Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Snapshots from the Apocalypse: "The BEAST Awakens at KEK"

I realize I've been bombarding everyone with information for the past several weeks but you know the old saying; fish while they're biting. 

This addendum is kind of a mashup of "Altar to an Alien God" and the "Beauty and the Beast of Revelation" series, and I'll try to run through it all as quickly as I can. 

And to be frank, it's all kind of freaking me out a bit.

I've tried as best I could to keep Kek and Pizzagate and Trump at an arm's length but I just want to touch on them briefly because they all tie into the topic of this broken reality that we're all trapped in. And they all tie into this apocalyptic narrative I've been muddling through for most of 2017.

I stumbled upon this video while looking into the whole D::Wave-CERN issue and it presents a very interesting argument. 

What this YouTuber is saying is that the Kek phenomenon is real,and that Kek is a demon that has invaded our world because of all the black magicians tearing away at the very building blocks of reality in order to usher in the very beings they are controlled by. 

Kek actually was a primordial god of chaos and the Abyss in Egyptian religion so if this woman is correct, Kek may be one of the Old Ones that D::Wave's Geordie Rose promised are coming. 

It's kind of a spin on the idea Leslie Stevens presented over 50 years ago in The Outer Limits, that dealt with interdimensional entities invading our reality by way of nuclear fission. I'm sure he got the idea from his Rolodex of contacts in military intelligence, who were scrambling to cope with the reality behind it. 

That they created in the first place.

Anyway, this woman revealed a fact I should have known and am not entirely sure hasn't just materialized because of the CERN-D::Wave Effect. 

And that's that there are actually two super-collider projects in Japan called KEK.

And to further prove my thesis that this Beauty and the Beast thing isn't my imagination, the major projects at KEK are called Belle and the BEAST. 

And not only do we have the symbolism in the names we also see some of the usual numerology at work here- 4:9, 9/11, The All-Important 44. 

It's like these people can't help themselves. And they probably actually can't.

And just as we see with CERN, they seem to grasp the implications behind their symbolic provocations. That in fact these are not actually machines of cold science, but portals for beings so alien we can only see them as gods.

Which may be why they don't just call this thing puny, old-school KEK, it's fucking Super-KEK, bitch.

Not exactly reassuring when you consider how brittle the island is and how much damage we saw during the earthquake, especially the nuclear facility at Fukushima.

But the BEAST has not only awoken, he's in "full swing." Which may be why reality as you once knew it is slowly melting around you. 

The YouTuber also talks about how damaging antimatter is to the human brain, which may be why so many people around MIC research hubs like UC Berkeley have all become total and complete psychotics.

Their brains are literally getting fried by antimatter.


Of course you can't talk about Kek without talking about Pizzagate and here's where things start getting even stranger. 

The MSM(ockingbird) narrative around the 2016 Election is that "Russian Hacking," Pizzagate and the alt.right got Trump elected. Coming up the rear is the idea that the meme magic of Kekistanis brought Hillary down. 

The latter might be a little closer to the actual truth. In my estimation, at least.

But I wonder what the more extreme Pizzagaters-- who whip themselves up into a frothing hysteria whenever they detect even a trace of tomato paste or mozzarella-- think when they see Trump's close connections with their hated pies. 

Because their man does in fact have quite a taste for the zesty treat.

And in fact the "Pizzagate" term was first connected to Trump back in 2011, tagged to a  media meltdown so stupid and pointless I can't even be bothered to explain it.  Look it up if you must, but don't blame me if you gouge out your own eyes in a fit of despair of what we've become as a society. 

I deny responsibility.

Trump's pizza past is quite scandalous indeed. He even did an ad for Domino's back in 2005.

And there's the usual numerology, subtly planting the 666 sigil inside the subconscious. Bla bla bla, worship Satan. We get it.

And just because your old Reality has been torn apart to utter shreds, there's actually a Domino's Pizza near KEK (or "SuperKEK, Bitch" as it's now officially called). 

This is in Japan, mind you, where they apparently don't know pizza from a pig's ear. Because if you're going to import a pizza chain, Domino's should be the last choice you make. 

Well, maybe next to Spanky Joe's Pizza Pigout Pit.

But perhaps it's there because the term Domino comes from the Venetian masks-- you know, the ones that were developed for Story of O--Eyes Wide Shut elite rape-parties.

Which is actually why they're called "domino masks"; they were worn by the Lords and Masters so their victims couldn't identify them. 

Hence the term mask derived from the Latin word for "nightmare,"

And of course, Trump's coworkers at 30 Rock-- on 49th St, incidentally-- amplified the signal by filming a satire of the ads. 

Clocked in at the obligatory 3:33.

And the running gag in the skit is that Trump can't pronounce "Domino" correctly. 

Oh, you know where this is going...

...the incorrectly-pronounced "Donimo" on Treasure

This is one of the songs that convinced me that these nutty Scots with the unfortunate hairdos were heralds of the Apocalypse. 

I used to call this the "Wrath of God" song, though in truth it sounds more like the clouds opening and an angelic host bursting forth. Same difference, I suppose.

But that's not the only reason I believe I was right back then. 

It seems as if Trump is not immune from the Sibyl's all-seeing eye. 

Nor, for that matter, is Kek. 

Our Lady performed Donimo at the only solo concerts she's ever had. These were at the Meltdown Festival in 2012, at the Royal Festival Hall at Southbank Centre in London. 

They were not spectacular performances, but do note the highly-charged, Kek-friendly encores.

And the numerology.

And that "Donimo" is the last song on Treasure, the first song of which seems to have prophesied the death of Emo rapper Lil' Peep (who seems to have completed the "three die now" cycle mandated in "Ivo's" bridge). 

Not long after the Meltdown shows, Trump was due to speak at the Republican Convention in Tampa, a city drawn into the Sybil's merciless vortex via the "Pearly Dew-Drops' Drops" video.

Only Trump never got to speak at Tampa, since the convention was disrupted by Hurricane Isaac.

Isaac being the figure in the Bible who we saw first introduces us to the idea of the Pearly Dew-Drops.


If you're wondering why I don't trust Donald Trump, it's on account of his actual track record.  

The statement referred to in that headline comes from this op-ed he wrote for his alleged nemesis, CNN. Please make note that he's pictured there in Scotland, homeland of Our Lady.

We first got wind that Trump was serious about running in 2016 on this appearance on Larry King Live. Notice the shot of midtown Manhattan in the background there.

Because that very same day, Our Lady was in the middle of a run for "Massive Attack vs Adam Curtis," aka the "MKULTRA Song and Dance Revue."

 How MKULTRA is it?

It's so MKULTRA that Curtis actually ended up using the ideas developed here for a ballet actually called MK-ULTRA, which toured in the UK this past Spring.

And with her typically prophetic flair, Our Lady sang Russian folk songs there.

"There" being a very short walk away from Trump Palace.

The quickest route takes you past Dominican Academy. 

Those Lords and Masters again.


And wouldn't you just know it? Reality is getting so fucked up that there are now seahorses in the fetid Thames River.

Seahorses being featured on the artwork for an EP that's fast approaching its 33rd anniversary.

But the real kicker is that the seahorses they're finding in the Thames have been spotted between Southbank-- where Our Lady performed "Donimo" in August 2012-- and Greenwich, where Our Lady voiced the role of the Nephilim Eve who blows up the towers. 

Named Sofia, of course.

The EP's featured track is "Aikea Guinea" but it also includes the transcendent "Kookaburra," which kind of sounds like Enya sitting in with Led Zeppelin during the Physical Graffiti sessions.

Speaking of the Mandela Effect, I had that EP back in the day and I swear I never saw that artwork before I was researching the Siren.

And the video "Aikea Guinea" is also where we get our first real sense that Our Lady might be having a guest over. If you saw those eyes in a horror movie--or a Marilyn Manson video-- you'd think they were too unbelievable.

The video also features this strange still.

Who might that guest be, exactly? Well, given the track record and the symbolism you can't exactly count this entity out...

Heqet has been identified with Kauket, consort of Kek. Which makes a lot of sense since Hecate and all...

.. and because based on what Our Lady seems to be singing here, "Donimo" is in fact about Kek.

From the very first verse. 

That's right, I said "Kek."

Now go back and review the timeline.

UPDATE: Note that Our Lady performed "OoMingMak" at that same show as "Donimo."

UPDATE: A FB member turned me on to the latest from the Billion=Dollar Flying Saucer.

UPDATE: Oh man- KTV turns our eyes to Trump's Pizza Hut shilling. In 2000 (note the numerology and Trump comparing himself to Jupiter Amonn apostle Alexander and Freemason Napoleon).

...and this exercise in cringe from 1995.