Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Messiah Who Fell to Earth

Jim Caviezel goes from the titular lead in Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ to playing an atheist alien named Kainan (Cain, Canaan, Canis) who falls to Earth in an astonishingly phallic spaceship in Outlander. Fascinating career move, and rife with strange symbolic parallels.

Consider this: Caviezel last appeared on the public radar muttering in Aramiac for a controversial anti-stem cell resolution ad sponsored by the Religious Right. Now he's playing an ancient astronaut running around with a pack of heathen Viking warriors and Earth is described as "an abandoned seed colony." In other word, human beings were the remnant of an abandoned colony of aliens. How times have changed.

A lot of people ask me where I think this is all going, whether we are heading towards a disclosure event. I can't say for sure. But I can say for sure that we are witnessing the emergence of a very powerful new mythos, given the avalanche of UFO/Alien/Space memes in popcult lately. A mythos that itself could very well evolve into a new religion, particularly when married to the militarism that usually accompanies these memes (think Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, etc).

In that light, the symbolism we looked at this week with the Super Bowl and the commercials produced for it certainly takes on new layers of meaning, seeing that "The Big Game" is America's yearly celebration of unbridled militarism and hypermasculinity. And powerful Synchromystic currents seemed to play themselves out during and after the game (the fire at the Cardinal's church in Chicago, for instance).

Former 90-lb weakling Bruce Springsteen certainly demonstrated his understanding of the night's symbolism as the fireworks went off. We'll be seeing a lot more fireworks in the years to come, you can be certain of that. Of all kinds.

UPDATE: This headline could just as well be about Barack Obama. In what is probably the shortest presidential honeymoon on record, the Washington establishment already has the knives out. All the ego-trippers play games and serve their overlords and you and I will pay the price. The last days of Rome, truly.

UPDATE II: CNN Headline: "Did Obama dog Simpson about her weight?"


  1. interesting post as usual!

    Going not so off topic, I hope you didn't miss that yesterday NASA published this article:
    take care ;)

  2. Your mention of "The Big Game" synced nicely with the mention of one of our "'stans" not wanting US military presence anymore, which would in turn inhibit the war in the one of the other 'stans (the American inheritance of "The Great Game" between the empires of Britain and Russia (and who knows who else)) from being continued into this, its third straight century.

    Take a squint at their flag:

  3. Chris-
    I like your analysis concerning the emerging militaristic themes. Everywhere in life. You know, many people have taken our new President as a ' peace' president. someone opposed to war. But a careful listen to his speeches on the subject reveals that the flexing of American military might is only just getting started. Afghanistan, Pakistan, you name it. Wouldn't it be weird if there were some kind of massive disclosure event or even an indisputable 'sighting' right in the middle of all that? Wouldn't surprise me a bit. Don't think it will be too long before we know for sure.
    P.S. I grew up on Star Trek. Land of the Giants, etc., etc. I NEVER thought I'd see a proliferation of such films, books and games for general consumption. It's almost like too much of a good thing. Almost.


  4. Childhoods End by Arthur C Clarke

  5. Heh I saw the movie Outlander yesterday, twas ok. I saw him in 'Enough' too as a rich and powerful abusive husband, heh.

  6. Hey Chris.

    Great find, as usual.

    It must be noted that Jim Caviezel is J.C. i.e. Jesus Christ. Similar to Jennifer Connelly and Jim Carrey. Actors involve in messianic themes.

    As it relates to where this is all going, I believe we are heading towards more than just disclosure. We are all watching actors on a stage, so it is quite easy given the technology for them to disclose the alien presence according to their established plans.

    What seems to be more important is that under Obama, there seems to a convergence of the old world order themes from the Babylonian mystery schools into the emergence of a new religion/structure/order based on alien technology. Perhaps, the return of the Nephilim. We must keep our eyes on Obama, archaeological findings in Iraq (that war was much more than removing Saddam Hussein from power), utterings from Vatican City, developments in Dubai and the symbolism from Hollywood.

    Finally, this morning Obama presided over the National Prayer Breakfast with many faith-based organisations, and he called for unity as we enter a new era. Are we seeing the opening salvo into the global monotheism, similar to what Pharoah Akhenaton did in Egypt?


  7. Two links -

    1. This thread from
    discusses a video segment that aired yesterday (or the day before? I can't do time-change in my head)by an australian company that broadcast a recording of L.Ron Hubbard telling the Xenu story - an outer-space warlord brings Thetans to earth, Scientologists rule the planet and will save the planet in the imminent intergalactic war. It's a must see, if only to hear Hubbard's weak, weak voice and strange accent.


    2. In this thread, members of Rigorous Intuition examine the psychology of organized sports. Conclusions: it's war play and it's really gay.

    NFL Orders Retreat From War Metaphors

    Given the headline of the lead article in the second thread it seems like it resonates with an 'Obama is the peace president' meme.

    @Andre Heath, would you please explain what you meant by 'global monotheism' when you asked Are we seeing the opening salvo into the global monotheism...

    Literally, a salvo is a barrage of gunfire, a forceful and destructive thing. Akhenaten was trying to establish monotheism by edict so the metaphor would fit with him.

    In contrast, Obama I think, seems to be trying to coax people ('calling for') to transcend differences in worldview, not to eliminate or replace them. The successful result would be cooperation among groups that would otherwise oppose each other.

  8. Speaking of Jennifer Connelly, I happened to see something on MSN about her and "the weight issue" a few days ago. It talks about her being too skinny, which more or less ties in with my own rant a few days ago (under Christopher's Isis posting) about body image. When I wrote that, I was probably thinking of the Karen Carpenter / Day the Earth Stood still posting Christopher wrote a few months ago.


  9. I saw this movie after reading the post, and I must say on the surface level it is pure garbage.

    Scratching the surface more watcher, fallen,nephilim symbolism to add to the pot of movies being released.

    Interesting J.C's name in here is Canaan or Cain who descendants are the nephilim, and the director's name is Howard McCain.

    In the end we see the fallen alien(angel) take a wife.

    I'm going to blow a synchro gasket!!

  10. Hi Lynnertic!

    Well, since several scholars believe that President Obama is the reincarnation of Pharoah Akhenaton, it is quite possible that he will follow in the footsteps of the King Pharaoh and institute monotheism, which is the doctrine or belief that there is only one God, and that this could extend globally.

    This could be done, following a catastrophic event, thereby creating order out of chaos by uniting church and state in an ecumenical movement with the Vatican, promoting or fostering religous unity throughout the world.

    I tend to view his call for transcendency as a front, masking a devilish agenda.

    Just my thoughts. What do you think?

  11. It should be noted that the 26 (2+6 = 8) year old, Josh DuBois was appointed today to head Obama's Faith-Based Initiatives.

    And Chris, in another do-over similar to the retaking of the oath of office, Aretha Franklin will be releasing a new recording of "My Country Tis of Thee," the song she performed at the inauguration.

  12. 26=13x2.

    And Josh DuBois? JDB, John Da Baptist?

  13. This is like (well, almost) an opposite of the Jesus story. Cain was the first murderer, now he's being displayed as a rugged hero in this movie. I'm guessing the "big monsters" he's fighting are representations of Galactic Center, considering their huge mouths and "alien" appearance. *sigh*

    Keep up the great work, Chris.

  14. Hey Chris, first of all i do really wanna express a really hearted THANK YOU for your work, been following the blog for a while now and it has just been inspiring and a lot more.
    Tho i never posted any comment... till i found this:

    It's maybe a bit off-topic from this post, but it ties in with The Nine theme and with Jennifer Connelly. Not to mention the obvious release date 9/9/09. Lots of green as well!!!

    I hope this wasn't posted twice!
    ATB and keep it up!

  15. Thanks to you Nick and thanks to everyone for your input! I've gotten so many interesting and pertinent bits of info from the comments, so keep them coming!

  16. I just read the latest debunk piece in Popular Mechanics. Of course it's about UFOs - specifically, about the Stephensville, Texas sightings that happened recently.

    In the same vein of their trying to debunk the 9-11 "myths", this latest article is a drab, fluff piece at best. UFOs are all flares and secret military projects (yeah, right).

    What's more interesting than what it says - which is basically blah, blah, blah, we're lame - is the timing of this piece of 'journalism'. With all the recent UFO activity over Great Britain, and following upon a couple years of AMAZING sightings in the US and South America, it only serves to emphasize that something is indeed happening.

    I say it's disclosure - and it's happening right now.

    But not in the traditional way of little green men landing in the Whitehouse - or the Government admitting something (as if they really knew what was up, anyway).

    The synchs and symbols we are experiencing in this new generation of the conspiranoid movement are a disclosure event from an alien power.

    We are talking to the aliens that exist on the other side of the matrix, or the veil, or whatever you want to call it.

    Don't expect ships in the sky.

    Instead, expect voices to speak directly to you from your television and from, as Phillip K. Dick said about his disclosure event, from the detritus of our pop culture. They can't speak to us directly . . . yet . . .so they are finding other ways to communicate. We just have to listen to what they are saying - as many of the wonderful people that comment here are starting to do.

    Go Humans!



  17. Nice to see John Hurt staying busy. He seems to show up almost subliminally.

  18. Once again Mr. Knowles you seem to be one step ahead of me. Thankyou. I'm clipping all fireworks out of movies right now. As well as Ferris wheels.

  19. Ooh, Thuthie- I don't think I like that future! It sounds like Videodrome!

    Anonie- Well, John was hurt, wasn't he?

    Shamaine- Post us a link when you're done!

  20. Can you hear Nero's violin amidst the flames?