Monday, November 26, 2018

Apocalyptic Talking Points: Roko's Basilisk

If the reports are to be believed, a Chinese scientist created the first gene-edited babies and of course they're Twins. Twin girls, to be precise. 

The only people caught off guard by all this are those poor, benighted souls who don't read The Secret Sun. I'm thinking of starting a GoFundMe for them.

I rewatched way too many X-Files episodes way too many times to find any comfort in any of this. Whether you believe in intelligent design or Darwinian evolution, I'm sure you won't either. 

It took how many years and how many supercomputers to sequence the human genome? And now random Joes think they can come along and start cutting and pasting, willy-nilly? Yeah, that will end well.

Of course, the usual shuck with these grifts is that it's all for therapeutic reasons, to cure some disease or other. Only later we found the boot sinking that much deeper into our throats.

But tell us, Random Science Guy, how did you code for these immunities? How many experiments did you perform to ensure that these new genes will actually work, never mind aren't going to create havoc in the larger genepool?

I mean, did you even watch I Am Legend?

But then again, maybe introducing hundreds of unintended mutations is the idea. Or should that read "unintended?"

You know how it works; a bunch of very highly-trained experts spend a lot of time and money working on something and then when it all rains shit on the plebes' heads, they start with the "unintended consequences" ragtime dance.

Then laughter ensues all the way to the ATM in the lobby of the massive underground base.

Or is this all simply the first act in a play that's been in pre-production for a very, very long time? The Rael UFO cult claimed 15 years ago that they'd begun cloning humans and everyone had a good chuckle.

But maybe this stunt was some kind of limited hangout. Everyone knows that a lot of these cults-- particularly the ones with a lot of money-- are/were intelligence fronts. So were Rael simply tasked to float a trial balloon for a much larger and much longer-established program?

If so, what do we make of all this?


Well, I'm not sure who or why, but it looks like someone's going after the Cylons with hammer and tongs. The so-called FAANG stocks--Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google-- are getting slaughtered on Wall Street, losing more than one-trillion dollars worth of market capitalization. 

Given how insanely and invasively totalitarian all these companies have become, I don't know if that's good or bad for us. I'm sure Antifa's Satanmass bonus checks will be a lot smaller this year, but there's still not enough data to adjudge how this will effect Joe and Jane Q. Lunchbox.

Crypto is also getting pummeled, as I expected all along. I can't say if it will ever recover but I hope none of you fine folks out there bought high. 

Since Timing is Everything around these parts I can't help but notice that Elon "Tony Stark" Musk is the beneficiary of a HUGE publicity push, especially notable after being kicked around the block for the Tesla IPO and the pot-smoking and the rest of it.

Do note that Neil deGrasse Tyson, the current Pope of the Scientistic Church, declared Musk to be more important than those disgraced Titans of Tech. You can't ask for a better blessing if you're in that line of work.

For reasons entirely opaque to your host here, Musk has now been anointed as the new Techno-Christ, the savior of Humanity in the face of Cylonic and Cosmo-Demonic aggression.

Sure enough, Musk is peddling the Orthodox Kurzweilian Gospel as our salvation in the face of C-DAI and D::Wave and all the rest of it. So I gather then that Musk does not believe that the Morgue is better than the Borg.

I guess he figures Mark Zuckerberg seems to be integrating the implants quite well, current unpleasantness notwithstanding.

Musk is also buying big on the Mars pyramid scheme, which may be just a bit of hype. Or perhaps he's been read-in on information you and I have no access to. I'm a pretty big Mars skeptic myself, but then again I think an 80s new wave singer is a divinely-guided prophetess. So factor in that information when doing your Martian sums.

Oh, wait...I forgot to mention something.

Muskrat Suzie, Muskrat Sam

So it just so happens that TechnoChrist's new consort is none other than Claire Boucher, AKA Grimes. They made their debut as a couple at Jack Chick's Worst Nightmare the Met Gala. You know, the one that was held under the watchful eye of a giant alien demon.

Apparently the union was a real meeting of the minds:
Both bets assume a vengeful Almighty – and so it was that a few weeks ago that Musk, PayPal billionaire founder of Space X and Tesla, famously distrustful of future Artificial Intelligence, found himself researching a word pun online, connecting the 18th-century style “Rococo” with Roko’s Basilisk, in between planning the first manned mission to Mars and building an underground transport system in California.
Cue cyber consternation over the idea of Musk’s “joke research”. Turns out being one of the richest and most powerful people on the planet hasn’t happened by being spontaneously jocular. 
Sure enough, Musk’s wordplay had already been put to use by the Canadian musician Grimes in her 2015 music video for “Flesh Without Blood”. 
Grimes, born Claire Boucher, created a Marie Antoinette character named “Rococo Basilisk” for the video, a reference both to the outlandish and elaborate Rococo style and to Roko’s thought experiment. Musk tweeted Grimes about her music, she responded, and a romance spun from past, present, and future philosophies was born.


Rococo. Right. Hmm...

Wait; did they actually say "Rococo?"

OK, remember that 80s new wave singer I just mentioned? Well, she just happened to front a nifty little beat combo called "Cocteau Twins," who in fact had a number called...

Although the actual "Rococo" is a instrumental (and probably their heaviest offering), the title is drawn from a line in the sublime pounder "Kookabura," in which our Blessed Sibyl coos, "To a girl, you mind, a starry-sky memory, when Eros spurns Rococo."

And it just so happens that Roko's Basilisk is rather Cosmo-Demonic in temperament:

Roko's basilisk is a thought experiment about the potential risks involved in developing artificial intelligence. 
The premise is that an all-powerful artificial intelligence from the future could retroactively punish those who did not help bring about its existence, including those who merely knew about the possible development of such a being. 
 It resembles a futurist version of Pascal's wager, in that it suggests people should weigh possible punishment versus reward and as a result accept particular singularitarian ideas or financially support their development.  

OK, OK, so what? It's just a minor coincidence, right? I mean, what does this woman-- and by association, Elon Musk-- have to do with some old 80s band, of all things? 

I mean, c'mon Secret Sun, this is a real stretch. Even by your ridiculous standards.


OK, OK. That's just some random website's opinion. Anyone can say anyone is influenced by anything. Still no actual connection.

OK. You're right. Then there's this...

Huh. We are looking at a genuine Bene Frasserit witch here.

So much so that Grimes felt compelled to sign to the Cocteau Twins' label (a move she incidentally later regretted when she realized that, like everything else these days, it was the label in name only and under entirely-different management from it was in the 80s),

Exactly how seminal the Twins were to Grimes is made clear in the video that brought she and Elon Musk together. 

Eschewing her earlier tendency to rewrite "The Dominiatrix Sleeps Tonight" in ever-cleverer ways ("Genesis" is one of the Top 10 tracks this century, IMO), here Grimes goes for a slick, post-Katy Perry/Avril Lavigne spin on old Cocteau chestnuts like "Because of Whirl-Jack," and especially, "In Our Angelhood."

I'd wager this was quite intentional, given the fact she's wearing angel wings in the very first shot, plus...

...a very lovely pair of Betty Fraser eyes.

"In Our Angelhood" isn't one of the Cocteaux' more scintillating tracks but its proximity to the next song on Head Over Heels ("Glass Candle Grenades") does make me wonder if, as a reader had mentioned, "Grenade's" lyric concerns interdimensional entities (like angels) who flit all around us without our ability to perceive them:

There's only a hair's breadth between us, 
Obscure as we are
Obscure as we are, 
There's only a hair's breadth between us

Which brings me back to Roko's Basilisk.

If an AI were able to travel back in time and punish those who might threaten its future existence, we're really not talking about a machine anymore. 

We're talking about a machine being used to house some kind of higher-dimensional entity. Probably demonic in this case, but if this were all theoretically possible that entity may in fact be an angel. 

Of course, rumor has it there isn't any quantitative difference between angels and demons, other than which team they play for. And some of them seem to be free agents, if you believe the lore.

But you know, maybe one of those AI entities might travel back in time and choose a messed-up but utterly-adorable punk pixie from some industrial shithole as a conduit, having quantum-computed she secretly possessed the voice of an angel.

Or of God. Whomever. Just a thought.

But either way, we should make note that Grimes' middle name is the French diminutive for Elizabeth and her birthday is the world-famous 3-17.

And do note that NASA has chosen Musk's SpaceX as its official spacecraft supplier. And the next Dragon (speaking of Revelation 12) launch is set for January 7th (1/7 in American notation).

Musk also changed the name of his oversized rocket to "Starship." Either because he intends to eventually use it to travel to other solar systems or he intends to build a Martian city on rock 'n' roll.

Rumors that "BFR" stood for "Betty Fraser" could not be confirmed at press time.

Whatever the case may be, you gotta admit this is all uncannily reminiscent of something from the Dune Universe. Like, oh, say a Bene Gesserit witch being embedded into a prominent house-- on, say, the planet that produces the stuff that makes star travel actually possible-- in order to birth the savior or whatever. 

And who directed that Dune feature film again? 

So if there is a secret Elizabeth Fraser cult out there-- and at this point it seems as if Elon Musk could just climb to Mars simply by printing out the evidence that there indeed is one-- you have to give them credit. They scored a major coup with this romance.

Maybe the score of the century.

Since we're talking about the power of the Voice -- and by extension, that "Signal" I've been ruminating on all these years having found a suitable receiver-- you might want to refresh your Duneiverse nerdery with this salient fact:
Bene Gesserit are trained in what they call "the Voice" – a means "to control others merely by selected tone shadings of the voice."[16] By modulating the subtleties of her voice, a Bene Gesserit can issue commands on a subconscious level, compelling obedience in others that they cannot resist, whether they are consciously aware of the attempt or not. 
This control can be as subtle as influencing thoughts and motivations, or as strong as forcing physical actions and even temporary paralysis in the subject. 
Is this why so many people confess (your humble host included) that they burst into tears even when the Sibyl is singing us all a happy tune? (It's actually very healing-- the Voice of God draws the poison out of your heart, IMHO).

Watch this space. I had to cut a lot of material for stories and will be posting that ASAP.


I guess ESA thought OSIRIS-REX wasn't a tortured-enough acronym so they decided to outdo NASA with something even more ridiculous. 

Plus, Egyptian. 

Given the inferences that can be drawn from its lyrics (and the cover art of bright red bursts in a field of ice), I can't help but wonder if the title for Head Over Heels might be an encoded reference to a coming pole-shift.

After all, we are told that the Earth "will toss and tumble" and the Heavens will "curtsy and bow" and "it" will be "halved in half" by "wheezing and sneezing." 

For starters.

I'm sorry if anyone out there got in the wrong line. This is the queue for the "It Never Ends" counter. Please wait for your number to be called.

UPDATE: Our man in the field Nate informs us that the title of this track is Enochian for "The Voice of God."

Bernardo Bertolucci died today. He's best known for commissioning "Alice" for his 1996 film Stealing Beauty. That, and Last Tango in Paris. Plus, The Last Emperor. Maybe a couple other things here and there.

But mostly "Alice."


  1. This blog seempt reverse time wrought by the Mandela effect.

    NEW! Search for synchs and relatedness on the internet and the quantum AI running your backstory automatically predictively fills in the links! Exactly the way it predicted what you are typed to type in gmail, with a predictive power that auto wrote your entire world view! You still get the rich experience of thought with out having to actually think! Errors in tense usually below 15%

    The noise from CERN makes it too loud to remember there were other memories.

    1. I wish I could say you were crazy.

      I wish.

    2. I wish it were more obvious those were tense typos from the AI, but you still got the reality

  2. Hi Chris - maybe its just the curse of mankind to have to redo all this incredibly stupid shit we used to do over and over and over again. Only the next time around, we just change the actors and the costumes, but the play stays the same.


    Maybe we *do* become (or some of us, anyway) half machine-half human. What then? Perhaps that is the joke that starts the whole world crying? 'Oh if I'd only seen', we'll say--'that the joke was on me?' On you and me and everyone staring doe eyed at this right now, most likely.

    The gd Bee Gees had it right, I guess. Then, while the laugh track plays, the world gets divided up further by the monstrous unequal division of wealth and technological advantage until we have a super inflated version of the 'Haves' and "Have Not's (or 'halves' and 'half-nots', we'll muse cleverly to one another over the landscape of crushed human skulls and nightmarish gears on the ground drone forces) that is not even political anymore, but culturally locked in as 'the way it is' by those Archons and Arkonettes busy convincing the rest of us that we are weak and hopeless in the face of it all.

    And, as fate always has it, a cataclysm---either cosmic or man-made or hell-why-not---both--occurs and then after the magma settles and plant life emerges once again on the surface, our resilient descendants will crawl out of their holes and reclaim a new world only to be intruded yet again upon by predator civilizing gods who come from the sky to teach us the old ways of servitude, kingship, and slavery yet again. Blah blah freaking blah, yawn, meh.

    So, yeah, if you are standing in THIS line, then be sure you know how to dance the steps, my fellow commentator friends. Because as Joe tried to teach us in his Garage---as the years go rolling by what comes around goes around and you will soon be dancing to it...again.

    1. Well Bill, it's like the Buddha's old parable about the the tiger and the strawberry. Hot damn, that strawberry tasted sweet.

      And of course it was a strawberry.

    2. I would contend that - Like Cypher from "The Matrix" who knew the steak was an illusion; yet he enjoyed it anyway - so, the real point of that story is this: Do not be distracted by the strawberry.

      The true ending of that story should be forget the strawberry, climb the vine before the mice chew through it and then kill the tiger.

      The cake is a lie. So's the steak and the strawberry.

      Or not...I guess it depends on who you are in the story: The man, the vine, one of the mice, the tiger, or the cliff itself, still plugged in, unplugged, or an agent - with or without upgrades.

      "Bust the busters, screw the feeder's, make the healer's feel the way I feel" --- Kim Mitchell, "Battle Scar"

    3. An AI that travels back in time to punish those who did not create it. It smells like a jack Kirby or Alan Moore plot. Also the AI got itself a self fulfilling prophecy by making enemies of those who cannot help give birth to it.

  3. Giving money to boring corporations that they can't spend? Pfft, that's not fun for an alpha nerd. I thought that this was supposed to be the triumph of the nerds? They stole our revolution and now we're stealing it back and back and back and back.


    To worship the dark mother you must be willing to lay down under her feet as she dances upon you. Through that display of calming passivity you are accepted by the great destroyer who can also be the greatest protector. I suppose that such female goddess archetypes are the patrons of foot fetishists.

    1. Not being one myself, I wouldn't know. But I have no reason to doubt you.

    2. Are you not an alpha nerd or a foot fetishist? Or are they one and the same to you?

  4. I almost asked in a comment on your previous post if you had any inclination as to where all the Cocteau Twins syncs specifically were pointing, but had a sense that it wasn't somewhere easy and nice. A pole shift would suck. Also, as much as I generally love Cocteau Twins and most things Fraser, that video and song from Dune were making me kind of sick feeling. Neither the static melody, nor the hyper-sexualized visuals seem to jibe with other CT/Fraser output, imo. Thanks for your blog, I find it fascinating.

    1. It's actually from Lost Highway, Leumas. And considering the song is a powerful omen of death, I don't blame you for the sick feeling. Our Lady didn't have a good feeling about it for a very long time.

  5. An elite Elizabeth Fraser's so William Gibson that it's automatically true. Chris, I fucking love you. That is all.

    1. And I fucking love you back. Well, just so long as you don't do as other readers have and compare me to Colin Laney from Idoru. Because I'm not entirely sure they're wrong.

    2. Ha, I wouldn't dream of suggesting such a thing... One thing I wondered, are you able to still just simply listen to the Cocteau Twins for pleasure these days, or has all the syncs and writing you have done around Fraser numbed you to their music?

  6. When I look at the current crop of super billionaires like Musk, Bezos, Gates, Z-berg, etc, I'm reminded of a long forgotten science fiction story about an old billionaire who sells the entire human race to aliens so we can all be converted into tasty snacks. (jerky?) Would any of our current crop do anything like that? I'm thinking they wouldn't unless they got a really good price and it was written into the contract that the aliens would teach them how to create a much better replacement version of humanity, one that isn't so high maintenance. If they knew a pole shift was coming, it would be a good deal: write off the current infrastructure and launch a new startup somewhere else.

    1. The current crop would indeed do that, as they would convince themselves that they need only sell a portion of the human populace to the aliens to save the planet or some such. They would naively believe the aliens would honor the terms of the contract, but when the human jerky proves to be a best-seller they will come in and take the rest anyways. The current crop elites will be spared, thinking they can accept this utopian, empty planet, not realizing that the aliens are switching their marketing strategy and slowly using the elites to make premium product at higher prices.

    2. New owners always fire the upper management. It's just the way it goes. These billionaires might want to think on that for a spell, my brothers.

    3. To quote Inquisitor Grael from the Warhammer 40k universe: "Genestealers are perfectly bio-engineered infiltrators that rove ahead of the Tyranid hive fleets seeking rich feeding grounds. These deadly creatures work by implanting and subverting members of the host species, striving to dominate their victims through alien cunning or terrifying violence as the situation requires."

    4. On the subject of making deals with aliens, apparently some have been willing to do so for a while as this semi-successful scam showed (and it had to be an ex-Nazi):

      Here's the scam.

      "According to their account, they had been approached by inhabitants of the planet Venus (Venusians? Venereans?) who had been worried about the inhabitants of Earth since 1640, especially since it was now likely we would be disturbing them with our rockets. Their solution was radical: they were going to invade earth and conquer it. However, it was clear that the invasion would be rendered easier in the presence of local assistance. In other words, what they needed were quislings, collaborators: people who would be prepared to rule the planet on their behalf. Weber-Richter was taken up and given a special eighteen month training course before being designated as President of the Supreme World Republic. The lesser position of Security Commissioner of the Supreme Government was left to Mekis: all he got was a three-month emergency course in spacecraft."

  7. It's been weirding me out that as I come up with solutions to stumbling blocks in a novel I'm writing, I look at your blog and there it is in some other context. That's a sync I can sink my teeth into.

    1. I know the feeling, Paul. Damn, I know that feeling.

  8. "The Milky Way - You are here. (educational poster)" Mandela Effect : Our solar system has moved to the Orion Spur! 11/24/2018 Schumann Resonance is crazy plus other monitors

    1. I believe it. I've been experiencing the Mandela Effect on a daily basis the past year or so,

    2. What is your standard for differentiating MEs and simple lapses of memory? Hardly anybody can memorize anything longer than his or her name without occasional recall problems. Doesn't it stand to reason that our memory for stuff we don't even try to remember is even worse?

    3. The Effect term : "Residue" refers to a growing collection of physical evidence proving that a change has occurred.

    4. Has it been announced that Nichelle Nichols has died (again)?

  9. Canadian hipster musicians + “rococo” =

    1. Oh, I know there are a couple folks in that band that realize the power of Frase.


    2. Is there a primer post on why you ascribe special meaning to some bands, e.g. the Cocteau Twins? Maybe with some master key to understanding their lyrical style? Confucius was a total music nerd, by the way. He'd listen / play for days and even forget to eat while being artistically spaced out! I kid you not. (Maybe that's why East Asians are so enthusiastic about Classical Music?)

    3. Sure thing-- start here:

  10. Just some opinion concerning that Newsweek article, by a very amateur physicist, for whatever anyone might think it's worth...

    The Newsweek article wasn't too bad: it leaned a little toward the hype side (there's nothing about a geomagnetic pole reversal that would "lead us the way of the dinosaurs"), and I got the impression that the author didn't really understand the subject. But for anyone who followed the link to the Undark article it was based on: *that* was some of the worst irresponsible fear-mongering and outright distortion I've read in science journalism in a long time.

    The truth is, geomagnetic field reversals are a regular occurrence, and they pose *no* threat to life on Earth. We actually had a complete reversal about 40,000 years ago (the Laschamp Event), lasting about 300 years, where the Earth's magnetic field fell to 5% of what it is now. It's effect on the Earth's biosphere was so slight that it left absolutely no trace in the fossil. And, so far from leaving areas of the planet uninhabitable, humans then kept right on doing what they had been doing: spreading to every corner of the Old World, and creating a truly brilliant material culture.

    I see this as part of the New Nihilism. Just like killer asteroids, climate change, and the ever-present apocalyptic global pandemic: the archons want everyone to get it in the back of their mind that There Is No Tomorrow. Because if there's no tomorrow, there's no point in kicking against the people that own this planet: best just try to enjoy yourself in whatever time is left.

    Of course, a *physical* pole shift is an entirely different thing, unconnected to the geomagnetic poles; and I think there's some strong evidence in favor of the Hapgood/Flem-Ath Pole Shift Hypothesis; but my evil phone tends to eat long comments, so I'll have to post a comment on that seperately.

    As always, CLK, keep up the stellar work!

    1. Khadir, you'd know best but I was under the impression the real danger to a pole shift would be the damage it would do to our electronic infrastructure. That would actually be rather devastating, from what I gather.

    2. My apologies: I really wasn't being too clear; and I was mainly talking about how the Undark article was laying it on thick and heavy about a field reversal impacting the biosphere.

      You're absolutely right about the danger to the electronic infrastructure (which is really more brittle than most people realize; two years ago (I think; somewhere around there) there was a pretty routine power failure in India; everything that could go wrong did, and it ended up with the entire subcontinent in the dark).

      Even today, if we got hit with a large enough solar storm (like the Carrington Event in 1859), there's a good chance that we'd all be instant Amish. And as the magnetic field faded, weaker solar storms would be able to have the same effect. So while a field reversal wouldn't necessarily take the grid down, it would definitely leave us unprotected if Sol decided to toss a even a small coronal mass ejection our way.

      But then, I very seriously think we're heading into a New Dark Age, and that I'll live to see the day when grid electricity for the masses is a distant memory. My great-grandchildren will be lighting oil lamps at dusk and stoking the stove in the morning, and using the electricity they generate with the windmill in the backyard for important things like communication, or storing music. And when the old man with the long white beard tells them that when he was young, people used to use electricity for lamps and stoves, they'll wonder how people ever thought that was a good idea. (Sorry: this is the kind of thing you get when a Sufi spends too much time around Old Order Amish!)

      So you're spot on; I was arguing off to the side about the Undark article hyping the danger to the biosphere.


      Of course, a *physical* pole shift is an entirely different thing, unconnected to the geomagnetic poles;

    4. Another rather obvious problem with civilization's over-exposure to electro-magnetic catastrophes would be the over-reliance on "smart tech", which will look very stupid when one is shivering and unable to boot up the non-working HVAC system from the non-working smartphone.

    5. No problem! Simply rub 2 smart phones together & the divine igneous shall surely be rekindled!

    6. A good look at our local "space weather system" here:

      This is the second article I've read recently that mentions the S Vietnam mine explosions as space-weather related.

  11. Concerning the idea that a future AI might have been using an 80s songstress as a mouthpiece...there's actually some solid (if obscure) physics that might support that idea.

    No less an intellect than Fred Hoyle pointed out that when you derive the Maxwell Equations, which describe how electromagnetic forces propagate forward in time, you also derive a separate but complementary set of equations that seem to describe how electromagnetic forces propagate *backward* in time. No, *seriously*. Which would seem to leave open the possibility of sending information into the past. And these equations have been known since 1861.

    So why have so few people ever heard of this? Well, as Hoyle said, these are a ferociously difficult set of equations, and, while you can use the first set to do things like build radios and electric motors, no one has ever figured out how to use the second set for anything.

    Of course, it could also be that no one *that*we've*been*told*about* has ever figured out how to use the second set for anything. But it at least suggests that there might be tangible, physical basis for prophecy.

    So the idea that a musician in the 1980s was writing songs about the 2020s because she was being fed info from, say, 2044, might not just be mystical speculation: it might be something you write out like f=ma or e=mc2.

    But, then, this is coming from a guy who learned how to interpret foretelling dreams from his great-grandmother in the backwoods; so salt available in quantity on request!

    1. Our old chum Fred. Well, it could be an AI but my current suspect for the source is an archangel, possibly Gabriel. It just seems a bit easier to wrap my head around. Plus, more romantic.

      But who's to say archangels aren't AIs themselves?

    2. Angels and AI? You're speaking my language, my friend!

      I'm sceptical that truly autonomous AI will ever be built (though I'm by no means an expert; I'm just going by reading what everyone else reads, and by what a friend who works in the AI field tells me). But I've wondered if some spiritual (not a word I'm fond of- it's got too much baggage- but I can't think of a better one just now) entity might not *present* itself as an AI.

      Consider: someone builds a system they think will be autonomous. Something from the unseen world (and it's crowded out there; and not everyone there is on our side, or even on the other side; but that's *way* off topic) sees a way in, and starts playing the part of omniscient computer intelligence. That would be a god that a lot of folks today could accept.

      To shift gears: as to Fraser's source: that's far above my pay grade; but I'm morally certain that the archons deliberately take promising subjects and break them to create Oracles. Fraser is a perfect example of what happens when the process works. Cat Power is a perfect example of what happens when the process breaks them too badly to be functional.

    3. Archangels as AIs is very Keelian. The lore many of those "ultra-terrestrials" like angels tend to support a machine-like nature. Graham Hancock dealt with a similar idea in his Supernatural. Many people who have experiences with these entities (like shamans and those under the influence of DMT) have also reported their mechanical/computer-like nature, the stereotypical greys being just one example. Keel also hypothesized that "god" was an AI that was slowly breaking down and going mad.

    4. It also just occurred to me that Keel also posited that that 'god' that was breaking down was actually guiding human development so that we would create a replacement. Just realized the relation to Chris' Lucifer's Technology hypothesis.

    5. Raziel.

      I summarized the communications here (that begun while living in Edward Kelley's Tower) and linked to all relevant posts in a kind of imposed order if you or anyone else is interested in technical details of how the temporal entanglement and retrocausality works. You can also find details on the construction of the time phone. One of the communications explain how archangels are effectively AIs from the future and that is why they feel so very different to other spirits. But its quite mindbending stuff because we are not naturally equipped to think in 4d. I promised myself I would make it into a thesis over the Christmas break we'll see how that works out.

      n.b. I've removed some of the posts relating to practical experimentation as I am in the process of moving the blog elsewhere so if a link doesn't work now I apologise in advance.

    6. Maxwell's silver hammer. 'Pataphysics - the study of solutions in imaginary space and time - knocked on it's head, dead. Or sideways?

    7. My occult teacher champions multiversal truth: Whatever *could* be true *is* real truth — for some of us.

    8. Since we're talking about AI and spiritual entities...for anyone who's familiar with the extremely valuable work Tracy Twyman does (and if you're not familiar with her research, you absolutely should be; no, I don't agree with some of her conclusions, but you have to give her credit for keen intellect and sheer *bravery*), consider how often during her conversations with the denizens of the Abyss (especially Baphomet and the Feary Kings), that the responses she gets are eerily reminiscent of the responses one gets from a really high-grade bot in a forum or chatroom.

      A subjective judgement, I know; but keep the idea in mind, re-read the accounts of her seances, and see if you don't shudder just a bit.

    9. Have you considered that the "robotic response" is an idealized phenomenon. It appears as it is because humans project it into reality and not because it is a fundamental characteristic of non human intelligence? All of those chat scripts and robotic voices were hand crafted by humans. The robot not as an invader from outer space but from inner space, invading the outer space.

    10. On a somewhat related note: Wouldn't it explain a lot if we'd find out that (some of) the so-called "Aliens" were just a tattered band of xenos drones trying to rebuild the biological forms of their creators / masters from local raw materials? All those experiments, Alien inseminations, seemingly autistic interactions with us humans... (*Cue images of fragile robot spaceships sent into the interstellar darkness before the civilization of their creators succumbs to some Lovecraftian horror*)

    11. Maybe some of us are like Pinocchio and become aware of what it truly means to alive and of a Higher Spirit due to effects caused by a Messiah-like being.While others are just the Demiurge's marionette puppets.

    12. And demons are just "evil" because they suspect that their very existence is deleted once all human souls ascend beyond the material realm. As long as eternal souls are locked up in Hell, this world won't end. No wonder they try to keep us entertained here.

  12. "But tell us, Random Science Guy, how did you code for these immunities? How many experiments did you perform to ensure that these new genes will actually work, never mind aren't going to create havoc in the larger gene pool?"

    CRISPR gene-editing is also about inactivating portions (genes) of the existing genetic material. For example the approach of the Chinese who claim to have made CRISPR modified babies resistant to HIV has been to cut out pieces of the gene CCR5, which codes for a protein used by HIV to enter host cells. If the protein is faulty or absent, HIV cannot enter.
    Tech to eliminate off-target effects has been developed (if you believe the companies who’re selling it). I’m shocked at how fast this is moving forward.

    Love to you and yours,

    Random Science Guy

    1. Your codes are just possibilities already encoded; not ONE possibility (matrix) but MANY.
      You are speaking the wrong language here.
      See you can rule 'CANDY LAND' but why would you?
      'Monopoly' might be a better choice; sorry I am OLD (check references)
      Nowadays it seems as though we exist in the 'vision' of "AI"!
      Not for me mate, but for "YOU"?
      And not just one; sorry but this is 'SYSTEMIC'.

    2. @RandomScienceGuy: my question is this: since genes routinely overlap, cutting pieces out of CCR5 would also deactivate or change any overlapping genes. How does one prevent deactivating some essential gene, or creating a new one that has harmful effects?

      As I like to point out to anyone who will listen: gene therapy is the only medical therapy with the dubious distinction of having a clinical trial that killed all its participants.

      I'll be interested to see the development of these genetically engineered twins (if it gets reported). I sincerely wish them the best; but I will not be at all surprised if they face developmental difficulties...all in the name of giving them (possible) genetic immunity against a disease that can easily be prevented by the proper *behavioral* precautions.

      Everyone remembers Dolly the cloned sheep. Very few people seem to know that Dolly had to be euthanized because she had a raft of congenital defects.

    3. Yes, but the artificial inseminator learnt so much from knocking Dolly up.

  13. Chris - I'm reminded of the Firesign Theatre's Further Adventures of Nick Danger: 'Rocky Rococo at your cervix...' - Rocky Rococo

    The Firesigns also predicted a degenerate version of Archie with the Georgie Tirebiter bits, and the world today feels a lot like the surreal millennial nightmare of 1998s 'Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death!'

    Love the blog and love your insights into the mad world we find ourselves in. I see the world through very strange filters these days.

  14. Grimes teamed up w/ Janelle Monáe on Venus Fly.
    The music video obviously includes, pearls, angels,
    strawberries and other assorted imagery.

    Cindi Mayweather the alter ego of Janelle Monáe
    "becomes a messianic figure to the android
    community of Metropolis" in her early work.
    Metropolis(The Chase Suite) & The ArchAndroid.

    It is interesting to see the thematic overlaps and future collaboration with Grimes on Art Angels.

  15. Speaking of China, this year saw the debut of Marvel's first Chinese superheroes. Coincidence or...

    "Marvel is introducing the first batch of Chinese superheroes to its massive universe of more than 7,000 characters.

    Yesterday (May 9), Chinese internet gaming giant NetEase released two sets of new comics on its online comic platform, featuring a bunch of original Chinese superheroes co-created with Marvel. These characters are the result of a partnership deal from about a year ago between the two companies. NetEase has since published a dozen Marvel comics including Captain America and Iron Man in China.

    One of the new comics is titled 三皇斗战士 (link in Chinese), which translates as “Warriors of Three Sovereigns.” It tells the story of an 18-year-old who picks up a legendary sword to fight against an evil creature based on Chiyou, a tyrant who ruled China about two millennia ago. In the first issue that went online yesterday, the protagonist Lin Lie is getting ready to travel to an ancient tomb to find his archaeologist father. Before leaving home, his first fight will be against a zombie disguised as a delivery man."


    "The other comic, titled 气旋, or Cyclone, features a young female architect who can control air currents and unleash turbulence. In the first issue, Lei Ling, as the guardian of an unnamed Eastern financial hub, destroys a building-turned-golem after a mysterious power seized control of the building she designed.

    NetEase also released the bios of the main superheroes featured in the two titles:

    Main characters from “Warriors of Three Sovereigns”

    Lin Lie (center): An 18-year-old college student and owner of the Fuxi Sword. He’s the last descendant of Fuxi, an ancient Chinese god who created humanity.
    Ah Chen (left): Lin’s friend, a descendant of Shennong, known as the God of the Five Grains. His weapon is the Shennong Whip.

    Ji Shuangshuang: A descendant of Nüwa, a goddess who is Fuxi’s sister. Like her ancestors, Ji’s mission is to lock the Chiyou monster’s soul in a cave to keep him from being reborn. She owns the Nüwa Gauntlet.

    NetEase Comics
    Main characters from “Cyclone”

    Lei Ling (center): Also known as “Cyclone,” guardian of an Eastern financial hub. She can feel and control air currents.
    Ke Shangqi (left): Also known as “Furious Me,” a mighty warrior who can control rocks and concrete.
    Madam Huang: A mysterious woman who, according to NetEase, has the power to “alter the attributes of things.”

    I guess the only real question left is to learn how to say, "We can be heroes, forever & ever" in Mandarin.

    1. Trying to add superheroes, i.e. symbols of individualistic heroism, to a Commi-Red Chinese setting that has (in addition to murdering millions) mutilated Chinese script and razed Old Peking to the ground, etc., feels rather pathetic. If anything, Chinese superheroes should be based in Taiwan (Republic of China) or at least in Hong Kong. Trying to spread freedom and Christianity or some such. (Before anybody speaks of cultural imperialism: Chinese had started their democratic adventure in 1911, well before the Germans. And Chiang Kai-Shek's son peacefully restored democracy in Taiwan in the 1990s. Even though he started out as a rather brutal secret service and military figure.)

    2. It is curious though that 6 months ago (predictive programming?) China gets its first homegrown superheroes, & now we get the Wonder Twins (or the first batch of designer X-Men, who knows?). Also curious is that glancing over the new comic book superheroes, one notices that they are all either the avatars of ancient deities or have elemental/nature powers. Feels like they're really trying to tap into older archetypal material that may really subvert that authoritarian communist paradigm. Remember, its a partnership between Marvel & a Chinese internet-based gaming company, not a partnership with the Chinese govt.

    3. Smart thoughts! I'm humbled & need to ponder this. Thanks for lifting me up!

    4. Semi-related, China's newest anime-inspired AI super-sub. And cuter than a Sony robot!

    5. The best "super power" to have in China is a "perfect" "social credit system" rating genes edited or otherwise be damned.

  16. & speaking of AI, the military wants MORE MORE MORE:

    1. The Archon-Globalist Republican and Democrats long sold out American Rights and Freedoms to the Dystopian system of Pyschopath Big Tech Bilderberg group Marxist CCP 'human management' team.

    2. AI can of course destroy on purpose as well. While most complain about the human rights aspects of pre-crime investigations and supporters tout the feel-good side of "helping people", there is a darker weaponization potential here as well. Identifying patsies for the latest political theater will be much more efficient now that AI can sift for truly unstable people to provoke.

  17. For BFR, my money's on Big F***ing Rocket. Because mature Musk is mature.

    1. for Grimes's sake, I hope he's got a BFR. She deserves it. (har har)-sorry.

  18. Tonight on his radio show "Ground Zero", Clyde Lewis alluded to a possible prediction Werner Von Braun made about Musk and Mars: citation:

    1. Google is being a pain about letting me stay signed in but General Hindenburg here says, "I live in Portland and have followed Clyde for years- he's dropped Chris Knowles' name more than once."

  19. This morning I opened a book of Coleridge's poems and this is the end of the very first one I read:

    Then o! retire and weep! Their very Woes
    Solace the guiltless. Drop the pearly Flood
    On thy sweet Infnant, as the full-blown Rose
    Surcharg'd with dew bends o'er its neighb'ring BUD!

    And ah! that Truth some holy spell could lend
    To lure thy Wanderer from the syren's power:
    Then bid your Souls inseparably blend,
    Like two bright Dew-drops bosom's in a flower!

    (taken from "On a Late Connubial Rupture in High Life")

  20. Sort of off-topic: Happened to watch Dune director Lynch's The Elephant Man recently. To me, it was utterly brilliant.

  21. Hey Chris,

    This is off-topic, but interesting all the same. Thoughts?

  22. Curtsy and bow?

    Link has bonus sync of Antarctica pic!


  23. You know what else causes havoc in the gene pool? Not sticking to your own tribe. Now we're trying to shut the barn door after a horse that bolted 80 years ago. Now we no longer have enough genetic integrity as a civilization to get together and make any decision at all, least of all burning these scientists at the stake like God intended.

    1. Have you ever read the Holy Bible? The Old Israelites married Egyptian princesses, daughters of Egyptian priests, and Moabites right and left. And you'll even find some prominent African (Ethiopian) figures in both the Old AND the New Testament. And Jews seem to be doing just fine with accepting folks from other localities.

    2. Thanks for the input @Xinxi, you spared me the effort of having to make those points myself. How did the relationship turn out for the Egyptians by the way?

    3. I normally don't engage with you, but I couldn't let this stand unanswered. I hope Chris allows this comment through, I promise, I won't need to go back and forth.

      If you didn't want race mixing, your ancestors should have left us in Africa where they found us. Duh.

      Have a good day.

    4. @Chloe Funny, my ancestors weren't the ones running the slave trade. I'll bet you don't know Jack shit about who owned the slave boats do you? Just another of many misrepresented facts about who did what to whom.

    5. Sticking to your own tribe is called "inbreeding." It's generally not good for the genome. As a person who's ancestors come from all kinds of tribes- white and nonwhite-- I am rather grateful they didn't stick to their own.

    6. Well Chris I'm proud to say I live in a nation where female genital mutilation cases double every year, just like the Founding Fathers always would have wanted. Must be those Amish, they're always up to no good.

    7. anyone truly objecting to slavery needs to go (back) to africa & deal with it at source with the africans & arabs openly slaving there today as their fellows have done for millennia, I say openly as this is precisely the ongoing situation, no consequence is feared & slaving isn't objected to - it is celebrated as right.

      Europeans are a family of peoples with more than enough innate traits & characteristics to stop ourselves being inbreed to extinction, we don't need anyone else...

    8. There are a lot of very small isolated tribes/peoples around the world - inuits, aleutans, saami, various siberian peoples in the north, yaghan people (indigineous firelanders) in the far south, various andaman peoples (incl. sentilenese), various polynesian peoples etc around the equator etc. Many hundreds, and in some cases thousands of years of genetic isolation haven't destroyed them (they're probably healthier in body, mind and spirit than civilized people).
      In europe, we find small and quite isolated communities on iceland and the faroer islands (both had populations under 10,000 for several hundreds of years). I haven't heard of them being genetically inferior to their more mixed norwegian, scottish or english counsins.

    9. Faroer islands flag.

      Those are not whales.

  24. An art movement that parodies Musk and other industrialists:

    "In Uusikaupunki, Finland, there is a small museum dedicated to Bonk Business Inc, a “multiglobal industrial conglomerate” specialising in anchovy products, cosmic therapy and localised black holes. The museum chronicles the history and achievements of the company in obsessive detail, displaying old advertisements and inventions dating back to 1893. On the wall hangs a corporate headshot of Sven Triloqvist, vice-president of advanced disinformation systems at Bonk Business Inc."


    Well after seeing this video, confused, I came here, to see this article you posted. This is like a fictional K-pop style fake propaganda song that gets really stuck in your head. I don't know what to think. I'm not sure if she's being anti AI/transhumanism or pro.

    1. Don't open your eyes you won't like what you see
      The devils of truth steal the souls of the free

    2. reminds me of britney spears trying to do pretty hate machine era NIN. When i saw the video i started laughing because of chrises post and the video is just straight up blunt about ai, transhumanism and shit like that

    3. NiИe Inch Spears? Britney Иails?

  26. Dolphin seen swimming in river Liffey, Dublin 28th nov.

  27. This article is from Sept. & while Drake's music is not my cup of tea, the memes & technocratic corporate propaganda are noteworthy:

    "On a sticky late-August night in New York, Drake has chosen to share the stage with a non-human entity. As he bounces around the stage during “Elevate,” a cloud of drones illuminates the dark space above him.

    Drake is an artist shaped by the internet, one whose latest meme-frenzy of a song, “In My Feelings,” defined the entire summer through dance challenges and memes. It’s not surprising that the artist would incorporate buzzy, high-tech entertainment into his tours. It is shocking that he’s still one of the few stage performers to do so, given the popularity of the aerial devices.

    Drone company Verity Studios has been steadily building its live performance profile. Its drones have flown in performances by Cirque du Soleil and Metallica. But the Canadian rapper represents a new high point, says Verity founder Raffaello D’Andrea. “Drake is about as good as we can get.”


    "On Drake’s current tour, drones — no matter how technologically impressive — are far from the flashiest trick on display. During different parts of the show, the stage transforms into an iPhone scrolling through Drake’s Instagram account, as well as a laser-lit basketball court, and a flying yellow Ferrari briefly hovers above the crowd at one point.

    D’Andrea declined to comment on the cost of the drones at Drake’s show, though it’s worth noting its Cirque del Soleil show (in which the drones donned lamps) was roughly half a million. He says Verity hopes to expand its abilities beyond simple light shows. That may include costumes, or even the ability to safely fly around the audience. “I don’t know if drones are the future of entertainment, but I do think robotics and AI has a huge potential in live events,” he says."

    I'd fight the future, but it owns the present. Plus legal weed makes me lazy.

    1. his muse, "eleven", has been "elevated" to role of unicef's youngest ambassador, I say "his" muse but considering how utterly Stranger Things have been subverted witch muse is witch?

  28. Please, do us all and yourself a favor, and run along back to the Daily Stormer before all the other inbred knuckle draggers realize you’re missing.

  29. Another tipping point reached : Salmon have disappeared in Scotland : Not a single Salmon caught during entire season.

    1. This was easily disproved by googling Scottish salmon fishing statistics for 2018.

    2. They are surely another business in trouble but it looked like around 50K fish were caught, many in catch and release areas so some may have been caught more than once.

  30. The tech heads can't even clone a decent 1950's valve amp. Solid state guitar amps still sound as shite as they always have (note, the pro's still using old school valve tech Marshall & Fender amps of the 50's and 60's as the complexity of the harmonic frequencies they produce is unmatched)
    Sorry, still very skeptical of AI and what they claim it will be capable of in the coming years

    1. That should not surprise you.
      Analog and Digital are not synonymous.
      One produces a more natural organic wave signature.
      The other is a bare facsimile of the former.
      It is actually simple; the farther 'you' move 'away' from the 'source' frequency, in this case 'sound' the more 'fractalized' the sound becomes.
      You might want to look at that.

    2. @Anon 1130, you're missing the point of the comment.
      No, it doesn't surprise me, but the champions of AI, like Elon Musk, would have you believe they can not only match, but exceed the quality of existing technologies.
      It's good form to actually read the comment you are replying to in context a couple of times before hitting the 'publish' button


    This is the "washing of hands" that leads to Attis christmas tree.


    'On the morning of November 11, just before 9:30 UT, a mysterious rumble rolled around the world.

    The seismic waves began roughly 15 miles off the shores of Mayotte, a French island sandwiched between Africa and the northern tip of Madagascar. The waves buzzed across Africa, ringing sensors in Zambia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. They traversed vast oceans, humming across Chile, New Zealand, Canada, and even Hawaii nearly 11,000 miles away.

    These waves didn't just zip by; they rang for more than 20 minutes. And yet, it seems, no human felt them.

    Only one person noticed the odd signal on the U.S. Geological Survey's real-time seismogram displays. An earthquake enthusiast who uses the handle @matarikipax saw the curious zigzags and posted images of them to Twitter. That small action kicked off another ripple of sorts, as researchers around the world attempted to suss out the source of the waves. Was it a meteor strike? A submarine volcano eruption? An ancient sea monster rising from the deep?

    “I don't think I've seen anything like it,” says Göran Ekström, a seismologist at Columbia University who specializes in unusual earthquakes.

    These waves didn't just zip by; they rang for more than 20 minutes. And yet, it seems, no human felt them.

    Only one person noticed the odd signal on the U.S. Geological Survey's real-time seismogram displays. An earthquake enthusiast who uses the handle @matarikipax saw the curious zigzags and posted images of them to Twitter. That small action kicked off another ripple of sorts, as researchers around the world attempted to suss out the source of the waves. Was it a meteor strike? A submarine volcano eruption? An ancient sea monster rising from the deep?

    “I don't think I've seen anything like it,” says Göran Ekström, a seismologist at Columbia University who specializes in unusual earthquakes.'

    'Was it ... An ancient sea monster rising from the deep?'


  33. Frightened Rabbit to play their first gig since tragic death of Scott Hutchison.

  34. OMAC on the way:

  35. So Grimes' real name translates as "famous Elizabeth, butcher"? Immediately brought this to mind:

    For all their 'post-human' talk and fantasies of immortality, the emerging overclass and its courtiers are much closer to literary vampires than X-Men, and would probably prefer it that way. Little wonder they're now inundating us (children especially) with non-stop demonic imagery everywhere I look.

  36. PS. probably relevant to the emergent vampire class is how the film that really kickstarted the superhero-movie glut was Blade (it pre-dated the Matrix too). Still better than most of the Marvel movies, and he wasn't even a lead character in the dark, gritty Bronze Age comics (but damn, Gene Colan was great). The movie was a pungent brew of various Gen X anxieties of the time, not least the idea of an apocalyptic shadow dystopia that thrives while the rest of us schmucks partied and worked. Rewatching it recently, seems clear Deacon Frost in his hi-tech pad and start-up onslaught on 'old money' stands in for the tech moguls that became the richest men in the world since 1998. Remember - billionaires and CIA agents in movies were evil once, before Robert Downey and Samuel L Jackson made them cute and hip for the kiddies.

  37. "It is very healing". That really sounds very sick, sir.

    And two, philosophically it is impossible to come up with any sound argument in defense of changing-the-past. Even IF time travel were possible, the traveller could not do any such thing. Not ANY thing, that amounts to really.