Monday, February 02, 2009

Egypt, Egypt Everywhere

Hot on the heels of news of the Louvre's upcoming "Gates of Heaven" exhibition comes this new exhibit of Egyptian wall paintings. Apropos of nothing, The Times name-dropped Lara Croft in its recent article on the show:
Of course, in an ugly way, Egyptian tomb-chapels are sites of continuing cultural importance for us as well. The other night, as I surfed the airwaves in vain for signs of sentience, I came across Angelina Jolie dashing through one while lightly disguised as the buxom tomb-raider Lara Croft. As she careered from one dangerous underground maze to another, not even the spectacular silliness of her story line could disguise the continuing fascination of such places.

Did someone out there say "conditioning process?"

UPDATE: As always, great information in the comments section. Accidental Alchemist comments on this pyramid coins:

Click to enlarge. Love the QEII coin- quite incongruous. Check out Alchemie's blog on the subject.


  1. He said something about "The pleasure of life that will continue in the depths of the marshes". We know what that means... Horus/Rising Sun.

  2. I wonder what kind of commemoration coin they'll come up with for this one?

    ‘Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs’ exhibition pyramid coin...

  3. Egypt is big in Canada as well right now. President Barack Obama will be in Ottawa February 19. Just across the Ottawa river the Museum of Civilization, advertises 'Death is only the Beginning with a red stone Egyptian Pharaoh.
    Martian desert red to be exact.

  4. Isis is a pretty Jung thing to me. :)

  5. Great blog as always,
    I saw these coins on A.A.'s blog fascinating, they are obviously celebration/collectors coins, not for the general everyday public to use, but are legal tender all the same. They are for the Isle Of Man, which is a small island in between Britain and Ireland. It is normal for many of the UKs provinces to have thier own versions of currency, but it has to retain the shape and size format as "Sterling" Pounds and Pence (the Republic of Ireland is obviously an exception as it is not part of the United Kingdom, they use the Euro). I am very interested as to why the Isle of Man had these coins minted as the Tutankhamun exhibition was in East London actually on the Thames, and no where near The Isle of Man. The Thames in the Victorian times had links to the Nile, and perhaps is why the so-called Cleapatra's Needle is located actually on its banks??? The North side of the Thames bank resonates Eygpt for many reasons...
    Accoring to a very interesting book "Power Points" by Robin Heath may have a clue, "A circle of radius 300 miles centred on the old centre of (the Isle of Man)encompasses 98% of the British Isles, while a smaller circle of 50 miles radius touches all four countries of Briain - Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales." Also a direct line intersects the Isle of Man from "Lands End" the fartest Southern tip of England and "Ducansby Head" in Scotland in the North. The line is 608 miles long and its central point falls on "the end of Royal Road and where the aincent centre of government, the Tynwald was once established." Acording to the official website the Tynwald which is the Parliment of the Isle of Man, it "is the oldest Paliament in the world in continuous existance."
    The really interesting ones are the:

    "Proof Fine 1oz Gold Tutankhamun Sand Triangle 2009 Coin £1875.00

    Sterling Silver Tutankhamun Sand Triangle 2009 Coin £140.00

    "Pobjoy Mint is thrilled to announce the release of another coin on behalf of the Isle of Man Treasury, which is the world’s first pyramid shaped coin containing sand from Tutankhamun’s tomb!"

    "This sand was collected by our very own Managing Director, Taya Pobjoy"
    "Power Points" Robin Heath Bluestone Press (St. Dogmaels Wales)