Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Deep Space Nine: Shadows and Symbols

A blue spiral, then a wormhole. Look familiar?

I'm not sure why, but Star Trek has been resonating with me lately in a way it hasn't in a long time. It certainly has nothing to do with the recent feature film, it's something else I can't quite put my finger on. 

Almost in a way The X-Files did ; the same kinds of synchronistic emanations have been hitting me left and right.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Plan Nein from Outer Space: the Nazi UFO Hoax

The old 'Nazi UFO' meme is floating around again. Dave Emory's been taking about it for ages, never failing to toss in his "green-eyed aliens from Uranus" joke that just gets funnier every time he repeats it (and he's been doing so as long as I can remember).

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shekinah Rising: The Missile Defense Logo "Controversy"

By now you've seen the news stories over the controversy over the Missile Defense Agency logo. The issue seems to be over its alleged use of the crescent and star of Islam, which neocons see as some kind of symbolic surrender to Sharia law (or something to that effect).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Secret Sun 17th Celebrations Synopsis

I had tweeted these throughout the day, but since a lot of readers don't follow my Twitter feed I thought I'd recap yesterday's 17 celebrations from around the world. 

ITEM: As you'd expect, NAZCA NASA was extremely busy yesterday as well: "Cosmic Feast Revealed in New NASA Sky-Mapper Photos":
A wispy comet, a bursting star-forming cloud, the Andromeda galaxy and a faraway cluster of hundreds of galaxies are just a few of the cosmic sights seen in the first processed images from a new NASA all-sky survey. NASA's new Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, mission began scanning the entire sky in infrared light on Jan. 14.
The Comet is labeled as C/2007 Q3. Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet. 

Be ye wise as serpents.

ITEM: Speaking of the lamentations of ISiS, she got a new window onto the world, which NASA showed off on the 17th:

Astronauts in space are delighting in what they described as "absolutely spectacular" views of Earth after cranking open the shutters on the International Space Station's new window-covered observation dome for the first time.

Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi took this view from inside the cupola just after its windows were first opened on Feb. 17, 2010. The cupola's window shutters are open and the Sahara desert is visible below.

The Sahara. Where Egypt is located. Gotcha.

ITEM: NASA astronauts also took their third and final spacewalk at ISiS on the 17th:

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — Astronauts ventured out on the third and final spacewalk of their mission Tuesday night and unwrapped the International Space Station's phenomenal new lookout — the best window on the world that orbiting crews have ever had. Robert Behnken and Nicholas Patrick had a multitude of chores to complete outside, but the most anticipated was the unveiling of those seven windows, a fitting grand finale to the shuttle mission's spacewalks.
3. 17. Patrick. Hmmm.

ITEM: The indelible link between NASA and Ancient Egypt was driven home yet again with this story, which made the news on the 17th:

The legendary Egyptian "boy king" Tutankhamun, commonly known as King Tut, died of conditions including malaria and complications from a leg fracture, according to a study published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association. (Tut) ruled during the 18th Dynasty, from 1336 B.C. to 1327 B.C., according to the Web site Egyptology Online, and is believed to have died young. Forensic analysis of his mummy has put his age of death at about 17 to 19 years.

ITEM: Which brings us to this fascinating story; never-before seen footage of JFK (aka "the American Osiris") shortly before his assassination surfaced on the 17th, released by the Sixth Floor Museum. ITEM: What was the 17 President doing? He was talking to ISiS. USA Today: "Obama and students talk to astronauts in orbit":

Surrounded by a dozen middle school students from Florida, Michigan and Nebraska, President Obama spoke to 11 NASA astronauts by phone from the Roosevelt Room in the White House this evening. A video fed their images back at the same time.

The orbiting astronauts, from the International Space Station and Space Shuttle Endeavor, took turns answering questions from the president and the students.

Barackobamun (aka the new Tut) used the occasion to state that his commitment to NASA was "unwavering," even though he observed the 42nd anniversary of Gus Grissom's murder death by scrapping the Constellation program.

Looking at the hidden 3/17 in the Constellation mission patch, I can't help wonder if it wasn't born to die.

ITEM: We're still in the midst of the 17 Days in Vancouver, and the US won three gold medals on the 17th, including one by the dying-resurrecting Shaun White. Imagine that
. ITEM: This strange story surfaced on the 17th, which I don't know what to make of:

A group of anthropologists working with hill tribes in a remote area of India have made a startling discovery: Intricate prehistoric cave paintings depicting aliens and UFO type craft.

Also visible is another object that might depict a wormhole, explaining how aliens were able to reach Earth. This image may lead UFO enthusiasts to conclude that the images might have been drawn with the involvement of aliens themselves.

It looks a bit too good to be true, but I will definitely keep my eye on future developments. But you don't need to look in hidden caves for Stargate depictions... you?

Caprica and the Spi-Fi Ascendency


 OK, I need to rinse the rancid taste of Braintree out of my mouth...

A lot of you may have seen this already, but I'm so jazzed on this series I want to make sure the rest of you do as well. This is the prequel to the Battlestar Galactica revamp, but it's grabbed me in a way that BSG still has not (never fear, the missus and I have the first season DVDs and plan to dig into them soon).

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Amy Bishop Saga Just Keeps Getting Weirder

The coverup is unraveling: Former Chief Now Doubts Bishop Police Report:

NewsCenter 5's Shiba Russell reported Tuesday that Amy Bishop shot and killed her brother in the Bay State more than 20 years ago in a shooting that was ruled accidental.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Crimes, Cover-ups and Fringe Science

By now I shouldn't be surprised by these kinds of things, but I was a bit stunned to find out that I attended high school in Braintree, Mass. with the accused shooter at the University of Alabama. Not only that but I also attended high school with the brother she mowed down with a shotgun in 1986.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ritual Olympics: 17 Days in Vancouver

Well, I watched as much as I could take of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and DVR'd the rest. I realize all of the symbolism comes from indigenous cultures, but these four statues seemed a bit more canopic to me, like the four sons of Horus, or the four funerary goddesses. Maybe a little of both. At the same time. Canada is very liberal about that kind of thing. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's Wrong with the Sun?

The operative element in "Synchronicity" is time- the Greek root means "to be contemporary" or "happen at the same time" (syn 'together' & chronos 'time'). So when we're looking for synchronicities- or something else, perhaps- we keep an eye on the timing of events.


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Sirius Super Stargate Bowl


I actually missed the opening minutes of the Super Bowl on purpose, tuning in at the coin toss. 

Big mistake. 

Sunday, February 07, 2010

My X-Files Top 10

I wrote this list back in the early 2000s and I can't remember exactly where I originally posted it. It's before I got the DVD sets and was watching (and taping) the shows on TNT.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Stairway to Sirius: The (Pink) Star of the Sea

As I said on William Henry's show in December (and here as well) we need to be on the lookout for water symbolism this year, as well as mermaid/mermen and other symbols associated with Sirius in esoteric lore. I've recently explored these memes in depth, particularly as they relate to James Cameron, who is obviously very deeply obsessed with both aliens and the oceans (and Gus Grissom, strangely enough).

Monday, February 01, 2010

Astronaut Theology: Beyonce Rising, or Isis in Chains

Let's backtrack to the announcement Barack Obama (or Barackobamun, if you prefer) made on the 42nd Anniversary of Gus Grissom's death:
CAPE CANAVERAL — President Barack Obama will ask Congress to extend International Space Station operations through at least 2020 but abandon NASA's current plans to return U.S. astronauts to the moon, administration and NASA officials said Wednesday.