Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The Vegans Have Landed

Well, there's some loaded language for you. 

The New Normal is here. What does that mean? It means constant chaos and disruption as far as the eye can see. 

How did we get here? I think it has a lot to do with the death of David Rockefeller last March. This is the fairly standard pattern for an Empire; the Emperor dies and all of the princes and petty princes go to war in an attempt to gain the upper hand. 

These are very dangerous times for an Empire and its subjects. This kind of Game of Thrones internecine warfare can weaken--if not cripple--the Body Politic and render the whole damn kingdom ungovernable. Rockefeller had been ill for some time (he was older than dirt) which is why all the various rival factions within the Deep State went to war during the 2016 Election. 

And everything we're seeing now is the result of this war. With Big Daddy Citibucks out of the way they can all roll out their various secret technologies and psyops, all the stuff they've been toiling away on for the past century. 

I don't see any Rockefellers stepping up to take the throne (one of the elder Rockefeller sons died in a plane crash a few years back) so it may be some time before this all gets settled.

I know a lot of people in the Conspirasphere are all about QAnon and the Storm these days, but that all feels very psy-oppy to me as well, disinfo/misinfo posing as a running commentary on the progress of this war. 

By the same token, we are seeing a lot of very, very strange things going on like those twin aircrashes on New Year's Eve and that mysterious fire on the Clinton compound in Chappaqua the day before the FBI announced a new investigation into the CGI.

And the mainstream media has gone into full-blown meltdown for the past 18 months, which makes me wonder how exactly the battle is going for the people who pay their bills. It all feels a bit too frenetic-- and dare I say, desperate-- from my vantage point. 

Kind of the way you'd expect a propaganda ministry to act when the news from the front isn't all that good. But who can really tell? Not me.

And then there's Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas.

I've gone into excruciating detail on all of that, as regular readers know all too well, so if you're not up to speed just click the Las Vegas label at the bottom of the post.

But let's talk about the Vegas- or the Vegans (pronounced Vahy-Guns) for a bit. 

The whole thing seems to have gone dark now but what all the Vegas stuff seemed to culminate in was this weird space invader, which scientists claim had come from the direction of Vega. 

I've been kind of skeptical about this thing since it all seemed a bit too convenient, but the shifting narratives and radio silence have got me reconsidering my stance here.

But at the same time this Vega thing has been a Sci-Fi staple for quite some time now. What exactly that means is way, way above my paygrade but still, it's worth looking at the history here for a moment.

Isaac Asimov's landmark novel Foundation, which actually gave Al Qaeda its name, is the first heavy hitter here. Laying down a marker there, ol' Izzie was.

The legendary Robert A. Heinlein, a creepy pervert  true American eccentric if ever there was one, created his own Vegans for Have Rocket, Will Travel.

Then of course there's the original pilot for Star Trek, which if it wasn't actually ghost-written by Leslie Stevens, certainly reads like it was. 

I don't know if Gene Roddenberry knew Vega from a vagina, but I do know he needed a lot of tutoring while Trek was being assembled. 

Even so, marker laid well-and-down.

And of course we also have another heavy-hitter-- Carl Sagan-- paying tribute to the Vegas in his seminal hard SF opus, Contact

What makes this one particularly tasty is the whole interdimensional/ wormhole/ noncorporeal-entity tropes he slathers on like hot butter on his breakfast toast.

Then we have two other races of Vegans in major franchises; these in the Doctor Who series...

... and these Mighty Men Which Were of Old in the Marvel Universe. Beautiful Kirby cover there; he probably penciled it and five more besides on his cigar break. Man was a machine.

Bringing us back to the Never-Ending Ritual now, we have the European Space Agency's Vega program, which is a very big deal even if most Americans don't give a shit about it.

And of course we have Anno-Lucis Vega, the young androgynaut being given a big push by American Girl Dolls.

And do pay attention to this years CSE, not only because it's in Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas, but because I think SiliCylon Valley will be rolling out some particularly malignant toys this year. 

Case in point.

I do wonder if the Cylons will take a wee-hours tour to Bob Bigelow's UFO-stash up the road from the con. I'd say it's worth putting up with Harry Reid's handfarting and pointless, meandering Sinatra jokes if ol' Biggy busts out the Roswell-style chronic for some sick reverse-engineering.

We keep seeing this headline too. Which is kind of odd since I'm not exactly sure exactly how it was Rome's Las Vegas. 

Plus, it was actually swallowed by the sea.

And again, Blade Runner slamming the 4:9 and Las Vegas riffs the week of the shootings.

And of course, the new Star Wars sequel has a rather-baffling interlude on Space Vegas.


But this Vegan thing. Yeah.

I'm sure everyone here is familiar with the term but probably don't realize it's a neologism-- which is a polite way of saying "a made-up word some guy pulled out of his ass one day"-- and not anything you can actually trace back to Parmenides or Empedocles or whoever.

Like Wicca, "Vegan" was coined by Donald Watson-- one of your archetypal British-type weirdos-- during the Big One. Watson's definition of Vegan makes not one lick of sense, but you know the way I look at these kinds of things; maybe it wasn't meant to.

I don't know enough about Watson to sniff out the MI6 operatives lurking in the back garden, but knowing how these things usually go, I'm sure they're out there somewhere.

Particularly given the big vegan psy-op we're seeing the mainstream media shoving down our gullets lately.

And Mother of F*ck, are they shoving it deep. 

Superstar filmmaker James Cameron, a doctrinaire Globalist right down to his toes (are they dosing the water in Canada?), is a totally unnecessary bullshit neologism Vegan and is crocheting Vegan propaganda into the sequel to Ferngully Avatar, out in 2020. 

He'd just better hope the big-V Vegans don't get here first.

RoboApocalypse-promoter and Vegan Justin Timberlake appeared in a 2013 Saturday Night Live skit called "Veganville," where he played a literal soyboy. 

It's about as funny as a colonoscopy.

Those of you who remember the Domino blowout should take note of this entry in the Vegan brainwashing sweepstakes. 

And you do know the real Vegan pizza doesn't look anything like that, right? That it actually looks like an oven mitt kind of thing your nephew made in art therapy? 

Just checking.

And of course there's the not-so-vague intimations of violence you see so much of in the mainstream media these days. When it comes to...well, pretty much everything, actually.

And what's a social engineering psyop without Queen BeyoncIsis herself? It's like a sky without chemtrails. It's like a cellphone without brain tumors. And so our Queen lowers her gaze upon your wretched soul, and sees that you are weak and foul and stink like meat.  

Submit to the Vegas, meat-boy.

Oh, so you have repented and gone "plant-based." Well then, Our Regent smiles upon you like the very face of the Sun. 

Her royal governess isn't quite so sure, however. She thinks she might smell a Slim Jim on your breath. 

Brush next time.

And of course, Everybody's Favorite Pansexual Superstar is now a Vegan, too. Because Everybody's Favorite Pansexual Superstar hops on every-single-f**king bandwagon that comes roaring through town. 

Because Everybody's Favorite Pansexual Superstar has no soul. 

You do realize Everybody's Favorite Pansexual Superstar is an empty, soulless vessel, right?

Even Madame President wants you to go Vegan. Why, Madame President got her very close friend Harvey to go Vegan. Doesn't Madame President's very close friend Harvey look terrific now? All the young starlets are just going to go gaga for Madame President's very close friend Harvey. 


And if they f**king don't, they'll never f**king work in this f**king town again. You f**king listening?  Now get the f**k in this f**king hotel room and shut your f**king mouth already.

Oprah went Vegas too. She appeared with Ellen DeGeneres- who she's not the slightest bit jealous of, why do you ask?- to talk Vegas and Vegans. Oprah's very happy for Ellen. Doesn't Oprah look happy for her? Oprah wishes Ellen all the success in the world. Very happy. 

Very happy for her. 

Very, very...very happy. 

For Ellen.

And hey, Ellen was certainly the Las Vegas Johnny-on-the-spot, wasn't she? 

Probably because she peppers her guests with such probing, insightful questions, like that time Jesus Campos and his CIA handler friend came on her show. I heard somewhere that the FBI are thinking of putting Ellen in charge of the Harvest 91 investigation. 

Ellen will get to the bottom of it. Regular Kojak.

Now watch this....


Mermaids have invaded Las Vegas. Because they're invading everywhere. You didn't take me seriously, did you? 

Oh that Secret Sun guy, flying off the handle again. Nutcase.

Don't worry, because the Mermaids will be coming to your town eventually. And is anyone else getting the feeling the Vegas are Mer-people? 

I sure as hell am.

And you can swim the Mermaid-infested waters off....hold up. 

"Pornography Point?" Seriously?


Yeah, like I've said, you're probably as sick of it as I am but this friggin' Mermaid thing is just getting started. 

Why? Because it's about conditioning the kiddies to accept Transgenics, not fun and fantasy and frolic and carefree romps under the waves. 

Oh, I wish I were exaggerating.

Maybe even some involuntary Transgenics. You know, just on prisoners or something. Or the homeless. I mean, whatever. Nazis, maybe. 

Maybe the unemployed. I don't know, we'll see. Don't worry about it now.

Gender-fluid, genetically-fluid, transgenetically-mutilated; what's the difference really? Diversity is our strength, right? We're stronger together.

What, you got something against genetically-engineered fish-children shrieking for the sweet release of death? Check your privilege, landwalker. 

Sic AtlantiFa on your air-breather ass. 


The Secret Sun Institute of Advanced Synchromysticism is waiting for you to take the next step in your synchro-journey. Come level up.

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