Sunday, February 21, 2021

Class is Now in Session

Whole lot of shaking going on behind the scenes here at Secret Sun Central. The first order of business is The Secret Sun Institute of Advanced Synchromysticism, which has opened its digital doors for students of the strange.

The Institute is currently renting space until its new campus is ready, and will be the go-to destination for the deepest dives and long-form analysis. Given the current clampdowns, I am working to make the work as portable and independent as possible, and able to be distributed without relying any particular platform. 

"Run silent, run deep" is our provisional motto. 

It's been a lot of work because I have a sixteen year-sized archive of material in various stages of completion and/or readiness, not to mention a huge backlog of new material waiting to go live (plus the epic sequel to He Will Live Up in the Sky I am currently working on).

It's been a major project because most of the older material's text formatting got all jumbled up when Blogger changed its interface, there are hundreds of dead links to repair and deleted videos to replace. and the older photos can't be resized. 

I've been getting some classic Secret Sun reposted here as I go along, so do be sure to regularly check the dated blog archive on the web page. 

Meanwhile, the SSI has a lot of material up already. I've some long-form audio discussions with a number of top thinkers from the world of weirdness on a host of different topics, including:
  • Erik Davis on mushroom cults
  • Allen Greenfield on John Keel and ultraterrestrials
  • Nick Redfern on the Collins Elite
  • John Crow on Lucifer Rising. 

I've got a very rare interview with the late, great Tracy Twyman on the topic of occult UFOlogy and ancient intervention, subjects she usually avoided in her work. It's an amazing discussion with a brilliant thinker. I've got more Tracy rarities on the way, so be sure to get a full dose of this genius mind.

So come on over and get yourself armed and ready for the coming reality revolution.

There are some new posts up on the Secret History of Rock n' Roll blog that are all highly Sunjacent. 

There's a post up on pop stars, dissociative identity and entity possession, a rock legend who moonlighted as a UFO contactee, and a story that's been taking up a lot of my attention lately: how a decades-long grail quest of mine reached its fulfillment quite unexpectedly last week, and how that grail plays a starring role the ultimate origin story of The Secret Sun. 

And you know what that means, don't you?

That's right: a cameo appearance from the Leprechaun. Or the Pukwudgie, if you prefer. Same difference.

Bonus Donnie Darko-jacent sync. Very ooky.

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