Saturday, May 05, 2018

Apocalypse News Break: Lusting After Strange Gods

Here's the real truth about "Robot Sex Culture," Mildred: THE HUMAN EXPERIMENT HAS FAILED.

Don't believe me?

Exhibit A: Why is fish sex so hot right now? Good question. 

It's because Huffington Post is an abomination and the only people more gullible and naive than its readers are its writers.

It's also because this is just another blatant entrainment campaign and HuffPost-- a Deep State methane-recycler to the very marrow of its bones-- is doing what it does best and that's hyping a thing that isn't really a thing. Except among a handful of overprivileged ditzes who spend their lives chasing one fad to the next.

Read this mindless crap if you feel the need to barf. Or this mindless carp.

And you know your digital dishrag has really jumped the sex-shark when Jezebel takes the fizz out of your pseudo-pseudo-intellectual drip. Even after you've purged your editorial ranks of the dreaded Y-chromosonal stench.

Tough luck, HuffPost. Try being less stupid next time.

But hey, HuffPost readers; if you want to get in the ground floor for some hot inter-phylum intercourse you'd better get those yoga-pants in gear. Way things are looking, your BCP's might be turning all those hot fish-men into hot transfish-women.

Speaking of which, I've noticed that Twink Stalin David Hogg is running around with increasing desperation, trying to fend off the sudden-onset irrelevancy that inevitably overcomes all media It-boys and intelligence assets. Eighteen might as well be eighty with that crowd, Hoggman, and you're not nearly as dashing as you think you are. Sad, but true.

Last I heard Hogg was really punching down and going after some truly-obscure functionaries deep in the provinces. Sad, but inevitable. 

And since he's not exactly the brightest bulb in the box, Hoggman was trolling Alex Jones about the "gay frog" thing, all of which goes to show that the Deep State circles he's swam in his entire life are essentially a political cult and not anything like an intelligence community. Not anymore. Jones might be annoying as eczema but he happens to do some actual research now and then. 

Try it, Dave. You're going to have plenty of time on your hands much sooner than you know it. 

Anyone else getting the vague but gnawing suspicion this kid is a Tom DeLonge? Meaning a media asset that a lot of folks had high hopes for but really stunk up the joint once the curtain rose? 

I am.

Plus he kinda gives off an Anthony Perkins circa Fear Strikes Out vibe. Or maybe Norman Bates-era. The stare.

Now, a lot of people have asked me if I watched the new Lost in Space and I tried. I really tried, don't I get any credit for that?

There's all this space-junk out there lately and I'm sorry, but it just feels very Andropov-era Warsaw Pact to me. And not to sound like a Flatter or anything but I just don't buy it. Any of it. Fantasy is only effective for me as much as it's based in reality so I only daydreamed about girls I thought I actually had a chance with in high school. 

Mostly I didn't, but hey.

Tell you what: I'll watch Lost in Space as soon as NASA puts astronauts "back" on the Moon. Until then, I'll watch docudramas like Requiem.

But do note the programming we're seeing with these headlines- that Rolling Stone drivel implies robot sex is cool with everyone but incel patsies terrorists and this nonsense here implies that only Westboro Baptist types have a problem with someone wanting to bang the "Danger! Danger!" robot.

Plus, the original Lost in Space already produced the single-greatest double entendre in the history of television, so really. It's all downhill from those olympian heights.

And no, I still haven't seen Infinity War yet either. But since we're following this line of apocalyptic paraphilias, I should note that lusting after a hideous purple giant with democidal cravings is now a thing.

"Explore notions of gender, sexuality and power." Jesus, never mind all these volcanoes popping their tops everywhere, there's the real seventh seal for you; pseudo-academic fuckbabble. "I wasn't fapping to Sailor Moon hentai on that park bench, officer. I was exploring notions of gender, sexuality and power. It's for my master's thesis."

But hey; if you're young and single and male, there's your golden ticket, lads. Become a monster. Preferably a monster with a yearning for mass extinction. You'll be in like Jared-Syn.

OK, I've changed my mind. I've now accepted Thanos as my personal lord and savior

Please come, oh Blessed Consort of Lady Death. And whatever you do, please don't stop at half the Earth's population. The experiment has failed, oh Dreaded One. 

Spade it all under.

But indulge me for a little bit of atodaso for a moment: remember some years back when I was ranting on about that weird, old comic book artist who made everything look square and squiggly and you all wished I'd get back to Rihanna videos and the Knights Templar?

Remember when I was going on about him predicting all this crazy shizz in his comics like 9/11 and the Gulf Wars and all the rest of it?

Well, listen--popular culture, and by that I mean geek culture, is now officially Jack Kirby Culture. 

All of it, superhero, sci-fi, whatever. 

Black Panther? All Jack Kirby, from whiskers to tail. Justice League? No-brainer. Star Wars? Come on, you know that already. All this neo-cyberpunk sci-fi? Go read OMAC. 

Oh, I could just feel your eyes roll when I ranted and raved about Jack Kirby. I certainly saw my traffic and comments drop. Well, listen; it's Jack Kirby's world now and the rest of us just live in it.

I mean, Jesus: The Eternals, even.

So when we get back to this Thanos thing and "halved it in half" and all, reel me a little slack, will ya?

I know I'm stupid and crazy and all the rest of it but when I get that copppery taste of blood in my mouth I don't usually lose the trail of the scent. Word to the wise.

And as it happens maybe there are some real-life Thanos's out there. Isn't that how I Am Legend starts?

And maybe the Microbes are Ready because the Birth Bags are Ready.


OK, given Beyonce's background and politics (and the color scheme used here), did anyone stop to think that this might possibly be construed as a code (or pun) for "black mass"? Or is that actually the point?

Anyway, considering the way things are headed in California (meaning, "into face-smashing techno-eugenic-feudalism"), am I crazy to wonder about the timing of the Beyonce Mass at a Episcopal Church (of course) in San Francisco so soon after the High Priestess of Nu-America paraded around the Inland Empire dressed up kinda like Nefertiti but actually kinda more like Baphomet?

Hey, relax. I'm not saying it's anything but a big old LARP but you gotta admit it's starting to get a bit unsettling, the parallelisms here. That being said, I have been known to admire Beyonce's ample hips and thighs obvious gifts as a musician and performer, at least objectively.

Speaking of LARPS, those nutty Caledonians and their Beltane Fire Festival? Gets more and more impressive every year. As well as vaguely more intimidating. Say what you will about the Scots but they don't do half-measures. 

Amazing we're just forty years past the original Wicker Man and now you have this little picnic here that would leave Elagabulus himself panting with raw envy.

For better or for worse, the world is repaganizing faster than even the most optimistic Grand Heirophant Wolfstortle could have imagined back when he and his small circle of well-nourished RenFaire princesses were getting all skyclad and sweating to the oldies in that surprisingly-impressive stone circle that guy who everyone thought might actually be retarded but was just really quiet put together by himself on that farmland upstate he inherited from his grand aunt.

You know, the place they later found those bodies buried in. Turns out he wasn't retarded or quiet. He was a serial killer. 


You see, I was part of a generation cursed at birth thusly; "every bit of pop culture escapism you treasured as a youth will eventually be concretized, then weaponized, then turned against you." 

And having seen hardcore go from good, clean violent fun to horrible jock violence to scary Neo-Nazi violence to flat-out psychopath violence, I can't help but wonder how this LARP here will go dark. 

Probably when they start up with the mock human sacrifices. That will suddenly become not-so-mock, the way things seem to be going. Don't worry, it will be violent criminals and the like. Real, proper scumbags not even their mothers will miss.

Well, at first. 

Totally and completely changing the subject from Scotland, the general Firth of Forth coastline, witchiness and witchy things influenced by early Killing Joke, let's just jump back to that Siren--you know the shapeshifter with the weird eyes from Bristol Cove (but actually just Bristol) that just happened to show up outside the Southbank Centre one evening.

Why? Well, I just thought it was interesting the Siren was framed against those creepy, Dubai-looking building in the financial district. Future-shockalicious. You know, plus Dubai and junk.

My brain works weird.

Plus, there's the whole Southbank Centre thing just kind of reminding me that scary early bit in Requiem, the absolute must-see Netflix series our Gordon calls the best portrayal of angel magic in pop culture history. 

I concur, actually, even though the series mines that old "young female musical prodigy of Celtic extraction who may or not been subjected to elite cult mind control as a child and who may or may not now be possessed by an ancient celestial being and who also pals around with a beardy and mumbly songwriting partner who plays the Beast to her Beauty" saw. 

That old trope's been done to death, am I right? Seriously.

Even so, it's an oldie but a goodie. 

However, I was stunned to discover that that witchy antique dealer who sounds like she subsists solely on chaw and Liquid Plumbr was none other than mid-90s It Girl, Tara Fitzgerald. I must admit I had a huge dork-crush on this spunky little pixie back in the day (tall guys, short gals--look it up) since she seemed to show up in everything we were renting back in the "please be kind, remind" days.

Tara, I still adore you but lay off those Marlboros, will you? 


No, never mind "Lights." Try vaping FFS.

Don't remember Tara? Maybe you saw her in Sirens, her big breakthrough.

Or more recently in Ridley Scott's (speaking of elite cultists) Exodus: God and Kings.

She played Miriam.

Sister of Moses.

Bonus factoids: the soundtrack to Requiem features Natasha Khan AKA Bat for Lashes. Which is...yeah. I think you know already. I mean, I think you're pretty much expecting it by now.

If not, two words: "Siren Song." Or maybe, "Pearls Dream."

The only "pop song" I hear in the Requiem series is one by Billie Holiday, who by some shrieking fluke of consensual space-time was the only artist a certain dream-pop combo you may remember covered during their lifetime. It's during a scene when Beardy Sidekick-Man is driving through the scenic Welsh highways and byways.

Synchro-Turner Overdrive: Another Beardy Sidekick-Man covered Bat for Lashes with some other chaps here.

Jesus, we're coming up on the anniversary of Chris Cornell's death already. Here's the Seattle legend with his pal Jeff Buckley, getting up to some zany rockstar hijinks. 

Have no idea who the woman on the right is. Do you?

Finally, yeah, the Ring of Fire just keeps on with this slow, steady escalation routine. Not filling me with a great deal of warm and fuzzy feelings. Again; if you're in that general area- and a huge swath of humanity actually is-- take some time to make preparations. Just in case. Better to have it and not need it and so on...


  1. Speaking of the ongoing Apocalypse, I'm probably gonna catch s**t for saying this, but I really don't buy fellow commenter Zod's main "secret sun" theory. Here's why:

    It's purely materialistic in nature, negating the possibility of magic, gods or perhaps even the human soul.

    I don't doubt we're all trapped in a "cosmic mega-cycle" of sorts, it's one of the oldest models of time in existence (Ragnarok, the Celtic Wheel of the Cosmos, the Hindu Yugas, etc.), but Zod's idea is based on the notion that the "Illuminati" or whatever you want to call them are neither good nor evil, HAVE NO TRUE INTEREST IN THE SUPERNATURAL, and only care about continuing a technologically advanced human civilization after the oncoming cataclysm.

    But they're intentionally dumbing down the entire population, making them entirely dependent upon a centralized government, making them weak and incapable of fending for themselves.

    They're doing the exact opposite of what would need to be done in order to ensure the survival and prosperity of the greater good.

    Not to mention that the Fall of Rome/Barbarian Invasions/Dark Ages made us lose 1,000 years of progress, which would have been handy if the ultimate goal would have been to escape this godforsaken planet.

    Not to mention that we might have been lied to for the past 500 years, that the Earth might very well be resting upon an infinitely flat plane of existence (no matter how high you travel, without relying on NASA's and other fake space program's obvious bulls**t (top of Mount Everest, commercial airplane, weather balloon with camera dozens of miles high), the horizon always seems flat and EYE-LEVEL, plane geometry indicating this is only possible on an infinitely flat surface). In other words, a divine creation (regardless of religion).

    The simplest and most straightforward explanation, imo, is that the Globalist Elitist Cult in charge is precisely just as satanic as it seems to be, and the end of the world is quite classically apocalyptic in nature.

    Jesus = man, good. Satan = goat, evil. Jesus + Satan = both man and goat, both good and evil = The Great God Pan.

    I'm off for the week-end, so feel free to call me a f***ing idiot over and over again. Because smart people are purely materialistic and atheistic, right?

    1. Theories are like butt-holes, just about everyone has one and most are full of crap, none more so than the "flat-earth" theory IMO, which is one of the biggest BS theories going round on the net.
      Butt then again I'm probably just talking through my arse, right;-)

    2. Jesus was the lamb of God. A lamb is a worthy blood sacrifice in the old regional understanding. So the lamb of god is a super worthy blood sacrifice. A goat can be used instead of a lamb, btw. In the Eucharist ritual the transmuted blood and flesh consumed by the worshipper. Jesus was a sacrifice to be consumed the faithful. Now that we understand the good and safe parts of the Christian faith we can move on to the Pagans, Templars and the adversary.

      Baphomet is not Satan. I don't think it is totally clear what that fever dream is supposed to represent in a biblical sense. From when the image was first documented it identified Baphomet as a version of Pan. Crowley used it for his Devil tarot card but that's just him doing his own thing, creating his own "new age" religion.

      Crowleyists might use it as the devil but to them it might not even technically represent the same thing as Satan does to a hellfire & brimstone preacher. Now, an atheist might calculate that if you perform an atrocity in the name of Pan or Satan that there is no real difference. They might say, "you just committed an atrocity for no good reason. Creep."

      Satan is variously described as more of a predator who is a danger to "sheep" like a wolf or a flying serpent. Basically more red riding hood than beauty and the beast. Maybe we should be more suspicious of people with esoteric interests in wolves and snakes than people with interest in goats? But people today are mostly disconnected form nature so they don’t really understand how murderous and hateful creatures like wolves and snakes were to our ancestors. It’s just more Disney family friendly fun for them to meet a nice fluffy wolf while on a drug trip.

    3. JB, I don't mind people saying all sorts of weird stuff, except when they say things against science that actually get routinely believed by people without much of a science education. Such as "climate change is fake/has nothing to do with all the stuff humans have burned" and "the NASA space program was fake". You may think that surely it doesn't matter. Since someone that appears to believe at least some of that is now president of the USA, I disagree with that attitude. If you're willing to sow distrust in science, I hope you are also willing to live without a working electricity grid. It does depend on trust in science.

      I'll think a bit about everything else you said and probably will come up with a response later.

    4. JB, the fact remains, the biggest secret is the secret of our second sun, which is revealed in the Great Pyramid. No-one builds that for laughs or vanity.

      The ability to escape the cycle of rebirth is dependent upon timing mankind's technological advancement, just right, which is why progress has been tightly controlled (by the Vatican, and latterly, via the patent system), and hence why from uninformed perspectives it has seemed perversely retarded.

      As to the mollification of the masses, how else are TPTB going to suppress potential panic? At the same time as the sheep are terrorised into stupefaction, the percipient are tipped-off that something is awry.

      It is only the latter who have any hope in any case.

      But then there are also the distractions, delusions, and diversions created to mislead those of lesser acuity, e.g. the flat Earth, etc.

      The secret sun/Sun determined cycle of rebirth is the tragic predicament of h sapiens. It is the aspiration of the 'sapiens' that after umpteen hundred cycles, there will finally be enough sapience that the cycle can be escaped.

      Everything else is part of the mission, the method, the mystery.

      However terrible, it's all too banal. There's no magic, and nothing supernatural - however humoured otherwise the credulous may be.

      Find the secret sun...

    5. Etherealizing by Robert Frost

      "A theory if you hold it hard enough
      And long enough gets rated as a creed:
      Such as that flesh is something we can slough
      So that the mind can be entirely freed.
      Then when the arms and legs have atrophied,
      And brain is all that’s left of mortal stuff,
      We can lie on the beach with the seaweed
      And take our daily tide baths smooth and rough.
      There once we lay as blobs of jellyfish
      At evolution’s opposite extreme.
      But now as blobs of brain we’ll lie and dream,
      With only one vestigial creature wish:
      Oh, may the tide be soon enough at high
      To keep our abstract verse from being dry."

    6. Hey Zod, samsara is overcome with mindfulness and enlightenment. Compassion for all. The Sun of an occulted nature is key. 87

    7. Dennis, per Wikipedia: "The Saṃsāra doctrine is tied to the Karma theory of Indian religions, and the liberation from Saṃsāra has been at the core of the spiritual quest of Indian traditions, as well as their internal disagreements. The liberation from Saṃsāra is called Moksha, Nirvana, Mukti or Kaivalya."

      I've been using the expression 'escape the cycle of rebirth', but as you see, it exists in other forms, e.g. 'liberation from Saṃsāra'.

      Just as Jesus is a metaphor for the cycle, so other religions/philosophies encode it in metaphor. The brutal truth is of course a tad too brutal for the typical neophyte, let alone the laity.

      This is the great mission, and mankind is in the grip of its missionaries. The masses cannot survive en masse in any case, and thus the mission exceeds all other considerations.

      Seek enlightenment, be mindful, and by all means be compassionate, but the most one can do in that respect is to slightly hasten the enlightenment of those already well on the way. Hence my pseudonymous comments in this esoteric back-water with its relatively miniscule audience of elightenment-seeking pilgrims. :-)

    8. I've given some more thought to your comments, and I simply don't know enough about your worldview (or the world, for that matter) to add anything more. Except that experimental evidence is generally available to lots of people.

      I wonder if you can offer some argument with proper calculations and formulas in it to explain your reasoning.

    9. Maria, it's a matter of research - and that means you have to do it yourself. I've provided many links in my comments to give you an ample variety of starting points.

      It's not necessarily the best starting point, but here's a gentle introduction to the secret sun (that doesn't quite go as far as revealing it):

    10. I can't imagine how it can even be argued that the world's elite believe in, participate in, and celebrate what amount to satanic beliefs and practices. There is far too much evidence for anyone who has even a cursory understanding of history and historic figures or any semblance of intelligence for that matter, to deny. In other words, despite any inflation of the ego by encapsulating yourself in a belief in everyone else's naivety, it doesn't matter if you believe it because they do, and they run the show. It is disingenuous to pretend otherwise for any reason.

    11. Nicholas, bear in mind that there are strata, i.e. layers in the pyramid of control.

      I have already pointed out that those who are credulous are humoured/entertained to unscrupulous ends (and if required, are persuaded to believe in the supernatural). This doesn't mean that beliefs (no matter how high an echelon the believer) in the supernatural become true.

      Ultimately, all the satanic symbolism brings you back to the secret sun - however useful it is to induce and control the credulous on their way up (with concomitant delusions that demons/supernatural forces are involved).

      So, grasshopper, when you can tell me all about the secret sun, you will likely also understand satanism - and that there is nothing supernatural underlying it (despite belief otherwise).

    12. Pan is a made up myth.Baphomwt is another man-made and repurposed icon.The Goat Man is a good Nature dwelling Being,who is the protector of children and baby animals.

  2. "Well, listen--popular culture, and by that I mean geek culture, is now officially Jack Kirby Culture."

    Yep, and they didn't even bother renting it, they just downright stole the damn thing. Marvel makes billions & Jack, if I remember correctly, practically had to beg to get his art returned.
    I'd rather watch paint dry.

    Quickly off topic, I was cleaning out my garage so my kid's band has a practice space & I dug out my old comics. Among them were a box of old Mad magazines. Holy crap, Gaines didn't pull any punches. There were lynching photos in there. Cops busting heads. Amazing. Now Mad just bleats the same tired anti-Trump BS that SNL uses.

  3. The girl is Maria Hernon, her social media is quite public. This picture is from 1996 when she met Cornell and Buckley.
    @chriscornellperu has the picture as well


    Because hey, Mars, the VP visiting JPL, WTF? Scifi fun times for all. & way things are going planetside, we'll all be cosmic swingers or dead anyways. Fnord.

  5. I follow a few art subreddits, and there are always art challenges going on, such as Inktober (draw a pen and ink drawing everyday in October). This month...I just learned of Mermay and #mermay on Twitter and Instagram. Draw a mer-thing every day in May:

  6. Awesome work CLK...this particular post reminded me of this Killing Joke song:

    Lift up your spirits!
    Too much pain and suffering, crying too many's funerals, we know the earth is dying gatherers, celebrants, in a state of merriment this sickness - cleanse us with fire and music.
    This tribal antidote my choice, come to the great assembly - Revelry rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!
    Not a concert, show or entertainment a temple, a ritual, a festival of dissent kindred spirits exchange and listen we share in common different value system.
    This tribal antidote my choice, come to the great assembly - Revelry rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!
    This tribal antidote my choice, come to the great assembly - Revelry rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!
    Church of liberty, you'll never take this from me barter, no money, i don't suffer from spiritual poverty economic slavery, come back with bravery here is a sanctuary we'll get away from all this.
    This tribal antidote my choice, come to the great assembly - Revelry rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!
    This tribal antidote my choice, come to the great assembly - Revelry rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

  7. Chris, no need to worry about the impending apocalypse, just pledge fealty and you'll be guaranteed safety in Aurora's 'Queendom'.
    Apparently it's not just the title of her new single but an actual manifesto by the 21yr old 'elven queen':

    "Queendom is about celebrating all the differences in us. It’s about celebrating the women and the children and animals and the men also. The quiet ones and the introverts, where they can sing and be seen. It’s about the shy people and the lonely people and I hope it can be a place where we can come and be lonely together and then not be lonely anymore. Queendom is a place for all of us."

  8. Is there anyone in the real world who thinks fish sex is hot? Oh sure, there's a history of human dolphin kink, but that's about it. As far as dolphins and humans, there's both myth and reality. I believe there was some scientist who fell in love with her dolphin. Don't recall the name. Thanos - aside from obviously designed for entrainent entertainment, hot? Nah. Giant purple dong and all that. I've been toying with the idea that Mr. T (now that's an insult to the actual Mr. T) represents several mythic whatsits...and at least one stereotype. The stereotype would be a typical jockish white male supremacist...the archetypes could be an original Titan, the gnostic mad demiurge and some others that if I bothered to research I could probably name. Also, he sacrifices his only real love, Gamora (Gomorrah) by throwing her off a cliff - sorcerer's jump and shades of was it Isaac who was told by the Abrahamic God to sacrifice his son? Anyways, enough of that, we have the ring of fire heating up, Yellowstone pumping up the jam, a full moon on Beltane...I sometimes think, "y'know, back in the day, your average medieval or paleolithic plebe would have no trouble reading these sings. Like, if such a person was to watch any of hollywood's movies, they wouldn't notice the plot near as much as all the stuff in it." Well, maybe...depends on literacy and such...

    1. You got the story of the dolphin and the scientist wrong. She didn't fall for her dolphin, the dolphin fell for her. Or rather, dolphins get rather sex-crazed when they're alone in a small tank. (Come to think about it, same sort of thing happens to jailed young men). Basically, there's no there there.

      I honestly didn't get from the movie that Thanos might be supposed to be hot. Vision was clearly supposed to be hot, and did the classic thing of dying in a way that looked like sex. Or like movie sex, anyway.

      I thought one of the things Thanos was supposed to represent was AI. Because he makes a purely random choice on who to kill, which no human/humanoid being would make. Also, because he likes perfect balance, and one of the things AIs are supposed to be is perfectly balanced.

    2. John C. Lilly and ECCO

      Earth Coincidence Control Operators.

      (If you any of you Schizoids haven't heard of him, now is the time)

      Find his autobiography (written in the third person) called "The Scientist".

    3. Maria, I would guess (as I have no proof) that Thanos willed the Gauntlet to kill - erase, really - half the population of the universe as a way of avoiding guilt for any individual death. Recall that [SPOILER] one of the Guardians reads his mind and sees terrible remorse. Such as motivation is less the move of an AI than of an organic.

      As to hotness, I also don't get it, at least based on his looks. But, both sexes are attracted to power, and he certainly has that in spades. Still not interested, meself, but that might motivate others.

  9. We don't need beasts and monsters. Let's look at today's concept of male beauty, as presented e.g. on All the photos rated 5 stars are of beastly-looking, pumped-full-of-steroids, lumberjack-hairy meatheads. They are 2 inches away from looking like Thanos in the above article.

    In my day, women were swooning over guys like Alain Delon - clean-shaven, brooding, pretty as a girl.

    1. There was an interesting study on which men women find attractive, done in several places. The conclusion was interesting. The more dangerous the place, the more they liked strong-looking men. The safest, the more they preferred "pretty as a girl" types. Makes a lot of sense, when you think about it. We women spend more time worrying about violence, because, you know, we normally lose fights. If you live in a violent place, you want to be with somebody that will fight for you. If you live in a safe place, you want to be with somebody who is very unlikely to beat you up.

  10. I read your blog regularly, but I'm not smart enough to comment. However, I found this just searching Tara Fitzgerald. I thought it was rather interesting:

    1. "...not smart enough to comment"?!
      If that was a qualification to be able to comment here then there would be no comments on 'The Secret Sun' at all:-)

    2. See spot.
      See spot run.
      See spot run his ass off trying to escape the 1500 foot massive Tsunami bearing down on his sorry ass complements of the 'secret sun'.
      And we wonder why we see so many water/fish memes?

    3. At least you have the guts not to post as an "anonymous" commentator mandoharpman, which is something I admire.

    4. anonymous 9:24- huh? how'd you get hurt feelings?

    5. so sick of those cruel fucks posing for photos with dead animals, if there is justice, someone would be soon posing with them in the same manner.

    6. dead animals, not deaf of course. Saw my typo too late...


    To my eye - the speakers at the recent American Renaissance conference look....MERMAN like in the photographs.

    "Professor Whitman also described his “all time favorite” population, the Bajour of the Philippines (sometimes known as “sea gypsies”), a nomadic population with genetic adaptations that allow them to hold their breath as long as 13 minutes."

  12. I feel like the 'fish-sex phenomenon' is about 50% shout-out and tribute to Oannes/nommo mythology and about 50% attack on the contemporary 'dad-bod' that most men are inhabiting due to poor diet and lack of exercise. The rise of the generation of newly-empowered females is of course going to impact choices being made in Hollywood. What do these strong women want to look at, and fantasize about? Certainly not the pudgy, domesticated archetype of the American Dad. Ralph Kramden is out, Alice Kramden doesn't exist anymore, the "Honeymoon" is over. Put down that slice of pie and have a simple hard-boiled egg for lunch, or you'll be stuck in incel hell from now on!

  13. Been looking at the Hexen 2.0 Tarot...some tarot fans think it's not meant for doing readings for people. Two cards, The Empress (as I write this, I'm listening to a 70's channel and Ned Doheny is singing The Devil In You) and The Devil, refer to Intelligence Agencies, and Control Societies, which are one and the same...(and now Ozark Mountain Daredevils are singing Jackie Blue, "jackie Blue something something when you never lose." Cool.)...the back of the cards are a representation of both the information explosion and a nuclear explosion and it's the same top and bottom, as in reveresed, 'as above, so below'. Given the references to LSD and psychedelia in the deck, maybe it's even a magic mushroom...anyhoo, the whole deck reeks of spirals, masonic symbols, occult symbols, and references mad men and Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley, the Macy's Conference, all lovely little guideposts to early 20th century technocrat transhumanist undemocratic thinking...the danger of transhumanism, pretty simple really - they really dug into some Buckley and realized that through social engineering and machines, they can sidestep that meddlesome democratic system that has given the plebes far too much say in what goes on. Can't have the slaves getting uppity, and anyways we have to maintain the herd for the aliens, who will want the best studs and boss cows, of course. The rest are mostly meat and research.

    What puzzles me is why Cern is doing this. Everything seems, seems I say, to point to some hoary arsed occultic/alchemical dark kind of bullshit. So very 90's cyberpunkish 'technowizard' kinda theme.

    And now it's Toto's 'Hold The Line', which at least the song title connects with the above material...

    1. Brycer 4:08 I would say that Cernunnos, I mean CERN is all about dimensional portals; to activate/ALLOW 'passage' from other realms/dimensions into ours by 'other intelligences'.
      BIG problem here is that these 'intelligences' were never intended to inhabit our 'time/space'; see we are basically FOOD to them!
      Guess who's coming to dinner!!
      "Meat and research", nicely said.

    2. CERN is psyop to take credit for and explain the "Mandala Effect" changes which are no different than changing water into wine.And we can't have some white jesus lookalike guy coming out of nowhere and taking credit for editing reality,now can we?

    3. 'The World' card simply displays text stating:


      so, the internet (made possible by Lucifer's Technologies) as third world war?

  14. Hi Chris, I love your blog - it really resonates & the commenters are just as interesting. My view is that the whole apocolypse script is being amped up & the apparently sloppy psyops are anything but. They want Americans to realise they've been played for fools. The fact that gun sales are on the increase says to me that that is the outcome they want. Once people realise how much of a surveillance system they have participated in implementing then panic will set in. People are being primed up to overreact & they are arming themselves to the teeth. Why do you think the big players are buying up property in places like New Zealand?

    1. Anon4:51, well done for noting the 'apparent sloppiness'.

      However, it is not intended to admonish and shame the fools - far from it. It is intended to pass the fools by.

      The target is those few who are not fools - for these are the only ones who'll have a chance of understanding the message being sent to them - the only ones who'll have a chance.

      That's why I like this blog. Chris is doing a great job collecting and analysing another communications channel, a more meta, a more subliminal/esoteric channel. It reminds me of the cascading CRT screens of the Matrix movie - supposedly legible to the cognoscenti.

    2. Anon4:51, here's an example of a not-so-foolish perception of current affairs (inc. sloppy psyops) being reported upon by a mystified journalist:

      The majority will write it off as 'just politics', a few will treat it as typical political intrigue/corruption and machinations of little ultimate concern, a tiny few will write articles announcing that something is rotten in the state of Denmark, and an even tinier few will investigate further...

      It takes a long time for the budding holistic detective to find all the necessary dots, and connect them together in the right order, such that a picture emerges of WTF is going on.

      You end up knowing that there are two suns in the sky - which is nice.

    3. I know it isn't fashionable here to bring in the topic of Q but I must in light of your comments about Theresa May. I too read that article this morning but my thoughts turned to the photo that Q dropped a few months ago showing a teenage May smiling alongside Anglea Merkle and the future president of Lithuana. So when I saw the story my thoughts turned to the photo and all that entails (like wtf?) and without going deep you can see this is a work that has been going on for a long time (basically since Uranus was in Taurus last).

      My point is this is the time of waking up and if this blog isn't an example of the tip of the iceberg than I don't know what is.

      We are at a point where if we don't have compassion for each other we won't make no matter if we're the enlightened smart ones or not. If you are correct in your theory and appear to care about the destiny of humanity then you shouldn't have such destain for it.

    4. Actually I've reconsidered & I now suspect that evidence of complicity in a false flag to "get your guns" may be an intended defence. If your society does break down there will be wholesale slaughter & then people will be looking to cast blame. MSM media will then be all like "oh no! not us! we tried to prevent this happening...". anon4:51

  15. Avengers infinity war was originally to be released May 4 2018. April 4 2018 "Signs of the End Times Strange trumpet sounds over Hawaii" published May 4 2018 "Strangeness Over Hawaii WSO Investigates"

    1. Beware the sounding of the Gjallarhorn:

  16. This is OT, so do with it as you like, but I and some other people have had intermittent problems with posting here. I found out that I have to set my browser (Firefox/Pale Moon) to accept third-party cookies from visited sites in order to use my Google profile for posting. More restrictive cookie settings don't allow it. Apologies if this is already well-known. Hope it helps some.

    1. Thanks for the info, thought I was the only one (but that was just a lie). FFox doesn’t even open the page if I enter it directly into address bar. I get back an error message “user hasn’t set up page”blah blah wtf. I’ve had success using a search engine then clicking the result link to enter this blogspot. FN weird.

  17. Hi Chris,

    I've enjoyed your writing since practically the beginning of the blog, and I might be misremembering but I don't recall your using quite so many f-bombs in the past. I know, I know it's the apocalypse and all, but for me it's distracting from your very salient and timely perspective of current events.

    Also, don't know if you know that there was a Valis movie last year, Radio Free Albemuth, it was on Netflix.

    And I heard on Dark Journalist that Pres Trump's uncle, a John Trump, was the protege of one Vannevar Bush.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Yeah, it's more a function of having less time to polish. Plus having to read the skull-drilling stupidity of Huffington Post makes me a little salty.

      Radio Free Albemuth. We'll get to that one soon.

    2. Ditto, jinks. I also wish Chris would ditch the f-bombs and scatological references while continuing to provide the absolutely riveting content which draws me to this site.

    3. really there is hardly anything that comes to mind when a person discovers these things besides "wtf? ffs!" love and thanks.

    4. I don't trust people who don't cuss.

      And never read Miles Davis' autobiography. The word 'motherfucker' is on every page, usually multiple times.

    5. There is most definitely a time and place for it, but the debasement of our culture, which we are witnessing as so well-documented by Chris, includes the way language is used.

    6. Don't Panic and Worship Jay and Bey.The American people were happy to twerk for the cabal and debase themselves for likes and dollars.The Wealth of avowed Satanic Crowley worshippers Jay Z and Beyonce is a sign of the Times.After all :the bush-obama years really did turn the USA into a Idiocracy hell on earth. All you brainwashed
      clowns are about to get a very rude awakening.

    7. But Jinks, Christopher Knowles cusses brilliantly! Very few writers do. He's casual and contemporary and sounds conversational. I love his writing style, heck, it's half the reason I read The Secret Sun. Syncra

  18. I'm starting to experience what Chris has at times in terms of the past somehow being "rewritten" and making us wonder sometimes about our sanity. I just read today about Nichelle 'Lt. Uhura' Nichols' son wanting to take some action concerning his mother's state of health. Whaaa??? I could have sworn I heard within the last year or two that she had passed away. I also had the same thing last month watching Bert Young (Paulie from Rocky) in a film and, on a whim, checked IMDB after to see that he is still alive and acting after I was absolutely sure he died quite a while back. I don't know what the hell's going on anymore!

    All this is to say that, yes, rags like Huff Post (and man, do they Huff and Puff!) are trying to rewrite the narrative and it's seeming like the overall narrative is being rewritten now entirely across the board. Whatever you remember today probably won't be worth squat tomorrow.

    1. Yes,Uhuru died in 2017.The tv memorials talked about her and Kirk kissing. Diana Ross died a few years ago from cancer she said was caused by 911 dust,yep she is alive.A lot of people remember Mel Brooks dying,but you guessed it he is still around.Louie Anderson died a long time ago but he is also still lurking too.

  19. A bit of "gay frog" history, with some rather scary numbers at the end:

    As for Lost in Space, consider Dr. Smith's many "Will, be a dear boy and...." often (always?) had creepy pedo overtones.

    1. Yes agreed.
      Dr. Smith was obviously gay.
      The 'early' gay mafia.
      Sad actually, since we are all, gay or not, human beings.
      And if you think 'GOD' judges based on sexual preference, think again.
      ALONE is ALL ONE.

    2. anonymous 11:16 gay and pedo are not the same states of being and dr. smith had a creepy vibe.

  20. The greatest mystery of The Age is 'what do the end credit scenes of Marvel(/Disney) movies augur for humanity?'

    & speaking of sexbots, & Pearled linkages, in 'AIW' 'The Scarlet Witch' is hiding out with 'Vision' in Scotland of all places that's the role all girls raised by The Beauty (Hermione) want to be spliced with The Beast (synthetic man infused with 'life' by a Soul Stone) what a chimera to dream of.

    'For Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen... it's all rooted in a love story.'

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Aaaaarrrggghh

  23. "You see, I was part of a generation cursed at birth thusly; "every bit of pop culture escapism you treasured as a youth will eventually be concretized, then weaponized, then turned against you."

    We're the same age so I get what you're saying here. My perspective though is that we are uniquely positioned to call out that weaponization. It's why we're here. I don't want to go all astrological (hard for me) but if you were born in 1966 or 67 you have the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in your chart (look up to see what it's all about). Basically we are change agents. Our nature is to shake it up and change happens with our mere presence. I believe this is why Gen X is marginalized and kept from power.


    1. Generation X lead the Second American Revolution of 1999.See : Seattle anti-Wto Protests aka Seattle anti-Nwo Protests

  24. Requiem's cliffhanger clearly is a nod to another cliffhanger from long ago, here's the hint: "How's Annie?!"
    That photo with Cornell, a treasure.

  25. It was a terrible movie but I thought it was interesting that the plot of Pacific Rim: Uprising was about creatures from another dimension coming through portals under the ocean to set off all the volcanoes around the ring of fire.

  26. Anyone paying attention to Stormy's last words on her SNL appearance? Where have we heard them before?

  27. Was it 'bey' or was it 'jay' chanting to the 'chella formation to "suck on" their "balls"?

    Judging by the footage, in particular the procession of kangz on stage, a 'drag race' may well have been glamoured.

    & re: doppel-clone-splice-drones, is that 'kim k' in the top picture being hastily reprogrammed to wield the whip-hand more effectively now kanye's attempting to swim off 'the sunken place' plantation?

    1. Kanye better watch it or he might get "Odomized" and end up "discovered" in a druggy stupor surrounded by NV prostitutes.

    2. *crack, not wield the whip-hand.

      & 'Odomizing'? No wonder Bruce got "tired of tucking the damn thing in all the time" - no men allowed in the Koven.

      Joking aside, did 'Caitlyn' emerge in an attempt to get a (bigger) piece of the Armenian Witch action?

      'This was not the Armenia Spring, nor was it a Color Revolution.'

      'Tomorrow' in orange.

  28. This reminds me of the South Park episode where Kanye loves “fish dicks”....

  29. Do you like fishsticks?

  30. Chris, per your 'decoding the great seal' article, I thought you may be interested in this photo:

    The Hexagram is suprisingly clear in this one. Although it does appear in the great seal of many other district courts, it doesn't appear to be quite so well defined.

  31. The Cocteau´s version of Strange Fruit is almost soothing if compared to the terrifying original.
    But they covered two more , very unlikely songs during their Capitol/Fontana years: Frosty The Snowman and Winter Wonderland.
    Although they might have recorded those two songs under label pressure, I dread to think what syncs you might find in them.
    Another cover she was featured on was Otis Redding´s Respect covered by The Wolfgang Press. She also sang with them on a song called I Am The Crime (which has her wailing the lines "I´m running through the river saying: Life´s a lie").

    1. My very first blog post is about Frosty the Snowman, addressing an alchemical code in the lyrics! I too wondered why the Cocteaus chose to cover this song.

  32. The 'rolling stone' article includes the following pearl of wisdom on the folly of pandering to incels* (by providing them with fleshlights with legs as solution to their terror campaign):

    'As a society, we don't appease any other kind of terrorism this way.'

    pop-culture, the bread & butter of the author (a 'Ana Marie Cox'), Is an act of terror upon Humanity & one of the facets of It's full-spectrum assault upon us is the kind of 'most popular kid in high-school' bootcamp-inculcation celebrated by the likes of 'Pop Idol'/'American Idol'/'The X Factor'/'Great British Bake Off' etc. which feed - attempt to at least, the insatiable cravings of The Entertainment Industry (fed on a a strict diet of stars ONLY), which is still held in the highest of esteem - even now after all that has been openly admitted regarding aspects of specific instances of abuse & corruption - indeed It's the ideal of this age of obscenity to Work oneself towards playing one's part, either as producer or consumer (if there's actually any difference), as supporter, facilitator, enabler & embodier of Star making & Stardom (stardom , star-dom, star + dom, dom 'from Old English dom "statute, judgment"' & there's the bdsm 'dom' term too which I think's more apposite a connection in this context.)

    Of course this disgusting play on things will rub folk the wrong way, some simply take their feelings of ostracisation - which is the alienating effect of pop-culture, whether subtle or overt, upon Humanity - to the point of incel-spawned counter attack & no amount of waifu pillows in the shape of sexbots will stop this, this aspect is no doubt understood & courted by the manufacturers of the star-lit illusion.

    (The rs article links to another asking ''Wild Wild Country': Is Subject of Netflix Doc Really a 'Sex Cult'?')

    On the domination of stars:

    '...the likes of ... turned up last night to show off their best interpretation of the theme, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.', '...Bey was actually planning on attending the Gala in New York City last night... JAY-Z instead booked her a surprise holiday.', '"...he felt she needed to relax before her tour,"'

    + this nugget of admission:

    'Many fans are pointing out that Bey's 2017 GRAMMYs outfit, which saw her don a celestial sun style head dress... would actually have fitted the Met Gala theme, so maybe she's just further ahead of us than we ever know.'

    'This look didn't come together overnight... "They've already worked on it for 600 hours, and it's not done."'

    & the best for last:

    'Katy Perry pushed the dress code to its limits, clad as the Angel Gabriel in a Versace chainmail mini dress and feathered wings spanning six feet, and offering an outstanding display of opulence that can only have pleased fans of the decadent workmanship associated with Catholic vestments. If nothing else, she was entirely on theme.'


    kanye as next incelorist?

    1. This was nice too.

    2. *by providing them with fleshlights with legs as solution to their terror campaign...

      'pacifier' rather than 'solution', but incel with no pacifier or pacified incel both options result in death, death of the incel who has not devoted their life to the biological imperative or death for those targeted by the incel aut-sperging out in revenge at those denying their advances.

      Yes Anony, 'Grimes' deciding to go with the goth-loli look rather than the popular armour get-up glamoured on the red carpet by so many other gala-goers.

      & there's a Depp link:

      'Musk previously dated actress Amber Heard, who was also in attendance at the annual gala.'

      & although Bey wasn't in attendance, although having said that who's to say? perhaps she was guised as another?, 'halo' adorned Solange was:

      'The singer toted a netted handbag that revealed a sizable glass bottle of Florida Water, a type of cologne that's linked to the Fountain of Youth and typically used for spiritual purposes in voodoo culture.'


      'Pronoun stickers are becoming increasingly common at conferences to foster inclusiveness and reduce instances of misgendering.'

      To paraphrase Orwell:

      "if there is hope, it lies in the incels"

  33. Hi Chris,
    Since you take a lot of notice of the name Fraser and all of its variant spellings, what do you make of the little internet story going around that the movie Avengers:Infinity War was "inspired" by Frasier (the sitcom)? Just google "Frasier Avengers" and you'll see what I mean.

  34. Let's face it. Maybe "fish sex" is not something new..I mean, "The old joke about a blind man walking through the fish market" has been around since I was a kid.

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