Sunday, May 02, 2010

Secret Sunday: Beltane Edition (UPDATED)


Well, Saturday was May Day and there was chaos and confusion all across the globe, including an alleged failed IED in Times Square. There were also several protests over the new Arizona immigration law. But you can read about all of that on any old website- let's go to Edinburgh for the yearly Beltane Fire Festival, which drew 12,000 people this year. A goodly number of them were nude and smeared in red body paint, I might add.

Here's a panorama shot of the festival, showing you how huge an event it is. From the looks of it, a lot more than 12,000 people showed up this year.

Here's this year's May Queen, who was dutifully sprinkled for.

And I can't be sure, but this looks like the May Queen meeting the Green Man. It's a good thing this is neo-paganism, because back in the day the Green Man would be beheaded and drawn and quartered, in order that his body parts could be buried in the fields to bless the harvest. Check out the rest of the gallery here.


Speaking of atavistic crypto-heathenism, the planned May Day pray-in at the Temple of Zeus, seems to have been a bit of a fizzle. As we discussed here, the plan was to meet at sunrise on May Day at the Lincoln Memorial, which was modeled on the Temple of Zeus at Olympia, as is the statue of Lincoln pictured above. Tom Horn was pushing the event on Raiders, but it seems to have been a washout. I can't find anything on the web about the event. Was it all an elaborate hoax?



Could be, but I think it's more likely that Pray Day was overwhelmed by the political passions of the moment, which are running pretty high. But the links on the Pray Day site produced some examples of the Solar symbolism creeping into mainstream Evangelicalism. Regular Secret Sun readers have seen hundreds of samples of this iconography here, here, here and here.

Then there's this ad, which has been popping up on Facebook.

Knowles' Law #317 tells us that when a controversy erupts in the news over symbolism, there's usually another symbol hiding lurking in the background, telling us the real story. There was a controversy over the logo of the Fort Carson Hospital this past week, presumably over the cross. But falcon-eyed Secret Sun readers see past the obvious, like those strange trio of triangles hiding behind the cross.

Help me out, readers- you guys have any theories what they might represent? They look so gosh-darned familiar, but I just can't seem to place them.


  1. )))((((((

  2. The triangles look like the scientology logo. Almost halfway done with man and his symbols and am wonderin if they ever made a movie about uncle Carl.

  3. about 'in the day' the Green Man would have been sacrificed?

    Whether this is true or not, I would just like to comment about it. I know that Christian commentators would have written most of the history about 'Paganism' is 'demonizing' ways so as to big-up their OWN business when not expropriating and appropriating pagan places, etc etc

    But even if it is true that there DID exist Pagan rituals where humans were sacrificed I would argue that they were victims of literalization themselves. because fundamentally archetypes (and I know this is Jungian term POST-pagan but you know what i mean) such as Greenman, and lover of Goddess, etc are metaphorical and the origins of them are the sacred entheogenic plants and their profound sacred experiences. The 'Greenman' is the male who understands deep sacred connection with nature

    So I would say to ANY Pagan in the past or now who believed in literal murder that it is total ignorance to think that way. That--if you need to call it 'sacrifice'--what 'dies' is the old self/year, and this understanding is entheogenic symbolism which is experienced and NOT acted out as harming another be they animal or human

  4. Gosh! Nothing comes to mind. Look very familiar though, LOL!

  5. "Whether this is true or not, I would just like to comment about it. I know that Christian commentators would have written most of the history about 'Paganism' is 'demonizing' ways so as to big-up their OWN business when not expropriating and appropriating pagan places, etc etc"

    The practice was also common in Roman Times as the "hawkish" Republican Senators and their army leaders portrayed the Gauls, Celts and Goths as barbarians who needed to be civilized and/or brought under control and druids as evil sorcerers.

    Of course, in many societies, sacrifice was not equated with murder as the "victims" saw this as an opportunity for true transcendence.

    As far as most Christianity today, I have to admit that it feels very much like a continuation of the Roman Religion. I've read that Jupiter is actually a cognate or joining of the word Deus Pater or Dispater which simply means God the Father (as Zeus is simply theus like God is to a god.)

    The worship of the Christian God certainly resembles in almost no way the worship of the Jewish God from which it supposedly derives. In many ways, Christian is still pagan, only neo-paganism is a revival of the agrarian, nature-based religions that competed with the dominating urban Roman pantheon.

  6. Well to be real the mythology of Jesus and 'his' Crucifixion is as you say VERY sacrificial.
    But when I have looked deep into that myth you find there the entheogen---and really it is the sacred plant that is the 'sacrifice'. That is the essence.

    I dont know of any author who has written anything about literalization in mythology and religion, but it would be good to know, because it is important for how we understand what mythology is REALLY meaning, and not in a literal sense, but the central core meaning

    It is clear when the 'ego' dies there is new life and this includes ones sense of being with nature, so nature is 'reborn' simultaneously.
    A HUGE mis-take was made when there was beliefs of 'invisible' spirits wanting blood in return for favours, and the idea that ritual sacrifice is a fastrack to paradise.

  7. Someone was actually on television addressing fundamentalism and its lateral view of the bible and how that is a failure of religious belief rather than a natural interpretation.

    I think the blood sacrifice, though obviously part of the old testament, is another remnant of Roman religion, as well. In Roman times, religion was more a codification of superstitions and beliefs borrowed from around the known world. Religious practice was more in the form of a contract with certain powerful spiritual entities. Since contracts need a currency of exchange, blood became that currency.

    The empire never ended.

  8. ritual. sacrifice. symbolism. mythology. Joseph Campbell, in my mind, is the best route to take in gaining a better understanding of the nature of worship and myth from an anthropological and philosophical perspective.

    Chris, I think a reading list or at least a broad reference list would be in order. It can be assumed that those having any interest in this blog are coming in with some degree of prior knowledge and research, but, as we all know, this field of study can be quite confusing and intimidating, but perhaps the thought of composing such a list is too.

  9. the triangles are spaceships with the cross descending from them

  10. I found this comment from the article mentioned. Found this poignant:

    Posted by: Dr. Who Location: Waco on May 1, 2010 at 09:51 AM

    Oh, please. When will the war against Christianity stop? God and Christianity are an integral part of America. These idiots need to realize and accept this and get over it!

    Thou shalt refuse the temptation of logic, for it is the instrument of the beast! (revulayshuns 23:42)

  11. Was Tom Horn promoting May Day? He's one of the few Bible-believing Christians who openly opposes the cult of Dominionism, and he has for years.

    Dominion theology was the evil heart of the May Day event. Tom featured my article on that topic at Raiders. There are discerning Christians out here who absolutely reject and oppose the idea that we're supposed to take over the Earth.

    Chris, thanks for making me aware of May Day 2010. It's led to a number of discoveries about the disturbing links between these signs-n-wonders "new apostles" and mainstream evangelicals.

    The irony of all this is that they're trying to accomplish the same thing as New Agers. A dialectic is at work here.

    Proof pudding: Paul N. Temple, one of the major financiers of the secretive Dominionist group The Family, which sponsors the annual National Prayer Breakfast and operates the C Street House in D.C., where philandering politicians and alleged Christians Sen. John Ensign and Gov. Mark Sanford sought "counseling", is the co-founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

    Strange bedfellows for interesting times.

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