Monday, October 18, 2021

Boulevard of Broken Memes


This is so brilliant yet so insanely disturbing it makes me think we need a new adjective for something as brilliant and disturbing as this. Until then, we can use "screaming sneaker meme."

Example: "Did you see that new French horror flick? It's totally screaming sneaker meme."


Good "rallying the troops" meme. CNN is a sick joke and Brian "Squeaky Freak" Stelter won a recent poll for "anchor most likely to be found with a dead Cub Scout in his trunk," so it's an easy hit. May trouble a few normie minds. (B+)

Master-class memeing. Curt, direct, brutal. Hits the target where it really hurts. (A+)

This one? Not so much. It exudes major Boomer energy and takes way too long to make its point. It reminds of the comedy skits you used to see on Dragon*ConTV. Some would have decent payoffs but they would meander so much on the way to the punchline you'd lose interest before they got there. (C-)

Same here. This repulsive corporate plant just begs to be memed to death, but this one should stick to the four-frame format of the template it's riffing on. (C)

A brutally-effective meme, but one with a short sell-by date. Once these pictures cycled out, the meme lost its timeliness. You may or may not have to be familiar with the template it's working from as well. 

Still: absolutely hilarious at its time. (A)

This is inarguably true, but a bit hamfisted. And doesn't quite hit its targets in their tender spots. None of these people give a shit if you call them "bloodthirsty." (B)

This is a good one: it seems like it was created by a disaffected Objectivist for other objectivists. Its argument is beyond debate either way, but will get under the skin of anyone who still thinks Libertarianism is viable. (A)

I appreciate the sentiment -- and who doesn't love a puffin? -- but I feel like the text could be tightened up a bit. 

Oozes a bit of residual Boomermeme. (C+)

I like the sentiment here too, but not sure about that top statistic. It's morally true, but you need to make sure you got your facts down when you aim at targets that powerful. 

The text is a bit flabby and there's not much more I hate than seeing "y'all" written out. (C+)

Very solid and sharp. My only worry is that it's preaching to the converted. A huge chunk of the audience it's mocking hates kids, hates families, and hates fathers most of all. (B)

Effective polemic but for a very small and specialized audience. A lot of atheists are discovering to their horror that the situation depicted here is exactly true, but probably won't admit it as such. 

Still, this will bug a lot of them quite terribly, so the target is struck. (A)

Excellent use of the template. Not aimed at anyone in particular, so it makes for a nice palette cleanser. (B+)

Very wry and witty, but I feel like the text could be a lot crisper. It's harder than it sounds. (B)

Utter genius. Hilarious for a very wide audience. (A+)

I don't know. I had a big crush on Belinda AND Jane back in the early 80s, so this is just a excruciating dose of harsh reality for me. (N)

I don't know if this is a meme or something else, but I laughed my ass off either way. (A)


Me? You're seriously asking me?

You already knew my answer.

Mock all you like, but in the future they'll be building shrines to this man. 

Or at least I will.

In case you were wondering this is exactly why I am leery of this whole legalization agenda.

Biden's Pentagon and CIA went hard in the paint on Woke and then the real world showed us exactly why Woke activism will be considered a capital crime if we happen to survive the coming collapse. Which is highly doubtful at this point in the timeline.

Makes you wonder why "fresh, contemporary ideas" always have to be ideas about transgenic alien demons. 

I mean, I don't wonder why myself, but some of you might.

This is begging to be memed, so have at it.

America is a Jesuit magazine. The current Pope is also a Jesuit. Do the math.


Tania Colon?

And here's DC (which stands for "Dying Company") Comics' latest attempt to, um, insert themselves into the news cycle by race/ gender/ sexuality swapping their utterly exhausted intellectual property. It's really sad watching them grasp at straws like that, because superheroes are over

You may have heard that Shang-Chi -- a movie that absolutely no one seems to care about -- made so many million dollars more than Black Widow. What you probably didn't hear is that the reason it did is because Disney had the ticket prices raised for it by at least two bucks, not including the IMAX runs. A short-term solution, if ever there was one.

In any event, people have been asking what I think of the new Superman being bisexual.  I like to tell them it's a major improvement over the old Superman, who is a raging chickenhawk. 

Go look for yourself, especially the Golden Age material. Yikes.

That cover is real; someone just took out the word balloons to show you just how skeevy the art is.

Some "Comicsgate" types are up in arms about this, apparently oblivious to just how creepy Superman - and superheroes in general - can get. But Superman all the more so. I tried to drop a few hints here and there about this in Our Gods Wear Spandex but most of it got 86d by its very assiduous editor.

Either way, I've been doing some research into the post-Superman careers of co-creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, and let's just say my present takeaway is that their mindset feels a lot more Leopold and Loeb than Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, at least to me. Believe me, it's a lot worse than you might think.

I've been spending a lot of time repairing and republishing a lot of older posts, so in case any of your friends or relatives still believe Superman is some shining avatar of American masculine purity, just have them check out the Jimmy Olsen posts. Comedy gold.

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