Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Snapshots from the Apocalypse: "The BEAST Awakens at KEK"

I realize I've been bombarding everyone with information for the past several weeks but you know the old saying; fish while they're biting. 

This addendum is kind of a mashup of "Altar to an Alien God" and the "Beauty and the Beast of Revelation" series, and I'll try to run through it all as quickly as I can. 

And to be frank, it's all kind of freaking me out a bit.

I've tried as best I could to keep Kek and Pizzagate and Trump at an arm's length but I just want to touch on them briefly because they all tie into the topic of this broken reality that we're all trapped in. And they all tie into this apocalyptic narrative I've been muddling through for most of 2017.

I stumbled upon this video while looking into the whole D::Wave-CERN issue and it presents a very interesting argument. 

What this YouTuber is saying is that the Kek phenomenon is real,and that Kek is a demon that has invaded our world because of all the black magicians tearing away at the very building blocks of reality in order to usher in the very beings they are controlled by. 

Kek actually was a primordial god of chaos and the Abyss in Egyptian religion so if this woman is correct, Kek may be one of the Old Ones that D::Wave's Geordie Rose promised are coming. 

It's kind of a spin on the idea Leslie Stevens presented over 50 years ago in The Outer Limits, that dealt with interdimensional entities invading our reality by way of nuclear fission. I'm sure he got the idea from his Rolodex of contacts in military intelligence, who were scrambling to cope with the reality behind it. 

That they created in the first place.

Anyway, this woman revealed a fact I should have known and am not entirely sure hasn't just materialized because of the CERN-D::Wave Effect. 

And that's that there are actually two super-collider projects in Japan called KEK.

And to further prove my thesis that this Beauty and the Beast thing isn't my imagination, the major projects at KEK are called Belle and the BEAST. 

And not only do we have the symbolism in the names we also see some of the usual numerology at work here- 4:9, 9/11, The All-Important 44. 

It's like these people can't help themselves. And they probably actually can't.

And just as we see with CERN, they seem to grasp the implications behind their symbolic provocations. That in fact these are not actually machines of cold science, but portals for beings so alien we can only see them as gods.

Which may be why they don't just call this thing puny, old-school KEK, it's fucking Super-KEK, bitch.

Not exactly reassuring when you consider how brittle the island is and how much damage we saw during the earthquake, especially the nuclear facility at Fukushima.

But the BEAST has not only awoken, he's in "full swing." Which may be why reality as you once knew it is slowly melting around you. 

The YouTuber also talks about how damaging antimatter is to the human brain, which may be why so many people around MIC research hubs like UC Berkeley have all become total and complete psychotics.

Their brains are literally getting fried by antimatter.


Of course you can't talk about Kek without talking about Pizzagate and here's where things start getting even stranger. 

The MSM(ockingbird) narrative around the 2016 Election is that "Russian Hacking," Pizzagate and the alt.right got Trump elected. Coming up the rear is the idea that the meme magic of Kekistanis brought Hillary down. 

The latter might be a little closer to the actual truth. In my estimation, at least.

But I wonder what the more extreme Pizzagaters-- who whip themselves up into a frothing hysteria whenever they detect even a trace of tomato paste or mozzarella-- think when they see Trump's close connections with their hated pies. 

Because their man does in fact have quite a taste for the zesty treat.

And in fact the "Pizzagate" term was first connected to Trump back in 2011, tagged to a  media meltdown so stupid and pointless I can't even be bothered to explain it.  Look it up if you must, but don't blame me if you gouge out your own eyes in a fit of despair of what we've become as a society. 

I deny responsibility.

Trump's pizza past is quite scandalous indeed. He even did an ad for Domino's back in 2005.

And there's the usual numerology, subtly planting the 666 sigil inside the subconscious. Bla bla bla, worship Satan. We get it.

And just because your old Reality has been torn apart to utter shreds, there's actually a Domino's Pizza near KEK (or "SuperKEK, Bitch" as it's now officially called). 

This is in Japan, mind you, where they apparently don't know pizza from a pig's ear. Because if you're going to import a pizza chain, Domino's should be the last choice you make. 

Well, maybe next to Spanky Joe's Pizza Pigout Pit.

But perhaps it's there because the term Domino comes from the Venetian masks-- you know, the ones that were developed for Story of O--Eyes Wide Shut elite rape-parties.

Which is actually why they're called "domino masks"; they were worn by the Lords and Masters so their victims couldn't identify them. 

Hence the term mask derived from the Latin word for "nightmare,"

And of course, Trump's coworkers at 30 Rock-- on 49th St, incidentally-- amplified the signal by filming a satire of the ads. 

Clocked in at the obligatory 3:33.

And the running gag in the skit is that Trump can't pronounce "Domino" correctly. 

Oh, you know where this is going...

...the incorrectly-pronounced "Donimo" on Treasure

This is one of the songs that convinced me that these nutty Scots with the unfortunate hairdos were heralds of the Apocalypse. 

I used to call this the "Wrath of God" song, though in truth it sounds more like the clouds opening and an angelic host bursting forth. Same difference, I suppose.

But that's not the only reason I believe I was right back then. 

It seems as if Trump is not immune from the Sibyl's all-seeing eye. 

Nor, for that matter, is Kek. 

Our Lady performed Donimo at the only solo concerts she's ever had. These were at the Meltdown Festival in 2012, at the Royal Festival Hall at Southbank Centre in London. 

They were not spectacular performances, but do note the highly-charged, Kek-friendly encores.

And the numerology.

And that "Donimo" is the last song on Treasure, the first song of which seems to have prophesied the death of Emo rapper Lil' Peep (who seems to have completed the "three die now" cycle mandated in "Ivo's" bridge). 

Not long after the Meltdown shows, Trump was due to speak at the Republican Convention in Tampa, a city drawn into the Sybil's merciless vortex via the "Pearly Dew-Drops' Drops" video.

Only Trump never got to speak at Tampa, since the convention was disrupted by Hurricane Isaac.

Isaac being the figure in the Bible who we saw first introduces us to the idea of the Pearly Dew-Drops.


If you're wondering why I don't trust Donald Trump, it's on account of his actual track record.  

The statement referred to in that headline comes from this op-ed he wrote for his alleged nemesis, CNN. Please make note that he's pictured there in Scotland, homeland of Our Lady.

We first got wind that Trump was serious about running in 2016 on this appearance on Larry King Live. Notice the shot of midtown Manhattan in the background there.

Because that very same day, Our Lady was in the middle of a run for "Massive Attack vs Adam Curtis," aka the "MKULTRA Song and Dance Revue."

 How MKULTRA is it?

It's so MKULTRA that Curtis actually ended up using the ideas developed here for a ballet actually called MK-ULTRA, which toured in the UK this past Spring.

And with her typically prophetic flair, Our Lady sang Russian folk songs there.

"There" being a very short walk away from Trump Palace.

The quickest route takes you past Dominican Academy. 

Those Lords and Masters again.


And wouldn't you just know it? Reality is getting so fucked up that there are now seahorses in the fetid Thames River.

Seahorses being featured on the artwork for an EP that's fast approaching its 33rd anniversary.

But the real kicker is that the seahorses they're finding in the Thames have been spotted between Southbank-- where Our Lady performed "Donimo" in August 2012-- and Greenwich, where Our Lady voiced the role of the Nephilim Eve who blows up the towers. 

Named Sofia, of course.

The EP's featured track is "Aikea Guinea" but it also includes the transcendent "Kookaburra," which kind of sounds like Enya sitting in with Led Zeppelin during the Physical Graffiti sessions.

Speaking of the Mandela Effect, I had that EP back in the day and I swear I never saw that artwork before I was researching the Siren.

And the video "Aikea Guinea" is also where we get our first real sense that Our Lady might be having a guest over. If you saw those eyes in a horror movie--or a Marilyn Manson video-- you'd think they were too unbelievable.

The video also features this strange still.

Who might that guest be, exactly? Well, given the track record and the symbolism you can't exactly count this entity out...

Heqet has been identified with Kauket, consort of Kek. Which makes a lot of sense since Hecate and all...

.. and because based on what Our Lady seems to be singing here, "Donimo" is in fact about Kek.

From the very first verse. 

That's right, I said "Kek."

Now go back and review the timeline.

UPDATE: Note that Our Lady performed "OoMingMak" at that same show as "Donimo."

UPDATE: A FB member turned me on to the latest from the Billion=Dollar Flying Saucer.

UPDATE: Oh man- KTV turns our eyes to Trump's Pizza Hut shilling. In 2000 (note the numerology and Trump comparing himself to Jupiter Amonn apostle Alexander and Freemason Napoleon).

...and this exercise in cringe from 1995.


  1. As the Apollo program demonstrated, boondoggles are so inconceivable, they defy belief.

    This, of course, ties in with Clarke's 3rd law: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".

    Caveat emptor.

    1. & considering the rumoured goings-on in Sri Lanka may have had a prediliction for 'Domino's Pizza', these 'wizards', such as saville, have the Oddity-est of tastes.

    2. & having mentioned 'dominos', podesta's been back in the thick of things recently after having been asked to his face about "maybe just conspiracy theories": pizzagate & other shady podesta group dealings during what would otherwise have been a polite & civilised soft-ball Q&A session at Duke Uni, his reaction was to say how he & his family have been subject to attack the past year, that It's "debunked" & "bullshit" how It disgusts him & the questions posed are "how the alt-right makes fake news", however at one point he does say "...a lot of this is complete & total bullshit..." ...'a lot'... so not all then.

  2. I have been posting on 4chan since i was a kid. Pepe the frog is nothing. Its just one of many reaction images used on 4chan. For some reason during the 2016 election the "geniuses" in the clinton campaign decided to zero in on it and turn it into a secret nazi symbol or whatever. Young people were staring at each other like "are these olds serious"? I think that was the moment young people across the nation who werent woke to the stupidity of the media realized how truly stupid and out of touch the media and old people were.

    I will say this. There was some occultism going on in the form of synchronicity.
    Pepe had been used for years on 4chan as a reaction image. For some reason a few years before the election people decided to just start spouting the word "kek" or "top kek" as a replacement for LOL
    These were separate meme's on 4chan, but for some reason it all came together. We googled the word kek and discovered it was a chaotic frog god. It was too good to be true.
    Then there were a lot more synchs like the Illuminati card game having a card of someone worshiping a frog, or that italo disco shadliy song from the 80's.

    It was really an amazing moment in occultism.
    It was like a bunch of accidents, misunderstandings, and things not even related to each other falling into place out of chaos and creating this weird occult moment.

    The whole thing is pretty played out and kind of cringey in 2017

    Oh man, and bowie dying releasing black star around the same time, it was such a weird scene.

    A thing i noticed after trump won was the rise of the witch motif. or wicca. Teen girls doing babies first occultism.

    I also think there might be a recharge of alien culture in the conspiracy realm. It sort of died out during the obama years didnt it? Got replaced by alex jones tier shouty men mad at the government.


    worth noting NASA have announced a large press conference regarding Kepler on Thursday after AI assistance from Google found something regarding planets.


    1. You beat me to it, Kim. The "alien" theme is coming back big time. Note how we get the announcement about returning to Moon and going to Mars, as Oumuamua is heading our way like that alien ship seeking out Earth's whales in "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home." Perhaps Oumuamua IS voyaging home. Perhaps Earth is its home? As a side note, I saw the weirdest thing while at lunch today. Clear blue skies, with jets leaving contrails. I stared at one contrail and a little black object popped out of the trail as it evaporated and then turned a whitish color as it fell towards the earth and vanished. Strange days ...

    2. 'It was like a bunch of accidents, misunderstandings, and things not even related to each other falling into place out of chaos and creating this weird occult moment.'

      That's a way to do It, intentionally or not.

      Another KEK is that Kermit's fond of the ruddy-hued Lipton's Tea, the add is arranged so that the cup It drinks from is bathed by streaming starlight, or maybe these streams, arranged on a plain, are more akin to rings orbiting the glowing light in Kermie's cup.

    3. It's possible that unlike the 4-Channers, the Clinton team knew what Kek was actually all about and wanted to charge it up for its reawakening. I'll have to see if there's any frog symbolism attached to their little Super Bowl afterparty in 2015.

    4. Kek is actually turkish cake, fruitcake. Since forever. (Or chocolate, almond, plain, et cetera) And actually it's not just kek but 'Topkek'. Try one.

    5. It's a Kek!!! ---My Big Fat Greek Wedding

    6. For some reason a few years before "the election people decided to just start spouting the word "kek" or "top kek" as a replacement for LOL."
      The 4chan use of KEK likley comes from World of Warcraft, when the Horde wrote "LOL" the Allience side would view it as "KEK"
      When you were Pwned by Horde they would often dance and stomp on you to humilate, repeating "KEK" over and over.Simpler times :)

    7. According to Wikipedia, an alternative name for Kek is Kuk. Which is linguistically echoed in one of the alt-Right's favourite insults.

      There's also interesting frog imagery in Revelation 16:13.

    8. Kek is a Korean term for LOL, basically. Entered the west when Starcraft was insanely popular, and Koreans were kicking everyone's asses. They'd taunt you with "kekekeke"

  3. Chris, even though the movie, S.Darko would never compare with the original, I noticed another interesting group from the soundtrack. Dead Can Dance with Lisa Gerrard,The Carnival is Over.
    She sang Now We Are Free in the final scene of Gladiator. Elysium is briefly mentioned in Ridley Scott's film,wherein the general Maximus addresses his troops thus: "If you find yourself alone, fighting in the green fields with the sun on your face, do not be troubled. For you are in Elysium, and you're already dead!"

    1. Yes indeed, Karin. A favorite of theirs for me.

  4. From my blog a while back:

    The "Pepe the frog/Kek" phenomenon has now taken the form of the "Dark Kermit" internet meme, Kermit the frog standing in shadow, dressed like the Emperor in Star Wars.

    Which makes sense, since Kermit sounds like Kemet, the Ancient Egyptian name of Ancient Egypt itself, and Kek is straight out of Kemet, meaning "dark/black".

    But most people seem unaware that the "fleur-de-lys" is openly Donald Trump's symbol, as seen on the "Man of the Year" magazine cover, for he was sitting in a chair/throne with a giant fleur-de-lys on it. For centuries now, the fleur-de-lys has represented royalty or divinity, but long before French king Clovis 1st christianized it, calling it precisely the "lily flower" and a symbol of the Saint Trinity, it was a frog.

    I'm not kidding. The previous design of the fleur-de-lys was much more bulbous, and somewhat ressembled a frog or toad. The original reason why the French people were called "frogs" was because of the three stylized frogs/toads on their shields.

    It was an ancient Celtic symbol, said to represent something emerging from the primordial waters/darkness and crawling towards the light of the heavens (EXACTLY like Kek). Druids believed it to be the most subtle and harmless form of Cernunnos.

    Mother f***ing Cernunnos, the Celtic version of the Great God Pan, a.k.a. the Lord of the Underworld, Shiva the Destroyer (who was absolutely identical to Cernunnos in his original form of Lord Pashupati of the Vedic civilisation), "The One who resides among the stars and beyond the stars in that unimaginable cosmic realm known as the Sabbaoth" (according to the most ancient Sabean faith which predates Judaism by millenia and was secretly at the basis of Aleister Crowley's theosophy), whatever you want to call it.

    TSATHOGGUA, for f***'s sake. He's on our side now, or at least he's coming THROUGH to our side.

    Interesting times.

    1. Well, not to be a Debbie Downer but I really wish they would play around with these things like they're toys. Kek is more ancient than anything they can conceive. It's part of that primeval Abyss that the Siren emerged from. And we all saw how that turned out.

      We need good symbolist education for these times.

    2. While I'm currently having issues locating the sources I used in years prior, there was at one time a decent amount of information circulating dating the fleur de lys design back to Sumerian designs, and the sign/symbol of the Prime Mover (for lack of a better phrase). It's evolution seems to have derailed, potentially due to the movements of the ancient cultures from one environmental extreme to another, to the Celtic symbol you refer to. Or, who knows. Maybe the lesson is in the geometry, and not our perception of it's symbolic representation.

    3. I've seen that too. I might have something on it somewhere. Waddell, maybe?

    4. I agree. The dark kermit meme is synonymous with Kek, at least it is now - I dont recall how long that one has been around. These days I cant look at a fb feed the same as I did 5 years ago. Or even 2 years.

      @Chris -- Nothing gets my creative mind functioning quite like your blog. You have some truly amazing insight and dedication to your work. Is your fb group public? Youve mentioned it a few times and have my curiosity piqued.

  5. Holy ... I mean, wow! I was listening to all of "Treasure" just yesterday, and I had not ever noted the fact that Fraser says "kek" in the opening lyrics. I put it back on as I read your piece and I thought, "did she just say Kek, as Knowles is clearly focusing on that word/entity right now ..." And yes, clear as day, which is saying something when it comes to the Cocteau Twins. This revelation really gave me chills. Also, regarding Domino's Pizza (now, simply called "Dominos"), I think of the end scene of 1985's "The Goonies" where the Oregon coast-dwelling kids emerge from underground (recall that Corey Feldman is in this film - I'll leave that for others to comment on) and Chunk is given a whole Domino's pizza by his parents. A moment later, one of the sheriff's deputies there on the beach spies One-Eyed Willie's pirate ship sailing westward into the Pacific ... he states, oddly, "Holy Mary, Mother of God." The mother of Jesus and often referred to as "Our Lady."

    1. Well, I think that's an excellent metaphor for the Sibyl. She seems to have descended to depths and brought home truths back and wrapped them up in shiny little packages. A traditional as old as time, really.

      Which is why I think we really need to figure out what the hell else she was chirping about.

  6. Revelation 16:13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. 16:14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

    1. Yes indeed. Someone seems to be following a plan, no?

  7. The stuff you are connecting is too impossible to be mere coincidence. These revelations create an actual physical response while reading, a sort of reeling of the mind. Please continue!
    Thank you.
    Great interview on The Higher Side Chats

    1. Thank you, Kyle. It's all crazy impossible. I don't know what to make of it.

  8. Chris, I'm pretty sure you were vehemently pushing Pizzagate as an actual, serious thing - looking back at your posts from that time and your interview on THC, it's pretty clear. Did you change your mind or are you admitting you were wrong?

    1. Oh, Jesus- you again. Learn how to read.

    2. That’s your response? Your seams are showing...

  9. Would you look at that.. although, if I may add, the historical Great Old One who most uses frogs is without a doubt Tlaloc, the Aztec god of rain, who had a large fountain built in the 1950s and whom the literary executor of H.P. Lovecraft, R.H. Barlow, went to study in Mexico City. You should consider the Aztec connection, because it puts all this in a larger and more localized American context, with hummingbird gods, Our Lady of Guadalupe (hidden river), and the Spanish empire, which started our current era of capitalism. If there is a temple of Cthulhu in the Americas, it is this one in Chapultepec: https://media.npr.org/assets/img/2011/12/21/DiegoRivera_wide-de50b6cd169a355b3766e3db80bf49729bff369b.jpg?s=1400

    1. Oh, you're right back on the playing field- Our Lady of Guadalupe is believed to derive from Coatlalopeuh, an aspect of Coatlicue.

      Whom Our Lady namechecks with "Serpentskirt."

  10. WOTF .... WTF?! Chris check this guy out (if you haven't already). You can't make this sh!t up ...



    1. Oh yes- we looked into this a bit ago. I want to get back to it because it looks like this cat is auditioning for False Prophet.

  11. Chris check out mgmt's new video, its trippy and dark


    the art work for the single has lots of devils, goats, an angel ...and in upper right a devil is holding a frog


    1. Sounds like MGMT have been overdosing on A Head on the Door. That artwork looks familiar- it's an old woodcut. I need to look into it- something caught my eye there. Thanks Kim.

    2. Another thing i realize. MGMT has released two music videos for an upcoming album and both videos have a magician in it. Both "when you die" and "little dark age" feature a stage magician.


    3. a little bit more

      >According to Arthur Edward Waite, this card signifies the divine motive in man.[9] It is also the unity of the individual being on all planes, and in a very high sense it is thought. With further reference to the "sign of life", i.e. the infinity symbol and its connection with the number 8, it may be remembered that Christian Gnosticism speaks of rebirth in Christ as a change "unto the Ogdoad." The mystic number is termed Jerusalem above, the Land flowing with Milk and Honey, the Holy Spirit and the Land of the Lord. According to Martinism, 8 is the number of Christ

      kek is a god of the ogdoad.
      A change occurred right? Many changes have occurred.

      The album releases in 2018.

      An 8 sideways is the infinity symbol.
      8 is the number of christ apparently

      Jerusalem is termed as above?
      Did trump bring it below by recognizing Jerusalem as israles capital?

      Will heaven be brought to earth?

      >In the Magician's right hand is a wand raised toward heaven, the sky or the element æther, while his left hand is pointing to the earth. This iconographic gesture has multiple meanings, but is endemic to the Mysteries and symbolizes divine immanence, the ability of the magician to bridge the gap between heaven and earth.

      Mgmt are using a lot of magician symbols.
      Are these hippie hipsters all part of the plan?

      Time will tell

  12. F*** you and f*** your nazi frog :)

    1. Heh. Here's the thing. Kek is a god of Chaos, not Nazis or white nationalism or conservatism or whatever. CHAOS. Maybe electing the Orange One served the cause of Chaos, but Chaos has no ideology or political allegiance. Chaos does not care about us and our puny little "beliefs." It is an impersonal cthonic force.

      Go visit 4chan today and it's clear that they fell it. Kek is deserting them. His use for them is at an end. They're churning out frog memes like rain in a Biblical plague imploring Kek to return to them but he's gone off to make some more Chaos somewhere else.

      If Kek shows up in the next election it might be to elect a communist or a social justice warrior or Vermin Supreme. Who knows.

    2. The unwitting human vessel of 'Kek', as 'Pepe', Matt Furie, did seek to wrench the totem out the clutches of moot's motley meme-mages in the waning campaigning days as a favour to who turned out to be 'the most wronged woman of all time' hillary clinton (3rd time's the charm eh? #LibyanSlavesForHillary2020!) but the Working was done & although the meme's kept a' ribbeting, as they are want to do having been animated so, the Gandalf The Grey's of 4chan had moved onto Thoth & Moonman, this hasn't taken off in the normie-sphere & I've not looked into It at all so cannot muse on what may have come to sync & pass as the Working moved on.


      'Meet Moon Man: The Most Offensive / Hateful / Bigoted / Blatantly Racist Meme Ever Conceived'

      if you lol to much you'll hurt yourself.

    3. Thoth? Khons! The Crescent Moon! They should at least get their mythology down.

    4. Of course the last line ought to read 'if you Kek / TOP KEK too much you'll split your sides.'

      *b'dum tish!*

    5. Moon Man is lame and unfunny. The gods have left you.

  13. On seahorses:

    Note that our Siren is associated with the kelpie, a shape-shifting water spirit inhabiting the lochs and pools of Scotland that appears as a horse.

    Note the large statues of kelpie sea horses near her childhood home of Grangemouth, Scotland.

    Note that seahorses are one of the few species where the male is the one who gets pregnant, which has led some transgender advocates to claim that transgender is natural.

    Note the Sea Horse Society, a transgender advocacy group in the British Commonwealth:

    "The Feed [television program], has done a feature on the Seahorse Society, the oldest crossdresser club [in Australia]... The show’s host... has informed the press that the look inside the Seahorse Society revealed many secrets. The show emphasizes the secretive nature of the Seahorse Society, making it seem like some furtive, underground club of CDs [crossdressers]." ––http://www.tgforum.com/wordpress/index.php/the-week-in-transgenderism-122/)

    Note that pollution in rivers such as the Thames has caused many male fish to "change sex. "A third of male fish in British rivers are in the process of changing sex due to pollution in human sewage, research by the Environment Agency suggests." ––http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/3882159.stm

    Note that a favorite theory of alt-right Kekistanis is that artificial chemicals are behind the feminization of western men, including the scientifically-documented decline in average sperm count over the past decades.

    1. It's not just Kekistanis who believe that. Something very big and very strange is happening. I don't think we can wrap our heads around it yet. Do note that Our Lady is no stranger to androgyny.

    2. It's quite possible the trans agenda is pushed at least in part by people very high on the global pyramid who alread knew what would result from years of toxic exposures. The elite may be hoping it will be harder to go after them for their original crimes against nature and humanity if the victims of their poisoning can be given some sort of status in society.

    3. @ "It's quite possible the trans agenda" etc. Anon

      Interesting idea, and generalizes to other phenomena as well.

      Related news from Wikipedia's current events today:

      "Reacting to a petition from more than a million EU citizens, the European Commission releases a 16-page report on glyphosate. It adopts a renewal of the approval of glyphosate for a 5-year period and plans to improve the science reviewing process. Glyphosate is a systemic herbicide and crop desiccant commonly sold under the trademark Roundup."

      Glyphosate has been suggested as a cause for intersex conditions in fish and amphibians. The chemical has been one of the major products of the notorious Monsanto.

    4. "FIve years, that's all we've got"

      & if those of the 'new normal', as bruce jenner (our would-be lady of hormone therapied frog-gaying waters) sanctified himself as having been, in part(?), brought into being by the machinations of would-be deities, & rhapsodize about their coming out into existence as their 'authentic selves' (such a red flag as a term of self description), they would further dedicate themselves to the very plan that made them manifest out of a hacked & disrupted arrangement of base elemental materials in the first place - so more twisting, more vortexing, more gyres in gyres in gyres - more dizzyness & confusion.

    5. "The trans agenda...."
      Just recently in a correspondence I was recalling that back in the mid-80's I was seriously interested in academic works that was "gay" related in a not knee-jerk critical way. My recollection was that there was not a lot available, at least not in the R-1 level library I had access to at the time (back in the day when you had to GO TO THE LIBRARY and find things).

      The discipline that was the exception that I could find at the time was anthropology. What I came away from all that reading with was: the "transgender" experiences are at the very rock-bottom layer of human experience/culture.

  14. Some intriguing (& frightening) possibilities there, & the themes of re-writing reality and/or intrusion from/into alternate dimensions is starting to show up more & more in pop culture. Its looming pretty large in "Mr. Robot" in particular right now (references to CERN, one character's obsession with "rewinding" reality, main character's obsession dating back to childhood with the "Back to the Future" movies--which seem like they could have been used to program his alternate personae MK-ULTRA-style). Another show I've noticed is the X-Men spinoff "The Gifted" on FOX, which seems to tie into the narrative of the "Days of Future Past" film, which was also about a reality re-write. & it has a creepy secret govt. experiments on kids vibe going on of course. But getting back to Kek...

    So I've seen some different interpretations of what the frog god(s) in Egypt was really all about, thought you'd be interested (however, its written with the Book of Exodus/Ten Plagues in mind):


    "“The four male primeval gods of the Ogdoad – Nun (water), Amen (invisibility), Heh (infinity) and Kek (darkness) – were all frog gods” (touregypt.net). So apparently Haqet is not the only frog deity of Egypt. The word plague has a very ominous connotation. The plagues were supposed to be a warning to pharaoh to heed the requests of Aaron and Moses. The frog god “Kek” represented darkness. This immediately made me think of the analogy of light and dark representing good and evil. This analogy would make sense to show that the plague was sent as warning. This theory would make sense since the culture of the time indicated that the frog could be represented as darkness or evil."

    "Another theory is presented by universeofsymbolism.com which states that the, “frog is the totem of cleansing” (universeofsymbolism.com). This is perhaps my favorite theory. The pharaoh was, by Hebrew standards, unclean in his attitude towards Yahweh. The frog can be seen as representing a cleansing which was exactly what the Egyptians needed in the eyes of the Isrealites. Pharaoh himself admits that his behavior was sinful. When he finally agrees to terms of Aaron and Moses, his heart is changed and “cleansed” of evil. That does not last long, however, before he chases after the Israelites in epic fashion. This idea is not only seen in the frog plague but in the Nile being turned to blood as well. The water became undrinkable and needed to be “cleansed” just like the religious practices of the people needed to be cleansed in Yahweh’s eyes. It’s also seen during the story of the parting of the Red Sea. The Egyptians chasing the Hebrews were essentially cleansed off the Earth by water when the seas returned to their original, unparted selves."

    Kek as a totem of cleansing? Why not? I've heard stranger things than that (pun intended).

    1. Ooops! Forgot to mention this little gem, the film version of Steven King's novella, "The Mist":


      "In another attempt to help their situation, a small group of volunteers takes a trip to the neighboring pharmacy to gather medical supplies. However, things go horribly wrong, and two people are killed by giant spiders, causing most of the people in the market to side with Mrs. Carmody. Two soldiers commit suicide, and a third, Private Jessup, reveals that the local military base was filled with rumors about the Arrowhead Project, the government's attempt to look into other dimensions, and that the scientists responsible for the experiment may have inadvertently opened a doorway into a dimension containing the creatures that are now invading the town. "

    2. Demon-hacked / 'disrupted' existence? It's a foundational text upon which (pop-oK)cullture rests, no wonder It's made manifest & comes to be so more & more what with the myriad of TV stations, websites & streaming services, spin-offs, mash-ups, shippings & shoppings ever-more conjured out t'ether by the highest technologies us hoi-polloi get to muck about with, all that comes from this is further metastasised corruption & there's only so much shit a body can carry before the purging will happen whether a soul wants It or not & the more It's held back the more violent will be the evacuation.

    3. David, I'm not sure exactly since the mythology is very sketchy, but Kek seems to be very much in the same family as the Siren. As well as this manifestation of Apollo- Apollyon- that we're seeing in the form of Oumuamua. It's one of those archetypes I wasn't seeing even though it was in plain sight. I guess I needed to wait for the sign from Our Lady. Cleansing in this context is a bit unnerving, especially with these stories about the Antarctic ice.

    4. http://chestofbooks.com/health/general/Colon-Hygiene/The-Cold-Water-Enema-The-Oil-Enema-Sugar-And-Water-Enema-Paraffin-Oil-Enema.html

      'The cold enema is of special use in cases in which the colon has become gradually dilated and has become atonic, and contracts with insufficient force to expel its contents ... This is a very important practical use of the cold enema, as the retention of the water in cases in which the bowel is filled with putrefying fecal matters is very often followed by very unpleasant and even serious effects, through the absorption of enormous quantities of toxic substances, which are dissolved by the water and brought into contact with the absorbing surface of the bowel.'

      It doesn't get any more real than 'real shit' (another Kekistani-esque meme fired into the alt VS. sjw fray), are 'Old Ones' sinkers or floaters?

  15. http://davidcherubim.net/documents/gematria.htm

    44 = Sacred number of Horus. It is the number of AGLI (Drops), DM (Blood), DLI (Aquarius), and LHT (Flame). It is the number of AHIH ChIH (I am Life). It is further the number of AL-AChD (AL-ONE or ALONE. Read AL,II:23). It is also the number of EAGLE (E=5+A=1+G=3+L=30+E=5=44), and the Eagle is the Kerubic Hawk or Phoenix (Liber 44 is the Mass of the Phoenix). 44 results from the addition of the Atus of Thoth which correspond with EAGLE (E=17+A=0+G=2+L=8+H=17). 44 results from the addition of the Atus of Thoth which correspond with ‘Aum-Ha’ (AOM-HA), when we attribute Atu XVII to Heh, thus A=0+O=15+M=12+H=17+A=0. Also, 44=IHVH spelled in full as YVD-HA-VV-HA.

  16. Who is A.T.L. Carver? He made the rounds talking about Kek and Trump for a while and then seemed to fade away, and his name seems to be a pseudonym. I'll send a little etheric energy toward anyone who figures that one out.

    1. Folks come and go and come back again. What were they saying exactly?

  17. That video is really interesting. I've been looking at the Kek stuff when I found somebody who seemed to know something about it, and that had quite a few things I wasn't aware of already.

    It also reminded me that the whole plot of "Angels and demons" by Dan Brown was about antimatter. Antimatter also features regularly in science fiction stories, of course. I'll have to check up these things again.

    1. And we also saw that story about how antimatter is being thrown to the earth during thunderstorms all of a sudden.

      The first thing I think of when I hear the word antimatter is Darkseid and his Anti-Life Equation.

  18. Have you seen this? Seems like something up your alley.


    1. Yeah, Viva the Vegas. Their one armed bandit demons are doing a wonderful job sucking away our souls.

  19. Well, there's a board war taking place over it; the administration at 8/pol/ has gone full 1984 on any drumpf criticism and I think most of us, who have ensconced ourselves in even stranger and more radical bunkers, see which side trump's bread is buttered on and it isn't ours. trump was never the candidate of right-wing, homegrown agriculture-and-soil american nativists. A lot of people who want white people to have a future are losing patience with trump, but our voices are getting silenced even in places that take on all the trappings and regalia of our most radical views.

    1. Glad to hear the Nazis are being defeated once more. The rest of us will be enjoying the downfall of the Pedo-NWO and the new age of decentralized Prosperity and Sovereignty brought about by the greatest President of the last 100+ years, Donald J Trump.

    2. "The tide is turning" & there's momentum to be paid forward now that Doug Jones hit the jackpots.

  20. Trump's mom was Scottish & as a fluent Gaelic speaker would have known the words to speak with the local faery-folk & other inhuman entities of the Outer Hebrides ('islands of the strangers' (or 'Long Island') - a series of isles that are part of the larger Scottish Isles, which in turn are part of The British Isles - so much twinning!).

    Along with Dominos he also did an advert for Pizza Hut with his then wife Ivana... add a Kek of a 'k' to Ivana & you can make Ivanka, Trump's daughter - the apple (or pizza slice?) of her daddy's eye, attempts at anti-Kek magic were putting It about during the election run-up that in light of comments The Donald had made regarding her desirability of his daughter an unsavoury relationship verging on the predatory was at Work.

    He's also been mocked for eating pizza with a fork.

    The 'pissgate' news, first brought up as msm pushback against the whole 'pizzagate' investigation Trump was associated with via his inviting of Clinton rape victims to the 2nd debate, has been re-seeded the past week or so.

    Regarding pizzagate & the clues left like a trail of Reese's Pieces, something I mentioned on Wordman's Mind Control Missile Murder Madness blog:

    'The kids of 'E.T.', & their being alien children isn't beyond the bounds of possibility - perhaps why 'E.T.' feeling briefly at 'home' hid away with them, are introduced in a scene during which pizza, having been ordered, is paid for by 'Elliot' - the youngest of the boys present, 'Elliot's' even sent out on his own on a damp night to make payment.'

    & of course through doing so happens to be 'in the right place at the right time' to hear something 'go bump in the night'... thus setting in motion that which Roger Ebert considered: "...not simply a good movie. It is one of those movies that brush away our cautions and win our hearts." & which Rotten Tomatoes states: "Playing as both an exciting sci-fi adventure and a remarkable portrait of childhood, Steven Spielberg's touching tale of a homesick alien remains a piece of movie magic for young and old."

    As for Japan & high-tech doorways, or crowbars to force one open/into existence, why of all peoples did the Japanese ever build so many nuclear power stations on their island, let alone one? Perhaps It was done so in the hopes of manifesting an in the flesh ゴジラ essentially a giant frog out of a splice of silver screen & the waters surrounding 'The Land of the Rising Sun'?

    1. Yes, indeed- Trump's mother is from deep inside Gentry Country, which I suppose is how he attracted the attention of the Sibyl's familiar.

      As to the eating pizza with a fork, Trump does that because he's from Queens and that's the traditionally Italian way to eat it. Plus. getting grease on Egyptian cotton cuffs and $5000 wool suits can be a real drag.

      As for Japan, whatever they're doing over there is killing their country.

    2. There is a Trump-Scotland connection through his mother. She was from the Outer Hebrides, also known as "Long Island." How fortuitous that a poor girl from a remote region of Scotland would emigrate to Long Island, New York, marry wealthy real-estate developer Fred Trump, and give birth to the notorious current President of the United States (who grew up in Long Island, New York as well).

      Another Scotland-Trump connection is that Donald Trump has had a strong interest in golf and developing golf courses. Golf originated in Scotland.

    3. Thanks for the info re: the use of the fork, curious, or perhaps not, though that so many Americans, orbiting the social media sphere would consider It emblematic of the problematic Trump, It's a 'Big Country' though so folk don't know all other folk's ways.

      The Outer Hebrides is one of the places on Earth in which the 'Coeloglossum viride' aka 'The Frog Orchid' grows (wiki:) 'the species has a wide distribution across the cooler parts of the Northern Hemisphere' (shades of Hyperborea, the land those hoping to UNITE THE RIGHT may be aspiring to make the hoped for homeland emulate (or maybe Antarctica & whatever It has in store will turn out to be Thule)),


      'There is only one true difference between a lily and an orchid. A lily has long stamens that it is characteristically known for. Orchid, on the other hand, lack these stamens and rather have a solid column in the center of the flower that holds the pollen.'

      (& the OH wiki again:)

      'South Uist is considered the best place in the UK for the aquatic plant Slender Naiad, which is a European Protected Species.'

      'Its common names include slender naiad and nodding waternymph.'

      & to be 'given the nod' = 'To give approval; confer permission', dictionary.com states the idiom of to 'give the nod' arising in the 1940's, Trump's mom 'became a U.S. citizen in 1942'.

    4. Aye Anon the syncs are laid on thick & in being so are bound by fate & The Fates spin the wheel from which the thread of life is spun.

    5. Kero-kero is the sound made by the frog in japanese btw... and they have this famous frog called keroppi: "The name Keroppi originates from the sound frogs are said to make in Japan, 'kero,' and the word 'ppi' which means 'giant leaps bring faith and forgiveness to all men'. Keroppi comes from a relatively large, well-rounded family. His father is a doctor, his mother is a chef, and he is one out of a set of non-identical triplets. He and his siblings, Koroppi and Pikki, are all very unique from one another in all but appearance"

    6. If you're brave and interested in the Trump-golf connection, you might want to look into golf rumors (I advise EXTREME CAUTION if you do).

    7. Japan has been on a death trip (Savage Industrial Capitalism) since the Americans showed up in 1854 and threatened to blow the place up if the Japanese did not did as told. The Japanese followed the Americans orders but only ended up blown up in 1945. A good thing to keep in mind in case some ships from far away ever show up in our coasts. - W00dy W00dp3ck3r

  21. Excellent post, in a long series of excellent posts.
    As long as we're dipping into Gematria...
    according to the NAEQ system,
    SuperKEK = 128 = egregore, prophecy, subliminal, Scarlet Woman, the Beast, the cube, the Dragon God, transsexual, unearthed.

    Invocation of KEK = cruise missiles, Enter the Dragon, good intentions, quantum physics, crush the enemy.

    Much more where all this came from.

    1. Also-
      invocation of KEK = 204 = in binary language, divine matrix, truly inspired.

      For those not aware, the NAEQ is short for New Aeon English Qaballah.
      There are several iterations of the system, all based on Crowley's more inspired works.

  22. Very fascinating blog as always'
    Thank you!
    I am so glad to know that I'm not the only person around who sees something (or hears) "new" wrt a book, film, news event from years ago And thinks "my God it wasn't like that before"!

    1. Oh no, 2012 was real. It just didn't work like we assumed. Something is shifting under the surface, Devin. Rather violently.

    2. 2012 has been recurrent in my mind too, recently...

    3. 2012 had separate agendas.
      One was the cycle of 'TIME'; Mayan.
      The other was 'Doom/Gloom'; Propaganda.
      But as we have seen propaganda can become 'REALITY', and therefore affect 'TIME'.
      Time is not real so???
      In my writings I 'speak' about what I call 'Hijacked TIME'; a 'bubble' within a 'bubble'; one 'rewrites' the other.
      Sounds kinda like one computer program rewriting another right, or at least attempting to overthrow it.
      As above, so below?

  23. Chris,
    re: Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, I respect your synchromystic theories vis a vis the Siren et al, but I think the following blind items on the pretty reliable gossip blog could be revealing the true horror of what actually went down:



    1. I'm confused- how does any of this invalidate the Siren thesis? It actually confirms it since it rules out the possibility of suggestion. Whether it's pure prophecy or a curse, the variables remain the same. Everyone dies by some means, natural or otherwise, foul play or misadventure. What leads up to it is immaterial in this case.

    2. Exactly.
      The point here is DEATH.
      A 'hacking' of one 'divine spark' to provide power and sustenance to that which has has no such spark.
      It is a predatory parasitic action.
      And to think that some of 'us'; the 'ELITE' actually assist this action???
      So what does this 'Siren'actually WANT?
      To FEED on your sorry ass.
      And to continue 'La La Land' to extend the 'feeding grounds' as long as possible.
      Sick Ass Shit.

  24. If going to worry about beasts, the 'Phoenix' might be the beast of choice.
    On many levels.

    From the Program to the 1988 Economist cover to the immortality project to the system itself (to name a few)


    The phoenix does not exist. That's noteworthy.

    1. Yeah, and I'm not sure it would be that on-the-nose blatant either.

    2. FYI, my son is named Phoenix.
      He was born with a rare medical condition which ultimately forced him to receive an organ transplant to save his life.
      So my son literally rebirthed himself; like the Phoenix.
      So this 'rebirth' from 'fire' does have it's merits.
      And YES that is being abused by TPTB.
      What else is new???

  25. Hi Chris,

    I hope your sleeping, but all this information has been great.

    I re-watched the movie Oblivion the other night and thought that if you haven't seen it it's worth a watch. One thing I totally forgot is that the world ended in 2017 in it, along with other interesting points. And I think it's a decent movie to boot.

  26. Also worth noting the Egypt-Ireland-Scotland connection: Scotland is supposedly named after an Egyptian princess named Scota who is buried in Ireland.

  27. Uh oh.

    It wasn't until I read Fraser's quote regarding her 49th birthday that it dawned on me that I just recently had my own 49th birthday.

    And with regards to your previous post's reference to Almandine being the birthstone of people born in Autumn (or the Fall, if you prefer): I was born in Autumn.

    And "Reynard" is only my nom de plume. My given name is really David. Or "Taffy", if you prefer.

    Now I'm kinda starting to freak myself out. I reckon I didn't do myself any favors by adopting the name of a folk trickster either. ;)

    1. Don't walk under any ladders. Is all I'm saying. ;-)

  28. I'd like to bring Jack "King" Kirby back into this--

    We know one of the next Marvel movies coming out in 2018 is Black Panther. Kirby's 70s run on the title began with another of his weirder creations: A powerful artifact called "King Solomon's Frog"!


  29. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...

    Kirby's Black Panther comic actually had two "King Solomon's Frogs". One controlled space and the other controlled time. And I think they could beings across dimensions.

    1. Yes indeed. Excellent call, Reynard. Discussed that one here: https://secretsun.blogspot.com/2011/05/astrognostic-moon-machines-and.html

    2. Considering the nerdiest of the nerd hype for 'Thor: Ragnarok' was It's supposedly being a love letter to Kirb, during the anniversary year of what would have been his 100th birthday:


      'MCU wouldn't exist without him. Thor Ragnarok is an unabashed love letter to his vision. Happy Birthday to the King. Eternal #JackKirby100'

      & how the movie turned out to be yet another dreary dud lacking any of the qualities that set Kirby's work apart, Wotany Odins escape from the fable showing us the way, & how the trailers for 'BP' show no change in the 'house of ideas', now 'house of mouse' (soon to be Fox-spliced & chimerically twinned?), approach to the sourced material, It doesn't look like It will serve much aside from reinforcing the beliefs of angry types twittering that Africa would be Wakanda if not for those genetic aberrations - 'Whites', #wewuzkangz - another one of those NAZI memes that need 'SHUTTING DOWN' !Kek!

    3. At the end of Thor-After Ragnorak occurs there's a shot out of the front window of a space ship, the belt of Orion visible, dead center of the shot...

      The very next superhero movie a couple weeks later is Justice League, which features the 1st big screen appearance of Kirby's New Gods - Steppenwolf and Mother Boxes with Darkeseid on deck. Kirby clearly places the birth of the New Gods after the death of the Old Gods! Thought it was super cool sync.

    4. The Thor/Justice splicing is something I'd not picked up on, maybe It's up to It's old tricks in that scheduling department like when 'Armageddon' was released around the same time as 'Deep Impact' & 'Dante's Peak' vyed for the top spot during the same hot season as 'Volcano'.

      Something else I've not considered is the possibility that the box office busters of the marvel films when conjoined with the blowouts of the dc releases may be an exercise in Working so as to bear forth fan-theories of what could have been, should have been + thwarted yearnings looking to have fan service hopes raised only to be dashed once again, these movies are filled with entities that feast on such.

    5. I say these flicks, along with the rest churned out by this industrial procession, are dreary but they do glamour themslves in all manner of glittering sync-hint Revelations of the Method.

    6. Not just movies, movie soundtracks and music generally have been well-degraded in similarly dreary ways. Centuries later and they still use "the scary (diminished) chord" over and over again to add just the right spice of fright to whatever crap du jour is being pushed. And our rhythms, in music and speech, are incredibly trite. Do a search on troches for some of the most blatant. Newscasts also have the same delivery rhythm for different stories. Charles Schultz may have been telling us something very important with the way children could speak clearly and adults "voices" were rhythmic noise.

  30. About the AI subject, now we have the trailer of "Alita" (wing in spanish) that shows a world pretty much in the same light as Metropolis movie. I saw the anime movie when i was a child, so i think i will watch it again to see what they changed.

  31. I was made aware of the Pizza Hut ad whilst trawling the boards so as to delve into the Kek'd investigation of would-be, self-styled & so-called 'elite' abuse networks as the pizzagate story rose to prominence.

    Some real Work's gone into that ad,

    "It's wrong isn't It?" (Trump as he walks towards Ivana (Trump's proximity to Clinton in the 2nd debate was something sought to boost the bad man Vs. good woman notion as the 2106 campaign began to approach It's close, which clinton milked for sympathy votes))

    "But It feels so right!" (Said by Ivana in response as she shakes her head)

    so, asking, but not asking a question so as to be validated is met with a contradicted affirmation, what a mess, no wonder Stranger Things are going on, but what else would an alien(ating) (pop-ok)cullt-u-are come to Work through humanity - It's medium of expression but fracture & disintigration?

  32. sorry to make too many comments, but i remembered a series called death like me: "The first scene of the pilot episode introduces an origin-of-death myth where at the dawn of time, God (busy with creation) gave Toad a clay jar containing death which Toad promised to guard. Frog begged Toad to hold the jar, something to which Toad finally agreed. An excited Frog juggled the jar and finally dropped it, shattering it to the ground. When it broke open, death got out."

    Other death myth is the one involving Zeus, Prometheus and Pandora (death came out from Pandora's Box)

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. 2017- Twin Peaks season 4 had a character named Dougie Jones. A highly controversial senate race is won by a politician named Doug Jones. Wth!

    1. And, while the election results were being counted that night, a local theater was having a special screening of "Pan's Labyrinth," which features actor Doug Jones as "The Faun," the main "creature" character in the film.

  35. Two beasts on the cross of the Navagraha/Saturn Square Like how Crowley put a frog on a cross to get to its origin in ritual. In Knightfall .. the grail is in France. Fleur di lys. Newton on Daniel should make your rounds, a day is a year principle.

  36. You've probably already found this one for your collection:


  37. I wonder if it might be a good time, given the new year approaching, to make a situation report, so to speak, on what all these overlapping and interlaced phenomena are at this moment in time. My difficulty with this work, which is most impressive, is that all these phenomenon do not seem to be equally well-supported, and so I have a difficult time panning out here what is signficant from what is more likely suggestive.

  38. Sorry to post in a time displaced fashion but I needed to follow up on your question of yesterday for myself, and it’s relevant to recent secret sun-isms in a sidereal fashion…

    After I felt the need to comment on yesterday’s Google semiotic manipulation you replied, “Weird. Who is that again.?”

    Max Born – Nobel alumnus for that trident symbol the Google Doodle has him poking his brain with, (or is it a wave guide allowing the transcription not only from his brain to the page but on to the space next to the page as well.) Ostensibly as far as Nobels were concerned we can assume that it’s just the ψ “psi” factor as in pointing a way forward in applying Schrödinger-isms and laying foundations for quantum mechanics.

    But the guy has a bunch more going on. Where he’s from and when. Affiliated names such as Klein and Hilbert… Leading not only to him working with sound ranging & diffraction gratings but to all sorts of stuff that would have given him some solid phase conjugation ideas.

    Notably he was also a crystal nut and one of the main fun early guys going on about a “lattice structure” of the substrate of our reality. Nifty proto David Bohm notions.

    In Secret Sun terms phase conjugation is best metaphorically seen in that old Creepy story from Wrightson or Ditko I forget which exactly… It features a mad occult scientist who focusses a variety of infernal lights in such a way (read by me as a visionary intuition regarding conceptions of phase conjugation) that it achieves an abyssal void of multi-dimensional darkness. Could even be considered a dark sun, who knows?

    Outside of vintage comics the relevance to recent notions here seems for me to start at John H. Nelson’s RCA propagation studies. At one-point Nelson’s data, when mentioned relative to astronomy, elicited sighs of “screw off - don’t confuse your dumb horoscope and this fine scientific inquiry.” But there’s a strong current of study here that has yet to be fully elucidated let alone neatly summarized. It surely heads through N.A. Kozyrev and then if you’re like me after that you’re looking at all the early quantum guys like Born. Looking at them trying to suss what THEY were thinking as opposed to what WE think they were about today. String theory is depressingly uninspiring, I suspect by careful design.

    This whole nub of inquiry re: Nelson & Kozyrev et al. has been assimilated in some way into Martin Armstrong’s mighty models. How? That’s proprietary. (Sad Trombone…)

    Star Lore and it’s rituals seem to be in some way a time-honored human scale understanding of “spooky action at a distance”. Perhaps exactly the non-local effects that quantum what-have-you is trying to explicate.

    Chris, your exquisite insights of the Disney Beauty/Beast celestial connections exposes that a fortune 500 entertainment giant is actively working to anticipate and therefore to control the manifestation – of something – when quite literally the Heavens are aligned. Apparently, it doesn’t matter that millions of human brains are fully or even barely conscious of these encoded details. Just that they’re there to get squirted through all our grey matter which will, presumably, achieve the desired effect. Phucking Phascinating.

    Me thinks the “Don’t Be Evil” doodle appeared yesterday as Born is fine candidate for a legacy talent that was/is indispensable to the analysis and applied engineering of all my blather above which correlates directly to the odd anti-matter concerns mentioned here of late.

    1. Nice.

      Its called Theurgy and inviting the Gods, Demi-gods, and heroes down (being really they making a worthy vessel and then acting thru it, being the lowly called forth human incarnate after long period of reincarnation) to live invokingly so and with the worthy human. Using the lower ladder model is to harness elemental daemons for evocation and temporal power. The spooky action at a distance was the why of henges, pyramids, dolmens, etc. for interacting with the stars. See the "Undying Stars" for context of the celestial metaphor or "Philosophy as Rite of Rebirth" for all you could ever want about Theurgy. The latter reference has no equal except probably tomes that no longer exist.

    2. Dis - ney as phonetic magic is "death to your knee or death to your maiden name", both being quite telling about killing ones offspring and also genocide. That the are going full beast mode in attaining "FOX" .. plays right into the celestial metaphor.

    3. I thought quite a long time before signing up to Google many years ago. I decided to hope they would stick to the Don't Be Evil motto and ethos. o.O

  39. Odd paintings at Las Vegas Court House... https://vigilantcitizen.com/featured/paintings-depicting-ritual-abuse-display-las-vegas-courthouse/

  40. Belle is a B-factory. It's after the B-meson and the b-quark. When I was a kid, the last two quarks were called 'b' for 'beauty' and 't' for 'truth'... and then someone decided that that was un-PC and they became 'bottom' and 'top'. Anyhoo, it's Belle because it's a beauty factory, and if you're putting a huge add-on to Belle you're pretty much obliged to call it the Beast.

    But I'm not saying there isn't something up. When I was a kid, computer science meant Colossal Cave. Goblins in tunnels. Why? I don't know. I do know that programming and board games cross-fertilised, eventually resulting in Gary Gygax... but why goblins in tunnels?

    Why call your synthesiser the Prophet?

    I'll also admit that there's something shonky about the origins of semiconductors. Integrated circuits are Feynman's fault, with his 'room at the bottom' (there's that word again) speech, but the origins of the transistor are surprisingly obscure. Someone needs to do some digging.

    When I was a kid, 'keks' were your trousers :)

    And then there's Hypnotoad...

  41. "Bombarding everyone with information"
    hell no, your posts are the highlight of my day, I love this stuff, if you miss a day or more posting I feel dejected.
    I want to be carpet bombed.
    gibs moar GIBS MOAR!!!

  42. I have run across some folks in internet forums that think Kek was raised / summoned to be in opposition to Moloch and his long held association with child abuse (sacrifice). I dont know that I buy that - and Kek seems too much its own creature of the primordial chaos for this to apply, but if Ms Elizabeth is calling out Kek in a song, and we have a good idea that she may have been ritually abused as a child, it could fit into that narrative.

    I more ascribe to the notion that these entities (or themed glitches in reality, however we want to think of them) were coming no matter, maybe were always fated to appear as our civilization reached certain technological milestones, like tearing open the fabric of reality. This says nothing for the ritualist-ruling-elite diving headlong into the madness, but maybe they are just seeing a nice pool to swim (drown) in. Thanks Cern and the Kek-Beast. You really know how to throw a party.

  43. Three little additions:

    Kek is Romani for No, and Shit.

    Seen the new Gucci 'In Bloom' ad?
    Monarch butterfly, Horses in the song, and ladies flopping about in water.

    Kappas love cucumbers.

  44. Hello Chris,
    There is a 1988 cover to The Economist--with pretty much an announcement for a world currency by 2018--of a phoenix holding a coin with the symbol of a slashed zero on it. The phoenix has a gold fleur-de-lis on it's head.
    The timing itself is remarkable, with the surge in cryptos, but what was interesting to note was the fleur-de-lis/pepe/kek on the phoenix's head.
    Also, somewhere in the comments, I read that the fleur-de-lis is associated with Trump. I understand that it's a common symbol, but it's literally on the phoenix's head!

    Great interview on Aeon Byte Radio. Super fascinating.
    Thanks for all you do.

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  46. i wonder if my almost 3 yrs in foster care as a child (of which i really dont remember at all) has something to do with my attunement to this shit.

  47. "But I wonder what the more extreme Pizzagaters-- who whip themselves up into a frothing hysteria whenever they detect even a trace of tomato paste or mozzarella-- think when they see Trump's close connections with their hated pies." - in this connection, Christopher, check this picture out, the one before last https://sharenator.com/Music_Pizzas/

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