Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Super Bowl Shape-Shifters


 I thought they looked familiar- this Sobe ad with the shape-shifting reptilians features characters from the upcoming DreamWorks film, Monsters vs Aliens.

  OK, so that's two SuperBowl ads with shape-shifting reptilians/amphibians, from two entirely different sponsors. Throw in the blatant androgyny and fertility themes (the footballs look like eggs and testicles) and maybe some vampirism (with the red Sobe) and you have yourself some serious frickin' strangeness.
Of course, the alien shape-shifter meme is furthered imprinted with the Transformers trailer, which ties back to the Indiana Jones and X-Files AAT bonanzas via Shia La Boeuf. Now National Geographic is hopping on the transforming bandwagon with their Morphed documentary, which looks to be a fresh round of scolding about Darwinism.

Change, transformation, shape-shifting? What a year this is shaping up to be. Interesting to note that the Sobe tagline is "So Believe," a suitably vague slogan for the Obama Age. Maybe the changes we all face are a bit more profound than a change in economic policy.