At the Edge of 17

In Egyptian mythology, Osiris was killed on the 17th day of Athyr, the third month of the ancient calendar. Though not acknowledged, 17 seems to be a very meaningful number in the Mystery traditions, sort of equivalent to the Cross in Christianity. It symbolizes an unjust death and the promise of rebirth. Incidentally, Lazarus, whom many Biblical scholars believe was an adaptation of Osiris (Lazarus coming from El Ausur, Hebrew for "the god Osiris") was raised by Jesus in John 12:17. One of Lazarus’ sisters was named Marta, which means ‘mistress of the house’, the exact meaning of Nephthys.

The first officially acknowledged Masonic body, the Grand Lodge of England, was established on the Feast Day of John the Baptist in 1717. The most powerful Masonic body in the World, the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite has its headquarters on 1733 16th St. in Washington, DC. There are 33 degrees in Scottish Rite Masonry.

The last manned mission to the Moon was the Apollo 17 mission. The next is the Orion 17.

As Herodotus tells us, the Greeks identified Horus with Apollo: "Before these men, they said, the rulers of Egypt were gods, but none had been contemporary with the human priests. Of these gods one or another had in succession been supreme; the last of them to rule the country was Osiris' son Horus, whom the Greeks call Apollo; he deposed Typhon, and was the last divine king of Egypt. Osiris is, in the Greek language, Dionysus." -Herodotus, Book 2, Chapter 144

Orion was identified with Osiris
, who again died on the 17th day of the third month. "Month," of course, derives from the root word moon. So how many crescent moons do we see on the Orion 17 mission patch?

Additionally, the so-called “Sacagaewa” dollar (the actual woman on the coin is unnamed), which was minted in the year 2000, depicts a woman and a male infant on the obverse and an eagle surrounded by 17 stars on the reverse. The alleged “Sacagaewa” wears an earring depicting a point in a circle, which Freemasons associate with the seed of Osiris in Isis’ womb.

3/17 is also the date of a Masonically-created holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. The story has it that the holiday was established by high level Freemason, George Washington, allegedly to reward Irish soldiers in the Continental Army. But “St. Paddy’s” has traditionally been a very minor Saint’s day in Ireland. Considering that the day has become America’s defacto Bacchanal (which takes us back to Osiris) it’s worth noting some of the parallels of this day with Solar mythology.

• Osiris was believed to be the source of barley, which was used for brewing beer in Egypt.
• It’s customary to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day and Osiris was known as the “Green Man”
• St. Patrick’s Day is five days before the Spring Equinox, associated with the rebirth of Osiris.
• The root word of Patrick is pater, the Latin word meaning father. Osiris is the father in the Egyptian Trinity.

The 17th card of the Tarot is the Star Trump, which features the water-bearer, associated with the constellation of Aquarius.

Most astrologers believe that we are entering the Age of Aquarius, where the Sun will rise in the constellation of Aquarius for the nest 2,000 years or so. Hippies and New Agers celebrate the new age as one of peace, understanding and consciousness. Occultist Aleister Crowley named this new age "The Aeon of Horus." He wrote about this in several of his works, including his novel, Moonchild. His vision of the new age was one of war, cruelty and chaos.

On the right is the cover of Moonchild. On the left is the obverse of the Sacagaewa dollar.


  1. fathers day is on the 19th of march in holland, how is that in... where you live?

    Oh wait, google...'_Day#Dates

  2. Can you totally appreciate the Gematria here, or what?

    ""Before these men, they said, the rulers of Egypt were gods, but none had been contemporary with the human priests. Of these gods one or another had in succession been supreme; the last of them to rule the country was Osiris' son Horus, whom the Greeks call Apollo; he deposed Typhon, and was the last divine king of Egypt. Osiris is, in the Greek language, Dionysus." -Herodotus, Book 2, Chapter 144""

    144= 2x IHVH, or, G-D

    It's also a musical note of Grecian origin (the 'D,' making 'A' 432hz, and 'C' 256 - binary). You can tune anything knowing this! It's no wonder the Nazis wanted to change '432hz concert pitch' standards.

    Everything in codes!


    also (from my correspondence to you on my own blog):

    ...oh. It might be worth mentioning, too, that Ophiuchus has not 'died' on the 17th of December for a VERY long time now (approximately one whole "turn of the wheel" - a Platonic Great Year of 25920 years - minus 4 years). "It's on," as it were. Originally, the old Egyptian month of THOTH, the first month (marking the June Midsummer Solstice and heliacal rising of Sirius/Sopdet), was most recognized in relation to Horus' passing on the 17th (of that particular month), to allow Sopdet/Isis (as she is sometimes recognized) a rebirth on the solstice but days away... but senselessly so -- For Horus is represented by Jupiter, Mars, and Orion (somewhat)... he doesn't 'die' at all , in that case: he is allowed further display in the sky!! So wouldn't December be better representative of Horus' (OPHIUCHUS') death, once the zodiac has spun once around and "killed" him on the 17th, to allow Isis her rebirth in the morning time directly following Horus' own lead as Orion?

    I think so.

    December 2012 is an interesting time, indeed... if not for planetary/geomagnetic/astrophysical reasons, then for the esoteric purposes of an old following of very powerful people all around the globe.

    Especially if these constellations actually circle US and not the Sun. The Vicar of Christ, then, would best represent the glorified Lord, eh? The one who's been falsely-legitimized as the only voucher for God-on-Earth? In office, as it were, for thousands of years ("eternity")? Yikes.

  3. If Osiris is Dionysus and Horus is Apollo then this makes the comparative mythology more interesting: it ties in old Hebrew legends about the Seirim, half-man half-goat demons who inhabited the area around Mount Seir. The Hebrews used the ritual of the 'scapegoat' to appease the demon Azazel by laying the collective sins of the Israelites upon a goat which they sent his way.

    I have read from various sources that Apollo is the same demon mentioned in Revelations as Abaddon, who is released from the pit of hell to lend his power to the 'End of Days' beast system of government. Apollo has in some accounts I've read been likened to Azazel (one of the 20 leaders of the fallen Watchers) for his teaching the art of warfare to mankind.

    Now if Apollo is Azazel, then he is also a Seirim (half goat demon). And that makes sense if his father Osiris was Dionysus -a half-man/half-goat deity. So the Hebrews confirm the Greeks in that regard. I have also read that Osiris was equivalent to the post-diluvial king Nimrod, who incidentally enough was a builder of Zigurat pyramids. Neat how things start to hook up, no?

  4. Very interesting indeed. Could this be the Age of Synchronicity? If it looks like a duck and acts like a duck..Just like the days of Noah, So shall the coming of the son of man be.

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  6. Ausar is not the hebrew (heru's Brew) word for osiris....osiris is the greek name for the KEMETIC (Black) name of AUSAR


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