Friday, April 06, 2018

"The Women for Whom the Watchers Fell Shall Become Sirens..."

She's Watching you...

"It never ends" isn't some nifty little tagline I cooked up for dramatic effect. It's a blunt, objective statement of fact.

Case in point: an anonymous reader chimed in on the previous thread and dropped such a depth-charge on my humble little exegesis that I'm still feeling a bit woozy. 

All of a sudden all kinds of dots previously floating around in the Ether have connected, logged into the quantum mainframe, and kicked this whole saga into a much higher gear...

What could this revelation from on-high possibly be? 

Well, it's a passage from the First Book of Enoch in which we discover the fate of the wives of the Fallen Angels once their baby-daddies had been cast into the Abysmal pokey:
CHAPTER XIX. 1. And Uriel said to me: "Here shall stand the angels who have connected themselves with women, and their spirits assuming many different forms are defiling mankind and shall lead them astray into sacrificing to demons, (here shall they stand,) till the great judgement in which they shall be judged till they are made an end of.  
"And the women also of the angels who went astray shall become sirens."
So for those of you playing at home we have here the winning trifecta: "Heaven or Las Vegas" (the War in Heaven), "Pearly Dewdrops' Drop" (the Fall of the Watchers from Heaven) and "Song to the Siren." 

I think it's safe to say that Archangel Uriel is the Secret Sun Scrabble grand master of all time. What's more, I've heard tell he's got quite a thing for Orange.

How could I have missed this before? Well, I'm glad you asked.

I missed it because more recent translations of Enoch revise the text and translate "Siren" as "peaceful." Yeah, it doesn't make a lick of sense but that's present-day academia for you, innit? 

Read this: 
In the Greek Septuagint the Greek word σειρηνας (sirens) does in fact appear several times where the Hebrew has the phrase בת יענה.   
There is debate as to what this phrase means, some arguing that it refers to a female owl and others a female ostrich.  The word  יענה always appear with the prefix בת (literally “daughter of”).
I'm going to go way out on a limb here and guess the ostrich thing is nonsense and the owl translation is correct, in light of the specific milieu in which the Book of Enoch emerged. Here's some clues for you to gnaw on, from the Zohar:
Said Rabbi Hiya: "What signify the words 'And the sister of Tubal Cain was Naamah' (gentleness), and wherefore was this name given her? Was it to indicate that she possessed the power of seducing both human and angelic beings?" 
Said Rabbi Isaac: "She overcame Aza and Azael who in scripture are called 'sons of God.'" 
Said Rabbi Abba: "Seeing that demons and elementals are subject to death, wherefore do Naamah and Lilith continue to exist through the ages?" 
Rabbi Simeon replied: "All demons and elementaries do indeed die, but Naamah and Lilith together with Agereth, daughter of Mahlath their offspring, abide in the world until the day that the Holy One will banish and drive all evil and impure spirits out of the world...

Seeing as how Naamah and Lilith seem to be interchangeable and that Naamah sounds suspiciously close to an Aramaic transliteration of the Sumerian Inanna (Sumerian still spoken as a sacred language during the time of Enoch's writing),  I'm going to stick with the "owl" interpretation. Back to the Zohar:
Observe that Naamah being the exciter of human concupiscence and carnality, it is obligatory on everyone to practice and perform acts and rites of purification, so that he may become and preserve himself pure and undefiled."
Yep, sounds like Inanna to me. Which makes perfect sense.

Why? Well, because in the hothouse of pre-Millennial Babylon, the lines of demarcation between the various competing religions--and religion and magic-- were theoretical at best. Everyone was borrowing from everyone else. As late as the seventh century CE you had Jewish magicians calling on ostensibly-forgotten Sumerian gods like Gibil to give their curses a little extra oomph.

What's more, Naamah was closely associated with both music and prophecy. And since the Inanna archetype had more or less evolved into the Syrian (Sirenian?) Goddess at the time of Enoch's writing, it makes sense that Inanna's aspects would be transferred to this Naamah mermaid-figure:
'Naamah,' 'pleasant,' is explained as meaning that 'the demoness sang pleasant songs to idols.' 'Zmargad' suggests 'smaragdos,' the semi-precious aquamarine; and may therefore be her submarine dwelling.  "Hebrew Myths" by Robert Graves and Raphael Patai
"Naamah was so skilful in matters of divine revelation, that he (Lamech) knew he was to be punished for Cain's murder of his brother." - Josephus
Do note Naamah's "submarine dwelling" and her possible association to aquamarine beryl, particularly in light of the precious stones cited in "Pearly Dewdrops' Drops"; rubies, pearls, almandine, and rooster eye, which is an Arabic term for stone bead.

But since it absolutely, positively never, ever ends, I think I might have stumbled on another clue embedded into "rooster eye on my star/ to rip asunder what he saw." Oh, I know--a lot of you are several steps ahead of me here....

...and yes, we're talking about Abraxas.
The depiction of a man, specifically Mars, on a piece of Jasper with a shield in his left hand and an idol or weapon in his right, with vipers as his feet and a cock or lion as his head, wearing a breastplate, enables its owner to battle his enemies and obtain victory. It also protects him from poison. This is the depiction on the sacred Abrasax stone. 
So Abraxas is not only closely associated with jasper, he's closely associated with the Archangels. Jasper is also interchangeable with almandine (or garnet) in the Bible, all named as odem (why does that ring a bell?). 

The Foundation of Heaven is said to be fashioned from jasper (Rev 21:19) in the same way its Gates fashioned from Pearl (Rev 21:21).

Now, please bear in mind that Our Lady (Queen Dowager of Sibyls) wrote "Pearly Dewdrops' Drop" when she was barely out of her teens.


Of course there's more, it never ends.

Right on schedule, British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) has released a Siren coin on a double (or Twin) crown coin with Queen Elizardbeast II on the face.

The coin is quite a semiotic goodie-bag. Our Gordon seems to think its got some dark magic in mind but you can judge for yourself...

The coin is silver but it's been stained black, so it's not surprising we see a stylized swastika atop a compass, perhaps dropping some of that ever-popular Black Sun iconography on us.

Then you got two -- or Twin-- skulls sitting down there in Davy Jones' locker.

And of course, the Siren has her Lyre, with four little dashes in the corresponding position of Vega. A reference to the All-Important 44? You tell me.

On the obverse we see Lizzie has her Pearls and dropped pearl earrings.

Oddly enough, this double crown is faintly reminiscent of the British penny, better known 'round these parts as the "lucky-lucky penny-penny that binds the Pearly to their souls." 

As we saw, that lucky penny encodes both Vega and Regulus.

The mint in question has done some, um, interesting work in the past, including the Isle of Man pyramid coin....

...which has an interesting design on the reverse...

...and some interesting packaging.

British Indian Ocean Territory is a funny old place to be issuing coins, though...

...seeing as how there's absolutely nothing there. 

Well, almost absolutely nothing. Maybe some tophets, I don't know. Never been.

BIOT is in an interesting neighborhood, though. Not much around but the suspected crash site of MH370 (which was in the news recently, thanks to those weird coded voicemails). 

Ironically, the suspected crash site is roughly parallel with Heath Ledger's hometown Perth, which recently saw a week-long series of invocations of the Sirens. 

Those began the very same time Cyclone Gita formed on the far side of Oz and ripped asunder what she saw in the South Pacific.

Do note that British Indian Ocean Territory- again, little more than a glorified sandbar-- has a coat of arms. Which is oddly similar to (private space program) Blue Origin's coat of arms.

And right on schedule, rose the Pearly dew-drops to ISiS

Would you expect anything less? Space is an altar. H/T to supersleuth RL.

So much more to get to, but we'll have to save it all for the next posting. Thank you as always for the great comments and hot tips and again, a very special thanks to those of you who've kicked in some shekels for the cause. 

While you breathlessly wait for me to brew up the next batch of crazy-broth, be sure to check Gordon and I setting the record straight on X-Files season 11. 

There I explain that while "My Struggle 4" might seem like one of the worst mytharc episodes of all time, that's actually because it's secretly one of the best monster-of-the-week episodes of all time.


  1. 11:11, coming to the fore this week. What is discerned by 11:11? What fun following the Sun of an occulted nature. To shine forth is key! 87

    1. Malaysian PM told everyone this week his favourite number is 11 and therefore he must set the date for the upcoming general election accordingly. Of course, Malaysians are not in the habit of asking questions. What a lucky chap. Gunning for re-election after embezzling more money than all the Papa Docs in modern history combined.

  2. Very, very interesting about the Siren coin. A private mint just released this one a couple weeks ago:

    1. Wow! Here's yet another weird coin, this time a commemorative UFO coin (wtf, when did that start?) from the Royal Canadian Mint. In the shape of an egg.

      Chris Carter should be getting a royalty for that blacklight "Billy shot"

  3. Intriguing post! I want to learn more about the British Indian Ocean Territory. Wasn't Abraxas worship at the core of the Process Church phenomenon and its spinoffs? Abraxas seems to be a good fit for gangsters, narcissists and MK-Often warlocks. A good fit for anyone who wants to feel better about perpetrating evil deeds to advance an agenda. I feel that the original concept or gnosis of it is profound, but the mishandling of the teaching of it sure seems to open up the posssibilities for "Manson Family" type situations.

    1. The Dark Crystal movie is about that kind of thing.

      Then speaking of Babylon and Dark Crystals you have Ralf Ettle, Vril power and the ILU stone.

    2. Sorry that should have been Ralf Ettl.
      For those who know German:

  4. I just spooked myself with this thought, which I wish I could wash away with a does of skepticism and whiskey. Unfortunately for me, it's already made itself apparent, and I'm too stoned to stay quiet. So, the ring of fire volacanos threaten all life on the planet, causing our Vega "saviors" to come down to help, where they provide the tech to transform us into sea life, so we can swim to where the sun still shines. I mean that would be my elevator pitch, for the synchro's highlighted recently. Pretty sure that would be a short elevator ride, with and least one person jamming the button for the next floor.

    1. That's more or less the plot of "Pacific Rim: Uprising," that I watched last weekend. Entertaining if you are into silly action movies with a lot of Japanese touches, which I am. Sort of. But fairly forgettable otherwise. Pass the popcorn.

  5. A month after the Perth Festival and a little over a week before the opening ceremony of the Queensland based Gold Coast Commonwealth Games for 2018, there was a massive stranding of whales on a Western Australian beach.

    "Mass stranding of 150 whales at Hamelin Bay near Augusta sparks shark alert"

    Whales featured predominately in the opening ceremony, as did actor Jack Thompson holding a glowing pearl like orb in his hand to get the show going.
    There was also a cyclone named Iris off the coast of Queensland that had reformed when the opening ceremony got underway, which I wrote about in a recent post called, 'Titans, Sirens and the God of Thunder? Let the Games Begin...That's if They Haven't Started Already?'
    Which you can read at this link -

  6. Cinimod_ofCarthach7:37 PM, April 06, 2018

    Owls you say?

    "The wild beasts of the desert shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island, and the satyr shall cry to his fellow; the screech owl also shall rest there, and find for herself a place of rest." (Isaiah 34:14, KJV)

    The screech owl is of course Lilith. The one who mated with the Fallen Angel. The one that is know as the Mother of Demons. The ones who offspring kill children. The one known to not accept her position and role and was kicked out of the garden and lost her position as Adams first wife.

  7. Still thinking about Miss Black Magic Bunny who went on a shooting rampage. There are clearly lots of weird sides to that story, that don't fit quite right.

    I'm pretty sure she was a real person, in spite of all the people who suggested otherwise, simply because she seems to have produced a fair bit of material over a period of time. Nobody would spend that amount of effort for a story that is already out of the news cycle. Also, if for whatever reason there was some sort of switch and they picked a recently deceased YouTuber to put on the media as opposed to the real shooter, you'd expect them to pick somebody who would fit a little better into people's expectations of a potential shooter.

    So here's a theory: What if this woman was actually trained by cosmo-demonic AIs to produce content that suited the whims of the relevant overlords? Not only she wouldn't know anything about it, YouTube wouldn't know a thing, either. Advertisers pick who to pay and how much to pay. I mean, there can't be that many women on YouTube that speak Farsi and also tick all the "no" boxes from the point of view of the social agenda of the leadership in Iran, effectively encouraging regime change over there. YouTube is censored in Iran, but there are workarounds and you bet that they're well-known among people with any curiosity. And when the goals change, well, too bad for all those on the receiving end of the generosity of the cosmo-demonic AI.

    Come to think about it, what if other YouTubers that "made it" were also trained by cosmo-demonic AIs?

    1. I also backtracked a bit on this unusual woman. And the one part of the story that rings a bell is that her parents knew she was hell bent on hating YouToobad, maybe even getting revenge, filed missing person report in which the local police found her 11 hours before her attack in her own car and let her go...where did I see that kind of scenario before, go Eagles? Sorry, my bad I forgot... there was other recent news involving YT taking down controversial conspiracy (see missing THC podcast) clips then shortly after this bustle you have a societal quote/unquote “weirdo” vegan eccentric popping caps on its campus. There have been little if any noticeable notable aftershocks attributed to this story, but maybe A certain agenda was pushed along the subconscious undertow anyhow.

    2. In terms of social media "stars" the new weirdness is certainly bubble up to the top. You have Logan Paul who pulled off a stunt designed to train young people mock corpses. Then you have these soundcloud mumble core rappers with face tattoos. They not only normalise drug use and violence (yeah, boring grandpa stuff). They normalise being permanently clinically depressed, deranged self hatred and abusing women. Their music is obviously designed to appeal to pre-teens with it's nursery rhyme level simplicity. Then you have the "Elsagate" phenomenon of youtube recommended inappropriate videos for children. A weird cocktail. Just another brick in the wall?

    3. You all seem to be honing in on something important. The AI suggestion is fascinating. Consider the connections between MK-ULTRA and the Evil Magician story about the wizard who tricks his sheep into maintaining their own enslavement/encirclement by convincing them they are something other than what they are.

      Carrying this over to the present, via recent history, we're fairly sure MK involved, among other things, disassociation, multiple personalities, replacement of one "truth" with another, the ability to "compromise" others for blackmail (whether the victim or those the victim was trained to exploit), and the ability to remotely control behavior via various technical and NLP means, to name just a few. Perhaps not so coincidentally, all those things are handy for an evil magician seeking to mind-control/manage his herd, right?

      Now imagine an AI machine loaded with MK-useful data that could do all these MK-type things to unsuspecting victims and create very close copies of the same MK victims it used to take months or years in secret hospitals and labs to create.

      VOILA! Welcome to the MK-Ultranet

    4. Youtube shooting is too similar to the staged Comet Pizza Gunman story to be real.Motive of Elite is to always play the victim.Born this way? MK Ultrasound.

  8. Cinimod_ofCarthach7:40 PM, April 06, 2018

    Also Lilith is also tied with Leviathan is is the sea monster. I don’t get why you jump over Lilith.

    She’s also a huge name in the modern feminist movement. Which is everywhere and they love orange.

    1. 'Modern Feminist' is another name for Mk ultra programming strait out of Langley,VA with Stanford and Tavistock Institute authorship.

    2. Cinimod_ofCarthach10:08 AM, April 07, 2018

      That doesn’t change what I typed.

    3. I'm pretty sure Lilitu was originally held to be consort of YHVH, otherwise known as Jehovah1, alien terror God. Or was that Ishtar? Even Jehovah had a girlfriend

    4. I thought Lilith was supposed to be the wife of Adam before Eve. She ditched him because she was a bitch, and then God made Eve, who was better behaved.

      As for Jehova's girlfriend, I think the name was Asherah, that later got mixed up with Ishtar, though originally they were different goddesses.

    5. Cinimod_ofCarthach3:54 AM, April 08, 2018

      Adams first wife.

      Consort to Azazel not Jehovah.

  9. Hi Chris, recently you wrote about Rose McGowan's PLANET 9 Album:

    But you didn't mention the first song (Lonely House), which has some rather weird lyrics:

    To beat that beast, to watch HIM drown

    And I am an alabaster illuminati sent to destroy

    I see all

    I am a lonely house and alone I wait from porch swings and *pearly gates* [on this Website ( it says *curly gates*, but to me it sounds like pearly gates]

    I really liked her book BRAVE, but I'm not so sure about these cryptic lyrics.


  11. Another way of looking at is Lilith is a shadow born when male and female were separated by the knowledge of good and evil. Man's projection of evil upon woman.

    Songs of Solomon: when your mother gave birth to you under the apple tree.

    Love, love, love...

  12. It's a little thing, but the four dashes on the lyre on the siren coin are the siren's fingers of her left hand.

  13. The screech owl is of course Lilith. The one who mated with the Fallen Angel. The one that is know as the Mother of Demons. The ones who offspring kill children. The one known to not accept her position and role and was kicked out of the garden and lost her position as Adams first wife.

  14. Found a disturbing trans-Mermaid connection here:

    "Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull has claimed Susie Green, the CEO of transgender group Mermaids, reported her to the police in July last year, in remarks made on her fundraising page.

    The West Yorkshire force did not initially act, but after undergoing training from Ms. Green’s Mermaids organisation in January, they soon moved to question Ms. Keen-Minshull under caution, it is claimed."

    "Last year Mermaids – which calls for children to be allowed irreversible sex-change treatment the NHS currently prohibits – was banned from contacting a family after the mother allegedly forced her seven-year-old son to live as a girl."

    These mermaids also believe it's OKto start conversion treatments as teens. How nice of the Mermaids to offer the police advice as to how their anti-teen surgery critics should be treated.

    1. Right from the source if Chris hasn't posted this yet (apologies otherwise):

  15. Did anyone else notice a shift when they woke up,Today? Talking about the newly coined Groundhog Day Effect,which is a subplot of the Mandela Effect.The GDE is now occurring with greater frequency (pun intended).The difference between deja vu and GDE is that with GDE one must be 100% self-aware that they previously had a certain experience. Basically, the study during the past few years is about posts on reddit ME / Retconned subforum and YouTube ME videos which are uploaded and then people watch,read and comment on them before going on to the next thing (and of course going to sleep).At a later date, these same Titled posts - videos 'reappear' (uploaded) as though they are "brand New" and possibly the same individuals watch,read,comment on them all over again!...Time,space and memory manipulation is a thing now.Like the old bumpersticker said : "Question Realty?"

  16. These never ending rituals/messages/whatever are beginning to strike me as a kind of movie of the week in quality. You know, like the original Battlestar Galactica. By the by, I am about halfway through listening your Ex-files pdcast, and my take is, they threw wads of dough at Chris, and he had some ghost writers do a Carter bullet points version of the execrable mess.

    Hated that brat Mulder's son. Lazy writing. And hated the cop out. Monster of the week is just him projecting shit into minds of people. A better dissection of season 11 would be tv tropes and idioms.

    My money's on this whole thing with the orange and the pearly spunk drops of bukakke overkill will do the usual fade into the background like all the other stuff leaving a bunch of people thinking "Was it something important or just the fashion trend of the week?"

    Their confusion might give the shoggothic atari overlords a bit of a chuckle though. Oh those wacky overlords. Everything from an amusing yet harmless prank to an unending eternity of pain amuses them.

  17. Pearls on MSM TV. 5 April, on CBS, two Chuck Lorre sitcoms mention pearls.

    On Big Bang S11E19, we hear "Pearl of Sandwich" and on Mom S5E16, "Sweet mother of pearl". A little too coincidental.

    Either Chuck Lorre is in on it, or the archons are speaking through the writers. Syncra

  18. The Same Old Story. The Illuminatus! Trilogy 1975 and 1984!_Trilogy

  19. The Aedes Aegypti or Yellow Fever mosquito "...can be recognized by white markings on its legs and a marking in the form of a lyre on the upper surface of its thorax."

  20. "Serene" in the english language is used as "peaceful" after all...


    1. and serene gives us serenade also

      SERENE (adj.)

      mid-15c., "clear, calm," from Latin serenus "peaceful, calm, clear, unclouded" (of weather), figuratively "cheerful, glad, tranquil," from Proto-Italic *(k)sero- "dry," from PIE root *ksero- "dry," source also of Greek xeros "dry, arid". In English, applied to persons since 1630s. Related: Serenely.

      SERENITY (n.)

      1530s, of weather, 1590s, of persons, from Middle French sérénité, from Latin serenitatem (nominative serenitas) "clearness, serenity," from serenus (see serene). Earliest use (mid-15c.) was as a title of honor for kings, probably from the similar use of Latin serenitas, applied to Roman emperors, later popes.

      SERENADE (n.)

      1640s, "musical performance at night in open air" (especially one given by a lover under the window of his lady), from French sérénade (16c.), from Italian serenata "an evening song," literally "calm sky," from sereno "the open air," noun use of sereno "clear, calm," from Latin serenus "peaceful, calm, serene." Sense influenced by Italian sera "evening," from Latin sera, fem. of serus "late." Meaning "piece of music suitable for a serenade" is attested from 1728.

    2. and serene gives us serenade also...

      SERENE (adj.)

      mid-15c., "clear, calm," from Latin serenus "peaceful, calm, clear, unclouded" (of weather), figuratively "cheerful, glad, tranquil," from Proto-Italic *(k)sero- "dry," from PIE root *ksero- "dry," source also of Greek xeros "dry, arid". In English, applied to persons since 1630s. Related: Serenely.

      SERENITY (n.)

      1530s, of weather, 1590s, of persons, from Middle French sérénité, from Latin serenitatem (nominative serenitas) "clearness, serenity," from serenus (see serene). Earliest use (mid-15c.) was as a title of honor for kings, probably from the similar use of Latin serenitas, applied to Roman emperors, later popes.

      SERENADE (n.)

      1640s, "musical performance at night in open air" (especially one given by a lover under the window of his lady), from French sérénade (16c.), from Italian serenata "an evening song," literally "calm sky," from sereno "the open air," noun use of sereno "clear, calm," from Latin serenus "peaceful, calm, serene." Sense influenced by Italian sera "evening," from Latin sera, fem. of serus "late." Meaning "piece of music suitable for a serenade" is attested from 1728.

      ...which leads back to siren (both meanings)

      SIREN (n.)

      mid-14c., "sea nymph who by her singing lures sailors to their destruction," from Old French sereine (12c., Modern French sirène) and directly from Latin Siren (Late Latin Sirena), from Greek Seiren ["Odyssey," xii.39 ff.], one of the Seirenes, mythical sisters who enticed sailors to their deaths with their songs, also in Greek "a deceitful woman," perhaps literally "binder, entangler," from seira "cord, rope."

      Meaning "device that makes a warning sound" (on an ambulance, etc.) first recorded 1879, in reference to steamboats, perhaps from similar use of the French word. Figurative sense of "one who sings sweetly and charms" is recorded from 1580s. The classical descriptions of them were mangled in medieval translations and glosses, resulting in odd notions of what they looked like.


    Hillary Clinton Joins International Elite Coven (Yes, really.)
    APRIL 06, 2018
    Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton made an appearance in New York City at an exclusive women's club called The Wing. The event was put together by co-founders Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan in honor of Hillary. They were able to converse on her new book What Happened, her legacy, and (unsurprisingly) Russian meddling. It was quite the typical post-election conversation to be expected from Hillary. However, on this occasion, there was one significant difference. This time Hillary was speaking to a group of women who practice witchcraft and openly call themselves a coven. According to The Wing’s Instagram page:

    “We’re a coven, not a sorority.”

  22. There's so much to this I'm having trouble keeping up.

    Don't know if this has been mentioned by someone more erudite than me, but there's an article on Universe Today about evidence of planets around Vega that was published December 1st 2003, by a guy named Fraser Cain.

    And for some reason a random (?) thought came to me just now; there's a British comedian named Jasper Carrott. I only know the name from something I heard years ago. I'm not familiar with his work.


    1. Universe Today is 100% fake science news site.

  23. Isn't there a Studio Gibil?

    1. You mean that wind that keeps blowing in from the sahara and turning the sky and snow orange? It's not done in a studio, like absolutely everyone knows the moon landing was done, thanks to blanket media entrainment. I saw the moon turn orange myself.

    2. R U Sirius?

  24. I'd fallen off reading your blog I've got a couple weeks to catch up, i was reminded of it when I heard a Higherside chat from 3 years ago the guest Frater X mentions a Stanford research from 1970 that said the best way to herd the consciousness was to use masonic and Egyptian iconography, it didn't hit me as hard when I heard it back then because I didn't know about your blog. It's episode 103.

  25. Inuit mythology. Qalupalik, scaly, human-like creatures that snatch children into the sea.

    Inuit mythology Artwork.

    1. The Sleestaks capture and sacrifice humans to their god (an unseen beast who dwells in a smoky pit) * 'the god was actually a Sleestak Queen'.

  26. Chris,

    Interested parties can order a copy of the Book of Enoch, R.H. Charles trans. (1917) from Forgotten Books. Their Web site has an e-book option. This older translation has the Siren reference.

    Can we speculate that the modern Sirens, as such, serve as a kind of filter, looking for aspect of the Watcher's talent emerging in the modern Human and creating probability for their demise, removing this talent from the gene pool? I agree such a theory is problematic, as many talented people live long and occasionally happy lives, hence the "more likely" aspect of it all. A system of governance, perhaps? Also problematic in that it seems to only effect the "broken vessel" creative types, but then, our data set is at present favoring those types and is therefore incomplete. A tangled web, indeed, and my thoughts on the matter are evolving.

  27. Speaking of the colour orange,this particular colour is heavily used in magic(particularly in astrological/planetary magic)for all sorts of things related with the planet Mercury(and with a variety of entities/deities associated with the respective planet).

    It is not the only colour associated with the respective astrological planet, but it is probably THE MAIN colour used(in the Golden Dawn system it is the planetary colour of Mercury in the queen scale of colours). This is probably the motive for the fact that Alan Moore, in Promethea issue no. 15, "Mercury Rising", chose orange as the main colour to use in his description of the planetary sphere of Mercury(the planetary sphere was depicted by him in that book as being basically the same thing with sephira Hod from the kabbalistic Tree of Life).
    And Alan Moore also gives in that comic book a description of the most important gods, taken from different religious traditions, that are associated with the planet Mercury/sephira Hod. The main god being, obviously, the greco-roman Hermes/Mercury.

    And what was Hermes/Mercury's first and foremost function/role in the greco-roman pantheon? That of The Messenger, of course. Which is, incidentally, the main function/role of the angels in the abrahamic traditions("malakh", "aggelos", "angelus", are, if i'm not mistaken, all words that mean precisely that, messenger).

    So, to simplify the connections: Orange -> Mercury -> messengers/angels.

    P.S. In what regards the magical use of colours, I am sure mr. Gordon White could provide more interesting details, should he consider that the subject deserves further discussions.

    1. Nice notes on Mercury and orange, and well-timed with a recent article about the distinction between innate color perceptions and those driven by language and culture.

      "The team found that babies appear to lump colors together into five groups: red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Those categories appear to be governed by the biology of color vision itself. Other studies from Franklin’s lab suggest that toddlers who are learning language still see colors much like babies do — based on their biology rather than lexicon. But several studies have found that language does appear to influence adults’ perceptions of color. As we grow and learn new color words, Skelton explains, languages teach us to distinguish more tints."

      So, orange is a non-innate color, thus a creation of language and Mercury is the planet of.....
      communications! Interesting stuff.

    2. Nike has a "Mercurial" line of soccer shoes (hermes) in fu Orange now

    3. Nike doesn't do much by accident so why would they not use orange to represent Mercury? Besides, Nike's brand color has been orange from the beginning so meh.

    4. It's very unlikely that you can't learn to see orange without being told the word "orange". The human eye is designed to be more sensitive to differences around the yellow/orange area for some reason. Everyone knows how eye catching yellow is.

  28. The 'First Book of Enoch' is gnostic jive. Basing conclusions, or even speculations, on an untrue premise produces false results.

    Makes for attractive blog posts, tho!

    1. Much of our modern understanding of Gnosicism is based on theAlxandrian Cosmic Mashup. Religious ferment in the eastern Mediterranean was nothing new when the Ptolemies took over Alex's Empire, but the mix and match took on a whole new flavor once Neoplatonism was injected, CRISPR like, into the brew. We're living with the strange mutations that crept out of that breeding vat an attached itself to the host of Rome and revivified it with unholy powers. There's a Stan Lee plot hook for ya. Excelsior!

  29. 'Archangel Uriel'. LOL!

    Sounds like something Stan Lee would have made up to fill out the next issue.

  30. About Uriel and the colour Orange, there exists indeed another curious connection.
    As discussed a little before, the colour orange is often associated in magic with a lot of things that are connected with the astrological planet Mercury. And those of us who had read in the past some of the grimoires that are part of the solomonic tradition, know that each astrological planet has in those texts attributed a particular day of the week, a particular ruling angel/archangel and oftenly also a main demon.
    Until fairly recently, when the discussion touched the topic of the solomonic tradition, the main texts cited were the Testament of Solomon(written sometimes at the end of the ancient period, probably in roman occupied Egypt)and the various Keys of Solomon written mostly in the West at the end of the High Medieval Age,in the Renaissance and even in the Modern Era. But the historical link between those two categories of magical texts is formed by the medieval byzantine manuscripts that are usually indicated with the collective name "Hygromanteia". These byzantine texts were little known in the west until some authors, notably Stephen Skinner and Ioannis Marathakis, did a great job translating several of them into english.

    One particular thing that is obvious in the Hygromanteia texts is the fact that the main angels and demons associated with the seven classical "planets" and the days of the week are in large part different than the similar entities/deities from the western grimoires.
    And who is the primary angel associated with Mercury and Wednesday in Hygromanteia? Most often is Uriel, although his name is usually written a little different: "Ourouel", "Ouriel" etc.
    But the biggest suprise comes when you check what primary demon was associated by the byzantine sorcerers with Wednesday and Mercury. It was none other than Lucifer, although his name is written usually in the Hygromanteia texts as "Loutzipher" or "Loutzepher".

    We are strongly accustomed to associate Lucifer with Venus and the "morning star". But what is usually overlooked in this case is the fact that Venus is not the only "morning star" on our sky. Mercury plays also this role in certain periods of the year, being visible on the sky right before the dawn. And Mercury is also the astrological planet of the trickster gods and of the gods that gave mankind the writing systems and the intellectual knowledge necessary for humans in order to create their technologies(the classical astrological planet of the "civilising tricksters" to paraphrase mr. White).
    And if you take these things into account, then who starts to look to be actually a better match for the "Lucifer's technologies", the mainstream venusian(emotional, "king of desire") Lucifer or the byzantine mercurial-trickster-intellectual "Loutzipher"?
    Food for thought..

    1. BINGO on the 'hidden' Mercury connection.The big problem with sync deciphering is the two opposing sources.The Family of Dark who run the Media and the World are not very original and are simply hijacking the Family of Light's message and twisting it to promote a perverse agenda.

    2. Mercury began its first retrograde this year two days after the vernal equinox, for those of you keeping score that would be 3/22. It’s last retrograde ended one day after winter solstice. Since Mercury (Mercury (the Messenger) is synonymous with communication, this reoccurring process is said to influence strange or sometimes bad communication between us. (See: this reply).

      This Mercurial retrograde will end on 4/15, same earth date as the new moon begins. Mercury, same one, that morning will also show itself on the east horizon for the first time this year. This date also happens to be the start of the annual Lyrid Meteor storm , uh shower. You could say 4/15 has several revelations in our sky for us, two reoccurring over the following week.
      Also, Virgo will appear to be falling backwards in the sky this month:
      To continue the wacky week, Wednesday, 4/18 is to said by some internet fanatics to be the marked end of “the Final Jubilee year”. (See with one eye open, end of times or rapture) Also its the same date that was decoded from another curious “MK-ultranet” (kudos btw) experiment (see Twitter Ty). Then 4/20 is, need I really point out, an anniversary of many woes, and also the first day of an ancient Egyptian astrological period named Horus (see: Osiris / Orion, see: eye of Horus). Also, smoke some weed.
      Then the meteor showing coming from the constellation Lyra will be at its highest intensity the day after, wrapping up a fantastic fake news cosmic broadcast.
      Funexpected result searching “morning stars 4/16/18”. Kinda pictured The wizard of oz character type, you know. (Sorry for the cliche Bible reference but it’s what synced up): Proverbs 4:16-18 New International Version 16 For they cannot rest until they do evil;
    they are robbed of sleep till they make someone stumble.
17 They eat the bread of wickedness
    and drink the wine of violence.
      18 The path of the righteous is like the morning sun,
    shining ever brighter till the full light of day.

  31. Personal sync: 5 min prior to reading this post I see Jimmy Kimmel lampoon Pat Robinson - Robinson answering a boys question... 'No son Mermaids aren't real, I've never read a bible verse that mentions Mermaids'


    Filled the role of Mercury during the titanomarcy.
    Water bearer.
    Saved the harpies. While harpies are different from sirens they are of a type. In Ruskin's Queen of the Air, they are discussed.

  33. I find it interesting that in western astrology the color associated with Orange is Leo. The opposite sign of Leo is Aquarius and its color is Blue.

    All the Orange weaponization correlates to initiatives that work to counteract our move into Aquarius because collective enlightenment is a threat to the power structure. Traditional orange symbology has been hijacked to mean "safety" and "caution" and with all the various causes associating themselves with it the meaning takes on "group think."

    Age of Aquarius is group awareness while maintaining individuality. It's knowledge that self-sufficiency helps the group.

    We've been in the Age of Pisces which had a herd mentality and a dependency on a shepherd.

    Are they using the Siren to bring back the Shepherd in a malevolent form? The call to the Sea as symbolic devolution?

    1. You know the short, violent, spiral gusts that lift the dust before coming rain: the Harpies get identified first with these, and then with more violent whirlwinds, and so they are called "Harpies," "the Snatchers," and are thought of as entirely destructive; their manner of destroying being twofold,—by snatching away, and by defiling and polluting. This is a month in which you may really see a small Harpy at her work almost whenever you choose. The first time that there is threatening of rain after two or three days of fine weather, leave your window well open to the street, and some books or papers on the table; and if you do not, in a little while, know what the Harpies mean, and how they snatch, and how they defile, I'll give up my Greek myths

      Nasim means "breeze".


      On the day Nasim shot up Google's YouTube there banner was a link to Maya (mother of Hermes) Angelo's poem Still I Rise:

      You may write me down in history
      With your bitter, twisted lies,
      You may trod me in the very dirt
      But still, like dust, I'll rise.

    2. Remember the tree in Revelations, it gives twelve different fruits all in their due seasons Some want to end the roundabout, instead of transcendence.

      It's everywhere.

      Chris (nice name BTW) is looking one way, which leads to confirmation bias. But there is a lot to see.

    3. For completion:

  34. I don't watch satellite t.v. very often . If I do it's because someone else is watching..sometimes I browse through the movie channels with some intrigue. At any rate, I walked in the room a few minutes ago and the show UNDER COVER BOSS was on. These shows always astound me in a mind gnawing type of way. It's like I'm a million miles down river from THE REAL WORLD, in a fractal sense. How many times can you dilute pure banality? So the show broke into commercial, lo and behold, each of them Orange. It tied them all together in the most conspicuous way. The motif Started with a shot of Billy Ray Cyrus Rockin' a did up hairstyle and cowboy hat, complete with an Orange bandana..and an Eagle Feather? Next commercial was for I don't have clue, because all I could see was orange,Typeface, Spanish style rooftops, there was even this animated thing filling up with Orange liquid in a tapered teardrop shape. Orange... show's back on, and it occurred to me I was watching Under Cover Boss:TWIN PEAKS ADDITION. Also the neighbors down the street have Four Orange signs in their yard with the slogan "MORE THAN PINK" or "Bigger THAN PINK" or some shit, over a pink Fight Cancer ribbon. I live in a small town too. The tendrils of Entrainment have stretched far and wide across multiple fronts it seems. It's enough verifiable, first hand, cross referencing experience to convince me that the message conveyed here comes correct. Thanks.

    1. Ha. They don't do they? Yeah, pink milkshakes are a staple of music videos.

      Still I dondt know how long this orange thing will last.

  35. What is the fundamental aspect of magical practice? That those making use of it believe in It's efficaciousness, or at the very least the potential for It's effectivity (if only they're worthy & do things right). So how to help this along? Learn right & live right - at least according to their doctrine, & if lucky apply insights gleaned through dedication, as through having dedicating oneself to the task a soul may prove itself worthy of favours from hoped-for higher powers, this is the truly alien covenant without which no dice.

    But what if that which is called on for aid does not exist, or does not respond to the incantations & workings because practitioners of arcanery have got some, or all, of their spells wrong? No matter the quantum computing power available or CRISPR'd chimeras gestated to try & force an opening it will not do so if the code is wrong irrespective of the accrued notions that have come to form myths & legends that in turn have come to be constantly reworked as pop-cultural conditionings that serve to fascinate the great mass of us away from ourselves.

    To a degree flawed hocus pocusings do have an effect - but only on the believers & those conditioned to accept the workings as fact, beyond these souls It has no power.

    Well no matter, at least not to the would-be mages on the way to godhood as the absence of sought for result is transmuted into proof that the working must be reinforced over & over until the blessed day is surely at hand when the stars finally align and the keys to the kingdom are handed over so to speak, or at the very least a possible key holding hand is guided by THE KEY HAND, if only momentarily.

    This obscene age we all contribute to the perpetuation of, to some degree or other, is truly Kali Yugaic, degeneracy is celebrated as ideal, monstrous acts are publically enacted & those engaging in them are protected from any consequence, on This Mortal Coil at least, & the perversion of what should be paradise here on Earth becomes ever more pervasive & controlling - but this is the sign that the spellcasters, for all their secrets & hidden toys, have it wrong & no matter what they attempt It will ultimately fail precisely because they persist in ruination, this may mean the doom of us all by some mad-occult-science experiment, but that will be a comfort, of a cold kind, rather than continuing along the cankered rotting path we allow ourselves to be set upon in the service of further atrocity.

    There is another option though besides extinction as service to depravity & that is doing what a soul can to not comply with those making obscenity of everything.

    The never-ending ritual will only come to a halt once we take ourselves out of the mad magicians crazy equation that they attempt to graft upon existence.

    1. So we have to give up the 'game' then?
      Well since the 'game' SUCKS, this seems a viable option.
      'Graft' is a keypoint here.
      Which ONE??
      Many 'possibles'; which will actually manifest??
      A new 'BIRTH'!

    2. Krishna answered that in the Bhagavad Gita. What ever anyone worships is just myself. From such worship they receive the fruits of such worship.

      You can't have it explained any simpler than that.

    3. Reality is what you can get away with.

      The culture of what people wish they could get away with is perhaps more illustrative of their true selves than their appearance in so called "reality". This is a hard thing to know. If you wish that you could get away with stopping time in order to steal or inappropriately touch people then perhaps this "comic book villain" is your true character and your civilised reputation in everyday life a crude facade.

      But where does will come into it? Simply watching something and finding it exciting does not mean that you actually want to do it. Does creating something by your own hand mean that you want it to be real? I don't think so at all. Sometimes to destroy something you don't want you must first make it real and solid in your mind. The stoics insisted that negative visualisation was a superior tool to positive visualisation.

      It's an interesting problem but we should always be wary of surface appearances.

  36. Things keep coming together like reflections of a mirror endlessly reflecting other mirrors.

    Also, the license plate of the van in the German van attack is 666.

    1. of course....sinister or lack of imagination?

  37. Chris,

    Maybe I'm seeing things but the BIOT seems to have an outline similar to the Lyra Constellation.

  38. There are more species of aquatic Hermaphrodites on BIOT than anywhere else in the world. What blew my mind is that they mostly share something in common, the color orange.

    A little art work.

    The islands are also named after Prince of Orange. Check out the BIOT flag, royal palm tree?

    While researching Hermaphrodites I found something that stopped me dead in my tracks, the hermaphrodite papaya flower. Search for the image and compare it to the Cocteau Twins album art of the upside down girl, it's a match. Do note the orangey color at the base of the papaya flower.

    There are a few CT album covers that have the orangey colored papaya frozen in ice?

    Hermaphrodites frozen in ice?

  39. For in those wondrous far off days The women shall adopt a craze To dress like men, and trousers wear And to cut off their locks of hair They'll ride astride with brazen brow As witches do on broomstick now.

  40. 'British Indian Ocean Territory ...there's absolutely nothing there.'

    Except for one of the most strategically important military bases in the world.

  41. A quick review of Hermann Hesse's "Demian" I wrote a couple of years ago, with references to Abraxas.

  42. Chris,

    A bit of a clarification about the aquamarine beryl:

    'Zmargad' suggests 'smaragdos,' the semi-precious aquamarine; and may therefore be her submarine dwelling.  "Hebrew Myths" by Robert Graves and Raphael Patai

    It is true that the bluish beryl called aquamarine can be a valid translation of “smaragdos,” but the much more common translation is the green beryl we call the “emerald.”

    I feel that you need to add the color green to your “synchromystical color palette” here because green is something of a counter-point to orange.

    I know the opposite (complementary color) of green is red, but because I was raised Irish Catholic in NYC, I grew up believing that the opposite of green was orange, because Catholic Ireland was green while Protestant Ireland was orange — going back to William of Orange.

    Also, perhaps it is time for you to consult your own Emerald Tablets, which in the Latin is called “Tabula Smaragdina.” A little Hermetic alchemy on your part might go a long way here! You know, the old “homeopathic dosage”. (“Like curing like” and all that, instead of “Unlike attempting to cure unlike” as in allopathic medicine. Just sayin’!)

  43. The earliest mermaid coins seem to show them with wings instead of arms, although still with human form. Notice the swastica is rotating counter clockwise.

    500 BC.

    Notice the wings.

    Not sure this is a coin but it came up while searching for ancient coins.

    That's pretty wild man. Has the jesus pose as well. tried to find some more info on it and found something that I never knew was a thing.

    It's called a ningen.

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  46. Ey. Also odd note, u caught Egyptian word for owl is molak. Moloch. Ya? N was it Na'aamah and Lilith who after Cain kills Abel, Adam leaves Eve for 130 years n the 3 of em birth all the plagues/demons of humankind? Their other orgy consort I think is Samael, mistaken for Azazael/Aza n Azael... Samael of course is watcher/fallen angel but still gets to go kick in heaven but bc otherwise known as angel of death n bringer of plagues. Trippy. Bohemian Grove Moloch owl worship sacrificing children rape of earth n whole world, sets clock to just about... yeah, Right about apocalypse.
    Poseidon revenge in deluge, sirens coming to call, fire raining from the sky, Jesus harrowing of hell, towers fell... and if enough ok but unwitting souls get trapped by anti-Cathar whore of Babylon anti christ church down there... maybe, just maybe... that devil can broker a deal with the big guy for leniency. Judgement may soon be upon us indeed. Plague 30. Seems about right. -forthosewhoneverdream

  47. A little art work.

    Vigeland Sculpture Park

  48. Chris, I don't think this quote is interpreted correctly.

    "And the women also of the angels who went astray shall become sirens."

    Imo, it means the female angels who consorted with human men 'shall become sirens'.


  50. Fast forward to 1:33