Tuesday, December 22, 2020

It's Not "Coming." It's Here.

Dan from The Cosmic Keys Podcast invited Miguel Conner and I for an epic roundtable on 2020 and what the New World Order might have in store for us. I argue that what we're seeing now is actually the end of an old cycle and not the beginning of a new one, and new powers and presences are already making themselves known. 

Look at it like how a team will win the World Series or the Super Bowl one year and then totally tank the next. Nothing has a more corrosive effect on a conglomeration of narcissists than finally realizing their collective ambitions. That goes double for a conglomeration of narcissistic sociopaths.

I apologize for getting a little salty, a little spicy in the second half of the show, but that's on account of seeing everything play out exactly the way I feared it would all along. 

Like I say in the headline, it - meaning the Brave New World - isn't coming, it's here. It's all out in the open, it's just that 99% of the population doesn't understand the language its all couched in. And just like I've been saying since the earliest days of this blog, a central feature of the Agenda is the Great Restoration of the old cults of state. 

And the cults of state were the cults of the Archons, the great planetary powers. And Jupiter (literally Dyeus Pitar, "God the Father") and Saturn are at the top of the heap.

So if you want to see the "go" signal for the grand opening of the Great Restoration, there is is. Courtesy of the high priests at NASA, praising their patron god Osiris AKA Saturn, the Gateway to the Stars.

And seeing how the priesthoods of Jupiter and Saturn have been slugging it out since the Stone Age,  the Great Reconciliation is a major part of the Great Restoration. And we're seeing this symbolism being displayed at the requisite ritual times and places.

Hence, face-kicking provocations like this installation celebrating Molech AKA Melqart AKA Bel AKA Ba'al-This AKA Ba'al-That AKA Saturn or Jupiter

I love when elite-dingleberry-sucking shills like Snopes are forced to admit blatant ritual placements like this, even if they ascribe it to "coincidence." They probably even believe that, on account of being clueless apparatchiks.

The late, great Father Malachi Martin and would probably disagree on quite a few things, but we certainly would agree that everything we're seeing unfold in Rome is the fulfillment of every dire prophecy he uttered to anyone who would listen. 

And now we're living in a worldwide Left Behind LARP, only without the Rapture bit. And of course, none of this would be possible without a century of a dumbed-down, corporate-counterfeit of historical Christianity, courtesy of oil barons (literally- look it up), Likudniks (literally- look it up) and the CIA (literally- look it up). 

So look for Joel Osteen and Kenneth Copeland et al to be getting very healthy Saturnalia bonuses.

With the deplorable hoi polloi safely marginalized and discredited, the Great Restoration can proceed unhindered, right in the bosom of the Vatican (literally, "Divining Serpent"- look it up). And if you understand the language being spoken, the message is crystal clear.

So we had this Neo-Nativity installed on the Mound of the Divining Serpent, celebrating the Saturnalia and paying very explicit homage to Saturn. If you understand the symbols, that is.

And so in place of the traditional creche, we have this hideous icons. What is actually being depicted here and what does it have to do with Saturn? Well, you all know the obelisk is Osiris/Saturn's dismembered johnson, right?

Well, what you are seeing below it is the Djed pillar, or Saturn's spine.

And what about this astronaut here? Is this more Ancient Astronaut messaging from the Dethrone of Saint Peter. It sure is, in more ways than one.

As I explain in the Cosmic Keys podcast, Saturn was the outermost planet of ancient astronomy, and as such was the "Gateway to the Stars." Hence we have Osiris and his bark, sailing to the Belt of Orion.

Astronaut literally means "star-sailor."

OG Sunners remember diagrams like this, comparing the Djed to high voltage insulators. Hence the "lightning," which is actually electricity, the ultimate source of the Elite Apotheosis. 

Remember the Mithraic icon known as "The Genius of Electricity?" The one that was just across the street from Trump National in Bedminster and is now placed near Dealey Plaza?

Ah, it all makes sense now, doesn't it?

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