Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Exegesis: The Environment, Intervention Theory and the Sixth Extinction

I'm not going to speak as to the veracity of the statistics or the science presented here, or comment on whatever political agenda is at work. Environmentalism is like religion and politics- it's been grossly distorted and exploited by rich and powerful interest groups across the spectrum, particularly now with the climate change agenda and its attendant controversies.*

But being the X-Files obsessive that I am, what really captured my attention is the juxtaposition of the the "sixth extinction" concept presented in the film's trailer and the footage of destructive human behavior upon the ecosystem shown in this trailer. Which looks almost identical to the way humans treat an alien biosphere in Avatar.

The fact remains that we don't behave like natives to this biosphere, we don't treat the biosphere as if it is our home.
And the fables we tell ourselves- whether in religion or entertainment- all point to our true place somewhere "out there." Whether in scripture or sci-fi, this planet is consistently seen as either a way station or a prison. And we sit and wait for our deliverers from it, whether angelic or alien.

Which is why I believe Gaia theory and earth-based religions are less viable today - even with the utter collapse of the moral authority of all of the Piscean religious institutions - than ever before. No matter how uncomfortable it may be, the fact is that we are not evolving towards a closer relationship with the Earth, we are evolving towards escaping it. But even before most of the world was forced to accept the god of the desert at the end of a sword, nature was more an object of fear than of true love.

Indeed, what we understand today as neopaganism today is based more in the cozy, late-period Mystery traditions than in the grim, stoic traditions of true pagan and heathen worship. True pagan gods constantly needed to be appeased - because they were constantly smiting their flock. This is why the Romans were so concerned about adherence to foreign religions - if the gods of Rome were not appeased with prayers and offerings, they might withhold their protection of the empire. Of course, we hear the exact same rhetoric all across the world today, especially from our homegrown theocrats.

I admit my own health problems remind me how cruel the biosphere can be- no sooner did the cold and wet winter end than did a brutal pollen season begin. So perhaps I feel this a bit more keenly than others. But outside of a thin crust of privilege, the biosphere remains every bit as cruel as it ever was to humanity- more so, in fact.

Which is why so many billions put their hope in the next world. And which is exactly why that no matter how corrupt, how blood-thirsty, how predatory the priesthoods of the world are, they still cling to power. Because they offer a faint, tiny glimmer of hope to the Universe's lost, discarded, bastard children. And humanity will always pick a comforting lie over a uncomfortable truth.

But maybe- just maybe- we need to explore more extreme possibilities about our origins as a species, which we've consigned primarily to the entertainment realm. But as we've seen here, scientists might hold more heterodox views about extraterrestrial intervention than they are permitted to discuss in public. It's funny how intervention theory is so unspeakable, when any number of far less plausible beliefs are tolerated and/or endorsed. But I have a feeling that these theories might well be quietly held among certain circles in the scientific community.

But then again, some would argue it should stay that way. Once the genie is out of the bottle and Pandora has opened her box, everything changes. There's no going back. Some will believe that that last glimmer of hope has been taken away from them and the thin veneer of civilization will start to splinter.

But if we don't know who we really are, we'll never understand why we do what we do. Maybe given the increasing skepticism of received authority, those who ask impertinent questions about the dominant (and dichotomous) paradigms about human origins are well-situated to offer a third option to the debate.

* Of course, even many of the so-called conspiracy theorists never seem to question whether the provocations behind corporate and government-sponsored pseudo-environmentalism (think Copenhagen) are in fact meant to cripple true environmentalism, which directly challenges the power and privilege of corporations and governments. I guess it's easier- and safer- to look for hippies, eccentrics and do-gooders to scapegoat.

Which is many of the big conspiracy sites never attack established religious institutions, and instead to choose to demonize occultists and other marginal types. You screw with C Street or Opus Dei and they'll retaliate. Tiny, powerless sects like Lucis Trust or Share International can be scapegoated with impunity.


  1. Lots of really interesting points here. I think a lot of contemporary attitudes towards the biosphere do tend toward a certain simplicity and sentimentality. They also tend to replicate a lot of older western attitudes towards tribal communities, in the sense that we envision the biosphere as something idealized which we have lost contact with, but which, in a vaguely patronizing way, we feel we have the power and the obligation to save.
    I've always been intriqued by the fact that so many religious and proto-religious systems contain a narrative of man ascending to the stars, and in that ascension returning to its home. It often makes me wonder if there really isn't something in the idea of panspermia - it certainly makes an interesting analogue to the notion of man as a "fallen creature" that crops up so frequently.
    Apparently in his later years, Tim Leary had no time whatsoever for the ecological movement, regarding it as a symptom of our "larval planetary consciousness". Leary felt mankind had evolved as far as it could go in the terrestrial biosphere, and had to make the leap into the stars to take the next step in its evolution. Not sure if he's correct or not, but its a thought provoking idea.
    Anyways, great post!

  2. Great stuff as always Chris. Between that x-files clip and yesterday's "Music of the Spheres" I'm pretty speechless.

    I always feel like the topics you bring to us each day are among the most cutting-edge on the net.


  3. Chris, again thanks for your work or play, whatever this blog may be considered.

    I wanted to express my pov on our nativeness to this planet. I certainly see the meme you point to and the seeming omni presence of the idea of this being a prison or not our "true" home. However sometimes i wonder if the prison is not mostly or entirely in our minds.

    I have had this feeling of not belonging here to this time and place most of my life. However at the same time the strongest magic i have ever been witness to was in nature. It has been in moments when i have through no ability of mine become entune to the flow if all things, in this entunement is a magic and a beauty stronger, deeper, and greater then anything that could be procured by all the esoteric and occult arts combined.

    So it is because of the knowing i carry as a result of these experiences enabled by nature that i question any non subtle paradigms about whether we belong here or not.

  4. Heya
    I'm always at odds with myself with the notion that people want to escape with this planet AND then the belief that millennia ago Huamnity was at one with the Earth while co-existing with other intelligencies (very similar to Middle-Earth).

    So I don't know which. Perhaps its that millennia ago is when we were first trapped here, so still being semi-spiritual beings we were able to co-exist with the land, but after so much time living here we've, subconconsciously, become disillusioned and less and less hopeful of leaving.

  5. Chris,
    beautiful thought provoking work!!

    I couldn't agree more!
    It certainly does seem that more and more of us have this feeling of "not belonging" to this planet... (perhaps due to the instant communication of the Net)

    But my question to that is:
    Is that really a feeling of "not belonging on or to this planet" or is it the subconcious realization that we are just not living correctly ON this planet.

    Is it that feeling that makes us throw up our hands to heaven and whisper to ourselves, "I just can't take this anymore, I want to leave this place." ?

    And what I truly agree with is, that without really and certainly knowing our origins on this biosphere we will continue to remain lost no matter what biosphere we eventually inhabit.

    I think that just might be yet another deeper level of meaning behind the ancient latin phrase "NOSCE TE IPSUM" - Know Thyself.

    Again, great work!


  6. like what you are saying chris.

    wanted to tell you that they re-opened the tower in dubai this sunday. wonder if it being easter has any I'm sure it does.

    I hope we get to stay here on a healthy earth. I hate roller coasters so I doubt I would enjoy space travel.

    I really like the ideas shown in Caprica. Maybe our intelligence grows so much that we transfer our consciousness onto an AI while at the same time scientific research increases our life expectancy giving every person an alter ego.

    One to explore the universe. One to share the experience back on earth through an intertwined/duplicated consciousness. (?)

    The more I read your blog and other stuff the more I support the idea that technology will be added to humans to help us evolve. it makes total sense and the people that don't get on board will be left behind...(just surmising)...great blog as always chris!

    also I loved Our Gods Wear Spandex. if i hadn't told you. informative while still approachable read. I learned a lot without being bogged down with info. thanks!


  7. It isn't the biosphere that's "cruel." It's humanity's political/economic systems that force millions of people to live in dire poverty that's cruel. And there were "pagans" who lived in harmony (relative) with the land-- it wasn't all blood sacrifice and horror.

    When John Smith sailed up the Chesapeake, the bay was so teeming with life that crabs were literally climbing into the boat. Now there's hardly a crab left-- and no oysters at all. It was the Puritans (those gentle christians) who brought the idea that nature is cruel, that nature is the domain of Satan and needs to be either controlled or destroyed. The native Americans lived here for thousands of years and did so in balance with the world around them. Sure life was tough, but it was also beautiful.

    The white man arrives and in a few hundred years we go from eden to virtual wasteland.

  8. There is some inherent desire to shine forth. Dr Leary's SMILE is in our DNA me thinks. Chris this essay is one of your finest. The comments so far are in tune. When one walks in the woods and listens to all the sounds, one can only love this planet and its immense wonders. The problem for us monkeys is that many of us live far removed from that which is beautiful.

  9. "And humanity will always pick a comforting lie over a uncomfortable truth."

    very poignant words presented here.
    thanks for sharing this.

  10. Good post Christopher, and comments from everyone. I find this subject is most pertinent to how I deal with life on a daily basis.

    Man prefers to live in general ignorance to prevent his ego from being crushed into oblivion as his perceptions expand. This wild expansion into the void is interpreted as a threat, and brings forth a desire to escape outwardly, when really it might be best to focus on how to expand and focus the human mind to work with what we've find the answers that are out there and think around the systems which are hastily built as cages for our tender psyches.

    In regards to health Chris, I know of your angst and pain; I have dealt with such things for many years and found many solutions to healing laying in antiquated eastern methods combined with cutting edge know-how about body chemistry.

    I don't want to use your blog as a personal shilling station for my health-related conceptual framework, or for promoting corporate agendas, so if anyone is truly interested in what I have learned, hop on over to my blog and you can find a post with links to this kind of information.

    Ironically, those of us with much to share creatively are often hindered by the seemingly limiting factors of the increasingly toxic environment we are faced with. There are solutions and I encourage everyone to do some research and keep their minds open.

  11. Chad- Cheers, my man.

    Tristan- Outstanding feedback there. And as much as we enjoy the temperate regions of this world, a good deal of the land mass is inhospitable and overpopulation and poor resource management is destroying huge swathes of the land mass that is not. As tempting as it is to lapse into the kind of romanticism you talk about, the way forward is going to be a lot more problematic. Everything always is.

    Jim- Cheers! I try...

    Aza- I agree with you entirely- there's a lot of power in the natural world. But at the same time everything can change overnight. It's a very dynamic biosphere and we don't have the perspective to realize we are living in a relatively benign period in the planet's overall history.

    Grey- Maybe all of the above have some element of truth. Everything is complicated and contradictory. It's our nature.

    Strangey- Well, maybe one day we'll learn how to belong here. But so far it seems to be a war footing. We have to change ourselves before we can change the world, as trite and corny as that sounds. But getting there is the problem.

    DDJ- Glad you enjoyed Spandex! Caprica is very timely all of a sudden. Ironically, as I said before it's the virtual reality of Avatar that's caused this shift in this relationship to reality and technology, although all of the online game environments have been leading us there.

    As I said, the Earth will be healthy- it's us I'm worried about. Higher intelligence almost seems to be alien to this planet, and it's certainly always a struggle to maintain it when so many forces are trying to destroy it. There's a couple George Carlin bits that speak to this.

    Anony- That's a whole other discussion - there were any number of indigenous populations that weren't quite the idyllic "noble savages" that ideologues wish they were. But the Europeans didn't create earthquakes or volcanoes or ice ages or pandemics or any number of other ways the Earth can wipe us out. We're living in a heartbeat of geological time- and we take for granted the relatively mild weather we're enjoying. All of that could change overnight.

    Dennis- Well I freely admit to having gone through a phase where I was a Timothy Leary acolyte, especially his late 80s and early 90s work. He had a tremendous influence on my thinking to this day, though i certainly don't romanticize him in any way. It's funny, meeting him sort of put an end to that phase. But for all of his faults I still think he had some very important insights on humanity, consciousness and technology.

    Orgonie- Well, as I've said the most important change I can make is leaving this fever swamp of a state. That's on the agenda once certain things are resolved. But my limitations are an important aspect of my work, so as Don Juan said you have to thank your oppressors for their grandmotherly kindness.

  12. I totally agree Chris, and by no means was that comment directed plainly at you- rather to people like you and I, who need this opening now to get back into an increasingly holistic state of self -empowerment.

    Individuals limits being pushed and dealt with through adversity is the mother of all when it comes to evolution...grandmotherly kindness is indeed a fitting description.

    When people start to see the effects and immediate details left in the wake of our immediate ancestors lives, seemingly insignificant choices become revelatory which can increase the likelihood of genes to be expressed. To enhance the level of how we cope with the multiverse without forsaking how we are made is the key.

  13. Let’s face it, we are all living like greedy little heathens, wanting every luxury we can afford – and feeling really hard done by if we don’t get it. The opening of the Freedom Tower in 2011 will not be the beginning of The New World Order, it will be the final declaration that they have caused all of humanity to succumb. In other words, not much will change – there’ll just be a lot more dead to bury. Wisdom will however, have something to say in all this.

  14. Very thought-provoking insights Chris...thanks for this.

  15. As mentioned by anonymous about the Chesapeake, it's so hard to believe that in such a short amount of time the shellfish in the bay have been decimated.
    And the crazy part is that we're really just getting started with mass populating the bay's watershed.
    Humans really have similarities to baby birds, that will kill their brothers and sisters, if it will get them more food from momma.
    Will it be cheaper to destroy everything than it is to save it? Our notions of what constitutes wealth, or even what is money are being ripped apart.
    Will man be able to transform himself from modern apes in the information age, to a more enlightened and connected being capable of living together without insane resource or religious wars? Not with these bird brains
    Sync, my word verification password is wingalso

  16. In some ways, even if life did evolve on this planet, it may be true that we are aliens to the earth in the sense that we actually evolved in the ocean and even to this day retain some vestiges of that aquatic existence.

    It is interesting that throughout history, there have been beliefs in an aquatic period of human existence. Jacques Mayol, the diver who inspired the film The Big Blue, propounded the idea of homo delphinus, a sort of human dolphin in the lineage of homo sapiens.

  17. Speaking of exegesis, Christopher, I'd raised consciousness expansion guru Dr. Timothy Leary's The Game of Life some time earlier. It outlines, with the inclusion of two additional archetypes, the major arcana as a DNA template of the human race into post-human & hence offworld colonisation. Try to garner yourself a copy from The Strand or some other secondhand book store. It's a treasure. But as for species die-offs, Earth changes we're helpless to prevent, and the irrelevance of Earth-centered Nature religions. Here's a citation met with little to no notice that I recently left at another blog …. There is, at present, an eco-disaster afflicting the bat population, white-nose syndrome. Bats, as you must know, consume 3x their body weight per night in insect pests. Without them, infestations of bugs (the ubiquitously invasive stink bug posing an especial problem here in Virginia presently) will skyrocket as will the increase in toxic chemicals utilised to combat their (potentially) uncontrollable numbers. Namaste ~ (•8-D

  18. One of the reasons I left Christianity was its insistence that this physical world is bad and it is not our home. Which drew me to neo-paganism and earth-centered spirituality. Of course, most people today are such germ-a-phobics that getting cozy with nature in all its messiness holds no appeal whatsoever. You're right--we don't like uncomfortable truths. But--call me crazy--I do. Germs and blood and death may not be pleasant, but we share all of this and more unplesantness with the rest of this planet. Our egos want humanity to be favored by god or created by aliens, when we're probably no different than a beetle or a bird. I'd rather get comfy with that notion because it seems to me that we can appreciate our lives so much more once we do. We're here for only a moment and then *poof* we're going. That should show us how to better live.

  19. Wikileak's Video of US Military Attack on Reuters Journalists (17 SECONDS!):

  20. "The fact remains that we don't behave like natives to this biosphere, we don't treat the biosphere as if it is our home. And the fables we tell ourselves- whether in religion or entertainment- all point to our true place somewhere "out there." Whether in scripture or sci-fi, this planet is consistently seen as either a way station or a prison. And we sit and wait for our deliverers from it, whether angelic or alien."

    Very sad if you think that is it. You miss a very important missing link which is the suppressed Goddess. It is with the Goddess Old Religion that nature is embraced and not wanted to be escaped from.
    There is a massive misunderstanding that has been cleverly maintained by the patriarchal cultural branches.
    You kind of half get it. Ie., you admit that most of the conspiracy theorists seldom question the big religions? True! because many of them are self-accalimed Christians.
    However, there is another branch of the conspir. theorists. like Icke especially who has influenced others of similar ilk who DO adhere to an Easter-cum-occultist view of reality. For example, Icke believes that nature is a 3 D illusion. Compare with the Eastern belief in 'Maya' which also is popularly has the meaning of illusion. So keep that in mind, because when you deny the reality of something you basically are denigrating it--ie denying its reality. He also believes this world is a trap and wants ESCAPE.

    Now what is missing big style --information-wise is the MEANING of nature-affirming religion or spirituality. As I say this has been ferociiously suppressed, and in this age 'scientifically' dismissed.

    A GREAT book that goes into depth about this is called The Return of the Dark/Light Mother or new Age Armageddon? by Monica Sjoo, where she very much exposes the New Age and its roots in the Theosophical Movement.
    So what can we compare this with:

    Well a good analogy is what the Christian Chruch did to de-fuse the very powerful Pagan beliefs and rituals of their victims. They would expropriate their gods and trun them into 'saints' and build their churches on their sacred places, and call their Pagan days their own Christian days, and in this way they could be 'assured' that as generations came and went this expropriation and appropriation would be successful.

    Well more anceintly this is what the warrior kingships did to the very anceint religion of the Goddess.
    Mainly male brotherhoods expropriated the symbols and so on towards a coccultism that wasn't really embracing of nature, either in the world or one's own. So an example of this would by the Orphics, and Gnostics who believed that nature was a trap.

    A Old Rreligious Goddess mythological motif is her as representing immortality, her body AS nature, and this immortality is not the patriarchal version of 'everlasting life away from earth and its cycles', but that we already are *immortal*. This IS it and this Mystery renews itself through the polar-related dance of life and death.

  21. part 2

    Her Lover was the sacred fruit which gave enlightenment---eating it your eyes are opened and you see and feel this Mystery. You can never KNOW it but its veil is lowered and you gain insight, and share in the ecstatic love from nature in all its wonder.

    The serpent also represented this renewal of life via death because it was known to slough off its old skin and underneath was new fresh skin, and it also guarded the Tree of life upon which the sacred fruit of inspiration grew, and also WAS the sacred fruit. This is poetry, song, dance, and 'things' involve each other, fluidly imply each other.

    But when a mindset happens that cuts itself off from its roots and set this split down with the technology of writing is when the garden of the GODDESS becomes the wasteland of the patriarchal warrior 'God', the invention of misogynistic warriors.

    WHERE are you going to escape? Another planet? Another dimension? You live in this amazingly beautiful and mysterious planet and this is not enough? So where you gonna go sinner man, where you gonna run to...?

  22. Hi Chris,
    I have been reading and following your blog, I just love it, however I am confused about your recent attacks against the Lucis Trust. Please email me at

  23. Attacks? If anything this sounds like a defense of Lucis Trust, doesn't it?

    "Which is many of the big conspiracy sites never attack established religious institutions, and instead to choose to demonize occultists and other marginal types. You screw with C Street or Opus Dei and they'll retaliate. Tiny, powerless sects like Lucis Trust or Share International can be scapegoated with impunity."

  24. Yea that's what I was wondering, because I am a member of the Lucis Trust, and I know for a fact that we do not agree with Share International, or the likes of Benjamin Creme.. I know this because I specifically asked them about dealings with Share International, I will not give the details of there response only to say that they were opposed to dealings with Share International.. Excellent work and thank you for clearing up the confusion...

  25. Orgone- Adversity is a real mother, all right. I could use a lot less grandmotherly kindness these days, truth be told.

    Dark*- Wouldn't that be the opposite of heathens? Heathens would be living close to the earth, and pretty frugally at that, no? Some old Christian conditioning seeping through? It's tough to avoid sometimes, I know.

    Sun- Cheers, and you're welcome.

    77- I've always said we'll never get our act together dealing with the Biosphere until the Biosphere forces us to. It will take a famine and a plague or three before we stop shitting where we eat. Did you know that a huge percentage of our fuel consumption goes to air conditioning? What will the Sun Belt do is oil hits 300 a barrel? Sobering.

    Anony- I've always said half-not-kiddingly that dolphins are Earth's native version of higher intelligence. I'd add in elephants and gorillas too.

    Anadae- Yeah, as I said Leary talked a lot of shit but he also had some pretty deep insights. I'll have to check online- I think that book was on Scribd at one point.

    River- Well the real neo-pagans- or countryfolk- are predominantly Christians, aren't they? Pagan is a perjorative used by cosmopolitan Christians against the simple rural folk who wouldn't let go of their fertility gods. It's modern analog would be "redneck." But in my experience "neopagans" still love their modern amenities and technologies. But when the rubber hits the road would you die of a simple staph infection like your pagan ancestors or go to the doctor and get a 5 day Z-pac?

    Even so, everyone knows what a huge fanboy of the ancient gods I am, so I have no problems with neo-pag's. Everything is evolving to a new paradigm and certainly neopaganism will play a role in that process.

    Anony- Thanks for the link- sickening stuff.

    Muzu- Yes, most conspiracy enthusiasts are dogmatic literalist religionists. What we call conspiracy theory is a modern variant on Gnostic apocalypticism.

    But did anyone notice shortly after I posted this there was a powerful earthquake in Baja? Yellowstone could erupt and take out half the population of the US and Mexico.

    What I am saying isn't taking issue with anyone's religion or philosophical ideas about nature, it's working from what people like Steven Hawking and John Lilly have pointed out- the Earth can be very pleasant but can also wipe you out with a fraction of a eye blink. It's wiped the slate clean several times in the past or a visitor from our violent cosmic neighborhood has done the wiping. We're not safe here.

    The ancient goddess worshippers realized that Hathor is also Sekhmet. We'd all do very well indeed to learn from that.

    Anony621- Thanks for clearing that up. Greatly appreciated.

    Fabian- Glad it was resolved. As you will see I didn't make any connection between Lucis and Share. As I've written here I attended a Lucis event and found it to be as macabre as a knitting circle.

  26. caprica is definitely resonating with whats going on today...

    a video game called rapelay reminds me of a lot of that one club in caprica where chole went at the beginning. the one where they kill people's avatars.

  27. "we are not safe here"

    Where then are we 'safe'? Which planet? Which dimension? What IS safe?

    The very point is that life and death are a dynamic continuum. When this is really felt and explored then there is no belief in escape, because where you ARE is it.

    Of course I dont mean 'be happy if your in poverty. think positive'. Not at all. THAT oppression comes from the very mindsets who conceptualize that earth, nature, is evil and they want sfaety and escape and will do ANYTHING to get 'it'. But its a delusion...

  28. I just don't know about the conspiracy, secret society, and Armageddon (environmental or otherwise) anymore. And that's not to say I deny stuff may be going on. But Armageddon has been right around the corner in the collective consciousness for as long as I can remember.

    With even a bit of reading on the actual workings of our little corner of "reality" we exist in, i'm taken with the notion of how illusory and fenced-in our everyday perceptions are, as compared to the vast infinity of which we are a small part.

    The best I can come to is that this infinite force seems to favor cycles of dualities opposing, shaping each other, and then eventually coming together as a new form. If any particular human belief can have any vague conception of the mind of "god" it seems like it would have to include the perception of natural cycles, the interaction of polarities, and a near-singleminded devotion to evolution, both of the creative and the creative-destructive variety.

    As an aside, I've talked to a dozen or so people in recent months about extraterrestrial hands in the dawn of mankind and none of them batted an eyelash. Maybe the collective conciousness is becoming more open to such "heresies."