Friday, September 12, 2014

Psychic Survival Strategies on Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

This is one of my favorite podcast appearances. Miguel Connor is a great conversationalist with a wide range of interests and we both spent a lot of time preparing for this talk. The general outline covers politics, pop culture and Gnosticism, but as good conversations do we cover a lot of bases in-between.

Here's Miguel's show notes for this episode:
Gnostic philosophy has greatly influenced many alternative movements in their search for individual freedom, from secret societies to enlightenment thinkers to iconic artists of modernity. But can Gnosticism assist in modern politics? It can indeed, especially since the Gnostic speculations of what forces rule the systems of the cosmos have come true, reflected on material society and its existentialist morass of alienated humanity. We delve into these speculations and attempt to find solutions within the mystic ideas of ancient heresies.
If you enjoy this talk, please head over to Aeon Byte to hear more. Miguel has had an impressive roster of guests on his show and his archives are well worth your time and your financial support.


POSTSCRIPT: When you're finished with this, head over to Hidden Experience and check out Mike Clelland's talk at Exopolitics UK on Owls and Synchronicity.