The Secret War Against the New Age: The Eternal Dialectic

This series is not about the New Age movement.

It's about how certain belief systems are privileged and how others are not and what that means for the future. It's about how the establishment dealt with a challenge to its monopoly on the creation and dissemination of belief systems. We still have other tactics and strategies from the secret war to look at (the 'Skeptic' movement, as well as a deeper look at the infiltration and commercialization of the New Age) and there are other instances of movements that didn't jibe with the overall capital 'P' Plan.

All of this fits into the mandate of The Secret Sun, which after all is about Culture, not religion or politics. And an increasingly important part of the Culture these days is conspiracy culture, which is predominantly a right wing and Fundamentalist culture (there is a considerable counterculture voice- or what I call the "Lone Gunmen" conspiracy theorists like Icke, Tsarion, Maxwell, etc - but all over the world, conspiracy theory is the province of religious extremists). The assumptions of this culture is that its beliefs are unassailable truth, and any deviation or dissent from that truth is evil. Not simply wrong, certainly not just a question of competing interests, but a cosmic evil.

This is a self-perpetuating impulse, in that billions of people don't share their views - can't share their views. Science, history, logic, reason, non-believers - and most especially - believers of competing sects present a constant, existential challenge to the apocalyptic worldview. So the culture will never be wanting for enemies. This is classic cult psychology, but it exists on a mass scale all over the world. It kinda makes you wonder if all of those cults that popped up like mushrooms in the 60s and 70s weren't simply field tests for a more comprehensive agenda.

But it also helps drive social trends in a larger context.

The Establishment has a dialectic that they reinforce constantly through the media, academia, and the political sphere.
It's 'Red vs Blue', atheists vs fundamentalists, liberal vs conservative. The massive infrastructure of think tanks and foundations dictates the talking points and spends billions of dollars making sure that they are the respectable opinions to hold, and that everything outside the dialect is to be ridiculed and shunned, if not actively suppressed.

This is why we see a mirror image of the religious fundamentalists with the non-religious fundamentalists. Organized atheism was little more than a boogieman for Republican voters until fairly recently, until a charismatic and highly visible new class of media personalities- who were mostly already famous for other accomplishments- took up the cudgel and a huge and growing movement grew up practically overnight behind them.

They adopted some of the tactics - and members - of the prefab Skeptic movement (which was created to derail the New Age movement, which we'll get to soon) but don't waste time with small fry like palm readers or orgone therapists. They're going after the big boys - the Pope, the preachers, the imams. There aren't enough bitter, supercilious nerds to make the Skeptic movement anything more than a sideshow, but there are tens of millions of people tired of the concept of the religion itself, not just its excesses.

As tempting as it is to speculate on some grand Hegelian synthesis to come out of all of this, I think the real goal of this Dialectic is endless conflict.

A lot of people talk about peace like it's some universal aspiration, but what if there are a lot of people who prefer conflict? What if perpetuating endless division isn't some obstacle for our rulers to overcome, but the game plan itself? What if the competing fundamentalisms are really just an excuse for endless conflict? All of the arguing and flag-waving might make for great television, but it makes for terrible policy and for an increasingly angry, stressed-out and dumbed-down populace.

Maybe the original New Age movement was the Synthesis in this dialectic, which could offer reasonable people on both sides of the apparent divide a big enough tent to find common ground within. A lot of luminaries in the 60s and 70s talked a lot about just that- a new movement amorphous enough to bridge the divides and heal the culture and usher in the "New Age", an age of peace, freedom, enlightenment, technological progress and puppies and kittens and so on and so forth.

That may well be why it had to be taken down.

UPDATE: As if on cue:
Peter Kreeft, right wing convert to Catholicism and professor of philosophy at Boston College, argues in his 1996 book Ecumenical Jihad: Ecumenism and the Culture War, that religious culture warriors must recognize a substantial shift in alliances, between former enemies like Muslims, and former friends like Humanists. While the idea of Muslim-Christian alliance sems particularly far-fetched at the end of this summer, Kreeft’s larger point has resonated with a number of religious leaders. Echoing Pope John Paul II’s prediction that third millennium could be marked by a unified Christianity, Kreeft predicted: “The age of religious wars is ending; the age of religious war is beginning: A war of all religions against none.”
UPDATE: More timely linkage- I Believe You’re Wrong: The Trouble with Tolerance
However, in recent years, Americans have been losing their habit of engaging in respectful contestation. We’ve lost track of the difference between hateful attacks and disciplined, sincere criticism.



  1. Thank you, Chris. Those of us to have anything counter to the Dogma of Conspiracy to offer are automatically branded "Satanist" by many within it. This is disappointing but is more disconcerting than anything. For people who claim (loudly at that) to be so "awake" to spout the same elitism that they claim to oppose is the epitome of cognitive dissonance, and yet it remains unseen. And woe to anyone (but you!) who may point this out, because clearly, clearly (!) that person is a Luciferian/Satanist/Illuminati/BADDIE.

  2. hi chris,
    I used to go to a rieki teacher for rieki sessions.
    The rieki master was very adept and intelligent and embraced a majority of NEW AGE beliefs and interests.
    One day ,after knowing her for about two years we discussed the new world order,one bank one government.
    She believed in this,just add one love to the previous sentence.
    So it occured to me that many New Agers may also have fantasies in regard of a one world ethic.
    She had no worries in regard to abuse by this one world government and spoke in glowing terms of the idea.In fact this was the utopian idea she and others were hoping for.

    I remembered my fantasies when I was a child in regard to a one world government/ no religion and they were all positive...then.

  3. So conspiracy culture is in reality... a conspiracy? Infinite regress I think.

  4. Well, "it's the old army game, from here to eternity," as Uncle Bill used to say.

    Or as Uncle Phil said, "The Empire Never Ended."

  5. "Endless conflict"--I think you hit it there. Fundamentalism of any sort needs an enemy, otherwise, it has no purpose. Fundamentalism at its core is about purification of evils, real or imagined. Fundamentalism sees something wrong with the world and anoints itself the champion.

    And it's all so tiring.

  6. I remembered my fantasies when I was a child in regard to a one world government/ no religion and they were all positive...then.

    Baab - me too! They did not include robots as police, cameras everywhere - even in my home and a chip in my brain or hand. Or bombing countries (killing people) that don't follow suit. I could expand on this but I am sure you get my point.

    Satanism and paedophilia do appear to go hand in hand.

    Occult and Satanism is a lot more blurry. Ex-occult that I have looked at explains an awful lot of things. There is a lot to be learnt regarding health for example - I had no idea that you can get an electrical current in your mouth due to metal fillings. Or that the electrical current can make you very ill. Ignorance like this could kill me!

    I think the really evil stuff is still occult - hence there is an occult connection with true evil.
    But even then isn't it better to know thy enemy? You won't even see it coming if you hide from it.

  7. i'm with riverwolf and think your notion of endless conflict privides a strong argument...

  8. Carolyn- So much of it seems like bluster, like a big game. Because if some of thes people believed the things they talk about, they wouldn't be on Facebook or the Internet or the Grid itself. They'd be living in the woods counting beans and bullets.

    Baab- Yeah, I talked about that earlier. The whole One World utopia thing was part of a propaganda program during the Cold War, meant to offer up a synthesis to the east/west dialectic. Note that it faded when the Berlin Wall came down. When I wrap this up I'll offer up my own criticisms of the NAM. But again- this series isn't about the NAM, it's about the response to it.

    Just- Cheers.

    629- A lot of conspiracy culture is just that, as we looked at earlier in the series.

    630- You start to wonder if it ever will.

    River- Ain't it though? And there are New Age Fundamentalists now, too.

    Wotie- Well as a child you're very susceptible to media fantasies. But allow me to play moderator and ask that you keep the off-topic digressions to a minimum, OK?

    JC- Certainly a lot of evidence out there for it...

  9. The conspiracy movement had been preaching for decades that the big danger is synthesis, because it will lead to the big bad antichrist one world order.

    You've offered an interesting counter-argument... what if the synthesis had to be taken down because the big bad one world order needs eternal conflict to justify its existence and to keep raising the amount of money it appropriates from the rest of the economy through various means.

    I got in a more mundane argument with a conservative a while back. It was about "big government," and I was pointing out that while the government has been grown by social programs that the biggest driver for government growth was warfare, fear, and the hyping of threats. He couldn't really counter that argument. I pointed out the graphs of the percentage of the economy that is accounted for by government activity, and how that graph grows most rapidly whenever there is a new bogie man.

    So maybe it's really simple. We have this parasitic bureaucracy that needs to find a reason to increase its 'take,' so it keeps us in a perpetual state of conflict so that we will allow it to keep taxing us more and more to protect us from the scary 'other.'

  10. Sorry Chris my previous comment was really aimed at any religious fundamentalists that might be reading this. I think you have written a lot of relevant truth with this post especially the bit about an increasingly angry, stressed-out and dumbed-down populace.

  11. Chris, I haven't even fully absorbed this post yet. It's very good. But, a pretty serious question considering the subject of this post: have you ever read "Millenium" in Liber Null by Peter J. Carol? If you haven't I'll find a copy and leave it here. It's maybe a page, typewritten. His conclusions from several decades ago are very similar to your own.

    (I just read it last night, and then I read this post.)

    Thanks for all the great work!

  12. It's long so I sent it in an email.

    Also, eternal conflict. Isn't that a big part of the government's scheme in 1984?

  13. Chris,
    I had Peter Kreeft as a professor when I was a student at Boston College. He was conservative in a sense. He was avidly pro-life and definitely Catholic. But I can't imagine him being "right-wing". His views had been informed most importantly by C.S. Lewis. I think he was one of those university professors who was freaked out by secular science, the vastness of the universe and our to them apparent insignificance, and so ran back to the arms of his mother Church. Even so, he was a mystical Christian and no friend of fascism. Unless something changed. Any teacher who so avidly taught Lord of the Rings and Lewis' Space Trilogy had to have had one foot in Catholicism and one foot in the New Age whether he would admit it or not.
    Dave Gregg

  14. I also think you hit it with the idea of eternal conflict, Chris. And Stephanie mentioned it's a central theme to 1984. 1984 is especially prescient in that it prophesied the internalization of eternal conflict within a society. Yes, Oceania is engaged in a never-ending conflict with Eureasia and Eastasia, but the real eternal conflict is one within the society, a false show with the made-up Emmanuel Goldstein on the one side and the equally made-up Big Brother on the other.

    Eternal conflicts abound in American history throughout the culture. The Cold War was billed as an eternal conflict between East and West, communism and capitalism--two equally corrupt isms. And now with the Red Dawn threat buried and gone, they had to invent a war to carry on. An old ally becomes an enemy in Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda, who we've seen no credible evidence of his still being alive since 9/11.

    But all boogie men lose their steam when people eventually realize they're nothing more than imagination under the bed that have transformed you into your own worst enemy. I think that's the transition period we're in right now, looking for a new conflict. Perhaps this is where the resurgence of conspiracy as well as the new atheist cult comes into play? The more to distract us and put fear into our hearts, the better for the capital P plan?

  15. Death from above in one of the stans,drones who dish death from Amerika. Murder. Patriotic xtians surrounded with flags and crosses. No problem that human being might of been an insurgent(wtf is an insurgent) Perpetual war. Death. The new age proposes water and cleansing, give up your jingustic nationalism, be one with the humanity and it's incredible potential to rid this black Iron prison of hate. Understand the impulse to destruct, understand kali but use that impulse to create, and evolve. As long as any American says bomb them all and let God sort them out, we will struggle. The power of love is unstopable. Hail Isis. Dennis from up-river

  16. Chris, I can see your overarching point in this series. That being, that the establishment is conspiring to suppress unofficial, non-sanctioned belief systems to maintain division, control, and suppression of the awakening consciousness. But I'm a little confused by your description of conspiracy culture and it's role in this system. Having been immersed in this culture for well over ten years, I fail to see it as being dominated by right-wing fundamentalists. I won't argue that it doesn't have its fair share of occult / new age fear propagandists. But I've always seen these types as being in the minority. Especially over the last 6-7 years or so. Maybe 9/11 had something to do with this considering it happened with a right-wing fundie administration at the helm. But when I look back at all the people that I've most agreed with and who've been most influential to me, it's people like Tsarion, Maxwell, Red Ice, James Corbett, Icke, Jake Kotze, Neil Kramer, etc, etc. All of these people speak of, and are aware of the social manipulation, political corruption, and flat-out conspiracies that any free thinking individual would have to agree exists. At the same time, these folks embrace the wisdom of the esoteric traditions as well. Conspiracy culture (CC) has changed. What I see happening is an amalgamation of ideas from the NAM, CC, and the psychedelic culture forming something new with a more positive, proactive outlook on our world situation.

    So, for all intents and purposes, if we are to take the term "conspiracy culture" literally, then you must concede that this also includes you. What you're dealing with here in this series (and in many of your posts) is in fact, conspiracy. I guess what got my attention here is that you didn't chose to call it "right-wing conspiracy culture", but instead put it all under the same umbrella. I see conspiracy theory dealt with this way in the media all the time and it's extremely unfair. I didn't expect you to be doing the same. Maybe I'm just fussing over semantics, but I honestly think the right-wing CC has very little wind left in its sails, and is largely irrelevant (except as a tool to paint anyone who questions official policy as a religious nutcase with no basis in reality, ie, Glenn Beck).


  17. Jim,

    I understand what you're saying so let me just try to clarify. There's always been a split in Con-Cult, between the militia crowd and what I call the Lone Gunmen crowd. I would say a lot of the people you named are people who either began as more spiritually-oriented and or counterculture researchers or it's still the essential part of their work.

    But you are kidding yourself if you dismiss the Glenn Beck contingent, which dwarfs the counterculture Con-cult by many multiples. It's not only huge it's growing, as are the Sarah Palin Dominionist types, the predominantly rightwing Alex Jones types (ever read his reader's comments?)as well as conspiracy elements in the growing racialist right and Islamic quarters. I'd also cite the conspiracy-obsessed African Evangelicals, who are putting their paranoia into the law books.

    So I agree with you that there is a diversity in the Americas and Europe, but out there the counterculture is very much a minority and the fundamentalist voice - Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Hindu- is the predominant voice.

    But I will clarify on the front page.

  18. Everyone posting on this blog must be familiar with this quote from Sinclair Lewis:

    "[...]When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

    I feel like that's pretty important to keep in mind when thinking about the "populist" Dominionists and the far right in general

  19. I was told by a reliable source (in 1995) that 'the truth about life' has to be relieved within my lifetime - it simply must be - but that the way things are/were, it would be too much for most people to deal with. Therefore there needs to be an awakening of consciousness so that people can cope with the truth. It is happening as he said it would.

    I can't help but think that it is all, very cleverly orchestrated.

    I agree with Jim - I don't think you can categorise conspiracy theorists at all now. People from all walks of life are asking questions.

    This is local to me and something that is very much 'community' driven and not something you can really stick a label on...

    Fundamentalists of different 'divisions' should get together and share their knowledge - not argue and be so determined that they have all the answers. To have a balanced opinion of something you need ALL the facts - and fiction at times.

  20. wotie: "To have a balanced opinion of something you need ALL the facts - and fiction at times"

    I spent many years worrying about the facts part. The past few years have opened my eyes to the importance of fiction. This is why Secret Sun is one of my favorite blogs. Fiction (particularly Science fiction) seems to be where all those missing puzzle pieces are hidden.

    Thanks Mr. Knowles.


  21. It's life Jim - but not as we know it.
    Sorry I couldn't resist that one.

  22. AdamI- That was the basis of that infamous Lone Gunmen episode- that the MIC needed to keep the dollar pump going, hence the false flag attack. Maybe the mistake is to stick your nose into the buzzsaw as a peacemaker- I think the answer is to step outside the false dichotomy, throw a curse on both houses and build your own movement.

    Liza- As is KAOS. Now quick- to the Cone of Silence!

    Stephanie- You got it. Repeatedly.

    Robot- Interesting indeed. As some people get older they tend to harden in their religious views, which is easier as the Church itself has. Peer pressure and the like. Mapping your own path is a thankless task.

    Bufton- Exactly. Alice Bailey's been in her grave for decades but she still makes for a good Emmanuel Goldstein for some people. Too many newbies stumble on Springmeier and Cooper and take it at face value, not realizing it comes out a long history of political and religious disinformation. Which again is why its so important to remove yourself from the Dialectic and carve your own path.

    Wotie- Fundamentalism is division- it doesn't exist without creating enemies and building walls. That's the point of it all.

    Jim- I'd like to get back to the sci-fi and Synchronicity, but I felt this all has to be said.

  23. I also agree with Jim that conspiracy culture is much more than the right wing element. For example, I live in a predominantly black and Mexican meighborhood and it is sometimes shocking exactly how open and informed my neighbors are about these subjects. For black people especially, centuries of genocide and slavery have opened them to the possibility of population control and overall government malevolence. For many of them, it seems that conspiracy is the default mode of awareness. The types of conversations I have with regular people are also verbotem at my school or amongst my mother's middle class friends, so it's interesting the way that the closer a given group is to the establishment, the more likely it is they will be isolated from the truth. My sense is that the powers that be have massive investments in pushing truthseeker movements towards the militant Alex Jones style extreme, and this usually takes the form of identifying a scapegoat who is responsible for societal problems.

    This may be somewhat of a tangent away from the new age topic but I do think the exact same pattern can be seen in the counterculture as well, like in the latter stages of of the cultural revolution where Manson and the yippies gave the majority of new age identified people a sinister image, which then became attractive to succesive generations of subcultures.

  24. Well, there's a lot of fundamentalism in those communities too, and certainly a lot of ethnocentrism, bigotry and homophobia, so it's just a question of whose ox is being gored. And again- we're talking about a situation larger than your anecdotal sampling, where conspiracy theory is mainstream in many countries ruled by religious fundamentalism- Asia, Africa, the Middle East, etc. Or Fox News, for that matter.

    And I agree- there is a lot of steering- there always has been. Unfortunately there's not an equal amount of discernment out there.

  25. Yeah I agree about the bigotry and ethnocentrism in these communities as well, and almost added a caveat regarding their presence, but what I wonder is whether this is coming from the top with the intended goal of disrupting potentially subversive communities. Regarding Nuwaubianism and kemetic churches, I would agree entirely that any social structure they would establish would probably be just as bad as the present one. But I don't think these groups are representative of the whole. If one sees conspiracy culture as encompassing any movement resistant to the global power structure, including progressive anti-globalization movements, then an entirely different picture will emerge. In the last ten or so years even leftists have begun talking about the NWO. I think what is necessary is to synthesize the best of the traditional conspiracy culture with more traditional modes of resistance, like the ones that began in the 60s.

  26. I'm working on a post called "In Defense of Conspiracy Theory" which deals with how we use "conspiracy theory" in the vernacular to describe the propaganda out there (most of which presents itself as fact and not theory), but it's actually a misnomer. Prosecuting attorneys get paid handsomely to be conspiracy theorists. The problem is linguistic- "conspiracy" is too loaded a term, as is "NWO" and all the rest of it.

  27. I think your point about the Ordo Ab Chao theatrics is true. The more you start paying attention to and become aware of the style or the way some person pushes/directs/forces/exaggerates/professes/pulpits their information the more capable one is at surfing the info without succumbing to the "currents/riptide" and being pulled off into the shark-infested deep-end. 

    I think Alex Jones is a good example of someone who has gone way overboard and is or has potentially become a TPTB monkey created to disarm and discourage the growing individualistic voices of opposition. It either paints "conspiracy" types as militant kooks or discourages any curious newbies looking into the control system. Look at the frakkin Tea Party, another example at a way to redirect, encourage people towards a "side". Indeed it's all about sides now isn't it? Catch attention and guide it towards a polarity. 

    "Do you still not know that the way to truth stands open only to those without intentions?" - Carl Jung, The Red Book

  28. When have you ever seen a religious fundamentalist out dowsing for ley lines? Never. So how would they ever discover the 'The Ark of Covenant' as rectangles formed when ley lines cross? Never.
    I think divisions are there for several reasons.

  29. Thanks, Chris. I gotta say that when I first started reading you, I was more into conspiracy theories; you expanded my perspective and this angle is right on target. Good job.

    I'd be interested in getting your take on Delaware candidate O'Donnell's recently dug up "controversial" statement about witchcraft dabbling.

    It seems to me that the monopoly that is the entire official political spectrum is devoid of substance, and that this is just another sign that, whichever party one belongs to, they got nothin'.

    Divide and conquer, indeed. And keep things as complicated as possible.

  30. I was first introduced to the counter culture take on conspiracy by Shea and Wilson's Illuminatus trilogy, as were many others. To this day I still reread it often. But I blame it somewhat for making conspiracism look fun and educational, when most of it is a vast fever swamp of ignorance, fundamentalism, various kinds of bigotries, willful mis- or disinformation, and sheer hatefulness. Yes, a mature reader could figure that out from Illuminatus, but Shea and Wilson make those types look like lovable eccentrics when they're really anything but that.

    I would also note that the counter cult types tend to merge into right wing, fundamentalist, fascist kookdom if they stay around long enough. The Red Ice guy (Jeff Rense Lite, I call him) is well on his way in that direction. Rense himself probably started out that way.

    I find the wholw concept of the Illuminati objectionable, in that it has come to mean People Who Do Things I Don't Like. At best, it's a diversion from real, verifiable conspiratorial activities. When someone like Useful Idiot Jim Marrs gives valid information about 911 and then segues seamlessly into a rant about the Illuminati, you know something's up.

  31. Ryan- Well put. I guess now we know the purpose of all the dumbing down in the media and the schools that began 30 years ago.

    Wotie- I thought the Ark was in Ethiopia...

    David- Real conspiracy theory is guys like Wayne Madsen or Chris Hedges- the ones who get out there and dig up the dirt. Thankless job, sadly.

    1036- I appreciate what you're saying but I don't think you're being fair about Red Ice. There's a very broad range of issues there, and no one who's seen Architects of Control could ever accuse them of being fascist. It's one of the most radically anti-fascist films I've ever seen.

  32. Well, everyone has his or her own take on things- can't say I would describle RAW's trilogy as full of "loveable eccentrics", nor would I describe Henrik at Red Ice as heading toward rightwing fascist kookdom because he allows his guests to speak and doesn't shout back at them.
    Living in Texas way back when, I learned a great saying that has stood me well- "Money talks and bullshit walks"- what happens on this production line planet has been funded from somewhere and is for the benefit of someones's pocket and it ain't usually mine.
    I am extra disenchanted with the system today as I am trying to follow the medicare/nursing home/ medical equipment supply labyrinth to figure out how my aunt, who has dementia, has been charged about 3000.00+ (through Medicare) for a manual wheelchair that can't be over 400.00 tops, and find out if anything can be done about it now. I only mention this here because the frigging labrinths head off in more directions than legs at an octipus orgy. I am waiting for the supply company to call me back- betcha I call them first...
    Chris, you are the best blog on the web, many thanks, Delorus

  33. 1105: Well, lovable eccentrics may be stretching it, but I was thinking of (for example) Harold Canvera. I don't think it is necessary to shout down one's guests, but asking hard--or even hardball--questions might not be unreasonable, once one has allowed them to state their positions. But then they might not come back, right? And they might even warn others. That's what it's really about, I think. But as driven by podcasts as this whole field is now, the more people listen to this stuff being disseminated without the hard questions being asked, the easier it is to assume it is the One Truth. That goes for the hosts as well.

  34. "Wotie- I thought the Ark was in Ethiopia..."

    Yeah right a cave? That only one man alive is ever allowed to enter? And no one has ever challenged that - given the history? come on - I don't buy it. Why do people keep on looking for 'it' inside hills? There were some Israelis looking for it in Ireland not that long ago.I am not saying that there isn't one made out of gold. But I have come across 'the ark of covenant' as rectangles formed by (so called) ley lines. Which throws a lot of things into question for me.

  35. Just to clarify what I mean...

    "Every so called leyline is composed of nine parallel lines, each only one inch wide, they are grouped in three three's and cover aprox 200 feet, at such as megalithic sites and churches etc the geometry of multiple sets of these nine lines interlinked inside each other forms a basic grid, it has a dominant polar and equator design, but then other sets of lines cross over that in fibonacci sequence of angles around 360 degrees, the number of other sets of crossing lines is also to fibonacci sequencing.
    The basic grid forms rectangles of 55x34 inchs, the other crossing lines bisect those up to give fibonacci spiral pathways.
    The complexity is beyond drawing down in scale, it would simply blank out the paper.
    I find it all simple to detect and follow, but that is merely the sort of trainlines for SOMETHING to travel upon.
    Dependant on the flow directions along each line( there can be thousands across a typical CC) there is infinite variations available in the geometric outcomes.
    IF a life force has the ability to travel upon and manipulate these flows ,similer to a band leader of an orchestra, then overloads along specific pathways would be simple enough, imo.

    The rectangles are the ark of the covenant, in which was a rod."

    found at...

    But he isn't the only one talking about this - it seems to be the new craz?
    That I still don't get - obviously.

  36. What if the whole synchro-mysticism network is part of the conspiracy theory disinformation? Multiple layers like an onion for endless confusion and from different directions too. Some folks knowing what they are doing and others just with a more then usual inquisitive mind who are misdirected. The symbols of many places get interesting, the eclipse all over the place from Red Ice, to Arctic Beacon.

    Course something bothers me, if you think it's all lies, on endless sides {and I agree with a lot about the false stuff in the churches}, what is true then? Anything? Do you even believe any truth exsists or should be pursued? Even for the non-Christians here, there is God-given consciences in terms of judging thing as evil. But as every system is discounted or even seen as part of the conspiracy itself including Biblical Christianity what do the posters here replace it with? Nothing? I've heard everything, once heard the theory, that the Annaukai originated every religion [including biblical Christianity in the mix]to rule mankind and other such nonsense.
    Just sounds like one of Satan's endless recycled lies, they all have the "same flavor" to them. The alien stuff really is helping Satan's agenda along. [believe the alien is just another shape shift for demons]

    If evil exsists, and this blog seems to expose a lot of it [as done mine] doesn't this mean truth and goodness exsist too?

    Here's the deal, there's a lot of liars out there, and they do not care about truth and the same octupus one poster here seems in the medical system scamming him, exsists in many other places too.

    1Cr 13:6 Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth;

    Even the fact the many here see the "inquity", means they care about truth to an extent. Praying some of you find it, and are sincere seekers.

  37. The sumerians were made by the annuakai according to their tablets - Holy pants Bible B.! I hope that's not true.

  38. Interesting follow-up to my wheelchair conundrum- the way the system is set up here in Michigan (and maybe everywhere) is if the patient purchasing the wheelchair (or any piece of equipment) has an insurance change while the chair is being paid for, Medicare payments go back to payment ONE. So if your group changes plans every year(which it seems most do yearly for "cheapness" sake) and you have a 13 or 14 month plan theoretically you could pay for a piece of equipment worth $300.00 FOREVER. So far I have not found a way around this. Interestingly, the company that sells the chair is out of Grand Rapids, a right wing fundie town to the core and home to such fine companies as Blackwater or Xe or whatever they are now. Since there is nowhere in the good book the order to chargeth not the demented for their equipages in perpituity, and there is no one more in cahoots with big Govt. money troughs than the fundie rich, I am not at this moment too optomistic about having this chair declaired paid for.

    11:18, fear not, I never assume truth and I'll bet not many people here do. In fact that is one of the reasons I like Red Ice- I get to think through subjects I may not have heard about otherwise without the host pointing out a direction. What do you consider a hard question? I think Henrik lets guests with little to say, hang themselves with their own rope so to speak, imho.

    Bible Believer, there is a "still small voice" that speaks louder than propaganda of all kinds, and sure isn't nothing. Thanks for your concern. Delorus

  39. Thank you! I think you're right about endless conflict being the goal. Endless stress and distraction and fear and division of the "masses" keeps the people in power, in power, and if there's any truth to be concealed, it keeps that concealed too.

    (Also, doesn't seem relevant but kind of.. neat I guess: did you notice the news about the rescue tunnel reaching the chilean miners came out on sept 17?)

  40. Thank you Chris, good work.

    We live with a split picture of reality which gives credibility to extremists. The road towards cancelling that advantage, (it may be a long process), is to declare that the spiritual and the physical is the same thing. This may lessen the ability of unscrupulous actors to coerce those with conservative sentiments to 'do as you are told', or those with liberal setiments to 'do what you want'. Then we may learn to do the right thing(to follow Christ)by balancing liberty and order rather than looking for one to dominate the other.

    So, 'God' being beyond categories does not 'battle' with anything. Rather we learn through contrast with the 'battle' being between Ahriman and Lucifer whose proxies are old money/religion/ royality, versus bankers/secular humanism. With a key qualifier being that the polarity is within the categories rather than being between the categories.

    The depth of correspondence between our forms of understanding and reality (nature) determines how easily those forms are able to be corrupted and thereby used against the interests of the general population.

    We can create a psychical conditioning system to cure many of these ills, in fact, that is our obligation.

  41. A terrific post. Duality as an age old post it note and shared rationalization on the complexities of human culture and behavior as well as nature, has become a conceptual model of reality, a self comforting rut that claims the practitioners as it's victims. Totems and taboos. Demarcations versus discernment..something to be "managed" come to mind. Institutionalized pathology as a prescription for transformation appears to have backed itself into a corner, without any self awareness it has done so and will continue to do so. Our instinctual bad habits have become the basis of "civilization." The outer form changes but the operand motives remain frozen in place.

  42. Bible Believer: I find it interesting how proselytyzers think somehow we're all unfamiliar with the K-Mart evangelicalism you're pushing. You can't swing a dead cat in this crazy country without hitting a megachurch, an evangelistic billboard, or some white knuckled religious fanatic trying to "witness" to you. Maybe the reason we aren't buying what you're selling is because we've tested it and found it wanting. Ya think?!?

  43. Wotie

    And the Sumerians became part of what was later Babylon, which is warned of through out the entire Bible. Even the existence of the Annakuai [demons? Nephilim? coming to visit to impart false things]would not change the truth of the Bible. Babylon lives on, that is why the Bible refers to MYSTERY BABYLON.

  44. Anon,

    If you found "Christianity" wanting why would I debate you, I did too when I was young. [left Catholic church when I was 17] What I am trying to do here, is try to tell people the true gospel and what the Bible says, and stand against the entire counterfeit Christian world. If you are fed up with much in "Christiandom" so am I. But go and read for yourself what Jesus Christ taught not what the money-makers say to exploit and use things.

  45. Thanks Delores. Do you have an email, I want to write you, you can find mine on my blog. I hope things get better for you, I know the disability world is fraught with problems am dealing now with friend in nursing home dealing with heavy heavy stuff. That is horrible they are doing that, so would that affect medicines and other things affected by Medicare? Obamacare has changed some of the rules and its hitting like tsunami.

    Dont think I support the people on the other side, though, that would have Americans all dropping dead in the street with no help. I think what would have been if that billions of bucks went into a system of free clinics for the poor, instead of giving insurance companies more profit but I digress. I will pray for you.

    The right wingers are making tons of money too, dont get me started on what is his name DeVoss and Amway. Grand Rapids, I had a friend who lived there, I'm familar with that place. The heavy Republicanism coupled with the Dutch Reformed.

    I have listened to Red Ice, knowing Hendrick is not Christian so have to filter out what I can, but have learned a lot about things going on.

  46. This whole "Babylon" thing is pure fiction and outright libel. Babylon was a seat of high culture and civilization in our history, and the whole of the Biblical tradition post-Babylon was a much more enlightened and humanist one than what had come before, and led directly to both the rabbinic tradition and Christianity. Many- some say most- Jews chose to stay in Babylon, even after their "liberation."

    The Mysteries are another high point of human culture libeled throughout history.

  47. I'm a bit surprised at your response here, Chris. What do you see good about Babylon? It seems if you embraced Babylon as everything "good" you would celebrating our modern "temple prostitutes" [celebrities] and other modern rituals that have their roots in the "mystery cults" instead of exposing them on this blog! That is kind of confusing to be honest. You are right about modern Judaism [as far as the Talmud goes] embracing some of what came out of Babylon. The Kabbalah is the Jewish flavor of mystery cult rituals.

    This is interesting considering the "unknown god" discussed in the book of Acts, incorporation of the goddess and basic universalism.

    {this one is Sumerian}

    From Babylonian writings...

    Heres more looks just like modern astrology

    {Yeah Yeah I know I'm using the Jesuits as a source here: you find this stuff online where you can}

    Prayers to the "goddess" who the Bible calls the Daughter of Chaldea, appear here

    . Which by the way she is worshipped in Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam-- and Buddhism.

    "LOURDES - In an unexpected twist of globalisation, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and other pilgrims regularly worship at famous Roman Catholic shrines to the Virgin Mary such as Lourdes in France and Fatima in Portugal.
    They drink the holy water, light votive candles and pray fervently

    to the Madonna for help with life's hardships."

    So what do you see as positive about Babylon or mystery cults for that matter. The Mystery cults "made eunuchs--the real thing instead of Rome's present day force celibate rules and practiced human sacrifice.

    Mystery Babylon is every false religion from the Celts who burned humans in figures made out of "wicker" [now replicated with no humans being burnt in the Burning Man festival] to today's Wiccans who pray to the "goddess" [interesting the Babylonian prayers do that exact same thing]

    I know our worldviews are very different, but perhaps one day, you will find out the difference between biblical Christianity and the rest of the mess.

    Rev 17:5 And upon her forehead [was] a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

  48. Bible, I'm not even going to pretend you're interested in a honest debate. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs where you can find people to shore up your belief system.
    Moderation is going back on.

  49. Hey Chris,

    I agree with many of your points, and I just wanted to add that my generation, the generation born in the late 60s, have been paying the price for this movement you speak of.

    And I fail to see why we should suffer due to reactionaries.