Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Exegesis: You Still Don't Need Their Permission.

Against my better judgement I actually voted for Obama this past election. I hadn't planned on it but my wife was insistent because of the issue with insurance coverage. I knew full well it was a choice between effin' evil and really effin' evil but what can you do? I didn't even vote in 2008- I realized as soon as I heard Obama was being backed by Sith Lord Pete Peterson that no good would ever come of him.

Even so, I was worried that Romney would make everything worse by instituting austerity, cutting Social Security and Medicare and ramping up the war machine in the Middle East and possibly against Russia as well.

I needn't have worried at all, because as we all know Obama has done all of that for him.

And now we see Obama out-Nixoning Nixon: ideological IRS hitjobs and wiretapping enemies in the press, that on top of all the other Orwellian nightmares he already out-Bushed Bush on. It doesn't matter though, because Obama could stab young children on live TV and the Democrat zombies in the media- especially sites like Slate and Salon- would fall over each other praising his knife skills and writing stirring essays about how our brave President is creating a more sustainable world by doing away with useless eaters, though their exact phraseology would be a bit different.

As we all know, Obama and his media toadies' big push after the election wasn't jobs or worker's rights or restoring civil liberties but gay marriage, which is all fine and good but perhaps a lesser priority given the fact that like everyone else, a lot of gay people are losing their jobs, their insurance and their pensions and probably won't be able to afford to get married at all. But that's not the point.

The point is that identity politics- in other words, ancient divide-and-rule tactics- are how the Wall St. faction that controls the Democratic Party has decided to wage political war against their Republican dopplegangers.
The obvious agenda is to make sure that people are constantly fighting over symbolic issues so no one will notice that Obama is actually to the right of Bush on many, many issues, and very far to the right compared even to Ronald Reagan. "Social justice", which is nothing more than a synonym for identity politics, has become the rallying cry because Obama and his party-- especially his salad-tossing amen corner in the media-- have completely given up on the concept of economic justice.

So in other words, the middle class is to be wiped out --for good-- by outsourcing, unpaid internships and immigrant exploitation, no matter which party you vote for. You probably won't have a pension or insurance when you reach retirement age and your kids probably won't be able to go to college and upward mobility will be forever lost.

However, the good news is that you can use the magic totem of "social justice" to show everyone that you are an enlightened and "progressive" serf, nothing like those mouth-breathing, regressive serfs over there.

Of course, an integral part of the new identity politics program is Atheism and to a lesser extent, skepticism. Atheism is perfect for the coddled children of hyper-privilege who comprise nearly the entirety of the so-called "Progressive" movement in North America, since they can finally play the victim. Oh poor godless me, Daddy sent me to a state university to major in womyn's studies when I really wanted to go to Sarah Lawrence. I'm so put upon- it's God's fault.

Of course Atheism is not only not stigmatized in the circles they spend their entire lives traveling in, it's practically de rigeur.

But they can point to some mouth-breathing yahoo in some deep red state and pretend that they are the victims now. Better yet, they don't have to worry about "people of color" at all, unless it's to browbeat a perceived opponent about "white privilege." They can even (privately) huff and puff about how they are being victimized by them despite having lived lives of almost unimaginable comfort and privilege, since the Nu Atheist movement is in large part motivated by studiously unacknowledged racial anxieties

But some genius- and I'm thinking it was probably Obama's svengali David Axelrod- realized that the best answer to the religious right (who were so influential in this country primarily because they were reliable unpaid envelope-stuffers every election cycle) was the Atheist Left, because liberals have never figured out how to deal with religion.

They took over the so-called mainline churches and ran them all into the ground. I mean, there have been atomic bombs that did less damage to their targets than the liberals did to the churches they set out to "save." So why bother? Atheists make much more pliable consumers-- and voters-- if you appeal to their endless vanity (and insecurities).

So after spending 20 years on the internet seeing mindless tribalism on the part of the religious right everywhere I look, I can now see that AND mindless tribalism on the part of the irreligious left. And of course the two parties that both packs of idiots support are not even remotely at odds about anything but symbolic (read: tribalist) non-issues.

So 'eff them all.

And to get to the heart of the matter, 'eff all these people in weird/Fortean/UFO/whatever world that would worry about what all these Starbuck-sipping idiots think of them.

Eff those who ever-so-tentatively ask the Plait's and Randi's and Shermer's and Myerses and Watson's and Dawkins's if it's all right if they play with their little paranormal toys for awhile. They promise they won't make too much noise and they'll put them all back in the closet when they are done.

It's all just good, clean fun and besides we don't really believe any of this nonsense, so please don't give us the stinkeye through your coke-bottle lenses.

Seriously- eff 'em. They are cowards, traitors, weaklings. They are of no use to anyone, not even themselves. The road goes in one direction, or the other. You are either committed to a path-- in this case, the High and the Strange-- or you're wasting your time and ours.

Listen, all you wannabe-pundits who think you can straddle the fence: the media is too busy licking Obama's dingleberries (and making excuses for his rampant Republicanism) to even notice you. And they won't pay you a dime for your talking head; they don't even pay your travel expenses. The Skepdicks only find you mildly useful if they can use you to attack your friends and allies. "Being reasonable" means playing by their rules.

You either believe in another reality paradigm or you don't. You just fucking don't.

There is no point in being your own debunker because you just look like a cowardly idiot who has wasted their own time. Nobody cares if you run around and "murder your own darlings." The skeptics see you as weak and accommodating and an easy target, even if they may pat you on the back for "being one of the more sensible ones."

Of course, that doesn't mean you have to become the reincarnation of Ti and Do. Discernment is always the path to wisdom. But you are either committed to an alternative worldview or you are not.

There's no point looking over your shoulder at people who will never accept you and never stop looking down on you. They will never give you permission to play with your UFOs, not matter what kind of worthy, schoolmarmish word-drool you dress them in.

You see, the real problem with the paranormal/whatever field isn't the evidence at all. 

The problem is that the people in the field who should speak up are too damn quiet, and too busy worrying about the opinions of people who they would much better off mocking and ridiculing, if not outright attacking.

The problem is cowardice.

I am old enough now to see where the road takes you, which ever particular route you may take. The road of half-measures and compromise leads nowhere.

And I know for a fact that the road the skeptics and nu atheists are on only ever leads to one destination: despair. Already the two camps spend nearly all of their time fighting each other now, because negativity and conflict are all they are any good at.

I do what I do because I know what I am doing is based not only in my experience but in rigorous study.  

I do what I do because I know that the people who see the world the way I do are the ones who have changed the world in their own image.

I have at least ten thousand years of forefathers and mothers to look upon for guidance and inspiration. I know it's the High and the Strange who kicked the heads in of the Lame and the Same and then pushed this gods-forsaken human race forward.

I will not be moved.

I'm not backing down for anyone.  And neither should you. No one gives a shit about anything but themselves so stop waiting for their permission. Fight tooth and claw for what you believe or find something else to do.

Otherwise, you're wasting your life away.

UPDATE: Mike Clelland shows exactly how the media responds to UFOlogists pleading and cajoling to be paid attention by the mindless clockpunchers at useless rags like The Washington Post.

And as if to further prove my point, this is the kind of stupid that gets you a Rhodes Scholarship and a job among the squishy, hyperprivileged schoolmarms at The Guardian.


  1. thanks for this. it is what i needed to read, when i needed to read it.

  2. So, I hate it when people just snipe a mostly irrelevant piece of something I write and turn that into the central thesis. In the spirit of not doing that:

    1. "since the Nu Atheist movement is in large part motivated by studiously unacknowledged racial anxieties" Can you talk bout that more? What exactly do you mean? I can see that when evolutionary theory was first being explored, the WHITE scientists were damn sure to put WHITE people at the top of that ladder and point out that, really, we're doing black people a favor by making them slaves because this way we know they'll be cared for what with them being lower on the evolution chain and all we can't be sure they'll eat enough protein or drink enough water. And modern atheists are by and large, and especially the ones you see on TV, relentless buttholes, but I wouldn't have seen modern atheism as a response to racial anxiety.

    2. "ff those who ever-so-tentatively ask the Plait's and Randi's and Shermer's and Myerses and Watson's and Dawkins's if it's all right if they play with their little paranormal toys for awhile. They promise they won't make too much noise and they'll put them all back in the closet when they are done." It's crazy that at the moment you posted this, I was driving home from work thinking about this exact thing. I'm currently assembling a Conspiracy Theories syllabus for a class I hope to teach at my wife's school. One of my unspoken goals is to shake the kids of the idea that science and establishment must approve of their ideas and motivations. As I was driving home, I was thinking of a Richard Dawkin's quote (the buttholiest of the holies) in which he expounds about how people who believe in religion are slightly worse than bloody diarrhea. I was thinking of putting this quote on the board and challenging the kids to explain to me why, if he's right and we die and that's it and the only extent of any long term consequences would be, at most, the life of the planet, then why should he care about this so much? And on the flip side, if what he says is true, then what does it matter if people go to the grave with delusion? The delusion would die with them. I absolutely don't think Dawkin's is right, but I think slightly shaking people's foundational belief in the inherent rightness of science and scientist's is the first step for many toward personal enlightenment.

    3. I get the sense something bonkers happened either to you personally or in the world at large, but since I remain as uninvolved in the world at large I wouldn't know. So, que pasa?

  3. Omigod, Chris...this is brilliant! I'm tempted to post it on Facebook, even though it will probably lose me a few friends among the Obamabots, assuming there are any Obamabots left. Hopefully they are all past the "shocked" and "disappointed" stage now, and willing to let me say "I told ya so!"

  4. The Spirit of RAW is in you! I've often wondered when his 'voice' would return to my reality. Thank you, Mr. Knowles.

  5. Hey Chris,

    This is all blatantly, glaringly true as far as I'm concerned. Not much else to add, really. Your work on this blog has changed my life over the last 2 years. I am now a much more productive and self-actualizing person, with a modicum of inner peace that I never had before. Which is, obviously, awesome. Tooth and Claw, bro.


  6. Stand up and testify!

    I didn't understand half of what you said (I'm a mexican living in Mexico) but you told it like it is. I want to print this one, frame it and put it in my bedroom.

    Good luck and good work.

    P.S. Thanx for the "Authors of the Impossible" tip. A fundamental read.

  7. Brilliant piece.
    There was just one bit I did not understand. What do you mean that Nu Atheism is motivated by "racial anxieties?" Is this a reference to Islam or Islamaphobia? I don't understand what racism or racial issues have to do with Nu Athiesm.

  8. I agree with 90 percent of what you say, but my first wife/ex-wife is an atheist and despite our disagreements (we got divorced, obviously) she is still a person of high integrity.

    As a self-professed Fortean, those who I really hate the most are the CSICOP debunkers who lie and suppress evidence to support their disingenious smear campaigns. Joe Nichols (sp?) is currently at the top of my shit/hit list at the moment, because I cannot stand his glib superficial denials of good and compelling evidence. I had hoped that after Phil Klass died we would have a reprieve from this nonsense, but I guess that is human nature.

  9. Say it loud: I'm weird & I'm proud!

  10. The Sunday Times Journalists Describe How the Edmonds’ Story was Inexplicably Dropped under the Pressure of Undisclosed “Interest Groups” Associated with the U.S. State Department.

    How the Sunday Times Investigative Series on Sibel Edmonds & US Ties to Al-Qaeda Chief was Spiked

    One of those rare moments were the REAL U.S. corporate-state imperial system is exposed!

    Gladio B has now been confirmed. Al-CIA-da right up to 2001 with the bin Ladens meeting with U.S. officials.

    This continues with the "blow back" via rogue CIA agents, etc. Drugs and weapons and Congress, judges and FBI all corrupted through blackmail via "background checks" and illegal wiretaps on everybody.


    ceasefiremagazine in the U.K.

    Shud be enuf info for even the dimmest to get a url link out of it.

  11. Spot on-not.Obama has directed the US military to leave Iraq, he is directing the same in Afganistan,he has not directed the military to get involved in Syria. The man was dealt a foundering economy. Chris your black ops are not for my liking. The PTB's are still in control of the BIP that is certain. You are in need of some Holy Ganja fire. Lighten up Mr Secret Sun. Dennis

  12. Oh never mind, the penny finally dropped. The racial things has to do with the fact that generally, in the US, blacks and Latinos tend to be very religious. In places like the middle east, the people of those regions are predominantly Muslim, usually the poorer the more fundamentalist. So I guess the implication is that privileged white males are the the last hold out of rationality and reason in the face of a world-wide onslaught of ignorance and brutality ignited by the teaming brown and black religious hordes. How very colonial.

  13. Obama. Huh. That hollow Empty Suit is scum, as far as I'm concerned; like most of these assholes. I've seen mannequins with more soul and integrity. But then, my views are admittedly and unabashedly humane.

  14. Exactly Juan. BTW I wasn't ignoring you, I've been very busy. I'll get back to you and everyone else soon....

    1. No worries, Chris.
      Keep up the good work:)

  15. Hey Dennis, since you conveniently left out Obama's war in Libya, it kind of negates the rest of your argument, but it'd be fun to tear it apart anyways:

    Iraq:massive US bases, thousands of State Dept/Contractors left still doing dirty work

    AfPak: O's "reduction levels" are still more than what was there during Bush. A deal has been made to leave Special Forces troops under CIA control as "contractors" so they can stay and run opium after "the war is over" wink wink

    Syria: billions in weapons/money coming in from UAE/Qatar/Saudi Arabia and the CIA/MI6 and French intel services. And when Obama says there are no "boots on the ground", all that means is that plausibly deniable actors such as mercenaries and "advisors" are the ones doing the dirty work. Or we arm battalions of Al Qaeda fighters, just as in Libya.

  16. Oh and Dennis! At the end of 2011, Obama had Special Forces troops forward deployed ("preparing the battlefield") in 120 countries, up from 60 countries under Bush.

    Check out Jeremy Scahill's new documentary "Dirty Wars:The World is a Battlefield". That will set you straight.

  17. This was brilliant, Christoper! Now I have to go back and reread it at least three times just to grasp ALL of the nuances with which you discuss sometimes.. wonderful brain exersize! Thank you! And yes, the Higher level is where we need to be at.. it was nice to read your interpretation and definitive perspective of how reality is.

  18. IS_ My pleasure. Thank you for your patience.

    Horns- That's an issue that really needs its own post but there is a distinctly racialist undertow to the nuath movement, something that has not gone unnnoticed elsewhere. You see all these montages of their demigods and can't find a single nonwhite scientist or mathematician? It reminds me very much of Liberal Protestantism which goes on about social justice and the like but is overwhelmingly white- and old, as well. I think your excellent essay here answers your own questions, even if some of the language is a know. Bonkers shit is my life. It's my cross to bear. But it's not boring, that's for sure.

    Rak- Yeah, like I said when I heard Pete Peterson was pulling the strings I knew we were in for a very rough ride. And so it is.

    Shok- RAW is in the room with me, in spirit, as I said before. He says I need to take things as they come and laugh a bit more. That time will come. I prefer to laugh over victories, not defeats.

    Raj: And I can only say this- Raj's blogs are listed right to your right hand side everyone. Amid Night Suns will get you there and you'll be glad you made the trip.

    FLS- Damn, you know I should get on getting this stuff translated properly. Any volunteers?


  19. Juan- Phew. OK, there is a definitely undercurrent not only of race but of class. Sometimes it's subtle other times not. There is a consistent association of religion with underclass or racial other often through proxy, and I am by no means the only one saying this. There's been some handwringing within the community about it. But go to one of their little get togethers- the only nonwhite people you will see will be onstage. Quite a common occurrence among the self-righteous set. But there's this constant static that nonwhite people are objects that need to be handled somehow, not treated as human beings. That nonwhites are representatives or tokens or victims or fashion accessories. Spend some time looking at that community it becomes very clear very quickly. They don't understand that not all nonAnglos are nonwhite. But fuck this terminology anyway. I've always had "nonwhite" friends and it only registers in passing. I don't see them as diplomats from some foreign nation I see them as my friends. Pointing out difference- constantly- is a very subtle but insistant way of ranking.

    DJ: Let me make this clear- I have no problem -at all- if someone chooses to be atheist. I have a problem with atheism as new religion. For the same reason I have spent so much time ranting about old religions. I am going to repeat that because in many ways I see someone who rejects religion as an ally. But someone who is building a new religion as an adversary.

    Klass was a spook. Pure and simple. No two ways about it.

    RPJ: You certainly are! And we're all better off for it.

    Spiraldance: I'm a bit skeptical about Edmonds recent work but thanks.

    Dennis- I'll let the later comments speak for me.

  20. Andrew: Thank you very,very much for all that. I'd go into the economic war being waged on America as well- especially the African American community which supported Obama and who he seems to go out of his way to betray- but that's all good info.

    Juan- I hope I answered your question. Love your avvie, btw.

    Brok- I have a podcast interview where I discuss those things- look for it.