Tuesday, December 05, 2017

The Never-Ending Ritual: Putting the Fallen in NFLim

Amazing- it's been nearly three years since Katy Hudson (aka Katy Perry) did her little Mystery Babylon the Great LARP at the Super Bowl. Little did we realize that this wasn't entertainment, it was a statement of intent.  

I hear Justin Timberlake is set to do the Halftime Show this year, having kicked off the Overt Ritual Age of the N-ph-L with the notorious "wardrobe malfunction" (sic) routine with Janet Jackson back in 2004. We'll get to that later.

Since 2015, things have changed for the N-ph-L. Controversy has gripped the league and many fans are boycotting the games over the protests being held during the Pledge of Allegiance. I can see the fans' point- after all, this is a ritual that dates all the way back to 2009. 

Tradition must be respected, right?

Donald Trump has been exploiting fan resentment of the racially-charged protests and seems to be having a jolly old time of it. The people boycotting the games are his base, after all, and they enjoy watching a billionaire to stick it to a bunch of millionaires. Plus, to billionaires, now that Trump is trashing the owners. 

I guess that whole USFL thing still rankles. Let's just hope Vince McMahon is never made President.

And when the gods are against you, they're really against you. The Detroit (Heart of the) Lions' old Stadium failed to get blowed up on the first attempt, requiring a second go. 

Maybe they should have tried jet fuel. I hear that works pretty well.

And the Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas is leading some wags to call the new domed stadium the worst deal ever for a municipality. 

Can't say I'm surprised; look where they stuck it.


And the "take a knee" protests keep going strong(ish), despite a desperate attempt on the part of the owners to bribe the protesters by putting a cool hundred-mil in the pockets of some of Barack Obama's closest cronies. 

Maybe the players have read Art of the Deal. Or maybe this is just a way of destroying yet another American institution that prizes masculinity and allows men from historically-disadvantaged communities to climb the social ladder. Or maybe this is all part of the Never-Ending Ritual.

It's hard to tell these days, since all three are converging right before your very eyes, like a cloud of cosmic gas and dust congealing into a planet. I think it's 6 of one, 6 of the other and 6 of that one over there. 

Let's do the math.

As longtime readers of my site know, NFL- with its Giants and Titans and Saints and Eagles and Falcons and 49ers-- just happens to match up with the root of Nefilim. Astonishing coincidence, wouldn't you say?

One thing did catch my eye recently though and that's the League logo redesign. I was used to this one, with the 25 stars. And do note that they changed the orientation and look of the football itself. 

Something bugged me about this...

...until I remembered that the orientation of the football matches that of Lyra, home of the Vegas.

I also remembered that the five stitches match the five classical stars of Lyra: Vega, Zeta Lyrae, Delta Lyrae, Shelial and Sulafat. So what's up with the eight stars then?

It's not an eight- it's a 4-4. 


That corresponds to the "All-Important 2044," when Apollyon is freed from the Abyss and the Lucky-Lucky-Penny-Penny occults the Lion Prince and binds the Pearly to our souls. In the sidereal constellation of Virgo.

Or something.

I believe this occultation is extremely important to somebody and was the inspiration for this...

...and this...

...and this.

By the by, those seven heads and ten horns? The last occultation was in the month of July, next is in October




Houston hosted what many are calling the greatest Super Bowl of all time, in which the New England Patriots came back from a record deficit and beat the Atlanta Falcons. It was a personal vindication for Twin Brady, who sat out the first four games of the season over the Deflategate scandal. 

The game had barely ended before you started seeing Tom Brady is the GOAT memes all over the place. And now the Twin--number 12-- wears the GOAT crown. Maybe forever.

Or maybe he already did. That New England Patriots logo sure caught my eye-- those stripes sure look like devil horns, don't you think? And the pentagram in the middle of the forehead? And damn if that doesn't look like a goat's ear there.

Nutty. Maybe I'm seeing things.


I sure wasn't seeing things when Lady Gorgon hit the stage. I like the strings of pearls motif on her little jumper there. Classy. Paying tribute to her elders.

And ain't that a sign of the times- winning an award for the drone work. And an award that looks an awful lot like the MGM logo. Nutty coincidence there.

Well, I sure as shooting wasn't seeing things when Gorgon fell from the stars to the stage. Just like in- you guessed it-- the Millennium Dome Show.

And her first number? None other than Stephen Paddock's old theme song. Little taste of things to come.

It was pretty good but I prefer her theme song, "Butterface."

But wouldn't you just know it-- she landed on a giant steel parapet that looks not at all unlike the one in-- wait for it...

...the Millennium Dome Show!

She had a bit more space to play with so she set up her twin towers at opposite ends of the stage...

... while the Millennium Dome Show had to do the old IKEA place-one-inside-another routine 


Then the towers blow up and collapse. They did so 999 times in the year 2000. 

Nothing ritualistic about blowing twin towers up 999 times the year before someone else did it for real.

Nope. Nossir. 

Lady Gaga's show wasn't quite as explicit with the Ine-Nay Even-Elay symbolism as the Millennium Dome Show, but made up for it with an inverted pentagram. 

Both Gaga's show and the Dome Show get real Orange with everything. And red. 

Or Ruddy.

And then there's thing kind of Orange sun business...

...which I suppose is a lot more impressive when you have a football field to stretch your legs in. And a bigger budget and 17 years of experience with these kind of mass rituals.

We've come a long way, baby.

Even since 2004, when Janet "Airlines" Jackson did her little sci-fi hookers dance routine. 

Note they too had a Tower of Babylon replica there, all too appropriate given we are now living in Babylon 3.0. The bit with the wardrobe malfunction is hilarious, given that she just happened to be wearing a Black Sun on her nipple and she and her troupe all looked like Frank Miller's wetdream. 

That was a wardrobe malfunction like I'm Tom Brady. It's all about pushing and pushing and pushing. Constantly pushing, constantly testing. Until it all falls apart. Just in time for the Vegas to take over.


So anyway, if you've been reading the blog with any regularity you'll remember that the Millennium Dome Show wasn't just a pop song revue, it was an invocation

It was all about the Marriage of Heaven and Hell, to be precise. More than you could ever know.

This is the comic book for the Dome Show, with Sofia and Beelzebub. I'm not sure that's actually his name, but it kind of suits him, don't you think? The red is a cute touch.

Just thought I'd throw this in there. Did I mention the British government put this entire thing together? It was a pet project of Tony "Baloney" Bliar.

I guess that explains it.

And there's Beelzebub and Sofia and little OVO, the son of a son of God and a daughter of man.

I want to say one word to you. Just one word. Are you listening? 


And if you're a regular reader, you know who the part of our Transgenic Eve was played by...

...Our Lady of Oracles, El-Sibyl-Beth Fraser. 

Speaking of which, seems she was also a 4-9er as well.

That's the Bible, promising us that Sophia will give us all a garland evergreen, a forget-me-not wreath.

No, different Sophia.

This Sophia has fallen from her dwelling-place, just like the Nefilim. But don't worry- she gets her revenge, depending on which text you happen to read. She might just destroy the entire material universe and start over, but are you going to tell her not to?


There are Forty-Nine Angelic Gates in the Sepher Yetzirah, Forty-Nine Angelic Calls and Forty-Nine Good Angels (or Angels of Light) in Enochian Magic. There are also 49 androgynous demons in The Pistis Sophia, and 49 days in the Jewish Counting of Omer and in a Tibetan Bardo.  

Then there's this 4/9.

And 2049, 5 years after the Occultation of Regulus by Venus.

And then there's the opening of the Astrodome, named after the victors in the GOAT World Series.

And then the Mercury Seven.

And then there's this Forty-Niner (#7- the Sephirah of Venus, in case you were wondering), who kicked off a mini-revolution by falling to his knee during the playing of the National Anthem. Cynics said it was a ploy to distract from his faltering career, but that's often the way it goes with mini-revolutions. They used to call Robespierre "Stumpy." It gave him a real chip on his shoulder.

This protest has put the apparently-retired QB on the shortlist for Time's Person of the Year. Sadly. absolutely nobody reads Time anymore, but it's the thought that counts.

Plus, the Orange. That also counts.


Incidentally, Kaepernick has a passage from Psalms 18 tattooed somewhere. However, it's not this bit....

OK, I'm not saying that's about aliens, but did you see the opening of the Super Bowl 49 halftime? 

No, not the orange orbs bit...

This bit. 

Now read that Psalm again.


Anyway, the N-ph-L 49er falling to his knee when he hears "The Star-Spangled Banner?" Why not?

Hey, I fall to my knees every time I hear "The Spangle Maker." Who am I to judge??

And we see a lot of spangled-stars falling here.

And the Patriots N-ph-L falling in Houston. Both teams have pentagrams on their helmets, incidentally.

And joining the fray in this new War in Heaven is Donald Trump, who reignited the entire falling ritual in the N-ph-L on what date exactly...?

Oh, September 23rd. 

The day of the Revelation 12 alignment. And what does Revelation 12 have to do with the Nefilim, right?   

So Trump basically chose 9/23 to let the air out of the N-ph-L's zeppelin. How has that worked out so far?

Well, ratings-wise it's putting the Fallen in N-ph-L.

Well, I can't say the heart bleeds. And I'm not losing any sleep over the players holding the owners over a barrel either. Just shut the whole league down. The players will be able find something else to do without the burden of irreparable brain damage and the owners can go pound sand for all I care. I'm sure they won't even notice the slight and temporary dip in their net values.


Let's get back to the self-appointed Whore of Babylon Hudson and her little pageant at Super Bowl 49. Just for a short spell--I think most of it speaks for itself and has been well-covered on other sites. 

Instead, let's look at this shot again. Here we see Babalon Hudson showing off her Nephilim numerology and Missy Eliott pointing to the stars for some reason or another.

Now, none of the "Illuminati" stuff we see on these little rituals troubles me much. On the contrary, I usually find it incredibly tedious and tiresome. Sure, it's corrosive, but seriously, what isn't these days?

 But Perry's little show bothered me for another reason altogether.

Two days after Katy Hudson rode the Beast into the stadium, dressed all in flames, there was a horrible event-- I don't even know if I can call it an accident-- in which a number of people were horribly killed when a commuter train and an SUV collided and burst into flame.

And it just happened to take place in Valhalla- land of the dead- on the Hudson River. Here's the tl;dr of the incident:

On Feb 3, an accident on the Taconic Parkway in Westchester County, NY forced traffic to be diverted through a local cemetery in Valhalla, which necessitated a crossing over the Metro-North railroad tracks. 
A woman driving a Mercedes Benz SUV became disoriented when the railroad warning gate came down on the rear of her vehicle and got out to assess her situation.  
Confused and unsure what to do, the woman drove forward in an attempt to free herself from the gate. Unfortunately, the MetroNorth commuter train barreled down on her at that precise instant and dragged the vehicle down the track. The SUV burst into flames, and the flames spread to the train, killing both the driver and several passengers on the train. 
The driver worked for a Chappaqua jewelry store that the Clintons, who live in Chappaqua, are apparently regular customers of.
If you have the stomach, I recommend you read more about it, because it's blindingly clear there was some kind of MK shenanigans at work here.

What does all this have to do with Katy Perry's Super Bowl 49 Halftime show. Well, at one point she was joined by two sharks for a little number.

Well, the woman who was incinerated alive in her car was 49 year-old Ellen Brody, who was on her way to a meeting at a Starbuck's (of course) in Scarsdale.

Ellen Brody also happening to be the name of a major character in the Jaws franchise.

About the sharks. Jaws.

Well, Perry did promise that "jaws would drop and faces would melt." 

And she-- or more accurately, whoever was writing her material- was absolutely right. 

That's exactly what happened.

So flames, pentagrams, 49s, sharks, Hudson, Valhalla...yeah. 


What are the odds that this episode here is all just some wacky cascade of Synchronicity? 

Not any odds that I would bet on.

I was talking to a friend and asked him how long did he think it was before we saw overt human sacrifices at these events, like in the Roman coliseums. He gave it ten years. 

Way things are going, I think that may be a conservative estimate.


  1. Chris, I noticed the episode of Lucifer last night was called "Sinnerman." The lyrics remind me of Psalms 18 you posted above. I think an early episode in the first season had him singing the song. Nina Simone's "Sinnerman" has been featured in various films and commercials. Her version has also been used in a number of fashion show soundtracks, including Dior's Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2004 and Valentino Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2008. It was also used The Thomas Crown Affair (1999, during the climax) and O.J.: Made In America (Used in the trailer and promo). I thought it was used in Babylon 5 also. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinner_Man

  2. Chris,

    Were such sacrifices to occur, they will begin with public executions of some criminal or terrorist element, acceptable to the crowd. This will change, of course, as the elimination of dangerous criminals is not a sacrifice.

    To sacrifice is to willingly give up something one needs or treasures. You have to risk something with your loss for the gods to notice. What will be interesting will be the steps taken, and justifications given, to get from criminals and POWs to innocent citizens.

    Creep factor goes way through the roof when one recalls such god-monsters as Moloch, to whom children were sacrificed in a garish ritual involving a fiery cauldron. I suppose they can cut to a commercial at that point.

    Watch for a new NFL franchise whose mascot will introduce themes in a comical way. The Montreal Wicker Men, perhaps? The Salem Witches? You think I'm joking, but it won't be far from that.

    1. If I had to guess, I think theyll make the "sacrifice" an "accident" during the performance.

      This whole blog post just had me going "Whoa!" throughout it. This is definitely my favorite stop on the internet.

    2. That step has already been taken, in that death and injury infuse the pre-game, post-game and halftime. Recall the bungee jumper who died in rehearsal the day before the Super Bowl several years ago. Stuff like that. This serves to desensitize the audience to the concept that violence extends beyond the gridiron. And, let's recall that a gridiron was once an instrument of torture.

      What's needed next is an active transfer, acceptance of the idea of _intentional_ violence with justification. The Trump era is somehow perfect for spectacle such as this, of dragging the condemned to the 50 yard line and executing them for some nasty crime. Perhaps this would make a fitting pre-game event, requiring special tickets and other means of enticement.

  3. Replies
    1. The Seven

      (trans. Jerome K. Rothenberg) from the ancient sumerian.

      They are 7 in number, just 7
      In the terrible depths they are 7
      Bow down, in the sky they are 7

      In the terrible depths, the dark houses
      They swell, they grow tall
      They are neither female or male
      They are a silence heavy with seastorms
      They bear off no women their loins are empty of children
      They are strangers to pity, compassion is far from them
      They are deaf to men’s prayers, entreaties can’t reach them
      They are horses that grow to great size, that feed on mountains
      They are the enemies of our friends
      They feed on the gods
      They tear up the highways they spread out over the roads
      They are the faces of evil they are the faces of evil

      They are 7 they are 7 they are 7 times 7
      In the name of Heaven let them be torn from our sight
      In the name of the Earth let them be torn from our sight

  4. I can't believe I didn't pick up on the weird coincidence of NFL with the Hebrew 'NePHiL/im', and that you had to point it out to me, since I speak Hebrew. And I just didn't see it! As you put it the Hebrew root exactly corresponds (in proper Hebrew, and Biblical Hebrew there are no vowels) with the English 'fallen' (the Hebrew root - called the 'shoresh' - is always third person singular masculine in the past tense).

    You also have to wonder why these footballers are 'falling' to the ground, taking a knee to the national anthem, during this time, and not say in 1972, or 1980, or during the '92 riots. I mean how were things any better re America's socio-economic and political status quo back then, or rather how are they any worse now? And yet we didn't have this circus with the pro footballers back then. Why now? This gets into what you are alluding to, so many things have to come together, so many variables all coalescing, the time has to be ripe. This is of course fundamental to invocations and rituals which work on their own time.

  5. Chris-

    Its funny you should mention human sacrifices there at the end. NFL owners have only belatedly (and largely half-heartedly) began to address player safety (which is now largely being ignored for "social justice") in recent years. This has aggravated many fans (such as Donald J Trump) who long for the brutal hits of old.

    I've heard that these changes were made largely due to a fear among owners that sooner or later an NFL player would literally be killed on the field.

    Who knows, with ratings failing, perhaps the League will look to getting back to "old school" football for a boon. That would certainly open the window for "accidental" deaths on the field.

    BTW, the Jevon Belcher death in 2012 is interesting in this regard, where he committed suicide at team facilities after murdering his girlfriend. Belcher was an inside linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, who are owned by Clark Hunt. Hunt is a member of the infamous Hunt family of Texas that appear in more than a few conspiracy theories.


  6. From the Wikipedia page that you linked above:

    “The train was traveling at 49 miles per hour (79 km/h) when it struck the car.”

  7. yeah because a bunch of half witted pampered felons are the role models we should all aspire to become.

  8. Just wrote this over at my blog, The Meta-Logic Café, thought it would fit in perfectly here with all this talk about the Scarlet Woman:

    A classic story from Hinduism:

    Lord Shiva and his Shakti, the goddess Parvati, are enjoying each other's company. She asks him which of her avatars he prefers, certain he will say it is her present form as Parvati, the most virtuous and peaceful of all mothers. But no! He says he prefers her as Kali, the bloodthirsty black goddess of death, for he prefers her in her most insanely chaotic form, when she tramples all over him and his creation.

    Now, remember, Lord Shiva was originally Lord Pashupati of the more ancient Vedic Civilization, "lord of the animals" with legs crossed and gigantic horns on his head, in other words, the Cernunnos of the Celtic people and the Great God Pan of the Ancient Greeks.

    Having bled out and been reduced to nothing more than a cold piece of meat for six hours nearly seven years ago, I now KNOW who the Creator of the Universe happens to be up at Chokmah, among the stars and beyond the stars. So let's reinterpret the story above:

    The Great God Pan and his Shekinah, the Virgin Mary, are enjoying each other's company. She asks him which of her avatars he prefers, certain he will say it is her present form as the Virgin Mary, the most virtuous and peaceful of all mothers. But no! He says he prefers her as Babylon the Great, the bloodthirsty, filthy whore of Revelations, for he prefers her in her most insanely chaotic form, when she tramples all over him and his creation.

    Our creator the Great God Pan is the ultimate rock star among gods, after all. He drinks, plays terrible music really loud, and he loves his whores. The Apocalypse is just the latest story he's telling to keep himself entertained.

    1. An interesting Tibetan Buddhist tale is that of the Subjugation of Rudra (Shiva).

      The most elaborate version of the Rudra subjugation myth appears in the Nyingma "Compendium of Intentions" Sutra (which is technically classified as the main Anuyoga Tantra of the Nyingma canon). The story begins with a man named Tharpa Nakpo ("Black Liberator") who many eons ago lived in Abhirati, the Buddha-field of Akshobhya. Tharpa Nakpo, along with his servant, become the students of a guru who teaches the Great Perfection (Dzogchen) doctrine that whatever arises is the enlightened mind. While his servant correctly understands the teachings and becomes enlightened, Tharpa Nakpo badly misinterprets the Great Perfection, taking the teachings to mean that he can perform whatever actions he wants.

      Tharpa Nakpo and his servant get into an argument about who is correct in their interpretation of the Great Perfection and when they ask their guru to clarify, the guru states that Tharpa Nakpo is wrong. He becomes enraged and banishes both his servant and guru. He then goes to live in the charnel grounds, killing men and eating their corpses and engaging in orgies with prostitutes. When he dies, he is subsequently reborn in the lowest hell for incalculable eons, followed by thousands upon thousands of rebirths in other hells, and then as different types of particularly wretched life-forms, such as vomit-eating spirits.

      At last, he is finally reborn as Rudra, the son of a rakshasi prostitute who dies in childbirth. According to another version of the myth Rudra was conceived after his mother had sex with three different types of demons and their seed combined within her to produce a hybrid offspring. Horrified, the community buries her along with her mutant son at the base of a poisonous tree named "Sexual Transgression," which is surrounded by pigs, snakes, and birds representing the poisons of ignorance, hatred, and desire. Rudra survives by eating his mothers corpse over the course of many days until he becomes strong enough to crawl out of his grave. He has become a hideous monster with three heads, wings, scaly flesh, claws, smeared with all kinds of repulsive substances and “[w]hoever saw him, their eyes would roll back in terror and they would faint.”

      Rudra finds he is endowed with practically limitless evil magical power and proceeds to conquer and gain control over every being in the world, starting with the charnel ground spirits, and gradually moving up until he overthrows the gods themselves, stealing their wives for himself. He sets up a kind of palace made of piled corpses and bones on the Isle of Lanka, and due to his malevolence the entire world begins to resemble an hell-realm. Seeing this woeful state of affairs, the buddhas decide that Rudra must be subjugated. They initially send Shakyamuni Buddha who tries to convert Rudra to the Buddhadharma peacefully, but Rudra laughs in his face and drives him off. The buddhas then send a series of wrathful buddhas to attempt to subjugate him by force. Eventually, Vajrapani takes on a form identical to Rudra and impregnates his main consort through deception. From this union, a being called Vajra-Demon is born who goes on to defeat Rudra in combat, painfully subjugates him by eating him, then resurrects him as dharma protector.

    2. way too go JB... pan pan pan... but will s/he listen to wo/man? and/"on What is" the plan.

      u two great shaman Christopher Knowles, please keep up the work, w/me need your insight, we k-need your prose

  9. The wall street executive that was just recently killed by a shark was 49.
    They say in the article that she was "the brightest of lights that went out too soon" and she "lit up the room" I can't imagine anyone looking at her picture and not wondering if she is even human can you say transgenic? I'm sure you will find a lot more connections.

  10. Ellen Brody's middle (maiden) name was Schaeffer -- home stadium of the Patriots.

  11. Read the Wikipedia article about the "accident" and the paragraph below stood out. The train was traveling 49 miles per hour when it hit the 49 year old's SUV? Wow.
    "The train, traveling at 58 miles per hour (93 km/h) before the accident,[15] struck the SUV on its passenger side. "There was a terrible crunching sound, and just like that, the car was gone," Hope said. "Disappeared. It happened instantly. There's no way she could have known what hit her."[12] The train was traveling at 49 miles per hour (79 km/h) when it struck the car.[15]"

  12. Ok - question.... Why choose Ellen Brody? If these are sacrifices, how/why do "they" choose who?

    1. Inside jokes, sick jokes have a lot to do with eat. Why Jaws? Big fish eats little fish metaphor?

    2. Step back and look at the patterns. Why Ellen Brody? Why Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell, and Chester Bennington? Why Heath Ledger? Why the dude who ran into the fire at Burning Man? What do we know about happened around these people?

    3. Spite. She pissed off the wrong person. Stephen Paddock probably pissed off the wrong person, too. What I'm wondering is who benefits from the victims sacrificed. My only guess at the moment is this really is a Game of Saturn.

    4. I think you have a few possibilities here (or a mixture) ... it is possible you have a person (Ellen) who may have been MK'd in some way. And while not impossible, it seems like getting an event to surround itself with these esoteric syncs (town name, jaw's link, numerology) would take a near miraculous amount of people planning down to the "getting control" of a person with the same name of a fictional character... days, month or years before killing her after a charged ritual while she was the correct age. Seems tought to pull off. Unless the shark/jaws angle was chosen after it was already known who was being offered, and that was just a tip of the hat to the in-crowd. But that is if you're looking at this as if it's just a bunch of humans playing about.

      With these types of things it's too easy to forget that you could be looking at the immaterial, and that's the hard thing to get a grasp of. There may not be a "they" ... it could be closer to a "what." The thing that I find fascinating about these rituals and the syncs of the odd and tragic that surround them is what looks like echoes and residue from the magic that takes place. These symbols and themes get so empowered by the will of those enacting them that the hiccups seem to reverberate with these "extra syncs" in the collective consciousness of the human biome. Ellen may not have been chosen by "a shadowy cabal" of mind control handlers, instead the material reality may have been amped up with those seeking control of "reality" and the immaterial sought out "shark lady, 49, Valhalla" among the other symbols that where thrown about in what would be considered one of the largest magick rituals that are put on each year. These "side events" may not be planned, but rather confirmations that the ritual was "heard."

  13. Watch Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak from Las Vegas talk in September about the parking problems of the new Raiders stadium going up across Route 15 from Mandalay Bay. Surprising more haven't connected this civic boondoggle to the Harvest Festival fiasco. Will be interesting to see what becomes of the Harvest site. And Sisolak for that matter.


    "Forget it Jake it's Chinatown."

  14. I hear you but I just can't see humans coordinating things this weird and obscure. Humans can cooperate and can keep secrets, but this is so absurd and weird I just can't see humans planning it. Same goes for a lot of the Elisabeth Fraser high-powered syncs you've uncovered.

    Humans are less creative when they plan things. Human planned events feel like... well... like movie plots and other things that we write. Unless you think the deep state is sub-contracting its propaganda out to David Lynch and a team of writers on LSD I just don't see it.

    I'm leaning more toward Charles Fort on this stuff. "We are property." I'm also a fan of Loren Coleman and his twilight language stuff. If indeed these things are coordinated it's not being done by humans. I'm not sure we're even capable of understanding where this is coming from any more than ants can understand electricity or wireless radio communication. Our egos like us to think we're at the top of the food chain around here but I am not so sure.

    Question is whether us ants can do anything about it or whether we're just helpless to watch as a history beyond our comprehension and control unfolds.

    1. The guys working for the deep state make David Lynch like the Eagle scout that he is. These guys are truly sick. Ever read about the Phoenix program in Viet Nam? It was all about human sacrifice, the targets did not have much military value, they were picked for maximum psychological impact- mostly school teachers. And what little do we really know about all the other things they do in a day to day basis, all in a day's job for them.

    2. You have to understand the incredible potential that is released during sacrificial ritual.
      And just what is there to feed on such energies.
      As above so below.
      Perhaps these beings resemble our great white sharks?
      But they do not seem to engage in magick ritual right?

  15. Hey! So first of all, thank you for all the crazy work you’ve been doing for freaking YEARS here! I heard you on THC a few months back and like so many others here, I was instantly sucked in because the personal syncs have been just nuts. I’ve been a writer for... I guess as long as I’ve understood this whole reading/writing shit lol. I’ve been stagnant for years and have felt just... stunted. But since I’ve gotten into your blog and your whole Siren saga it’s like the muse has been living with me again. My husband and I are both musicians, have been making extra cash gigging as our side hustle for 15 years now. We both had years and years where new music just flowed like, well, water, but have been struggling with insane writers and creative block for what feels like forever. No more. Both of us have had pretty extraordinary lives and the fact that as you’ve pointed out, the muse chooses broken vessels, has not been lost on me. We’re both just rolling with it for now, and in the meantime I’ve been writing my personal story and Syncs like a madwoman. I figure I’ll post it someday, and if you have any interest I would be thrilled if you would read it and tell me what your thoughts are.

    In the meantime- after reading today’s post, I did a bit more reading on the train “accident”. I’m guessing this didn’t pass you unnoticed, but the first thing that hit me was the number of the train.


    I try not to get TOOOOO crazy with numerology/gematria shit only because I feel like it leaves too much room for the ever cliched “conspiracy theorist” crap where everything that seems so obvious becomes lost in these numbers and codes and suddenly readers lose interest and choose to become accusatory and point out that maybe, just maybe, we (the ubiquitous “we”... who? I’ve got fuckall I guess. Maybe “we” just applies to those of us choosing to look deeper than face value?) are trying too hard and if so anything can be twisted into conspiracies using this or that number, blah blah. Nevertheless, I found this interesting, epesially as it was the first thing that popped up after googling “numerology 659”.

  16. It is biblical truth which Christians must stop shuffle under the carpet anymore.

  17. "The Empire never fell", words to live by...Honestly, I'm surprised MMA hasn't replaced football as the "Man Sport", & you just know its only a matter of time until someone dies in one of those matches (& it seems like whenever I've gone to a bar in the past ten years or so, MMA is what's on).

    Reading this, I was trying to recall when the Pats changed their logo, turns out it was back in '92 when they totally redesigned it, since then its been just been minor details:


    But more to the point, concerning the ritual/narrative nature of these big televised sport events (& in particular the half-time shows at the Superbowl)--I can't help but be reminded of a lot of parallels with the ritualistic nature of NASA's space program. Richard Hoagland of course said it better than anyone, but the main thing (for me) is how in this context, NASA is said to be divided amongst 3 factions: the Nazis, the Masons & what are termed "The Magicians" (OTO-types/Jack Parson's legacy). So with that in mind, what are your thoughts on all this being the visible part of some sort of sub-rosa conflict for...what? Control/weaponization of the American collective (un)conscious? I bring this up because I have a distinct feeling that the "Transgenic Agenda" is a BIG part of that, & that it does tie into the Breakaway Civilization, which I also think is very much part & parcel of the NASA controversy. Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

  18. Human sacrifices? As long as it is between consenting adults... Just kidding. But that is no laughing matter. Maybe they will deploy something like rollerball first. Maybe that is what mma is all about, making ultra violence acceptable, mainstream.

    1. Yes I just just posted on this.
      What kind of energy is produced by extreme violence?
      Could, and is that being utilized by other intelligences?
      For what purpose?
      To what end?
      Does that even remotely make sense?
      Like religion perhaps?
      Perhaps this is another way to achieve desensitization; to make pain become pleasure.

    2. Violence usually brings about only more violence, a cycle of death. Only the powerful benefit, they get stronger as all others get weaker.

    3. Sports also has a way of conncting people with invisible bonds of energy that cause people to remotely twitch and react to the plays being broadcast from the field. Watch sports fans watch a game and note how they react to good and bad plays. If you really want to drop some jaws, ask them to NOT react to the next good or bad play. Most fans literally cannot do this. Their bodies are merely puppets twisting to the spectacle unfolding.

      I keep wondering if there is some sort of intended tulpa-like creation involved in all this. Even if not, these massive buffer-overload type of spectacles and events seem to consistently create automatic reactions in people, so hey, less free will being excercised?

  19. This is off topic but may be of interest. Tarantino just announced that his next film after the one about the Manson murders will be a Star Trek movie. Amazing.


  20. I tip my "hat" to you again

    "Don't mess with a wizard when he's wizarding!" ~ Jim Butcher


  21. One of the classic 49s was the monolith in Arthur Clarke's 2001, of dimensions 1-4-9. Not sure if anyone is going to bring up that one.

    I'm reviewing Revelations now. I sort of got stuck on "Babylon the Great", but I'm going to focus on some of the other passages as well.

    One thing that happened while I was reading it, I suddenly had this flashback to Nicola Tesla. He's in my list of "people I must definitely check up further". I actually have a friend that has a whole bunch of stuff by Tesla because he really believes he was on to something. I may be able to borrow a book or two from him.

    1. “One of the classic 49s was the monolith in Arthur Clarke's 2001, of dimensions 1-4-9.“


      That is the squares of the first three numbers and the two dimensional cage we are trapped in.

  22. The Ellen Brody/NFL Shark sync chilled me to the bone!


  23. One thing I do not understand about the nfl controversy is this - It is not more respectful to kneel than to stand up during the anthem? Kneeling seems more reverential. Why the bother then?

    1. I don't understand it either, Anonymous.

      To "take the knee" is a football play to run the clock down, during the game. To "bend the knee" is to pledge fealty, submission, service to an authority.
      I have my suspicions to whom they pledge their loyalty.

  24. Wow! The train operator was from Orange County, and the train was travelling at 49 mph when it hit the car!

    1. There is no way a human planned that. No way.

      I think conspiracy theory is something we invoke here to protect our egos and ourselves from the more frightening possibilities. If it's all planned by the evil Illuminati at least it's still planned and understood by human beings.

      I wrote a comment up top on this. To Loren Coleman and Charles Fort I could also add Philip K. Dick and VALIS. Lots of visionaries have been talking about this idea for a very long time. Watch the film "Dark City."

    2. Yes I agree completely.
      These so called gods are just icing on the cake.
      The elite see transhumanism as a way to achieve godhood.
      Since when has AI become representative of god?
      Dark things feeding on dark energy; utilizing it for it's own creation.
      Perhaps there is another way.
      And if you think the NFL is hiding abusive injury done to it's players, what do you think MMA will have to address in the near future?

    3. MMA has much to answer for now. While I've not watched one in years, it's because the few viewings are so off-putting to anyone with any sensitivity at all as to sicken and repulse. It's basically a homo-erotic S&M fantasy of "first I hit you, then I hug you, then I kick you" ad nauseum. And the hugging is very painful and twisted of course, very much like the "hugging" many molestation victims describe at the hands of someone stronger. It's seriously evil imagery being reinacted in what is being lauded as the "ultimate" mano a mano. Indeed it is, though not in the way people think.

  25. Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere, but they are rebooting the Six Million Dollar man. But in today's dollars, he's the Six Billion Dollar Man. Played by Marky Mark. Because of course...


    1. http://bionic.wikia.com/Bigfoot
      André the Giant
      Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is an alien cyborg created by a group of aliens visiting earth; he was constructed by the alien Shalon in imitation of a lower form of life from the alien homeworld, using a technology called "Nyosynthetics," an advanced form of Bionics which are powered by Mergeron. He was created to cultivate mystery and fear in a remote part of the Pacific Northwest in order to protect the location and identity of the alien's secret base.

  26. PS: I mentioned that about the Six Billion Dollar Man because "transgenics" is the word.

  27. At the end of it all we still have to say yes.

    This entire show is an attempt to get us to accept it without knowing what it means.

    Chris, you are performing yeoman’s work.

    1. Spot on about we have to say yes. The NFL situation is far more nuanced as it involves many people saying no for various reaons. Notwithstanding the casual racist generalizations of a poster above about the felonious character of NFL players, many are fine people with good hearts and intentions, and Kapernick's completely rational call for police to have more training than cosmetologists has been lost in the noise. Perhaps by design.

      So keep in mind when you hear the dogwhistle claims that ratings are down because of kneeling and take a closer look. Many people are disgusted with the NFL for a ton of different and quite valid reasons. A short list: cavalier disregard for injuries (and ignoring early knowledge about them apparently, ie, cover up), ridiculous disciplinary proceedings that mock/mirror our own ever more suspect "investigations" and other proceedings, a view towards marijuana that is increasingly at odds with America and the NFL's fans, an abysmal level of officiating only made sadder as our camera technology improves, and the ever-more transparent plantation mentality of owners who use the increasingly obvious and trite "bu-bu-but the players are millionaries and you the fans aren't, how could you side with them when they're not at all like you? (ask the comfy, practically alien compared to fans, billionaire owners). And that doesn't even get into the cable TV and multi-media bullshittery they've been squeeze more revenue from a crappier product.

    2. To add some NFLish lightness, the corvids beat the lions last Sunday, in case that's of any relevance to the sky charting.

    3. Exactly. They need our permission.

    4. Latest post from Cris.

      "The Antichrist (Trump) and the Whore of Babylon (Clinton). And you wonder why I didn't vote?"

      If you voted, you may have given them the permission.

  28. and just like that.....


  29. They are laboring under the misapprehension that they will be allowed. Or that the demons they summon will regard them with anything other than contempt.

    1. Exactly.
      Djinn see humans as inferior to themselves.
      They also claim this world to be theirs; the original inhabitants.
      In many ways they are correct actually; they are a higher vibrational form than us.

  30. After sept 11 I heard many people discuss public executions as if it was desirable. As long as it is not them, maybe. Crowds are blood thirsty.

    1. After 9/11 I heard people outright saying "kill all Muslims; women and children, even if they are innocent." I hope I never hear the average people as murderous as that again but I think that was just the tip of the iceberg, now those people have been to war and have children of their own.

  31. Back in the 70s Jack Kirby did a series of commissioned paintings for Sports Illustrated showing the far future players of the NFL as mythological gods. So maybe this thing has been brewing for awhile.

  32. Excellent work, Chris. They're piling on the interconnected symbolism thick and fast now. Whatever extradimensional forces are also at work here, you know the lunatics running things at the super elite level are doing everything they can to drag us down into the abyss with them. You're a soldier to even be able to keep up with all this craziness, let alone provide a coherent analysis for all this material. Kudos, bro. The last few months on the blog has been among some of your best work, Chris. And we need the very best that perceptive researchers and artists have to offer, now more than ever.

    1. The Lore of the synchromystic. Beware of Darkness. Call before you dig, you don't know what is downe there. Shine forth brave souls! 87

  33. "The all important 44" reminded me of Mark Twain (who's birthday was Nov 30, btw) who wrote The Mysterious Stranger. Twain wrote multiple versions of the story; each involves a supernatural character called "Satan" or "No. 44". Satan or 44. Satan or 44.

    Recall that Obama was Potus no. 44 and while 45 is working hard for the "worst president evah!" award, the numbers imply we haven't seen the end of Barack Obama. Perhaps he is a "once and future" king, or to put it biblically as I know you like: The beast who once was, and now is not, is an eighth king. He belongs to the seven and is going to his destruction. Revelation 17:11

    1. Cinimod_ofCarthach6:14 AM, December 06, 2017

      Could very well be. Something is cooking. I do remember reading a while back of Obama being interested in a UN position.

  34. 49 birds appeard over Orlando shooting victims memorial - CNN

    1. This article above mentions an angel with one wing, which made me think of the fallen angel , Abezethibod. He followed Beelzebub on his fall from heaven. Keep up the amazing work Chris. It's truly enlightening.

  35. Some amazing water references as well-

    Abezethibou - Wikipedia

  36. If you haven't seen ''The Lure'' you definitely should. Its a Polish film about murderous mermaid popstars. Looks like it had some money behind it and it is very grotesque.

  37. Would it not just float the boat of these ruling-elite-ritualists to decide to remove a state, leaving 49 states in the union? Theyd sure like that new star spangled 49er.

    1. Or maybe just merge two states into one...

    2. The people behind Brexit are rumored to be working on getting California to secede. 49 indeed.

  38. Cinimod_ofCarthach6:08 AM, December 06, 2017

    He’s been found.

    US will be moving their embassy to Jerusalem.

    Trump would love to be that guy that brings the third temple. The name branding alone when the abomination that makes desolation steps into there and the whole world watching.

    What a ride we are in for.

    1. I'll be so disappointed if Donald Trump is the antichrist. Satan can do better.

    2. You ain't kidding! The Palestinian Authority have already declared a "Three Days of Rage" period (which immediately reminded me of both "1984" & "Three Days of the Condor"). But more importantly, another Palestinian uprising (like what happened in 2000, but moreso) is inevitable. Not to mention rioting in neighboring countries like Jordan & Lebanon, which have substantial Palestinian populations. & its being deliberately provoked of course. End result? Israelis/Saudis have been itching for another war in the region, specifically Lebanon. If Israeli crackdown/military strikes on Palestinians in Gaza & the West Bank are esp. brutal (& most likely will be, given recent history), then Hezbollah involvement on the Palestinian side is all but inevitable, possibly Iranian too. & that's the real endgame for the region: war on Iran. A conflict which of course, won't be limited to the Middle East. Russia & China have a lot invested in Iran after all, think they'll give it up without a fight?

    3. Well, this guy has already shown a liking for 666... And this is not people making up stuff. Check up on street numbers and heights of his signature Trump buildings. He really does go for 666. Apparently because it's what the 36 numbers of the roulette add up to.

      So I can imagine that he may take being linked to the Antichrist as some sort of weird compliment.

      If he also gives the Mormons a little space in Jerusalem for them to make a temple, and puts pressure for some sort of agreement on using the Dome of the Rock as a site for some sort of joint Jewish/Muslim/Christian ritual... well, that's going to leave everyone with very few doubts left, right?

    4. Cinimod_ofCarthach3:51 AM, December 07, 2017

      @anon don't think trump is the anti Christ. More like Satan in the flesh who gives power to the anti Christ.

      Satan just wants his name all over the world.

  39. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2017/12/05/the-international-space-station-is-super-germy/?utm_term=.fa8857acbafe

    What in the blazes is going on??

    "The samples for Coil's paper were collected in 2014 as part of the citizen science program Project MERCCURI. The initiative, conceived by a group of National Football League and National Basketball Association cheerleaders who are also scientists and engineers, involved swabbing down dozens of professional sports stadiums, identifying the microbes in the samples, and sending those species to the ISS to see whether they would thrive. (Bacillus aryabhatti, collected from a practice football field used by the Oakland Raiders, grew fastest.)

    In exchange, the UC Davis scientists who partnered on the project asked the ISS astronauts to swab down the space station and return the samples to Earth. Seems like a fair trade."

  40. The new expansion for the Civilization VI game is called Rise and Fall, and the first new leader introduced is Korea's Seondeok. When she became Queen, a falling star was said by her opponents to be a sign of ill omen, so she had a burning kite be flown at the palace to signal that the star was back in its place. She's also famous for having a series of astronomical observatories built, and she was a bit of a prophetess herself. Wacky stuff.

    - Bruno

  41. Chris

    Please clarify something for me, if you will.

    By saying that you wouldn't bet "that this is all just some wacky cascade of Synchronicity", do you mean that you suspect a single causative agency of intending and executing both the content of the Superbowl pageantry and the commuter train collision?

    If that is your meaning, do you have any sense of the nature of such an agency?

    Anonymous at 1:23pm 12/5 offers some insights relating to those questions, but I don't want to presume they're the same as your own.

  42. Chris, you've spent how long now talking about the Tampa murders? Now that they finally made a break in the case the news is buzzing about how the sign language interpreter was signing nonsensical things during the police press conference. Interpreter signs ‘gibberish’ in major police press conference (VIDEO) https://www.rt.com/usa/412135-florida-police-sign-language/

  43. In India the controversy about an ancient fight about an ancient Rama temple that was turned into mosque centuries later seems about to flare up. Some timing...

  44. Sync watch: The immediate article I came across after reading this post.
    Notice how it equates the entire game of meany football to "violence."
    No social engineering there.

  45. Just pointing out that a flash fire that they are calling the "Skirball Fire" broke out this morning in Los Angeles. "Skirball" refers to The Skirball Cultural Center, an institution devoted to sustaining Jewish heritage and American democratic ideals.

    This literally occurs as Trump announces the US will recognize Jerusalam as the capital of Israel...

  46. It's a good exercise to replace the word 'angel' in Biblical passages with the word 'messenger'. That's all 'angel' means. It's very hard to avoid the idea that people are still reporting contact with these entities (or similar).

    I'll admit, the idea that the guys that met Lot on their way to Sodom might one day turn up again wigs me out. But then, all authority in heaven and earth has apparently been given to Christ, which sounds like a truce.

    Anniversary of Rendlesham coming up :)

  47. I've noticed lately that you've been scrounging for connections to make.. I can clearly see that it seemed like a bunch of attempts at connecting thee impossible, but you are doing a good job at tailing the pattern. There is obviously some seriously heavy stuff coming up, connections will arise that are obvious and easy to make, and you will post about it, but beware the bias.

  48. https://heroichollywood.com/disney-rob-marshall-little-mermaid/
    Disney Eyes Rob Marshall As Top Choice To Direct Live-Action ‘The Little Mermaid Deadline reports that Chicago director Rob Marshall is currently Disney’s top choice to helm the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid
    In 2009, Marshall directed Nine, an adaptation of the hit Broadway production with the same name starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Nicole Kidman, Sophia Loren and Penélope Cruz, who was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Marshall then went on to direct Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the fourth chapter of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean film series starring Johnny Depp, Ian McShane, Penélope Cruz and Geoffrey Rush Marshall directed Disney's film adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods

  49. I'm sure you're all over this Bigly News: Trump declares Jerusalem capitol of Israel, which turns 70 on 7/2018. A big party is planned.

  50. A day without your love is a day with out life.