Friday, February 06, 2009

Barack Obama and the Masonic Martyr: Addenda

Here's an interesting video for you- Episode 213 of the NBC detective series, Life:

After a Space Shuttle pilot is found shot to death after managing to land his private plane, Crews and Reese must determine if it was suicide or murder.

OK, so the first episode of the Obama Era for Life (the previous episode aired 12/17/08) deals with a murdered/martyred astronaut named "Bull" Ellis who just happens to be tight with the President of the United States (a fact of which we are reminded of throughout the episode).

Huh. I guess that's what they call a coincidence, no?

We also have a subplot about K2, Buddhist death prayers, and some 17 action. And thanks to the miracle of (Cht)Hulu we can watch it together here on The Secret Sun.

Or if you're outside the US, try the NBC site.

And this aired the day after Obama unexpectedly left the White House to read a story about astronauts to students at the Capital City Public Charter School. Take a look at the school's logo:


If I didn't know better, I'd say that looks like an Ouroboros wrapped around an eight-pointed star. But what does that have to do with Barack Obama and Apollo 11?

UPDATE: OK, there are eight points and nine circles/planets in that logo. What does that add up to?

UPDATE II: Obama is traveling to Gus Grissom's home state to sell his stimulus package.


  1. Nice Rising Sun during the logo. Is the "waxing polemic in a trance state" thing common with shows these days?

    There's still commercials! Interesting number on the cop car after the first break, "613".

    Produced by "Loucas George". George Lucas?

    "What's it like to be up there?" "Oh, it's like going back where I came from". Repeated. Priceless... Especially considering what he says later.

    Notice the big UFOs at 17:23 in Breem's office.

    at 27:27... I've never heard "Let's get it on" as a reference to fighting.

    Right after the black guy gets shot, the 4th commercial said "we aren't magicians but we read your mind".

  2. Good work, Tommy! UFOs and K2, hmmm...

  3. look this frame of "SHINING":

  4. it's a gnostic/ophitic logo, crucified serpent (= mercury or the elixir in alchemy)

    color blue because serpent is "heavenly"

    2 new dimensions added (the X)

    the circle within circle 2!

    v much in keeping with the Brother Latrobe (Re)Inauguration and Obie's other recent "hints"

    all extremely blatant, utterly confident & in control

    i may continue with a post, was discussing sobekian reptos anyway

    nice find


  5. This is definitely reincarnation or recycling. Re-creating itstelf. The return of the eternal, signifying immortality. Indestructible.

    Nephilim, Horus, Akhenaton, Kubrick's starchild?

    This also harkens back to the mythology of the Phoenix, often associated with
    Gnosticism, and Hermeticism.

  6. Veritas- great catch. And bonus creepiness, since that kid looks EXACTLY like me at that age. Brr.

    Ray- don't forget the nine circles/globes. Probably the planets.

  7. Ray- don't forget the nine circles/globes. Probably the planets.


    so . . . a gnostically crucified solar system

    raising mater

    and, eh, isn't pharaoh big on "reviving" the space Program?


    the octa-cross suggestive of both cartographic symbols and the CIA's logo


  8. You remeber the present that Mulder give to Skully in Xfiles in the episode #4X17 Tempus Fugit - Tempus Fugit (1/2)?