Monday, April 09, 2018

Apocalypse This Week: Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment

OK, so much entrainment, so little time. I'm a bit harried at the moment --and there is so much going on all around us and so much being dumped on our heads -- that it's all rather overwhelming. 

So let's dive in and I'll let all you very smart folks pick up the slack in the comments.

Keep an eye out this month for something big. The Lyrids-- meaning the meteor showers in the constellation of Lyra-- kick up soon. 

And given the obvious connection to Vega and the fact that the Orionids were identified with falling angels in antiquity, I'd say this event offers up some favorable space weather for some dead-serious ritualism.

We looked at the connection between Ursa Major's "zombie star" supernova in connection to the head wound of the Beast of Revelation (Rev 13:3) so it's particularly interesting that the Bears have sworn allegiance to Orange.

I got all kinds of static from trolls over the Orange thing last fall. The tired corn they kept serving was how Orange was associated with Halloween and October, so of course we were going to be seeing a lot of it. 

But as we've seen, Orange also seems to be associated with winter, spring and now, summer. Oh well. Maybe they were thinking of emerald. 

Orange marches on despite the protestations of these poor, deluded souls. And the list of "Wear Orange" causes just keeps on growing

And both Nike and Adidas have signed up for Orange entrainment, offering up these barf-inducers. Both are, um, shoo-ins for the "What the hell were they thinking of back in those days?" Hall of Fame.

That should read "excuse revealed." He wore Orange because he knows what's good for him. 

However, it seems the Miami Marlins don't. Or perhaps they've been granted an indulgence from the Archbishop of Orange. Maybe after Parkland, flying the Orange was a bit too much.

The question on everyone's mind is what's all this Orange business actually about? I can't quite put my finger on it, but my working theory is that it has something to do with the water god from which the word derives. 

That would plug right into the whole Siren- Shape of Water- Oannes business we've been trying to unpack here.

Mind you,  it's just a theory. I'm not married to it.

Here's a bit of Secret Sun Scrabble I'm not feeling too serene about, especially given that screaming Orange banner. Not to mention the 'drowning in a river' business and the Scottish surname.

Especially in light of these headlines following in the wake of the discovery of Cunningham's body.

We've touched on this before but do drop by DuckDuckGo and do a search on "dead microbiologists," assuming you're not familiar with the topic already.

UFOs-- which were heretofore the most gut-bustingly hilarious topic for the MSM-- are being taken more and more seriously by it now. Which, of course, fills me with overwhelming waves of suspicion and mistrust. 

It's the old "why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden" thing, since life is high school and high school is life.  It has never-- and will never-- ended well when the head cheerleader starts getting friendly with the nerdy kid in the AV for no good reason. 

There's also the spate of weird air-crashes --particularly helicopters-- lately, like this unfortunate event at Nellis AFB, aka Dreamland. All the more unsettling given that Valencia is also a type of Orange. Bonus factoid: Nellis is an archaic form of Knowles.

Remembering the blessed prophecies of Our Lady, Queen of Oracles, I'm also a bit nervous about the increasing frequency and intensity of activity around the Ring of Fire. 

"Scientists" claimed back in January it was business as usual. Which should be a red flag for any free-thinking person, given the current state of "science." There's been a lot of activity, particularly in southeast Asia and the Pacific, and I'd be lying if I told you it's not making me a bit nervous.

The LA quake this past week was relatively minor, but still one of the strongest in the area in several years. If you're in that area, or anywhere around the Ring of Fire, please take the time today to do some basic prep work.

I could be wrong but I'm getting the feeling the Parkland Pearls have outworn their welcome with the media. Coverage has cooled down considerably all of a sudden and no less a Deep State mouthpiece than Bill Maher took Hogg out to the woodshed on Friday night for a brisk hiding.  

We saw the Pearl and Eagle symbolism connected to the whole event, but this story caught my eye; the Miami Dolphins offered up a football clinic at Marjory Stoneman for the young Eagles. 

The dolphin thing is interesting considering Our Lady's benediction at the fade of "Pearly Dewdrops' Drop." I'm talking about the invocation "Ruby star Dorade, star Dorade." 

Dorade and star take us to the constellation of Dorado, which we discussed a few months back in connection to the Sutherland Springs shooting. 

"Dorado" is named for the dolphinfish, AKA the mahi-mahi (a Twin name).

Bonus syncs: Marjory Stoneman Douglas High was opened to students around the same time that Heaven or Las Vegas was released. Parkland was established as a municipality in 1963, the year we were blessed with the birth of the Caledonian Sibyl.

What's more, Parkland is part of the Gold Coast section of Florida.

Attentive readers will remember that Our Lady's prophetic powers were first evident following the Shepherd Boy's near-drowning with the "man-sized love of his life" in Gold Coast, Australia.

A burg which our man Darren informs us is hosting a new sporting club called the Titans.

Speaking of Oz, here's a little Pearly factoid, name-checking Cygnus the Swan, Lyra's immediate neighbor.

Australia is so very important in this new world to come, which may be why Our Lady acknowledged the continent's centrality with the magisterial "Kookaburra," in much the way she prophesied the significance of Antartica with Victorialand.

Also on the Pearly dewdrop topic, Dubai (literally "Birthplace of Locusts") hosted the Middle East Comic Convention this weekend at their World Trade Centre. Darkly appropriate venue, given how the Islamic world is on the cusp of a shock-n-awe assault from the thermonuclear magic of postmodern popular culture, in much the same way 9/11 was used a a pretext for a long-planned military invasion.

Enjoy your customs and culture while you still can, my Muslim friends. We all feel your pain.

I can't tell you exactly how, but this opinion piece by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (of all people) entitled "The NFLs plan to protect America from witches" seems to be prophetic, or maybe it's just that screaming Orange. 

But NFLim and witches? That's a combo you best learn to acclimate yourself to in the days to come.

Note the upcoming Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot coming to Netflix. Light comedy and supernatural hijinx are apparently out and bloody murder, human sacrifice and explicit Satanism are in, if the current comic series is any yardstick. 

I have a post on that one in the queue; hopefully I can get to it before the series launches.

And then there's The Wing, a mysterious and lavishly-financed network of "Covens" (no, seriously- they're called Covens) popping up all over. From what I can tell this seems to be a rebranding of the Eastern Star, revised and updated for the Apocalypse. 

I can't quite tell from their social media what "wing" they're referring to, but do note that "wing" is a term for a military aviation unit. I mean, if you like, you could call a battalion of fallen angels a "wing," just to pull a totally random example out of thin air.

And you could call-- oh, I don't know-- someone like Semjaza or Azazel a "wing commander." Not sure why I chose those names exactly, but they seem to fit.

The Wing's Instagram is bursting with Orange. Plus, feminist-separatist messaging and witchy memes. Ironically, given that both of the Wing's ostensible founders are both married to very rich men.

But I do wonder if the witches at the Wing covens have been read into the ultimate agenda at work. 

On the very first issue of No Man's Land they feature a well-known fashion model....

...who just happens to have been born biologically male. Well, at least they're not TERF witches.

Even so, maybe these witches should have a little chat about what exactly "the Divine (or Sacred) Feminine" means to the warlocks they may find themselves in business with, if not actually bankrolled by. 

When those cats say "the future is female," what exactly do they have in mind, do you think? (Hint: you're looking at it).

There's so much more to come, but given looming deadlines I'll have to get back to you in a day or so.

By the way, that Marina Abramovic story is stupid and cringey, so if you really need to know more, click here. I just realized it was beyond parody, is all.


  1. Article about “code orange”emergency protocol.

    1. Tragic bus accident in Saskatchewan, Canada a few days ago. Humboldt Broncos hockey team.
      Link to code orange article here

    2. Closest town to Humboldt (9km away) is town (village) called Muenster. There's a Benedictine Monk Abbey there, and a junior college. The Broncos used to be affiliated with the college. Anyway, the day after the bus accident, there was that incident in Germany with a guy driving a truck into a crowd. The city it happened in was named Muenster. It turns out that Muenster Sask. was named after Muenster Germany.

    3. Humboldt, named for Alexander von Humboldt:

      He has a feature on the moon named after him, the Mare Humboldt (Humboldt's Sea) invoking both water, and horses (Broncos):

      And speaking of hockey, that Gold Coast Titans logo is reminiscent of the logo for the NHL Vegas Golden Knights, who won their division, and are the number 1 seed in their division. Their whole debut season has been 'a fairy tale' tight down to a head coach named Gallant.

    4. Thx - helpful info. Understandably accidents happen, however the syncs are mind boggling with this one. I'm from the area and hard to put into words the situation. Reminiscent of the 1986 bus crash with the Swift Current Broncos hockey team, also in Saskatchewan.

    5. I thought I'd mention there's a St. Gregor near Humbolt SK. Conor McGregor had an incident with a bus on April 5th. Gregory meaning "watchful" or " watchman". According to the guide on my tv April 7, "The Sweet Hereafter" was scheduled that night on CBC but wasn't shown. That film being about a small Canadian town where a bus accident kills 14 children.

    6. Ha. St. Gregor/Connor McGregor. Nice catch anon. Anything "Englefeld" related in the news on the 5th 6th or 7th? Crazy about that movie too. It's fairly old (1997). Was it scheduled for prime time, or, late night? Prime time would be even more remarkable I'd say, again, considering the age of it.

    7. Not much on Englefeld, just a mention in an article about St. Gregor Credit Union's 75th anniversary from April 8th. Also The Sweet Hereafter may have been scheduled on CTV not CBC, around 9 or 10ish in my neck of the woods (Sask), couldn't say for sure. Also I watched The Fountain and noticed the pearl imagery surrounding the "Izzy" or Isabel character, and her short haircut. Also all the gold color in that film reminded me of the Las Vegas Golden Knights and the big white pearl, I mean balloon, that floats around in their stadium during intermissions. Sorry if this is all shite.

    8. Adding to my original post about the bus accident in Humboldt, people are putting hockey sticks by their front doors (#sticksoutforhumboldt #putyoursticksout #Humboldtstrong). Considering the time of year, Passover so close, it reminds me of Exodus and the Passover blood markings (Tau) put on the front doors for protection.

      Twilight language/copycat effect bloglinking the event to others that weekend too.

  2. When I saw "The Wing" I remembered that during the recent blue moon/full moon of March 31st, the full moon was aligned with the star Gienah in the Corvus constellation, in "the wing of the crow". Gienah is one of the stars written about by Agrippa, a star said to have powerful magickal qualities that aid in the creation of talismans. The first feature of this particular talisman: "makes men angry".

  3. That one million volts thing is what I believe you Americans call "carney shit". Anyone educated about how to safely work with electricity knows that it is the electric current that is seriously dangerous not the voltage. Just one amp across the heart can be very dangerous but one amp is still a lot more than you can expect from something designed to be non lethal. A defibrillator will deal with these sorts of extremely dangerous currents, naturally.

    1. True, but playing with 1 million volts is still the sort of thing that can go wrong relatively easily. It's something that Tesla used to do, though. And Tesla, needless to say, is coming back into fashion, for some reason.

    2. I invite you to push back against the waves of Tesla. I distrust anyone who tried to sell death ray technology to the military. Hang on to Einstein like an anchor and if possible grab onto Willhelm Reich. The ritual I propose for this is to listen to Orgone Accumulator by Hawkwind while drinking Irish coffee. Then listen to Cloudbusting by Kate Bush while drinking red wine from a pewter mug. I take no responsibility in the event that this opens a dangerous portal and releases the beast into this dimension. On the other hand it sounds more pleasant that shocking yourself with electricity and it probably doesn’t do anything other than make you jovial. I don’t believe in the entities who told me about the ritual and they also have very little faith in me. At the Mandela In-effect Discordian cabal we take ritual retrocausility research very obliquely.

    3. The Tower Card The man killed during the Trump World Tower Fire which looked just like two glowing orange eyes, was named Todd Brassner and he is linked to Spirit Cooker Marnia Abramovic.She apparently is the Satanic Queen of the whole Globalist elite World.It seems all the child sacrifice Sex ritual murders and cover ups are for her.Searched Brassner name meaning on bing and got name meaning for Berisiner and Fraser.

    4. Tesla considered Einstein's relativity to be a fantasy. Relativity does make some good predictions so it has merit in that regard. However Tesla's achievements speak for themselves. You can't manipulate matter/energy like Tesla did without a workable understanding of what you are doing, even if you are a visionary. Einstein actually thought himself to be on the wrong track, which is why he said "You imagine that I look back on my life's work with calm satisfaction, but from nearby it looks quite different. There is not a single concept of which I am convinced it will stand firm, and I feel uncertain whether I am in general on the right track." This is because he was aware of the work of Dayton Miller and others who had shown consistent experimental results seeming to confirm the existence of some kind of aether.
      Wilhelm Reich and Einstein actually had correspondence together regarding the experimental results Reich was getting using his 'orgone accumulators'. Reich, being an actual scientist, wanted to get others to replicate his experiments, so figuring that Einstein was one of the most notable scientists of his day got him involved sending him an orgone accumulator. There were several letters exchanged, with Einstein suggesting various reasons for why Reich was getting the results he was (basically a contradiction of the 2nd law of thermodynamics). Reich would then design and carry out experiments taking Einstein's objections into account and yet the anomalous temperature differential persisted (which Einstein could see for himself). Eventually it became clear that Reich had discovered something and Einstein stopped corresponding despite Reich's repeated attempts to get a responce (they were sending letters). Reich was understandably upset at this turn of events, given that Einstein was getting the same results as him and would have been of considerable help to have on Reich's side with this kind of discovery. Unfortunately Einstein showed what kind of human and scientist he was, that is one more instrested in reputation and towing the establishment line. In short, Einstein should be regarded with extreme suspicion. The only ritual I would recommend is the actual reading if the work of Reich and Tesla in their own words, that is what hasn't been confiscated or burnt by the powers that be.

    5. Einstein was biggest fraud of the 20th Century.

    6. Tesla associated with Nazis and was a hardcore believer in Eugenics and elevation of the "human machine" through engineering. He actively wanted to produce weapons of mass destruction. Scared by 5G scrambling your brain box? 5G doesn't go far enough for Tesla's dream. Why do you like the idea of Tesla transmitting huge amounts of "free" power wirelessly. In terms of drugs he believed that alcohol was the perfect health food but that everything else should be abstained from. Including coffee, smoking. But worse for the health than smoking was chewing gum. Tesla isn't quite what has been sold to people in terms of being either benevolent or serious. Oh, but you are still under the spell of Bowie and Nolan? I understand. Maybe, myself, I gravitate to Tesla's assholish or absurdist qualities because I can easily empathise with them.

  4. That No Man's Land pic is rather similar to the classic Clockwork Orange pic with his head sticking out form a pyramid/A-shaped opening - a layout only slighly modified by the sheet in the NML pic. The knife, of course, is implied rather than overt as in CO.

    1. Further digging shows an alternate poster with a second smaller A-shape in the "crotch" of the larger A graphic. That smaller A is a woman in a dress.

      Compare the first and fifth images here.

    2. Homage to Pop Culture Mk ultra reveals Corporate media as the true purveyors of societal mind control.

  5. So, I’m wondering if anyone here has looked into Norse mythology at all? Because, they have a siren sea goddess named Ran, the probable origin of my own name and the thing I was researching that led me to this imagery and eventually this site.

    She was married to a giant and she personified the “bad” parts of the sea, pulling men down to their deaths with a magical silver net given to her by Loki. However, if they had a lucky gold coin (lucky, lucky, penny, penny?) she would allow them into her great hall b/c she loved gold. In one account I read, which I of course can’t find to source, they claimed she used the gold to heat and light the Hall, much like a fire or sun might. She and her giant husband also had nine mermaid daughters called the wave maidens (the ninth wave?)

    There is also this company:

    A quote from their main page:
    “RanMarine builds autonomous aquadrones that remove unwanted plastic, trash and alien/pest flora from our waters.

    Our drones are learning machine continuously collecting data about the environment”

    They are apparently named after Ran (who even had her own stamp in one of the Scandinavian countries.) They also have this curious quote on their site:

    “We are the new net of Rán. Our drones form an autonomous, responsive, self-organising net to catch waste, and preserve the beauty of the sea.”

    Anyone who has more details on this I would love to hear them because it seems that info about her is tough to come by and I think it might be important here.

    1. Some related pearls of information here:

      'The Valkyrie is, in the oldest strata of belief, a corpse goddess, represented by the carrion-eating raven. The name in Old Norse, valkyrja, as well as Old English wælcyrge means literally, "chooser of the slain." The word for valkyrie was used by Anglo-Saxon scholars to gloss the names of the Greco-Roman goddeses of vengeance and retribution, the Furies or Erinyes, as well as for the Roman goddess of war, Bellona. ... Weaving is an integral function of both the valkyrie and the Norn. ... Like the Norns, the valkyries are intimately involved in weaving or spinning the fates of men. In this capacity, the valkyries were worshiped as disir, and offered sacrifices (dísablót) as in Ynglingasaga Chapter 28.'

      'Midway between the third and eleventh centuries, the Valkyries begin assuming a more benign aspect. Small amulets and pictures on memorial stones begin to depict the figure of the beautiful woman welcoming the deceased hero with a horn of mead to the afterlife. By this later time, the Valkyries as demigoddesses of death had their legend conflated with the folklore motif of the swan maiden (young girls who are able to take on the form of a swan, sometimes as the result of a curse). In her role as swan-maiden, the valkyrie can travel rida lopt ok log, "through air and through water." It is known that the swan was popularly associated with the concept of augury. See, for instance, the phrase, es scwant mir, (it swans me, meaning "I have a premonition or a foreboding").'

    2. Those of us lucky enough to have read the work of Karl Edward Wagner would be hip to Ran, as his celtic hero Cormac MacArt's Norse sidekick referred o Ran quite a bit. She brings storms up to destroy mortal mariners. KInda like Poseidon on a bad day.

    3. We all gotta admit, none of us in this room would be cryin if Marina managed to explode herself Ethel Rosenberg style (apologies to the shade of Mrs Rosenberg- we who are hip know it was not Julius an Ethel that gave Stalin the bomb, it was Manfred von Ardenne, who also gave Hitler the bomb. He worked hard for hard men, that Manfred.

  6. Wing also has other interpretations. W in greek is Omega, the great O, with a value of 800.G is symbolic of Plato's cave.
    Omicron, the little o, with a value of 70.

    In the I Ching 8 is young yang, 7 young yin. 9 old yang. 6 old yin.

    The one connected with Lilith is Samuael I believe.

    Wing means the end is here. A new order of ages.

    O ooo o o

    1. Pizzagate was a "Mortal Wound" to the Family of Dark.Described as a "black swan event",it was and is an unstoppable Internet Wildfire.

  7. Cinimod_ofCarthach10:15 AM, April 09, 2018

    Red and Yellow make orange.

    Comrade, red and yellow are the good colors for the future. The colors of the workforce.

  8. "The question on everyone's mind is what's all this Orange business actually about? I can't quite put my finger on it, but my working theory is that it has something to do with the water god from which the word derives."

    Arausio = orange, france


    1. Dauphin. And the fleur-de-lis is an Iris.

      Quake swarm around Bishop Ca. A film called Frenchie was filmed there. Bishop comes from the Ancient Greek meaning "over watchers". It is named after Samuel Addison Bishop and is in OWen's Valley.

      Was grazing land used for beef sent up to Aurora.

    2. Because youylook for the big things you miss the humble.

      No On e.

      For the "e" read Plutarch's "On, the E at Delphi".

  9. Chris, have you connected MaryM with pearls on a half shell yet? The war is civil after all.

  10. A tinge of Orange in all the photos.... "From Circe to Clinton: why powerful women are cast as witches"

    1. Maybe because the chances of becoming powerful without being a witch are fairly close to nil for a woman, traditionally. And even today the chances aren't all that good.

      Mind you, it isn't as if for males the stats look all that much better.


    Hillary joined the Wing Coven last Friday.

  12. That Jabbar piece about he NFL is actualy quite interesting.

    The good news is he is criticizing NFL mythmaking, much as we do here, and is NOT calling to open the sidelines to disable trans mermaid cheerleaders. Rather he simply engages in some witty callouts of the blatant sexism still present today. Some points off for mentioning metoo and Parkland gratuitously and without adding anything useful to what he otherwise says.

    A sample below.

    "The country would be outraged if a team’s rules stated that if a black player was eating at a restaurant and a white player walked in, the black player would have to leave the restaurant. Yet, those are the rules for Saints’ cheerleaders, who must leave a restaurant they are eating at if a Saints player arrives. We would be equally outraged if a company demanded that office personnel address top executives only with “hello” and “you’re wonderful”. Yet the Saints’ cheerleaders are restricted to saying only “hello” and “great game” to players. Other restrictions about weight, makeup, body hair, tampon use and forbidding sweatpants in public make it seem as if the Saints watched The Handmaid’s Tale and thought, “They just don’t go far enough.” In other words, shut up and jiggle.

    These highly trained and skilled women are being told that the NFL just wants to protect them from sexual predators, particularly NFL players. Like the grumpy grandpa in human resources who wouldn’t “allow” his granddaughters to post photos he doesn’t approve of, the NFL wants to be their (creepy? pimpy?) daddy. These are adult women who should be permitted to make their own decisions about who they contact and who they don’t, especially since the players have no such restrictions. A cheerleader poses in modest lingerie and she’s fired; a player knocks out his wife on video and is suspended for two games. Boys will be boys, but girls must be what the NFL tells them to be."

    1. Oops, wrong link for the Jabbar story, which is here:

  13. Chris,

    No matter where the conversation takes us, I cannot help but remember that orange is the preferred color of prison uniforms. A not-so-subtle hint of our future state (of being)?

    1. Future? Are you new here (this reality).

    2. Future:Now indeed...To keep us safe, everyone must wear orange jumpsuits, carry clear backpacks, and allow their mobile devices to be fully monitored at all times...

  14. Maybe because the chances of becoming powerful without being a witch are fairly close to nil for a woman, traditionally. And even today the chances aren't all that good.

    1. What is this Power that you speak of? Real power comes from the source.Sell ur soul to join a lesbian cult for profit? The Wing seems like a all-female NXVIM.

    2. It's all love isn't it?

      Love God, love your neighbor. How christ wanted to gather them under his wings?

      Who is our hero? A man crucified!

      Agape. Notice how the Hebrew Pe is a G rotated 180 degrees.

    3. About time.
      Yes it all comes back to the source.
      Darkness makes it's final stand.
      It will not prevail.
      Lilith, Semiramis, Abramovic, (notice Abraham) 'Lucifer' RISING?
      It has been stated that it was eve whom sinned and ate of the apple of knowledge and was cast down by her actions.
      The apple represents knowledge, but really gnosis.
      They are not the same.
      To seek, to know, to understand is not associated with darkness.
      The manipulation of such energies to fulfil secret agendas does so.
      So are you a good witch or a bad one?

    4. Re: Anonymous - 11:51 PM, April 09, 2018 - it appears one is one off the mark, u sinner :)~

      the apple is not gnosis...the apple was that of good AND EVIL...we already had gnosis to begin with...we divided our heart-minds into one pole, with two ends aka requires a trinity to maintain the el-usive, harmony/balance/equanimity...

      gnosis is this realm...knowing without knowing HOW...

    5. It never ceases to amaze me how some people can't seem to READ; 'Gnosis' IS 'Intuition'.
      Like in NOT 'knowledge'?
      And I agree completely with your last statement; "Gnosis is this realm...knowing without knowing HOW..."
      My 'teachers' spoke very same words to me over 25 years ago.
      But being a 'Sinner'??
      Maybe in the eyes of those whom have been blinded by 'Religion'!

  15. playing with 1 million volts is still the sort of thing that can go wrong relatively easily. It's Something that Tesla used to do, though. And Tesla, needless to say, is coming back into fashion, for some reason.

    Color change?

  16. Some of us will die but the dark forces will not win:

  17. An augury of these cultish times:

    'Wild Wild Country', which debuted a month ago, 'is a Netflix documentary series about the controversial Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) and the community Rajneeshpuram of his followers in Oregon.'

    'Osho's' followers were (& are) well known for dressing in orange & the series was promoted by a orange & black poster.

    It's orange all over:

    'It’s a no-brainer that eating a Carolina Reaper, a chili pepper bred to be the hottest on earth, will come with consequences. ... But for the first time, consuming these peppers have been linked to reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome, or RCVS, a temporary artery narrowing in the brain often accompanied by agonizing thunderclap headaches...'

    The bikes are a blood orange colour.


    Is illustrated with a photo of an orange bag of 'Monsanto DeKalb brand hybrid corn'.

    Is illustrated with a photo of corn labelled 'Seeds of competition'.


    'Johnson & Johnson, Bayer drop Fox show advertising after host belittles Parkland student'.

    & It's often said that 'nothing rhymes with orange' but that's not true 'lozenge' does, & it means 'a small, flavored tablet made from sugar or syrup, often medicated, originally diamond-shaped.' & 'Geometry Now Rare. diamond' ('an equilateral quadrilateral, especially as placed with its diagonals vertical and horizontal; a lozenge or rhombus'), keep 'em peeled for the diamond connection.

    1. & 'Osho' wore a blue ensemble for his first appearance in three years(?) in front of his amassed faithful back in 1985 after his former underboss, Ma Anand Sheela, fled the compound following a possible assassination attempt psyop that was used to spook her out by other power players in the business.

      'Rajneesh (a childhood nickname from Sanskrit रजनि rajani, night and ईश isha, lord) was born Chandra Mohan Jain, the eldest of eleven children of a cloth merchant...'

      'Chandra' means moon & 'Mohan' enchanting.

    2. Orange is the traditional color of the sannyasin's robes in Hinduism, which I believe is the source of Rajneesh's cult/sect/religion.

  18. I don't suppose we could get her to change it to a million watts? :p

  19. An MK I was working with told me she was adopted through a "Project Orange", bought and paid for through the Catholic churches adoption system in the UK.

  20. Last week the movie option for "Rendezvous with Rama" lapsed. Agents have been sending it around to all the studios and production companies this week, trying to drum up interest...

  21. Is that Rose McGowan's head marina 'spirit cooking with electricity' is holding?

  22. And drumroll please......

    "Last Night, The Wing Welcomed Hillary Clinton Into Their Coven"

    "Hillary Clinton may not be in The West Wing, but she’s definitely got an honorary lifetime Wing membership, and the latter has free Glossier products. Last night, at the Soho location of The Wing — the luxe, millennial-pink-tinted club for women — co-founder Audrey Gelman and Call Your Girlfriend host Aminatou Sow interviewed the former presidential candidate and “newest member of our coven,” in front of an audience of 400 cheering, kvelling, sometimes teary-eyed Wing women."

    If you can resist the urges of nausea then you can read the rest at

  23. Being that "The Wing" is calling their cells oops chapters "Covens" I wonder how long until they link up with the Millennial Witches of Bushwick?

    "Under Coven: The Witches of Bushwick - The Witches of Bushwick is a collective of women who embrace art, fashion, partying, and—of course—witchcraft. Founded by Christine Tran, the social network, whose collaborators include the fashion house Chromat and the trans artist Juliana Huxtable, is grounded in the belief that female bonding is near to spirituality. In this episode of Girl Gangs, Broadly talks to the Witches of Bushwick about their creative magic."

    ^^^^If they end up "networking" or perhaps "miracle working" is a better term that would pretty much be a mash up of seasons 3 and 7 of American Horror Story. Ahh fun times are surely ahead for one and all!!!!!

  24. Let's just say this probably isn't her first time at the "initiation" rodeo.

  25. I'm starting to think sexbots are just the flipside of the mermaid/siren/now witchy theme.

    Basically, many men will be (self) debased and then pointed at as unfit for joining females or their new "empowered" mermworld, which may just up demand for sexbots further. In any case, it'll be an ultra-divisive sort of a "give 'em enough rope to hang themselves" and today's sex-twisted males will rather quickly be self-excluding themselves from the new world others wish to create. Which leaves a world with men merely sperm donors (or maybe they'll "harvest" right from the bots - ICK!) or else "alternative pregnancies" and other genetic trickery become even more relevant.

    Another alternative is women acclimate to their own Sex Bots for Her with all the annoying male qualities programmed out and it's a sexual standoff to reproduce. Either way CRISPR to the rescue as natural genetic mixing hits a dead zone.

    1. Matt Drudge continues sex robot push with Transgender version.

  26. Arcane messaging everywhere On the YT shooter's potential significance in all this:

    First, magick-ally speaking? The androgyne agenda is the alchemical marriage of mediocrity and hype. Doesn't matter that the YT shooter was just plain butch. And out of her tree. But, so what if she were transgender? Now the idea has been appropriated by conspirakids to lionize LGBT community. More chaos.

    So what if she were lab-augmented and weapons-trained?

    People want to call every spree killer a conditioned assasin. As if people aren't authentically going mad. Now the alphabet boys get to benefit from us waging a psychological skirmish against ourselves every time an unstable crank or mentally challenged youth or stem-to-stern radicalized ideologue kills.

    So what if they were all civilian assets? Shaman-executioners for some symbolic blood ritual? People get hurt and traumatized or slaughtered all the same. Everything else is for some invisible power's benefit. The rest is conjecture.

    Yeoman's work as usual, Mr. K... our thanks

    1. I don't think humans get enough credit for NOT being violent psychopathic killers. Does anyone realize how many damaging urges and thoughts we DON'T act on in a given day? I mean... seems like we're doing pretty good, given the fact that we're born into a sick, abusive, world full of parasites who have way more knowledge of how stuff works in this realm, than we do... and yet a lot of us are still able to show love, compassion, and empathy... in the midst of all that. Way to go, Us! That's what I choose to focus on. Even if the world burns in Titan fire and brimstone... Hey, we still have a lot show for ourselves... us being thrust into this cosmic war, and all.

    2. Nicely said! When people start ranting about how vile and nasty humans are I remind them that for such bad people we sure have an amazing way of coming together in helpful ways during times of disaster.

    3. 'So what if they were all civilian assets'

      The vast majority of us, to some degree or other are, as we've been initiated by what is an alien pop-culture grafted atop the very sources we actually derive from so as to serve the obscenity perpetuating Itself at the cost of life being possible at all - the ultimate transgenic fruits quantum CRISPR'd into existence in the hopes of appeasing some deity-like monster are our day-to-day acts of payment for products, services & taxes that hand over shekels to the would-be elite working for their hoped for higher-power.

      'Nicely said! When people start ranting about how vile and nasty humans are'

      Save it for a youtube compilation titled something along the lines of 'Humans Are Wonderful', that's the same youtube owned by 'don't be evil google' (an alphabet operation), all the good in the world doesn't make up for the sickness that 'good people' directly contribute to by acquiescing to statists & other would-be controllers through the payment of tax etc, & how many of these tragedies that folk pitch into help with would happen if we didn't allow ourselves to be involved in depraved schemes by sick minds?

    4. Not to say there isn't good in this world, there is, but any good cannot be used to make folk warm & fuzzy whilst obscenity rules.

    5. "Save it for a youtube compilation titled something along the lines of 'Humans Are Wonderful',"

      "Not to say there isn't good in this world, there is, but any good cannot be used to make folk warm & fuzzy whilst obscenity rules."

      I agree... BUT... you also can't park yourself and dwell on all the filth, horrors, and shit you can't control... either. Unless that is what ya wanna do.
      As an empath (not by choice) I feel the pain of the masses, constantly. Even in the good times... there's that underlying sadness. I've tried many times (and come extremely close) too escaping this hell dimension, but have miraculously been halted, much to my dismay.

      So since I'm still here in this pain (and no one listens to what I have to say about this topic, nor can they when they have major stockholm syndrome) why can't I focus on the Good? Huh? I know this is hell... I'm aware of the atrocities at play. But if I can make another human laugh, smile, or feel loved... then that's when I truly feel like I've one-upped the beast. It's a strength to not get pulled down in the mud, along with everyone else... NOT a weakness.

      Go spread your depressing info to others, try to shake them, wake them up... then leave them hanging when they start asking what can they do... and actually see that we really can't do much of anything... and you can't help them any further along their journey. So you abandon them to the wolves in waiting. I'll be over on the sidelines with my jester hat on, trying to coax a laugh out of them and showing them that maybe you CAN enjoy yourself... even in an appocolypse.

  27. Uranus was originally Ouranus. Uranus is changing signs into Tuarus in a couple of months. In astrology Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius the Water-Bearer. Ouranus sounds alot like Oannes. Ralph Ellis links the House of Orange to Persia or present day Iran

  28. HAARP weather control claims as object spotted from plane Texas | Daily Star


    1. 600,000 children dissapear in USA to black sites and humeat is at the Supermarket.

  30. That picture on New York mag is hilarious...that's a man's arm, and the head of the woman is at an impossible angle. Subliminal bullshit, or bad photoshop?

    Can't help but notice that all this entrainment almost always seems to lead nowhere, and fade away, then something else is chosen - after all, there's a few thousand 'gods' out there to choose from. Not that I think Chris is wackading ho with the crazy woo woo. More like, all this stuff aint meant for us. it's more like those nice little guide pamphlets you get for the opera...or, in this case, guidelines for this weeks snazzy ritual -sorry, you're not invited. But hey, by now, the one or two of you that might have actually read this have long since realized I prefer to bring things down to the basement level where my muddy plebian mind might grasp at the odd sync and go "Huh." I'm like the Kerry county farmer who talked of the pookah, a giant six footoften invisible trickster rabbit, and was asked if he believed in the pookah. His reply: "No sir, I do not. And I doubt very much he believes in me either."

    Which of course, by my ridiculous reasoning, reminds of Lovecrafts space vagina monsters, er, elder gods, who gave nary a poop about anything other than themselves. Which bodes not well for us microbes inhabitatin' this ahere mudball...

    Not at all a sync, and probably contributing nothing to the conversation, but hey, teal and orange are very popular photoshop colour choices. Hence the pallette of many a movie. Or entrainertainment perhaps. Unwieldy. Maybe someone can come up with something better. Like entertrainment.

  31. A couple of things that came to mind just now: William S. Burroughs wrote an essay on Bryon Gysin's cut up method Burroughs popularized it - and suggested that it was a kind of almost magical working. He also suggested a tv game - surf through the channels, while reading poetry. Match up images. Mentions he was reading a poem about a flower, and up comes a commercial with flowers in it. Long before Chris, or any of the other sync people, Burroughs was onto something. The other thing: Robert Anton Wilson did a long term ritual working once - as apparently taught by Crowely - choose a deity, worship said deity, until some kind of affirming manifestation occurs. Then immediately move onto another deity, repeat, rinse, recycle, until one reaches , well, something. Later, Wilson would suggest that if he was convinced he was ta reincarnated ancient Irish Bard, he would begin to see syncs that proved that. If he then decided he was getting messages form 'the doggiez from Sirius' external consensus reality would provide meaningful connections and messages.

    He also declared himself a tarot reader, and gave deliberately random readings, knowing nothing about the cards. People claimed that he was getting uncanny and accurate readings.

    Combine this with modern conciousness research, and a pattern begins to appear - that there's a dance twixt mind and external consensus reality, with ECR mostly demonstrating the reality of mind. Best described as a dance, as we do not full control it, nor it us. And hey, we don't fully control ourselves.

    Methinks the bulk of this, the conclusion that could be reached, an endpoint to the great cosmic game, is that some people have got hold of this idea, only through some highly twisted channels - all the better to control them with. Ye Olde Black Iron Prison, as PKD would say. The prison of the self. So while we are busy trying to deke out and figure out What This All Means, we are forgetting that we are dancing too. And that maybe, just maybe, we should take the wheel for awhile. Why not take the wheel of The Spectacle, and maybe drive it into the crowd, run into weird side streets, drive it around drunk out of collective psyches? Sounds like fun! The ticket for this awesome ride? A little attention, a bit of focus. Why wait for the Very Bad No Awful Bloody Atari Elder Overlords to act? Why should they hog the driver side and we only get the window seat?

    Yep. Ifn Ya'll be thinkin' that ya'll have ta do a Abramovic piss shit and blood fest to Moloch or Deity TM of the week, then youse is definitively barkin up the wrong Yygdrasil, ifn you catch my meaning.

    1. OMG... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!! :D Your post is a Synch to my thoughts, haha! ^_^ I love to dance...

    2. Love the post. So tired of the presentation of us being helpless victims. If we didn't have powers of our own the efforts to blunt them wouldn't be so frenzied.

    3. burroughs, like his feelow 'beat' ginsberg, was a pedophile who openly predicated on children (& burroughs also murdered his wife), no wonder his sick fellow-travellers of the would-be powers-that-be follow in his footsteps, pop-culture's goal is to so thoroughly alienate people from any sense of themselves & others, besides being prompted into thinking of humanity as being composed of nothing more than the merest units of exchange brought into existence to service transactions (dressed up as such as 'empowering acts of authentic selves'), hence the obscenity that is these degenerate times.

    4. When it comes to people who connect so much with the intuitive side of expression it seems that sadly many are damaged in some way. Either that or the connection with the intuitive gives them an outlet for a sort of damage that is all too common. We can see also with PK Dick that he struggled with a marginal life where he was paranoid about secret police and the nature of reality even though he was a "straight" SF author and not a worthless degenerate beat writer. I don't know if I would call the beats "fellow-travellers" as many were actually more right wing libertarian than anything. At any rate anti-communist, pro gun ownership, radical free speech. Kerouac saying that McCarthyism didn't go far enough. William Burroughs would much rather have blamed his mental illness and drug dependency for what he did than ever stand to have the government take his guns away from him. I'm sure he would even go further than that and say that his past shouldn't disqualify him from owning a weapon.

    5. By 'his sick fellow-travellers of the would-be powers-that-be follow in his footsteps' I was referring to those seeking to perch themselves atop the apex of the pyramid as they pedicate upon Humanity, I should have made that clearer.

      As for 'rights' & guns etc. 'the left' loves guns too It's just that they don't want ANYONE else to have them so they can get away with Holodomoring another tens of millions, at least.

      'Punch a commie' never took off as a meme & tactic, for some It's only certain, supposed, genociders deserving of being 'punched'/'doxxed'.

    6. Commies are very hard to find these days but fascists are everywhere you look. I give them all a wide berth, don't care much for either. Also why bother punching someone who is making his/her own life miserable already? As of these times being obscene degenerate times history teaches that that is the rule and not the exception. Since Babylon things have been going downhill fast for us bald monkeys.

    7. Orange is the New Black Iron Prison

    8. Regarding commies being hard to find, one of the oddest reasons, imo, is that the most communist social unit in the world used to be (and sometimes still is) the average family. All that "to each by need, from each by ability" thing sounds too much like ancient evolution and history; to destroy communism they had to destroy the family. Mission accomplished!

    9. April 10 posters - so apparently homophobia goes unchallenged on this website...if it's voiced by people who can't tell the difference between a paedophile and an ephebephile (and fail to realise that the latter is "normal" - i.e: natural selection taking its course)

  32. I feel compelled to post this here. Largely because I don't know anywhere else that covers the same breadth of topics, and I'm terrified.

    Tonight when I went to let my dog inside as usual I closed the door and the four walls of the room around me were absolutely covered in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. There were hundreds of them at least. I've never seen anything like it and I've traveled to Florida, South East Asia, and Africa in the early summer. No concentration of mosquitoes I've seen comes close to comparing.

    But here's the kicker: I left my door open for a minute because I live in a part of California where mosquitoes are virtually nonexistent. I only knew what kind of mosquito these were because I had California Mosquito Control do an inspection of my property recently. They found nothing at the time, but educated me about the appearance and danger. They said they'd found two in the area, which didn't alarm me then because that's about normal for mosquitoes this time of year.

    We had a rainstorm about two weeks ago that might account for this, but I've lived here for almost 30 years and never seen anything like it. Hell, I've never seen anything like this anywhere. It feels ominous. I'm not even sure about what I should do other than go on regular genocidal mosquito rampages. My home isn't made with mosquitoes in mind. We have no nets and our doors and windows don't exactly seal shut. I'm sleeping with a fan on now, because that's about all I can do.

    If some kind of mosquito-born plague were to kick off, we'd be sitting ducks. And I imagine that most of the greater area is in the same boat.

    I can't imagine Californians garner much sympathy anywhere, but please spare a thought. Also, pay attention to your own surroundings.

    1. A winged string section of lyres playing a tune for you, but who plays them, is it Apollo or Hermes?

    2. Interesting how mosquitoes are becoming so visible these days even in places they were never prevalent before, like NYC... Those Aedes are the worst, they carry dengue, zika and other diseases. They are good biowar vector. Just search about how hemorrhagic dengue appeared out of nowhere in Cuba in the 80s... Back then no one cared about it, claimed that it was just paranoia.

    3. go old school right away and get sleeping nets.

    4. this is delorus, replies don't want my name anymore haha

    5. I come from the land of mosquitos where people have bug zappers in the house.

  33. Finally saw The Shape Of Water or The 50 Shades Of Aqua-Marine and, sadly, I don't get it. Personally, I'd rather watch The Creature From The Black Lagoon. Giant fish men make better stalkers than lovers. Just my opinion.

  34. Apparently Tripoli is known as The Mermaid, and the operation to get Gaddafi was Operation Mermaid Dawn. August 2011.

  35. abramović will 'charge herself', the spirit-cooking diet opens a being up to all manner of gifted possibilities, if they have the stomach for It that is.

    1. The symbolism of the Satanic Elites running low or out of power.

  36. Chris,

    You found that Parkland, FL became a municipality in 1963.

    Parkland is also the name of the hospital in Dallas where JFK was pronounced dead. When? In 1963.

    OK, but what does that have to do with your thematic here of Wasser=water and drowning? Only that JFK’s baby brother Ted is in the media spotlight now because of the movie called Chappaquiddick. Perhaps a prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary Jo Kopechne?

    (Not kidding! Check out this sentence from her wiki
    She was a devout Roman Catholic with a demure, serious, "convent school" demeanor, rarely drank much, and had no reputation for sexual activities with men.)

    But wait! There may be more! With apologies to Vince Lombardi, I say: “Timing isn’t everything; it’s the ONLY thing!”

    On July 16, 1969, around 9:30 AM, a certain large Saturn V rocket blasted off from Cape Kennedy, FL with the crew of the Apollo 11 mission to land on the moon.

    Around 9 AM, Saturday, July 19, Mary Jo’s body was discovered by a police scuba diver. At 10 AM, Teddy Kennedy entered the Edgartown Police Station and gave his statement. Meanwhile back in outer space, what were Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins doing that morning? Getting ready to drop out of “cruising altitude,” as it were, to ready themselves for the first of 30 orbits around the moon, thus making them the first human beings to witness up close and personal the “Dark Side of the Moon.”

    On July 19 at 17:21:50 UTC ***[01:21:50 PM EDT in Massachusetts]*** Apollo 11 passed behind the Moon and fired its service propulsion engine to enter lunar orbit. In the thirty orbits that followed, the crew saw passing views of their landing site in the southern Sea of Tranquility.

    I wonder if, at any time during those 30 lunar orbits, that Teddy Kennedy ever thought of the stirring words of his older brother, spoken 8 yers earlier to a joint session of Congress:

    "I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth." — President John F. Kennedy, May 25, 1961

  37. BTW, thanks a lot for the Ring of Fire update. It's done wonders to sort out my issues with geography. I think I've mentioned it before, I have some serious mix-ups when it comes to landmasses.

  38. To follow through on my other posts, I am thinking that there are a few actions people can take. These actions would range from physical actions, pranks, strange meaningless activity that appears to have purpose -for instance, on a certain social media site, I was pro-Trump for a long time, and then switched gears to anti-Trump. Just to see what the analytics would do. A key to all of this is mental speed. For instance, create entire seemingly important cultural movements, just to confuse data gathering.

    Flash mob meetings of peculiar intent. But also, what would happen if a number of people concentrated on an objective? In some research, small effects were noticed on random number generation, through concious intent. Think of the possibilities with many doing so.

    Mind you, there is a need to reconnect with the greater mind, an ability many of us have lost. But the possibilities are there. How about doing DMT, and going in there with intent? A simple objective.

    What I am thinking is that we dance with external consensus reality. We do not control it, nor it us. Although sometimes we take the lead, and sometimes ECR does. This might be a wee secret 'they've' figure out. The rituals are for a reason -energy and focus. My search is to figure out, on my own personal level, how to do that using a reason based approach. And some intuition. No mumbo-jumbo spell working, just intent and mind.

    Bucky Fuller's contention was that the only universal that has led us out of dangerous and bad situations, political or cultural, was design science, creativity, invention. McLuhan argued that technology has an impact on conciousness in a fairly explicable way. All these data points lead to self-realization of one's own power - or power of group. And not wishy washy meditation oriented spell casting, but intent and action. Even small actions can have impact.

    For instance, I wonder what would happen if a group of people used binaural frequencies to not only hook up their hemispheres of their brain in concert, but a bunch of minds? Using some sort of biofeedback connectivity - using a biofeedback program that reads all the subjects brainwaves. Start with simple intents - to focus on and cause a specific set of brainwaves. The feedback program could be programmed to read all the brainwave sets, and react to how close the group gets to a specific pattern. A goal, then. It would indicate when the collective achieves coherence. Later, simple goals. Cause agreed upon synchs to happen. And so on.

    If we've lost contact with deeper self, we can use technology to reconnect. For instance, Elon Musk wants to introduce a neuralink, claims people would have an electronic telepathy. Of course, there are dangers. But t's a double edged sword. Think of electronically connected minds, with the power to focus upon an objective, and the power to fully use the skills and speed of thought of a group.

    I'm suggesting something that would supercede a need for people like Chris, who is doing some pretty amazing work as a neuralnaut. But think of it. No more passivity. Look at what has happened with the internet, a technological pandora's box. They think they have control, but they do not. Neither do we. It's an awesome tool for anyone who wants to use it.

    Just a few things to think about.

    1. Just forming a reading group can be a powerful experience, sharing ideas about a book makes you see it in a very different way as you would as if you read it by yourself. Also it would be possible for a small group of people to join to finance and produce a high quality film. The only course of action that can be hurtful now would be not to do anything.

    2. Didn't Apollo 8 orbit the moon in 1968? Or so it was claimed... Apollo 11 is a difficult topic in this forum.

    3. Not a fan of the whole SmartCapTM angle, though brainwave connectivity/synching can occur through non-electronic ways, like chanting. Your idea of messing with the system is laudable, though I'm imagining things like people chanting the same OM at the same time everwhere these are found (and the will be!):

    4. Yes, you are right! I need to correct my statement that the Apollo 11 astronauts were the first to orbit the moon. Actually, it was Borman, Lovell & Anders on Apollo 8 that were the first humans to see the “other side of the moon.”

      That mission was launched on the Winter Solstice of 1968 and the moon orbiting took place on Christmas Eve into Christmas morning, which itself is another manifestation of NASA’s ritualistic timing.

      And of course, it was Will Anders who took the most famous space photo of all time — the Earthrise Photo on Christmas Eve 1968

    5. If anything saw the other side of the moon it was an unmanned probe.

      No photos of the other side of the moon, nor of the Earth from space, have ever been published.

      'Earthrise' is an artist's impression.

      The 'Flat Earth' conspiritard theory is used to muddy the waters in this area...

  39. Mary Jo, a sacrifice? Wouldn't surprise me. Syncra

  40. More of the endless season's colour of choice:

    'Martinus (or Marthinus) Theunis Steyn (2 October 1857 – 28 November 1916) was a South African lawyer, politician, and statesman, sixth and last president of the independent Orange Free State from 1896 to 1902.'

    The defeat of The Boers leads directly to the genocide of their descendents in what's now called 'South Africa' today, & once again It is communists doing the culling.

  41. Dark City (1998) International Trailer / Something strange happened as she took a picture of the sky - Bizarre "static glitch"

  42. NY magazine cover from 8 July 1969. What a year. Nixon sure ushered a new era.

  43. So Jean Michelle Jarre played in Dallas the night before last, It was awesome. The Verizon theatre was at about half capacity. Which blew my mind. So walking around the place I heard two guys talking about some body getting their start in the CIA, which was interesting. His second track was dedicated to Edward Snowden, Complete with Projections. But what I found MOST Interesting were the three dimensional projections of constellations, I've only really imagined them from our vantage point on Earth. I tried to spot out Lyra, but I couldn't. Fuckin' sweet ass concert. I'm sure there's video of said portions of the show somewhere, I'll try and dig 'em up.


    9 waves above
    9 waves below

    = 18

    25000 ÷ 18 = 1388.888888888888888888

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