Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dog Days: The Ground Zero Mosque

I made mention the other day of this shot from HuffPost pertaining to the "Ground Zero Mosque" debate surrounding Park51 or the Cordoba House or whatever it's being called this week. Knowing Huffpost's tendency to slip highly loaded symbolism into otherwise mundane stories, I made note of it but didn't dig deeper, seeing as how the story gives me a major headache. I know there's some weird hidden agenda hiding behind all of the controversy, I just can't figure out what the real story here is.

For those who aren't familiar with the story dominating the news media during the Dog Days, here's a short wiki primer:
Park51, originally named Cordoba House, and sometimes referred to as the "Ground Zero mosque", is a planned $100 million, 13-story, glass and steel community center and mosque in New York City. The facility's design includes a 500-seat auditorium, theater, performing arts center, fitness center, swimming pool, basketball court, childcare area, bookstore, culinary school, art studio, food court, September 11th memorial, and prayer space that could accommodate 1,000–2,000 people.
The whole story has an air of unreality around it and readers have pointed to the 51 number vis a vis Area 51 and 3x17. The 13-story thing is a bit strange, certainly more Masonic than Islamic. Those details nagged me but weren't much in and of themselves.

Despite the fact that the story is ubiquitous, I didn't think to look into it until a writer at The Daily Beast compared the Mosque to the Balloon Boy melodrama (a story that was closely followed here when it broke), arguing that at best the Mosque is more an idea than a reality.
With less than $9,000 raised and a chaotic PR strategy, the “ground zero mosque” is nowhere close to becoming a reality. Asra Q. Nomani on why the media frenzy is this summer’s Balloon Boy.

As debate rages over the “ground zero” mosque, the media has once again whipped itself into a frenzy over a story that doesn’t really exist. Without money, a nonprofit organizational structure, or a coherent PR strategy, the plan to build an Islamic center and mosque near ground zero, dubbed Park51, remains nothing more than a pipe dream.
Then there was also this odd detail about the planned development - the site was struck by a piece of Flight 175, which seems a bit peculiar to say the least.

But the thing that really struck me was the map there, since it introduced the Stairway to Sirius into the drama. What's the Stairway to Sirius? I'm glad you asked.

The Stairway to Sirius comes from the First Degree Masonic tracing board, which pictures angelic beings descending from the "Blazing Star" of Sirius. Sometimes the stairway is a ladder, but it usually leads to a Masonic lodge, presumably where these cosmic visitors from Sirius will reveal the secrets of the Universe to the initiate. However the Freemies themselves choose to interpret the image (and I've gotten some flak from some of them for this), that's what it shows.

The icon seemed to reappear during the 2008 Election. The logos of the two major Presidential candidates seemed to split the components of the Sirius hieroglyph and incorporated the stripes of the flag as steps.

Obama's logo also incorporated the circumpunct, or point in circle, which researcher Wayne Herschel has recently linked to the Sun of Ra, which we also looked at before the election. Whether or not the ringed sun is actually Sirius is still up in the air.

From the election forward I've been working from the assumption that the Stairway to Sirius is an important- if not definitive- symbol of this point time (all of this is in the ritual vocabulary that many other authors have documented, pertaining to the street map of Washington, DC and the rest of it).

Who exactly the symbol is important to is another question.

A joint appearance by McCain and Obama at Ground Zero on 9/11/08 got thinking again about the World Financial Center in Lower Manhattan which also encodes the Stairway to Sirius, with the five faces of the cut pyramid corresponding to the pentacle and the step pyramid (designed originally as a "stairway to Heaven") corresponding to the stairway.

The Stairway played a major part in a series inspired by the Norway Spiral drama, a cycle which seemed to culminate in the revelation of the Sirius Stargate, represented by the excavation of the Gate of Isis from Alexandria Harbor on December 17 this past year.

The WFC now dominates the downtown skyline when faced from the Hudson River (which itself hosted a recent drama ripe with ritualistic parallels) and may well be the signature of Manhattan the way the World Trade Center once was.

But where the twin towers corresponded to the pillars of Solomon's Temple, the symbolism of the WFC takes us much further back, perhaps even to the Zep Tepi or "First Time" of Egyptian legend. We looked at that possibility in a major post called "Bringing It All Back Home," which summed up the symbolism thrown around during and after the election.

The palm-lined Winter Garden of the WFC also aligns directly with the so-called Millennium Hilton, a hotel explicitly based on the Monolith seen in Kubrick and Clarke's ancient astronaut/intervention manifesto 2001, A Space Odyssey. A pretty remarkable coincidence in light of the connection here to the Stairway to Sirius (as well as the fact that palms are in the Phoenix genus).

So what does this have to do with the Ground Zero Mosque?

Well, nothing except for the fact that the site for the Park51 building aligns directly due east with the pyramid of the World Financial Center, or the Stairway to Sirius...

...which you can see in this image, included in a MediaMatters gallery of the recent protests (from "Eye of the World") for reasons I'm not entirely clear on. Another nod and wink?

And of course politicians are inserting themselves into the drama, most famously Sarah Palin's call for Muslims to "refudiate" the mosque (which brought me back to this shot of Palin at the GOP convention with a blazing Sol and the circumpunct stand-in of the Ferris Wheel). And all for a project that doesn't even seem to really exist.

My question is is this controversy a distraction or yet another initiation into this ongoing symbolic narrative?


  1. I'm afraid it's both a distraction and an ongoing symbolic narrative,
    as usual...

    The distraction part of it made me think of Lenon Honors' newest flick on the BP Incident, and how that as well seems to be more of a distraction than an actual Ultimate Ecological Catastrophe that they so fervently try to portray...

    Truly unreal this all seems...

    Nice work again...!

  2. TD- Yeah, I've always thought the BP ting was a distraction, a la swine flu. Unfortunately there's a new class of professional fear mongers who use event slike that to stoke the terror 24/7.

    1011- Boy, archaeology is a growth industry.

  3. Have you ever noticed how Manhattan, from the proper angle, looks a lot like an erected penis? The scrotum would be the Bronx; the shaft, central park; and the tip, Wall Street area. Vaginal walls might even be inferred from New Jersey and Queens.

    The proper angle for observing this phenomenom (given the right amount of upward tilt to our penis) would probably be available to, say, someone in, maybe... Cairo?

    Battery Park (the very tip), I've found out, temporarily houses the bronze Sphere (looking a little worse for wear) that used to stand in the fountain at the WTC.

    Also, it seems a likeness of the James Webb Space Telescope has been erected not a hundred yards from the Sphere.

    Very interestinck.

    All the best Chris, your blog's one of my favorite landing spots

  4. Uri Geller's Mind-Bender: Egyptian Loot in Scotland

    Tales of Scotland's ties to ancient Egypt date back to the 15th century, but many regard them as a bit of nonsense. According to the legend, King Tutankhamen's half-sister, Princess Scota, fell out with her family and fled to Ireland and then Scotland, thereby giving the country its name. Some say the alignment of the Lamb and two nearby islands closely mirrors the layout of the pyramids at Giza, near Cairo, not to mention the three main stars in the Orion's Belt constellation.

    "A wee bit of bulls— doesn't hurt anybody," says Dougie Ferguson, a 52-year-old skipper.

  5. Awesome! The spokesman for the "Ground Zero Mosque" was named Oz Sultan... bringing us right back to Michael J and the Wiz. The Winter Garden has a giant green curtain hanging there, much like the curtain that hid the human wizard from the hoi polloi.

    "The Beast" is Aleister Crowley, 666 and all that. Aiwass and Oz are parallel symbols, and recall how the Wizard escaped Oz in a red balloon.

    I was on a very personal little synch with my Google = Wizard of Oz post, and you just blew it wide open. Synchronicity is a wonderful thing.

  6. Oh yea, and who pulls aside the curtain to reveal the true wizard? Toto, the dog star of the Wizard of Oz. I'm Sirius.

  7. A Fight on New York's Skyline

    "The owners of the Empire State Building and their supporters say their tower's international status and New York City's skyline are in mortal danger of an assault from a 'monstrosity.'"

  8. Anonymous alluded to Stephen colbert talking about egyptology and uti gellet but the night before he said the person with the most shares in foxnews is the money behind the project. Fox talks about the story and here we are.


  10. Speaking of the Millenium Hilton... I think this will be right up your street Chris, particularly with your interest in all things AAT releated. Pretty amazing stuff.

  11. Stitch- I haven't noticed that actually! I'll have to take another look. And cheers for the ups.

    1202- Ahh, that's good ol' Uri for you. Living well is the best revenge, I suppose. I wonder if he open his files once the old pedogogue is gone.

    Michael- And the Winter Garden is emerald-colored too. Has anyone ever done a Oz=Vatican anaology? That would make sense in the context of Baum and his times. Maybe the socialism bit was all disinfo.

    544- Yes- join the FB page- we did that story!

    Justuss- Yes, quite the sense of unreality about it all.

    238- Yeah, I have to go read the transcript from the press conference as soon as I'm finished here.

    256- Are you sure that's the right link? I only saw some old material taken from Pseudo-Occult Media there.

  12. re:

    Yeah, that's definatley the right link. You might want to check out parts 3, 4 and 5 (especially 5). Its all about Michael Jackson (believe it or not) connecting to the monolith.

  13. Both.

    First 9/11 then Iraq (although that's not what anyone would have guessed on 9/12).
    Weapons of mass destruction brouhaha then there is no weapons of mass destruction.
    Park 51 brouhaha will end up with . . .nothing.
    But it will lead to ...?
    I think it is a stepping stone.

  14. Chris & Michael,
    I was sitting in a hair salon yesterday as Melissa got her hair done for the wedding. There was an old copy of Vogue that caught my eye with Lady Gaga and Oprah on the cover. The story was about the Costume Institute Gala Ball and what struck me was the giant (OZ-resonant) >Hot Air Balloon at the entrance and this tidbit:
    "The design for the 2010 Costume Institute Gala Benefit is created by Nathan Crowley with Raul Avila."

    The rest of the magazine was devoted to telling women that the "Fall season will be dominated by fashion based on three colors" I'll give you a hint as to what those colors are. The article was called "What's Black and White and Red all over?"