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AstroGnosis: Love Me Like a Reptile

This story made the news on March 9th:
Idaho pastor shooting suspect arrested, expresses 'space alien' concerns 

An ex-Marine accused of shooting a prominent Idaho minister outside his church was arrested after he threw objects over the fence of the White House. police said.
 The U.S. Secret Service confirmed Kyle Andrew Odom's arrest to NBC News late Tuesday night. 
Tim Remington, senior pastor of The Altar Church in Coeur d'Alene, was shot six times and critically wounded in the church's parking lot Sunday. His condition has since been upgraded to fair, and he was described as stable. 
Odom, 30, was arrested without incident at 8:27 p.m. ET at the South Fence of the White House, Coeur d'Alene Police Chief Lee White said. He was apprehended while throwing objects, including documents and a computer flash drive, over the fence, White said. 
White said the package included a "manifesto" mentioning numerous U.S. House members and senators and Israeli government officials by name. He wouldn't give any further details other than to say it didn't include specific threats. 
"It's an interesting read," he said. 
Oh, it certainly is. Strangely enough, the pastor in question had made the news the day before he was shot: 
Remington, 55, was shot a day after he delivered the invocation at a rally for Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. No connection has officially been made between the shooting and Remington's attendance at the rally.
Odom released his manifesto and an FAQ to local media, offering up a defense of his actions in which he claimed that the planet was under the secret control of a race of amphibious Martians who possess human beings. Odom claimed he shot Remington in response to a campaign of harassment and sexual abuse he received at the hands of the pastor and members of his congregation who were all secret alien shapeshifters:
According to Coeur d’Alene police, Odom has a history of mental illness. In his manifesto, he outlined his path to Sunday’s shooting in clear but increasingly paranoid prose. 
“Born and raised in North Idaho,” Odom wrote. “Grew up in a loving family. Joined the Marine Corps after high school. Developed an interest in science. Went to school for a degree in Biochemistry. Won numerous scholarships and awards. Graduated Magna Cum Laude then got invited to prestigious university to work on genetics. 
“Check my personal documents,” Odom continued. “As you can see, I’m pretty smart. I’m also 100% sane, 0% crazy.” 
But the documents Odom sent to local media reveal an intense and dangerous paranoia, as well as an obsession over “hypersexual,” mind-controlling Martians. 
“Things are not what they appear to be. The world is ruled by ancient civilization from Mars. Pastor Tim was one of them, and he was the reason my life was ruined. I will be sharing my story with as many people as possible. I don’t have time right now, they are chasing me. I shot Pastor Tim 12 times, there is no way any human could have survived that event."
Odom might be a little fuzzy on the details here- it seems that he shot Remington six eight times*, including in the head and the lung. But strangely enough he does have a point; that's an awful lot of punishment for a human body to survive. And this may be just encouraging words from loved ones, but it sounds like Remington was doing almost shockingly well shortly after the shooting.
Remington is in stable condition despite being shot as many as six times, his son told local television station KREM. 
John Padula, the second Altar Church pastor threatened in Odom’s letter, said Remington regained consciousness Monday. 
“He’s whispering and talking to his family a little bit,” Padula told the Associated Press. “He’s doing absolutely amazing. He gave me a thumbs-up last night when I went in.”
That seemed a bit off but nothing worth calling in the Feds over. What did bother me was reading Odom's manifesto and FAQ. They seemed entirely too cogent and well-ordered, all the more so given the incredibly bizarre information they were conveying. They came across more like material for a particularly excruciating corporate sales presentation than the rantings of a paranoid schizophrenic.

What's more, Odom seemed entirely aware that the experiences he was writing did sound completely insane and irrational- he says as much on several different occasions throughout the texts.

This seemed off to me; having read more paranoid rants than I care to admit to (going back well pre-Internet) I've come to recognize a certain cadence to schizophrenia, a certain lilt. The rhythms are always off. Sometimes it takes a while to hear it, but eventually it always burns through. And when it does you can't hear anything else.

Instead, Odom's prose is dry, sober, even dull. He makes all of this madness sound prosaic, ordinary, boring. I'd read journalists refer to the manifesto as "rambling" and "incoherent" and all the rest of it but that merely shows how many of them function in autopilot. That's what they're supposed to say. It doesn't ramble at all.

I didn't need to re-read all of this to figure out what Odom was talking about. There weren't endless sidebars and detours and stuck-on-repeats, like you see all too often when it comes to this kind of material. It all came through loud and clear.

Don't ask me why but I found that troubling. I began wondering if someone was fucking with this kid's head and wondering how exactly they'd be doing it. The Ted "World Domination" Cruz connection wasn't exactly discouraging me from that kind of speculation. Nor did the culty-sounding church ("The Altar").

It could simply be this is just an atypical schizophrenia, which in truth would be my working opinion here. But sprinkled throughout this story are a few discordant notes, weird little atonal bursts beneath the depressing old tune of another mentally ill guy with a gun. And it seems like there's a deeper current to all of this. It goes like this...

As American society continues to disintegrate and people continue to lose faith in its institutions I think you're going to see ideas that were once completely marginal not only become more mainstream but actually begin to force older, more established beliefs out of circulation.

This is already happening with the New Age movement, which was considered a joke just a few years ago but is now putting its old Evangelical tormentors on the back foot.

And it was through New Age practices that Kyle Odom's story began, or at least the story he is telling in his manifesto:
Everything started while I was at university of Idaho, Spring 2014 was my final semester and I was taking a heavy course load.  I was very stressed due to the intensity of my schedule, so I searched for a way to cope. I discovered meditation, which seemed to help, so it became part of my daily routine.... This continued until I encountered another being through meditation. 
It happened one night in February 2014 and it was the most profound experience I've ever had. I was lying in bed meditating then suddenly left my physical body. I entered a space that was completely dark and had no awareness of my physical boundaries/orientation. 
I felt very peaceful there until a blue light began to approach me. As the blue light got closer, I realized it was another being. Once I was in the being's presence, I felt an immediate sense of wrongdoing. It felt like I was being told "YOU SHOULDN'T BE HERE!"

I instantly conceded and felt guilty, then I began to distance myself from the being. This had an impact on them and seemed to change their mind about me. The moment I began to distance myself from the being, I became overwhelmed by a feeling I can only describe as unconditional love.  During this part of the experience, our minds became connected and I saw that the being was female.
The connection was cut and Odom felt a profound sense of loss. He decided to stop meditating and instead concentrate on his schoolwork. And is so often the case following these mystical kinds of encounters, Odom felt like he had been granted greater powers:
The remainder of the semester became exceedingly easy for me. It felt like I had tapped into some kind of power. I was exerting no mental effort even though the classes had been extremely difficult before. I also began to have complex thoughts and a depth of understanding I had never reached before.
Odom began experiencing problems with classmates and then claimed he began receiving text messages from members of a local church. He believed that they were coded threats but unfortunately doesn't cite them. It was at the church that he claims he became aware of the extraterrestrial conspiracy:
When I went to The Altar for the first time, the people acted very strange. It was unhuman (sic). As I walked into the sermon room, everyone stared at me and began sniffing emphatically...When the service began, a man came and sat down next to me. After he sat down, I began smelling something. It was a smell I had never smelt before...When the service ended, they said: “You can leave now”. After that, I knew I wasn’t dealing with the government anymore. I realized that whoever I was dealing with was extraterrestrial, so I became very scared. 
It was soonafter that he began to hallucinate and also began to experience what he claims were some kind of telepathic sexual harrassment. The text becomes increasingly explicit, as he claims that the Martians were aggressively sex-obsessed:
I received no further instructions from them after that, so I began applying for jobs again. Even though I had done exactly as I was told, they still followed me everywhere I went. As time went on, they started harassing me day and night. I began to hear voices more often and I began to hallucinate things that I knew weren’t real. They also started playing with me sexually. Both the males and the females would play out their sexual fantasies in my mind. This came with random and uncontrollable erections as well as extreme anal stimulation.  
Yeah. I know.

Odom claimed that the harassment and sexual abuse got so bad that he attempted suicide. But the Martians intervened and he then checked himself into the hospital for treatment. He increasingly felt as if the goal here was to drive him insane. Again, note the prose here. Relatively calm, ordered, dry, sober:
I knew I couldn’t take any more, so I attempted suicide. I filled a charcoal grill with lit coals, put it in my car and rolled up the windows. I reclined my seat, laid there calmly, then fell asleep. I should have died but they woke me up in an extreme panic, which caused me to get out of the car. 
As I slowly regained consciousness, I felt very upset to still be alive. I had no clue where to go at that point, so I decided to check myself into the VA. They shipped me straight to the mental ward and I was admitted. Nothing improved while I was there... I knew their goal was to ruin my life by making me into a crazy person. I became determined not to let that happen and I started fighting back.

Finally, he took action, shooting Remington, flying to Washington and attempting to reach President Obama with information about the alien conspiracy. However, one of the individuals cited by Odom as a Martian claimed Odom was in fact a meth addict who apparently sought counseling from the church. That could very well be, but I found this quote to feel a bit off, given the events and the claims made in Odom's manifesto.
Officials at Remington's Altar Church indicated that Remington and Padula had earlier contacts with Odom, described as a former methamphetamine addict. Padula, himself a former addict, had known Odom for years. "When I was struggling," the associate pastor told KHQ-TV of Spokane, "when I was using drugs still, he just loved the daylights out of me."
"Loved the daylights out of me?"


What is so unusual about the Odom situation is that we are seeing a theme here that has been simmering for quite some time in the more esoteric corners of the conspiracy community suddenly explode into the mainstream news media. 

What else struck me were the X-Files connections, all the more salient given the fact that all this went down the week following the season finale. The basic story here is straight out of the penultimate episode of the fifth season, "Folie a Deux", in which a gunman believes his office is being taken over by a shapeshifter (an insectoid, in this case) who turns his employees into zombies. The Martian walk-in idea goes all the back to "Space," the unjustly maligned first-season episode.

But we had another shapeshifting story in "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster", in this case a shapeshifting reptilian. The story of the whistleblower trying to reach the President with information about the alien infiltration comes straight out of "Three Words," the eighth-season thriller. And the ex-soldier trying to die but being prevented from doing so is straight out "The Walk," in the third season.

The connection with the church and the shapeshifting demon aliens is straight out of The Outer Limits, in this case the episode "Corner of the Eye": 
Father Anton Jonascu (Len Cariou) begins to have strange hallucinations — one moment he sees perfectly ordinary-looking people, the next they have changed into terrifying demon creatures. He visits Dr. Pallas (Chris Sarandon), and a medical scan reveals an inoperable brain-tumour that seems to be the cause of his hallucinations. 
Jonascu continues to see the creatures, and finally collapses during a sermon. He returns to the doctor and explains his predicament further. Dr. Pallas injects him with a drug that causes temporary paralysis and explains that he wants to introduce Jonascu to some friends. Pallas opens a door and two of the demon creatures enter... and Pallas also reveals himself as one of them. 
After Jonascu has calmed down, Pallas and his associates explain that they are not demons, but alien creatures and that all Earth religions are actually based on teachings from their world. They are here to give the power of healing to humanity, but are unable to reveal themselves because their appearance would terrify humans. One of the aliens gives her life to pass on the gift of healing to Jonascu — however Jonascu is asked not to reveal the aliens' presence or the origin of his gift.
These are just a few examples- you could go back to the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Puppet Masters for the basic paranoid narrative of alien infiltration. But The X-Files plot points are certainly more specific and case-relevant and remarkable in terms of the timing. What effect the series had on Odom is unclear. Was this a case of a hardcore X-Files fanboy gone off the rails?

Stranger things have happened.

Hiding in plain sight:

I'd say his experience in Iraq, his possible meth abuse and the inclination towards paranoid schizophrenia we unfortunately tend to find in the academically-advanced (see A Beautiful Mind) probably had a lot more to do with any break from reality he may have experienced.

If that is in fact what he did experience. While looking at this story I kept wondering what it would take to induce this kind of behavior in a subject, whether through drugs, electronics or microwave technology. I have no evidence that's what happened with this guy, just that troublesome coherency and those jarring off-beats.

But only a fool pretends that such technologies don't exist- there's a significant paper trail on them- and only a bigger fool assumes that a church is some kind of safe harbor against some kind of creepie-crawlie malfeasance. 

It makes me wonder given that Odom was doing genetic research into aging, a condition that a lot of powerful people are very interested in. And which is yet another X-Files tie-in (see "Young at Heart"). Scientists and doctors seem to be experiencing their own set of occupational hazards lately, as anyone who monitors (or even mainstream media) is well aware.


Although the Odom story seems to already have been flushed from the news cycle (and will probably remain so, unless something spectacular emerges during the trial), his manifesto and the links to Presidential politics were godsends to the our increasingly shallow and senationalist media, always looking for fresh freak shows to exploit.

And the parallels between Odom's Martian amphibians and the more prominent Reptilians did not escape the notice of more insightful reporters. David Icke- a favorite whipping boy for the British media- was inevitably linked to the story, given his two-decades long association with the Reptilian conspiracy theory.

To his credit, this reporter (for The Boise Weekly) noted that as ridiculous as it may sound to many (OK, most) people, Icke's neo-Gnostic cosmogony enjoys a surprisingly wide global audience, thanks to Icke's tireless proselytizing:
While Odom’s writings are bizarre, and he has been said to have suffered mental health problems, they tap into a rich vein of conspiracy thinking that is shared—to varying extents—by perhaps millions of people around the world. 
A race of reptilian creatures secretly controlling all aspects of society is an idea that has been widely circulated since at least the early 1990s and popularized by British New Age figure David Icke. It is unclear whether Odom was directly influenced by Icke’s ideas, but the similarities between what Odom described and what Icke promotes via well-attended public speaking events are unmistakable. 
...Icke suggests inter-dimensional beings have for millennia altered humans’ perception of reality by first manipulating energy frequencies coming from space, then human genetics.  
These beings—who Icke claims are the true forces behind all religious deities—use reptilian-human hybrids to do their bidding, using everything from psychic manipulation to the banking industry to turn humanity into a collection of slaves.
And it's not just Icke working this beat; plenty of lesser-known researchers have picked the theme and worked up their own variations. YouTube is full of digital exegetes, poring through endless hours of footage searching for evidence of 'Reptilian shapeshifting'.

Films such as the classic exercise in working class paranoia They Live and the Reagan-era anti-globalist allegory V seem to be the major touchstones in the popularity of the shapeshifting motif, which also makes for an effective metaphor for a kicked-to-the-curb Middle America's perception of its ruling class.

Oddly enough, the Reptilian theory has even insinuated itself into otherwise more serene corners of the New Age homestead, in this case a Barbara Hand Clow book on past lives: 
With a background in Jungian psychology, author Barbara Hand Clow excels in shamanic cosmology, an intuitive storytelling technique that integrates history, legend and myth using her own internal guidance. In the third volume of her “Mind Chronicles Trilogy” called Signet of Atlantis, she also tackles the problem of the “lizard race” from her own perspective. 
Clow refers to the physical incarnation of this race on Earth. 
“They [the Anunnaki] nevertheless have received a measure of control over the planet’s surface,” she writes. “Most notably they have achieved the ability to incarnate. No longer will they have to persuade the people to build temples in order to link up to their own control centres; no longer will they require a channel to enter Earth; now they can become humans themselves.” 
“The various non-physical lizards creeping around the canals of Baalbek are considerably attracted to the idea of taking human form through incarnation,” she continues. “They look forward to creating fear more directly. These monsters are not content to lumber around as fourth dimensional reptiles, occasionally eating someone up. - taken from "New (Reptilian) World Order - Complete History of Reptilian Control" By Uri Dowbenko, New Dawn Magazine, special issue #7
Hand Clow considers herself a Jungian and Jung himself was immersed in snake and serpent symbolism. But before we start getting all psychologic and metaphoric about all of this it should be noted that classic Reptilians-- humanoids with serpent or reptilian heads or facial features-- make an appearance in the so-called Mithraic Liturgy, the ancient text that had such a life-changing effect on Jung himself (and also a text that no less an occult authority than Kenneth Grant labels a bonafide UFO contact account) that it could be credited with ultimately giving birth to the New Age Movement as we understand it today:
After saying this, you will see the doors thrown open, and seven virgins coming from deep within, dressed in linen garments, and with the faces of asps. They are called the Fates of heaven, and wield golden wands. When you see them, greet them in this manner: "Hail, O seven Fates of heaven, O noble and good virgins, O sacred ones and companions of MINIMIRROPHOR, O most holy guardians of the four pillars!

Given the prominence of the Reptilians in our modern mythology I was surprised how thin on the ground they are in ancient myth, and how few of those are the V-type Reptoids.

True to form, it seems the archetype fed into the culture by way of the pulps.

Conan creator Robert E. Howard had another barbarian hero, Kull (of Atlantis, significantly) whose enemies were an entire race of serpent men. And inevitably it appears that Howard lifted the idea from Madame Blavatsky, who wrote (in The Secret Doctrine) of a race of "Dragon Kings" who ruled ancient Lemuria.

So again we see ideas emerging from the high occult (Blavatsky and whomever she was plagiarizing), trickling down into pop culture (the pulps, sci-fi film), seeping into low occultism (alien conspiracy theory) and finally into the parade of travesties our modern news media has become.

How much of an influence it all had on Odom is unclear, though. If this is simple schizophrenia all of it could be the result of his own misfiring synapses. Certainly all the business about the Martian satyriasis seems unique to his case. And he doesn't cite any particular body of theory in his manifesto, which is actually surprising. Often individuals like this will cite this researcher or that book or video to bolster their claims. Odom does not.

Very curious indeed.


The Watchers, those demonized folk spirits from Syro-Phoenician religion, were said to be reptilian in appearance. Ultimately they take us back to Babylon, birthplace of the angels. And all kinds of reptilian motifs (many dating back to Sumer).

One AAT researcher, a former NSA cryptographer named R.A Boulay, cites the ancient Jewish text the Haggadah and claims that Adam and Eve, the prototype humanoids actually had scaly skin (described as "horny skin" in the text).

Boulay goes so far to claim that “The reptilian appearance of the Biblical gods was a well-kept secret and only occasionally is it perceptible in the Old Testament.”

This sounds like a bit of a stretch until you look at 
the Seraphim, the angels of the heavenly host. They may be commonly portrayed as winged humanoids but the word itself definitively indicates they were originally serpents and scholars believe that they were originally of Babylonian origin (as were the Cherubim).

Speaking of Babylon, we also have an amphibian figure of some renown, one well familiar to Secret Sun readers.

Oannes, the renowned instructor-god of ancient Mesopotamia, was not only amphibious, he wasn't exactly idolized by the people he tutored:
Berossus, the Babylonian priest writing in 3rd century BCE Athens, claimed that man’s ancestry and origin can be traced to “Oannes,” an amphibious creature that came out of the Persian Gulf to teach the arts of civilisation to man. “Berossus called them ‘annedoti’ which translate as the ‘repulsive ones’ in Greek. He also refers to them as ‘musarus,’ an abomination,” writes Boulay. 
Indeed, Boulay makes a very important argument as to the reality of the Oannes figure, given the unflattering nicknames he was given by his beneficiaries.
“If the tradition had been invented, a more normal attitude would have been to glorify these creatures as splendid gods or heroes, yet the fact that they chose to describe their ancestors this way argues for the authenticity of the account.”
Here's where the story gets even stranger. Kyle Odom served as a US Marine in Iraq, receiving a Campaign Medal for his service. Secret Sun readers know all about the looting of the Iraqi National Museum and the untold treasures lost there, not to mention the looting and destruction of ancient sites unleashed by Islamic militants.

What you might not know is that there was a nonsdescript little mound in Iraq that helped rewrite human history, opening our eyes to the so-called Ubaid Period. That prehistoric culture has helped shed light on the mystery of the Sumerian culture by pushing the clock back on organized settlement in the area:
(A prehistoric period of Mesopotamia), (t)he Ubaid Culture is characterized by large village settlements, with the construction of mud-brick houses with elaborate design, and the appearance of the first temples of public architecture.

But the Ubaid culture has done something else: it's given us History's earliest depictions of classic Reptoids, depictions that wouldn't look out of place in any modern sci-fi movie or TV show.
At the Archaeological site for Al-Ubaid, researchers have found numerous pre-Sumerian artifacts dating back at least 7,000 years, between these items strange looking figurines have been discovered with a very strange look: a combination of human and lizard-like features combined.  
Archaeologists have been stunned by these discoveries and no explanation has been given as to why the Ubaid culture made these strange looking figurines worshiping lizard-like creatures. Were they merely decorative items? The result of imagination? Or did the Ubaid culture really see lizard-like beings walking among them?
Maybe the answer lies in one of those tens of thousands of long-pilfered Sumerian texts, now sitting in some Raiders of the Lost Ark-type warehouse, waiting to be deciphered using the very latest optical technology.

Many would argue that our history has not only been stolen, it's deliberately being hidden away from us. Probably not something Kyle Odom needs to hear.


Kyle Odom's saga caught my attention for obvious reasons, but also the less obvious reason of his surname. His meltdown was preceded by another Odom's, in this case NBA player Lamar Odom, who married into the Kardashian clan.

Just as Kyle Odom blamed his troubles on Martian walk-ins, Lamar's defenders blamed his woes on the Kardashians, adding them to a list of casualties blamed on the unavoidable avatars of American collapse.

Lamar Odom's father unleashed on the brood, blaming them for his son's travails in no uncertain terms: 

•   The Kardashians have cursed his boy and ruined his basketball career;
•  The reality show put too much pressure on Lamar, forcing him to turn to drugs;
•   Kris Jenner is an “an evil bitch” and dismisses Kim as a “porn star”.
Speaking from his home in Marina Del Rey, Calif., Joe reckons his NBA star son has been “cursed: ever since he became a member of the Kardashian clan when he married Khloe, 29, in 2009.
It's just one of those strange twists of fate that the Kardashians remind every Star Trek fan in the world of another evil Reptilian alien race:
There are numerous similarities between Cardassians and reptiles. For example, while their skin is closer to that of Humans than reptiles, their neck ridges bear a resemblance to scales. Additionally, they prefer relatively dark rooms, enjoy the heat, are intolerant to cold (reptiles are cold-blooded), and are frequently portrayed as aggressors, an attribute often associated with reptiles.
Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

POSTSCRIPT: There's something still bugging me about this story. Something I can't quite put my finger on yet. It may be a topic I'll be returning to. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

SYNC LOG: This story, about another White House fence jumper, goes up shortly after I posted this.

* The story keeps changing, which is another strange detail about this case. But being surviving eight hits by hollow point .45 slugs is nearly unheard of. One of the bullets "ricocheted" near his brain, which must be a first for a hollow point.


  1. That manifesto does seem unusually well-organized for the writings of a schizophrenic.

    For the rest, I trust church people just as much as I trust the media, which is to say, not at all. I wonder what years of mental, emotional, and sexual abuse by clergy and family might result in? A boy that grows up trying to achieve his dreams, until the burdens of pain get to be too much? Or perhaps there is more here...

    1. It's a bizarre story. I don't think we're getting more than a glimpse of what's going on here. The things this assistant pastor are saying seem almost intentionally provocative. I have a very strong feeling we may not hear anything else of this case. And Odom himself might find himself working in some secret lab doing god knows what when all is said and done.

  2. Great thoughts! What catches me is how the story lines are ripped from existing story-lines. This element reminds me of your Blue Book call out. Perhaps Odom's reading a script?
    Gangs have rites of initiation which is what this looks like to me. He worked in high places, made contacts, shot someone, told the truth and set a false trail, ... He's in.
    Or he's just crazy. The skull is known for ricocheting bullets.

    1. It turns out this pastor was shot EIGHT times. We really are entering into X-Files reality, however this story pans out. But I've been wondering all along if this was all some fucked up cult manipulation. If so, expect more of it.

    2. *Eight* times with .45 hollow-points? Getting shot isn't like TV, bullets leave holes, tissue torn-up and mangled by shock, shattered bones....

      This whole story would seem hokey if it were a John Carpenter movie.

    3. I hope this guy makes a full recovery and that it turns out this kid just got his wires tangled. But I'll tell you- this case has a weird smell I can't seem to lose. Like a fox has been through the henhouse.

    4. Agreed, on everything.

      This has to be the weirdest story I've heard this decade, though.

    5. Not that I'm trying to downplay the weirdness of this event, bc it's whistling with High Weirdness, but I've read military guys talk about the modern statistics of gun shot wound survival via handgun is something like 85% and being shot with a long rifle is a 10-15% chance of survival.

  3. I've always wondered if the Reptilians aren't a sort of catch-all symbol to represent any "evil" or negatively-oriented entities, i.e. power-driven psychopaths, whether these are incarnate as humans (or other creatures) or acting from outside consensus reality. Just as we see with the shadow groups and governments, there isn't one ruling species or group but rather various nefarious beings of various different origins fighting for power.

    In any case, this concept seems to work well for me. I don't necessarily take those who bring up Reptilians for their word, but I wouldn't dismiss those claims out of hand either. The fact is we don't really know what's going on, and whoever Reptilians are, they are damn good at muddying the waters.

    - Bruno

    1. I've always seen the Reptilians as a metaphor for the reptilian brain, the lower order functions that Darwinists claim trace back on the evolutionary scale. But who knows? I've seen so much weirdness and corruption in my life I don't count anything out anymore. I just maintain a sliding scale of probabilities.

    2. "A sliding scale of probabilities", Roger that, Affirm. :)

      Just a thought that occurred - I've read that there is a psychoactive compound native to Central America, and anyone that ingests it gets visions of a Jaguar god. Could the recurrence of "Reptillian/Reptoid" imagery be something encoded deep in the human brain? And then, why would that be, unless there is more reality to the legends than the Powers-that-Be would want us to know?

  4. Wow. The internet was waiting for this post!

    Amphibious humanoids have been reported basically everywhere throughout history, from Bhutan to Iraq, so there is definitely something to this. What's harder to believe is that these creatures might choose to "incarnate" in some trashy neocon-supporting Pastor.

    By the way, I just read the Pastor's latest statement:

    "Eight holes in me by a .45, hollow-point, which means it just opens up, flares out, blows big holes. But you know, eight is an interesting number."

    ...Eight is also a gnostic number, isn't it? :)

    Oh, and Odom sounds a lot like Edom, which some have cursed... but that's another rabbit hole (

    1. Anything connected to Ted Cruz is automatically creepy. And very strange language this guy is using. I'd like to find out more about this church. Or maybe I wouldn't...

  5. This post struck a chord with me. I'd love to see a whole series on this topic. It's one of those eerie phenomena that resonates below the rational, and seems ready to erupt...right about now.

    Robert E. Howard was a really switched-on guy. He reminds me of Kirby (or Shaver, Dick, Icke): an idiot-savant who was tuned into some very powerful currents but expressed them in a lowbrow medium. Guys like this are always ridiculed by the highbrow opinion-makers, but they are also the guys who have a lasting influence.

    Anyway, great post, looking forward to anything else on this topic.

    1. I'll be keeping my antennae up but I get the feeling this case might disappear down the rabbit hole. I was watching some footage of the vigil for the pastor at this church- there were some weird undertones I can't quite put my finger on. Maybe it's just the times we're in- so much of everything seems slightly off.

  6. The most-recent Higherside Chats feels directly-related to your article --> --> I hope you will get a chance to give it a listen, especially if you have access to the plus show -

    The picture you provide comparing the Ubaid figurine with the 'Odomalien' is 'too much'. I am sitting here wondering if the god the gnostics loathed (demiurge) were gods with 'Cardassian' qualities.

    This is an excellent piece, Chris. Comprehensive, thoughtful, and educational.

  7. As I read this post, the first thing that came to mind and something that as a kid in the 70's I was fascinated/terrified by: does anyone remember Sid and Marty Kroft's "Land of the Lost"? Remember the storyline? One word: Sleestak. Maybe it was an overactive imagination, but there was something about it that just always seemed a little too "real" for me. Just a really odd blast-from-the-past that has never left me and too this day obviously has left me wondering. Really, really odd...

    1. @1510 - Funny you mention that! I remember "Land of the Lost", and while it's objectively a cheapo kiddie show, it had some very creepy moments, as you said: Sleestak.

    2. Remember it well, being of A Certain Age. I think Walter Koening (Chekov, Bester) wrote the pilot for that one.

      The year 1974 was a Very Good Year for 'weirdo' children's television, due to a writer's strike or something (so you ended up with A/B-list scifi authors working children's TV due to some exemption for children's programming back then).

      The Star Trek Animated series (which I actually remember watching before I'd 'discovered' the live-action TOS reruns) was from the same era. That definitely had more than a few un-childlike themes in the scripts.

      Between children's TV and shows like the Night Stalker (also from 1974-75), it was a good year to be a six year old weirdo.

    3. 1974 was smack dab in the middle of the 70s UFO wave so there were a lot of very strange energies in the air. That's when Kirby did that whole deal with the Iraq War prophecy as well.

  8. Accurate perception on your part. Groups of people for far more "mundane" reasons than "amphibious Martians"could easily take advantage of the plethora of discordant information and mess with a persons mind they had a collective grudge on. This will get easier and easier over time for the foreseeable future. You also have to admit at least some of the information you now identify as signs of mental illness have been forwarded on your blog as credible and in some cases very likely. In effect, you have just said much of your thoughts and writings are signs of mental illness. I disagree, but if you add this blog entry to all the others it's hard to deny. What some might call mental illness could also be called being open to ideas outside the mainstream box. Which by the way, is filled with similar ideas that are not considered signs of mental illness for the simple fact they are socially acceptable.

    1. Well, in our increasingly Sovietizing state anything and everything can be classified as mental illness. It just depends on how convenient the diagnosis is for some petty bureaucrat. Odom's awareness that his thoughts and perceptions were irrational and impossible make me wonder if they were indeed being induced somehow. He seems like someone who a lot of people would have a lot of interest in.

  9. In Odom's manifesto he complains that the reptilians kept repeating the phrase "Elmo rules the world." The etymology of ELMO, meaning Helmet, Protection; Diminutive form of the name ERASMUS,
    Pg. 106 PDK's Exegesis: PKD gets stoned and asks Tessa to ask him questions, stating his unconscious is accessible. Tessa asks "What Deity or force or presence took you over?" His answer "ERASMUS" On the next page, PKD continues to explain the constant double meaning puns which these intelligences communicate with.

    "Exorcism tablets constitute the major part of cuneiform religious inscriptions." TK Osterreich insists that ancient/primitive people were extremely auto suggestible, even in a symbolic sense. Do you think if Odom had presented himself to a priest and asked for a exorcism-(and they had taken him seriously and actually done it.) Would that have worsened or lessened his psychosis?

    I think these areas are the ones which religion used to specialize in, and for good reason. Science has not provided the insight to solve these religious dilemma.

    1. Well, Odom's problems all sprung from a church to begin with, didn't they? Changing denominations may not have had much effect.

  10. Freaky skin dude, Idaho gets weirder every minute. Lots of stone cold freaks in those woods. Chris did you see Horse lover Phat is on hiatus, possibly for self preservation? Some bad vibes for sure. This whole synchronistic community is alive, and searching out each and every synch! Thanks Chris for your effort. Shine forth brave souls. Respectfully, Dennis

    1. Idaho? Try the entire world! This is everywhere now. This is just an extreme example, or at least a more newsworthy example.

    2. The Idaho comment I made prior would belong here, but anyways, I think you might find this of interest, go ahead and hit speed x2 -->

      also Odom's name makes for some interesting anagrams, though anagram generator omits 'Model Koy', hmm... MK... anyways. Mod Yokel seems strikingly synchronistic, though he was a genetics student, I'm sure if you play with them you'll find some interesting variations.

  11. I agree there is a weird "odor" to this case. I can't help but be reminded of Ted "the Unabomber" Kaczynski, another highly intelligent, idealistic man with great potential who ostensibly went mad, dismissed as a paranoid schizophrenic though in fact he was not. He too wrote a manifesto that, while very different in the particulars, was also surprisingly sane and cogent for someone supposedly crazy. In his case, we know that as a teenager he was subjected to psychological experiments that were described by the principal investigator (Henry Murray) himself as "vehement, sweeping, and personally abusive" attacks on the subjects' egos and most cherished ideals. Years down the line, the goody two-shoes boy codenamed "Lawful" by the experimenters is mailing package bombs.

    The experiments performed on Kaczynski at Harvard wouldn't pass an ethics review board nowadays. But does anyone think that they don't still go on? And what better place to conduct dubious psychological experiments under the radar than within the secrecy of the military, the ivory tower of the academy, or the protections afforded to houses of worship?

    I'm just spitballing here, it's only one possibility among many (another being that perhaps he encountered less salubrious entities than the blue light during his astral travels), but I couldn't help but note the obvious parallels between the cases even though the contents of the manifestos are very different.

    1. Well, there's the Kaczyinski thing, which is a more extreme example. But nearly everyone I knew thought he was on point in his manifesto when it was published. These weren't militia people, these were educated urban people working with computers. So was that a smear op all along, discrediting certain widely held opinions by identifying them with a terrorist? With Odom I still can't shake this idea that someone was messing with him. There are all sorts of scenarios but this case just doesn't sit right.

  12. Funny thing is, I just finished my occasional re-watch of DS9 just last Thursday. Which I must say is a very different experience after reading Christopher's long series of posts on Trek and The Nine, AND having watched through Moore's BSG remake last year (DS9 looks more and more like a 'first draft' for many of the themes BSG ran with a decade later).

    All jokes aside, comparing the Cardassians to the other is unfair to the Cardassians. They were about as complex a 'villain' species as you were ever going to get out of the Trek universe. (I think of them as the stand-ins for the American neocon perspective).

    Fun/relevant fact, though: The Cardassians seem to be the only species I've seen in the Trek universe with something akin to our mass media (they had an analogue to television).

    1. @michael - To differ only slightly with you, I believe the Cardassians were meant to be "Space Fascists", and that the Neocon thing is a case of perspective, or even life imitating art, in that a formerly democratic regime took a turn to the hard right, and justified it as "necessary for the Common Good". I agree and endorse your other points, as well. :)

    2. Oh, I think DS9 is a lot more interesting than BSG. I think BSG is just partisan paranoia that looks kind of silly today. The real Cylons are the Progressive technocrats of Silicon Valley and Rt 128, hellbent to annihilate the middle class and restore the feudal system, which they've almost accomplished in California already.

    3. It's funny, I have all of BSG on DVD, and I almost nevers watch any of it. But, I catch Star Trek: DS9, TNG, and TOS *any* chance I get.

      I was riveted by BSG the first time through, but it just doesn't seem to have any staying power with me.

  13. That's a really bizarre story. Did you hear about this man who thought the puppet master was after him?

  14. I read the manifesto, and I really think the kid was onto something. The trouble is, by committing an act of violence, he fell for the trap hook, line, and sinker. If there really was a hostile non-human intelligence who wanted him out of the picture, how better than to provoke him to get himself locked up?

  15. WOW, of your best posts and thank you so much for it. Super syncs going on right now with "Pastor Tim" - I nearly spit out my Welch's grape juice when I saw you had written it that way. The show, "The Americans" with current main theme focused on Pastor Tim character with audience awaiting his demise or at least true identity. Maybe he's a hypersexual Martian reptile!!

    On a personal note (and I won't go too far into it), this article synched with me due to not too close relative who graduated from George Mason, three years in AF with honorable discharge, IT job with MS, moved to Idaho, went to Iraq with AF reserve in order to get a contractor job but had some sort of "psychotic" break; was discharged & family fought for honorable to get disability and won - that was weird! Family found him in some rat-trap hotel in Seattle looking like Howard Hughes, brought him home and got him on meds. O yeah, and he's also a red-head!

    What the hell goes on in Idaho AND the military :(

    Straight outta Twilight Zone

    Thanks again

  16. I think it's fair to say something gave him the heebie jeebies and he lost full control of his mind. His reasons for shooting the pastor are sketchy. I guess it could be that the pastor was a medium for telluric forces that wanted to communicate with Oden.

  17. Chris and to the readers, here's an interesting sync. This article was just released.

    1. That's an interesting story.

      The problem I always have with the "Nazi Super-science/UFO" stories is, that any one piece of Gee-whiz flying hardware, or a squadron, or a wing, of super-jets/Flying Saucers/ Die Glocke, still can and could not have made any real difference to Germany's strategic situation. The Red Army was rolling the Nazis up. Actually, medium-yield atomic bombs would have been a better "gift", because they could have been used to disrupt the Russian field armies.

      So, why should we believe that aliens intervened when the intervention had essentially do demonstrable effect?

      It's easier for me to believe in more of a "Roswell" idea, that we recovered some kind of ET tech, and have been reverse-engineering it since the late 1940s.

  18. Chris - I've go so much to say about his but I'll keep it short; I'm just glad that someone besides me finds it really crazy, weird, off-putting, alarming, that the name of the Cardassian race sounds so much like Kardashian. I really can't see that as an accident. In fact my every interaction with the Kardashians these days ( seemingly unavoidable ) only makes me think all the more of the creepy Trek antagonists. I'm just glad you put it in writing here! Cheers - Thrace

  19. Richard Dolan on F2B w/ Jimmy Church via Rune Soup which I listened to synchronistically today mentioned that Kyle Odom would be in court today (hence the April 6 mention sync) --> update: He's being extradited to Idaho. -->

  20. Chiming in on the Odom syncs here... When I first read through the Odom story, what popped up is that a lot of the symptoms described fall into the list of symptoms of Kundalini awakenings. I am someone who has gone through very similar experiences... am still trying to make sense of it, but now I also understand somethings were just not supposed to rationalize period. But I feel like when this happens to someone who is not ready for it, ignorant of this knowledge, is in an already toxic environment and has no one to guide them, all sorts of high strangeness can manifest. It's like all of our collective complexes and toxicity gets reflected back to us in extreme ways in this absurd time period we live in. I Certainly don't think this simplifies all of this, but what I take from reading on this spiritual awakening experiences/internal alchemy/shamanism that if it happens within a culture that has no context for it, it can spiral out of control. Does anyone else have anything to add to this line of thought?

  21. Is it that in his letter to the president,he suggests these 'martians'are also tormenting the president bugging you Chris? I have to read the manifesto again, he packed a lot of stuff into 18 months I think it was. I am leaning towards the Criminally Insane Association being involved here....again

  22. Uh, no mention of the fact this dude had blond hair, blue eyes, and these reptilians he was seeing liked fucking him? Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah!

    And for extra credit, from the Aryan Wikipedia page about Madame Blavatsky's Theosophical view:

    "She thought that the Aryans originally came from Atlantis and described the Aryan races with the following words:

    The Aryan races, for instance, now varying from dark brown, almost black, red-brown-yellow, down to the whitest creamy colour, are yet all of one and the same stock – the Fifth Root-Race – and spring from one single progenitor, ... who is said to have lived over 18,000,000 years ago, and also 850,000 years ago – at the time of the sinking of the last remnants of the great continent of Atlantis."