Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Super Bowl Shape-Shifters

(Note: Non-US readers can watch all of the Super Bowl ads here)

I thought they looked familiar- this Sobe ad with the shape-shifting reptilians features characters from the upcoming DreamWorks film, Monsters vs Aliens. OK, so that's two SuperBowl ads with shape-shifting reptilians/amphibians, from two entirely different sponsors. Throw in the blatant androgyny and fertility themes (the footballs look like eggs and testicles) and maybe some vampirism (with the red Sobe) and you have yourself some serious frickin' strangeness.

Of course, the alien shape-shifter meme is furthered imprinted with the Transformers trailer, which ties back to the Indiana Jones and X-Files AAT bonanzas via Shia La Boeuf. Now National Geographic is hopping on the transforming bandwagon with their Morphed documentary, which looks to be a fresh round of scolding about Darwinism.

Change, transformation, shape-shifting- what a year this is shaping up to be. Interesting to note that the Sobe tagline is "So Believe," a suitably vague slogan for the Obama Age. Maybe the changes we all face are a bit more profound than a change in economic policy.

UPDATE: Check out Andre's analysis of the Angels & Demons synchs, as well as his own take on the SB ad bonanza.


  1. The end of the Sobe commercial is spooky and intended to shock, but on a level most people simply do not understand. NFL = Nephilim, which is fitting.

    Monsters vs. Aliens... All I have to say is, all those government dudes had to touch all of those sensors to enter that room. "What the flagnod", indeed.

  2. videos on Hulu are not available outside of the US and without Windows©.. :(

  3. tommy, I missed the reference when you wrote "All I have to say is, all those government dudes had to touch all of those sensors to enter that room. 'What the flagnod', indeed."

    Where's that from?

  4. This article is about DNA sequences named 'Space Invader' or SPIN particles, a newly discovered transposon (parasitic DNA that can attach and detach itself from genes, and jump horizontally across species.)

    The link was sent to me this morning via the ScienceBlogs weekly recap newsletter. I'll paste the note below.

    The topics raised by the New Scientist article (on news stands everywhere, on the week of the Superbowl) of cross-species gene transfer and science vs. Christianity resonate with the themes you found running through the superbowl.

    Was Darwin "Wrong?"
    ScienceBloggers were up in arms last week about the cover article of New Scientist which boldly proclaims “Darwin was Wrong.” The article, authored by Graham Lawton, explains that occurrences such as horizontal gene transfer and hybridization transform the shape of Darwin’s famous tree into something more like a thicket with criss-crossing branches. But some argued that new information in genetics doesn’t render Darwin’s model obsolete, and, moreover, that the headline is misleading and could be used as a tool for Creationists. 'Very few readers will read your article. But everyone will see the cover,' ScienceBlogger Bora from A Blog Around the Clock wrote in a post addressing Lawton.

    Why is a transposon creepy? You catch a virus (or something) that then incorporates itself into your bloodline, and now you're a hybrid. Viruses are one known method of horizontal gene migration. The SPIN particle that infected mice and rats' ancestors before the two species split, gave rise to a new gene.

    Chris, I enjoy your blog, thanks for your good work.


    PS- if you want to see a very entertaining example of hysterical scientists ganging up to SPANK uppity British journalists, using words big and small, check out the link to Blog Around the Clock.

  5. @Anonymous: YouTube has its own Superbowl ads channel



  6. SoBe hmmmmm. SO mote it BE ?

  7. I just found that ad on youtube, search Super Bowl Ad Sobe Lizard Lake 2d


  8. watching the ctHULhU this morning, there's a new episode of Heroes,
    and Direct TV has an ad,
    "Get Youthenized, We'll Youthenize America"

    More of the same sick pun, I will try to see if I can capture it and upload it

  9. Not immediately on topic, but of possible interest to readers of this blog: The Institute for Human Continuity, http://www.instituteforhumancontinuity.org/#/home . Check out that homepage graphic!

    Just something that I happened to surf into (via urbansurvival.com via rense), & . . .

  10. I think that's viral marketing for the 2012 movie...

  11. Changers, mutants, hybrids, is all the same stuff: monsters.... every age has its own. But the monster of yesterday will be the normal of today, just see Ellen and Obama. That´s maybe the conditioning process we are watching, but that´s another name for civilization. The end of violence to accept the Other and oneself, that´s a lot what writes about Norbert Elias. Look for The Civilizing Process. An amazing reading...

  12. Are these the same people (are they people?) that made the great seal of the USA?

    The one that says "E Pluribus Unum"?

    Which got me thinking...

    English letters in a English speaking country. Got it. Not Latin (Late-In).

    So really what they are saying is this:

    "Nubile Mu Usurp"

    And America is historically known as the Land of Mu.

    Once I wrap my head around that ... wow... you see I just felt a spontaneous realization come over me.

    What kind of change is this going to be exactly --- I wonder.....

    I think everyone should start digging up their backyards! In America.

    nubile Definition

    nu·bile (no̵̅o̅′bəl, -bīl′; nyo̵̅o̅′-)


    1. marriageable: said of a young woman who seems mature
    2. sexually attractive: said of a young woman

    Etymology: Fr nubile < L nubilis < nubere, to veil oneself, marry < IE base *sneubh-, to woo, marry > Gr nymphē, bride, nymph, Czech snoubiti, to woo

    Related Forms:

    * nubility nu·bil′·ity noun

    So I'm going with Woo Mu and Usurp them. Nubere... is that like Nubiru? Nubian?

    Interesting indeed. Especially since Barrack Hussein Obama said he wanted to beef up / redo the underground infrastructure of this country ie; utilities..water the important stuff -- like water.

    (And ... buried things.)




  13. That commercial makes me think of Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange"


  14. Did anyone mention that Sobek are Egyptian Alligators?

    And that when they used to christian pharoahs (illuminate them), they used Alligator/Sobek Oil (christos).

    I forget where I read that.


    Of course they are all in Black and White, like Freemasons. Also like the punks in Clockwork Orange.


    The second to last shot is the rainbow stargate that we go through. If you Sobe(k) lieve.


    I'm watching Semi-Pro right now on cable. And the symbolism is all there as well. We are absolutely in the middle of a process right now.

    Someone's process that has to do with belief, and revealing/shaping something of the world, or the world to come, as well as shaping our beliefs with this subliminal coding.

    We're definitely in the stargate, on the rollarcoaster, cruising the highway, crossing the rainbow bridge.

    My question is. . . where are the insects?


  15. The Cheetos Commercial attached to the video you embedded is the new Brunette Feminine (what Fairhall and Crowley have dubbed, The Scarlett woman) using the Language of Birds to attack a Jewish Princess.

    Hmmm. . .


  16. I will say that I was thinking "Clockwork Orange" briefly when looking at the still visual pasted into the posting, but thought it was just me. I should know better.

    "Lizard Lake?" I suppose it ties in somehow with sexual transgression, in the sense of the original "Swan Lake" composer (Tchaikovsky) being a closeted gay man.

    And then the classical gets replaced by a "rockin' good" tune. I've seen this unoriginal structure in several other commercials as well, most notably one for Cadillac: If I remember right, a bunch of Mercedes Benzes are waltzing to the "Blue Danube." All of a sudden, a Cadillac bursts in to some "bad ass" guitar riff. It's a rather unfair fight. I guess those commercials just reflect the NeoCon BS about "Old Europe," while pandering to a smug sense of reverse snobbery.


  17. lynnertic,

    was that SPIN Transposon info in regards to GoDaddy's G-SPIN channel commercial with the "enhanced" Danica Patrick?
    or was that just another synch?!