Thursday, February 11, 2021

Oh Mother Mercury, Look What They've Done To Me

 It's Mercury Retrograde, so I'm trying to be wise and working on getting my archives in order and things of that nature. It's a huge and daunting task since I have thousands of posts on this platform alone.

But I'm also taking advantage of the retrograde to go retro. I'm cleaning up and reformatting a lot of old posts and getting them back up. Might as well take advantage of Blogger while I still can. After all, I gotta clean up and reformat everything anyway right?

Monday, February 08, 2021

Super Bowl 2021: a Weeknd in Las Vegas

Twin Brady led the Templar Bay Buccaneers to their Twinth Super Bowl win, along with fellow former New England Baphomet Rob Gronkowski. The Templar defense held the Kansas City Secret Chiefs to a measly (council of) nine points, or one for every Super Bowl Twin Brady has played in. Note 12+87=99.

It was indeed an exciting day for the NFLim and Twins everywhere.