Sunday, October 24, 2021

Bow to Your New DEIties. Or Else.

By now, every schoolchild knows them by heart:

Knowles' Second Law: "The old state cults will be re-established under the cover of Woke." 

Knowles' Third Law: "The old statues currently being torn down will eventually be replaced by the icons and idols of the new/old state cult."

Meanwhile. "Water's Soul" shows up on the muddy banks of the Hudson River. There's the usual crypto-Woke flibbledy-floo about what it all means, but we all know who this really is...

... namely Trans-Harpocrates. And how do we know this?

Well, it's just a short hop up the gully from Trans-Mithras, meaning Mithras dressed in the traditional Second Degree garb (Bride of Venus) of the Mithraic Mysteries.

This image somehow manages to make Lady Liberty look even more Wigstock than ever, if that was even possible. It showed up during the trillion-dollar coin fake story that was making the rounds a few weeks back. 

There's probably a sub-clause of Knowles' First Law that covers this type of thing but I'll have to consult with my legal experts before I can say so definitively.

A FB group member from Tulsa posted this image of a mural that recently showed up in town. I've never seen this icon before, an angel dressed in Garlands holding Twin infants. The style looks Art Deco, a style favored by the Italian Fascists, as we discussed recently

I'll be keeping an eye on this type of thing. Aesthetically, this is a lovely mural but I'm a bit concerned as to what the messaging is here, especially given the Art Deco aspect.

I wasn't exactly certain why an Assistant Secretary with no military experience was made a four-star Admiral out of nowhere, but apparently this is not for the Navy but for the United States Public Health Service, an agency I'd wager most Americans have never heard of. 

But the symbolic message got through regardless. The 17th there is a bit of a tell. 


This image --  which is NOT of the trillion-dollar coin -- also popped up during that debt ceiling episode, whatever the hell that was about. It caught my eye given the Ceres-Demeter on the obverse and the more Lyran-than-usual Lyra iconography on the reverse.

I was reminded of it when reading that the Houston Astros -- whom we talked about quite a bit during the 2017 Sync Tsunami -- are returning to the World Ceres, probably to face the Atlantis Braves.

I still can't get used to the Astros being in the American League. That's just plain wrong.

And just to plop the cherry atop the Secret Sun Sundae, Pearly Dewdrops are a big story during the National League playoffs.


Of course, Pearls sync us to Orion's Belt, which in turn syncs us to the Nephilim and it looks like we're in for a fresh round of Nephilistic adoration. This traveling display will be customarily draped in the usual Woke curtains but we all know what time it is (the Apocalypse).

The Scots love their cyclopean public idols, and now "Storm" (read: the Siren) is going to be paraded around hither and yon as well. For some reason they need to make these things as hideous as possible, in the manner of the "We Come in Peace" alien demon icon.

This one is being shown around London, which is disproportionately responsible for the carnage the real Amals are suffering in Syria. So is this the usual Woke-scoldery, or are the City boys just bragging about destroying Amal's country and replenishing their brothels with slightly-less-little Amals?  


So I keep seeing "DEI" all over the place, which is an acronym for "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion." I thought it a bit curious, especially since no one seems to be commenting on the obvious connotations here.

Namely that DEI is Latin for "deity" or "god," something Da Vinci Code readers should certainly be familiar with. 

And just in case you think that may be happenstance -- not you you, of course, but the hypothetical "you," please note the particular symbolism being used to promote this new DEIty...

... the interlocking circles of the Christian Trinity. Just in case "you" think this to be mere coincidence... clearly isn't. I guess "cultural appropriation" isn't a problem for the new priesthood, provided it serves their interests.

CIA vocational-technical school Johns Hopkins University predictably promotes the new DEIty with the now-ubiquitous ceremonial cult muzzle. 

Hmmm. This mischief may warrant an entirely new Knowles' Law.

And this op (I'd look it up but it doesn't even matter at this point) gives us some Diversity rosary beads, or at least the insinuation of such. But I'm sure the real thing will be hitting the shelves soon, supply-chain crisis be damned.

Either way, I fully expect the DEIties to come for me eventually. And then I'll be "Missing."

Sorry, a little Ministry humor there.


How stupid and insane is this New Normal? So much so that Blizzard is de-naming their Corpsegrinder NPC after video of the individual it was named in honor of resurfaced:

A 2007 interview with Cannibal Corpse frontman George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, which has long been blasted for Fisher's use of inappropriate language, has led to a non-playable character (NPC) in World of Warcraft named after Fisher to be rechristened.

The original interview aired during the annual Blizzcon event in 2011, organized by the game promoters and featured Fisher using homophobic terms to describe other factions in the game. You can watch the video for yourself below. The co-founder of the company, Michael Morhaime, issued an apology at the time, agreeing the comments were out of line but no change was made to the "Gorge the Corpsegrinder" character.

First of all, what the fuck did these Woke imbeciles expect from a guy who calls himself "Corpsegrinder?"

We'll leave aside the fact that these homophobic terms were made in reference to fantasy characters for the moment. But you really have to wonder about the priorities of the Wokerati when you read things like this. 

What we have here is that calling elves or dwarves "fa**ots" and "c**ks*kers" --nearly 15 years ago, remember -- is the deal-breaker, when said George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher is the lead vocalist of the beat combo responsible for bringing the following toe-tappers to the world:

  • "Meat Hook Sodomy" 
  • "Butchered at Birth" 
  • "Entrails Ripped from a Virgin's C*nt" 
  • "Hammer Smashed Face" 
  • "F*cked with a Knife"
  • "Stripped, Raped and Strangled" 
  • "Orgasm Through Torture"
  • "Dismembered and Molested"
  • "I Will Kill You"
  • "Hacksaw Decapitation"
  • "Blowtorch Slaughter"
  • "Drowning in Viscera"
  • "Hung and Bled"
  • "Sanded Faceless"

This grotesque, psychotic, women-hating garbage was more than fine with the Woke commissars at Blizzard, but using a slur against an imaginary being gets you canceled. 

It boggles the mind. 

Did any of the inquisitors at the Blizzard Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Ministry ever happen to look at the vomit-inducing gore and carnage this pack of submoronic Trogolodytes have put on their album covers for the past 35 years? 

I hate that misanthropic mutilation-porn trash so much I need something to get its rancid taste out of my mouth. 

Ah, there you are, Jerry. Say, can you help a brother out? Cheers.

Be on your best behavior in the Den of Intrigue. 

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