Sunday, October 01, 2017

So Now You Know, Concluded

Watch this.

The film adaptation of Stephen King's It is now the top-grossing horror film of all time. And since it's 2017 we're looking at a film based on a novel which deals with childhood trauma, alternate dimensions, sentient orbs, and killer clowns. Plus, ancient aliens, drowning and, oh yeah, a fucked-up scene depicting an underage gangbang.*

Plus, a secret society. Because it's 2017. And that's just the way it is.

A funny thing occurred to me today. There are a number of different productions of The Little Mermaid being worked on right now. Four different films, a ballet, a live TV show and a traveling production of the Disney musical. But what is The Little Mermaid all about, really? I mean, when you really get down to brass tacks?

It's really about a young girl entering another reality, our reality in this particular case. After a traumatic experience.

With the aid of sorcery.

Now, I've talked a lot about the Descent to the Underworld, a theme which famously plays a very central role in It. I'm not giving away any spoilers here, you can see it all in the trailers.

The earliest telling we have of this myth concerns Inanna, the prototype for Atargatis and subsequently the prototype for mermaids. She descends into the Underworld with Enki (god of the waters, among other things) to confront the king and queen of Hell and rescue Dumuzid (or Tammuz), her shepherd-boy consort. And from that point on we're off to the races.

We see a variant on the descent in the first Stranger Things, when Sheriff Hopper and Joyce Byers travel to the Upside Down to rescue Will. 

Wonder Woman, the biggest hit movie of 2017 so far, is a beat-for-beat retelling of Inanna's descent, done with such on-the-spectrum obsession with detail I can't help but wonder if it isn't actually a devotional text. And the Amazons themselves were based on the Hittite priestesses of Atargatis, aka the Big Mermaid.

Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz are variations on the theme, as is The OA, which is essentially an explicit Mystery cult narrative based on The Rape of Persephone. The very name Prairie - a synonym for meadow- tells us that's exactly what we're seeing since Homer tells us Persephone was abducted from a meadow and taken to the Underworld in Pluto's flying chariot.

So yet another traumatized child crossing dimensional barriers. Kind of a very old thruline we're looking at here. And you should probably know by now who else channeled Persephone.

Twin Peaks is a variation on the theme, more based on Orpheus and Eurydice. In that particular myth Orpheus descends to the Underworld to rescue his consort Eurydice, who was killed while fleeing from a satyr (read: rapist). Orpheus is allowed to descend into Hades and rescue Eurydice but only on the condition that he not turn back to look at her while leaving the Underworld. 

Since this is a Greek myth and everything has to end badly, Orpheus fucks up and does the one thing he's told not to do and Eurydice is lost forever. Then he's murdered by a pack of horny Maenads and his head and lyre float down a river before being enshrined in a temple on the Isle of Lesbos. The End!

In Twin Peaks, Cooper enters the Black Lodge- Hades, the Underworld, the dimensional rift, yadda yadda- to rescue Annie Blackburn but does so with insufficient courage. He loses Annie and is possessed by a demon. In Twin Peaks: The Return, Cooper returns to the Black Lodge to rescue Laura Palmer and change history- meaning he looks back- only to find himself back in the Black Lodge forever. The End!

We see variations on the Descent to the Underworld all over all kinds of sci-fi narratives: 2001: A Space Odyssey (with HAL's core as Hell), Star Wars (the Death Star), Aliens (the basement nest of the xenomorphs), Star Trek: First Contact (the Borg-occupied engine room) and both X-Files movies (the underground alien ship and the "underground" genetics lab.

Well, this little comparative mythology lesson is absolutely scintillating, I hear you say, but what the fuck does it have to do with reality?

Well, most of these descent stories deal with adults. It's a bit different with kids. 

So the question you really should be asking is how did all these kinds of stories become so dominant in our culture today?

Well, let's get back to MKULTRA.

"MKULTRA" is like "CIA"- it's more a shorthand for any number of bizarre human experiments the government undertook to try to control or alter the human mind, using drugs, weird tech, trauma, whatever. 

The cover story for this quarter-century, multimillion enterprise was that it was all concocted to develop mind-controlled assassins and interrogation techniques. Which is all bullshit because the very term assassin comes from the Nizari sect who were creating perfectly-functional mind-controlled assassins a thousand years ago, and pretty much everyone had perfected drug-driven interrogation techniques during WWII.

I think their ambitions were infinitely grander.

MKULTRA was the brainchild of Allen Dulles, the first civilian (quote-unquote) CIA director. Dulles had a cushy post in neutral Switzerland during the Second World War. By a sheer fluke of coincidence scientists in nearby Basel were experimenting with the chemical compounds that would ultimately become Lysergic acid diethylamide.

Dulles would also encounter the legendary Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who was treating Dulles' mistress Mary Bancroft for a psychosomatic sneezing condition. For a while Jung and Dulles swapped notes through Bancroft but later began to meet in person. 

Dulles wanted Jung to psychoanalyze Hitler, a practice we've since come to know as profiling. Apparently Dulles really hit it off with Jung and the two would often engage in marathon gabfests. Dulles even gave Jung a fancy spy name, Agent 488.

But I'm pretty sure they exhausted the Hitler topic fairly quickly.

As many of you know Jung famously broke with his mentor Sigmund Freud (who he saw as a father-figure and swapped lovers with), and promptly lapsed into a fullblown nervous breakdown (or "Night Sea Journey") after which he dove headfirst into the occult, particularly the blood-soaked mysteries of Mithras, which centered on the notion of transcendence through ordeal. 

So what does any of this have to do with MKULTRA?

Well, Dulles was a very sharp guy. Jung probably showed him his beloved Mithraic Liturgy of the Paris Codex, which pretty much sounds like the account of a guy who was beamed aboard the Starship Enterprise while tripping balls on magic mushrooms. 

And by "pretty much," I mean "exactly."

I'm sure Jung pontificated about this all being evidence of the collective unconscious and the hero's journey and so on and so forth but Dulles-- who was pretty much only interested in finding things he could weaponize-- probably read it for himself and said "this sounds like some poor strung-out junkie got grabbed by some commando team and loaded onto a flying fortress. A damned-weird flying fortress that shouldn't really exist in Ancient Egypt or Rome, but whatever."

And his next thought was "I'll have the boys back in Washington see what they can do with this. But first things first- one of those damned eggheads at Sandoz has got something he wants me to see."

Now, there's a kind of stupid meme out there that's been boiled down to "the CIA created the counterculture." I don't know if guys like Joe Atwill or the late Dave McGowan are actually making that specific argument, but that's how it's been handed down through the game of Internet Telephone.

Of course, the CIA did no such thing. There was a counterculture already. What the CIA did was weaponize it. 

The Counterculture as we know it can be traced back to early 20th Century Switzerland (surprise, surprise). I think you could make a pretty solid argument it dates even further back to the Burned-Over District or the Oneida Community, but let's start with Ascona.

The Ascona Movement were hippies in pretty much every way that matters. They were into nature and ecology, vegetarianism and alternative medicine, the occult and paganism, feminism and free love. Ascona would have a major influence on the Wandervogel, the post-WWI German youth movement that wandered the countryside looking to get back to nature. Ascona luminaries like Otto Gross would have a major influence on Jung.

Ideas and practices of the Wandervogel were subsequently appropriated by the nascent National Socialist Party for the Hitler Youth. The Wandervogel themselves were abolished and outlawed as soon as the Nazis took power.

So one of the theses put forward by modern theorists is that the American counterculture was created in order to break up the family and destroy the social fabric. I think this is actually true. But what did they intend to replace it with?

Ah, therein lies the question.

I can't say for sure but I think an aggregate of some of the SF and fantasy we've been seeing is a fairly reliable barometer of the intended endgame, as far as it goes. 

And what we see is a world of perpetual conflict where children are taken from their parents at a very early age and trained for whatever purpose has been chosen for them. If this all sounds kind of like ancient Sparta, you're not too far off.

Parents naturally want to shelter their children and protect them. I'm certain caretakers and teachers feel the same way for the most part. But, as with parents, that's not always a given. 

With the State? I doubt it's much of a consideration. I'm from Braintree, don't forget.

This is why I never drank the Harry Potter Kool-Aid. Everyone looked at Hogwarts and saw Never-Neverland. 

I look at Hogwarts and see Sparta. With wands.

So what does this have to do with It?

Well, what the novel is really about is a group of children who are essentially deputized (and given an occult weapon) by an external entity (the space-turtle) to risk their lives fighting an existential threat, children who are then prematurely sexualized.

Similarly, Stranger Things is also about a group of children who are literally deputized (by the sheriff) to go up against not only an existential threat but also men with automatic weapons.

We see this over and over again in children's fantasy and for the most part it's been harmless. But now these themes are being increasingly presented in a more realistic setting and with graver stakes. 

Think The Hunger Games.

I'm not saying that these aren't examples of effective storytelling. The point here is that too often we take kneejerk stances on things - based in increasingly-obsolete assumptions- and fail to ask ourselves is this inert or benign thing being weaponized? Are those perfectly-innocent castor beans being used to manufacture ricin? 

Because there's a difference.

Here is why this worries me. I don't think this old trope of traumatized child turned interdimensional travel agent- again, which we read about in It- is just fantasy. I think some people actually believe this, have believed it for a very long time and want to weaponize it. 

I also think there are a lot of people who think the Spartans were on to something. I think there are a lot of people who think the only problem with kids are their damned parents. If it weren't for parents we'd be a super-race by now.

It's kind of the reason I'm not exactly sure if Childhood's End was just imaginative sci-fi or a business plan. 

What is that book really about? It's about a race of demons who come to Earth and usher in a global dictatorship in order that Earth's children might become posthuman. The demons don't really give two shits about us, they've come for our children.

Similarly Star Trek: Discovery presents us with a child who is taken from her home, raised in the stringent regimentation of the Vulcans and magically transformed into a five-foot tall woman who can kick the ass of a seven-foot muscleman.

Yeah, that's not the way it works in reality. Sorry.

Whatever we might see in the movies or TV, the plain fact is that deeply-traumatized children usually end up as deeply-traumatized adults. In other words, in the real world seriously-traumatized children tend to grow up a lot more like Laura Palmer than Harry Potter.

I really believe this is something we need to think seriously about as we see more and more of these stories come to dominate the cultural conversation.

* King's novels are filled with weird sex, both textual and subtextual.

NOTES: I'll point out here that Allen Dulles' lover Mary Bancroft took part in the original Nine seances. Which were in Rockport, Maine. 

I think Rockport popped up in the news again recently.

Heinlein made the argument in Starship Troopers that children couldn't be delinquent but that parents were. Meaning the parents were responsible for their children's behavior because if they misbehaved it meant that the parents were delinquent in their responsibilities to properly discipline them. 

This of course is a novel that argues that only soldiers and veterans should be given the right to vote.


  1. Here's a useful blog about journeys underground:
    I spent years thinking about the Inanna and Ereshkigal style of narrative arc. Reclaiming Witchcamps use it for self-transformative work, which I guess is a nonweaponized variant of how to heal one's self from traumas big and small. If the rituals go well and you want to go through multiple cycles of healing and growth. As one of my research participants put it: "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Until it kills you." Ah, the joys of folk psychotherapy done underground!

    Thanks for your work.

  2. Hi Chris. Your posts are the best thing on the net, I honestly look forward to reading these articles. I've done some reading on the etymology of the word "assassin" and would like to share what I know. I could be wrong of course, I don't think I've heard of any sect called Navari. I read something that said the first use of the word was in a fictional book entitled "Alamut" written in Slovenian circa 1930 (which the game assassins creed is loosely based on). The books setting is middle eastern and the characters apparently speak Arabic. There is no Arabic word exactly like it but there are a couple that are close. Asas-y-un and hashishi. Asas means foundation as in a structure, and -un is a person like the Japanese -wa or -jin. I may have missed faith, but a literal translation would be something like "a person who is faithful to the foundation/core of a belief system" a fundamentalist in other words. With Hashishi being loud obnoxious or annoying people. This may be an amalgam of the 2 as a joke. In the story, the head of assassins drugs them with hash and other drugs if I'm not mistaken to induce visions, and convince the person that its because of the headmasters powers. So the head of assassins sets himself up as a popish sort of figure "anyone wants to talk to Allah, you have to go through me" so of course they do whatever he says. And the short short version is told by sixth grade teachers across the planet ad nauseum. "These guys smoked reefer once and was overcome by an unquenchable thirst for blood. That's why you stay away from the devils lettuce kids." This sounds like some Laurel canyon, fake hippie, reefer madness type Intel op to me but I don't know. If you could point me to some good source material, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you for everything and keep up the good fight.

    1. Cinimod_ofcarthach5:12 AM, October 01, 2017

      Probably from the Egyptian hashasheen which means "noise makers" troublemaker"

      The hash aspect comes from the myth of paradise story and the region. Leaders of the assassins strictly adhere to the laws of the Koran so it doesn't make sense.

    2. Thank you, that link is fantastic. I remember reading a bit about the headmaster and how he tricked the previous lord of the land into a bet for however much fit inside a small rope. Once the rope was unwound however the property it covered was quite large. The history and fiction probably blended together in my mind. I have a lot to catch up on.

  3. I keep thinking of what happened to us kids in the 70's - everywhere. You and I are the same age as is my husband. He grew up in the Midwest and I on the west coast and when we survey our friends we come up with the same question : where were our parents? Sure they were present but they weren't really there.

    I bring it up because it feels like it was a thing. A sort of subterranean distraction made them not see us. Part of a plan or something? Can't quite theorize it.

  4. Chris,

    There's also that 1998 Kurt Russell movie, Soldier, that perfectly portrays how this world will be, from executing kids that can't keep up, to the disposing of items and persons not useful to the Corps to planets covered in giant trash piles.

  5. I was reading some Ted Kaczynski stuff once and he really layed out the idea that any political ideology based on preserving nature or Primitivism should not be left wing because the left wing likes technology and progress. I feel like this is true because if you are an anarcho primtivist that wants to live a tribal life doesnt that mean returning to the past? So it really isnt left wing or anarchism. And actually the nazis were environmentalists and vegetarians. Do you think hitler would believe in global warming?...........

    On harry potter, a fun thing to tell harry potter fans is that the wizard government in the book is an apartheid government.

    harry potter: The bad guys are the overt race supremacists (slytherin). The good guys are undeniably part of a superior race. (harry and friends)They don't befriend, live among, or really interact at all with their racial inferiors. (muggles)

    Harry Potter isn't fighting for Muggle Equality, he's fighting so the Talented Tenth of muggledom (Mud Blood Wizards) can get their piece of the pie, while the rest of the muggle/proles remain in chains

    1. This is one reason I'm not a green. (Though I do think we have big environmental problems that we need to solve.)

      Back to nature means back to segregation, back to slavery, back to eternal tribal warfare. The alt-right and its fellow travelers are effectively a social "back to nature" movement. Read some of their stuff. They are absolutely explicit about it.

      Nature isn't some kind of happy joy joy campfire song where everyone hugs and makes love all day. Nature is a brutal evolutionary meat grinder and its god is a demiurge that cares nothing for us. Consciousness is, from the perspective of nature, merely a side effect of sufficiently complex meat. Pain is merely a reflex to keep genes around long enough to reproduce. Children are merely carriers for one's DNA, and if a few get lost along the way that might even be a good thing because it's selecting for stronger offspring.

      Nature is something to be fought and escaped. Nature is the Matrix.

    2. Biological robots in a meaningless universe, is it?

  6. hey Chris am new to your blog and now addicted. I heard you did a series on Project-MKOFTEN. Can you please send me a link to the serier from part 1. Thank You

  7. Thanks a lot! For making me to see the world for what really is...

  8. The first World Zionist Congress was held in Basel, Switzerland in 1897.

  9. 'Childhood's End', the title alone says it all, un-human interference with (proto-)homo-development is also the theme of his most celebrated work '2001'.

    Clarke also wrote a tale titled 'Superiority' for the 'There Will Be War Volume II' compendium.

    1. In the days leading up to his being awarded a knighthood by charles windsor in 1998 (a decade before his death), clarke, who had been living in Sri Lanka since the late nineteen-fifties, was reported to having admitted to being a pederast to a journalist, this admission was supposedly recorded on tape, 'the sunday mirror' published an article, in response clarke denied his being so, but never sued the paper for libel.

      Originally this exposé was to have been a scoop for the then still published 'news of the world' (shut down after a major phone hacking scandal, the employees appluading themselves as they made a teary goodbye to the news cameras) but this was supposedly nixxed by the editor as the proprietor of tnotw was rupert murdoch, a 'good friend' of clarke. murdoch is reported to have told clarke that the journos responsible would never work in 'fleet street' (the then heart of newspaper publishing in London, England) again.

      clarke's feelings on the matter, besides his innocence?

      "I can only assume it was a plot to embarrass Prince Charles."

      The tape's never turned up.

    2. acc also wrote 'Cradle' with Gentry Lee, published in 1988 the UK first edition front cover shows planet Earth within a glowing blue cube, a tesseract maybe.

  10. Very interesting... I'd heard the idea that the CIA got the hippies into drugs, but I'd never made the leap into trying to /use/ the movement for something.

    1. "Look at those hippies opposed to the war... with their long hair and drugs and promiscuous lifestyles" sort of thing. Associate peace/anti-war with dysfunctional behaviour and the masses will continue to support the status quo while having a cultural enemy to rail against.

      Much like today I guess where ideas of social justice have been appropriated by the crazy wing & Mr & Mrs Average have a new enemy to rant about.

      Having said that the more extreme hippy lifestyle with communes & kinks & poor education would have produced a fair few messed up young people - and possible future recruits for 'whatever' the ruling class is up to.

    2. Read the Mcgowan book. I thought it sounded far fetched as well, but with so many 60's counter culture heavyweights having father's in military intelligence it just seems strange. Admiral Morrison, Jim "The Lizard King's" dad was the commander of THE ship in the Gulf of Tonkin when the war broke out. Weird coincidences like that.

    3. After hearing an interview with McGowan, I ran his ideas by a friend of mine (son of an Army colonel). My friend had a more mundane explanation:

      "I grew up around military brats. Every one of them was a drunk or a stoner. They all wanted to be as different from their parents as possible."

    4. McGowan in interviews came across as someone who never ever had a beer with a musician or talked to one seriously. He couldn't grasp young people wanting to be the polar opposite of their parents, especially when they were in government and the military. Its incredible
      that he's even mentioned as someone to be taken seriously.

    5. So you never read McGowan's "Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon" then.

      It's incredible that people think they sound smart debunking books they clearly haven't read.

      I'll take McGowan's findings, including the discovery of military intelligence progeny all living in the same neighborhood, all getting record contracts, and all living next door to a covert military intelligence "media" facility called Lookout Mountain.

      Funny what you learn when you read books without being dismissive.

  11. All I can think of now is Terry Pratchett's early idea of the 'king', a faster-than-light particle which communicates the death of a king to his successor. How the scientists were planning to modulate the signal by torturing a small king (until the pubs closed). Clearly Pratchett is writing humour here - but we all know the man had a certain genius at tapping into deep truths.

    1. 'Kingon' of course. Autocorrect is as much a threat as any of this ;)

  12. This idea that the counterculture was weaponized - what does that mean, exactly? If we take the theory that US and European royalty actually funded and worked in accordance with German occult groups that then developed the Nazis - that US and European royalty were allied with the Nazis in their war against Russia (aka, the frightening prospect of a worldwide prole revolution), then it all starts to take shape: operation paperclip, sanctuary in Brazil, the Nine group, MKultra, and, as you said, the ensuing decades of really evil shit...even, let's ask where the Babylon Working plays into all of this? Crowley was supposedly a British spy, Parsons worked for the US Gov't, all of their workings were out in the open-

    On another note, I think part of the reason we're seeing this all play out in pop culture now is because many people our age, mostly guys I'm guessing, spent lots of HS and College years tucked into the back corners of used bookshops, reading any and all of the weird shit they could find about channeling, aliens, interdimensional realities, mind control, and etc., and they are now writing shows about their favorite weird subject matter - and the internet has helped expand the audience for this stuff.
    That is not to discount your thoughts on the greater games that are playing out with the Elder gods, although I think this has likely actually always been the case - it just hasn't been so easy for a brilliant mind like yours to tie all the disparate evidence together. You would have needed walls full of newspaper clippings, photos, lines, and circles, and maybe ended up in the looney bin.
    Love your blog - I cannot say, really, how important it is right now.

    1. Speaking of weird shit you guys ever read "The Dark Gods" by Anthony Roberts and Geoff Gilbertson. Took me a lot of work to secure a reasonably priced copy but I got one although now I see used paperbacks for $50 :(

  13. I really need to start taking notes when I read your blog! You make connections re: pop culture that I don't really see anywhere else. On that note, this kind of thing you bring up regarding traumatized kids, descent into the underworld & MK-ULTRA-type experiments isn't restricted to the US or Western media, Japanese anime & manga are overflowing with these themes: Akira, Serial Experiments Laine, Tekkoninkreet, & Paprika to just name a few. The themes seem to intersect with the popularity/rise of cyberpunk in Japan, which coincided with the release of the original Bladerunner. (Don't underestimate the impact PKD's work had on Japanese pop culture, it was huge.) What's really weird though is how it intersects with their concept of the spirit world, which of course is heavily influenced by Buddhism & moreso by Shintoism. Animism + anime makes for one hell of a combination, lots going on there, & much still to be explored.

    Regarding the weaponizing of the counterculture, the best place to start IMHO is with the story of Captain Alfred M. Hubbard, the original "Captian Trips" as Martin A. Lee & Bruce Shlain called him in "Acid Dreams" (a must-read, BTW). Here's a guy who went from OSS commando to CIA cut-out & had connections to Dr. Humphrey Osmond, Aldous Huxley, Gerald Heard, Alan Watts, J. Edgar Hoover, Allen Dulles, Timothy Leary, Willis Harmon at SRI, to name just a few. Speaking of SRI, according to Martin A. Lee, Hubbard was a paid consultant & "security officer" for SRI where, according to Harmon, "His services to us consisted in gathering various sorts of data regarding student unrest, drug abuse, drug use at schools & universities, causes & nature of radical activities, & similar matters, some of a classified nature."

    1. Just wanted to add: Hubbard was an LSD proselytizer (& regular tripper himself), but he wanted it disseminated only to the cultural/political elite, believing, like the globalist technocrats he took his marching orders from, in "top-down enlightenment". I.e., the elites trip balls & then drop all kinds of amazing ideas on the rest of us. One of the people I think he was taking his cues from was Herman Kahn, founder of the Hudson Institute:

      Also see:


      "While Rand Corporation specialists pondered whether LSD might be an antidote to political activism, the Hudson Institute, another think tank with strong ties to the intelligence community, kept tabs on shifting trends within the grassroots psychedelic movement. Founded by Herman Kahn, one of America's leading nuclear strategists, the Hudson Institute specialized in classified research on national security issues. Kahn experimented with LSD on repeated occasions during the 1960s, and he visited Millbrook and other psychedelic strongholds on the East Coast. From time to time the rotund futurist (Kahn weighed over three hundred pounds) would stroll along Saint Mark's Place in New York's East Village, observing the flower children and musing on the implications of the acid subculture. At one point he predicted that by the year 2000 there would be an alternative "dropped-out" country within the United States. But Kahn was not overly sympathetic to the psychedelic movement. "He was primarily interested in social control," stated a Hudson Institute consultant who once lectured there on the subject of LSD."

      & the elite's fascination with countercultural trends continues unabated. Burning Man & the network that has grown from/around it is essentially a testbed now for Silicon Valley & assorted futurists:


      "To these young tech workers — mostly white, mostly men — who flock to the festival, Burning Man reinforces and fosters the idea that they can remake the world without anyone else’s input. It’s a rabid libertarian fantasy. It fluffs their egos and tells them that they have the power and right to make society for all of us, to determine how things should be.

      This is the dark heart of Burning Man, the reason that high-powered capitalists — and especially capitalist libertarians — love Burning Man so much. It heralds their ideal world: one where vague notions of participation replace real democracy, and the only form of taxation is self-imposed charity. Recall Whole Foods CEO John Mackey’s op-ed, in the wake of the Obamacare announcement, in which he proposed a healthcare system reliant on “voluntary, tax-deductible donations.”

      This is the dream of libertarians and the 1 percent, and it reifies itself at Burning Man — the lower caste of Burners who want to partake in the festival are dependent on the whims and fantasies of the wealthy to create Black Rock City."

    2. Terence McKenna said 'Culture is not your friend', yet, in his 'True Hallucinations' book he mentions a number of times that he was wanted by the fbi (& interpol) in relation to his weeding etc & that, in part, was impetus to leave the usa, as I've said he mentioned this a number of times only to stop doing so, never mention it again & not explain what happened once he DID return to the usa.

      A choice quote:

      'Under indictment in the States for the heinous crime of importing hashish, I traveled and lived under the dramatic assumption that international police agencies were combing the globe looking for me. My cover, that of a graduate student in entomology doing field work for a degree—a butterfly collector—had worked well over the previous six months'

      However, at a lecture he gave in 1994 McKenna states:

      '...I had a price on my head by the FBI, I was running out of money, I was at the end of my rope. And then they recruited me and said, "you know, with a mouth like yours there's a place for you in our organization". And I've worked in deep background positions about which the less said the better. And then about 15 years ago they shifted me into public relations and I've been there to the present.'

      Mckenna, like Leary & many other *ahem* heads of the TOTIDO movement, had a MASSIVE boner, or should that be cap?, for transhumanism as vehicle of human emancipation, a theme he repeatedly riffs on in 'The Archaic Revival' (of all titles.)

    3. Thanks for bringing that up. Also see:

      Like many in the early-mid 90s, I was very into McKenna's work. I read "The Archaic Revival" almost religiously. & we see a familiar pattern in society rearing its head yet again. The Situationists were more right than they knew.

    4. How much of this may be down to his gift o' the gab shotgunning the mythologising of himself though will we ever know? Perhaps some light's shed on this in his brother Dennis' 'The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss' book the publishing of which drove a wedge between him & the surviving McKenna clan, on the other hand though 'Agent K'...

  14. About The Siren.... I have been doing research about the cold war and found out about the network of air raid warning in place all over the US, Western Europe and the Warsaw pact countries. It was based mostly on huge air powered sirens. The last time we were this close to nuclear war was about the time This Mortal Coil covered Song of the Siren, right? (The Soviet officer who averted WW3 in 1983 passed away recently.) So maybe someone or something is trying to warn us. Deities deal in metaphors.

  15. Rockport, Tx is also where Harvey made landfall

  16. You are saying something that had been bugging me for quite a while: teen novels and movies aren't what they used to be. I know, because I have kept following them long after I stopped being a teen. (I always thought it's silly to abandon something you like just because you're getting older.) The recent stuff is rather darker than it used to be, with main "goodie" characters getting killed, which used to be a no-no in teen stuff. And adults are often literally absent, utterly useless, or even part of the enemy. Not that teen stuff didn't ignore adults before, but this has been racketing it up more than a notch.

    I can see what you're getting at, that young people are easier to manipulate than older ones. But then, I've noticed that older people are proving rather easy to manipulate, too. It's been ages since the last time I heard a friend of mine say anything about anything on the news that wasn't some sort of already pre-packaged opinion backed by some strong interest group. At it isn't as if there aren't other possible options available. In fact, it's incredibly easy to come up with them. Any discussion about migrants, for example, seems stuck into either "send them home" or "we love them", with total ignorance of what the government is actually doing today about them... even on the part of migrants themselves! (I'm talking from experience here).

    Given the level of ignorance of the average adult and how manipulated their opinions are already, I'm not sure that any attempts to create a generational gap would be making the situation much worse than it is now. Since the advice of well-meaning but essentially clueless and utterly confused people wouldn't be much good either.

  17. 'Trouble is for all we know it may be some little trick of our own gone wrong, so much damned secrecy nowadays that nobody knows anything, don't know what the other chap has don't even know what you may have to use yourself, all these scientist fellows in backrooms ruining the profession, can't keep up with what you don't know, soldiering will soon be nothing but wizards and wires.'

    - Col Latcher, The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham published 1957, adapated for film as 'The Village of The Damned*' in 1960 & 1992, the latterdirected by John Carpenter. TMC is about a mysterious event in an English village as it is cut-off from the rest of the world, the female inhabitants becoming pregnant, somehow, & giving birth to hyper-intelligent, telepathic blonde haired children.

    Wyndham later wrote 'Chocky' a tale of an extra-terrestrial intelligence & it's attempt to 'provide subtle guidance to newly-emerging intelligent life' (by boosting human potential through influencing & teaching children), the cover to the first edition is of a silhouette of Chocky's chosen child's head with something very eye-like over his brain, this eye-like thing is the same colour as the title.

    *The Damned (/These Are The Damned) is a 1963 British Hammer Film production, it's an almost kitchin-sink-sci-fi about children being experimented on so as to survive the inevitable nuclear war, it is an adaptation of H.L. Lawrence's 'The Children of Light.'

    1. Aliens, mutants & a leap in evolution were a constant theme in Wyndham's writing, from some of his earliest short stories - i.e. Child of Power from the 1930s.

      There was a sequel made to Village of the Damned a few years after the original:

      Re: Chocky. This was made into a TV show in Britain in the early 80s. Despite a typically moribund effects budget it was a success and followed up by two sequel series, Chocky's Children & Chocky's Challenge. Incorporeal aliens advancing humanity, hypnotic regression, creepy military types with sinister agendas, manipulated child prodigies - entertaining craziness that made you think.

      Hadn't heard of These Are The Damned - off to check it out. Thanks.

    2. It's a little-celebrated gem with a similar sinister-vibe as the Hammer film versions of Quatermass, the director Joseph Losey, an American, was blacklisted in the fifties & saw out his career in Europe, England in particular, he directed a fair few flicks starring Dirk Bogarde who was the lead in 'The Mind Benders' (1963 again!) in which he 'begins subjecting himself to sessions in a sensory deprivation tank in order to prove that use of the technique can make one unusually susceptible to brainwashing or hypnotic suggestion.'

      TMB opens with a screen of text stating:

      'This story was suggested by experiments on "THE REDUCTION OF SENSATION" recently carried out by certain Universities in the United States. The producers whilst making this acknowledgment wish to state, however the the events & characters portrayed are fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.'

      Choice lines from the trailer include:

      'the mind benders puncture the protective facade of the subconscious taking you deeper into the intimacy of terror than anything you've ever before experienced'

      'the mind benders make a mystery of truth, a mockery of love, a macabre horror of man's happiness...'

      '...a world unknown awaits the unafraid'

      In attempting to remind myself of the 'purely coincidental' text I found a TCM intro to TMB by Ben Mankiewicz (as part of a double-bill with the original 'Manchurian Candidate'), he mentions the films 36 Hours & Telefon as other examples of brainwashing movies. Telefon, starring Charles Bronson, is about Russian mind-control assassins triggered by these lines from Robert Frost's 'Stopped by the Woods on a Snowy Evening':

      'The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.'

      This is the same phrase a soul can say to Arlene, who on being 'triggered' calls herself 'butterfly', so as to 'win' a lapdance from her in Tarantino's 'Death Proof', 'Stuntman Mike' does so & he is played by that former Soldier, Snake Plissken himself, Kurt Russell.

      The TCM intro to TMB also mentions that brainwashing is the US translation of the Chinese for 'cleansing of the mind', & now we live in 'The Chinese Century' what (further) mind cleansing's on the cards?

      ('The Mind Benders LSD and the Hallucinogens' is the title of a film made by the fda in 1967.)

  18. The new Star Wars is also an example of the militarised kids meme. Finn is taken from his parents as a small child and trained to become a Storm Trooper. Rey gets dumped on a desert planet at a young age and is left to fend for herself.

    Come to think of it Disney characters are almost always orphans.

  19. That whole riff on traumatized kids becoming weapons is spot on. I'm amazed no one here has yet mentioned Evangelion. That's all about traumatized kids being used as weapons!

    In fact, the Eva units cannot be accessed at all unless the pilot has undergone a specific type of damage (namely,losing their mothers), and is under the age of 16.

    The purpose of these children is twofold: one, to destroy the various Angels that have come to finish humanity, and two (the real intent) to reawaken Lilith, merge all souls back into one, and essentially remake humanity in a pure form; Instrumentality.

    As the man says, "So now we Know.."

  20. Good Lord this is absolutely fantastic!
    WOW. There it goes. Into the night skies and over the Green Monster...completely out of the park. A classic Knowles round-tripper.

    "If it wasn't for the damned parents we'd be a super race by now." Not real sure you didn't pilfer that from the gnarly headstones of Sid Gottlieb or Dick Helms. Either that or you've coined the Scooby Doo egregore of all-time for our time.

    This entire weaponized trauma as key-to-the-macroverse meme has really taken flight now in human imaginations everywhere: Fringe. The OA. Stranger Things. Childhood's End. IT. The latest Star Trek. Twin Peaks. Nearly every Marvel entry. And I'm sure dozens more I've forgotten. It's portals portals portals everywhere; how to open them, where do they go, what's on the other side? But is all this mass artistic sensitivity or mass coordination? Is it creativity or social engineering at our door? And all this is to say nothing of what may or may not be going on in the real (??) world at places like CERN.

    We're living in times where the wildest fever dreams of every outlier in history from John Dee to Aleister Crowley to Jack Parsons have assumed not just spiritual probability but are spilling into spatial form and reality.

    All bets are truly off from here on down; the unstoppable Helter Skelter loop has taken control I fear. I'm getting that feeling more and more that this is an awful lot like what living in 1968 and 1969 when everything went down must have felt like. I'm just glad that we're blessed with moving fingers of fate like yours, Chris, writing that burning script in the ether to document all this -- it's gonna come in real handy on that other side, either as a blueprint, or a warning.
    Cheers brotha.

  21. Las Vegas = The Meadows.

    Some say it has begun ...


  22. I think there is a lot going on here, focusing on just one thing... That is these narratives on the destruction of children and childhood and the weaponization of children are feeding off a deeper unconscious recognition of the damage done to the child in modern society. By parents, schooling, modern life, modern lies. See Alice Miller for example. These modern-day narratives are fueled by this deeper truth, we are abandoning our children, as we were abandoned before them. To the wolves. Thing is our film and TV narratives on this score can't call it like it is - that would be taboo, it is repressed - so it comes out in this warped way. Through a mirror darkly so to speak.

  23. Nothing new under the sun. The British upper classes have been running their elite 'public schools' (aka boys private boarding schools for age 7 and upwards) according to this spartan model for 300 years. Their end goal? To produce perfect stoic factotums to run the furthest, most savage reaches of the empire. The methodology? Lots of abuse. Physical abuse from other boys and the Masters (i.e teachers) enabled. Sexual abuse again from other older boys and the Masters, enabled and sanctioned to the extent that it's highly unlikely that any upper class public school educated Englishman over the age of 50 wasn't sexually abused as a child in one of these establishments.
    Oh and profound emotional neglect and abuse due to being forced at 7 to leave home and spend all but the holidays fighting to survive in a grim, cruel institutional environment.
    Generations of upper class brits have been put through this system and it's only within the last generation i.e since the 90's, that the most egrarious abuse has curtailed and an effort was made to bring these schools in line with modern views on child abuse and neglect.

    Why would anyone put their children through such hell you may ask? Well first of all it's generational - so if the father and grandfather et al had endured it, well of course little Tarquin should be be able to tough it out. And then there's the 'old school tie'...that is the badge of public school affiliation and the doors it opens to this day in your career, society and the business world. Every aspect of life is made smoother and easier for bearers of the old school tie.
    Knowing all this, I find it interesting that it's only now that the American empire is attempting to adopt such a system. Britain adopted it before the peak of it's empire and Spain/Portugal and catholic Europe in general had a similar Jesuit run system in place since the sixteenth century. Maybe this ties in with all the sci fi mythology we've been fed as a culture for 50years as an attempt to catch up in that regard with the goal of producing perfect stoic factotums to realise the American imperial destiny in it's future space colonies.
    Plus ca change...

  24. Sunday night's massacre in Las Vegas was billed as a "HARVEST Festival," and literally occurred under the watchful gaze of a Great Sphinx, beneath an obelisk, and at the foot of a pyramid whose capstone launches a beam of blue light into the night sky. Notice, also, the live show being advertised at the hotel just to the right of the pyramid: "MINDFREAK."

    1. We reside in a realm totally besieged by triggers, it's a wonder atrocities, of the kind last night, aren't more common.

    2. 'the wonder of our age' besieged that it is by triggers, trigger pullers & those directing the targeters.

    3. as well as those strange twin towers (Jachin and Boaz) right next to where the shooting happened.

    4. The vegas shooting, while tragic. Is also very mysterious and if you were going to go full tinfoil false flag on something this would be it. The guy who did it seems to have no motive, there was a mysterious woman who told people before the shooting that they were all going to die, The place it was done was near a giant pyramid. I mean vegas, talk about lots of occult symbology. The city of sin. Its a harvest festival. Its been 9 months since trump has been president, (birth?)
      Some other recent happenings, tom petty might be dead and a giant prop gun fell on marylin manson a few days ago.

      Also friday the 13th is October....its even more spooky

      The mindfreak stuff is from the magician Criss Angel. Do you think people who dabble in prestidigitation also dabble in magik?

    5. 'October babies make for good romantic partners. Ruled by Venus, they create harmony and are known as the "peacemakers".'

  25. Heaven or Las Vegas?

    1. The shooting took place in Paradise, NV. Ironic huh?

  26. Dougie Jones transition house:

    Steven Paddock home:

    Twin Peaks/Vegas connections continue

  27. I think you're peering at the visible edges of a largely invisible situation that is insidious and nightmare-dark. This is just one guy's opinion but I believe that when genuine spiritual evil comes to a world it comes first and foremost for the children. As always, Chris, thank you for having the sheer courage and sobriety to look directly at these things. I feel your pain, my man. I really do. What powerful and unimaginably sick government factions and private companies have done under the guise of things like MK, to men, women and especially children is beyond belief. It is far, far worse than most are willing to recognise or imagine. Because most people aren't cold-blooded deviant psychopaths they find it difficult to recognise that those who rule us often are. Thanks again for your heroism and insight.

    1. If most of the mass of us aren't cold-blooded deviant psychopaths why do we allow ourselves to be manipulated again & again, & why do we allow those reptile-veined types among us free reign to do as they please especially as so much of what they do is blatant?

      I know some of the answer would be to do with the drudging effect of the rat race, bills to pay & so on & the hypno-comforting effect of recreation time bread & circuses etc but this does not explain our collective keeping of heads down & noses clean so as not to rock the boat & take effective action for the better.

  28. All the kooks who say that God is punishing us, or all this is about Trump haven't pointed a finger back at themselves. These witches who are all hexing Trump may very well be opening all of the portals for disaster all at the beckon call of the weaponized media Chris has disguised. When it boils down to it, God didn't do any of this, the occultists who falsely believe they can control nature did.

  29. I’m disappointed by the Enders Game trailer (and would you fucking believe until now I never connected “endgame” and “enders game”? but I am dense) simply because it gives away thr novel’s second act “twist” immediately! WTF is that about? Every good thing about that book was in the character development and the ways in which children were manipulated into a no-choice situation. The lack of that subtelty was what made the sequel books so stinkingly bad, revealing Card’s inner soul(less) Mormon heart...

    Re: the counterculture, McGowan. You gotta admit Weird Scenes in the Canyon and Lynch’s Mullholland Drive line up as neatly as Pangea. If nothing else, McGowan pointed out the utter vacuousness and white privilege of the Boomer “hippie” movement. Maybe it is just cos I am gen X (whatever) and preprogrammed to resent the Boomers. (Also, evidently, preprogrammed by Freud, based on that analysis.)

    Dying to understand the Braintree mystery and havent read all the posts relating to it. For som reason the while thing reminds me of the Ongs Hat/Egg mythos of the 1990s mail/zine world, although that was a “hoax” and I am not at all sure why I have made the association.

    BTW, the kids these days do very little LSD, to my surprise.

  30. Oh, and the 18th chapter of Matthew's Gospel.

  31. been a while since I have been through. read most of everything a couple of years back. this article is great, as is the las vegas one. keep up the great work.

  32. great work. I have been a reader of your blog for some time now. haven't been through in a while, read tons of your stuff. this is a great read and the las vegas one is really good from what I have read

  33. I wish I could understand what you write - seems like a person needs background material on it. I read several articles and it seems like you pull information from a bunch of areas and link them up to make your point - isn't that like anyone can do it in their mind? I can see something like a dog run and get hit by a car adn attribute a 100 reasons why that occurred. Also I wonder how you don't worry about not getting on that list like those dead scientists? How can a true truther be alive still? (sorry morbid but serious question)

  34. Re "transcendence through ordeal" -- one link I highly recommend is

    Start with the Occult Yorkshire article series. Powerful stuff. The world makes sense.

  35. Did you read my blog "1260 Days"?