Tuesday, January 09, 2018

War in Heaven Update: The Vegans Have Landed

Well, there's some loaded language for you. 

The New Normal is here. What does that mean? It means constant chaos and disruption as far as the eye can see. 

How did we get here? I think it has a lot to do with the death of David Rockefeller last March. This is the fairly standard pattern for an Empire; the Emperor dies and all of the princes and petty princes go to war in an attempt to gain the upper hand. 

These are very dangerous times for an Empire and its subjects. This kind of Game of Thrones internecine warfare can weaken--if not cripple--the Body Politic and render the whole damn kingdom ungovernable. Rockefeller had been ill for some time (he was older than dirt) which is why all the various rival factions within the Deep State went to war during the 2016 Election. 

And everything we're seeing now is the result of this war. With Big Daddy Citibucks out of the way they can all roll out their various secret technologies and psyops, all the stuff they've been toiling away on for the past century. 

I don't see any Rockefellers stepping up to take the throne (one of the elder Rockefeller sons died in a plane crash a few years back) so it may be some time before this all gets settled.

I know a lot of people in the Conspirasphere are all about QAnon and the Storm these days, but that all feels very psy-oppy to me as well, disinfo/misinfo posing as a running commentary on the progress of this war. 

By the same token, we are seeing a lot of very, very strange things going on like those twin aircrashes on New Year's Eve and that mysterious fire on the Clinton compound in Chappaqua the day before the FBI announced a new investigation into the CGI.

And the mainstream media has gone into full-blown meltdown for the past 18 months, which makes me wonder how exactly the battle is going for the people who pay their bills. It all feels a bit too frenetic-- and dare I say, desperate-- from my vantage point. 

Kind of the way you'd expect a propaganda ministry to act when the news from the front isn't all that good. But who can really tell? Not me.

And then there's Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas.

I've gone into excruciating detail on all of that, as regular readers know all too well, so if you're not up to speed just click the Las Vegas label at the bottom of the post.

But let's talk about the Vegas- or the Vegans (pronounced Vahy-Guns) for a bit. 

The whole thing seems to have gone dark now but what all the Vegas stuff seemed to culminate in was this weird space invader, which scientists claim had come from the direction of Vega. 

I've been kind of skeptical about this thing since it all seemed a bit too convenient, but the shifting narratives and radio silence have got me reconsidering my stance here.

But at the same time this Vega thing has been a Sci-Fi staple for quite some time now. What exactly that means is way, way above my paygrade but still, it's worth looking at the history here for a moment.

Isaac Asimov's landmark novel Foundation, which actually gave Al Qaeda its name, is the first heavy hitter here. Laying down a marker there, ol' Izzie was.

The legendary Robert A. Heinlein, a creepy pervert  true American eccentric if ever there was one, created his own Vegans for Have Rocket, Will Travel.

Then of course there's the original pilot for Star Trek, which if it wasn't actually ghost-written by Leslie Stevens, certainly reads like it was. 

I don't know if Gene Roddenberry knew Vega from a vagina, but I do know he needed a lot of tutoring while Trek was being assembled. 

Even so, marker laid well-and-down.

And of course we also have another heavy-hitter-- Carl Sagan-- paying tribute to the Vegas in his seminal hard SF opus, Contact

What makes this one particularly tasty is the whole interdimensional/ wormhole/ noncorporeal-entity tropes he slathers on like hot butter on his breakfast toast.

Then we have two other races of Vegans in major franchises; these in the Doctor Who series...

... and these Mighty Men Which Were of Old in the Marvel Universe. Beautiful Kirby cover there; he probably penciled it and five more besides on his cigar break. Man was a machine.

Bringing us back to the Never-Ending Ritual now, we have the European Space Agency's Vega program, which is a very big deal even if most Americans don't give a shit about it.

And of course we have Anno-Lucis Vega, the young androgynaut being given a big push by American Girl Dolls.

And do pay attention to this years CSE, not only because it's in Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas, but because I think SiliCylon Valley will be rolling out some particularly malignant toys this year. 

Case in point.

I do wonder if the Cylons will take a wee-hours tour to Bob Bigelow's UFO-stash up the road from the con. I'd say it's worth putting up with Harry Reid's handfarting and pointless, meandering Sinatra jokes if ol' Biggy busts out the Roswell-style chronic for some sick reverse-engineering.

We keep seeing this headline too. Which is kind of odd since I'm not exactly sure exactly how it was Rome's Las Vegas. 

Plus, it was actually swallowed by the sea.

And again, Blade Runner slamming the 4:9 and Las Vegas riffs the week of the shootings.

And of course, the new Star Wars sequel has a rather-baffling interlude on Space Vegas.


But this Vegan thing. Yeah.

I'm sure everyone here is familiar with the term but probably don't realize it's a neologism-- which is a polite way of saying "a made-up word some guy pulled out of his ass one day"-- and not anything you can actually trace back to Parmenides or Empedocles or whoever.

Like Wicca, "Vegan" was coined by Donald Watson-- one of your archetypal British-type weirdos-- during the Big One. Watson's definition of Vegan makes not one lick of sense, but you know the way I look at these kinds of things; maybe it wasn't meant to.

I don't know enough about Watson to sniff out the MI6 operatives lurking in the back garden, but knowing how these things usually go, I'm sure they're out there somewhere.

Particularly given the big vegan psy-op we're seeing the mainstream media shoving down our gullets lately.

And Mother of F*ck, are they shoving it deep. 

Superstar filmmaker James Cameron, a doctrinaire Globalist right down to his toes (are they dosing the water in Canada?), is a totally unnecessary bullshit neologism Vegan and is crocheting Vegan propaganda into the sequel to Ferngully Avatar, out in 2020. 

He'd just better hope the big-V Vegans don't get here first.

RoboApocalypse-promoter and Vegan Justin Timberlake appeared in a 2013 Saturday Night Live skit called "Veganville," where he played a literal soyboy. 

It's about as funny as a colonoscopy.

Those of you who remember the Domino blowout should take note of this entry in the Vegan brainwashing sweepstakes. 

And you do know the real Vegan pizza doesn't look anything like that, right? That it actually looks like an oven mitt kind of thing your nephew made in art therapy? 

Just checking.

And of course there's the not-so-vague intimations of violence you see so much of in the mainstream media these days. When it comes to...well, pretty much everything, actually.

And what's a social engineering psyop without Queen BeyoncIsis herself? It's like a sky without chemtrails. It's like a cellphone without brain tumors. And so our Queen lowers her gaze upon your wretched soul, and sees that you are weak and foul and stink like meat.  

Submit to the Vegas, meat-boy.

Oh, so you have repented and gone "plant-based." Well then, Our Regent smiles upon you like the very face of the Sun. 

Her royal governess isn't quite so sure, however. She thinks she might smell a Slim Jim on your breath. 

Brush next time.

And of course, Everybody's Favorite Pansexual Superstar is now a Vegan, too. Because Everybody's Favorite Pansexual Superstar hops on every-single-f**king bandwagon that comes roaring through town. 

Because Everybody's Favorite Pansexual Superstar has no soul. 

You do realize Everybody's Favorite Pansexual Superstar is an empty, soul-less vessel, right?

Even Madame President wants you to go Vegan. Why, Madame President got her very close friend Harvey to go Vegan. Doesn't Madame President's very close friend Harvey look terrific now? All the young starlets are just going to go gaga for Madame President's very close friend Harvey. 


And if they f**king don't, they'll never f**king work in this f**king town again. You f**king listening?  Now get the f**k in this f**king hotel room and shut your f**king mouth already.

Oprah went Vegas too. She appeared with Ellen DeGeneres- who she's not the slightest bit jealous of, why do you ask?- to talk Vegas and Vegans. Oprah's very happy for Ellen. Doesn't Oprah look happy for her? Oprah wishes Ellen all the success in the world. Very happy. 

Very happy for her. 

Very, very...very happy. 

For Ellen.

And hey, Ellen was certainly the Las Vegas Johnny-on-the-spot, wasn't she? 

Probably because she peppers her guests with such probing, insightful questions, like that time Jesus Campos and his CIA handler friend came on her show. I heard somewhere that the FBI are thinking of putting Ellen in charge of the Harvest 91 investigation. 

Ellen will get to the bottom of it. Regular Kojak.

Now watch this....


Mermaids have invaded Las Vegas. Because they're invading everywhere. You didn't take me seriously, did you? 

Oh that Secret Sun guy, flying off the handle again. Nutcase.

Don't worry, because the Mermaids will be coming to your town eventually. 

And is anyone else getting the feeling the Vegas are Mer-people? 

I sure as hell am.

And you can swim the Mermaid-infested waters off....hold up. 

"Pornography Point?" Seriously?


Yeah, like I've said, you're probably as sick of it as I am but this friggin' Mermaid thing is just getting started. 

Why? Because it's about conditioning the kiddies to accept Transgenics, not fun and fantasy and frolic and carefree romps under the waves. 

Oh, I wish I were exaggerating.

Maybe even some involuntary Transgenics. You know, just on prisoners or something. Or the homeless. I mean, whatever. Nazis, maybe. 

Maybe the unemployed. I don't know, we'll see. Don't worry about it now.

Gender-fluid, genetically-fluid, transgenetically-mutilated; what's the difference really? Diversity is our strength, right? We're stronger together.

What, you got something against genetically-engineered fish-children shrieking for the sweet release of death? Check your privilege, landwalker. 

Sic Atlanti-Fa on your air-breather ass. 


  1. Loaded language indeed:

    "Tech a new religion at consumer gadget extravaganza in Las Vegas"

    1. My son is 5 years old. He was born in Costa Rica. The people there have always said that the ufo's go into the volcanoes to steal energy. Since the time he was able to speak he had been saying that the "rainbow people" brought him here. You can't see them but they're here. He says there are more in Costa Rica, doesn't see many in Brooklyn NY... One thing has always stood out for me about the rainbow people. He says that they have gills.

    2. I want to start this off by saying I really enjoyed listening to your talk on Aeon Byte the other day, it made me want to read more of your thoughts on things happening in the world, but this particular post made me kind of bummed/pissed off as I get to learn that I'm a freaky-deaky "other" AKA a vegan myself. Have you seen that Jimmy Fallon skit where a guy says words and the words lead him to an absurd conclusion that begins a new absurd word based epiphany and leads him in a circle of ridiculous realizations that are "funny" because they have no real meaning? It's called a deductive fallacy. How about "vegans" that realize that the government doesn't even have to label completely faux fish as such by law anymore? Citation (Ever heard of citations?) https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2013/02/59-of-the-tuna-americans-eat-is-not-tuna/273410/ | That plant based diets lead to longer, healthier lives (https://med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2016/07/5-questions-randall-stafford-advocates-a-plant-based-diet.html) Oh but that's those shills at Stanford trying to bring us down, right my man? I mean, I can play let's jump down the rabbit hole as easily as you can, talk about the fact that Pythagoras was a vegetarian and the filling our bellies with crazy amounts of industrialized and brutalized meat and dairy is a relatively new thing and the carnivorous corporate interests that don't want this vegan thing to really happen until Tyson and Dominoes and whoever else buys in at the levels they need to to really profit... bla bla bla... I can go down a conspiratard hole too. Wheee!!!! That said, I don't disagree with everything you are saying in this blog, I'm a bit of a conspiratard myself, but turning subjective interpretations into objective "psy-op" history for the sake of riling idiots up to talk shit that can't be argued against is what I call disinformation propogation. And disformation agents peddling the idea of "othering" based on choosing not to eat animals is toxic. Oh man, I didn't have a heart attack because we live in a world where I can eat a veggie burger that tastes like McDonalds which is literally killing the poorest among us, now let me take that extra scratch I have and get my balls removed and replace them with a friggin dorsal fin so I can swim with the dolphins. I seen it on Star Trek! Shyeeeet! Lol.

    3. OK, you're bringing up issues I already addressed. Have the common courtesy to read replies before commenting.

  2. Someone on the previous post asked about the picture of Oumuamua and The Expanse TV series. I mentioned the last 2 books released so far.
    Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (ca. 550–330 BC). It is situated 60 km northeast of the city of Shiraz in Fars Province, Iran.
    The Expanse Board Game Release Day! Las Vegas 10/04/2017
    Spoilers for anyone that hasn't watched the show.

    The Expanse is a game of politics, conquest, and intrigue for two to four players. Players spread their influence through the solar system onto important Bases using characters and events in the Expanse Universe. Players represent Earth’s UN forces, the military of Mars, the rebels of the O.P.A., and the mysterious corporation, Protogen Inc. Each has special abilities that you must cleverly use to gain an edge. The Expanse is an accessible card­driven system where action points and events help move fleets and influence, place fleets and influence and use other abilities.
    But let us not forget about the’ Rocinante and her crew. They are available to help players in need. For gamers, The Expanse delivers the excitement of political intrigue of a Twilight Struggle but in a shorter time frame. Fans of the show will feel like they are in the universe as the cards are chock full of images from the series.

  3. https://lasvegasweekly.com/ae/film/2015/dec/09/childhoods-end-and-the-expanse-return-the-syfy-cha/ Spoilers

    Two of the biggest launches in that new initiative debut this week: the miniseries Childhood’s End, based on the classic 1953 novel by sci-fi legend Arthur C. Clarke, and the ongoing series The Expanse, based on the popular novels by James S.A. Corey. Both exhibit the scope and ambition the network has been missing in recent years, although only The Expanse manages to make good on those ambitions. It’s not entirely consistent, but over the course of its first four episodes, The Expanse builds a convincingly lived-in future world and populates it with an impressively diverse range of characters (including what must be TV’s very first space Mormons), while weaving together several intricate storylines.
    The show’s political landscape includes friction among residents of Earth, colonists on Mars and downtrodden workers in the asteroid belt, and the ensemble cast ranges from Thomas Jane as a noir-style Belter detective to Shohreh Aghdashloo as a pragmatic Earthbound politician. The various storylines seem a little disconnected at first, but they come together effectively as the series progresses, and each small detail, whether in dialogue or in set design, contributes to the overall immersion of the show’s world.

  4. You should stop now Chris all the kids and 'adults' are going to label you a "Hater". Uggh , the biggest cop out in the English language. Thanks for being irritated with me tho;)

    1. Yes,Vegan Cheese is a thing and I for one Welcome our 'New' Vegan Messiah.

  5. One more from the list of Vegan SciFi: Danger From Vega - John Rakham:

    Flashing across his viewscreen, an iridescent image was Jeremy Thorpe's first glimpse of the Vegans, the mysterious infiltrators of Earth's galactic sector, bent upon a seemingly mindless determination to eliminate the men of Earth.

    This first glimpse was very nearly his last when Jeremy's ship Quest was almost instantly plunged into the center of a holocaust of heat-beams and fragmentation bombs.

    Jeremy and the two other survivors of Quest escaped with their lives only to find themselves stranded on the shores of a Vega-occupied planet. And in order to survive they had to discover that the key to Vega lay in the strange magic of a race that seemed to consist entirely of the opposite sex. Shocking stuff!

  6. Excellent work Chris. I have had my radar on full gain lately ...the "Age of Aquarius" thing mentioned in a previous comment..one of the closest alignments, as mentioned in the song, just passed on the 7th i think...i was hopping i could feel a perceptible shift in the "vibe", maybe a lighting up of all this division and childish finger pointing...the Pieces fishes stop chasing their tails, ya know?...but i guess that "feeling" was just gas..
    But then i read this and thought..are all these mermaids showing up a little color guard for the Aquarian?...the Water Bearer, right?...whats next, a fuckin' tsunami?(WATER bearer)...make the environment a little more friendly for all these sexy little cannibalistic tranny fish chicks?...?? (jeeze, so much for "lighter" vibes..sorry man..) Guitardave.

  7. Many Vegans do not eat meat for one reason, something(sentient beings) must be killed and chopped up and roasted. No-thing wrong about being a vegan me thinks. So much blood, so much killing. 87

    1. I'm all for meatless diets, eggless, milkless- whatever. Go with God.

      Vegan is a made-up word and a made-up identity. And there are plenty of actual Nazis who are vegans.

  8. Hhmmm, for some reason I'm suddenly craving steak au povior, maybe with a nice side of roasted marrow.

    Anyhow, the tech roll-out is coming fast and furi… oh, nevermind, not gonna go there.

    “A car 'more intelligent than humans'...”


    “Byton has revealed the first look at the high-tech electric car it claims will ‘perceive more than what a human being will ever do.'
    The firm finally unveiled its first drivable prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today.”

    And this:

    “First ‘Mind-Reading’ AI Can Literally See Your Thoughts”


    And this:



    Can't quite put my finger on it, but it kinda seems like there's a trend in all of these new gizmos...

    What could possibly go wrong? It's not like a lack of foresight has ever caused someone to make regretable decisions:

    “VEGAN tattoo is (probably) made from animal products”


    1. about the wifi mind reading...
      this has been A THING in former ussr (ukraine, russia) at least since 2007 (that's the year i have see cited officially in print), but since it's based on research from the 60s, i think the shady structures of power have been using it for some decades by now. so yeah, very much real. i have been told that the russian devices are way ahead everything else available, but are somewhat expensive at $10k for the hardware required alone, knowhow is pretty much priceless i have been told in private.

  9. That qanon shit is the stupidest shit on the planet. Literally some guy just being all "yeah i know whats going on". I always wonder how the internet has effected compulsive liars.

    What i think is happening is something called "hypernormalization"
    That documeterian Adam Curtis made a documentary called that but the word was invented by a Russian to describe how it felt near the end of the soviet union when everyone pretended that everything was normal when it wasnt.


    >The term "hypernormalisation" is taken from Alexei Yurchak's 2006 book Everything was Forever, Until it was No More: The Last Soviet Generation, about the paradoxes of life in the Soviet Union during the 20 years before it collapsed.[3][4] A professor of anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley,[5] he argues that everyone knew the system was failing, but as no one could imagine any alternative to the status quo, politicians and citizens were resigned to maintaining a pretence of a functioning society.[6] Over time, this delusion became a self-fulfilling prophecy and the "fakeness" was accepted by everyone as real, an effect that Yurchak termed "hypernormalisation"

    What a spectacle that would be if 2020 is president trump and madam oprah.
    I think if you went back in time no one would believe you.

    1. Maybe soviet hypernormalisation was a test run?

      The immanence of the eschaton is necessarily hypernormalised, because TPTB can't quite pin down precisely when the world turns upside down and the mammoths' last meals freeze in their bellies.

      The show must go on... until then.

    2. And "The Boondocks" predicted a 2020 presidential win for Oprah Winfrey. http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/boondocks-predicted-oprah-2020-presidency-2006-article-1.3746803

    3. Literally some guy just being all "yeah i know whats going on"

      "Some guy" in Trumps innermost circle, as attested by multiple confirmations of Q with Trumps Tweets and verified timestamps.

      "Some Guy" who has pointed out lots of secretive financial connections, predicted planecrashes, and spurred an ongoing independent investigation of various nefarious characters who were flying under the radar.

      But I'm sure you've looked into it all quite thoroughly...

    4. OH, yeah. I saw a cloud outside that kind of looked like trump.
      Secret trump signal lol

    5. It's a set up for a bunker run, think about it.

  10. More PS4 game "Bloodborne" connections to all this:

    The DLC of the game revealed that the ultimate source of the cursed blood in the game was a Great Old One named Kos.

    Kos was a mermaid.

    According to in-game lore, the ruling elite class discovered Kos in the ocean and murdered her [or simply discovered her corpse... that point is unclear].

    The townsfolk in the seaside village where Kos washed up were TRANSFORMED in to mer-folk/fish-people simply by being in proximity to her corpse.

    The ruling elites began to experiment on and mutilate Kos's corpse. In the process her unborn child, the Orphan of Kos, was released to wreak havoc upon the player as the game's final boss.

    There's some intense knowledge that's been encoded into that videogame.

    1. It sounds inspired by Beowulf. Now what was Grendel's mother exactly?

    2. That does indeed sound like the battle beneath the lake with Grendel's mother. Hadn't thought about that.

  11. Another interesting one, Chris.

    I know Stanley Kubrick was a vegetarian, but I have a hard time thinking 2001: A Space Odyssey was a disguised endorsement for vegetarianism or being a vegan. Where I'm going with this is that every time characters eat in the movie he always ensures the viewer sees they're consuming meat or fish. He actually puts forth the fall of man is with the arrival of the Monolith of the humming hive and that the apes didn't know the concept of killing for food or war until then. Then the eating of deceased animal flesh is hinted at inside the space station with a restaurant sign, then the actual eating is shown while en route to the moon base, then in the shuttle, and in the Jupiter bound poly-wog ship, culminating in the event horizon room until the rapidly aging astronaut, Bowman, breaks the glass during his last meal and reflects. Only then is he (Man) reborn and able to return to Earth in a triumphant (the theme music) and perfected state.

    Not exactly sure how this Vegan concept connects with the other Vega concepts except, maybe, to depict the supposed "purity" and ascending nature of the expected 'returning ones'.

    1. Since 2001 seems to be pretty ahead of the times with all these stuff (1-4-9 monolith, the year of course, and probably the first movie AI, HAL), I wondered whether there was some Vega/Las Vegas connection as well. And there is. It never fails.

      2001 was the first film showing a completely revised (and very short-lived) version of the MGM lion logo, which became prominent, however, as the logo of the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

  12. My answer to the vegan push would be this: when you start caring way more about humans I may take you seriously. Not until then. And possibly not even then considering how destructive most vegan diets can be. This smacks of the
    "we fear over-population" nightmare of the elites. Yes, they have nightmares too, and they're quite consistent about this one.

    More broadly, there seems to be a continuation of the trend to invite/seduce humanity into embracing the very things that make them less human, like AI/human interfaces and now veganism. It all seems really to be the latest continuation of that theme a reader mentioned in a previous post about how capitalism as currently practiced always trends towards dehumanization.

    1. Actually, veganism isn't necessarily about making people less human. Evidence suggests that the original diet of humans contained less animal products than the average Westerner consumes nowadays, and no dairy. That's why some people are lactose intolerant, and anyway, it's obvious that you can't have much dairy unless you have cattle or other farm animals, and that wouldn't happen till people became shepherds rather than hunters. So being somewhat more plant-based than average is almost certainly becoming more human.

      As for the fear of over-population, it isn't really the Western elites where it's worst. Chinese and Indian people are horrified by it. With good reason. They'll never lift the poorest people out of their poverty if they keep having large families.

      As for caring more for animals than humans, is it the fault of the marketers that people respond better to appeals with cute baby farm animals than to reason-based appeals with starving kids in Africa? (Because the best appeal for vegetarianism/veganism is "Farming for meat uses land that could be much more efficiently used to feed people.") Or is it the fault of the intrinsic evil of humans, ie, that most people positively cheer (secretly) at the idea of foreign kids dying, especially if they really look different from you? Racism is hard-wired, my friend. Anybody that tells you otherwise is just hoping that by telling you that, it will get softened a bit.

    2. Maria... so you think most people secretly cheer at the idea of foreign kids dying ?
      Pure projection on your part. You have no idea what most people think, and most are not secretly cheering the deaths of brown children, or any children for that matter.
      "Racism" is not hard wired, but pattern recognition is, as well as preference for sameness and familiarity. You can label that racism if you like, but most human beings in the past and alive today prefer those most like themselves. It's actually quite natural, and trying to pathologize it doesn't help anyone.

    3. Actually, grazing farm animals (i.e. "free range") improve the soil and help create better yields and more nutrient packed produce. The current factory farming methods are destroying the soil, massively polluting waterways, and produce less nutritious food. Of course, factory farmed meat is an abomination that does as much, if not more, damage that factory farming plants does, so that needs to be abolished as well. Most westerners DO each too much meat though, I'll grand you that.

  13. totally off topic, but this harkens back to previous posts, specifically knowles star gazing. i have been curious about the beast with the seven heads and ten crowns, and i knew that i had seen reference to that before (well the seven heads) i found this...https://ferrebeekeeper.wordpress.com/2015/12/01/sumerian-seven-headed-dragon/ please note ninurta's weapons...sikle shaped sword?

  14. Jeez ... where to begin? Well, at our house we received an unsolicited "Luciana Vega" American Girl catalog in the mail, just a few days ago. And at the drug store yesterday, at the counter, they were promoting "VEGA" brand health food bars. Almost bought one ... but no amount of celebrity veganism or coffee enemas are going to change the fact that something truly and utterly bizarre is taking place. I feel it more every day. In fact, a colleague of mine, who is not prone to fantastical statements or hyperbole (he's about 68 years old) said something is seriously, seriously wrong, not just in America, but worldwide, like we've been in the middle of a "reset". It startled me. Sort of like the time Bush said "where wings take dream." You shake your head and wonder why.

  15. It would be funny if it wasn't so horrifying. I have the feeling that we are giggling in a dark alley with Lovecraftian horrors lurking right around the corner.

    The discussion regarding Oprah running for POTUS in 2020 feels like all of (un) reality has turned into reality television. With her emphasis on pop New Age spirituality, will we see her smudging the Oval Office with sage and channelers of the Ascended Masters as her advisors? (Perhaps a reboot of to World War 2 era Germany with the Thule/Vril channelers like Maria Orsic)

    Yesterday's news gleefully announced a new anti-impotence treatment containing nitroglycerin - sounds like a set up for the triumphant return of the orgia of the Mystery Cults.

    The television show Roseanne (1988-1997), is returning this year, now featuring a young boy character who is prone to wearing dresses, although stars like Sara Gilbert (Darlene), are quick to explain that he is neither gay nor transgender but quirky and creative. The return of the show was heralded with great fanfare at the Golden Globes ritual working. The programming narrative continues.

    Did you notice that, within the context of an all black dress code(alchemy, anyone?) at the awards ceremony, much ado was made of the use of emeralds as adornment for the female stars, such as Katherine Zeta Jones, Zoe Kravitz, Ashley Judd and Debra Messing.(the individuals involved are incredibly telling) An exhaustive amount of media coveage assured us that emeralds hold deep symbolism, including. "Hope, renewal, growth, and "an ongoing search for meaning, justice, compassion and harmony."

    And, speaking of Timberlake, have you seen his new video "Filthy," in which he stars as a Steve Jobs type-character, and introduces a vaguely sinister sentient robotic character who sings and dances at a Pan Asian Tech conference?

    I grit my teeth every time I read the news lately.

    1. Yes, Oprah is the perfect candidate for an era where nothing is real any more, and evil has taken on a mass-culture, come-hither, faux-empathetic friendly face: "Come... I'm here to listen."

    2. Remember Slick Willy saying he could feel our pain and the pleas of the Hope-Ras of the world for us to share our pain with them?

      What if their ulterior motive is to give them a way to feed on our pain

  16. A friend just gave me a card with a mermaid (orange tail) drawn into the art. I gasped.

  17. Thank you for a greatly insightful post. When I heard of Oprah as president my first thought was the Aztec goddess Coatlicue, which is literally a giant idol from out of the Cthulhu mythos, a destroying monster. You might be interested to know Enki Bilal, whom you have featured on this blog before for a comic book about sex with the Egyptian gods, has a whole epic series on transgenic people who splice their genes with dolphins, wolves, and such. It is called The Dream of the Monster. 'Course. This is Our Lady of the Snake Skirt, the original Hive Queen and probable endgame of all this, in Mexico City: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/71/20041229-Coatlicue_%28Museo_Nacional_de_Antropolog%C3%ADa%29_MQ-3.jpg/1200px-20041229-Coatlicue_%28Museo_Nacional_de_Antropolog%C3%ADa%29_MQ-3.jpg

    1. Coatlicue was actually mistranslated as Guadalupe, as in Our Lady of Guadalupe.

  18. Whatever good intentions it may have started with, modern progressivism has become a perverse, Orwellian tool of globalist nouveau-elite social engineers. Try being a vegan on a working class budget and see how long you last. Like every other progressive cause, veganism has been coopted by the Eloi elite and used as a control mechanism and status symbol to feel superior to the meat-eating Morlock peasants. These people are the Marie Antoinettes of our time ("Let them eat pea protein"?). When does the revolt of the Morlocks start?

    1. The Morlocks have been in power for decades if not centuries. All that's left is the Eloi-isation of everyone else.

    2. It's actually possible to be a vegan on low income, but often, not always, people like to come up with excuses for not doing it, such as it being a globalist conspiracy or an elitist trend. Some opt not to be part of the industrialized meat market that is far more demoralized and dangerous, and elitist, than choosing alternatives. Yes, it's annoying to see corporate puppets like Miley Cyrus hop on the bandwagon without a solid principal, but her ilk have been doing that trend-vampirism since this horrible pop machine started. Just look at the Qabbala fad that swept through the industry in years past as an example. Now the culture is leaning towards some ass-backwards hermeticism, but I digress. By the way, I'm not a vegan, but I know some have made the choice with low incomes. I don't think the attacks should be thrown at the majority of people making those choices, but rather the nightmarish system that makes it damn near impossible for them to do so. Archons are working on both levels here.

    3. Everything gets co-opted by the elite. No exceptions.

    4. I'm not vegan, but vegetarian, on a low income. And part of the reason is because it's cheaper. Have you seen the prices of meat lately, especially beef? I really don't understand where this notion that being vegetarian is expensive comes from. Presumably from watching ads for expensive foods labelled "vegetarian". You don't need to buy expensive fake meat veggie burgers to be vegetarian. You just have to not buy meat.

    5. YES everything gets co-opted by the elite, and YES Archons ar working BOTH sides of this.
      'Food', whether it is animal or plant based is still ENERGY, and is utilized as such.
      Life feeds on life to retain life.

    6. I have little doubt that plants are sentient creatures, just not in a way that we humans can understand it. They aren't cute and furry and prone to anthropomorphism. The simple fact is, plants are living entities that feel pain and will actually grow away from threats, giving credence to the notion they are sentient. So in order to live, we must kill something (unless, I suppose you just eat fruit and flowers, but even then you are basically eating their "babies"). I do agree that the current meat industry is an abomination, and that it's probably a lot safer to avoid the meat sold by that industry. That said, it's been shown that grazing animals improve soil, make it less prone to erosion, and make the resulting plants grown in it more nutrient dense and resistant to disease and pests.

    7. Don't have a Mad Cow bro! you trust the USA government to feed chopped up rotting flesh to your kids? No wonder Americans are such pathetic corrupt insane subhumans Mad-Cow.org

  19. Super tasty post Sir Loring,

    I completely concur with your read of the Qanon Storm & Such. As you’ve dug into pop culture manifestations of Vega here, I’ll share some of the Buck Rogers in 2490-2491 garbage that has poked my brain in this direction.

    Apologies in advance, but it does tease off into a potential bit of reveal…

    Episode S01E13 – “Crusie Ship to the Stars” The ship is actuially named the Lyran Queen after our fave little stellar harp. Aboard the Lyran Queen is one “Miss Cosmos” or the most staggeringly genetically perfect humans around. Portrayed by real life damsel in distress Dorothy Stratten. (At least in real life she wasn’t dissected by a Blofeld style laser rig the way Miss Cosmos almost catches it.) The episode has Twins galore, A.I. copulation (off screen), and a sexy sneeze and you’ll miss it reference that has been haunting me for some reason. Over the P.A. we here, “we're accelerating to light speed for a slow, leisurely cruise to Stargate 1. After leaving the Stargate, we'll enter the Vega system, where we'll make our first stop on Sutter's World. A planet renowned for its fair climate, colorful indigents and remarkable hospitality.”

    Sutter’s World? Colorful Indigents? That California Mill & Gold guy? He got metaphorically to the Vega system?

    Later in the series in Episode S02E01 – “Time of the Hawk” our soon to be companion for Buck is introduced and he’s a trans-genic hawk-man from Easter Island. The episode features the pompus robot giving us this sparking dialog that makes my brain whir, “Its design is reasonably close to those built in the farthest regions of the Vega quadrant: If you wish to discover its point of origin, it would be logical to look beyond Cygnus in the ancient system of Argus.”

    Telling us where to look huh? Beyond Cygnus out by the “Argo Boat” where that guy went looking for the gold stuff… Who was that?

    Kinda bizarrely specific jumble huh? As a result I’m keeping an eye out in all this Vega schitt for Gold references. Including Jason argo style looking for the Fleece-isms – failed Sutter pioneering parallels…

    Thanks for all you do.

    Oh, one last thing I’ve wanted to ask. In today’s context what would you say a “sheepfold” is? Suburbia?

  20. Ironically, the veganism craze is one of the few psy-ops I can get behind. If people had to actually *kill* their own meat, there'd be a lot more of us not eating it.

    Also I should point out, there's a lot of speculation that the (alien) Vegans are actually fruitarian, not vegan. They like cream, and that's not vegan.

    1. "If people had to actually *kill* their own meat, there'd be a lot more of us not eating it."

      If you were starving to death you would punch a cow in the face.

    2. Other way round. BECAUSE people no longer have to kill animals to survive, their nature & nurture (to be disposed to do so) has atrophied, leaving space for pro-vegetarian positions to flourish.

      Trouble is, if animals can't justify their occupation/consumption of natural resources, the corporatocracy will replace them with things that can.

      Anyway, TPTB don't have to worry about that ecological disaster happening, they know there's a more immanent one, and the ethical conundrum for the plebs then won't be omnivore vs vegetarian, but cannibal vs "I'd rather starve". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Road

    3. I don't see how punching my ex-wife in the face would solve my starving to death problem.
      Sorry, but I couldn't help milking your comment for a bit of a laugh Kim ;-)
      But here is another conundrum to consider Kim and I don't know if you have seen the movie 'In the Heart of the Sea' and SPOILER ALERT...because when they use HEART in the title there is a clue to the outcome of what the starving crew survive on.
      But if you were starving to death out at sea and there was you and a dying human in the boat with you, would you eat that human to live?
      Kinda the same choice as the cow, but the steaks have been raised in this survival game...and I know I've spelled stakes wrong back there, so lets just assume you have the means to start a fire to cook the raw flesh to make it a little more palatable for you.
      Would you starve?
      Same kind of BS moralistic question really, isn't it?

    4. How many people grown their own produce? Grow anything at all? I'm guessing, not the majority. Most people, if forced to grow their own food to survive would either die, or capture and kill some animals.

      Also, are plants not alive? They may well be sentient as well. So for us to live, something must die. I don't think people in western nations should eat as much meat as they do, but for me, the ethical argument is not really valid. Of course, modern massive scale raising of animals for food is an abomination and is certainly not producing anything healthy.

  21. And the Las Vegas in BR-2049 was also drenched in orange. You're clearly right on a number of things but I do think the use of orange is/was Qabalistic and to do with Mercury or at least you should consider the possibility. Especially if you are right and purple/lavender is coming which is the colour of Yesod.

    In some ways what is happening is the opposite of what Lynch did when he went through the colours up the Golden Dawn Kircher Tree of Life as opposed to down.

    This post below has all the syncs with Mercury in Stranger Things 2 I've shared it here before but not in this context and I think its pretty difficult to ignore (?)


    And if I could draw your attention to the use of colour in Twin Peaks as well. I have a number of posts on that but this one is the quick capsule review which shows how he did what he did and then makes a successful prediction about the next episode.



    Cheers for all you do and keep up the good work!

  22. I've kissed mermaids, rode the El Niño
    Walked the sand with the crustaceans
    Could find my way to Mariana
    On a wave of mutilation



  23. Are we food? https://www.flickr.com/photos/biodivlibrary/sets/72157646518275703/

  24. Every conversation I have with anybody who eats meat, I'm getting stigmatized, paternalistically, seemingly as a rule. Like a child who dashes into the family den full of lounging adults from Daddy's work, swilling gin fizzies and pretending political pith, screaming about the very real black bear in the front yard only to be silenced with infuriatingly condescending laughter. Dad: 'Kid has such an imagination. Run along and play.' Then, confidently, to the young, married, lantern-jawed sales rep with the biting sense of humor, possibly a swinger, 'Daddy's little dum-dum. Time to cut back on cartoon intake.'

    Never do I proselytize about this vegan stuff, only because I've learned that people are repelled magnetically from anything that challenges their meat-and-potatoes American dream-state and/or forces them to consider re-shuffling their Facebook stats. Strictly from the perspective of a selfish millennial do I operate, just focusing on the immediate health benefits. 'No cholesterol, check out these abs, you won't get the common cold half as often, forget challenging the paradigm, fuck the planet, do it for you.' As a rule.

    Thus do I submit to their paradigm, the monoculture, the de facto snowflake imperative, knowing as I do that no one who pounds a Big Mac at lunch gives two shits about anything except their abdomen, but out here in grey Seattle they vote Democrat and do whatever makes them feel good, resulting in a tech culture riddled with sexual abomination and a cottage human trafficking industry. Taking it all in stride here, just another debt slave, another frustrated manic contrarian disenfranchised manchild. No one gives a damn shit about anything but themselves, a creed which is only rewarded in an almost Pavlovian fashion by the social media womb-hive. But when people ridicule veganism with a sanctimonious air, I want to explode.

    The suck is inexorable, the overseer class are punishing our eyes with signalling in mass media, yes, yes. I've chosen a side. Examine veganism. Examine it. People want to remain civilians in a period of intellectual anarchy, embracing decadence as a matter of course, that's fine by me, though I expect them to be idiots. Not one of the best bloggers on the internet.

    1. Gets worse when your family becomes violent when you don't eat meat, because they take it as a personal insult, rather than understanding that its either abstaining from meat....or being sick, vomiting everywhere. but yeah, it really kinda IS "muh western civilisation!"

    2. My experience as both a vegetarian and now as a much healthier keto eater is that the vegetarians in the liberal towns are at least as obnoxious as the meat lovers around the country. There is of course a calm middle ground of "You eat what's healthy for you and I'll eat what's healthy for me" yet that's too sane for this divisive day and age.

      I think the ultimate elite goal is to take our own (vegan?) bodily waste, process it and then sell it back to us as food. Would that be vegan? I'm sure the USDA could be bribed to classify the resulting chemical extracts as bio-natural or somesuch. It's kinda what pop culture is doing already in certain recycling ways.

    3. To identify as vegan, you need to eat plant-based foods. Not your own shite.

      No more YouTube for you. Ever. Do get well soon.

    4. Any idea how many "vegans" are drinking water laced with urine by-products around the country right now? Our water filtration systems are terribly inadequate at treating things like pharmeceutical waste and other toxic excreted waste. We're much closer to being served our own shit than you possible realize. It's already happening metaphorically in many other ways.

    5. Great point Anonymous. I have no issue with vegans, vegetarians, what not. Do what works for you. The problem is, of course, when vegans condescend to me about how superior their diet is to mine (yes, I know this happens in the opposite direction at least as much). My experience differs considerably from theirs, however. Of course, in the current climate, I wouldn't expect anything but vitriol for my stance. Do what works for you, I'll do what works for me.

  25. I bet every damn one of you mocking Oprah for daring to think about running for president love you some Trump though, don't you? The mean-spirited snark around here is very telling.

    1. Actually no, I don't love me some Trump either.

      The fact that celebrity actors are filling the role of president just proves that the office is empty and symbolic.

    2. The fact you are here trolling us with your mind reading abilities telling us how we all think (alike, amirite?) just like millions of other internet trolls is itself rather snarky doncha think?

    3. I always liked Oprah, but do not think she is presidential material. I never liked Trump, but feel he is doing a fairly good job as president.

    4. "Celebrity actors are filling the role of president" Hey, that happened in 1980 already. Also that guy Da Rock threatened to run for president awhile back and a lot of people cheered as they did with Oprah... From now on only celebrities will run for president. 2024 will be a doozy.

    5. Presidents are selected, and not by the citizenry. Whoever becomes President is certain to be part of the problem. Trump is proof of that, Oprah no doubt would be as well. This is how it's been as long as I've been alive, at any rate.

  26. ...a, no Jeff Warrington, actually its everything you have to do in between killing it and cooking it that most people don't want to do.( Ever split a 1500lb pig in half?....its fun!NOT!)

    Studies have shown that plants respond to human emotion...so stop chewing that salad for a second and listen to your lettuce scream, and then, if you can, stop being so pompous about your high minded dietary choices.

    Seriously, if you are considering veganism, read a book called "The vegetarian myth" by Lerie Kieth, (i think)..she was a MRI nurse...the take away was; brain shrinkage over time, mostly due to not enough fat and cholesterol.( the stuff brains are actually made of...why do you think they tell you its so "bad")

    One last thing to think about...apply the "as above, so below" idea to this thought as you may... I, as an openly identifying carnivore(omnivore actually) and someone that has sampled and consumed a variety of wild game, have a rule i like to follow, "don't eat meat that eats meat"...maybe our friends from Vega have a similar kind of "preference"....think I'm gonna have a nice rare filet for dinner tonight. Guitardave..out.

    1. From a review of "The Vegetarian Myth":

      It’s next to impossible to review this book; it is so packed with misinformation and confusion that refuting the claims could be another book itself.

      I wanted The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability to be a persuasive, easy read about how vegetarianism is not the panacea it’s been made out to be... ]w]hat I got instead was a manifesto, rooted in radical feminism and shattered faith.

      From the book itself:
      But personal purity only asks for shopping and smugness. The mainstream version involves hybrid cars, soy milk, soy burgers, and soy babies, and checking off the “green power” option on your electric bill. On the very fringe, there is a more extreme version which offers a semi-nomadic life of essentially mooching off the employed. To point out the obvious: power doesn’t care. Power doesn’t notice the existence of anarchist freegans and it certainly doesn’t care if they eat our of dumpsters.

  27. Check out the recent SpaceX "Zuma" classified payload launch. It apparently "failed" and the satellite "disappeared" even though SpaceX says the launch vehicle performed its mission fine and Northrop Grumman (the satellite contractor) stock is up. Wouldn't expect their stock to be up if their satellite failed.

    So mysterious classified payload is "lost." Suuuuuure it was.

    Wonder what that was...?

  28. Your David Rockefeller observation is fascinating. If true everything would make sense.

    The deep state emperor dies, so now the Gehlen/Bormann Nazi wing of the deep state goes to war with the globalist/neocon wing. The public face of the former is the "alt-right" and elements of the hard Christian right, while the public face of the latter is the whole happy kumbaya GlobalCorp facade and Surveillance Valley.

    I believe you are fond of calling this kind of thing a scorpion fight, Chris. Too bad they can't all lose.

  29. I couldn't stop grinning all the way through this post, as while I'm not into the political killing animal side of Veganism (the animal kingdom is a vicious kill or be killed kind of place, if people haven't noticed), I have been on a mainly Vegan diet for the last two months, barring X-mas dinner with my family where I ate plate fulls of prawns/shrimp on the day (I break my diet for special family get togethers like X-mas).
    I got into the Vegan diet after watching the movie 'What the Health?' on Netflix and I think there is some very good arguments for going on a Vegan diet, without driving the animal cruelty issue down every meat-eaters throat.
    Maybe people like me who still eat honey and wear leather goods need some other word to define our life styles like the "Vegan Eaters" movement?-)
    I made the switch to the Vegan diet for health benefits and because of the unsustainable practices of the meat/dairy industry when it comes to land and water resources.
    I remember watching 'What the Health?'and seeing those poor people crippled with arthritis who could barely walk and after a few weeks were walking pretty good and thought to myself "what crap!", but I've had sore bones in my left arm and wrist
    getting progressively worse for the last two years, which I just put down to a combination of repetitive strain injury from my last job and maybe old age and arthritis creeping in as well, but since being on this Vegan diet, cutting out meat, dairy and eggs the pain and weakness in my arm has gone away.
    The thing I find bizarre at the moment though is that some Vegans are considering eating this new bio-tech meat springing up from labs in and around San Francisco like I wrote about in this post of mine called -
    The "Natural" Taste for Meat?
    So the Vegans who were off the idea of eating meat from the cruelty angle are thinking about sludging up their arteries again with Franken-foods, because there is no killing involved in the process.
    It's going to be interesting when the Franken-food movement picks up steam.
    What will they be calling themselves?
    As in Clean meat lovers?

  30. I really can't understand the animosity towards veganism. "You don't want to hurt animals? How can you be so pretentious! You evil fuck!" In one of your last posts you were equating them with "annoying SJW" and here one get's the impression that it's some non-sensical concept which is only pushed down by the elite for ulterior reasons.

    I get it, there are some obnoxious vegans (just as there are at least as many obnoxious meat eaters) and to change one's diet because some celebrity is (currently, and maybe only for "fashionable reasons") vegan is quite superficial. But my impression is, you seem to be against the whole concept? And Donald Watsons gets to be rebranded as a weirdo - could you point me to an article about his weird behaviour or is he just weird because, well, he made up the term "vegan"?

    Yes yes, you have spotted the vegan. But that's not why I'm posting this. I guess I'm somewhat disappointed because I have read this blog for quite some years. I was happy when you came back after your long hiatus. Though do be honest, I enjoyed your older posts more where you wrote on a large variety of topics, I'm still checking your blog every day.

    And when a person I respect seemingly lashes out against veganism - it somewhat upsets me. Not because you are not vegan. But I get the sense that you're against it. Maybe I'm wrong, but if not, what's so bad about the concept (to hurt non-humans as little as possible)? (once again, I'm not talking about the people who are vegan because they heard it's "cool" or because Miley Cyrus is vegan).

    Is it because it's fairly recent? It's not "natural"? You know, even though in the mainstream paleo is big, and low carb, etc., the studies point so clearly to one direction - "plant based" is the healthiest diet. You can only reverse heart disease with going plant based (and no oils - check Dr. Esselstyn). You can halt or reverse Diabetes II (check Dr. Barnard) People can lower their blood pressure, and so on and so on. Even if you don't care about animals, just caring about your own body - this is the best (drug-free) way. We're talking here maybe about thousands of studies which point in that direction, even though the Dairy, Egg and Meat industry are funding a lot of "scientists" to present it differently.
    I'm not trying to convert you or anybody here (bacon though!), but there is so much that speaks for it - for our own bodies, for the animals, and yes the planet (those rainforests have in large parts been uprooted to plant soy to feed, no not vegans, but "livestock"). Just because some part of the elites are pushing it make's it evil? Or because it hasn't been practiced for 100.000 years it's unnatural & bad? Sorry, I'm making assumptions here. I guess what I want to say is that “if animals matter morally, then we cannot treat them as commodities” (that's some evil vegan propaganda for ya!)

    Could you also expound more about the connection between the vega and vegans? Maybe what "1118" at the end of his post said in the comments?

    So that's enough vegan ranting. Wish you all the best, and well, maybe reconsider your animosity towards those who practice non-violence towards animals. Nothing bad about that per se!

    1. Yeah, I'm not lashing out against Vegan diets or Veganism.

      I'm saying "Vegan" is a madeup word that stinks of social engineering, hence it being coined at the same time the term started showing up in science fiction.

      Vegetarian is a perfectly fine word and has been in use for centuries. Vegan is just another weaponized identity and you are just another foot-soldier.

      Where exactly did I "lash out" at meatless diets here?


      But you knew that already.

    2. The trouble with the word Vegetarian now days is that a lot of Vegetarian's eat eggs, milk and cheese, which is what you want to avoid if you are following a Vegan diet.

    3. It's a big chore to say that you are an ovo-lacto vegetarian or an ovo-lacto-pesco vegetarian who has a peanut allergy. Nobody wants to hear all that. They already act like you are torturing them with pliers to their nails if you say you are a vegetarian.

  31. Funny as I read your paragraph concerning the heir to the throne I also happened to have a movie by the name of "The Lion in Winter" (1968) starring Peter O'Toole as King Henry II on in the background playing on Turner Classic Movies. Your remarks about the precarious nature of the empire literally coincided with a scene in the movie where King Henry goes on a tirade against his three sons telling them none of them will inherit his kingdom and subsequently curse their progeny.

  32. Chris won't say it but like many of us he never got over Elisabeth Shue in "Leaving Las Vegas".

    Isis indeed, or maybe Hathor. I might be drunk.

  33. Thanks for your reply. To me it seemed you were "lashing out" (okay, maybe that's a little bit of an exaggerated expression) because in the rare occasions you mention it, its always in a negative way, that's how I got the impression.

    Now I understand your position better. Social engineering ... and in the context of all the celebrities endorsing it (often in an almost (?) moronic way) I can see that. But I have to say - even if they would succeed, what would be the evil?

    Let's say this social engineering is a success and there are millions of new "full vegetarians" / "vegans", what would be the harm? I fail to see evil that it would bring.

    And the thing with "weaponized identity" (I like your coinage of words!) - actually, that's a little misleading, because the meat eaters are contributing to billions of dead animals every year (yeah, vegan propaganda again, couldn't resist), so your term "weaponized" has a hint of violence, but the meat eater has no violence on his plate?
    But also, just as there are very differing meat eaters, not all vegans are the same (the way they chose that way (some because of nutrtion science, others because od PETA, or friends, or some even Miley Cyrus) or try to spread it - maybe some don't do that at all), etc.

    Anyway, I guess you've got enough now from "vegans" (that tidbit about the use of the term in scifi was new to me and quite interesting!) for the year 2018 for you. Maybe it came across as bickering, but I didn't mean to. I wish you all the best and I hope this blog will be continued for a long time.


  34. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLwlTI2OPJM

  35. Well, damn. This mermaid thing has already been going on for a while. A friend of mine is married to a women who dresses as a mermaid and swims for children parties. She doesn't half ass it either... tons of make-up (must be some impressive waterproof, industrial grade stuff!), wig, tail, and bra. Bizarre times indeed.

    1. Sorry to bring up The Mindy Project TV show again. But watching the early seasons (now) gives me the oddest sensation...

      Mermaids: Check. Sirius, and in fact constant gazing at the night sky, looking for this constellation or that: Check. The one-knee thing during national anthem: Check. It goes on and on -- and all these hints get dropped years BEFORE they actually grabbed the headlines.

      Uncanny. All this in a comedy show that is just a more adolescent rehash of Sex and The City. Most of the chitchat revolves around who is or isn't "crazy-bangable hot".

      I guess if we want to find out what tptb have in store of us five years down the line, let's listen to random references in today's sitcoms. It's all there.

    2. Thanks anon 6:11-- I haven't watched the Mindy Project (it sounds awful :), but I do have young kiddos and have been overwhelmed by the overt merchandising and advertising of everything mermaid (tail blankets, Pinkie Pie Mer-Horse bath toy, etc.). It's rampant.
      I agree, it's in sitcoms and also movies.

  36. It wouldn't be surprising if we soon see a see a film or TV adaptation of Jim Starlin's Dreadstar (who happens to hail from the Vega system). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanth_Dreadstar

    1. that would be actually be awesome, as dreadstar is my favorite superdude :)

  37. Just a lil sumpm to make your head explode...


  38. There was a small fire on the roof of Trump Tower a few days after the Clinton one...I am sure some late-night host made the joke: Don jr. wanted to get rid of some incriminating emails, so he printed them out and was burning them on the roof...

  39. No thoughts on Vegans, sorry. I assume it's adults making decisions so, unless the decision involves them shooting up my kid's high school or something equally as heinous, I don't give it much thought. Again, sorry. This is in regard to your bit about the Samsung hypno-app. from a few days ago. I think I can save any potential purchasers a bit of cash by suggesting that they go the natural route to memory loss. It's called aging. I used to watch the X-Files religiously. In fact it's the last TV show I watched before I chucked my TV out the window. Recently I started rewatching the shows that I haven't seen since the 90s. Remember none of it. Or, more exactly, I remember bits & pieces here & there, but the memories that I do have are just slightly off from the reality. Mandela effect or mushy old brain effect. Sadly I'll go with the latter. So all of you youngsters have something wonderful to look forward to in your golden years so don't bother wasting your money with Samsung and their attempt to rush you into senility so you can keep reliving Game Of Thrones over & over. That day is already on your to-do list, you just don't realize it...

  40. I've read to pro-vegan and skeptical comments, and what I think is still missing from the discussion is an acknowledgement that vegan does not necessarily mean local or oraganic food. What is "good" food can vary, to me, anyhow. Local, organic meat and dairy can fit into a healthy diet OR a person could go plant-based and sort out the conundrum that soil itself cannot be healthy and vegan. My point, I guess, is that you can go plant-based but at some point the cycle has to break down to get necessary minerals and organic matter back into the soil microbiome. So why go vegan? Are you being channeled into the best option for 21st century smart city dweller who wants to have food produced in a new-industrialized, high tech manner? Is opting for local neo-peasanthood and getting back to the land and local food the other option getting shoved into our collective conscience? I guess both are preferable to being a transgenic carni-mermaid trapped in an aquaponics setup, but is that all we've got???
    I totally agree with previous comments about one of the broader trends here being dehumanization in varied forms. To reiterate, I think a worthwhile question is "to what extent is my diet connected to a human(e) relationship with the soil and fungal networks within soil". We need to get better at closing loops and getting all manner of "waste" out of landfills. Mermaids point us towards water rather than land, and it surprises me that there isn't a weird mermaids and aquaponics connection out there. Stay grounded!

    1. Great comments; you waded far deeper than I dared. Yes, vegan CAN be healthy organic locally grown veggies, etc OR it can be loaded with over-processed and toxic GMO soy, canola oil etc. A single made-up term drawn from the word vegetarian hardly seems a useful catch-all for such differences.

      To complicate things further some so-called "biodynamic farms" (iir the term correctly) require animals as intrinsic parts of improving the soil. These farms are generally organic and supposedly quite productive, yet the animals do get eaten as part of the farm ecosystem the farmers are trying to nurture.

    2. The platonic version of a biodynamic farmer would no doubt see their own body as something to be used to improve the soil at the right time too.
      It's possible to delay the eventual 'breakdown' of the plant based food cycle, or any flow of nutrients/energy/what-not, usually that delaying is born out fear or discomfort or misunderstanding. Like dub says, at some point the cycle has to move toward a new balance, even if it takes a few billion years & the sun getting hungry & 'eating' all the mermaid-vegans left on earth.
      Yours in agreement! M

  41. Don't worry, its all good because Oprah will be President just (A Wrinkle) in Time! Meh. Its bad enough she's going to ruin my favorite book from childhood, now she gets to rule the panopticon as well?

    Re: Vegans--live & let live. Just don't get preachy about what you shove in your cakehole & we'll get along. Maybe. Seriously though, I think its a lot more important to just eat organic & esp. local. Support those farmers! They work damn hard. & Farm shares are worth looking into, if they have them in your area. You can save a ton of $ that won't go into the pockets of supermarket chains. & you can always grow your own, whatever that may be.

    One thing about top-down socially engineered big V "Veganism" I thought you'd mention though: that connection between it & the global warming agenda that the elites can't get enough of:


    Great post overall though, the new normal of politicized celebrities = entertainment uber alles. At least until the hamster wheels stop turning. & the hamsters get...ideas.

    BTW: did you catch the new Bowie documentary that was on HBO a couple of nites ago? Thought it was really well done:


  42. Actually, weren't most of the women on the original Star Trek casting couch vetted by Roddenberry himself? That would mena Shatner got sloppy seconds...as for veganism, the biological fact is that it compromises the body. It's why they ask you in the hospital whether you're vegan or not. There's a whole list of neato stuff one is missing. What better way to ensure the continuing ill health of people? As for Qanon, it might be a psyop, but hey, at least part of the house is getting cleaned. Oh yeah, I know, it's the same old same old, partied and teched up for the new age, just the new guard getting rid of the old guard, but as a peasant, I hold it's my right to know thoroughly what's going on, and to enjoy the show in ye olde gallows humour kind of way. And I must say, they did manage to a put weird new spin on them there breads and circuses floorshow.

  43. Today in music: New video of Jack White's is rife with twins, wheat, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyWqEFeKX2E

  44. I remember those TV ads back in the 70s from the US "President fitness office" telling the populace to exercise daily. Since I was a very lazy kid I got scared, thought the feds would come around jailing all those who did not exercise as anti-American. I wonder what happened to that agency, maybe they got obese and quit.

  45. Today in Siren gossip, I present the fact that "Faerie Magazine" is publishing "The Mermaid Handboodk: An Alluring Treasury of Literature, Lore, Art, Recipes and Projects".

    Personally, I never figured mermaids would make good eating, but then again, I don't really like seafood all that much.


  46. Read this at Disinfo right after this post and there's a nice nod to you, Chris in the comments section.


  47. If "celebrities" are endorsing it, then we should all take a step back and question it. But then again, Trump is president and Oprah 2020. Ugh. Vegans, please ponder... why would celebrities (paid by elites) endorse being Vegan? Not vegetarian, but Vegan - a term from 1944.
    Soy cheese, milk, yogurt, protein powder, tofu etc.
    Soy males. This is Bob. Bob had bitch tits. Is it GMO soy causing it?


    Vegan is now in the social conscious. The word is weaponized and likely will further polarize society. Meat eaters vs. vegetarians vs. vegan. To top it off, soy, the main dairy and protein replacement, is allegedly lowering testosterone, increasing estrogen and low sprem count in males. What could be better for tptb?

    1. Spot on!

      FWIW, someone from a family I've known for years has a daughter currently dying far too young after only beginning her life as an adult. She was a radical vegan who loved her soy and canola oil, and having seen how well her much older overweight (as was the young woman) aunt's health became after the aunt went keto I can only assume this family had no business being vegan, at least from a genetics standpoint.

      At the very least at least some of what is being sold as "vegan" is rather toxic to some not-insignificant part of the population.

    2. Weston Price? Are you kidding me? Bwahaha.

  48. On a plant-based note:


    'Wicker Man is the UK’s first new wooden rollercoaster experience in 21 years and comes with a globally unique twist – bringing together wood and fire for the very first time. A Wicker Man structure standing at 57.57ft (17.55m) tall – the height of a six-storey building – will dominate the very centre of Alton Towers Resort, appearing to burst into flames as the wooden track races three separate times through the structure.'

    The island crops must have failed, Roman's gunna Mithraeum I suppose.

  49. " The New Normal is here. What does that mean? It means constant chaos and disruption as far as the eye can see. "

    exactly. madness as the new normal... woohoo...

  50. On the subject of Miley Cyrus, she is currently on the Gold Coast eating Vegan by the looks of this headline -
    "G'day mate! Miley Cyrus blends in with the locals by donning a Crocodile Dundee T-shirt paired with a $900 necklace as she holidays with fiancé Liam Hemsworth on the Gold Coast"

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5257523/Miley-Cyrus-Liam-Hemsworth-dons-Crocodile-Dundee-T-shirt.html#ixzz53sb19hOn

  51. I'm still drunk from last night, and I didn't understand one word of this but cow farts are responsible for climate change more than your audi TT.

  52. "Vegan" is code for a bullshit lifestyle for weak, pretentious bullshit people. every vegan I have ever ran into is a self righteous prick. they are SURE to let you know how your meat eating ways are a blight on the planet.they can sod off

    1. You sound like you're a meat eating "Vegan" to me then by your rant Anonymous...a rant you won't even put an identifying name to stand out from the anonymous shadow people who like to comment here.
      You're probably Horselover Phat from that Psycho-sphere blog.
      Sounds like the kind of thing he would say from the shadows.

    2. and you identified your name?

    3. I think that you will have no problem finding which comments I have written on this blog Anonymous, as for you, your comments just blur into every other anonymous person too scared to own their comment.
      I'm not writing about actually identifying who you are Anonymous, I'm writing about identifying your comments so that at least we know which Anonymous commentor is saying what.
      Just a little thing called courtesy.

  53. Ahr sucks -- I thought us vegans would be over looked by this stuff. From some comments we appear to be hated more than the flat earther's ;-)

    This is really interested.

    As with everything else, every movement has to be taken over and directed by the establishment. So many people are becoming now it's fabulous. Its booming over here in London.

    Nothing is more cleansing than people talking their own diets into their own hands, home remedies, self curing. Avoiding anything that has to do with killing. Ties to get communities together, growing food organically and naturally with no GMO. Helps cut down on deforestation and actually gives people power back. Consciousness comes in as well, Fair trades, natural sourcing. The entire 'system' is build on killing, people, cows doesn't matter.
    This movement helps to f%cks the corrupt powers right up ;-)
    So yes I can imagine them trying to control it as much as possible. Vegan is an anarchists wet dream!

    Peace out!

  54. https://youtu.be/C3idA2ff9rY

  55. For what it's worth, Courtney Brown over at Farsight and two of his very attractive remote viewers just released their "War in Heaven" viewing, in which the viewers are tasked (blind to the target) of the line from Revelations about the war in heavan between Michael and the angels and the dragon and its angels (presumably fallen). Worth a look, if you're into this osrt of thing, as I am:

    As Brown and his viewers see it, the war was really a wat between the people of Mars and a planet, now destroyed. The Martians destoryed the planet (creating the asteroid belt) and in the process, severly damaged their planet and themselves. Further, the war in heaven stories have been deliberately injected into several human cultures as a means of warning, according to Brown.

  56. Thank you for this great read which was really thought provoking! I have been trying to figure out why blood drinking Satanist celebrities are all of a sudden going vegan, then I found this article. What a psyop even though I follow a plant based diet...

  57. I think you have a type here:

    "And of course we also have another heavy-hitter-- Carl Sagan-- paying tribute to the Vegas in his seminal hard SF opus, Contact. "

    Vegans, not Vegas, right?