Monday, April 09, 2018

Apocalypse This Week: Shock Treatment

OK, so much entrainment, so little time. I'm a bit harried at the moment -- and there is so much going on all around us and so much being dumped on our heads -- that it's all rather overwhelming. 

So let's dive in and I'll let all you very smart folks pick up the slack in the comments.

Keep an eye out this month for something big. The Lyrids-- meaning the meteor showers in the constellation of Lyra-- kick up soon. 

And given the obvious connection to Vega and the fact that the Orionids were identified with falling angels in antiquity, I'd say this event offers up some favorable space weather for some dead-serious ritualism.

We looked at the connection between Ursa Major's "zombie star" supernova in connection to the head wound of the Beast of Revelation (Rev 13:3) so it's particularly interesting that the Bears have sworn allegiance to Orange.

I got all kinds of static from trolls over the Orange thing last fall. The tired corn they kept serving was how Orange was associated with Halloween and October, so of course we were going to be seeing a lot of it. 

But as we've seen, Orange also seems to be associated with winter, spring and now, summer. Oh well. Maybe they were thinking of emerald. 

Orange marches on despite the protestations of these poor, deluded souls. And the list of "Wear Orange" causes just keeps on growing

And both Nike and Adidas have signed up for Orange entrainment, offering up these barf-inducers. Both are, um, shoo-ins for the "What the hell were they thinking of back in those days?" Hall of Fame.

That should read "excuse revealed." He wore Orange because he knows what's good for him. 

However, it seems the Miami Marlins don't. Or perhaps they've been granted an indulgence from the Archbishop of Orange. Maybe after Parkland, flying the Orange was a bit too much.

The question on everyone's mind is what's all this Orange business actually about? I can't quite put my finger on it, but my working theory is that it has something to do with the water god from which the word derives. 

That would plug right into the whole Siren- Shape of Water- Oannes business we've been trying to unpack here.

Mind you,  it's just a theory. I'm not married to it.

Here's a bit of Secret Sun Scrabble I'm not feeling too serene about, especially given that screaming Orange banner. Not to mention the 'drowning in a river' business and the Scottish surname.

Especially in light of these headlines following in the wake of the discovery of Cunningham's body.

We've touched on this before but do drop by DuckDuckGo and do a search on "dead microbiologists," assuming you're not familiar with the topic already.

UFOs-- which were heretofore the most gut-bustingly hilarious topic for the MSM-- are being taken more and more seriously by it now. Which, of course, fills me with overwhelming waves of suspicion and mistrust. 

It's the old "why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden" thing, since life is high school and high school is life.  It has never-- and will never-- ended well when the head cheerleader starts getting friendly with the nerdy kid in the AV for no good reason. 

There's also the spate of weird air-crashes -- particularly helicopters -- lately, like this unfortunate event at Nellis AFB, aka Dreamland. All the more unsettling given that Valencia is also a type of Orange. 

Bonus factoid: Nellis is an archaic form of Knowles.

Remembering the blessed prophecies of Our Lady, Queen of Oracles, I'm also a bit nervous about the increasing frequency and intensity of activity around the Ring of Fire. 

"Scientists" claimed back in January it was business as usual. Which should be a red flag for any free-thinking person, given the current state of "science." There's been a lot of activity, particularly in southeast Asia and the Pacific, and I'd be lying if I told you it's not making me a bit nervous.

The LA quake this past week was relatively minor, but still one of the strongest in the area in several years. If you're in that area, or anywhere around the Ring of Fire, please take the time today to do some basic prep work.

I could be wrong but I'm getting the feeling the Parkland Pearls have outworn their welcome with the media. Coverage has cooled down considerably all of a sudden and no less a Deep State mouthpiece than Bill Maher took Hogg out to the woodshed on Friday night for a brisk hiding.  

We saw the Pearl and Eagle symbolism connected to the whole event, but this story caught my eye; the Miami Dolphins offered up a football clinic at Marjory Stoneman for the young Eagles. 

"Dorado" is named for the dolphinfish, AKA the mahi-mahi (a Twin name).

What's more, Parkland is part of the Gold Coast section of Florida.

A burg which our man Darren informs us is hosting a new sporting club called the Titans.

Australia is so very important in this new world to come, which may be why Our Lady acknowledged the continent's centrality with the magisterial "Kookaburra," in much the way she prophesied the significance of Antartica with Victorialand.

Also on the Pearly dewdrop topic, Dubai (literally "Birthplace of Locusts") hosted the Middle East Comic Convention this weekend at their World Trade Centre. Darkly appropriate venue, given how the Islamic world is on the cusp of a shock-n-awe assault from the thermonuclear magic of postmodern popular culture, in much the same way 9/11 was used a a pretext for a long-planned military invasion.

Enjoy your customs and culture while you still can, my Muslim friends. We all feel your pain.

I can't tell you exactly how, but this opinion piece by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (of all people) entitled "The NFLs plan to protect America from witches" seems to be prophetic, or maybe it's just that screaming Orange. 

But NFLim and witches? That's a combo you best learn to acclimate yourself to in the days to come.

Note the upcoming Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot coming to Netflix. Light comedy and supernatural hijinx are apparently out and bloody murder, human sacrifice and explicit Satanism are in, if the current comic series is any yardstick. 

And then there's The Wing, a mysterious and lavishly-financed network of "Covens" (no, seriously- they're called Covens) popping up all over. From what I can tell this seems to be a rebranding of the Eastern Star, revised and updated for the Apocalypse. 

I can't quite tell from their social media what "wing" they're referring to, but do note that "wing" is a term for a military aviation unit. I mean, if you like, you could call a battalion of fallen angels a "wing," just to pull a totally random example out of thin air.

And you could call-- oh, I don't know-- someone like Semjaza or Azazel a "wing commander." Not sure why I chose those names exactly, but they seem to fit.

The Wing's Instagram is bursting with Orange. Plus, feminist-separatist messaging and witchy memes. Ironically, given that both of the Wing's ostensible founders are both married to very rich men.

But I do wonder if the witches at the Wing covens have been read into the ultimate agenda at work. 

On the very first issue of No Man's Land they feature a well-known fashion model....

...who just happens to have been born biologically male. 

Well, at least they're not TERF witches.

Even so, maybe these witches should have a little chat about what exactly "the Divine (or Sacred) Feminine" means to the warlocks they may find themselves in business with, if not actually bankrolled by. 

When those cats say "the future is female," what exactly do they have in mind, do you think? (Hint: you're looking at it).

By the way, that Marina Abramovic story is stupid and cringey, so if you really need to know more, click here. I just realized it was beyond parody, is all.