Sunday, January 07, 2018

Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas: A Tissue of Lies

We have here what they call a "teaching moment."

The Las Vegas narrative continues to unravel like an old sweater. I have to admit I haven't been keeping an eye on the cover-up because I stopped believing the official story as soon as I bypassed the mainstream media accounts and looked at the actual, y'know, evidence.

Then the audaciously-blatant ritualism reared its head. 

It's safe to say I can't remember a singular event so soaked to the bone with stellar alignments, sympathetic magic and death-cult symbolism. Not even 9/11.

And now another pillar of the mainstream media narrative crumbles into dust. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported today- reluctantly, I'm sure-- that MGM revealed that Stephen Paddock had extensive contact with Mandalay Bay staff. Also reluctantly.

One of these contacts was with housekeeping the day of the shootings. 


So how did a 64 year-old in shaky health smuggle a sizable arsenal up to a hotel suite and hide it from the staff? 

How did he fly under the radar of MGM's not-small army of corporate security after suing a casino a couple years back? 

How was he able to handle complicated weaponry that requires a good deal of arm-strength?

None of it makes any sense at all.

But the major media-- following the "scoop" broken by the Mockingbird flagship New York Times-- revealed that Paddock was able to escape detection by refusing housekeeping service, a claim that Steve Wynn- not exactly known for being a wild-eyed conspiranoid -- publicly called bullshit on.

But we saw this crapola repeated again and again...

...and again...

...and again...

...and again...

...and again...

...and again...

...and again. 

Liars. Every single one of them.

The sad fact is that the coverup in Vegas has been so Chief Wiggum-inept that even some mainstream outlets have begun to walk back some of the bullshit they've been dropping on our heads. 

I don't think any of them actually believe what they've been reporting about the entire situation-- well, all for except the dupiest dupes who were ever duped-- but I certainly do think they were hoping they could weaponize the situation for their paymasters.

Of course, we've also been seeing a lot of counter-narratives filtering through alternative news sources, quote-unquote, spinning a narrative of ISIS gunmen and Saudi princes and so on and so forth. I'm not so sure about any of that either, truth to tell.

While it's entirely possible that there've been a lot of Deep State shenanigans tacked onto this little Brady Variety Hour here, I haven't seen anything to convince me that the purpose of this event wasn't ritualistic.  

Now a lot of people have rightfully complained that the Vegas posts were a bit jumbled and hard to sort through. It's OK, I'll take the lumps. 

But the thing is that there was so much material exploding from every direction it was all I could do just to fish while they were biting and leave the cleaning for later. 

But since Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sybils, had already laid the prophetic groundwork, it didn't take long to spot the dominant patterns here. 

Don't ask me why, but all of this seems to have something to do with Vega- "the Falling Eagle"- and the Occultation of Regulus by Venus in 2044. 

October 1, 2044 to be exact, NASA's 84th (12 x 7) birthday, 27 years after Las Vegas, and 27+27 years after the release of "Heaven or Las Vegas." (Or if you're so inclined, two Saturn Returns after its release). That's 9+9+9+9+9+9 years for all you math nerds.

Now, I have no idea what Vega has to do with Regulus in an astrological or metaphysical context, I just know the symbols keep pointing in that direction.

And of course, in the middle of this blizzard of sync came the Visitor from Vega--the "Advance Scout Before an Invasion" -- Oumuamua, which seems to getting a lot of science types all kinds of horny. 

I have no idea what that thing actually is and I don't really care. It's served its purpose in the ritual cycle we've been looking at here. 

A cycle that seems to have started at the MGM Grand on May 18th with the death of Chris "Horned Christ" Cornell and stormed its way through the rest of 2017. And you know the rest of the story.

And now we're seeing "Vega" all over the place, including the new Luciana ("Anno Lucis") Heaven or Las Vega rollout, which seems to be a earth-shattering news story for some reason.

There are also odd little events like this in Luxor, drawing us back to the Luxor Massacres of 1997 and 2017. It could be coincidence or could be someone is really trying to get someone's attention.

And the Archangels vs. Fallen Angels narrative-- which Our Lady seems to be prophesying in both "Pearly Dew-Drops' Drop" (meaning "those things that have fallen from the Gates of Heaven"- referencing Revelation 21:21, the inverse of the "Beauty and the Beast" alignment of Revelation 12:1-2 of 9/23/17) and "Heaven or Las Vegas"-- keeps popping up into the New Year, hence the oppositional LA (Los Angeles) to Vegas title (and "red-blue" divide logo) of this new high-profile Fox comedy. 

And then we saw the CIA's big Disclosure rollout, which leads nowhere else but back to Bigelow's Holy of Holies in Heaven or Las Vegas. All too appropriately, given that this whole dog-n-pony show is a salvo in the "War in Heaven" taking place within the Deep State.

Now as far as Vegas goes, I think there was also some serious master-planning afoot here, not to justify a gun-grab, but to turn America's cold civil war hot

Of course, Voltaire once said "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." 

What a dewey-eyed optimist, eh?

The fact is that it's really dangerous to be right when the mindless cheerleaders of a governmental faction are wrong, all the more so in the age of social media. All it takes is the slightest deviation from the dominant narrative for the keyboard commissars to be unleashed on unsuspecting truthseekers, calling up fire and fury from the Abyss with every righteous virtue signal.

Sadly, the spit-and-shoelace cover stories blew up reasonably quickly, and left the Twitter Torquemadas holding the bag. But luckily for them, Trump swooped in and changed the subject by tweeting something especially problematic or other. You can set your watch to it.

Maybe he is Batman after all.

All of which adds up to the fact that there's so much mischief being dumped on our heads lately, particularly in the realm of digital technology, that it's hard to catch your breath anymore. The mind-controlling is all out in the open now, because most people don't know and/or don't care. 

The assault on personal sovereignty is so unrelenting now, the brainwashing so ubiquitous, that there's only so much you can do. But knowing the truth is still better than the alternative.

Which is why you need to make sure you watch this year's Super Bowl with a codebreaker's gimlet eye. Justin Timberlake is the Halftime headliner and he's dropped this bit of Robo-Apocalypse propaganda just in time. The Archons continue to reap dividends on this particular investment.

You gotta laugh, because this shit is so predictable. But also because this song sounds exactly like an outtake from an old Cabaret Voltaire album. 

Well, if you're going to steal, steal from the best.

And I'm sure they'll be plenty of intellectual property-theft to go around in the AI Age. 

China, not generally known for their love of copyrights and trademarks, are building an AI City because of course. Don't know where they are with Smart Cities, but at the same time I don't think I want to know.

China is also reportedly sending plants and insects to the Moon this year. Because, y'know,  they need to determine if the relentless radiation on Luna is going to instantly fry them or scramble their DNA. I imagine the same question goes for the Van Allen Belt.

Man, it's like no one's ever sent anything living to the Moon or something. I mean, this science is all settled, right? 

I've heard tell the radiation levels are pretty safe on the soundstages at Area 51, though. Maybe the Chinese should test out their specimens there. 

Save them a trip.

Of course you don't need to go anywhere to get get your genes scrambled. The big Transgenic rollout is on, and it's on now. Why, just think- you could get a flu shot one day and wake up looking like a bubble-eyed dogboy the next. Where do I sign up?

I guess the Vegas are running ahead of schedule. Maybe their ETA has been pushed up.

Makes me wonder if the Microbes are Ready. 

A FB member turned my attention to this disturbing story, calling "My Struggle II" to mind.

For all you Coincidence Theorists out there, here's a corker for your next Tulsi 2020 fundraising bake sale: remember the tests NASA ran with eColi and antibiotic resistance a few weeks back?

Well as sheer, dumb happenstance would have it, there's been an eColi outbreak. Apparently, Romaine (Roman) Lettuce is the vector here. 

Well, even so, it sure is strange that 17 people in the US and 17 people in Canada have fallen ill. eh?  17 being the date Set murdered Osiris.

Don't worry about it, it's not like NASA has any interest in ancient Egyptian ritualism or anything. 



  1. I was talking to some guy on another website who claimed he could astral project and could see his past lives and also what he will be reincarnated as and he said if he were to die now he would be reborn 150 years from now and that he saw that society has turned into a cyberpunk dystopia and also aliens are apart of the normal demographics by then.

    I like the phrase "cold civil war", makes a lot of sense.

  2. Continuing the idea that such deceptions are intended to eugenically enlighten the percipient, whilst leaving the remainder deceived...

    I remain curious as to your views concerning the key deception: the secret sun.

    There is an interesting video about the great year in which it is queried as to how a pyramidal shaft could continue to point to the same star for thousands of years despite precession:

    They then move on to wonder if there is a sun behind The Sun, but insinuate (faux-naively) that it is yet to be discovered. But, how could anyone make a such video without nominating the obvious candidate?

    How could they fail to nominate it, whilst observing that, with The Sun, there is only one other star in our sky that does not precess?

    Even Wikipedia agrees: "It has been noticed, and the Sothic cycle confirms, that Sirius does not move retrograde across the sky like other stars"

    And yet, bizarrely, like those who continue to believe in Apollo, they still believe in Sirius B, and that Sirius (A+B and/or A+B+C) is far too far away to have any orbital relationship with The Sun.

    It's either astronomical double-think ( ) or an astronomical honey-pot to attract those who would point out the obvious to them.

    1. Sirius does move a fair bit across the sky... because it's fairly close.

      There is probably some gravitational effect from Sirius towards the Sun. This said, 8 light-years is an awfully long distance. So you'd really need to get out your calculator to see if you'd expect it to be measurable at all. Still, Newton's formula is available to all so you can calculate yourself.

      There are other stars closer than Sirius, by the way. Most notably, Proxima Centauri. So if there is a measurable gravitational effect between Sirus and the Sun, the same should go for Proxima Centauri.

      If it's actually measurable, an interesting question would be how fast this gravitational effect seems to be taking. As in, suppose that it seems to be taking faster than the speed of light. Wouldn't that be interesting?

    2. The secret sun is about 2,000 AU away.

      The Sun cannot possibly orbit a binary/ternary star system that is over 8 LY away, within the brief timespan of just a great year. You've effectively deduced this yourself, given Proxima Centauri.

      Hence the double-think dilemma.

      Either we did land on the moon, or we did not. You cannot have it both ways.

      Apollo is effectively the apocalypse, once you understand it, you understand the secret sun.

  3. About Vega, now we have a famous transgender Daniela Vega as an Oscar favorite for the chilean movie "Una mujer fantastica". She is now in the first pages os hollywood magazines.... coincidence of course

  4. 1999 was the year reality shifted into this current state. It seems time has stood still since then, the only thing that has arrived is "social media". Funny how they call it "social" when what it does is keep people isolated from each other, alienated. As if we needed more isolation after people were forced into living in suburbia.

  5. Interestingly synchy that astronaut John Watts Young (24 Sep 1930 - 5 Jan 2018) would have celebrated his last birthday on earth the day after the September 23rd (my birthday BTW) Regulus event and then passed away in the month that starts and ends with a super-moon.
    Watts the fu....?

  6. Gotta laugh at the 'futuristic' Timberlake having to steal from a band who were at it 40 years ago. And had better visuals.

  7. Chris, I finally bought Heaven or Las Vegas and most of the rest of their early work last week. I had only Lullabies To Violaine - Volumes 1 & 2 and Song to the Siren up until then. I didn't know how many great songs I was missing including that one.
    I just started listening to Norse Mythology read by Neil Gaiman. He said it was hard to pick a favorite sequence of myths but it would probably be the Norse ones. The first thing he said was his first encounter with Asgard & its inhabitants was at the age of 7 with the adventures of the mighty Thor. He mentions the character art as depicted by Jack Kirby. He describes the initial visuals of the stories in detail and that they were plotted by Kirby & Stan Lee and had dialogue by Lee's brother. I remember a few years back when you posted about when you 1st read the Thor comics & about Jack Kirby's influence on everything in entertainment.


  9. The planet Pluto, or the Pluto planetary-system (or whatever its called at the moment), is transiting past Vega right now.
    This hasn't been mentioned as far as I know in any astrology sites - has anyone else noticed/heard of this current transit?

    1. Vega is at 15.33 Capricorn so Pluto has passed it now. But I checked the ephemeris to see when it was exact and get this...two years ago when Bowie died. Not only that, but the Starman had Vega tightly conjunct his natal Mars/Sun. For non-astrologers, that means Pluto, planet of death and resurrection, was right on that point when he died. Now Saturn has just gone into Capricorn, the sign it rules, and will be exact on Vega 6 February 2019. Where Pluto transforms, Saturn incarnates, so it'll be interesting to see what will start taking shape around then. And thanks for pointing this out, I'd completely missed it.

    2. Yes, I completely missed it as well. Pluto would seem to be the focal lens for the Vega energy that Christopher writes about. And the timing is astonishing - once in 250 years or so.
      During that 1769 - a transit of Venus is followed five hours later by a total solar eclipse, the shortest such interval in history. The late 1700's was a time of revolution and conflict.

      Then in the present, 2017, Saturn at 0° Capricorn on the day of the Winter Solstice, when the Sun himself is also at that degree - not since December 1664, 353 years ago.
      A time of exploration and construction, the 1600's saw royal charters for overseas territories being established, as well as plots to overthrow said royals!

      We are experiencing planetary transits that are long-awaited, if unrecognized, yet far-reaching and potent.

      Astrologically, I would say these transits project much more significance onto Christopher's speculations.

      "Where Pluto transforms, Saturn incarnates" - a New World being birthed.

  10. In heaven
    everything is fine

    you've got yr good thing

  11. Just a general observation, but the blue/red dichotomy seems to be getting a lot of play recently, with much of the emphasis being on a transition between the two.

    The “blue” moon will be bright red. Go figure...

    The logo for “LA to Las Vegas” is particularly blatant.

    Plus the purple (red/blue transition) meme has been getting pushed over the top.

    The elite signaling behavior appears to be ramping up again, so you may be right about the ‘cold civil war’ turning hot in the near future.


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  13. As for Oumuamua, have you seen The Expanse?

  14. The entire Paddock story is so incredibly badly presented that it seems to me that it could not have been a psyop, it mus have been an emergency coverup... the first thing that made sense to me of all the contradictory but apparently legitimate reports is that the shooting erupted in an attack by one group of Saudis on another group. Gods forbid the People should become aware that imbalanced members of semi-elites (particularly Muslims, commies, or other antagonists) are able to arm themselves in our midst and start shooting the place up. Paddock was almost certainly involved in providing one side with weaponry, and probably Deep-approvedly so, as he was by some reports a player in the underground arms biz, but being surveilled the whole time. The three-letter morons involved were likely surprised when the Arabs opened fire on each other a multiple locations, and offing Paddock and shooting up the concert - to whatever extent that was done - were part of a spur-of-the-moment distraction to provide cover for the shit flying all over the city, including the airport.

    Perhaps the Gods caused it all, though. Hey, what's going on with the Saudis these days?

  15. Not much to add since you pretty much answered all the questions that I had in your very intense post. I will say this though, in regards to the idea of a "cold civil war turning hot":

    I recently had a long phone conversation with an Uncle, just catching up, post holidays. He's not at all the type to be interested in what is discussed here, he's in his 70s, retired, a very middle-of-the-road life long Democrat, but a very stand-up guy. & he shocked me during our conversation by saying that he thinks the country is headed for a civil war. That he's never seen people this divided in his life, not even during the height of the Vietnam era. & that he's very worried for the future of the country & people in general. He said it frightens him to no end that common sense seems to have gone out the window in the US & that not only is there no one left worth voting for but that our country is headed for a fall. Really shocked me hearing that come from him of all people!

    1. To constantly hide behind the anonymous tag is problematic. I often skip right over most anonymous posts. Too bad such a good wordsmith can't be forthright. 87

  16. That Expanse TV series is interesting. The book series just had a new release with "Persepolis Rising". The previous book was called "Babylon's Ashes". I would like to see someone who understands symbolism write about both the books & the series. I'm sure there is a lot there.
    Archaeological evidence shows that the earliest remains of Persepolis date back to 515 BC. André Godard, the French archaeologist who excavated Persepolis in the early 1930s, believed that it was Cyrus the Great who chose the site of Persepolis, but that it was Darius I who built the terrace and the palaces.
    Since, to judge from the inscriptions, the buildings of Persepolis commenced with Darius I, it was probably under this king, with whom the scepter passed to a new branch of the royal house, that Persepolis became the capital of Persia proper. As the residence of the rulers of the empire, however, a remote place in a difficult alpine region was far from convenient. The country's true capitals were Susa, Babylon and Ecbatana. This accounts for the fact that the Greeks were not acquainted with the city until Alexander the Great took and plundered it.

  17. I you are concerned boutradition levels on the Area 51 soundstage, look out fo Klau Hergesheimer of G Setion who slways carries spare radiation xhield - because "DIamonds zre forever and no one can ever get ahold of Illard White since he gt thatehite cat.

  18. A common theme in American and European art/experimental cinema in the 60s through the early eighties was a future civil war in the USA. This was explored in films by Peter Watkins, Brian de Palma and others. In the eighties it was replaced by the idea of a fascist takeover (Robocop, Brazil). If it gets to the point of a shooting war I am afraid it would be a disaster of a major magnitude, so I hope it never gets to that. Especially because it would be very difficult to contain it just to the USA and it could spread to other countries, like the civil
    wars of central America in the 80s. Hell, those wars are still killing people 30 years on, just consider the Salvador/Guatemalan gangs working all over the hemisphere today, from Canada to Argentina- Those gangs begun as paramilitary death squads . Blowback is very difficult to predict or control.

  19. Don't own a smartphone. I've never Twittered or Facebooked, although I have looked at other folks FB feeds and, I must say, the banality & narcissism & the sort of desperate "please somebody look at me" sadness on display there was a bit disheartening. The way it appears that folk feel compelled to put out "press releases" when they're dumped or when they dump somebody or when granny dies or rover dies is, in my opinion, so relentlessly depressing that I really can't handle it. This lump of computer nothing is the altar that people sacrificed their privacy on? As someone who is pretty much internal & low maintenance I guess I never really realized how empty everyone really is in this little plastic strip mall/trailer park of the Gods. The civil war threat is, of course, very real. But the Gods of America have always demanded oodles of blood. The country sits on a veritable sea of blood. Yet, if you notice, American propaganda always sells the US as an oppressed underdog. This was reinforced when I recently saw the trailers for two films on the Boston bombing. Both reused that very idea. "We have to show the world that they can't bring us to our knees." Or some such nonsense. Geez, we've carpet bombed entire countries into rubble & then bombed the rubble into dust, yet a couple attacks over 17 years threaten to "bring us to our knees?" Really? So in order to stay off our knees we have to become increasingly deranged as a nation? Makes perfect sense. Or not. Over the last two years I've had 2 kids graduate from high school. Now, I live in a semi-rural area of the country. Very right wing and gun loving. At the graduation ceremonies of both my kids they would announce what each child had planned after high school. Most chose college & they were greeted with lukewarm applause for the most part. But when it was announced that the poor young boob chose the military the entire auditorium erupted into cheers & whistles. Does no one notice that these wars are based on egregious lies? Are Americans so shit their pants afraid of terrorists swinging into their trailer parks and swiping their "freedom" that they still enthusiastically shove their children into a meat grinder? I know, I know, I'm not that bright. Or maybe just naive. Or maybe, not being very bright, I just assumed the BS was obvious to people who appear much smart than me. Once again, I guess I was wrong.

    1. The key piece of info that you are missing is the hijack of America by the British first via the Federal Reserve, second with the creation of the CIA, and third by the Assassination of JFK and the threat of such again.

      Everything since JFK with the exception of Carter and Reagan's first term has been secret British Imperialism sold as "Just Wars".

      Luckily the Second American Revolution has begun with the Election of Trump.

      Sit tight, it's going to be a bumpy ride this year.

  20. It is difficult to search for, so I have to ask if you saw the recent movie Life? I watched it on a whim, thinking how bad could it be? Hard to believe such A-listers thought it was a good script... Such a blatant poorly done bland Alien rip-off. Grabbing germs off an asteroid instantly becomes a human-killing machine...Life is Death in such obvious terms...a bit chilling...

  21. & on the subject of dystopia in general, really good article:

    "Walker Percy in his 1971 dystopian novel “Love in the Ruins” paints a picture of a morally degenerate America consumed by hedonism, wallowing in ignorance, led by kleptocrats and fools, fragmented into warring and often violent cultural extremes and on the cusp of a nuclear war. It is a country cursed by its failure to address or atone for its original sins of genocide and slavery. The ethos of ceaseless capitalist expansion, white supremacy and American exceptionalism, perpetuated overseas in the country’s imperial wars, eventually consumes the nation itself. The accomplices, who once benefited from this evil, become its victims. How, Percy asks, does one live a life of meaning in such a predatory society? Is it even possible? And can a culture ever regain its equilibrium when it sinks into such depravity?

    The novel’s main character, a doctor named Tom More, is a suicidal alcoholic and a womanizer. He has invented the “Ontological Lapsometer” to measure human souls. He notes that “the dread chasm that has rent the soul of Western man” has worsened “ever since the famous philosopher Descartes ripped body loose from mind and turned the very soul into a ghost that haunts its own house.”

    Percy, echoing the Christian existentialist Søren Kierkegaard, argues that the capitalist, rationalist ethic that crushed empathy and understanding and replaced it with the primacy of personal gain, cruelty and profit doomed Western civilization. The basest lusts are celebrated by capitalism. Success is defined by material advancement, power and the attainment of celebrity. Those, like Donald Trump, who amass enormous wealth, often by cheating, abusing and defrauding their employees and associates, are treated like pagan idols."

    1. Great stuff comrade! Soon the proletariat will seize the means of production and the capitalist pigs will be slaughtered!

      Then we can create a perfect prosperous society just like Venezuela, how wonderful!

  22. I have complete faith in Tulsi's guru ...

  23. Numerical media esoteric cues for the (cough) Adapts. 17, a 1013 here a 49 (13) there. Maybe throw in a 47 to subliminally remind the "Masters" who the Boss is. These media syncs are so common as to be almost laughable. No, I'm laughing. Great, concise post.

  24. I'm gonna just skip to the Chase and say that the night of the Las Vegas barrel shoot, I was tripping Voyager style at a friend's house in Dallas. I think I might have gotten a glimpse of these Angels, Gods, dont know. I hadn't even heard of your take on Vegas, the Fraser/Siren tid bit. Any way I haven't shared this information with anyone and I don't know any thing for sure.

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