Monday, January 30, 2012

Mindbomb Addenda: False Flags and Blue Beams

One thing I had failed to realize about The Eternals was that Kirby's depiction of the Deviant invasion of Manhattan wasn't quite the exercise in 50s nostalgia I had originally taken it for. In fact there are interesting to parallels to one of the most popular posts in the history of this blog, the interview with Nick Redfern concerning his book, Final Events, dealing with efforts of the real-life secret society within the Pentagon called the Collins Elite to portray the postwar UFO wave as the work of demons.

The Elite's propaganda war was wildly successful and continues to bear fruit today. However, their ultimate goal of usurping the Constitution and establishing an Old Testament-styled theocracy was unsuccessful, so far at least.

As discussed before, Kirby saw humanity accompanied by two races of elusive companions: the Eternals (the Nordics of UFO lore, roughly), who lived on distant mountaintops waiting for the time in which they would act as servants of the space gods known as the Celestials (roughly analogous to Lloyd Pye's "Terraformers") and the Deviants, the Reptilian former masters of Earth whose home of Lemuria was sent beneath the Pacific Ocean when they defied the will of the Celestials.

The Third Host of the Celestials ended the Deviant rule over humanity and since that time only fleeting contacts have been made between humanity and its cousins. These contacts were ultimately passed down in folklore as encounters with fairies, gods, demons, angels, gremlins, and other such supernatural creatures. The tyrannical rule of the Deviants remains locked in human memory, and the shapeshifting, reptilian Deviants continue to haunt the dreams of humanity in the form of devils and demons.

The Deviants are ruled by Tode (almost certainly based on Kirby's old DC nemesis Mort Weisinger, famously described as a "malevolent toad") and their forces are led by Anton LaVey lookalike General Kro (who rivals the Eternals for longevity, and was most likely the inspiration for the biblical Satan). After failing to prevent the Eternals from lighting the Cosmic Beacon that will guide the Celestials to Earth, Kro(wley?) then devises a strategy straight out of the Collins Elite playbook.

Realizing that the entire world is terrified of the looming Celestial motherships, Kro stages the ultimate false flag invasion. Using his shapeshifting skills, Kro grows himself an enviable set of horns and assembles a Deviant squad of USOs (posing as spaceships, mind you) and stages his own 9/11 writ large. His plan is that the nations of the earth will see the Celestial motherships -- and hopefully the Eternal strongholds-- as the source of the space-demon invasion and launch their nuclear arsenals at the Celestials. If nothing else, the resulting fallout will do away with those pesky humans for good.

The whole scenario also recalls another Secret Sun greatest hit- the Project Blue Beam debunking. Was The Eternals another source for whomever was feeding disinfo to Monast? Doubtful. But I'll tell you, I was wondering just recently if the Collins Elite were themselves the authors of the Project Blue Beam hoax, seeing how its main target was the illusory "New Age one world religion" chimera. From what Nick Redfern has told us about them, they certainly were ideologically compatible with Monast, if nothing else.

One thing I did find interesting however was that the Eternals' Unimind ritual-- described as just that, a ritual-- was centered on a blue beam. Coincidence? Well, only so much as it co-incides with all of the rest of this madness.

Man, I really wonder where Kirby would have taken this book had not it all collapsed around him after the "Astronauts" mindblower...


  1. Cool post, Chris! I get more and more of a feeling that Kirby was either "in the know" about certain things, or "something" was downloading into his main-frame data that he perceived as being generated by his own imagination, when it may very well not have been...

  2. Well, we've looked at the second option quite a bit here. It's interesting to note that the really freaky stuff I've posted on with Jack came after the major UFO flaps of the early/mid 50s and the early/mid 70s.

    I can't shake this feeling that the Collins Elite were the source of the Project Blue Beam hoax. I remember reading something back in my deep parapolitics days. Something about when you got down to it there really weren't a lot of real "players" in the game...

  3. i lean towards some artists tap into the noosphere (although there is probably a much better signifier); a Collins Elite thread between Project Bluebeam seems very likely

  4. Change feels frozen but the more things stay the same...these thought links are the real change I think.
    Gotta run, thanks, Delorus

  5. Hey Chris,

    Awesome post. As to the Collins Elite and Bluebeam - I'd like to reiterate a connection I made on an older post. The sci-fi action movie SKYLINE was full of the aliens-as-demons meme that you and Nick discuss.

    The film had a main character called 'Jarrod', meaning 'to descend' in Hebrew. And the narrative involved a kind of False Rapture, with folks being hypnotized by a 'heavenly' ethereal blue light. The aliens and their ships are dark, sleek and satanic-looking, even though their MO and cover is a kind of 'angels bringing the light of heaven' idea.

    The film seems specifically targeted at a Christian audience, or is at least full of riffs on Christian symbolism. Plus, the idea of soul-stealing and human farming is covered in the movie too. It turns out the alien-demons of SKYLINE are harvesting our living brains and attached spinal trunks to transplant and reanimate their dying race; ie, they're basically consciousness vampires.

    There's even the unborn child of the hero Jarrod, that is potentially a Christ-like savior figure when you consider the events of the movie's last ten minutes.

    Dude, there's even a character called...Collin, who gets sucked into a cybernetic alien squid thingy, and suffers a brutal brain-suck.

    Plus, the whole invasion begins with the appearance of eerie blue beams of light that herald the arrival of the demonic ships. Literal blue beams. Also, SKYLINE is the film's title: Skies are blue, and Lines are kind of Beams. So the film is kind of implicitly titled 'Bluebeam' anyhow.

    Unless this IS some weird nexus of improbable coincidences, it might be interesting to find out where the financing for this film came from, and why. Again, great work as ever, Chris.


  6. Hey Chris
    FYI: A new post on Kirby and the Face on Mars from Rich Reynolds at The UFO Iconcolasts blog:

  7. Oh dear. Well, Nick, for your return volley you can remind the RRR boys that a small primitive sculpture of a head in the sand is quite a bit different than an enormous free standing monument explicitly called "The Face on Mars."

    Why don't those guys just change their site's name to the Phillip Klass Love-In Society?

  8. if you have not seen the short teaser for the avengers movie superbowl commercials,it is just the same as the panel you have posted aove of the new york city invasion......more or less..ha!

  9. In the Game SPORE at the final Civilization stage before you are able to go to Space Stage you must create a completely Unified planet (NWO).

    The 3 themes of the civilization are Religions, Military, and Economical. If you have become a Religious City state you must convert the rest of the cities on your planet. One of the weapons deployed by the Religious faction is the "Blue Hologram" Projecting a Huge Prophet above the city you are wanting to control. If you build up enough power you have a Super Weapon"Fanatical Uprising" which allows the Projection to be shown over all cities on the Planet and thus coverts them all...

    Interestingly enough the Economic weapon is Global Merger (buying all the countries), and Military is the ICBM (nuking all cities), needless to say that one really freaked me out as a way to create harmony enough to advance to a space civilization.