Thursday, July 29, 2021

Be Careful What You Woke For

If you get anything at all from this little blog of mine, I would hope it would be three simple laws. Because you're going to need to keep your sanity in the coming days.
Knowles' First Law is, "Whenever a controversy over symbolism erupts in the media, it's usually disguising a completely different symbolic message altogether."

Knowles' Second Law is, "The old state cults will be re-established under the cover of Woke." 

Knowles' Second Law, Paragraph A is, "The old statues currently being torn down will eventually be replaced by the icons and idols of the new/old state cult." 

With its initial objectives achieved, the color revolution that was imposed on this country last year has died down quite a bit. That said, the gaslighting rages on and the New Iconoclasts are still out there, paving the way for the onrushing technocratic dictatorship they're all too fucking stupid to realize they're carrying out marching orders for. Some may wake up to it eventually, but it will be too late for them by then. 

And too late for us as well, probably

The Year Zero renaming blitz is still ongoing, though that too is considerably muted these days. My favorite is the risibly-moronic "Washington Football Team," which always reminds me of an old Calvin Trillin column about the cheap T-shirts flooding the racks at the time, emblazoned with classic Chinglish howlers like "US Basketball Team Person."

An early prototype for the renaming crusade is the Washington Bullets US basketball team people, though the renaming then (back in 1997) had more to do with a PR reaction to DC's reputation as a hotbed of gun crime.

But just in case you're wondering what's ultimately behind this campaign...

...the new name and the new logo for the Washington basketball team people is face-kickingly obvious, even for a novice symbol-watcher. Also, kind of hilarious. 

I'll tell you, if other teams follow the Wizards' lead, I'll be out of a job. My little puppy could decode this glaring lump of porno-cultic Crypto-Masonic blatancy.

The "Washington Wizards" is silly and goofy, but the latest case is a bit less so.

The "Cleveland Indians" and their admittedly grotesque mascot are an easy target for prissy, pampered pinheads in the corporate media to virtue-signal against. But because all of these bootlickers are so clueless and miseducated when it comes to actual history, they are oblivious to the equally troubling implications of the Cleveland baseball team people's new moniker and mascot.

I've heard tell that posters like this are popping all around the Mistake on the Lake. This is one of the "Guardians," AKA the eight neo-gods called "The Guardians of Traffic." 

I guess "US Traffic Guardian People" sounded a bit too cumbersome.

Here's one of the Guardians, clutching a buggy of some kind. 

These things were carved in the early 1930s when 'Art Deco' was the thing. However, this kind of look soon fell out of fashion in this country when it was more enthusiastically adopted by...

... you guessed it: the Fascists.

The stern, chiseled faces and Romanesque accoutrements of Neo-Classical Art Deco sculpture were a natural for Mussolini and his crew, as it fell right in line with his ambitions to restore the glory that was Rome. 

And things got even dicier when the Art Deco look was passed from the Fascists to...

...the Nazis. Fancy that.

Incredibly homoerotic Art Deco sculptures of Italianate supermen and demigods can still be found hither and yon. Mussolini had a ton of them made and they weren't all suffused with explicit Fascist themes. Just implicit ones.

Also, ass-less chaps and bulging nipples and so on. I'd include examples but this is a family blog. Go look them up.

And existing exemplars are not just lurking in the old country: look no further than Rockefeller Center for several prime samples of the type. It's almost as if their quarrel with the Fascists was never about "defending freedom," it was about who gets all the candy. If it even was ever a real quarrel to begin with and not just part of the Grand Hegelian Dialectic.

See, I realize a lot of people think I'm off on some weird tangent with this stuff, but I have experience most of you don't. I spent a LOT of time walking around the nerve centers of global power in Manhattan and saw all this stuff in the flesh. 

I'd wander around Rockefeller Center, or the lobbies of office buildings and apartment buildings in Murray Hill and Park Avenue, or the streets of Lower Manhattan and I would see all of this iconography everywhere. I'd see what symbols were held sacred by these people, even in relatively new buildings. It turned out to be good training.

Did "Father" not fit on the banner?

Anyway, this is what Woke has accomplished: Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima, and Chief Wahoo etc. etc. etc. are to be expunged from public view, while chiseled, hyper-masculine, not-so-vaguely-Fascist gods take their place. 

Well, at least in Cleveland. But I'm sure we'll see more where they came from in the days to come. 

A lot more.

It's like my grandpappy used to say: Be careful what you Woke for. You'll probably get it. 

Good and hard.

Wake me up from this insane timeline in the comments.

UPDATE: Interesting historical detail about the Guardians' sculptor Henry Hering: 
Hering is further remembered in relation to the crash of an American B-25 military airplane into New York City's Empire State Building on July 28, 1945. 
The largest sections of the plane remained lodged in the building, or fell directly to the streets below. However, one engine ripped from its wing and traveled some distance away before landing in Hering's top floor penthouse studio, located in a building near the crash. At the time, newspaper coverage of the accident reported that, although the artist was not in his studio at the time, about $75,000 worth of his work was destroyed.


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