Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas

I have a major problem. 

Well, I have a lot of major problems but this particular one that I have is major OCD. It manifests itself through an obsession with detail, particularly detail pertaining to evidence. I tend to watch things over and over and over, not consciously processing what I am watching but unconsciously sorting through detail and trying to place it all into some kind of context.

I've been driving my wife absolutely out of her tree by playing Cocteau Twins songs over and over - like more than a hundred times - until I figure out the lyrics. I've also watched movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Jacob's Ladder, Apocalypse Now and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind at least a hundred times each, probably more. It can be tedious at times, but that's what it takes oftentimes.

This carries over into my day job and probably limits my productivity. But I've been trained for the past 30 years to pay extremely close attention to detail, especially visual detail. And I tend to notice things a lot of other people may not.

Of course, the big story this week is in Las Vegas, in which we've seen stories about a mass shooting, which they are now saying is the worst in American history. We're hearing about this lone nut with a military grade arsenal he was somehow able to sneak into a major casino hotel without detection. 

We're talking about a guy who sued a casino and whose father was a well-known master criminal. Vegas casinos employ a security force three times the size of LVPD.

Although he had no military experience and didn't exactly have sniper-eyes he was able to rack up a body count that would give a SEAL team pause on targets hundreds of yards away.

And the AR15s he apparently used were apparently loud enough to be heard over the blaring PA at a large music festival four football fields away.

Can someone explain to me how that is possible? I am genuinely curious.

The police were able to spot his location because he set off a smoke alarm and either gunned him down or found him dead by his own hand. According to some people who know more about firearms than I do they should have been able to spot his location by the smoke itself. 

Well, just another day in gun-crazed America? Depends on who you ask.

The liberal and conservative media seem to be reading from the same page on all of this. Even Alex Jones has signed off on the broad contours of the narrative. 

That's never a good sign.

Me? Well, damn. It's that friggin' OCD again. I just keep going over cellphone footage from the scene and combing through the mainstream media looking for photos of the unparalleled carnage we are being told about. And it's not really adding up. 

I would much rather it did, it case you were wondering. And I actually hope it does.

Now, at the risk of being labeled a "Truther" yet again, I have to opine that none of this makes any damn sense to me. None of it feels right. 

Having gone through the crushing trauma of losing someone to gun violence early in my life I tend to be a bit more sensitive to these stories. I tend to tune in a bit more closely.

But this thing? Yeah, I don't know.

Let's start with the shooter. We're used to a certain profile for mass shooters- usually youngish males, usually marginalized, usually begrudged. This all kind of starts with Howard Unruh of Camden, NJ, an Army veteran who felt persecuted for being gay and shot 16 people, 13 fatally in 1949.

Unruh gave his surname to a classic episode of The X-Files, guest=starring Pruitt Taylor Vince (who also co-stars in Jacob's Ladder) as a psychotic who uses the "twilight sleep" sedative developed by CIA mind control doctors and performs amateur lobotomies on his victims.

Of course, Jacob's Ladder is also based on CIA mind control experiments.

17 years later we have Charles Whitman, the University of Texas at Austin shooter. Whitman too was an Army vet and just happened to start at UT at the same time MKULTRA Subproject 138 did.

Whitman soon began a personal tailspin that culminated in the shootings in 1966. An autopsy revealed a brain tumor,  which the medical examiner declared had not had an influence on the shootings. 

Texas Governor John Connolly decided otherwise and had the inquest findings revised. So far as I know Connolly was no neurologist.

The X-Files riffed on the UT shootings in "Blood," which guest-starred William Sanderson of Blade Runner and True Blood fame. That too had a mind-control subplot.

Mind-controlled assassins were kind of a thruline for The X-Files. It was all played for laughs in the Season Six episode "Three of a Kind," which was kind of a dry run for The Lone Gunman series. And you all know how that turned out.

"Three of a Kind" was set in Las Vegas.

"Three of a Kind" was filmed at the Monte Carlo, three blocks due north of Las Vegas Village, where the ill-starred Route 91 Harvest Festival took place last weekend. Aside from the Lone Gunmen it co-starred the late Charles Rocket, who committed suicide in 2005.

Rocket was born in Maine just north of Orion Krause, the musical prodigy who woke up four weeks ago and decided it would be a good day to beat his mother and grandparents to death with a baseball bat. After he did so he went next door, soaked in his family's blood, and asked his neighbor for some sleeping pills.

This didn't happen in Maine. It happened in Groton, MA, the town bordering Fort Devens to the north. Fort Devens was formerly known as the US Army Intelligence School. It's now involved in Interagency Organization, which essentially means the militarization of the entire Federal bureaucracy. It also trains local police and foreign military.

Orion Krause just happened to be wearing a t-shirt with two Sirens printed on it at his arraignment.

So what's the point of all this? Do I think this Steven Paddock was a mind-controlled assassin? 

Well, not so much. Just giving you kind of a flavor and a bit of background. The primordial soup in which this event emerged 

And if you've been reading the blog the past few months you'll remember that I spent a lot of time obsessing over Heaven or Las Vegas, which tied into Chris Cornell's death at the MGM Grand Hotel in Detroit.

And as Fate demands it, Las Vegas Village and Mandalay Bay are owned and operated by MGM.

So we have this shooter, who was somehow able to smuggle weapons of war into a hotel room and keep them there for several days undetected. What's more, he doesn't fit the mass shooter profile at all. He was a millionaire retiree with a number of rental properties, two private planes and a zesty gambling hobby. He also seems to have had a relationship with a woman married to the man initially indentified as the shooter before he somehow fell down the memory hole. 

The rich are different.

The shooter worked as an accountant apparently, working for the IRS, Martin Marietta, and apparently Goddard Space Center (Martin and Goddard are both in Greenbelt, MD and the IRS is next door in New Carrolton) and possibly NASA as well. 

Before moving west Paddock lived in Viera, Florida, a short commute from Cape Canaveral. 

Paddock then bought houses in Mesquite, TX and Mesquite, NV. One of his houses in Texas was on Via Ventura in the Palos Verdes Estates section of Mesquite.

In one of those time-space flukes seen mainly in Synchromystic blogs and bad sci-fi, the late Chester Bennington lived and died on Via Victoria in Palos Verdes Estates in California. 

Making the story even stranger Paddock was said to be the son of a notorious bankrobber named Benjamin Paddock, whose sounds like a guy who would probably hit it off with Whitey Bulger. Paddock Sr. escaped from Federal prison and lived on the lam for a decade. He wasn't exactly underground- he ran a bingo parlor. Quite an accomplishment, given that the US Marshals aren't well-known for letting prison escapees of the hook like that.  Paddock was rearrested and given a wrist- slap sentence despite being considered a dangerous psychotic by the FBI.

Don't ask me why but the term "federal informant" keeps flashing into my head every time I hear about this guy. Must be the OCD.

Paddock is reported as having shot out the windows in his 32nd floor suite at Mandalay Bay and unloaded hundreds- if not thousands of rounds on the Harvest Festival, then wrapping up the weekend with a set by Jason Aldean. It's a far- and a tricky- shot for an amateur marksman.

But no one has been able to explain why.

From what we're hearing so far, there was absolutely no motivation for a wealthy man who literally had everything to live for to commit such an atrocity. Paddock was said to enjoy country music and attended shows at Las Vegas Village. Aside from the Trump protest- in which the man some have identified as Paddock looked very cheerful and friendly- he had no ostensible political or religious affiliations. 

Then we get the weird story with the girlfriend who at first is called a second shooter, then a person of interest, then we're told she's in the Philippines then we're told no one knows where she is. It's all very mysterious. All the more so since one of the photos circulated of her was taken in Dubai.

We're also hearing a lot of talk about devices you can attach to assault rifles to make them fully automatic but that doesn't change the clip size. And judging from the video, we're hearing a lot more than 30 shots at a time.

But I noticed something else. I watched all the available cellphone footage I could of the shootings but couldn't seem to see any bullets hitting anything. I heard the machine gun rat-tat-tat but no corresponding report. 

Machine guns are no joke- they are extraordinarily brutal and destructive weapons. They can cut through cinder block and blow up cars. But I couldn't find video of anything actually getting hit. No little explosions of turf and concrete. No shattering glass or exploding cars. Nothing.

If you have, please forward it to me.

I asked people in my Facebook group to please help me find footage of things being struck by bullets by they couldn't find anything either. And a few suddenly got very stroppy and started throwing around the dreaded "Alex Jones" curse-word. I posted some videos of machine guns in action to show how incredibly destructive they can be, even a short volley. But that didn't seem to work either.

To which I had to reply that bombings blamed on the IRA used to set up decoy flashbombs in one location and then real bombs in the path of the people who'd be fleeing the flash explosion. It was a cruel and highly effective tactic of terror. 

Are we seeing something similar here, where a decoy machine gun would put bystanders in the path of another attacker, possibly a sniper or a shooter or shooters in the crowd? 

THAT would account for the lack of ricochet and impact- every bullet hit its target.

Well, that's certainly possible. But then we do what everyone in 2017 is absolutely terrified to go and that's to the dreaded realm of conspiracy, in this case a conspiracy of two or more shooters.

I compounded my felony by posting a video of an self-described witness, whose story was so removed from physical possibility it bordered on hallucinogenic surreality. The story was your classic friends-under-fire, Hollywood-ready yarn, except it was told in such a way that was not only completely incoherent and literally impossible, it was bereft of actual human emotion. 

In fact, it was so divorced from reality that it was actually sinister. To make matters worse a clear shot of these character's cargo shorts were edited out of the video in another video. 

There wasn't a single speck of blood on them. They should have been saturated in it.

For this I started hearing the dreaded "crisis actor" curse from some members. Never mind that there actually are such things as crisis actors- and they have websites advertising their services- you really didn't need to reach for that rhetorical weapon. 

If I recall correctly, people have been known to make shit up when they're on camera. 

And television news is seen as a reflection of reality only by children and the mentally-challenged. It's product. 

But today, truth is tribal.

People only believe what they read on the news outlets that pander to their political identity and automatically reject anything that doesn't. It's a disaster and a disgrace, and ultimately the root cause of all the polarization we see today.

But I came to realize this Las Vegas event is some kind of totem for certain ideologues on the hard left, some kind of way they can do away with guns forever, which they imagine as the last obstacle to the fulfillment of their fantasies of unchallenged hegemony.

We're talking about people who will believe every conspiracy theory you hear about Trump, who will recognize the official malfeasance surrounding police shootings of unarmed black men, but get their backs up in cases like this. Why?

Well, it's easy to call out conspiracy when it doesn't have anything to do with you. If it's something that might target you and not young black men in a neighborhood you will never live in, or deals with fantasies about Trumpian brownshirts no one actually believes, people naturally get frightened. Human nature.

And both the mainstream left and right are privileged demographics with an oversized sense of entitlement, so denial is reflexive.

But we're also seeing this increasing drumbeat by people like Alex Jones that this was in fact a politically-motivated act and we're hearing whispers of Antifa and Jihad literature in the hotel room. 

Which kind of sounds to me more than a bit like the passport in the rubble at Ground Zero, but these are the times in which we live.

And wouldn't you know it?  A massive, coordinated gun control effort was hauled out before the sun even came up the next day. I'm really not a fan of civilians having access to weapons of war and I think we need to do more to cut down on gun violence (especially in suicides, the major source of gun deaths) but it's not a sacrament to me like it is for some people. 

Why? Because I don't buy into the tribal identity driving it.

I don't politicize stories like this because once you start to look at them carefully ordinary politics really melt away. More so now than ever.  

And this Las Vegas thing? None of it makes a damn bit sense to me. Not psychologically, not logistically, nothing. It all feels off, like no one is even bothered to present a coherent narrative to the rabble anymore. Because why should they? You can neutralize any competing narrative with the press of a button these days.

Or maybe it's just the punch-you-in-the-face, kick-you-in-the-groin symbolism that's bugging me. 

This entire shooting episode all took place under the watchful eyes of the Luxor sphinx and its illuminated pyramid. This is symbolism a child can grasp.

UPDATE: Someone on FB brought up the Luxor Massacre:

The Luxor massacre was the killing of 62 people, mostly tourists, on 17 November 1997, at Deir el-Bahri, an archaeological site and major tourist attraction across the Nile River from Luxor in Egypt.

It is thought to have been instigated by exiled leaders of Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, an Egyptian Islamist organization, attempting to undermine the July 1997 "Nonviolence Initiative", to devastate the Egyptian economy[2] and provoke the government into repression that would strengthen support for anti-government forces.[3] However, the attack led to internal divisions among the militants, and resulted in the declaration of a ceasefire.[4] In June 2013, the group denied that it was involved in the massacre.[5]

This took place on the 31st birthday Jeff Buckley did not reach.

Also, note that 10/01/17 correlates numerologically to 11/17.

The Vegas shooter was said to have 23 weapons and have been shooting from the 32nd floor, which is actually the 33rd floor when you count the hotels mezzanine.

It's said Paddock fired for 9 to 11 minutes after the first 911 call.

Then the weird synchroncities, always a clue that something else is afoot. That something else noticed all this and saw fit to comment, through the usual channels.

We also have the obvious Vegas connection to Twin Peaks: The Return, which also had a machine-gun toting accountant in Las Vegas. 

Who kills two hillbillies.

Paddock is the surname of the Devil Incarnate in the X-Files episode "Die Hand Der Verletz."

 The day before this atrocity Marilyn Manson was injured when a stage prop of two giant guns fell on him at a concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan. Many have pointed out Manson's tangential connection to Columbine in light of Las Vegas.

Manson is currently on his Heaven Upside Down tour.

Manson's first film role was in David Lynch's Lost Highway, which of course featured the first soundtrack use of Elizabeth Fraser's "Song to the Siren." Manson's early career was shepherded by Trent Reznor, who played with Nine Inch Nails on the now-legendary eighth episode of Twin Peaks: The Return.

And then there's this. Watch the first 5 seconds of this video over and over until the message sinks in.

Here's what we see: some sort of chain design in the same bronze color as the exterior of Mandalay Bay. Is this all meant to be linked?

An ascending view of a building with grid windows, like Mandalay Bay. 

And then a blood-red, oozy kind of thing with light shining through circular holes. 

Like bullet holes.

This video came out 27 years ago this month. The year of Twin Peaks.

Twin- Twins. Get it now? 

Is this yet another tragic event predicted by the Siren entity this singer once channeled? Well, since she seems to have predicted everything else I don't see why not. I mean, this is Heaven or Las Vegas we're talking about here. 

Note that we not only see the Luxor sphinx and pyramid over looking this, we also see the cruciform figure of Criss Angel, Mindfreak.

Incidentally, Mandalay Bay also has an aquarium.

UPDATE: A reader reminded me that the shootings also took place in the shadow of Janet Airlines, the mysterious airhub for Nellis AFB and Area 51. 

Yeah, there's more than meets the eye here.

SYNC LOG UPDATE: Absolute must-read by Goro Adachi. The first single off Heaven Upside Down is "Kill for Me" and includes these lyrics in this order:

This is a sacrifice

Your hotel hall won’t be so vacant 

And I can tell that you ain’t faking

The incident at Hammerstein Ballroom occurred during "Sweet Dreams," which we discussed in connection to Elizabeth Fraser and the Scottish MKULTRA programs. We'll be touching on that topic again soon. Bonus sync: Annie Lennox wrote that song and Lennox Hill Hospital was one of the MKUTRA test locations.

Goro also points to the Monarch Airlines bankruptcy, which leads me back to the Siren: one of the songs on Tiny Dynamine-Echoes in a Shallow Bay is called "Plain Tiger," a kind of Monarch butterfly.

Paddock also lived in Mesquite, TX. Mesquite is next to Garland, TX, home of the Draw Muhammad shootout that inspired the controversial X-Files' episode "Babylon." 

And per usual- Garlands is the very witchy first Cocteau Twins album and Jeff Buckley died on Garlands Day.

A paddock is where horses are kept and the Kelpie- the water witch immortalized by twin statues in Elizabeth Fraser's birthplace- also took the form of a horse (hence the statues).

Wise words from Goro: "Let’s not oversimplify. Reality is exceedingly more complex than most conspiracy theorists would like to assume. Once you realize synchronicity is real, the collective unconscious is real, psi is real, retrocausality is real, the Matrix is real… you realize it’s foolish to just go with the easy and lazy explanation of “it’s a big Illuminati conspiracy!”. Yes conspiracies are everywhere, it’s human nature. But there are things so much bigger that surround our reality."

Indeed there are. No one was feeding some weird indie band clues about what was going to happen in three decades time. No one human, at least.

UPDATE: My IRA-style theory might be confirmed by this story about the shooting victim seen in the Raymond Page video:

The bullet entered and exited though his forearm then continued through the rib area and landed in his intestine. 
The forearm begins parallel to where the ribcage ends. So if the bullet "continued", it's unlikely it was raining from the sky.

* A video emerged of a man matching his description spotted at a Trump protest in Reno, wearing a very loud pink NASA shirt and matching pussyhat. And answering to the name "Steve."

Snopes labeled the story about the protest false without a single scintilla of evidence to disprove it, which kind of leads me to believe it probably is him. Because fuck Snopes. Always. 

This Steve seemed pretty cheerful and gregarious and not exactly the type planning to mow down innocent people at a music festival


  1. Great post. Warning this video is rough but it puts to rest the staged event theory I think:

    1. Interesting video. I have a few questions about it.

      Where are the cops? There are always lots of cops onsite at a place like this. Where are they?

      Where is event security?

      Why hasn't this crime scene been taped off?

      Why don't I hear any sirens? If this was during the shooting, where are the sounds of gunfire?

      How is some random guy allowed to run through an active crime scene disturbing evidence?

      Why do all the wounded have the same head wounds? Why don't we see any wounds to any other part of the body?

      Why aren't any of the bodies pale or in any way discolored? When you sustain a traumatic injury the blood drains from your body to where the injury is. Do you see any sign of this?

      Why don't we see any of the wounded convulsing?

      Why don't we see any of the wounded writhing? Again, everyone has the same injury. Everyone is essentially comatose.

      Why isn't any one crying? Why isn't anyone in glassy eyed shock?

      Why isn't anyone screaming "where are the fucking cops already! Argggggggggh!"

      Why aren't any of the companions of the victims showing any particular emotion at all? Are they total strangers?

      Why isn't anyone agitated in any way whatsoever? Anger, sorrow, shock? Why do we hear people standing around chatting socially? I don't know about you but my experience with people who'd go to a country music festival tells me that people would be reacting with a very high level of emotion. Was everyone given sedatives?

      Here's my problem- I want to believe the official story here. It does me no good to do otherwise. But I'm seeing videos of gunfire with no bullets and videos of a massacre where no one is reacting like a normal human being does in a traumatic situation. I'm seeing bullshit stories that totally contradict each other flying all over the place in the media.

      It's really not making me either happy or comfortable.

  2. I see they're running with the 'brain tumour' defence on this one now too;

    1. Everything in the catalog is being thrown out there. We'll see what sticks.

  3. Thank you Chris, it's appreciated that you posted at length on these events in a timely manner. This...

    I just keep going over cellphone footage from the scene and combing through the mainstream media looking for photos of the unparalleled carnage we are being told about. And it's not really adding up.

    ...exactly describes my own experience.

    But then - hundreds of personnel at the three trauma centers, thousands at the concert, numerous adjacent witnesses, numerous police. The open-ended scene and the plethora of witnesses and people involved seems to have been impossible to fully control as theater-of-the-real.

    And yet - I searched for a shred of video or still-image evidence of bloodshed and found none. I did see video of some people, those doing the recording, in a panic, running, screaming. While mere feet away other people were walking by leisurely, or standing still at apparent ease.

    Combined, the contradictions above have me feeling very strange indeed.

    1. It's not a particularly good strange feeling, is it?

  4. Cinimod_ofCarthach6:18 AM, October 04, 2017

    theyre mocking us now with his last name paddock. That's how I feel. Whether it's from above or orchestrated down below they are mocking us.

    1. I can't figure any of this out yet. I don't know if I ever will.

  5. Cinimod_ofCarthach6:34 AM, October 04, 2017

    Just to add have you looked into Lilith at all? She's mentioned in the Zohar 27 times by name.

    She is the unnameable chaos. She fled to the darkness of waters. Tried to rush heaven when she saw the beauty... Etc... But I feel like this may very well be a path you are looking for here.

    1. Yeah, but it all ties back to Tiamat.

    2. tiamat reminds me of tima from metropolis and the thelemic aeon of maat.

  6. There were some pictures leaked of inside the shooters room and some people noticed that there seems to be a note on one of the tables. Not sure if the shooter left a letter behind but possibly he did. Another thing is he filmed himself.

    This might be a reach but the Philippines has a large Muslim community which is currently at war with the leader of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte and in general have been trying to secede for years. Maybe paddock was converted by his girlfriend?

    Yeah its kind of morbidly funny how every time there is a shooting both political sides dont even care about the victims they are just waiting to use it as political ammo against the other side. But this time any motive of the shooter seems to be lost or slowly coming out so the whole political shit fest seems kind of muted.

    It bothers me too, this isnt the usual profile of a shooter. Usually a young white guy or a young muslim guy. Here is this rich boomer who wasnt really known to be an extremist by his friends or family and just spent most of his days gambling. Then one day he has this entire arsenal of guns and commits the greatest massacre in american history. There is some deeper shit going on here.

    1. There is indeed. And who the hell knows what it is. This guy just stinks like lifelong asset. And their careers don't often end very well.

  7. This Las Vegas shooting has been bugging me as well. And I'm pretty good usually at noticing things in the news that don't fit. When they shot that Brazilian guy in the London tube and the news just came out, simply the way it was reported, I told my friends: "They got the wrong guy, he wasn't a terrorist." Which is exactly what came out the next day. And other examples, but I don't want to go on.

    The impression I get on this shooting is, very clearly: there is a huge chunk of information we aren't being told. Because, as you say, it just doesn't add up. A guy as described simply has no reason to do something like that. And it wasn't a case of snapping under the influence of who-knows-what, this was a carefully planned operation. Anybody who carefully plans something is looking for a result. Of some kind. And what is the result here? Gun control? He isn't described as a political guy who would give a flying F about that. What else? It might be clearer to people in Las Vegas. And am I supposed to believe the FBI have gone through his places and collected all sorts of things, and they still haven't the slightest idea of the motive? They say so, but I don't believe it. What is it that is so sensitive the FBI aren't comfortable talking about it, even in the most general terms?

    The best idea I can come up with is: the guy wanted to stop this concert, or maybe the whole Harvest thing. And then, of course, the question is: why would anybody be so hell-bent on that, let alone a retired well-off man that seems to be enjoying life?

    1. I don't think this guy wanted to do anything but throw some money away at the tables and maybe call a hooker or two over to his suite. Or maybe he was doing some company business with a capital C. I could be wrong, but nothing I've seen so far is dispositive.

  8. So I mentioned before that the big soap in Brazil these days features a mermaid, played by actress Isis Valverde, who gets married to a simpleton in the country (whose nickname is derived from Joseph), only to run away and get together with a rich guy from Rio called Ruy (Roy, or 'roi' if you prefer). The Joseph character moves to Niterói, the city across the bridge from Rio, and Ruy starts to get more and more jealous. The siren stays in touch with Joseph, and the situation reached its climax on Monday, when Ruy follows Joseph to the beach and shoots him.

    So essentially, the king ('roi') shoots at the common man ('Joseph') after both are addled by the Siren. Considering that Stephen means 'crown', something ominous seems to be afoot here. The scene was shot weeks ago, but it happens to air not 24 hours after the Vegas incident?

    This, of course, not even mentioning that in the beginning of the soap, Ruy and Joseph both nearly drown in a raging river, only to be rescued by a local shaman, who prophesies that "the river that brought them together will tear them apart". Strange echoes with all that has been discussed here.

    Incidentally, 'Niterói' comes from the local native language, and it means either 'hidden river' or 'cold water'.

    - Bruno

    1. Roi doesn't just mean King in French; it is Hebrew for "Shepherd".

    2. Shepherd. Of course. This is very interesting, Bruno. Something is certainly in the air. This Siren thing isn't going away.

  9. I think this is finally the point where I part ways with the blog and wish you luck—and perhaps hope that you get some psychological help.

  10. Ever since the Boston Marathon "bombing" and the Sandy Hooks "shooting", where it seems there were crisis actors all over the place and no one really died (seriously, no kids in the classroom when it happened, some of the "parents" were even laughing it up before suddenly acting sad and traumatised in front of the cameras), I've become more and more convinced THEY are too lazy to kill groups of civilians anymore, not here in America anyway. I doubt they give a s**t about human life, but they probably figured: "Why kill anyone for real when we can just lie and say they died? Less clean up afterwards, y'know..."

    Even the "planes" on 9/11 were strangely underbooked, and before the false media narrative set in, people in New York and D.C. reported MISSILES, nothing more. A lot of CGI glitches on the videos showing airplanes hitting the towers, is all...

    1. I really can't say, JB, since I haven't really looked into those cases in any detail. The stick insect autistic seems a bit unlikely a suspect but that doesn't necessarily mean people haven't died. And the Marathon thing could well be spy-vs-spy shenanigans. But I don't know.

    2. David Lynch appeared on alex jones show back in 2006 to talk specifically about 9/11 after he'd seen the 'Loose Change' movie, Lynch's take:

      'We are all you know like detectives... we get these feelings that there's more going on than meets the eyes... it's a world of clues... but you can find these answers, for, you know, a lot of these things within, as far as 9/11 goes there's, you know, there's things that you know we saw that conjured questions... & something doesn't seem quite right... we need answers that's all'


      'intuition is higher than intellect'

      (jones fanboys quite enthusiastically about Lynch's oeuvre, calling him Mr. Lynch)

  11. Great work as always, Chris. I think it's important to ask these types of questions of so-called official narratives. We might not have the explicit opportunity for much longer. All the Twin Peaks and Siren symbolism you've explored lately doesn't seem entirely disconnected to everything we're seeing here, at least to me. I wanted to point out the etymology of the name Steven Paddock. Steven means Crown or Garland, and Paddock means enclosure or fence. So we have someone who is the Crown (or King) of the fence or enclosure. King of the Enclosure? Hmm. Weird. Also, with regards to the general symbolism connected to this Vegas incident I wanted to point out the 2005 Lars Von Trier film 'Manderlay', which features a main character called Grace and is concerned with themes of slavery, resurrection and Harvest. Which was filmed on an all-black set as if the whole thing takes place in an abyss. Just some odd resonances there in my opinion. Also, Mandalay has the word Mandala in it. What with giant illuminated all-black pyramids overlooking this Vegas event the Mandala observation seemed worthy of a mention. Let's hope this is all just smoke without any fire, huh? Because the other option is rather frightening. Either way, it's important to ask these questions when we are being corralled towards more extreme forms of division, polarisation and double-think. Stay strong, brother.

    1. 'Paddock' can also mean 'frog' or 'toad', from what I gather. Couldn't help but remember the whole Kek business...

    2. Raj,

      Crown/King might also mean "lord", and fence/enclosure might relate to borders and boundaries. A Gatekeeper? Macabre, in that this gatekeeper stood at the boundaries between life and death, "inviting" in the gathered multitude.

    3. Great stuff, Raj. There's also St. Stephen as well. And yeah, I totally agree with all your points there. This is what really bothers me- how all of this is steering us towards some kind of conflagration.

  12. Some intriguing stuff. There is a sinister trickster aspect to this. What really struck me was how the Left and Right interpret this all according to their own agendas, when the reality of this mass shooting transcends idiotic politics. The Left has also blamed Trump for this or the Trumpkins, which of course is absurd. And many idiots on the Right say this guy was a closet jihadist despite the fact that there is zero evidence for that. Jokers to the Left, clowns to the Right. There is also the symbolism of Las Vegas as the real capital of America. In the 21st century. I mean think of what Vegas really stands for.

    As far as the casualty count goes, scarily it is not that surprising. His semi-automatics were nearly fully auto thanks to bump-stocks. And when you are shooting down at a bunched crowd you are shooting fish in a barrel. As for nobody among the hotel staff and guests having suspicions or noticing anything amiss, Chris it's Vegas. You can walk into a hotel room with 4 hookers, a couple of octogenarians in wheelchairs and an alligator on a leash, and nobody will blink.

    1. Well, sure- that's normal for Vegas. Setting up video cameras in hallways and no one able to figure out what room the smoke alarm is going off? Not so much. And I'd have no problem buying the fish in a barrel thing if I actually saw or heard evidence of bullets in the spot closest to his line of fire. Or anywhere. So for now, I don't know. But I'm certainly persuadable.

  13. Can any connections be drawn to the considerable portion of Twin Peaks season three that took place in Las Vegas?

    1. Well, there was also a terrorist incident in Edmonton... which is Marshall McLuhan's hometown. Google for some reason chose his 106th birthday to honour him with a Google Doodle, but the fact that 106=2x53 probably isn't meaningful unless TP3 is all about understanding media... which Lucy's climactic line suggests it could have been.
      But that's a stretch, right? How about: pistachio Dougie was obsessed with the statue of a dude pointing a gun.

    2. Sure- the machine gun wielding accountant I mentioned.

    3. Garland is also the first name of Major Briggs in Twin Peaks. The same actor also played Captain William Scully in the X Files as well.

      The Truth Is Out There and the Owls Are Not What They Seem

    4. Cap'n S refers to Scully as 'Starbuck', the Starbuck of Battlestar Galactica was, originally, played by Dirk Benedict who as 'Face' or 'Faceman' (full title: Lieutenant Templeton Arthur Peck) was a former(?) special forces operative, who as part of 'The A-Team' was notorious for defeating wave after wave of badguys whilst firing machine guns without causing any atual deaths, y'kno like how it is on any battlefield or Havest festival scene.

  14. The aftermath, at least, looks pretty real to me, Chris. (Graphic, obviously.)

    As for the story behind the shooter maybe not so much.

    1. See above questions on the video. And again, not dismissing real deaths or shooting at all. Like I spell out quite clearly.

  15. You're right to question this, Chris.

    Witness videos are all "rat-a-tat-tat" and no ricochet. The guns which Paddock was alleged to have used would've been accurate at 400 yards; the downward trajectory of his bullets (aimed directly at a concrete surface!) would've resulted in a massive amount of ricochet; one could (and should) marvel at the fact that the injury rates should've been much, much higher. I don't want to come across as trivializing the casualties here, but let's be honest: there were over 20,000 people in attendance, a whole town's worth, crammed elbow-to-elbow in a single parking lot. 58 dead and 515 wounded are a tiny fraction of the total crowd.

    Now, if there were shooters at lower-level windows, or at ground level, then the horizontal trajectory of the bullets would've matched the witness-video evidence we have: lots of shots, but no ricochet underfoot.

    Video of gunfire coming from a lower floor:

    Youtube is memory-holing these as quickly as they can. A cab driver posted video he took of gunfire coming from another low level window, but it's already been suppressed.

    So, for whatever reason, Paddock allegedly set up cameras to record the shooting from his perspective... for posterity, I guess?

    Plus, he installed his own security cam equipment in the hallway.

    Plus, now they've leaked his "suicide photo." No word yet on whether it's a death-selfie, or if it was snapped by a first responder.

    WARNING: link has a graphic image at the end of the article.

    1. Ground-level shooters is an interesting theory as there are a few on-camera witness accounts from the night that swore there was a second shooter or shooters. One witness even said they felt like they were being corralled into an adjoining parking lot and picked off.


      Tie that in with Chris' mention of the IRA flash bomb fake-out tactic and the seeming lack of ground damage and it gets the ol' almonds activating.

    2. The IRA tactic came to mind, especially with all these second-shooter accounts you mention. This entire situation is in flux so it might be some time before we can say for certain.

  16. You took the words right out of my mouth, sir. Las Vegas has been syncing heavily with me for months, and not only because of the emphasis David Lynch put on the city over the course of the "Twin Peaks" series this summer. Last month, in a piece I wrote called "Stress test," I highlighted the scene in Episode 16 where the "Polish accountant" blows away the two hillbilly assassins in a Las Vegas subdivision, and when Jim Belushi's character asks his brother what kind of neighborhood this is, he responds, "People are under a lot of stress, Bradley." Also, before I was aware of this return of Marilyn Manson (not much of a fan), I suddenly felt the urge to watch his new video - from the "Heaven Upside Down" album. I coined a phrase for current-day America - "Trumpsidedown," a sort of sync wink to "Stranger Things" and a way of saying that things truly are topsy-turvy. I also thought of the Cocteau Twins album title, but you beat me to it. Great work.

    1. "Trumpsidedown." That's awesome.

    2. Yeah, the hits are coming fast and furious, no pun intended. The old reality is finally breaking down after a century and a half of sustained assault.

  17. Not so sure of the totem. Every reporter in Vegas made sure the black pyramid was in background. The ground attack thesis is plausible. Would like to see bullet trajectories. You have seen the same movies 100 times? Dude, that is amazing. Sure lot's of darkness in this humanity. Chris, thanks for making some sense of this Black Iron Prison.87

    1. Trying, Dennis. Not usually succeeding but here we are.

  18. I'm going to throw an odd idea out there, but let's see if future info confirms it: Paddock hated, really hated, modern country music. And loved the more traditional stuff. He may have waited till the end of the festival to count if there were more songs that he liked, or disliked. There were more he didn't like. So he started shooting. I'm not saying this was purely about music he didn't like, but I'm getting more and more the feeling that it was a factor.

  19. It would seem that the "Shock Doctrine" scenario for the US populace continues unabated. More random violence, more shrill left vs right in the media obscuring the real scenario, more fear, more hate, more button pushing. The real scenario being the systemic breakdown of society (& by extension, eventually, the US itself.)

    BTW: those guns he used looked heavily modified, wasn't just changes to the firing pins or the stocks via those mail order kits.

    Anymore word about the woman who supposedly yelled to the crowd before the shooting started, "You're all going to die tonite?" Or did that go down the memory hole already?

    Also--thought you'd find this interesting Chris--#91 (as in Rte.91 Harvest Festival), according to Kabbalistic interpretation, means,
    "What is head for the foxes".

    1. Oct. 1also left 91 days until the end of the year.

    2. Thanks, GreenFlame. If we flip the 9 around we get Highway 61. "Abe said where do you want this killing done?" Bob Dylan

    3. Just found this article, turned out Paddock was prescribed a benzodiazepene (surprise surprise) back in June:


      "According to reports from Las Vegas journalists,

      “Records from the Nevada Prescription Monitoring Program obtained Tuesday show Paddock was prescribed 50 10-milligram diazepam tablets by Henderson physician Dr. Steven Winkler on June 21. A woman who answered the phone at Winkler’s office would not make him available to answer questions and would neither confirm nor deny that Paddock was ever a patient.

      Paddock purchased the drug — its brand name is Valium — without insurance at a Walgreens store in Reno on the same day it was prescribed. He was supposed to take one pill a day.

      Diazepam is a sedative-hypnotic drug in the class of drugs known as benzodizepines, which studies have shown can trigger aggressive behaviour. Chronic use or abuse of sedatives such as diazepam can also trigger psychotic experiences, according to”.

      According to the Nevada state monitoring report, the suspect Stephen Paddock was first prescribed the drugs in 2016."

    4. I'd like to see how long Paddock was on Valium. That dose with a June scrip seems pretty unlikely to make you Charles Whitman.

  20. I'm sorry, people are dead here. I agree there's more to Paddock that we don't know, but people are dead. Actors don't volunteer to die.

    1. No one says they do. Address what is actually being said or sit this one out, Steve.

  21. As always Chris, I appreciate your balanced take. When the story broke, and the media reported the "lone gunman" had committed suicide, my bullshit detector went off. When the media reported he worked for Lockeed and other defense contractors, I connected that to the movie "Falling Down".

    1. He worked for the IRS and for NASA as well. He's got private planes, real estate holdings, etc. So kind of like Falling Down but kind of like the opposite of it too.

  22. I agree that this is a weird, weird story. I have been reading as much about it as I can find. When his brother said, "they're not going to find anything on him," I feel like he was not being a credible reporter. My recollection is that he said his brother "wasn't a gun guy at all" -- but evidently S.P. had bought 33 guns, mostly rifles, over the past year. Between that and the "oh by the way their dad was once on the FBI's most-wanted list", S.P.'s brother had some combination of "didn't really know what was going on" and "doesn't want to say."

    I have been interested to read peoples' descriptions of S.P.'s relationship with Marilou Danley. S.P.'s brother said something to the effect that "he deferred to her in ways he wouldn't to any other human being, including me." People who had seen S.P and Danley together in public, in contrast, said that he often treated her in a demeaning/controlling fashion.

    Danley, who used at least two social security numbers with different birthdates, was reportedly working at a casino when S.P. met her, and it was a "one day she met him and the next day she was with him" kind of thing. Her pictures don't look like the kind of stereotypical "hot babe" that a retired guy with money might stereotypically go for.

    I know the "clues" that I'm picking up are mere breadcrumbs, but this is my guess about S.P.'s mental state/condition: When enough information about him comes out, he will apparently be significantly narcissistic. That's not a mental state that necessarily interferes with the kind of professional success S.P. apparently enjoyed. It would be consistent with having a criminal father. It would be consistent with his relationship with the relationship with Danley: Narcissistic het males are often attracted to vulnerable women who they can dominate. IT would also be consistent with filing the essentially bogus lawsuit against a casino.

    Danley, when she came off the plane in LA today, came off in a wheelchair. What's the state of her health?

    People with significant narcissism can and do become attached to others (even is primarily just as extensions of themselves.) Is Danley declining/terminally ill?

    ...when we find out more about S.P., my guess is that we'll find some significant setback in his life out about 1 1/2 years back. In terms of how this may "explain" why he did what he did, I'm not sure that we'll find something that makes sense, but *something* hurt this guy in a way that made him want to take it out on lots of people.

    1. I agree with all this. There's a quote in one of the articles today with the brother saying that Paddock was a rather selfish, self-focused man, which is why it seemed pleasingly odd that he defered to Danley. That with public ridicule made me think about some of the father's personality really beginning to come out.

    2. The public ridicule at the Starbucks, you mean?

      Leave aside the Starbucks thing, I wasn't exactly sure where the ridicule was.

      Not really feeling the Paddock shooter angle yet. Way, way, way too much of the usual spook-smoke to clear away first. But your points are still very interesting.

  23. one of the members of the mil/spec-ops board I lurk found that one of the planes that Paddock owned is now owned by an IC contractor:

    "Our associates, carrying the highest security clearances, are intelligence veterans with technical and management expertise who are committed to making a difference in national security. Our record of successful missions is testimony.

    Covering a variety of disciplines, our services include systems engineering, enterprise architecture, cyber security, program management, strategic planning, systems acquisitions and contracting, inter-agency intelligence coordination, and more."

    and according to WaPo and one of the brothers, the psychopathic/bank robber father was also a decorated Air Force veteran:

    "Their father died a few years ago, but Eric Paddock grew up thinking their father was already dead. He found out otherwise when Patrick went to the Air Force Academy and was told his father was a decorated veteran and still alive."

    on a personal note, on Sunday night, right before the shooting was reported, I was watching a new Showtime docu series Active Shooter: America Under Fire. the first episode was about Aurora and as I sat there watching, I thought to myself "haven't had a mass shooting in a while, wonder when the next one will happen..." (morbid, I know) and then I found out about Vegas right before I went to bed. Kinda weirded me out...

    1. I think it might be a different Volant, one in Roanoke. But this brings us to the doorstep of Liberty University, the Falwell crowd, the Unification Church, etc etc etc.

      And OF COURSE Eric was AFA. Again, all of the usual hallmarks here.

  24. On being interviewed to glean his reaction, by an agent of the msm, the brother of the guy in the frame as shooter mentions his disbelief ('not even a parking ticket') & that he'd recently texted back & forth with him after Irma asking:

    'How's mom? Did you get power?'

    This clip can be heard fourty-six minutes into the latest Red Ice interview with Jay Dyer.

    (For some reason I'm reminded of The X-Men comic 'God Loves, Man Kills.')

    1. The brother gives off a very weird vibe. He knows more than he's saying, is my read.

    2. There's a 2nd interview with him from cbs news:

      & in among a rambling variety of curiously worded statements, at 25:40, he says:

      'It's like the bug in Men in Black put on a Steve suit'

      It was announced Friday 29th September that a new MiB movie will be released May 17th 2019, 'The movie will focus on new characters instead of the agents we know and love.'

      “Here come the men in black... They won’t let you remember”

      & on that black-off-the-book(s) theme a day after the festival:

      'Wyoming man arrested after claiming he traveled from 2048 to warn of alien invasion'

      'Police were called to a street in Casper where Johnson reportedly told them he traveled from the year 2048 and was trying to warn the town that aliens would be arriving next year, KCWY reported.'

      & keeping things otherworldly, the full moon of 5th October, thirteen days after the autumnal equinox, was a rare Harvest moon for the month.

      Neil Young's 1972 album 'Harvest' features a song titled 'Are You Ready for the Country?'

      What other 'October surprises' are lined up for 2017?

      (On the letters pages of the October 4th issue of The Walking Dead comic (no. 172) the editorial team were asked when the next big event would happen in TWDniverse, the answer? January 2018 (no. 175), taking a look at the wikia the cover for that issue is of high teched soldier types wearing some kind of white & red hazmat-armour & wielding shiny new high calibre rifles, the text emblazoned above this image? 'New World Order'.)

  25. I don't for one minute think this is a "staged" event.
    That's a real body count we are seeing in the media with real families and people being shot.
    But you are right to question if the shooter is some "mind controlled" asset...but for whom?
    Scumbags who use "false flag events" to influence political events want real corpses, not actors (dead men tell no tales).
    And I have a problem with all of this so-called Masonic symbolism.
    I'm not a Freemason, but my grand-father was a Master-Mason in the English Blue Lodge system of Freemasonry that we have in Australia.
    I never met my grandfather as he died before I was born, but I do have friends who are Freemasons in the Blue Lodge and I could be wrong about this, but to lump all Freemasons into one camp is miss-leading...and I don't say that lightly.
    The so-called "Scottish Rite" Freemasons are not considered Freemasons by English Blue Lodge Masons, as far as I'm aware.
    It's a bit like Catholics and Protestants when it comes to lumping Christians into the one basket.
    Now let's say an organization like the CIA (an organization started by Roman Catholics) wanted to demonize a Protestant organisation like the Freemasons, then what would they do if the CIA had a hand in these mass shooting events?
    They would try and paint Masonic fingerprints all over the crime scene, would they not?
    Question everything I say, but don't jump to false conclusions by taking red herrings for real clues.
    And I think that while this Vegas event is a real event there certainly is something fishy about it.

    1. That's exactly what I will be talking about on Richard Hoagland's show. We know the Deep State is at war- it's in the papers every day. Assume nothing at this point.

  26. Has anyone considered that everything that Chris is describing is the details or liturgy of a satanic black mass? In Catholicism a liturgy is a the unveiling of truths as the priest makes his way through the Passion from the moment of the last supper and the sacrifice of the mass, that is the breaking of the bread the literal interpretation of Christ dying on the Cross. Catholics believe that the bread is the literal body of Christ, and the bread is kept in a tabernacle at the back of the altar, referred to by Catholics as the "summit" of the liturgy and their faith.

    Think of this transparent to Twin Peaks: The Return in a format of ritualistic Kabbalah or a black mass, the final moments do find the twin Boaz/Joachim pillars of Cooper and Palmer in front at the Palmer Home, they approach the metaphorical tabernacle/kether (the Palmer home) and instead of finding the body of Christ inside, they instead find a woman asking her hidden husband about the former Illuminati named occupants of the house. Instead of hearing the Catholic Priest saying, "the mass has ended now go in peace to love and serve the Lord", instead we hear the house (tabernacle/kether) whisper "Laura" that sets Laura off into her loud scream. Definitely no peace, and no mass has ended in Twin Peaks. I've never studied the finer points of a black mass and definitely don't want to but I suspect I witnessed one or a ritual metaphorically throughout the 18 episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return leading to the final moments of the house lights being turned off. The ending could also metaphorically be seen as a outright denial, replacement or antithesis of the Catholic mass. This would make sense knowing Frost's and Lynch's Masonic narrative.

    The Siren may very well be satan himself.

    Final two stages of truth through Hermeneutics:

    Cooper: "What Year is this?"
    Eisegesis (to put meaning into)

    Laura screaming.
    Exegesis (to take meaning out of by process).

    The Truth in Twin Peaks?
    Something is wrong. Something is frightening.
    But in the end, no final truth, a denial of the Truth.

    The Spirit of the Anti-Christ giving the final message to the initiated being the destruction of Catholicism/Rome itself. See: The Prophecy of St. Malachai or the Book of Revelation for the destruction of the city on seven hills.

    Deus Vult.

  27. Has anyone ever seen the Season 1 episode of Fargo where Malvo sets up a gym trainer to be the fall guy for a sniper attack?

  28. Another lone assassin? Is it possible that someone else was the shooter and killed Paddock and escaped?

    1. Did Vegas shooter have accomplice?
      Probably -

    2. The only reason to believe Paddock was the shooter is because they keep telling us he was. We're not given any compelling evidence as to motive. And we've seen a lot of people who knew him say he's not the type to do something like this. Never mind his age and wealth.

  29. Hey Chris
    I too was struck by the bizarre and disjointed claims that arose from this event. Not only do I (with some reservations) find basically every victim who was interviewed to be very emotionless and strange (and not in a 'shocked' sort of way), but I also would like to draw your attention towards some behind-the-scenes information that you didn't really mention. I linked a good video which discusses some findings. . .

    1. Thank you for this. It's very, very strange. And yes, no one is acting like they should. This whole explanation of oh, they're shocked is not only unsupported it's only in the past couple of years you're hearing it. I think it's entirely possible that people were actually shot that night. But that makes it all the more disturbing.

  30. I concur. No ricochets. No bullet hole pictures by any of the media. you know how they would sensationalize the bullet holes if they had any. Also...where are the coroner reports of the dead. Official documents. Remember how the Newtown Coroner acted.
    Sheldon Addelsons newspaper in vegas just one a case on the Sept.28th against the Clark county coroners office. The judge in the case upheld the transparency in Govt. records for Nevada. So there should be coroners reports forth coming, right?

    The whole event was indeed a "Say 10" (9+1=10) Harvest Festival. To create fear to feed upon it. ARE YOU AFRAID?

    So far a lot of talk and misdirection.

    The hand of The prince of lies is easily seen by those who walk in Christ.

    Be not afraid. Infinite love it the only truth everything else is illusion.


    1. And no evidence of crowd contagion. Once the bullets hit anywhere and people started dropping the entire crowd would have been screaming. Instead we see videos where people on the ground are saying they're not real bullets and they don't see anyone injured.

  31. I wonder how many of those slaughtered spent last weekend at the movies entertaining themselves watching children get slaughtered (It)?

  32. Thanks for the link to Goro Adachi, amazing. It just occurred to me (surely somebody else must have noticed!), this mass shooting took place on October 1st. 'October the First Is Too Late' is the name of a famous science fiction novel by one of the 20th century's most famous astronomers, Fred Hoyle. Check this wiki article for an overview of the themes of the book (published in 1966). Albeit the article has its shortcomings, there should be a better overview from a SF specialist site. I read the novel decades ago btw.

    The themes of this novel include time travel, the sun's radiation (Hoyle made important discoveries on the nature of the sun's nuclear fusion) and the collapse of civilization. It is a novel notable for presenting the pigeon-hole theory.

    From the wiki article (the background here is the characters John Sinclair and Dick, who are both the protagonists in the novel. They are seemingly traveling back and forth through time):

    'He considers each moment of time as a state represented by a pigeon-hole; the sequence in which they might be accessed might not be in time sequence. "A sequence is a logical concept in which time doesn't really enter at all," he says. "... Our consciousness corresponds to just where the light falls, as it dances about among the pigeon-holes... What is this light? ... My strong hunch is that it's the spot of light that permits decisions which lie outside the laws of physics." He considers that there might be more than one set of pigeon-holes, but only one light. "For every different person, you need a separate set of pigeon-holes. But the consciousness could be the same."

    'John thinks that their new situation, a world made of parts of the old world, might be due to a new set of pigeon-holes, made of some of the pigeon-holes in the other system.'

    Lawrence - just plain weird. Weirdly enough, I can't believe I didn't notice this sync immediately, as soon as I heard about the shooting. Why? Because that morning I woke up, I thought today is October the 1st, and the association with Hoyle's novel popped into my head, and I thought well October the 1st is too late. Too late for what this year, I contemplated. In of course a light-hearted way, because I had no idea what was to happen mere hours later! I then completely forgot about this, and the sync only occurred to me this morning, October 5th!

    1. Hoyle is a very interesting guy. We looked at him during the Lucifer's Technologies series.

  33. Hey Chris, I just saw 'Blade Runner 2049' and my advice is to go see it ASAP, because IT's relevant to most of the themes you have been writing about for the last few weeks.
    Keep an eye out (pun intended) for Marilyn/Elvis in Vegas and the drowning/siren meme.
    You can't miss it really.

    1. Not going to miss it, D. Gotta see that and It this weekend.

  34. GM Resorts own Mandalay Bay and Circus Circus with former and documented mafia connections:

    “The Circus-Circus is what the whole hep world would be doing Saturday night if the Nazis had won the war. This is the sixth Reich. The ground floor is full of gambling tables, like all the other casinos... but the place is about four stories high, in the style of a circus tent, and all manner of strange County-Fair/Polish Carnival madness is going on up in this space.” -Hunter S. Thompson

  35. Great's all very interesting and very, very tragic. This event is baffling, even (especially?) the official version. It's almost...audacious in how strange it is.

    Descriptions of 'second shooters' in the actual crowd, that woman telling people they were going to die prior to the shooting, a 64 year old man managing to get 23 (of course) guns into his room in easily one of the most surveillance-heavy places on the planet...that it happened RIGHT IN FRONT of a freakin' black Pyramid / Sphinx / Obilisk.


    No need for 'crisis actors' in the way kneejerk internet skeptics would define them (ie. "everyone faked everything, no one's dead, dying isn't real, your grandma who just 'passed' is a crisis actor") BUT having people in the crowd ready to jump on camera to relay a pre-determined narrative...that's different. I'm pretty sure Chris (and most other people) aren't suggesting no one died at Sand*cough*Las Vegas.

    I agree that the spookiness of the syncs don't need to be tied into some 'muh Illuminati conspiracy' trope - EVEN IF some of the optics almost appear like hamfisted parodies of what you'd expect from an 'Illuminati' event. Things are just as weird when you move past the obvious neon-flashing symbolism most people are picking up on.

    As above, so below. Maybe we're all just crisis actors for beings or forces much bigger than us, operating on a much larger scale than we'll ever know. Something...large seems to be pressing its thumb on the scale...something seems to be making its presence known. Is it the age of the siren? Or is the siren just a prelude to something worse (better)?

    Again - great work, Chris.

    1. Thank you very much, Norcal. Check out the new post too.

      Just a bit of info: an ancient festival somewhere like Babylon would have real sacrifices- usually animals- and theatrical sacrifices, usually stories of the gods. It would have the whole kit and kaboodle.

  36. The event was real. Real people got killed and injured. In my smallish town, New Bern, NC, we have a couple who were in Vegas on vacation who witnessed part of it; we have a Vegas police officer who attended the concert who was born here, and whose parents still live here (and have spoken to the media about his injuries); and a close friend of mine's daughter lives in Vegas and was working with a major beer company at that event. She was not injured, but she ran over bodies, saw blood, and had to take refuge in a stranger's apartment. Of course, none of you know me and I might be lying, but the New Bern Sun Journal will validate the first two stories. Other regional papers around the country are running stories about "native son/daughter injured in Vegas shootng" -- they aren't hard to find.

    Nor are the pictures of blood and bodies. If you are thinking about actors and false flags, then take into account what it would take to hush up all the performers, stage hands, and crew around the evet as well as the other 22,000 people who were there to bear testimony.

    People in shock often act robotic. In fact, that's a good clue that this is real: hired actors would act better. If Shadow Gov't Organization has the ability to stage and fake such a massive and nuanced fraud, then they'd get quality actors, it seems to me.

    There is lots of High Weirdness about this event, but I look to the realm of the metaphysical for clues and explanations.

    1. where are the coroners reports? Public records.

    2. I find it ironic that someone who posts as "Anonymous" would ask such a question.
      I imagine you sitting behind your keyboard wearing one of those 'V for Vendetta' masks, as well.

    3. See my reply just above Green Flame's comment. Note that Boris Johnson recited "The Road to Mandalay" in a Buddhist Temple in Burma the day before the shootings.

      People in shock can act robotic. They usual don't act casual or unaffected.

  37. Chris,

    Raj's comments, above, concerning the Stephen/King name connection, could not help but remind me of The Stand, with its Vegas locale and all-powerful Randall Flagg, later antagonist of The Dark Tower.

    I have no idea why I should think of this, except perhaps for vague allusions to evil men in dark towers in Vegas.

  38. Weird about Mesquite, Texas. It was in 1995 when I went there for one of the few "X-Files"conventions they held during the series' heyday. Got to see Dean Haglund and William Davis. Anyway, I finally got my "Vegas" piece posted and include both your thoughts and Goro's comments as well. This vein is deep, it would seem.

  39. Personal sync event that seriously freaked me out.

    A woman from the state of Massachusetts (Tewskbury) was one of the victims. When I saw her surname on the news, it chilled me: It was one of my (close) family surnames, a pretty rare one. (In fact, it was almost *MY* surname but I chose to keep the one I was born with when asked as a child-- long story, not for here).

    Turns out she was married to a distant relative from a branch of my extended family we didn't know about.

    Other sync events, too, but that was the biggie...

  40. A first of the month spectacle for this month ending with Samhain, or as it has been obscenely pererted into: trick-or-treating in 'sexy halloween' costumes, this 'Route 91 Harvest' festival, is another facet of the deracinating process of pop culture as it works Its-elf on us, time was Folk celebrated things directly tied to living off the land (being able to exist at all), now we've all been paddocked corporate events are our ceremonies celebrating our acquiescence to degeneracy.

  41. In reply to 'Sucker Punch' being mentioned over at last The Solar Satellite post, I mentioned another of Emily Browning's roles this time in 'American Gods' as 'Laura Moon', a croupier in a casino with whom the main protagonist 'Shadow Moon' falls in love, they hatch a plot to rob her place of work only for Shadow to forfeit a portion of his life through being denied his liberty (& so begin down a path that brings him face-to-face with Divinity, or at least would-be divinity.)

    As for alex jones, how could anyone confuse you? For one there's no 'super male vitality' being snake oiled here on The Secret Sun, another thing, sorry but I don't think choice snippets from your podcast contributions would sound anywhere near as good with a metal soundtrack.

    & on that musical note

    'Hello Mary-Lou, goodbye heart'

    1. Yeah, this thing is synching like a bell. There are so many different layers here, as you usually see with these events.


  43. HighersideChats' latest mentions 'twinning' in The Shining, re 'eternal return'

    Sonny Jim's in 'seventh heaven'

  44. check out vampirella , one of them, page 23,. - 'goddess of the sea''

    siren /=/ aphrodite ?

  45. Don't know if you've seen this already, and i'll link you to some discussions, is that all along the Las Vegas Strip there were, at the time of the shootings, many eye witnesses that claim to have been at multiple prominent hotels away from Mandalay Bay that were also experiencing shooters. Allegedly many hotel residence were told by security guards and officers that there were at least seven shooters along the strip.


    Don't know what this means. All I know is that there was nothing remotely resembling the appearance or effect of an actual automatic. I mean, that shit is terrifying; it's obliterating. What I saw in the videos was way too tame. The interviewees seemed strange and the photos I've seen - some even look a little photoshopped.
    I'd be really freaked out to learn that Mandalay Bay was a hoax, while all of the other shootings across the strip that the news ISN'T covering were real. What would be the point of that? Just to test how easy it is to change history, even minutes after it occurred?

    1. I don't think it's a hoax per se. I think we are looking at something a lot more complicated than that.

  46. One thing about the videos I haven't heard anyone talk about, and that's the strange increase in the rate of fire during at least one of the volleys, although I'm halfway sure I've heard it in more than one.

    I'm guessing that's not normal for an AR, barring some sort of mechanical failure. I think the rate of fire increase is a Doppler effect. Perhaps a low flying drone.

    We do have the one video of what appears to be weapons fire on the fourth floor, and the cop body cam of fire that might be coming from the 7 or 9th. The available data seems to imply we have two shooters, and maybe a low flying drone. Which I dunno, makes more sense than the official narrative.

    I can't help but think about this in terms of dream logic somewhat. The symbolism you've pointed out, the Thebes motif, a blood sacrifice in front of the symbol of our earliest remembered kingdom. There could be almost a ritualistic magical through line where the shooting in the context of Vegas would register, or reverberate in a spiritual way as being the equivalent to conducting this shooting in the capital. Seats of world power both in their respective times and such.

    When dealing with synchronicity it isn't uncommon to attempt to generate them yourself as a 'wink' back to the universe to keep the cycle syncs going. What if this is a wink to the powers that be. One that would be very bad news for the rest of us?

    Not saying it is, just taking a step back and exploring this syncro-mystically.

    I wanted to see if there was any correlation within the Global Consciousness Project to see if this would have fallen within their hypothesis. The data didn't bare out. But what I thought was weird was that the project's hypothesis becomes less and less supportable ever since the Iraq war started. Las Vegas as amedia event, the attention we've given it, could be effecting our collective clairvoyance in a very siren like fashion and has been since the 24 hour news cycle was honed into a terrifying weapon, and in the last 8 years or so, the rise of smart phone tech designed to devour our attention and channel it in certain places.

    If that's the case, and there's something nefarious going on by design or by opportunism regarding our en masse serenade, there's a branch of chaos / game / group theory maybe we're not aware of or is widely discussed out side of high end mathematics departments.

  47. Thinking on my synchs this morn - Macro - MacCrow - Bran's Son...

  48. I was staying at Mandalay Bay during the shooting and was out on the street pinned down near the statues out front of the Luxor for a long time during the night. Let me know if you want my thoughts on this...

  49. Chris, I have enjoyed listening to you on The Higherside Chats and wanted to see more of your work. Have been perusing your site all afternoon. With this article,I got stalled in my reading when I got to the part about ""twilight sleep" sedative developed by CIA...".

    My mother often spoke about "twilight sleep" when she gave birth to all five of her children. She thought it was appalling when her eldest daughter chose "natural" birth in 1971.

    Looking into "twilight sleep" further, I found this article which states it was actually developed in Germany: Two drugs were combined to produce Twilight Sleep: morphine and scopolamine. Morphine is derived from opium. It was developed and first tested early in the 19th century, by a German pharmacist’s assistant. It acts on the central nervous system, causing pain relief. Scopolamine is a compound derived from nightshade plants. It causes patients to fall into a semi-conscious state and experience amnesia (inability to recall recent events). By using the right combination of these two drugs, women would fall asleep, and wake up unable to remember anything about the birth. For them it had been ‘pain free' because they had no memory of the birth. - See more at:

    Regarding the torturing of children, what effects might this kind of delivery had on the child as well as the mother; and what about circumcising of males, which I have heard is really an unnecessary form of torture?

  50. I don't know if it's been mentioned but in the picture they show of Paddock drinking with a woman, it really looks like he has the number 13 on his neck.
    Sum of numbers 1 to 13 is 91