Thursday, January 11, 2018

Uncle Sam's Secret Sorcerers: Manic Satanic

The thing about Never-Ending Rituals is they never end. And you never know where and when the next phase of it is going to pop up. 

Well, this time the action is in a suburb of Athens, Greece. A FB group member posted a story on a controversial statue the government has installed of a red, eagle-headed angel sculpture entitled "Phylax," meaning protector. 

The mayor has defended the controversial installation, claiming the statue is a depiction of Talos, the ancient defender of Crete. 

Never mind this is Athens, not Crete, and that the statue bears no resemblance at all to any Talos I could find.

And of course they've rolled out the religious groups to protest the statue, which only makes it all the more alluring and glamourous. Watching a bunch of cranky old clerics marching around doesn't ever do anything but make supporting whatever they're protesting part of your duty as a postmodern citizen of the world.

I love that headline about "religious fanatics." Oh, you sad, silly media people. 

You haven't a clue what religious fanaticism really is. 

Believe me, the most hardbitten atheist will be begging to return to the comparatively-serene days of Calvin and Torquemada if and/or when that day dawns and we all find out. Think Bill Nye in a hair shirt and a cilice, flagellating himself like a barrel full of Opus Dei Grand Masters.

OK, bad example; that's any night of the week. But you get my meaning.

Now, does "Phylax" remind you of anyone in particular? 

Let me ask any of my more, say-- Jesus, I don't even know what term to use anymore-- mainstream-minded-type readers?-- do you really think things like the Babylon Gate there are built on a lark? Just to pass the time away?

In the backyard of the theatre where the Academy Awards are held?

Do you think whatever government people are involved with this statue in Greece are putting up with all kinds of hassle from protesters and local church leaders because they enjoy the headaches?

And how liberal and enlightened do you think the folks who venerate these ancient Babylonian war gods actually are? How humanitarian do you think a secret society powerful enough to wave these icons in our faces could really be?

Because Babylonian war gods are exactly what we're looking at here. Or Watchers or Anunaki or Vegas or Pearly Dew-Drops Who Kept Not Their First Estate. 

Whatever. Same difference.

And of course we saw Luciana ("Anno Lucis") Vega venerated on a pedestal, just like friend Phylax there.

Then there's this Babylonian demon-- yes, the same one as in The Exorcist-- being installed at the Institute for Contemporary Arts in London.

Think about it, now; what does an ancient demon have to do with modern art? Actually, quite a bit, come to think of it.

The artist who created Phylax also created this quite-striking Lucifer, installed in the chic Pralina bistro in Nicosia.

I believe all this ritualism has been and will be ushered in under the guise of art, so if you raise a peep about the face-smashingly blatant symbolism you'll not only be painted as a superstitious Troglodyte but also an uncultured Philistine.   

I mean, everyone knows the Vegas are our friends and only want what's best for us and our planet. Don't you want what's best for us and our planet? You do? Then shut your goddamned pie-hole. 

We know literally everything about you.

Oh, it goes on from there; the same artist who sculpted Lucifer and Phylax also created this. Yeah. Look familiar? It should.

Especially if you've seen this lookalike- titled The Arch of Hysteria-- sculpted by Louise Bourgeois. Maybe you saw it in the Home Life section.

Oddly, The Arch of Hysteria was also featured on the Instagram page of another chic bistro, though the name of the place escapes me at the moment. Ajax or Borax or something? 

Something like that.


I came upon this in my travels--someone apparently took exception to something I said somewhere and got all "Satanic Panic" about it. Because self-righteousness is the narcotic dragon some folks never get tired of chasing.

It really gave me a hearty chuckle, given the date it was posted...

"Hollywood is a bunch of predatory perverts?" I don't recall ever saying such a thing but I guess I didn't have to, did I?

Irony, you are such a saucy seductress.

"A cabal of evil" and "a cult in thrall to Satan?" I never said that either, but again I guess I didn't have to.

Of course, this here is no laughing matter: "Silicon Valley Satanists?" Now there are three words I hoped never to see together.

Let me be clear about this: LARP Satanists are fun to gawk at, accessorize well and are usually only ever a danger to themselves. 

But when Satanism is wed to powers of control Orwell never dreamed of and Intersectional hate-mongering, well then we've got ourselves a whole other problem.

Oh, add in Social Darwinism and unquenchable sexual predation while you're at it. Which we've been hearing quite a lot about recently with our Cylon friends.

But perhaps the Cylons have offended the Vegas in some way. Back in the day, this ill omen here would send everyone running for the shrines and temples, begging for absolution.

Now, the LARP Communist affection for LARP Satanism is a bit of a head-scratcher; time was that when I met a Satanist I automatically assumed they were also a Neo-Nazi. 


Because they almost always were. Were/secretly still are, whatever.

Of course, the Satanic Temple--led by a guy whose dream project was helping republish Ragnar Redbeard's Might Is Right-- would prefer you forget all that.

Correction: whoever is running him and that little cutout would prefer you forget about all that.

Sadly, History begs to differ. 

But time is on Greaves' and his co-religionists side. Well, until the Vegas finally arrive and feast on their Satanic brains, Temple of Doom-style.  

The Vegas, like the Old Ones, will eat their acolytes firstBest case scenario, mind you.

But for now, they're all in clover. Anyone watching the rich and the useless know full well how fashionable taboo-violation has become, which includes Satanism. And they also have lots of money to throw around at anyone who panders to their vanity.

First Daughter Chelsea Clinton got a lot of heads-a-scratching when she recently played Twitter tag with the Church of Satan, but there's also this Twit, making reference to Confederate statues.

But she is most certainly not the brightest bulb in the Clinton box. "Never been in a church with a Lucifer statue?"

How many churches has she been in? I'd say a lot. I'd even say probably this one. But hey; cut her some slack.

She's stupid.

YourNewsWire-- which on its best day reads like the Weekly World News with an intestinal virus-- served up this sordid story recently. We saw an earlier version of this with a similarly fictitious joint in Japan.

But as it happens this Cannibal Club has a website. I really, really don't give a shit so I didn't look into it. Is this a viral site for The Santa Clarita Diet? Maybe, but did I mention I don't really care?

I don't need YourNewsWire to tell me most of these people are sickos.

For instance, I take it for granted this shit-- which we unpacked last year around this time-- is based in some kind of reality, whether real reality or LARPed.

But like I said, if you know what you're looking for it's pretty obvious what some of those overprivileged Angelenos are into these days. 

Stuff like this; hyper-sexualizing a nine year-old boy and then screaming transphobia when they're called out for it. Do note that Ellen Degeneres, RuPaul and James St. James-- not exactly obscurities we're talking about-- "liked" this allegedly blatant bit of pedo-grooming propaganda.

"The Future isn't for you"-- that's a threat, believe it. Allegedly.

It's all pretty toxic stuff. It reminds me of how a nation of Beavises took the scare stories about harmless hard rock pap they heard in Sunday School in the 70s as a business model, and unleashed a tsunami of Satanic metal, black metal, whatever-metal in the 80s. 

Similarly, this toxic brew of MKULTRA and MKOFTEN was largely subterranean until the thirst for clicks brought it all to the masses.

But however it got here, here it is. Again. 

And people are going to be raped, abused and murdered because of it, just like all the other times Satanism bubbled up from the pit.


You know, I used to buy into the whole "Satanic Panic" thing too, thinking there was some kind of irrational witchhunt that popped up out of the ether, all on its own. The problem is that I went and looked at the actual evidence (a bad habit of mine) and not just the New York Times thinkpieces.  

I found out that not only was the ubiquity of Satanic bilge as bad as I thought I remembered it, but there were all kinds of horrific crimes that were the direct consequence of Satanism, crimes the overpaid wags never made mention of in their little lectures. Were some innocent people swept in that and jailed unjustly? Of course, but that happens every single day in our court systems.

I was heartened to discover that this wasn't just my imagination playing tricks on me, but that an author who wrote what I believe is the definitive study of pop Satanism essentially agreed with me.

And now it's starting again. Like I've said, you don't need to worry about the Satanists bopping around in Portland or Brooklyn art galleries, you need to worry about the Satanists in the trailer parks and housing projects. 

Or worse.