Tuesday, February 20, 2024



Get ready for a rollickin' rocket ride to a forbidden realm of the kind of knowledge you can't get in college...

...then ask yourself, 
why are you here? 
What are you looking for? 
What do you want from this life? 

Do you want proof that powers far beyond human reckoning are at work in the world - right now, as we speak - or are you just frittering your life away with trivial nonsense? 

As I've been saying for the past several years, someone or something is going to extreme lengths - nearly absurd in their absolute overkill - to send you a message. 

And I do mean YOU. I mean all of us.

Are you going to continue to waste precious time or are you going to put aside your entrained illusions, pick up the phone and take the call?

If it's the latter, click here. 

"Reality is that which, when you stop
believing in it, doesn't go away." - PKD

There's a new, three and a half-hour presentation of irrefutable prophecy waiting for you to dive into, and that's just the start of it.