Thursday, May 03, 2018

Shimmering Sirens and Strange Angels

Marvel John Whiteside Parsons, who no one outside of a small handful of weirdos had ever even heard of until very recently, is the subject of a new prestige series based on the biography written by George Pendle. 

The series, airing on CBS All-Access this summer, is produced by the living legend, Sir Ridley Scott. 

Aside from Alien:Covenant, Sir Ridley most recently got mixed up in the Secret Sun-o-Sphere with his movie on the JP Getty III kidnapping (All the Money in the World), the one starring Braintree's favorite stepson Mark Wahlberg, Heath Ledger's widow and a hastily-recast Kevin "Little" Spacey. 

Because it's 2018 and needs must.

I'm sure many of you are familiar with Parsons and his Babalon Working, as well as his relationship with Scientology founder L.Ron Hubbard, not to mention the Great Beast 666 himself. 

Less well-known is that Parsons was also friendly with Kenneth Anger of Lucifer Rising fame, a detail of history recounted to yours truly by none other than Anger himself.

In case you haven't heard a million times already, Parsons was born the very day that Charles Taze Russell, founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses, predicted the Apocalypse would come. 

Given that Parsons pioneered the use of the fuels that propel rockets-- and by extension, nuclear missiles-- maybe ol' Chuckie T. just got a bit ahead of the timeline. Very excitable chap, I've heard tell. Mrs. Taze referred to him as the "minute-man." Or so I've been told.

And so the Babalon Working, which was essentially several days of fapping, chanting and waving swords around, was intended to summon Mystery Babylon the Great of Revelation 17 fame, and bring on the Apocalypse. As one does.

Maybe our Jack got a little ahead of the timeline himself.

Beyonce Knowles (no relation) was born on September 4, the date the last Roman Emperor fell as well as the day of the Great London Fire of 1666. Fallen, fallen is Babalon the Great.

Mystery Beyoncebalon also headlined Coachella 13 (thirteen) years after Our Lady and her Unmercenary Musicians were slated to play the festival, only the Sibyl sensed the demonic energies infesting those California foothills and demurred.

Either that or got cold feet due to lifetime stage-fright. I tend to vacillate on the matter.

Following the Babylon Working, Jack Parsons returned to Pasadena only to encounter one Marjorie "Candy" Cameron, whom Parsons called his "elemental." 

And of course, Marjorie means "Pearl" and Cameron is a Scottish name. A name shared by mad MKULTRA scientist Ewen Cameron, Greater Stirlingshire neighbor of a certain angelic thrush you may have a heard a thing or two about around these parts time and again. 

Following Parsons' gruesome death in 1952, Cameron took to painting and occasional acting, appearing in occult-themed productions like Anger's Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome and Curtis Harrington's Night Tides, in which she played an evil mermaid.

Night Tides starred Dennis Hopper, who shocked audiences as psychotic Frank Booth in David Lynch's 1986 opus Blue Velvet. No, seriously. People were walking out in literal shock halfway through the picture when I first saw it. A lot of people. In New York City, FFS.

Incidentally, Lynch had intended to use This Mortal Coil's cover of Tim Buckley's "Song to the Siren" as the centerpiece of the film. 

In fact Lynch planned to cast a certain Scottish belle and her beastly beau (that you may or may not be familiar with) in the film as well. As a kind of dry run for the Bang-Bang Bar performances on Twin Peaks.

Sadly, plans fell through. Blame Dune.

Anyhow, Cameron's work became highly prized among collectors, particularly those of an occultic bent. Through utter happenstance, her ballpoint pen sketch of a Siren v1.0 is in the permanent collection of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

The Gettys again. Why, those rascals and their occult monkeyshines!

(NOTE: For more insane babbling on Babalon and Parsons, click here. Well, when you're done with this insane babbling here. Guest starring Jack Kirby.)

As Lady Fate would demand, David Lynch finally got to use the Sibyl's rendition of "Song to the Siren" in 1997's Lost Highway. The song was featured in a stylish sex scene between Patricia Arquette and-- wait for it-- Balthazar Getty, son of the Getty scion around whom Sir Ridley's recent film hinges.

Not long after the film's release, the son of "Song to the Siren's" composer--and onetime lover of the woman who made it famous-- died by drowning beneath the large black pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee.

Y'know, it's almost like there's a cult out there, a secretive cult of powerful businessmen and entertainment figures. 

A cult who may or may not sense that all of these stories they fixate on and/or make films and TV shows about-- stories of disincarnate beings from other realities, if not the stars-- somehow manifested themselves in these strange, tragic figures whose lives to seem to act out very, very ancient dramas indeed.

Well, almost. Weirder things have happened, I suppose.

Speaking of elementals, there's a new TV series based on Swamp Thing in the works. 

Ol' Swampy actually has a couple TV series, one live-action and one short-lived cartoon, as well as a couple cheapie features on his CV. Ol' Mucko never made much of an impact on the screen but hey, there are only so many truly-viable comic book franchises to exploit. And there are dollars to count.

Swampy's true claim-to-fame is in his OG comic book series, the original run in the early 70s and the 80s reboot that brought one Alan Moore of Northampton, UK to our shores. It was on this title that Moore first blew American comic fans away and lifted a title I think literally no one actually read but me to the top of the charts.

Bonus factoid: Moore started his run the same month Head Over Heels hit the shops.

I'm happy to say I got in on the ground floor with the Great Mage since as I said, I think I was literally the only person on Earth who was actually reading this title before he signed on. 

And so it was that Moore kicked my fucking face in with his initial arc on this title, as he would later do with the community at large. 

Mother of Eff, I feel so sorry for young people these days.

So it's possible- if not likely-- that I was re-reading "The Anatomy Lesson" that fateful Sunday night when the Voice broke into the broadcast of Nocturnal Emissions with Bradley J on WBCN 104.1 FM and called to me from across Infinity and from after Eternity. 

The Voice told me that she had been watching me-- me, can you believe it? I mean, honestly!-- from the orial, from the balustrade and From The Flagstones. 

I felt so special.

The Voice added-- quite cryptically, I might add-- that I could cajole, I could cajole, but my very soul was hers from that moment on, and we both knew it. 

I went to her and I went to her broke. Without a doubt. Straight out of a Philip K Dick novel, after a fashion. Only slightly less psychotic. 

Just slightly, mind you.

Oh fuck, "Swamped." Cut my heart out already. Just do it now. 

Here, with this broken Heineken bottle. 

Yeah, I was doing some very heavy dreaming (plus smoking so much weed I almost turned into a bush) at the time and this shit? God, it fucks me up but good just thinking about it. I can't really go into it right now so just take my word for it.

"Alec, Alec, come back..."

Gah. Fuck.


Talk amongst yourselves for a moment, OK? 

No, I just got something in my eye. I was, uh, cutting onions.

And then "Another Green World," which I didn't realize at the time was named after a Brent Mini Brian Eno solo album. I didn't need to really. I was all over this shit. Did I mention all the weed? What a time. 

So after that thermonuclear revelation I have to confess that Watchmen was a bit of a damp fart. At least at first. 

A lot of it had to do with the sheer tedium the art instilled in me (mind you, Dave Gibbons is a very fine artist) and the fact that I was letting Frank Miller curb-stomp my soul with Dark Knight Returns. Plus, that those first dozen issues of Moore's Swamp Thing was a dragon I was still very much chasing. 


Actually, I am one of a handful of people who prefers the Zack Snyder film to the comics. But hey, I'm used to being in the extreme minority. Saga of the Swamp Thing from the jump, baby. You don't get more extreme than that.

And this TV series? Meh. Meh, I tell you. What, Damon Lindelof? Does he have to write everything?

Moving on...

Hah, funny corporate propaganda. Funny trademark ass-coverers. Funny convoluted bullshit.

Convoluted bullshit is funny.

Secret Sun readers know that THIS is what inspired the name and logo of Starbucks.

Many are called but few are chosen. The gate is narrow.

Secret Sun readers, particularly readers from back in the day, aren't surprised by the success of the Siren TV series either, or the hype that's kicked up in its wake. 

Or by the beyond-ubiquitous mermaid-this and mermaid-that and the mermaid-the other thing that you see everywhere your rest your gaze these days. 

People tell me all the time that they can't go into any store anywhere without being accosted by miles of mermaid merch. Like they're surprised I was right!

Yeah, I'm changing my name to Chrissandra. No one believes my dopey prophecies until it's too late. I guess I should have accepted Apollo's friend request. I don't know, it was weird. He kept poking me. 

Made me kind of uncomfortable.

Where did it take place in London, exactly? 

Well, as random chance would randomly chance it with randomality, it took place just outside the Southbank Centre and just below Waterloo Bridge.

And by a stroke of fate so utterly arbitrary I actually ran out of colorfully-ironic analogies a very long time ago, this LARP Siren just happened to be revealing herself unto the fine burghers of London a stone's throw from Royal Festival Hall and Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Where, by a sheer, indiscriminate stroke of Providence, a certain musical prodigy with a dark past gave the only solo concerts of her half-century-plus walking the earth. In a fetching metallic gray dress, I might add. 

(Well, there was a warmup gig, actually. In Bath, where else?).

The Southbank Centre, which through some kind of arcane quantum entanglement you actually need several PhDs and an electron microscope to even detect it, was where musical-prodigy-with-a-dark-past Matilda Grayser Gray was seen running around in her metallic gray dress as she began her journey to her ultimate destiny. Spoiler: she's possessed by an angel. 

In Requiem, incidently. On Netflix. 

Go watch it now.

Perhaps out of licensing issues, Tilly doesn't play at Royal Festival Hall or Queen Elizabeth Hall but at "Royal Elizabeth Hall," which was actually St, David's Hall in Cardiff and the white and silver and the young Robin Guthrie on the paleo diet and the 4/4 and the 17 and Jesus Christ already, "Elizabeth Davidson Fraser," OK? 

I mean, c'mon now. Can't we just stop this little dance? I mean, if you've been reading this blog all along and still want to tell me you don't get it, well, I'm sorry. I can't help you. 

Because you're simply being obstinate.

So: Siren, Bristol, Southbank Centre, Royal Festival Hall, bla bla blibbity-bla-bla-bla....

Gah, that adorable smile. Just smite me now, Lord.

....equals Frasery-McFraserson-John-Cougar-Elizabeth-Frasercamp etc etc etc ad infinitum. 

Like, by this point, literally infinitum. Click the label already.

Plus, Steve Hackett (formerly of Genesis 6:4) and all the rest of it. Because Nephilim and Sofia and the mitochondrial Eve of the new race she just happened to play in Tony Blair and Peter Gabriel's (formerly of Genesis 6:4) little year-long Angels-Who-Watch invocation on the Thames back in y2K. 

Which couldn't possibly have been more explicit and only flew under the world's radar because England's been militantly biblically-illiterate for nearly a century now. 999 performances, because that's not a ritualistic number at all.

Is someone is just trying to drive me crazy now? I mean, of all the places in London- a massive-fucking-metropolis, mind you, with all kinds of waterfront- that's where you pose your Siren? 

Your Siren from Bristol?

There? Right-effing-there?

Seriously, if an idiot like me figured all this out, pretty much anyone who paid the slightest bit of attention would have sussed what this person was horsing (or hosting) a long, long time ago. (Hint: something that maybe ain't exactly from around here).

And they all seem to want to rub their shit all over her magic, or at least what might be left of it. Because that's what powerful men have done with Sibyls and oracles-- oh, I don't know-- since pretty much forever? 

I mean, there is precedent for all this, you know. You can look it up in those weird rectangular things people used to call "books."

And then theres's the bit where they encoded her voice into fucking deoxyribonucleic acid. 

You heard me, into DNA. So it will last for-fucking-ever. 

Yeah. That happened. 

That wasn't a Philip K Dick or Neal Stephenson story you read in college.

Jesus, we're getting near a whole year of this soon. And you're trying to tell me this ain't the Apocalypse. 

I might have been born at night but I wasn't born last night.


 Associated with the vision of the Palm Tree Garden was a young girl gathering water at riverside. On her vase was an interlocking pattern which Phil recognized as a series of ICHTHYS (fish) symbols. 
He also saw it as the double helix form of DNA. The universe, he understood, is information - just as DNA is the encoded information by which our bodies are created and maintained. 
He identified this girl with Aquarius, the water-bearer. To me this symbolizes a pouring out (from the subconscious) and the heralding of a new age. This scene was used in VALIS to announce the new messiah, the little girl called Sophia. A new age had indeed begun, short-lived as it was.  
--Philip K. Dick: The Other Side by Paul Rydeen

It is proper to say: we appear to be memory coils (DNA carriers capable of experience) in a computer-like thinking system which, although we have correctly recorded and stored thousands of years of experiental information, and each of us possesses somewhat different deposits from all the other life forms, there is a malfunction -- a failure - of memory retrieval . 
There lies the trouble in our particular subcircuit. 'Salvation' through gnosis -- more properly anamnesis (the loss of amnesia) -- although it has individual significance for each of us -- a quantum leap in perception, identity, cognition, understanding, world- and self-experience, including immortality -- it has greater and further importance for the system as a whole, inasmuch as these memories are data needed by it and valuable to it, to its overall functioning. 
-- Philip K. Dick, The Exegesis

PS: Today's Google doodle.  


  1. Yay Chris used to be a stoner. The fish people are coming! The fish people are coming! Whadya a fuking manatee r sumthin tssk tssk fuckin home run chippa.

  2. Check out '360 google doodle spotlight stories, back to the moon'...

    1. The VR 360 degree version

    2. I did, but I didn't have time to download the app for it. Very interesting toon though and interesting timing.

  3. This was so on point, Chris. And frickin hilarious in that terrifying 2016/17/18 kinda way. :) Bravo, my man. Remember 2010, when we were all so innocent and only half living in a PKD novel? It wasn't the 90s or anything, but still. Good times. Now every time I watch a movie or find a new actor or singer I think, "Man, I really hope this person isn't evil or part of some sinister batshit-evil cult." Which is a weird thing to be thinking about when you just wanna listen to some sweet tunes or watch a movie. Sigh.

    1. Yes indeed, my friend. It isn't so much fun when the program goes live.

      I just assume that a new singer or actor these days has at least been worked on. You can't go far wrong in doing so.

      Whoever though we'd be nostalgic for 2010? LOL

    2. Soon you'll probably be saying remember the good old days of 2018, whoever thought we'd be nostalgic for 2018? ?-)

  4. Chris, you weren't quite Swamp Thing's only reader - I'd started reading it a couple of issues before Alan Moore took over. Marty Pasko's last few issues were ok, but nothing that could have prepared me for the Anatomy Lesson. The whole Alan Moore Swamp Thing run is history now, of course, but at the time it was mind-blowing. Although it lost a bit of steam with the concluding episode of the American Gothic story line, the ride to get there was amazing. Quite the mind-fuck for a young guy living in the wilds of Tasmania (in those pre-internet days, Tasmania was Tatooine - as far from the bright centre of the universe as it was possible to get).

    1. Moore has done a shit-ton of stuff I love, but you always remember that first time. Swamped, Jesus. Gah.

      Excuse me...

    2. I read a couple of Swamp Thing issues several years ago. I really enjoyed what I read.

  5. I'm glad to see Swamp Thing is back. Are you going to discuss the New Avengers movie? I've been reading articles that say Thanos is the hero of the movie, and that's weird considering what he does at its end.

    1. Yes, Chris, I don't know what you think of that movie, but I'd really, really love you to say something about it. Even that you hate it. That's fine by me. But say something.

      I sort of agree that Thanos could be the hero of the movie. OK, killing half of life in the Universe doesn't look like the sort of thing a hero would do. But the issue is: you don't know what the alternative is. Maybe the alternative is the whole universe imploding. In which case, Thanos would be a hero.

    2. I haven't seen Infinity War but I do want to touch on some of the reaction to it.

      Remember I mentioned "Five Ten Fiftyfold" a few posts back?

      See what I mean now?

    3. As pure-hearted 'Captain America' states, having more than met his match in the form of Thanos,

      "Oh God..."

  6. Reading "Who Killed Mr. Moonlight: Black Magick, Bauhaus & Benediction" by David J. (Haskins) bassist of Bauhaus/Love And Rockets. He writes of multiple magickal events and encounters with Alan Moore. David J. nearly lost his mind at one point. Moore seems to take it all in stride.

    1. Peter Murphy seems to have lost his, judging from all reports from the front. Brendan Perry said he was totally off his nut.

  7. Just a reminder:

    "On the same subject, you should also know about something called "Project Stargate", run by the D.I.A. back in the early 1980s. They used remote-viewers who projected their consciousness back in time to bear witness to the most important events in history (seriously, this has been officially declassified since). For their ultimate experiment, they sent their best "psychic spy" to view the origins of the human race millions of years ago. The result?

    A naked, feminine extraterrestrial being, aboard her "seedship" in the sea, using her own DNA to genetically engineer the first ape-men. This aquatic creature was tending to us like "plants in a garden"."

    The star-mother of all mermaids is apparently OUR mother as well. Just as Lovecraft predicted in "Shadow over Innsmouth", naming her "Mother Hydra". "It seems everything alive came out of the water once, and only needs a little change to go back." Just a little mating with the "Deep Ones"...

    1. Genesis 1:2 says: "Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters." This is before God created dry land, so obviously the Spirit of God had to be some sort of mermaid at this point. Or some sort of mermaid hovering in a flying saucer. No need to be aware of strange government experiments to know this.

      Fascinating as creation stories may be, I still find the future more interesting than the past.

    2. Then stay tuned.

      JB, you got a link on that info? Drop it on us.

    3. In addition to the Bible, every time I come across something like this I think about Tolkien's myth of creation. Eru, the One, created the World, his helpers the Ainur had to take on different shapes and forms to enter it.

    4. The "Remote Viewing Human Origins" stuff is fully detailed in Jim Marrs' surprisingly mainstream book "Our occulted history: do the global elite conceal ancient aliens?".

      What Project Stargate discovered matches the early Inca story of the Venusian mother goddess Orejona (see my article "What's the difference between the angel of the morning star or an alien from the planet Venus?" on my blog, second from the top).

    5. The secret meaning of Europe's "The Final Countdown" song lyrics which is nearing 500 Million views on YouTube.The band is still touring and performing the 1986 hit song around the World in 2018.

  8. Maybe it's for the best that ol' PKD isn't alive to see us now. In the 70s he was so convinced that the Black Iron Prison was about to do its big tumble, yet here we all still are, being confronted with increasingly lurid and grotesque manifestations of its authority every day.

    1. The Black Iron Prison never ends because it is the world of forms and the terrible mother, Materia.

    2. Other than the 1999 Gen X mass prison break,most Americans enjoy being slaves of evil.Living for entertainment,while taking no responsibility for the suffering you create is a hard deal to pass up for the Sheeple.

  9. In John Carter's" Sex and Rockets (Feral House, 2000), "Carter offers a fitting epigraph from a science fiction story to the effect that Parsons was instrumental in bringing about the end of the world but the beginning of the galaxy."

    It strikes me as odd that NASA rockets kept exploding on launch pads and flights delayed due to weather, birds and whatever, while similar rockets were said to be buried all over the planet topped with nuclear warheads sitting in silos for decades ready at moment's notice to incinerate the world.

    Also of interest perhaps:

    “The Bucks’ Castle (the Hell-Fire Club) can still be seen on a hilltop near Dublin. Here they galloped in the evening dressed in red and black (the devil’s livery) to show not so much their sympathy with Satanism as their contempt of superstition. Their leader was Jack Parsons, the Earl of Rosse.
    Oddly enough, a much later Jack Parsons popped up during the 1940s as as the head of the Californian Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), implicating himself with along with L. Ron Hubbard (founder of Scientology) and good old Aleister Crowley. This is where it starts getting all weird again – according to Paul Rydeen, who refers to Michael Hoffman, Parsons claimed to be a descendant of a Hell-Fire Club founder!"

    1. "It strikes me as odd that NASA rockets kept exploding on launch pads and flights delayed due to weather, birds and whatever, while similar rockets were said to be buried all over the planet topped with nuclear warheads sitting in silos for decades ready at moment's notice to incinerate the world."

      NASA is one of the various boondoggle channels - via which resources leeched from mankind are diverted toward the great mission.

      There are no nuclear missiles - see 'boondoggle'.

      This is why the 'fl4t Earth' story was created. If you believe the Apollo mission was a boondoggle, you must believe the Earth is flat, ipso facto, all right thinking people believe that we did land on the moon...

    2. A lot of private money is apparently being put into space so it at least seems like someone isn't worried about the Dome.

    3. 'Hellfire Club' by 'Jake Tapper' ('CNN'), released this very April 24th, from the 'amazon' review:

      'Charlie Marder is an unlikely Congressman. Thrust into office by his family ties after his predecessor died mysteriously, Charlie is struggling to navigate the dangerous waters of 1950s Washington, DC, alongside his young wife Margaret, a zoologist with ambitions of her own. Amid the swirl of glamorous and powerful political leaders and deal makers, a mysterious fatal car accident thrusts Charlie and Margaret into an underworld of backroom deals, secret societies, and a plot that could change the course of history. When Charlie discovers a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of governance, he has to fight not only for his principles and his newfound political career...but for his life.'


      'a splashy, swampy page-turner [that] plunges readers into the heart of '50s Washington, D.C. The book showcases Tapper's passion for American political history, rich as it is with fascinating period details, as well as his feel for a story well-told."―David Canfield, Entertainment Weekly'

      'Marder' / 'martyr'?

      A limited hangout of sorts akin to the whole piggy hinting of 'Black Mirror' S01E01? & What with NXIVM, or at least the frontman & Mack having been bus under thrown, perhaps the timing of the publication could clue to?

      The Next Day a video was uploaded to youtube by Netflix:

      'Stranger Things 3 | Now In Production | Netflix'

      This teaser for a teaser of a teaser teaser(?) is shot in b&w & ends with the shot of the assembled cast being turned 'Upside Down'.

      The Pearl Lady to feature, in Twin form, on the S3 soundtrack?

    4. The flat earth theory has been taking a real *ahem* hammering this past week:


      'Most of the people at the convention attended because they believe in one of the most commonly held conspiracy theories of the modern era: that the Earth is flat.', 'Similar convocations have occurred in the US and Canada in the past, and the spread of the events through the English-speaking world is another sign that interest in flat-Earth conspiracy theories is growing.', 'They seem to really love and engage in science but distrust scientists.', 'I believe that studying flat Earthers might do the same for the 21st century, showing us the trends about how knowledge may be treated in the future.', '...they’re all very driven to uncover the “truth,” believing that even basic established facts are being altered and manipulated to control us.'

      Heh! 'Correlation does not imply causation' amirite 'true believers!', I mean: empiricists? & as for money you've got to spend It to make It.

      Marvel certainly 'blasted-off' This Mortal Coil.

      'Strange Angel' = 'Star Angle NGE', 'NGE' = Neon Genesis Evangelion (wiki: 'Japanese: 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン ...literally "The Gospel of the New Century"', 'In the anime and manga... Angels... are beings who attack Tokyo-3 throughout the story.')

    5. The money is really going underground.

    6. "A lot of private money is apparently being put into space so it at least seems like someone isn't worried about the Dome."

      There are many 'last chance' boondoggles in these final years of immanence.

      If by 'private money' you may be referring to Elon Musk, bear in mind his SpaceX venture is a fraud.

      There are no distant photos of Earth from space because it has as yet been impossible to traverse the Van Allen radiation belts. This is of course fogged-out by the 'dome' and 'flat Earth' nonsense.

      But of course, the likes of Musk wouldn't hesitate to invest their (your) money in space given we've had the technology to get to The Moon and back since the 60s...

    7. Parson's psycho demon whore was the first liberal shill and definitely still worshipped by the her fan boys at Langely.

    8. 'Marder' / 'martyr' / 'Marvel' (Infinity War?)

      Perhaps those birds in the silos were never designed to fly? Perhaps the real MADness is that in the event of a nuclear conflagration they would be triggered to critical from within the country hosting their presence, or perhaps the fuse would be lit by remote-view half a world away?

      More Science Oddity:

      Being able to build telescopes that allow us to see billions of years into the past... but not being able to build a telescope to sight Apollo technology on the moon.

    9. I have Trump-supporter friend who thinks we haven't had a nuclear war yet because the world is run by wimpy peaceniks. Well, I don't know why we haven't had one, but it sure isn't that. Either the nukes don't work or they're too unreliable or the consequences of just one going off are so horrific that even the grandmother-eaters who run the world don't dare risk it. But it's not because of peaceniks...

    10. A grave new World.Lol nuke Post-subhumanIsm? As you lick the Gmo MSG off you're Cheetos-orange stained fingers. The cabal elite are not yet ready (if ever) to give you slaves up for a Real war.Why would they give up the herd? When a few scooby doo villains keep you all paralyzed by fear.And the people in USA and most other countries enjoy and choose to be slaves of the money worshiping elite. "The Story of Your Enslavement" (entrainment) All roads lead to Langley

    11. NS, while there are no nukes, and there can therefore be no nuclear war, there is still a very good reason why certain countries (Switzerland - whose flag symbolises secret sun/Sun dance) have widespread 'shelters'.
      Götterdämmerung/Armageddon is comparable to the worst nuclear war you can imagine, except that whilst there may well be much radiation sickness (collapsed magnetic field) there will be no fallout.
      The Fimbulvetr (caused by volcanic ash, not nuclear weapons) is also comparable to a 'nuclear winter'.
      So, good news in that there will be no nuclear war, but bad news in that nature has a comparably nasty 'rinse cycle'.
      And knowledge of such impending doom has been with us since the last one we survived...

  10. Are "they" positioning themselves to develop the "Age of Aquarius" version of the role Christianity played throughout the Age of Pisces? Instead of letting it develop naturally...

    You probably already know about these, if not hit wikipedia:

    Vegas Golden Knights
    Orange Theory Fitness

    1. Yeah, like Christianity developed naturally, right?

      I mean, think about this for a minute. You know what the Roman/Greek mythology was like, surely. Does it look to you like the natural next step for them was to completely give up on their gods and get obsessed on this Jewish guy to the exclusion of everything else? Is there anything about that that seems remotely like a natural development to you?

      If you are wondering what a natural development of a polytheistic religion towards monotheism looks like, glad you asked: check out India. And how they moved, first towards a trinity, then towards Buddhism. That looks reasonably like a natural development to me. Buddhist imagery still plays well with ancient Hindu gods. Not like Christianity, with Christian and Roman imagery still to this date hard to reconcile, in spite of the efforts of thousands of artists.

      I don't doubt that "they" have developed the Aquarius version of Christianity, and are now rolling it out. But the difference this time around is that "they" are being a little more natural and less ham-fisted that the last time. Then, WWIII may get started and be even messier than the messiest episodes of Roman conquest, so there's no telling whether the final result, a couple of centuries down the line, is going to be just as messed-up as Christianity. After all, if you had asked people around the time of the birth of Christ where everything would be going, their best guess would have been something like Neoplatonism or Mithraism, and it wasn't very much like that in the end.

    2. They, TPTB, aim to escape the cycle of rebirth by preparing the ability to rapidly resurrect a technologically advanced (post-diluvian) civilisation.

      Aquarius is begun with a cataclysm.

      It's just like clockwork. After The Sun has crossed the galactic plane (in its dance with the secret sun), and then enters the magnetic field of reverse polarity, The Earth flips over (500m tsunami)*.

      After things have settled down again, sure, it's peace on Earth for another six ages. However, TPTB are hoping the lights can be turned back on after a dozen years, not a dozen millennia. That way, we'll have space elevators, and ample facility to weather the next cataclysm as one might today weather a tornado.

      * But of course, this is an exaggeration. The Earth might shudder briefly, but that's about it:

      Or is it?...

    3. Do you realize you guys were having three separate conversations here?

      Zod, do me a favor- if you want to go off on a totally separate tangent don't reply to a post you're not interested in engaging with.

    4. Love the blog and daily look fwd to reading every new post. But I do 2 things each time I check the site: (1) Read the entire new post. (2) Look for and read any/all Zod comments.

    5. Zod could just save us the time and tell us how to sign up for their newsletter.

    6. the thread within the thread.

    7. I was replying to the post "Are "they" positioning themselves to develop the "Age of Aquarius" version of the role Christianity played throughout the Age of Pisces? Instead of letting it develop naturally..."

      I was not replying to Maria.

  11. Compare Feral House (publisher of Sex & Rockets) logo

    Houston Rockets logo

    1. Huh. What do you think it all means, MC?

    2. If I knew what it all meant, I wouldn't read this blog. I just know I don't like it. And tired of it, tired of touching the monolith. (I haven't used a cell phone in three years.)

      Regarding above comment on Helfire Club, careful readers will recall Tapper's close association with Podesta during the brouhaha over an infamous pizzeria. Tapper worked at the City Paper in DC in the nineties, writing on Lewinsky, whom he had apparently dated. What are the odds? Podesta at the time was top dog in the WH. The City Paper was/is a poor man's Village Voice, even in their current corporatized incarnations. Three years later he was a host on CNN. A meteoric, or should that be, comet-ic(?), rise.

      As to missiles/earth/moon/NASA/psyops, yeah yeah yeah I know ... forgive me but I still like finding holes in the straight stories. For on to twenty years, the US uses Russian-made rockets, those pesky meddlers. Why oh why does so much seem so obvious now? Why have we wasted so much time? Does this look real to you?

      Don't answer that: I know, it's because I'm awake. Thanks.

    3. Curious info in that not at all surprising way, & Oz? Got me thinking - Marilyn's death as trigger for the kill of JFK (it wasn't banking/mafia/jews/castro etc) as trigger in-turn to traumatise The American Public?

    4. 'At the time, Bob Jackson was “depressed” because he didn’t have film in his camera when Kennedy was assassinated. When Beers’ superiors saw the negative they were sure he’d just won the Pulitzer. Meanwhile, Jackson’s editors asked if he’d gotten anything. Jackson’s shot captured the exact right moment, with Oswald recoiling in pain, making the face, etc. He won the Pulitzer and fame. Beers was devastated. He felt like he’d had the Pulitzer and lost it. His daughter says he never really got over his bad luck. So, you have two photographers shooting a guy who got shot — one’s career “ruined” for him, one’s made.'

      'To fatten his pocketbook, Mr. Beers even photographed some of Ruby’s “girls,” whose pictures are part of the family collection.'

      'And Jackson was in President Kennedy’s motorcade and spotted Oswald’s rifle peeking out of a window'

      'Quantum Leap' told me Oz was just a simple psycho & that's all there is to it.

  12. Given h sapiens has been culled (>99%) twice a great year for at least two thousand great years), it is plausible that, by now, we have some kind of genetic memory* of this trauma (cataclysm, etc.).


    1. There is a squirrel in my cultivated garden. And his name is Velikovsky.

    2. Does he have a goatee and wear hornrim bifocals? That would be a story all right.

  13. thanks for the version of the origin of Starbucks' logo and name! Do you know that accidentally the name of Buckley's teenage band was Mahre Bukham? It was comprised of portions of each of its members' last names, Jeff including.

    1. Just as long as it wasn't Buckleyham Nicks, I can live with it.

      And you're quite welcome. The company's explanation of the branding can pretty tortured in other stories on it. Quite amusing, IMO.

  14. Spoiler: Someone calls those angels out of their shadowy realms.

    1. There's only a hair's breadth between us, as sure as we be.

  15. Check this out. Possibly the best 29.43 minutes of mass media ever broadcast.

  16. John Getty, Jr., grandfather of Balthazar, was Kenneth Anger's greatest patron. He funded "Lucifer Rising."

    1. Indeed he was. I wrote on that in the MKOFTEN series.

    2. Andrew Getty died in 2015,he suffered from severe childhood nightmares and adult meth addiction while he spent his life and inheritance creating one unfinished at TOD horror movie called The Story Teller released in 2017 as The Evil Within. The movie is about a special needs boy who suffered from nightmares and grows up to become a child killer.

  17. Thanos? Or Thanus as I calls him...well, there's the whole mad titan could easily consider the Avengers as the gods what came from the Titans, and that whole shebang gang fight...In the comics, Thanos is simply in mad love with Death (portrayed as a female aspect...interesting) and simply wants to kill the universe as his gift to her to win her affections...but in the movie, he wants to depopulate half the universe to bring order about. And they deliberately made the character resonate, so, mucho entrainment fun to be had.
    Mind you, I'm amused by the giant alien whoreobouros cock rings at the beginning.

    1. I'd expect nothing else.

      Jim Starlin is a fascinating chap. Viet Nam vet, huge acid head, lapsed Catholic. He and his chums used to drop acid and run around Manhattan all night. In the 1970s.

      No wonder he had ideas like that.

  18. "You can look it up in those weird rectangular things people used to call "books."". LMFAO.

  19. Damon Lindelof = Demon of Lindal Demon of Alldin...

    1. Or Frodo of Albarn.

      Hey, I've been busy. Cut me a little slack.

  20. Chris,
    Are you hip to the new artist in residence at CERN? She has worked out a new taro deck Hexen 2.0. Talk about revelation of the method. WOW!

    1. Thanks for this! Wow is right. A quote about her Tarot deck:

      "HEXEN 2.0 looks into histories of scientific research behind government programmes of mass control, investigating parallel histories of countercultural and grass roots movements. HEXEN 2.0 charts, within a framework of post-WWII U.S. governmental and military imperatives, the coming together of scientific and social sciences through the development of cybernetics, the history of the internet, the rise of Web 2.0 and increased intelligence gathering, and implications for the future of new systems of societal manipulation towards a control society.

      HEXEN 2.0 specifically investigates the participants of the seminal Macy Conferences (1946-1953), whose primary goal was to set the foundations for a general science of the workings of the human mind. The project simultaneously looks at diverse philosophical, literary and political responses to advances in technology including the claims of Anarcho-Primitivism and Post Leftism, Theodore Kaczynski/The Unabomber, Technogaianism and Transhumanism, and traces precursory ideas such as those of Thoreau, Warren, Heidegger and Adorno in relation to visions of utopic and dystopic futures from science-fiction literature and film.

      Based on actual events, people, histories and scientific projections of the future, and consisting of alchemical diagrams, a Tarot deck, photo-text works, a video and a website, HEXEN 2.0 offers a space where one may use the works as a tool to envision possible alternative futures."

      And this person is the current artist in residence at CERN? May I ask why?? Somebody at CERN, throw us a bone, here.

      "Collide International award is a three month residency programme in collaboration with the UK’s Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT) that provides a fully funded residency of up to two months at CERN and a month at FACT in Liverpool. A jury of experts in art and science selected Suzanne Treister as the winner of the international award. She will spend a residency during Spring 2018 to further develop her investigation about the Holographic Universe and how it might inform the artist’s motivations and intentions through history of art. "

      Um... ok, yeah. Not sure what that means.

    2. Yeah, damn. Huh.

      Don't know what to make of that story.

      Other than CERN being a giant Nephilim altar, that is. So what's all this then? PR?


    3. A friend of mine in Europe was doing some totally mainstream governance research for a business school. The school then sent her for training at Tavistock. I mean, WTF.

    4. Well, good ol' Jack Parsons would recite demonic chants during rocket launches. And CERN has now hired themselves a resident real live house-haunting, broom-riding, cauldron-stirring, card-carrying witch.

      As the French would say, et plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

    5. broke: 'Flat Earth theory compares our planet to PAC-MAN with bizarre new concept'

      flat earth "conspiracy theory tin foil hat nutcases are crazy!!!"

      joke: 'Stephen Hawking's final paper bursts the multiverse bubble with a Holographic Universe theory'

      woke: interpreting the cards to mean masturbating in a particle collider so as to open up a portal to soul possessing intra-dimensional entities is the way forward.

      & on that furthering of insanity:

      light-orange tinted too, bonus jigsaw tattoo photo.

      More colour:

      sonar image in orange


      illustration is image of a circular window framed human being(?) looking out onto an orange planet.

      & finally:

      the text: 'semi-constant frothy-mouthed warnings of its approach.' is an orange hyperlink.

      'Cesario is also joining forces with Dr Pedro Lacerda, from the School of Maths and Physics, to work on a research project called ‘Before and after Halley: Medieval Visions of Modern Science’.'

      'visions'? the water was so unsafe to drink back then beer was the whistle wetter of choice right?

    6. CERN was trying to rebuild Qutzalcoatl's serpent rope aka Wormhole / Stargate.Something tells me The white bearded God Man is none too pleased.As he commands the white orb / saucer UFO fleet that have powerful plasma weaponry,not someone you want to make angry.The orbs ms can create pink beams,lightning,earthquakes,giant crevasses,volcanic eruptions and flooding rains.Quetzalcoatl aka Kalkin ect.the end times last days man or destroyer of evil.He appears in this time as a final return and can also manipulate the prism of curved light thus shaking the very foundations of all illusionary matter / Black iron prison aka the Earth.CERN / DS family of Dark vs Q / K Family of Light : The time of Armageddon is here and above events are all factually true and real.This is happening right now and since Spring 2018 note : video documenting and proof is on YouTube recorded by earth / sky watchers channels.Basically,all you are currently supporting "the beast system" and have supported the family of dark's rule must surrender and white flags from be flown over the house of darkness.

  21. People, did I say here that I saw a big wave coming between the milk moon and the strawberry moon? "Milk and kisses" and Fraser, anyone? I can't remember if I mentioned it here. I did to other people, I'm sure of that. Of course, Chris will say he saw it all along, and I'm not arguing with that at all.

    Just checked the astrology chart for the strawberry new moon, which is what falls bang in the middle. I can't say I found anything particularly impressive, but I thought that maybe the position of Altair (the Eagle) and Betelgeuse (a ruby star if there is one) could be relevant.

    For those wondering if it's political or more kinetic, I reckon definitely kinetic. That doesn't exclude political, as such.

    If it's both... well, Pence is a Calvinist (or at least his church is). I've heard it said that there is no meaningful difference between a strict Calvinist and a dead serious Satanist (as opposed to a rebellious kid that poses as a Satanist but it's all attitude and looks). But I accept that's very much a European point of view. We kicked all the Calvinists out, after all. Total depravity combined with unconditional salvation for believers in the right Lord, though... I think anyone would have to admit that belief combo is a little bit hard to stomach. It makes you wonder if the Lord they serve is one that simply requires a signature in blood, and your soul will be saved unconditionally after that.

    1. Oh, Jeebus. I did not know that, Maria. Where are they getting these names from? And when?

      The Ruby star is a supernova. I think you'll know which one I mean.

      Because so are the Pearly Dewdrops' Drops.

      With me?

  22. The name of the character Starbuck is derived from the story of Moby Dick.

    1. Moby Dick? The bald techno dude who Eminem roasted back in the day?


      Still love Play though. Classic.

    2. And Moby is a Vegan with his own restaurant that probably serves a mean big white soy latte coffee too;-)

    3. "We are all made of stars"

    4. The sync-king Saga of Noah Hathaway who played Boxie in the OS Battlestar Gallatica,Atreya in The NeverEnding Story and Harry Potter Jr. in Troll.

  23. from Philip K. Moby Dick:

    Chapter 49 "The Hyena"

    "There are certain queer times and occasions in this strange mixed affair we call life when a man takes this whole universe for a vast practical joke, though the wit thereof he but dimly discerns, and more than suspects that the joke is at nobody's expense but his own."

    1. Is that off Everything is Wrong? The only song I remember off that one is "When It's Cold I Want to Die". Because of the Stranger Things, um, thing.

  24. Chris,

    I was also a Saga of the Swamp Thing reader from the start. And, considering I frequented the same New England Comics/Collectables where you once worked, it's entirely possible I was buying the copies you had already read and put back on the shelf! If only you were a sloppy eater, then I could check what few I still have for mustard stains.

    May I throw out the possibility that some people aren't accepting this Apocalypse because they don't see it as looking like anything other than the images fed to them in Sunday school? I'm speaking of the wider world, not the readers of this and associated blogs. It's a frightening subject, after all, and far easier to accept from the distance that John the Divine's almost cartoonish allegorical Revelation provides. Even persons who have turned fear into longing via decades of religious indoctrination will balk when told the signs have arrived in different, updated forms.

    1. St. John was seeing the Apocalypse with all the boring bits cut for time. And probably to fit his screen.

      Not surprised you were an SOST reader, you being a chap of taste and distinction. I loved it even before Hagrid took the reins. Then it blew my brains out.

      New England Collectables. You ARE OG.

    2. St. John River reaches record level.

    3. Not tadpoles...Fish fall from the sky in Iran, China and India. Video

  25. "You just have to have an open mind"

    "You think you know somebody but there are some things you truly never know"

    "How can you tell when you're in the presence of evil?"

    "We're in uncharted territory"

    "The time for caution is long past"

    Some of the lines fed to watchers as part of the fire/water montage that is the 'Strange Angel' trailer.

    A comment from a viewer asks:

    'Where is L. Ron Hubbard lol'

  26. One of the comments reminded about stuff I'd heard back in the 80's regarding our origins. The water babies theory.

    And this interesting bit . . .,_A_Fairy_Tale_for_a_Land_Baby

  27. Interesting that Liz Fraser played Bath (& the Pavilion no less). The Beatles played the same venue & it was considered to be the first instance of 'Beatlemania', many other subsequently huge stars also played Bath before becoming massive e.g. Led Zep. Bath has DEEP occult history & connections, including weird stuff at the Roman Baths, huge Knights Templar & Masonic connection s, occult street layouts and three obelisks that line up, plus the ancient springs.

    1. Cheers for this. It's also where Peter Gabriel's Real World studios are.

    2. Gabriel, the former Genesis star, built Real World Studios in 1988 in the rolling hills outside Bath. Its website says: "Crop circles and UFO sightings, ley lines and hauntings make this one of the most unusual places in Britain."

    3. Ah! Bath, the center of the "ceremonial county of Somerset". Years ago when I couldn't spell "occult", it already struck me how many grisly murders in the UK were reported not from the big cities of the northern rust belt, but rather from the lovely town of Bath, population 80,000.

      It's totally worth looking up. Acid murderers, serial killers, ritualistic killers. Occult tarot. Eulian magic. The place is berserk! And the media insists on reminding us just how berserk, time and again sending Poirot and other TV sleuths to sleepy Bath.

    4. Sink of the day:

      'Honey-coloured, history-worn Bath is one of Britain’s most elegant cities, thanks to its days as a stomping ground for 18th-century high society.', 'Bath’s Georgian architecture is unrivalled, yes, but it also has a street dedicated to artisans and a lively vegetarian and vegan food scene.', 'And with the 70th Bath Festival (11-27 May) showcasing music, literature and a day dedicated to feminism, don’t judge Bath until you’ve tried it.'

      'What to do / Live like a Roman / Soak your cares away / Drift down the canal'

      'Best view', 'Bath is surrounded by gentle hills and the 90-minute Walk to the View National Trust route takes you up from the city centre to Bathwick Fields. From here you can see across the tops of spires and beyond.'

    5. Ah! Bath, the center of the "ceremonial county of Somerset". Years ago when I couldn't spell "occult", it already struck me how many grisly murders in the UK were reported not from the big cities of the northern rust belt, but rather from the lovely town of Bath, population 80,000.

      It's totally worth looking up. Acid murderers, serial killers, ritualistic killers. Occult tarot. Eulian magic. The place is berserk! And the media insists on reminding us just how berserk, time and again sending Poirot and other TV sleuths to sleepy Bath."

      Not just Bath in the UK, but also in US - Bath, Ohio is where Jeffrey Dahmer lived and killed, after his family moved there in 1968. Not far from Somerset PA, the first home of many immigrants. (Incidentally, Bath, Oh is just down the road from Blossom Music Hall where I saw Peter Gabriel in concert, 1987. Freshman in college...Oh, memory, incoming,..."Biko", lighters in the air.

  28. Chris,

    Thanks for mentioning that pompous jackass Frank Miller - the highly overrated non-talent responsible for destroying Batman and implementing all this 'Dark Knight' shit (yes, I know Denny O'Neil originally coined the term). One of the biggest travesties in comic history was allowing Miller near paper and pencil.

  29. Interesting Gabriel story, what with the band name and song title during the post-911 Iraq madness. Truly anti-establishment bands today might want to watch their backs if they're writing songs like "Enemies/Friends" considering who they might be dealing with. Recording with Peter might not be such a good idea.

    BTW, this nugget "The complex boasts some of the most advanced recording equipment in the world" probably means "latest in MK/DARPA neuro-sonic testing/implementation." See: George Martin

    1. Phil Collins Land of Confusion lyrics seems to be a poke at globalization puppet rock star justice warrior Gabriel and his spawn Bono.

    2. You may well be right, though I doubt you'll ever see Hollywood make a movie of THAT video! Too bad the music is Genesis at its worst. Some rumors say Collins was also compromised so maybe that was the best he can do.

      The ties between Collins and Gabriel are historically inescapable, as Phil essentially tried to "twin" himself to Peter vocally for years (and also often "twinned" with a right-handed drummer onstage to mirror his left-handed style). I take Phil with a load of salt, though the video is interesting to say the least.

      Little known Gabriel/Collins link: when Genesis was in its post-Gabriel turmoil Collins had a jazz-rock side project called Brand X (with some amazing musicians, btw). The very first song on their first album, Unorthodox Behavior, is Nuclear Burn. It just happens to be in the same (sped-up this time) 7/4 time signature that Gabriel used in his first debut hit, Solsbury Hill. Go figure.

  30. This fish madness is becoming unbelievably mainstream. I just saw this article at Huffington Post:
    Why Is Fish Sex So Hot Right Now? An Investigation

    1. Fire / water, heating / cooling, not a good combination for a vessel to attempt to embody, at least not if It wants to stay in one piece.

  31. Oh and here's something I found interesting: a Parson is a beneficed member of the clergy, a Rector or Vicar. His first name, Jack, was a nickname for John, and indicates 'youth', 'knave in cards', an ordinary man or male animal. Also used to name tools. John from Hellenized Jews seems to be 'Graced by Yah'...all of which given his occultic predilections and science bent, seems metaphorically ironic. Those last words are the best way I can describe my reaction to the complexity involved in such a simple name, and it's synchronic (really, there has to be some weed somewhere with such a name) connections to Jack Parsons. Jack of All Trades? The priestly class? Well, those fellows were into some dark stuff.

    Some people claim that JPL, who he worked for, is actually named after him - Jack Parsons Labs. I think, but am not sure, when I encountered his story in the nineties, it was through some of Jim Keith's writings. There are claims that the explosion in his home lab was retribution by unknown forces for trying to bring about an antichrist...or the inevitable nasty result of dicking around with dark forces.


    'Then this pearl of a quote I’ll be stealing and reusing:

    That name is vestigial now, because it’s only incidental that an iPhone or a Pixel is a telephone. Instead, it’s a frame that surrounds everything that is possible and knowable. A rectangle, as I’ve started calling it.'

    Digital devices as auto-immune response to an alien (& to technology we would be alien) presence?

  33. " Mystery Beyoncebalon also headlined Coachella 13 (thirteen) years after Our Lady and her Unmercenary Musicians were slated to play the festival, only the Sibyl sensed the demonic energies infesting those California foothills and demurred.

    Either that or got cold feet due to lifetime stage-fright. I tend to vacillate on the matter."

    She WAS there, 4/30/ was I and Karen O and TOOL...and Madonna of all twas a blessed night. Thank u Gabby


    2. Yes, indeed. I forgot about this. Poor, sweet, little Liz. Will she ever recover from her ordeals? She seemed in good spirits at Royal Albert.

      The gods are cruel and sadistic.

  34. Good article. Love me some weed and Swampie.

    Also, found a juicy headline

  35. Back in 2013:
    Artist: Pearl Jam
    Album: "Lightning Bolt"
    Song: "Sirens"

  36. There's a new film out (Written by "Diablo Cody") about motherhood named "Tully". Stumbled upon this curious headline on a film site...

    "‘Tully’ Director Jason Reitman on Reuniting With Charlize Theron and All of That Mermaid Symbolism"

    Go figure. Cheers.

  37. I have to set aside time, and a pen and paper for TSS (an acronym that's also onomatopoeiac the sound of fire and water together) just so I can write notes. Also refreshing is that the comments sometimes outdo Chris's own writings.

    We're all just druidic scribes scribbling important to us notes about The Spectacle, and that spectacle has gone into some weird and dark corners.

  38. Met Gala 2018. Thoughts?

  39. So on one of the recent episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race, the runway challenge was a mermaid look. Guess who won that week: a queen named Aquaria, with her oil spill-themed take.

    Do note the "underwater adonis" behind her...

    - Bruno