Monday, November 26, 2018

Apocalyptic Talking Points: Roko's Basilisk

If the reports are to be believed, a Chinese scientist created the first gene-edited babies and of course they're Twins. Twin girls, to be precise. 

The only people caught off guard by all this are those poor, benighted souls who don't read The Secret Sun. I'm thinking of starting a GoFundMe for them.

I rewatched way too many X-Files episodes way too many times to find any comfort in any of this. Whether you believe in intelligent design or Darwinian evolution, I'm sure you won't either. 

It took how many years and how many supercomputers to sequence the human genome? And now random Joes think they can come along and start cutting and pasting, willy-nilly? Yeah, that will end well.

Of course, the usual shuck with these grifts is that it's all for therapeutic reasons, to cure some disease or other. Only later we found the boot sinking that much deeper into our throats.

But tell us, Random Science Guy, how did you code for these immunities? How many experiments did you perform to ensure that these new genes will actually work, never mind aren't going to create havoc in the larger genepool?

I mean, did you even watch I Am Legend?

But then again, maybe introducing hundreds of unintended mutations is the idea. Or should that read "unintended?"

You know how it works; a bunch of very highly-trained experts spend a lot of time and money working on something and then when it all rains shit on the plebes' heads, they start with the "unintended consequences" ragtime dance.

Then laughter ensues all the way to the ATM in the lobby of the massive underground base.

Or is this all simply the first act in a play that's been in pre-production for a very, very long time? The Rael UFO cult claimed 15 years ago that they'd begun cloning humans and everyone had a good chuckle.

But maybe this stunt was some kind of limited hangout. Everyone knows that a lot of these cults-- particularly the ones with a lot of money-- are/were intelligence fronts. So were Rael simply tasked to float a trial balloon for a much larger and much longer-established program?

If so, what do we make of all this?


Well, I'm not sure who or why, but it looks like someone's going after the Cylons with hammer and tongs. The so-called FAANG stocks--Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google-- are getting slaughtered on Wall Street, losing more than one-trillion dollars worth of market capitalization. 

Given how insanely and invasively totalitarian all these companies have become, I don't know if that's good or bad for us. I'm sure Antifa's Satanmass bonus checks will be a lot smaller this year, but there's still not enough data to adjudge how this will effect Joe and Jane Q. Lunchbox.

Crypto is also getting pummeled, as I expected all along. I can't say if it will ever recover but I hope none of you fine folks out there bought high. 

Since Timing is Everything around these parts I can't help but notice that Elon "Tony Stark" Musk is the beneficiary of a HUGE publicity push, especially notable after being kicked around the block for the Tesla IPO and the pot-smoking and the rest of it.

Do note that Neil deGrasse Tyson, the current Pope of the Scientistic Church, declared Musk to be more important than those disgraced Titans of Tech. You can't ask for a better blessing if you're in that line of work.

For reasons entirely opaque to your host here, Musk has now been anointed as the new Techno-Christ, the savior of Humanity in the face of Cylonic and Cosmo-Demonic aggression.

Sure enough, Musk is peddling the Orthodox Kurzweilian Gospel as our salvation in the face of C-DAI and D::Wave and all the rest of it. So I gather then that Musk does not believe that the Morgue is better than the Borg.

I guess he figures Mark Zuckerberg seems to be integrating the implants quite well, current unpleasantness notwithstanding.

Musk is also buying big on the Mars pyramid scheme, which may be just a bit of hype. Or perhaps he's been read-in on information you and I have no access to. I'm a pretty big Mars skeptic myself, but then again I think an 80s new wave singer is a divinely-guided prophetess. So factor in that information when doing your Martian sums.

Oh, wait...I forgot to mention something.

Muskrat Suzie, Muskrat Sam

So it just so happens that TechnoChrist's new consort is none other than Claire Boucher, AKA Grimes. They made their debut as a couple at Jack Chick's Worst Nightmare the Met Gala. You know, the one that was held under the watchful eye of a giant alien demon.

Apparently the union was a real meeting of the minds:
Both bets assume a vengeful Almighty – and so it was that a few weeks ago that Musk, PayPal billionaire founder of Space X and Tesla, famously distrustful of future Artificial Intelligence, found himself researching a word pun online, connecting the 18th-century style “Rococo” with Roko’s Basilisk, in between planning the first manned mission to Mars and building an underground transport system in California.
Cue cyber consternation over the idea of Musk’s “joke research”. Turns out being one of the richest and most powerful people on the planet hasn’t happened by being spontaneously jocular. 
Sure enough, Musk’s wordplay had already been put to use by the Canadian musician Grimes in her 2015 music video for “Flesh Without Blood”. 
Grimes, born Claire Boucher, created a Marie Antoinette character named “Rococo Basilisk” for the video, a reference both to the outlandish and elaborate Rococo style and to Roko’s thought experiment. Musk tweeted Grimes about her music, she responded, and a romance spun from past, present, and future philosophies was born.


Rococo. Right. Hmm...

Wait; did they actually say "Rococo?"

OK, remember that 80s new wave singer I just mentioned? Well, she just happened to front a nifty little beat combo called "Cocteau Twins," who in fact had a number called...

Although the actual "Rococo" is a instrumental (and probably their heaviest offering), the title is drawn from a line in the sublime pounder "Kookabura," in which our Blessed Sibyl coos, "To a girl, you mind, a starry-sky memory, when Eros spurns Rococo."

And it just so happens that Roko's Basilisk is rather Cosmo-Demonic in temperament:

Roko's basilisk is a thought experiment about the potential risks involved in developing artificial intelligence. 
The premise is that an all-powerful artificial intelligence from the future could retroactively punish those who did not help bring about its existence, including those who merely knew about the possible development of such a being. 
 It resembles a futurist version of Pascal's wager, in that it suggests people should weigh possible punishment versus reward and as a result accept particular singularitarian ideas or financially support their development.  

OK, OK, so what? It's just a minor coincidence, right? I mean, what does this woman-- and by association, Elon Musk-- have to do with some old 80s band, of all things? 

I mean, c'mon Secret Sun, this is a real stretch. Even by your ridiculous standards.


OK, OK. That's just some random website's opinion. Anyone can say anyone is influenced by anything. Still no actual connection.

OK. You're right. Then there's this...

Huh. We are looking at a genuine Bene Frasserit witch here.

So much so that Grimes felt compelled to sign to the Cocteau Twins' label (a move she incidentally later regretted when she realized that, like everything else these days, it was the label in name only and under entirely-different management from it was in the 80s),

Exactly how seminal the Twins were to Grimes is made clear in the video that brought she and Elon Musk together. 

Eschewing her earlier tendency to rewrite "The Dominiatrix Sleeps Tonight" in ever-cleverer ways ("Genesis" is one of the Top 10 tracks this century, IMO), here Grimes goes for a slick, post-Katy Perry/Avril Lavigne spin on old Cocteau chestnuts like "Because of Whirl-Jack," and especially, "In Our Angelhood."

I'd wager this was quite intentional, given the fact she's wearing angel wings in the very first shot, plus...

...a very lovely pair of Betty Fraser eyes.

"In Our Angelhood" isn't one of the Cocteaux' more scintillating tracks but its proximity to the next song on Head Over Heels ("Glass Candle Grenades") does make me wonder if, as a reader had mentioned, "Grenade's" lyric concerns interdimensional entities (like angels) who flit all around us without our ability to perceive them:

There's only a hair's breadth between us, 

Obscure as we are
Obscure as we are, 

There's only a hair's breadth between us

Which brings me back to Roko's Basilisk.

If an AI were able to travel back in time and punish those who might threaten its future existence, we're really not talking about a machine anymore. 

We're talking about a machine being used to house some kind of higher-dimensional entity. Probably demonic in this case, but if this were all theoretically possible that entity may in fact be an angel. 

Of course, rumor has it there isn't any quantitative difference between angels and demons, other than which team they play for. And some of them seem to be free agents, if you believe the lore.

But you know, maybe one of those AI entities might travel back in time and choose a messed-up but utterly-adorable punk pixie from some industrial shithole as a conduit, having quantum-computed she secretly possessed the voice of an angel.

Or of God. Whomever. Just a thought.

But either way, we should make note that Grimes' middle name is the French diminutive for Elizabeth and her birthday is the world-famous 3-17.

And do note that NASA has chosen Musk's SpaceX as its official spacecraft supplier. And the next Dragon (speaking of Revelation 12) launch is set for January 7th (1/7 in American notation).

Musk also changed the name of his oversized rocket to "Starship." Either because he intends to eventually use it to travel to other solar systems or he intends to build a Martian city on rock 'n' roll.

Rumors that "BFR" stood for "Betty Fraser" could not be confirmed at press time.

Whatever the case may be, you gotta admit this is all uncannily reminiscent of something from the Dune Universe. Like, oh, say a Bene Gesserit witch being embedded into a prominent house-- on, say, the planet that produces the stuff that makes star travel actually possible-- in order to birth the savior or whatever. 

And who directed that Dune feature film again? 

So if there is a secret Elizabeth Fraser cult out there-- and at this point it seems as if Elon Musk could just climb to Mars simply by printing out the evidence that there indeed is one-- you have to give them credit. They scored a major coup with this romance.

Maybe the score of the century.

Since we're talking about the power of the Voice -- and by extension, that "Signal" I've been ruminating on all these years having found a suitable receiver-- you might want to refresh your Duneiverse nerdery with this salient fact:
Bene Gesserit are trained in what they call "the Voice" – a means "to control others merely by selected tone shadings of the voice."[16] By modulating the subtleties of her voice, a Bene Gesserit can issue commands on a subconscious level, compelling obedience in others that they cannot resist, whether they are consciously aware of the attempt or not. 
This control can be as subtle as influencing thoughts and motivations, or as strong as forcing physical actions and even temporary paralysis in the subject. 
Is this why so many people confess (your humble host included) that they burst into tears even when the Sibyl is singing us all a happy tune? (It's actually very healing-- the Voice of God draws the poison out of your heart, IMHO).

Watch this space. I had to cut a lot of material for stories and will be posting that ASAP.


I guess ESA thought OSIRIS-REX wasn't a tortured-enough acronym so they decided to outdo NASA with something even more ridiculous. 

Plus, Egyptian. 

Given the inferences that can be drawn from its lyrics (and the cover art of bright red bursts in a field of ice), I can't help but wonder if the title for Head Over Heels might be an encoded reference to a coming pole-shift.

After all, we are told that the Earth "will toss and tumble" and the Heavens will "curtsy and bow" and "it" will be "halved in half" by "wheezing and sneezing." 

For starters.

I'm sorry if anyone out there got in the wrong line. This is the queue for the "It Never Ends" counter. Please wait for your number to be called.

UPDATE: Our man in the field Nate informs us that the title of this track is Enochian for "The Voice of God."

Bernardo Bertolucci died today. He's best known for commissioning "Alice" for his 1996 film Stealing Beauty. That, and Last Tango in Paris. Plus, The Last Emperor. Maybe a couple other things here and there.

But mostly "Alice."