Friday, January 04, 2013

Now That the Storms Have Passed...

From a 1947 issue of Fantastic Adventures, edited by Ray Palmer

I'll be very busy in January, so I won't be blogging either here or on The Satellite for the next few weeks. 2012 was Hell on Earth, but the past few weeks have been exciting in an strange kind of way- ideas have been bursting like fireworks in my head, imposing themselves in a way I either forgot or never experienced before. Now I need to figure which ones are the most viable, while dealing with my usual issues and responsibilities.

Since  2012 was such a banner year for this blog, I'd like to invite you to review some of the work and discussions that took place here. I didn't expect it at all, but the past 12 months not only saw record traffic here (nearly a million page views) but also returned me to a place I thought I'd left behind forever. I can't describe it, I can only take you there. Which is a whole new challenge for me.

I've streamlined the archives by indexing by topic and deleted the LinkWithin gadget which somehow had become increasingly buggy and wacked-out the past few months, linking to completely inappropriate articles on a too-frequent basis. I've also simplified the page layout for readers using pads and phones.

Take advantage of the archives- I purposely re-engineered this blog as a kind of fringe academic journal the past couple of years so you won't be dredging up old news there, as you would re-reading some of the material in the 2008-9 archives.

Well, the grindstone is calling. Talk to you soon.

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