Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas

I have a major problem. 

Well, I have a lot of major problems but this particular one that I have is major OCD. It manifests itself through an obsession with detail, particularly detail pertaining to evidence. I tend to watch things over and over and over, not consciously processing what I am watching but unconsciously sorting through detail and trying to place it all into some kind of context.

I've been driving my wife absolutely out of her tree by playing Cocteau Twins songs over and over - like more than a hundred times - until I figure out the lyrics. I've also watched movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Jacob's Ladder, Apocalypse Now and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind at least a hundred times each, probably more. It can be tedious at times, but that's what it takes oftentimes.

This carries over into my day job and probably limits my productivity. But I've been trained for the past 30 years to pay extremely close attention to detail, especially visual detail. And I tend to notice things a lot of other people may not.

Of course, the big story this week is in Las Vegas, in which we've seen stories about a mass shooting, which they are now saying is the worst in American history. We're hearing about this lone nut with a military grade arsenal he was somehow able to sneak into a major casino hotel without detection. 

We're talking about a guy who sued a casino and whose father was a well-known master criminal. Vegas casinos employ a security force three times the size of LVPD.

Although he had no military experience and didn't exactly have sniper-eyes he was able to rack up a body count that would give a SEAL team pause on targets hundreds of yards away.

And the AR15s he apparently used were apparently loud enough to be heard over the blaring PA at a large music festival four football fields away.

Can someone explain to me how that is possible? I am genuinely curious.

The police were able to spot his location because he set off a smoke alarm and either gunned him down or found him dead by his own hand. According to some people who know more about firearms than I do they should have been able to spot his location by the smoke itself. 

Well, just another day in gun-crazed America? Depends on who you ask.

The liberal and conservative media seem to be reading from the same page on all of this. Even Alex Jones has signed off on the broad contours of the narrative. 

That's never a good sign.

Me? Well, damn. It's that friggin' OCD again. I just keep going over cellphone footage from the scene and combing through the mainstream media looking for photos of the unparalleled carnage we are being told about. And it's not really adding up. 

I would much rather it did, it case you were wondering. And I actually hope it does.

Now, at the risk of being labeled a "Truther" yet again, I have to opine that none of this makes any damn sense to me. None of it feels right. 

Having gone through the crushing trauma of losing someone to gun violence early in my life I tend to be a bit more sensitive to these stories. I tend to tune in a bit more closely.

But this thing? Yeah, I don't know.

Let's start with the shooter. We're used to a certain profile for mass shooters- usually youngish males, usually marginalized, usually begrudged. This all kind of starts with Howard Unruh of Camden, NJ, an Army veteran who felt persecuted for being gay and shot 16 people, 13 fatally in 1949.

Unruh gave his surname to a classic episode of The X-Files, guest=starring Pruitt Taylor Vince (who also co-stars in Jacob's Ladder) as a psychotic who uses the "twilight sleep" sedative developed by CIA mind control doctors and performs amateur lobotomies on his victims.

Of course, Jacob's Ladder is also based on CIA mind control experiments.

17 years later we have Charles Whitman, the University of Texas at Austin shooter. Whitman too was an Army vet and just happened to start at UT at the same time MKULTRA Subproject 138 did.

Whitman soon began a personal tailspin that culminated in the shootings in 1966. An autopsy revealed a brain tumor,  which the medical examiner declared had not had an influence on the shootings. 

Texas Governor John Connolly decided otherwise and had the inquest findings revised. So far as I know Connolly was no neurologist.

The X-Files riffed on the UT shootings in "Blood," which guest-starred William Sanderson of Blade Runner and True Blood fame. That too had a mind-control subplot.

Mind-controlled assassins were kind of a thruline for The X-Files. It was all played for laughs in the Season Six episode "Three of a Kind," which was kind of a dry run for The Lone Gunman series. And you all know how that turned out.

"Three of a Kind" was set in Las Vegas.

"Three of a Kind" was filmed at the Monte Carlo, three blocks due north of Las Vegas Village, where the ill-starred Route 91 Harvest Festival took place last weekend. Aside from the Lone Gunmen it co-starred the late Charles Rocket, who committed suicide in 2005.

Rocket was born in Maine just north of Orion Krause, the musical prodigy who woke up four weeks ago and decided it would be a good day to beat his mother and grandparents to death with a baseball bat. After he did so he went next door, soaked in his family's blood, and asked his neighbor for some sleeping pills.

This didn't happen in Maine. It happened in Groton, MA, the town bordering Fort Devens to the north. Fort Devens was formerly known as the US Army Intelligence School. It's now involved in Interagency Organization, which essentially means the militarization of the entire Federal bureaucracy. It also trains local police and foreign military.

Orion Krause just happened to be wearing a t-shirt with two Sirens printed on it at his arraignment.

So what's the point of all this? Do I think this Steven Paddock was a mind-controlled assassin? 

Well, not so much. Just giving you kind of a flavor and a bit of background. The primordial soup in which this event emerged 

And if you've been reading the blog the past few months you'll remember that I spent a lot of time obsessing over Heaven or Las Vegas, which tied into Chris Cornell's death at the MGM Grand Hotel in Detroit.

And as Fate demands it, Las Vegas Village and Mandalay Bay are owned and operated by MGM.

So we have this shooter, who was somehow able to smuggle weapons of war into a hotel room and keep them there for several days undetected. What's more, he doesn't fit the mass shooter profile at all. He was a millionaire retiree with a number of rental properties, two private planes and a zesty gambling hobby. He also seems to have had a relationship with a woman married to the man initially indentified as the shooter before he somehow fell down the memory hole. 

The rich are different.

The shooter worked as an accountant apparently, working for the IRS, Martin Marietta, and apparently Goddard Space Center (Martin and Goddard are both in Greenbelt, MD and the IRS is next door in New Carrolton) and possibly NASA as well. 

Before moving west Paddock lived in Viera, Florida, a short commute from Cape Canaveral. 

Paddock then bought houses in Mesquite, TX and Mesquite, NV. One of his houses in Texas was on Via Ventura in the Palos Verdes Estates section of Mesquite.

In one of those time-space flukes seen mainly in Synchromystic blogs and bad sci-fi, the late Chester Bennington lived and died on Via Victoria in Palos Verdes Estates in California. 

Making the story even stranger Paddock was said to be the son of a notorious bankrobber named Benjamin Paddock, whose sounds like a guy who would probably hit it off with Whitey Bulger. Paddock Sr. escaped from Federal prison and lived on the lam for a decade. He wasn't exactly underground- he ran a bingo parlor. Quite an accomplishment, given that the US Marshals aren't well-known for letting prison escapees of the hook like that.  Paddock was rearrested and given a wrist- slap sentence despite being considered a dangerous psychotic by the FBI.

Don't ask me why but the term "federal informant" keeps flashing into my head every time I hear about this guy. Must be the OCD.

Paddock is reported as having shot out the windows in his 32nd floor suite at Mandalay Bay and unloaded hundreds- if not thousands of rounds on the Harvest Festival, then wrapping up the weekend with a set by Jason Aldean. It's a far- and a tricky- shot for an amateur marksman.

But no one has been able to explain why.

From what we're hearing so far, there was absolutely no motivation for a wealthy man who literally had everything to live for to commit such an atrocity. Paddock was said to enjoy country music and attended shows at Las Vegas Village. Aside from the Trump protest- in which the man some have identified as Paddock looked very cheerful and friendly- he had no ostensible political or religious affiliations. 

Then we get the weird story with the girlfriend who at first is called a second shooter, then a person of interest, then we're told she's in the Philippines then we're told no one knows where she is. It's all very mysterious. All the more so since one of the photos circulated of her was taken in Dubai.

We're also hearing a lot of talk about devices you can attach to assault rifles to make them fully automatic but that doesn't change the clip size. And judging from the video, we're hearing a lot more than 30 shots at a time.

But I noticed something else. I watched all the available cellphone footage I could of the shootings but couldn't seem to see any bullets hitting anything. I heard the machine gun rat-tat-tat but no corresponding report. 

Machine guns are no joke- they are extraordinarily brutal and destructive weapons. They can cut through cinder block and blow up cars. But I couldn't find video of anything actually getting hit. No little explosions of turf and concrete. No shattering glass or exploding cars. Nothing.

If you have, please forward it to me.

I asked people in my Facebook group to please help me find footage of things being struck by bullets by they couldn't find anything either. And a few suddenly got very stroppy and started throwing around the dreaded "Alex Jones" curse-word. I posted some videos of machine guns in action to show how incredibly destructive they can be, even a short volley. But that didn't seem to work either.

To which I had to reply that bombings blamed on the IRA used to set up decoy flashbombs in one location and then real bombs in the path of the people who'd be fleeing the flash explosion. It was a cruel and highly effective tactic of terror. 

Are we seeing something similar here, where a decoy machine gun would put bystanders in the path of another attacker, possibly a sniper or a shooter or shooters in the crowd? 

THAT would account for the lack of ricochet and impact- every bullet hit its target.

Well, that's certainly possible. But then we do what everyone in 2017 is absolutely terrified to go and that's to the dreaded realm of conspiracy, in this case a conspiracy of two or more shooters.

I compounded my felony by posting a video of an self-described witness, whose story was so removed from physical possibility it bordered on hallucinogenic surreality. The story was your classic friends-under-fire, Hollywood-ready yarn, except it was told in such a way that was not only completely incoherent and literally impossible, it was bereft of actual human emotion. 

In fact, it was so divorced from reality that it was actually sinister. To make matters worse a clear shot of these character's cargo shorts were edited out of the video in another video. 

There wasn't a single speck of blood on them. They should have been saturated in it.

For this I started hearing the dreaded "crisis actor" curse from some members. Never mind that there actually are such things as crisis actors- and they have websites advertising their services- you really didn't need to reach for that rhetorical weapon. 

If I recall correctly, people have been known to make shit up when they're on camera. 

And television news is seen as a reflection of reality only by children and the mentally-challenged. It's product. 

But today, truth is tribal.

People only believe what they read on the news outlets that pander to their political identity and automatically reject anything that doesn't. It's a disaster and a disgrace, and ultimately the root cause of all the polarization we see today.

But I came to realize this Las Vegas event is some kind of totem for certain ideologues on the hard left, some kind of way they can do away with guns forever, which they imagine as the last obstacle to the fulfillment of their fantasies of unchallenged hegemony.

We're talking about people who will believe every conspiracy theory you hear about Trump, who will recognize the official malfeasance surrounding police shootings of unarmed black men, but get their backs up in cases like this. Why?

Well, it's easy to call out conspiracy when it doesn't have anything to do with you. If it's something that might target you and not young black men in a neighborhood you will never live in, or deals with fantasies about Trumpian brownshirts no one actually believes, people naturally get frightened. Human nature.

And both the mainstream left and right are privileged demographics with an oversized sense of entitlement, so denial is reflexive.

But we're also seeing this increasing drumbeat by people like Alex Jones that this was in fact a politically-motivated act and we're hearing whispers of Antifa and Jihad literature in the hotel room. 

Which kind of sounds to me more than a bit like the passport in the rubble at Ground Zero, but these are the times in which we live.

And wouldn't you know it?  A massive, coordinated gun control effort was hauled out before the sun even came up the next day. I'm really not a fan of civilians having access to weapons of war and I think we need to do more to cut down on gun violence (especially in suicides, the major source of gun deaths) but it's not a sacrament to me like it is for some people. 

Why? Because I don't buy into the tribal identity driving it.

I don't politicize stories like this because once you start to look at them carefully ordinary politics really melt away. More so now than ever.  

And this Las Vegas thing? None of it makes a damn bit sense to me. Not psychologically, not logistically, nothing. It all feels off, like no one is even bothered to present a coherent narrative to the rabble anymore. Because why should they? You can neutralize any competing narrative with the press of a button these days.

Or maybe it's just the punch-you-in-the-face, kick-you-in-the-groin symbolism that's bugging me. 

This entire shooting episode all took place under the watchful eyes of the Luxor sphinx and its illuminated pyramid. This is symbolism a child can grasp.

UPDATE: Someone on FB brought up the Luxor Massacre:

The Luxor massacre was the killing of 62 people, mostly tourists, on 17 November 1997, at Deir el-Bahri, an archaeological site and major tourist attraction across the Nile River from Luxor in Egypt.

It is thought to have been instigated by exiled leaders of Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, an Egyptian Islamist organization, attempting to undermine the July 1997 "Nonviolence Initiative", to devastate the Egyptian economy[2] and provoke the government into repression that would strengthen support for anti-government forces.[3] However, the attack led to internal divisions among the militants, and resulted in the declaration of a ceasefire.[4] In June 2013, the group denied that it was involved in the massacre.[5]

This took place on the 31st birthday Jeff Buckley did not reach.

Also, note that 10/01/17 correlates numerologically to 11/17.

The Vegas shooter was said to have 23 weapons and have been shooting from the 32nd floor, which is actually the 33rd floor when you count the hotels mezzanine.

It's said Paddock fired for 9 to 11 minutes after the first 911 call.

Then the weird synchroncities, always a clue that something else is afoot. That something else noticed all this and saw fit to comment, through the usual channels.

We also have the obvious Vegas connection to Twin Peaks: The Return, which also had a machine-gun toting accountant in Las Vegas. 

Who kills two hillbillies.

Paddock is the surname of the Devil Incarnate in the X-Files episode "Die Hand Der Verletz."

 The day before this atrocity Marilyn Manson was injured when a stage prop of two giant guns fell on him at a concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan. Many have pointed out Manson's tangential connection to Columbine in light of Las Vegas.

Manson is currently on his Heaven Upside Down tour.

Manson's first film role was in David Lynch's Lost Highway, which of course featured the first soundtrack use of Elizabeth Fraser's "Song to the Siren." Manson's early career was shepherded by Trent Reznor, who played with Nine Inch Nails on the now-legendary eighth episode of Twin Peaks: The Return.

And then there's this. Watch the first 5 seconds of this video over and over until the message sinks in.

Here's what we see: some sort of chain design in the same bronze color as the exterior of Mandalay Bay. Is this all meant to be linked?

An ascending view of a building with grid windows, like Mandalay Bay. 

And then a blood-red, oozy kind of thing with light shining through circular holes. 

Like bullet holes.

This video came out 27 years ago this month. The year of Twin Peaks.

Twin- Twins. Get it now? 

Is this yet another tragic event predicted by the Siren entity this singer once channeled? Well, since she seems to have predicted everything else I don't see why not. I mean, this is Heaven or Las Vegas we're talking about here. 

Note that we not only see the Luxor sphinx and pyramid over looking this, we also see the cruciform figure of Criss Angel, Mindfreak.

Incidentally, Mandalay Bay also has an aquarium.

UPDATE: A reader reminded me that the shootings also took place in the shadow of Janet Airlines, the mysterious airhub for Nellis AFB and Area 51. 

Yeah, there's more than meets the eye here.

SYNC LOG UPDATE: Absolute must-read by Goro Adachi. The first single off Heaven Upside Down is "Kill for Me" and includes these lyrics in this order:

This is a sacrifice

Your hotel hall won’t be so vacant 

And I can tell that you ain’t faking

The incident at Hammerstein Ballroom occurred during "Sweet Dreams," which we discussed in connection to Elizabeth Fraser and the Scottish MKULTRA programs. We'll be touching on that topic again soon. Bonus sync: Annie Lennox wrote that song and Lennox Hill Hospital was one of the MKUTRA test locations.

Goro also points to the Monarch Airlines bankruptcy, which leads me back to the Siren: one of the songs on Tiny Dynamine-Echoes in a Shallow Bay is called "Plain Tiger," a kind of Monarch butterfly.

Paddock also lived in Mesquite, TX. Mesquite is next to Garland, TX, home of the Draw Muhammad shootout that inspired the controversial X-Files' episode "Babylon." 

And per usual- Garlands is the very witchy first Cocteau Twins album and Jeff Buckley died on Garlands Day.

A paddock is where horses are kept and the Kelpie- the water witch immortalized by twin statues in Elizabeth Fraser's birthplace- also took the form of a horse (hence the statues).

Wise words from Goro: "Let’s not oversimplify. Reality is exceedingly more complex than most conspiracy theorists would like to assume. Once you realize synchronicity is real, the collective unconscious is real, psi is real, retrocausality is real, the Matrix is real… you realize it’s foolish to just go with the easy and lazy explanation of “it’s a big Illuminati conspiracy!”. Yes conspiracies are everywhere, it’s human nature. But there are things so much bigger that surround our reality."

Indeed there are. No one was feeding some weird indie band clues about what was going to happen in three decades time. No one human, at least.

UPDATE: My IRA-style theory might be confirmed by this story about the shooting victim seen in the Raymond Page video:

The bullet entered and exited though his forearm then continued through the rib area and landed in his intestine. 
The forearm begins parallel to where the ribcage ends. So if the bullet "continued", it's unlikely it was raining from the sky.

* A video emerged of a man matching his description spotted at a Trump protest in Reno, wearing a very loud pink NASA shirt and matching pussyhat. And answering to the name "Steve."

Snopes labeled the story about the protest false without a single scintilla of evidence to disprove it, which kind of leads me to believe it probably is him. Because fuck Snopes. Always. 

This Steve seemed pretty cheerful and gregarious and not exactly the type planning to mow down innocent people at a music festival