunately the Inca high priests, the Orejones (the long-ears), they hid the sacred knowledge for centuries, until a great revival of the Inca faith began in 1958 precisely near Titicaca.
    And now she's been recycled as a corporate logo, the Starbucks mermaid, complete with five-pointed Venusian star on her forehead. I wonder what a terribly ancient, Lovecraftian extraterrestrial goddess like her thinks about that.

  7. I miss Rig Int.

    I think it is somewhat true that parents... not so much didn't care, but that they assumed "ran away to New York" over "paedophiles." Russ Cheit's The Witch Hunt Narrative goes into detail about the "day care hysteria" (spoiler alert: it wasn't a "hysteria") and adult attitudes towards missing kids and child sex abuse before Gosch/McMartin/etc.

  8. I had a fun moment of synchronicity a few days ago when i decided to get into roxy music and stumbled upon an album they made called siren.

    As for clowns

    >Jesters could also give bad news to the King that no one else would dare deliver. The best example of this is in 1340, when the French fleet was destroyed at the Battle of Sluys by the English. Phillippe VI's jester told him the English sailors "don't even have the guts to jump into the water like our brave French"

    >In Tarot, "The Fool" is a card of the Major Arcana. The tarot depiction of the Fool includes a man (or less often, a woman) juggling unconcernedly or otherwise distracted, often with a dog or cat at his heels. The fool is in the act of unknowingly walking off the edge of a cliff, precipice or other high place. Another Tarot character is Death. In the Middle Ages, Death is often shown in Jester's garb because "The last laugh is reserved for death." Also, Death humbles everyone just as jesters make fun of everyone regardless of standing.

    >In anthropology, the term "clown" has been extended to comparable jester or fool characters in non-Western cultures. A society in which such "clowns" have an important position are termed "clown societies", and a "clown" character involved in a religious or ritual capacity is known as a "ritual clown".

    The most ancient "clowns" have been found in the Fifth dynasty of Egypt, around 2400 BC.[15] Unlike court jesters, clowns have traditionally served a socio-religious and psychological role, and traditionally the roles of priest and clown have been held by the same persons.Peter Berger writes that "It seems plausible that folly and fools, like religion and magic, meet some deeply rooted needs in human society".[17] For this reason, clowning is often considered an important part of training as a physical performance discipline, partly because tricky subject matter can be dealt with, but also because it requires a high level of risk and play in the performer.

    The Pueblo clowns (sometimes called sacred clowns) are jesters or tricksters in the Kachina religion (practiced by the Pueblo Indians of the southwestern United States). It is a generic term, as there are a number of these figures in the ritual practice of the Pueblo people. Each has a unique role; belonging to separate Kivas (secret societies or confraternities) and each has a name that differs from one mesa or pueblo to another.

    1. Roxy's 'Siren' includes a track titled 'Whirlwind', a Roxy-sync a day after you posted this comment was seeing 'The London fashion week designers to know this season' in The Guardian, one of the follow-spotted was a Roxy Music Eno spooky-a-like Matty Bovan:

      'His collection for AW17 includes a whole raft of techniques including crochet, machine knitting, screen printing, digital printing and felting. It’s the textile equivalent of sensory overload, but he does know when to stop. “I sometimes see it like I’m making an album and each track has its own personality so you have to approach them differently,” he says.'

      In a 1974 interview with Chrissie Hynde Eno is quoted as stating:

      "Did you know there's a girls' school with 400 girls just round the corner? Very nice, I'll tell you, it really is lovely. I mean they're so beautiful those little girls are. My conscience won't let me tamper – I feel I might damage their lives if I do anything."


  9. Huh, I wonder how a child-raping clown became a gay icon.
    Just don't look up the percentage of child predators who are homosexuals, lest you start wondering about some of the multikulti propaganda that's been stuffed down our throats for the last fifty years and get some suspicions about whom, historically, has been known to be doing the peddling... Don't want to look up the demographics of the Big Six media company owners and their talking heads. It's just better not to think about such things, lest you get cast out for wrongthink.

    1. Reading that buzzfeed page, I don't think IT is actually a gay icon:

      "Netflix accidentally put The Babadook in the LGBTQ movies category, and it sort of spiraled into a continuing joke that horror movie monsters are LGBTQ."

    2. Andrew, noted. I guess it's easy to get misinformed by another communities' inside jokes half-realized.

  10. So, if the Siren is involved in this reality in the weather via hurricanes, what else is she involved in? I know it is common for people to comment on the apparently increasing "velocity" of events in the contemporary world, its relentlessness, and I wonder whether that implies that the Siren, and her cohort, are pushing events to some sort of...culmination.

  11. Chris--I do recall the phantom clown sightings of '81, I would have been in grade 6/7 at the time, but I also remember an earlier wave going back to maybe '76-78...hard to say if that was real or more of an urban legend type of thing, but as you've indicated, the child predators were real enough! & there was a lot of weird sketchy shit going on all over MA back then involving kids, as we all know. I tend to view the evil clown archetype as more of a "last chance" warning from the collective unconscious more than anything else.

    Also, & I meant to bring this up earlier, there's a lot about the specifics of the Dianne DeVanna story I wonder about. Like, how much do we know about her father? Because the details of what she was put thru sound an awful lot like the kinds of things visited on enemy combatants by military interrogators/torture specialists, & what members of the military go thru during what's called SERE training (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape). Its some of the most brutal training the military has to offer, & its origins go back a ways too:

    Any history of her father being involved in that kind of training or serving with Special Forces? Just wondering...

  12. When I was 15, I ate to much potent LSD with a friend and we encountered a spirit. To me, it presented itself as jester and spiderman symbiote type creature...

    1. The "Phantom clown" phenomenon also involved people dressed as the web-crawler.

      The #elsagate wing of the pizzagate community features Spidey prominently, too.

      Spidey IS something of a jester in the Marvel universe, at least before Deadpool took over that position.

  13. Clowns retracing older terraforming. Those old mounds and canals still exist in the minds of lunatics.
    I think sometimes in a twisted way they are being called out by the Otter King.

    I do not think breaking the old taboos concerning molesting proxies of the gods lasts forever.

    All the freshwater on this planet used to be something that people maintained for the benefit of allies.

    Hydromagic and prehistoric aquatic river monsters.
    Only ones to keep the Siren types somewhat tamed.

    I think sometimes the only way to fix these places would for those living there to get up early, when the fish are jumping. And birds singing. And otters and such standing up, holding palms up to the sun.

  14. You're not the only one noticing the stirrings of the Siren. Some people are welcoming it. Check out this video noting that the Sirens have been activated:

    She has previous videos calling the Sirens to "Release the Kraken" for clearing. Interesting, huh?

  15. Yesterday I wrote at Dust Devil Dreams about a "red balloon" and "eagle" dream I had about three weeks ago - this, knowing nothing of the new "It" film. And with Pennywise appearing every 27 years - and this being 27 years since "Twin Peaks" and "It" first premiered ... a lot to consider. Weird times, regardless.

  16. I've been formulating this thought since I first started following your Siren series.

    The Siren is essentially an alluring force which devours the 'unguarded' shepherd. In other words, it seems to me that it is more of a primordial image for the tragedy that ensues when one loosens the constraints on a power that is too great for them to control. I think the symbolism of the Goddess as a Goddess and the man as only a man makes for a very tidy piece of predictive programming. If someone wants the population they are screwing with to be docile, then they should proliferate the image of a power that is uncontrollable and beyond all reason, one that is the foundation of life and death (i.e. Goddess; 'Siren') and therefore unchallenged. One that is an ancient image and so unlikely to be questioned. In all honesty, the Siren and the Shepherd is less of a tragic romance and more of a story of parental control. The Goddess is pre-existing and pre-eminent, and also the catalyst by which the boy is to die and be reborn. Perhaps the 'shepherd' isn't a person so much as the manifestation of her parenting.
    Moreover, the etymological connection between all the names isn't so strange when you take into consideration that a child (the use of language) is a reflection of the pre-existing possibilities when speaking (the parent/ or language as it is already structured for use).
    It's a rough bit of speculation that I plan to polish, but when taken for what it could be, perhaps it is an allegory for human decision making. I mean, the power is there, the tragedy of misinterpreting that power is there, and even the possibility for redemption is there (since, you know, the boy doesn't stay dead. "The past isn't past").

    1. Well done. I too have been contemplating the angle you describe.

      From the astrological point of view this all dovetails with the fixed star Regulus moving from Leo into Virgo. Though Virgo is not a water sign or ever depicted as a Siren but it is a representation of female energy - the only zodiacal sign that is human.

      This transit heralds a shift in energy from male to female. Or a shift in power.

      I wonder though why there seems to be an unseen force that is trying to force an agenda to manifest quicker? What is the rush?

    2. Maybe it just seems rushed because we are more aware now of how present the symbolism has always been?

  17. Chris, given the Dale Cooper connection with Braintree, do you think Lynch is deliberately alluding to your hometown? Looks like it.

  18. Your map of clown sightings, seems so similar to a Derrick sewer map in the new IT, and that sighting gave me chills...

  19. Some random thoughts and synchs...

    The evil clown meme has to trace back, at least in part, to Gacy, who in turn found his handcuff-incapacitation inspiration from Houston's Dean 'The Candy Man' Corll who literally tried to seduce kids with candy from his family's candy company. This is probably the true life trigger for the US fears about pedos with candy, though certainly candy-pedos have been all over the world for generations (it was common in the UK, as well, for example). Wiki for Corll also shows a suspicious early honorable discharge from the military, around the same time he "discovered" he was gay, and before the killings started.

    Back to Gacy, note that wiki reports Gacy was part of a ring related to a day-labor company.

    Syching back to Braintree, it's no conspiracy to note the sick corruption infecting many communities, some for a long while. Like this for instance, occurring in less than two years alone:

    Another final synch jumped out with this connecting Harvey the rabbit with our sick clowns, like the one in Aurora:

    1. Which makes the candyfication (californication) of Samhain, as Halloween, all the more obscene.

      That this ancient Holy Festival is reduced to a means to further fatten the calf, quite actually as kids as young as three here are now being offered +size garmants due to being so morbidly obese (= more abuse), for offering to the consumer-pop-cult war machine must make a real intense and concentrated fix of a sugar-rush for the demons feasting on our follies, it must also really, really, REALLY piss off those Old Entities now denied all but the meagrest of leftovers once the gorging sates, albeit only ever temporarily, (& do they even have 'sweet tooths'? Unlikely, other than for honey perhaps... what does a soul taste like if it tastes of anything at all?) & 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.'

      Appropriation, bastardization and anonymization, yet other facets of the abuse we acquiesce to, & ultimately allow to be imposed upon ourselves, seems fine and dandy when particular Folk Festivities are ruined to serve the anti-human agenda - no unending howls and shrieks of outrage at what's become of Samhain by those global 'citizens of the world' trick-a-treating.

      "Sil-ver Sham-rock!"

      (Oxalis adenophylla, commonly known as Chilean oxalis or silver shamrock... is an Argentinian & Chilean alpine plant... the majority of the species in this order have five or six sepals and petals, & of course The Shamrock is associated with Ireland, the wet land, The Emerald Isle, home of keening Banshees, among others of the Aos Sí.)


  20. Beep Beep Chrissie

    worth the watch, man

    and sorry about the rhyme - but something tells me you're a Rebis just like me, so you can take this hit

    holy moley tho- can you see?

  21. Krusty The Clown, & Krusty Krab, not Crusty for neither, just two pop-Kult worKings rippling through the noosphere 'under the sea'.


  22. Chris, are you familiar with the dianamystery blog by David Alice? ( There are all these synchronicities between Morrissey and the Diana death. You totally have to check it out. It's right up your alley. Please check it out.