Thursday, November 09, 2017

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Mithras.

I've been ranting on about Mithras since I opened this blog and lo and behold, Bloomberg finally premiere their new SPACE headquarters with the enclosed Mithraeum, smack dab in the middle of the Never-Ending Ritual. And a day after the Grand Lodge of England posted video of the Tercentennial at the Royal Albert Hall on Halloween.

I'm sorry; is this actually the real world or am I in some kind of Audrey Horne coma and am lucid-dreaming old Secret Sun posts all night and day?

Bloomberg SPACE. If you saw that in a movie you'd think it was over the top.

And they're really pulling out the special effects to make you feel as if you are actually in an ancient Mithraeum.

This Mithraeum was discovered in 1954 in an old bombed-out site.

Which almost certainly became the inspiration for Quatermass and the Pit. I think it's safe to say Nigel Kneale was "read in," so to speak.

And the Never-Ending Ritual folded the opening of the Mithraeum with a three-month celebration of London's Roman history. I'll have to look into that, see if there are any interesting, um, connections.

Three-month celebration. 

For the opening of a Mithraeum.

Still think you're living in the same world you were just a couple of years ago? Well, I have some bad news for you. You're not. 

None of us are.

Wow, what a big week for the Unconquered Sun. Here he stands in downtown Dallas at AT&T World Headquarters. 

Just a short walk from Dealey Plaza. Check it out if you're in town.

Here's what "Golden Boy" is actually based on. Cute how they make the giant snake into power cables, don't you think?

And wouldn't you just know it, AT&T's buyout of TimeWarner is front page news all of a sudden. Very surprising given how hard the two corporate giants have worked to keep the merger out of the spotlight.

What's the big occasion?

Apparently, this was a reaction to a move by the Trump Justice Department demanding AT&T sell off CNN before the merger is completed.

Trump, whose National Golf Club was across the friggin' street from Mithras there when AT&T's HQ was in Bedminster.

Speaking of secret societies, Mike Bloomberg is a member of one very powerful group, Kappa Beta Phi. 

They have an interesting initiation ceremony- new members are required to dress as women and put on "variety-show acts."  

And, look: their "mantra" is a riff on the old Las Vegas tagline.

But all of this got me thinking- the Second Degree of the Mithraic Mysteries is Nymphus, in which new members were/are required to dress as women and become "male brides." 

More on that in a moment.

Of course, another prominent Mithraic icon is the Prometheus statue at Rockefeller Center (Prometheus was syncretized with Mithras in late antiquity). Do note the waterfall and mark it for future reference. 

And of course the Zodiac tells you all you need to know. That is Mithras.

And will wonders never cease? The press-shy Rockefellers are all over the news this week as well. Note this Times story on David Rockefeller's "philanthropy." Interesting to see the Cups-- a very important icon in Mithraism-- resplendent in Masonic Blue and Gold.

Note Mithras is also being "Born from the Rock" at Rockefeller Plaza.

As was Mithras' son Diorphus, because Mithras "hated the female race."

And what timing, Rockefeller Plaza is going to undergo a major transformation.

With circular portals.  Portals.

It will be a "beautiful transformation."

Speaking of Beautiful Transformations, the Masonic Birthday Bash featured a familiar figure...

...Lady Liberty. Bonus factoid: "Liberty" was originally intended to be wearing a Phrygian cap, just like Mithras.

But I guess they decided to go for the more heroic version of Mithras.

You do realize that the Statue of Liberty is actually Mithras Nymphus, right?

Which all these headlines last summer were actually pointing you towards.

I'm sure this is old news for some of you but it bears repeating in light of the current zeitgeist. 

I mean, we're all adults here, right? That's not a masculine woman, that's a very masculine man.

Based on icons like this...

...and this...

...and this...

...and this...

...and this. 

Oh, wait; that's the scale model of the Statue of Liberty at Brooklyn Museum. 

My mistake.

And of course the pose itself comes from traditional depictions of the Sun God.

The Brooklyn Museum is currently hosting this exhibit on how women had to turn into men to achieve rebirth. I guess because Osiris hated the race of women too. 

The museum sure is "reimagining Feminism," all right.

Interesting factoid: the Freemasons were congregating at Royal Albert Hall at the very same time this happened. 

Now, after looking closely at Donald Trump's Marvelous Underworld Journey through the constellations the other day, it got me to thinking about those Mithraic degrees. And it got me to thinking about all the Saturn symbolism coming out of Heaven or Las Vegas.

And what it started to look like to me was a journey to Lyra. Corvus, Virgo and Leo seem like a no-brainer for the 1st, 2nd and 4th degrees...

...and Bootes gets my vote for the Solder, or 3rd Degree of Heliodromus. Do note Sickle. Of course, Perseus seems like a no-brainer for the Perses degree as well.

Now, my vote is for Cygnus the Swan, for the 6th Degree. Remember the Swan popped up during Sirenmania 2017. Note how it's been associated with Phaethon, son of Helios. 

Phaethon, who was also called Lucifer, leading many scholars to believe he was the model for the post-Biblical figure of the same name.

Which brings us back to Lyra and the Falling Vegas. Do note that Lyra was also associated with Orpheus, who like Phaethon is associated in death with a river.

And please note that my theory presents us with a mirror image of the Sickle. 

And that the Sickle is a symbol of the highest Degree in Mithraism. 

And for Saturn as well.

Yeah, I think it's looking pretty likely, don't you? The Sickle. Saturn. Regulus. The Vegas.

And then this happened. 

Charlie, get me out of here!


  1. Sorry just posted a link to this as a comment in the previous post, hadnt refreshed the page since my last visit and didnt know you done this one :)

  2. Lad Liberty's All Hallow's Twin WW '“Gets” Why People Think She’s a Man', (s)he's starred in the films 'Think Like a Man', 'Think Like a Man Too' & 'Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates' & in an episode of the tv show 'The Neighbours' titled "The One with Interspecies F-R-I-E-N-D-S".

    1. I'm not getting any of these references. Can you supply links?


      & the moving trickster info can be divined:

      the wiki also states 'Williams was a radio DJ and host and quickly became known in New York as a "shock jockette"' & links to:

      '"How New York's Shock Jockette Got Supersized"'

  3. 'What happens in ... stays in ...'

    But no one (or two) can have any privacy. Cause we have nothing to hide.

    1. Except perhaps our mysterious Mr. Paddock, where apparently more is known about what's on his brother's computers than on his. Odd that.

  4. great insights, let's also note the election of the first openly trans legislator in VegA, Danica Roem

  5. So it is a statue of Mithra that stands over the entrance to the new Rome. A travesty. All of the power game is based on pretending. Instead of a phrygian cap the statue is wearing a crown. Maybe Hitchcock knew as he made it an object of dread in Saboteur.

  6. I just started reading Philip Pullman's "The Book of Dust." It's a prequel to His Dark Materials. The focus so far is on baby Lyra and Lord Asriel's story. I had never thought of the origin of the name, Lyra before.

    In the previous post I left a link for a story that seemed to be on most of the news outlets about a "zombie supernova".

    Scientists discovered an explosion that occurred in 1954 in exactly the same location. This could suggest that the star somehow survived that explosion, only to detonate again in 2014.

    Chris, I thought it was interesting that the focus of last night's articles was of a discovery several years old and the date 1954. The wording was so similar to what you cited: This Mithraeum was discovered in 1954 in an old bombed-out site.

  7. Weird tangent. It's funny, but the last several years has seen a massive global push to 'upgrade' the streetlighting of major metropolitan cities. I cannot help but think of this in context of your previous post on British freemasonry and its 'Light'. Here in London as with many major cities we've seen LEDs with their harsh, cold white light replace the amber-orange glow of sodium vapour streetlights. All this despite research existing that suggests LED emissions can negatively affect sleeping patterns and brain waves in a variety of ways. Companies pushing LED lighting systems contest this, of course. As someone very familiar with the city in which I live I've noticed that LEDs have made the streets darker if anything, with light not pooling very far beyond their sources. London's back streets often have stretches of darkness and deeper shadows now between lamp posts. As a humorous aside, one of the companies involved in the creation of London's new data-driven 'smart lighting' revolution is Silver Springs, who are employing a platform called Starfish. I thought that was amusing considering all the star and water symbolism you've been exploring lately, Chris. Just some random observations. Great work, brother. As always.

    1. Thanks for bringing that up, Raj. Those LED lights are damaging and all of this is no accident. And this whole "smart" program- this is the Borg, coming to overtake every aspect of our lives. And Silver Springs and Starfish are no accident either. Ritualism is baked into the Skynet system.

    2. It's called 'sky(-)net' afterall.

    3. I find it hard to believe that people say they prefer the really unnatural color of sodium lights, to white light. Well, not really. So many people prefer the status quo, even when the status quo is positively toxic.

      And by the way, thanks to those terrible, terrible LEDs, you have enough electricity for light on the streets AND gadgets in your homes, and still have some spare for electric cars. But maybe you are of the kind that believe that there are enough fossil fuels to last till the end of the life of your grandkids, and climate change is a hoax.

      Knowing about occult stuff doesn't make people any better at avoiding brainwash, and perhaps even worse, I've noticed that.

    4. I'm no more brainwashed than anybody else is in 2017, Maria. I was just making an observation about Light, in keeping with the themes of recent posts.

    5. If you want "natural" light, you have to light a candle. LED's are NOT natural light, and do in fact interfere with melatonin production which in turn disrupts natural sleep patterns. Incandescent bulbs, now banned in many places, are the closest thing to natural light when it comes to light bulbs. Funny that they are being phased out. Of course, if energy efficiency is all you are interested in, as opposed to human health, then sure, go with LED's.

    6. Excellent point Raj. I just had this conversation with a family member as I had previously looked into light bulb/LED wavelength spectrum for over-wintering plants... (roses, in case anyone is wondering).

      But then there is also this:

      So, even more Borg than just the health-damaging effects.

  8. Hi Chris - thought you might appreciate this:

  9. "I'm sorry; is this actually the real world or am I in some kind of Audrey Horne coma and am lucid-dreaming old Secret Sun posts all night and day?"

    I'm thinking, maybe it's time to wake up to your own life. The only one you have.

    Why invest in a lost case any longer? That doesn't want to be 'found'?

    1. It's no longer LOST when it's found haha

      - Mrk66One

    2. I am actually being very serious. I think personally, though my views might not be the view of most here, that what we are seeing now is some culmination of what was started some ten thousand years ago or so, and it's not just lineair, it's the closing of a circle. It's coming full circle.
      I totally do not buy all this god crap and so on, it's just manipuation by people, and there's nothing mysterious about it.
      I also think that what we are going through is very very similar to what the humans back then experienced as their life was slowly being swallowed up.
      Like then, just as now, there's some point of no return, where the monster has grown so big and the people have become so incorporated-by-the-system that even if you wanted to do something against it it would absolutely be pointless. The "choice" has been made, and any difference you could make would eventually end up in service of their system.
      Whatever we try and 'expose' is what they eventually want exposed anyway, and meanwhile we're always being two miles behind them, they're keeping us busy while they plan ahead and are carrying out their next litte project.

      I can feel responsible for everything and everyone and the earth itself... but the thing is, I am only responsible for me. My life. My actions. I can try make others aware, okay great, but it ain't going to stop what needs to stop. And meanwhile I am wasting my life which is the most precious I have. I am it. Perhaps in a few years things are so bad that nothing is possible anymore.
      I am saying. There's fight and there's flight. I am not so much the freeze type, and certainly not the faint-type. So, once you see that fight is not really an option, why not walk? In so far as we still can. -

      Or do you just really enjoy doing this...?

      What I am saying is that they might be coming full circle, and I have to accept it (though it is completely un-acceptable..) but then why do I not do the same and GO BACK, too? But just one step further... to that place befóre them..

      There must be some place left that they have left alone till now..

      I mean, when it's dead you have to bury it, acknowledge the fact, and do the impossible: move on. I'm a realist. Life taught me that.

    3. Every word we speak into their system is helping them, every act inside their system is furthering their goals and an act of unspeakable violence. They don't care what you say or do, just THAT you're in.
      It's immoral, against life.


      That's it.

  10. Found about Mithras that he can identify with Fanes, the creator god that was born from an EGG (OVO?) and some representation shows him coming from a zodiac egg... Well, that and the bull sacrifices shows another set of stars at the moment sacrifice. The question is that if we get to the 7th degree in the star journey, then what now?... a lot to think about...

    1. Mithra was been depicted with a lion's head often. This association has long been believed to be Mithra in conjunction with Saturn, or Mithraic Kronos.
      Is it safe to assume that all of the zodiac symbolism on the reliefs of the Mithraic tauroctony would indicate the sacrificed bull as Taurus?

    2. The Lion head is actually a different figure, Aion. Same cult but somewhat different entity. Phanes is indeed identified and syncretized quite often with Mithras. Phanes means "Bring to Light." Consider that fact when watching the Masonic celebration.

  11. Chris,

    Interesting, this rise in Mithras when such bellicose winds are blowing over the land, considering how popular the god was in the Legions of the late Roman Empire. I wonder, will our next Emperor appear with the banner of Sol Invictus at the van of his army?

    1. It's looking pretty like at this point. But then again what isn't looking likely at this point?

  12. Nov. 9 1923 Germany - Munich Beer Hall Putsch Nov. 9 1938 Germany - Kristallnact Nov. 9 1989 Germany - Fall of the Berlin Wall Just coincidences. Nothing to it. Yeah...

    1. If you're a coincidence theorist...

    2. Today November 9, in Germany, it was announced that a nurse is suspected of having murdered more than 100 patients in various hospitals. 11/9 again in Germany.

    3. Also today Lockheed revealed that the German Air Force is considering to buy F-35 fighters jets to replace its Tornado planes. The last time Germany brought Lockheed planes, a fleet of F-104 in the 1960s, it caused the death of 110 pilots. The F-104 was nicknamed The Widow maker because its high mortality rate. In the mid 70s there was a huge scandal in Germany when it was revealed that the reason the Luftwaffe had brought the dodgy Lockheed F104 was through well placed and substantial bribes to officials in charge of the purchase. Guess Lockheed had to dump the planes somewhere after the USAF found them unsuitable for use in the late 50s. Too bad about those dead pilots.

    4. This is a great example of why we have little to fear from our shady spell-casters seeking to terrify and control. Their natural corruption leads them to self-sabotage. Our nation is underpinned with similar corrupt crappiness on many levels (name any industry, basically) and this creates a tendency to decay and fall apart.

    5. Oh no, they did not self sabotage, just the opposite, they came out stronger. A lot of people made a lot of money, both Americans and Germans. The few who went to prison were well taken care of afterwards for protecting the higher ups. The only ones to suffer were the 110 pilots who died, and they were considered expendable. My point was that this date, 11 / 9 has some significance in Germany.

    6. +1. It's hilarious.

    7. Good points on the outcome of the F-104 debacle; I stand corrected. And while I still don't grant much power to the individuals working these rituals, I do worry about what they are invoking being beyond their control (part of their incompetence).

    8. weirdly, Robert Calvert released a concept album about the F104 "Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters"

  13. Oh, and all of this made me think Astana, in Kazajistan. A city made for Sun worship, and the country flag cannot be more elocuent. (And Kirguistan with it's Orange flag with a sun, has now problems with an economic agreement concerning Kazajistan)

    1. Yeah, Astana is a trip. All sorts of strange business afoot in these places people in the West don't think about.

  14. Tracy Twyman has been exuding tons of material on the new Mithraeum in London and its gateway as portal to the new Jerusalem:

    " Finally, let us not forget that Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall made a great case for the idea that Cybele is “Mete,” and Mete is Baphomet. Meanwhile, occultist Aleister Crowley claimed that the name Baphomet means “Father Mithras,” a phrase that, he said, has a cabalistic value of 729. This just so happens to be the sum of all of the angles of the two buildings that comprise Michael Bloomberg’s real-life headquarters building built on top of the Temple of Mithras in London. It is as though the concept of Baphomet includes both that of Cybele and of Mithras, which makes total sense if you consider what I’ve already said."

    From her piece here.

    I highlighted the 729 as Mithras, being the Secret Sun or the Hunab Ku, the Sun behind the Sun, the Unconquerable Sun.

    Shared with her the why of 729.

    It is the Cosmic Alelph where Archetypal Aleph being 147 is added to In Time Aleph, being Yod, as 582, the sum being Cosmic Aleph being QPH as 729.

    QPH RYSH SHN TAV or QRST is Christos/Chrestos or Krishna as the Cosmic One.

    All the proof thereof is found in Eugene's Table. See the Four Golden Entries, the QRST.

    The 18 permutations of 147,174,258,285,369,396,417,471,528,582,639,693,714,741,825,852,936,963 when summed make 9990.

    147 thru 741 add to 2664 which is 26.666% of 9990 and are IHVH as "26".

    258 thru 852 add to 3330 which is 33.333% of 9990 and are the "mediator of heaven and earth", ie the QRST Phoenix.

    369 thru 963 add to 3996 which is 40.00% of 9990 and are the container of "flood, trial, dessert, on the mountain" of the seed that 147..741, the Father plants in the box of 40 as mother.

    26.66 as Father mates beastly with box of mother as 40.00 as 66.66. Being all polarity of division.

    This being a symbolon synthemata of Agdistys, Adamah as black, red pool being an inversion of the stars. The former being supreme compression below the mediator, the latter being supreme expansion above the mediator. The mediator being of course QRST.

    There is a proof of this syntemata that is ancient as ancient. This being two things .. the Navagraha Square of the Hindoos and the Gita of the Hindoos. Both being the fragments of when the Red and White tribes were under one thing, the ISO standard of QRST.

    All in all, these things are much ado about Nuit.

    Coreybantes, Tophet, Coreybantes, Tophet, being the feast of the birds as the return of the QRST. The daemonic elementals in all realms are lining up for the first time. The seed of filling our mother has come to its inversion moment.

    1. Tracy is a friend and a great researcher. She's done some very interesting work with this material.

    2. A roundtable exegesis between Twyman & Knowles would surely result in all manner of Promethean sparks flying.

    3. I know the real secret of 729. Just by sheer coincidence a little bird just told me.

      And I am going to keep it safe. And sound. I'm good at that.

      You'll never guess!

    4. She has yet to reply, nor did you, as the Eugenic magic of 729 as being 147 plus 582. Have long blogged on Coreybantes, like years and years, and the pedophile psycho connection, nothing new under the sun over here. Welcome to synchromystic hell. The key as shared is not seeing the synchs .. its the lever of what ISO and EXO are and how we feed the idol. Baphomet is fat wisdom, ie width of hips v. waist and width of shoulders v. waist being but female and male and the wisdom pulled forth of "neither father nor mother" as self generation that is the mark of those who are the flame servants of QRST. Lord Krishna clearly says these things in the Gita about the idol, its food as children, our appetites, same as IHVH in the OT. We are the batteries, the power supply to this. Not you as in your present identity, this being only the smallness of it, nor I as in born of such and such, but the reincarnational seed that is to be remembered or drawn out of the body/shell as fire being, twice born .. unconquearable. Lord Krishna says its servants willingly slay themselves on the field of battle and wake up to do it again. Clearly beings who do not care about the mortal coil, its daily life as we know it.

  15. Hi Chris, I think what the elite who are currently courting these entities fails to realize is that they are rarely controlled - especially not by man, have some pretty vile preferences, and only capriciously honour those who serve them. I try to contemplate the idiot extreme, the endgame, and ask myself, where are we going with this?
    Temples to Molech and Chemosh in every major city, with active sacrifice? Will we resurrect, blindly, all of the madness of antiquity, because we fail to retain any knowledge of history? (During the last election, I was shocked by how few people remembered Whitewater, Foster, Lewinsky, etc., Wait a few news cycles, and yesterday's pariah will be tomorrow's messiah.)

    I believe, the same way we were the last of the analogue generation, we are the last generation to have seen a world without the rise of these other forces. Sadly, they do not value or even like us, yet the elite have done everything possible to welcome them back. Brush up on your faerie tales and mythology, folks, we're in for a bumpy ride.

    That said, Chris, your discernment and dedication are a beacon. Don't fret the people who tell you to quit because they think you're too focused on the negative. Being alert, aware, resourceful and knowing the lore is the only thing that will save us.

    1. Thank you, Saveth. Greatly appreciated. And you're right- we're the last. Even Millennials, for that matter. They will live long enough to see a generation of lab-grown horrors and cyborgs replace them. I keep thinking of that scene in Prometheus when David tries to impress the Engineer with his master of their language and gets his head twisted off for his trouble. Great wisdom there, even if it was unintentional.

    2. I'm pretty sure the elite know fairly well what they are doing, regarding these entities. You, personally, may not be able to control them, but them? They've been doing it forever!

    3. I know you didn't much care for Stranger Things 2, but one of the things I most liked about both ST's is this: THEY FOUGHT BACK. And "won" (if only temporarily-- the story must go on, of course).

      Spells can be counter-Spelled. Especially such a public Hyper-Sigil. (And my own intuition tells me their collective hands have been forced to act a bit earlier than they would have liked. That's interesting, in and of itself).

      I guess the 80s "Eff it, let's DO THIS!" pluck of ST struck me, as it's definitely something in very short supply these days.

      Learned-helplessness never saved anyone.

    4. Actually, during the last election many of us remembered quite well 30 years of graft, corruption and egotism that the Clinton's would have been hard pressed to equal. Which certainly isn't meant to absolve them of anything either. No, as usual we were presented with two establishment puppets and the one that was intended to win all along by the elite won...Hillary never had a chance. Pretty plain to see that Trump was always the one willing to go along with the extended ritual, as he has been doing. Also the one to intensify the us vs. them battle of the masses to the delight of the elite.

  16. Going along with the other themes recently, especially the water and space themes.

    Scientists are finally drilling into the Chicxulub crater to see what secrets it holds.

    1. Be interesting to see where all that goes. Thanks.

  17. Apparently the original (not used) design for the Statue of Liberty was that it was supposed to represent a robed Egyptian woman as a new Colossus of Rhodes:


    "The statue’s designer, Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, was also French, but he found inspiration in a very different place: Egypt. In 1855, he visited Nubian monuments at Abu Simbel, which feature tombs guarded by gigantic colossus figures. Bartholdi became fascinated by the ancient architecture, developing what the National Park Service calls a “passion for large-scale public monuments and colossal structures.” Eventually, he channeled that passion into a proposal for the inauguration of the Suez Canal.

    Bartholdi envisioned a colossal monument featuring a robe-clad woman representing Egypt to stand at Port Said, the city at the northern terminus of the canal in Egypt. To prep for this undertaking, Barry Moreno, author of multiple books about the statue, writes that Bartholdi studied art like the Colossus, honing the concept for a figure called Libertas who would stand at the canal. “Taking the form of a veiled peasant woman,” writes Moreno, “the statue was to stand 86 feet high, and its pedestal was to rise to a height of 48 feet.” Early models of the statue were called “Egypt Carrying the Light to Asia."

    1. Intentionally misleading headline there- that was never intended for the Statue of Liberty. I'd like to have seen the original design though because I am dead certain the "Muslim woman" was actually Isis. Thanks, David.

  18. Siren tangent:

    ex-MLB pitcher (Toronto, Philadelphia) Roy Halladay crashed his plane into the Gulf of Mexico yesterday and was killed. I just watched a video taken by witnesses of him flying/crashing and then their approach to the crash site and noticed the Mandalay Bay/fidget spinner "Y" on the tail:

    1. Of the coast of Tampa. We'll get to Tampa soon.

  19. I've just read that the church where the shooting took place is being demolished:

    Also, writer Laurell K. Hamilton's new book is titled "serpentine".

    Both of these came across the ol FB 'feed'.

    1. Hmmm....interesting. Interesting. Thanks Brandi.

    2. Oh and hey, there's this book I read about ten years ago called the Prism of Lyra. Which apparently was written in the 90's.
      I'd snatched it up in a used book shop. The book delves into humans coming from "races" from the stars.

      A bit of an aside. All these posts around Rockefeller Center gives me flashbacks to my trip to NYC in July 2001. There were large looming spiders in Rockefeller Center at the time. They were done by an artist named Louise Bourgeois. I dunno but watching the latest Stranger Things season, I couldn't help but think that "Mindflayer" was inspired from these spiders. The spiders loomed around from June 21st 2001 to September 4, 2001.

    3. There is not anything sinister about the church shootings I happen to know some of the family and friends is a very traumatic time for them

      There is no way they can go back into that church and things be normal. They will build a new one.


  20. I guess that you have to be "Orpheus" to consider trees to be inanimate.

  21. 'London Mithraeum: First look at rediscovered Roman temple beneath Bloomberg headquarters'

    'The remains are enhanced by light and sound effects, including chants inspired by ancient graffiti found scrawled on a similar temple in Rome. This recreates what historians say is “a best guess” about what went on during ceremonies there.'

    & on heavenly bodies:

    'Astronomers spot a planet so big they don't think it is a planet'

    'Researchers at a range of universities around the world have reported the discovery, which they say: raises the question of whether such objects are really 'planets'(formed within the disks of their hosts) or 'failed stars' (low mass objects formed by gas fragmentation).'

    the msn linked article contained 81 slides.

    & regarding fallen idols:

    'Kevin Spacey just got fired from Ridley Scott's new movie, a month before its release'

    'Ridley Scott will completely remove Kevin Spacey from his upcoming biopic thriller All the Money in the World — with less than two months to go until the movie’s scheduled December 22 release... Christopher Plummer will replace Spacey in the film’s most prominent supporting role. Scott’s drastic choice to cut Spacey from the movie will put it at risk of missing its December 22 release date, thus jeopardizing its Oscar eligibility... Spacey was set to play the the elder Getty, and the decision to reshoot his role entirely, especially so close to the film’s release date, is extremely unprecedented... The decision comes after the film’s production studio, TriStar, abandoned what would have been an aggressive marketing and awards season campaign built around Spacey’s performance.

    'completely remove', 'put it at risk', 'jeopardizing its oscar eligibility', 'set to play the role' - the film's in the can, but the movie industry's the real victim! so the shitshow keeps a' rolling.

  22. Chris, forgive my ignorance if some of this has been covered here in the past, but I thought it might resonate with recent symbols and bizarro news media events.

    New age-y cult NXIVM in the news recently. Secret sex slave sorority:

    In relation to the Vega/Superman stuff you had recently mentioned in a previous entry...

    A former Smallville actress as ringleader of NXIVM sex slave sorority. Where they brand the members with a very pyramid-looking type of glyph (kind of reminds me of the "human familiars" and vampire glyph system in the movie Blade).

  23. Saw the Statue of Liberty in person for the fit time this summer. My first comment to my wife was “ check out those man hands. That’s the manliest woman ever.”

    1. To mention the obvious... where are the breasts of "Miss" Liberty?

  24. Just came across your stuff a couple of days ago. Have you heard of Mathew Delooze? Unfortunately he stopped posting a couple of years ago but I think you would be interested in his work which is still at

  25. Chris have you started going through the JFK files?

    This whole ordeal starts for me with the first release two Fridays ago. I had never dug too deep into the JFK thing and just took the lone wolf LHO at face value. But after reading the Russian opinion document I became intrigued, and dug like a mad man. And its quite simple, but it took me HOURS to really be sure.

    They are the same group that has infiltrated our government today. Rothschild empire, while split up between untold numbers of enterprises and persons, has never had their trust busted since the famous Waterloo buyout.

    As England entered the industrial revolution and experienced great prosperity via technological advancements Rothschild expanded to the US bringing capital to finance the robber barons, intertwining them with our economy.
    By 1900 their main job was to ensure stability of the system and maintain currency/bank notes retained their meaning. And all the big players in the entire world, and admittedly many of the working class truly benefited from this system in a way that it provided uniformity.

    But then come the post war years. USA is the undeniable champion of the western world. Money/ currency is ONLY worth what it can be exchanged for via trust, and I would argue that the US population had max trust in JFK and the booming econ at the time.

    So jfk, who knew the shady dealings of the system, his father being part of that group and first head of the SEC sees that he can migrate the SAME EXACT SYSTEM BUT UNDER OWNERSHIP OF THE TREASURY.

    THIS is a DIRECT assault on the (((Empire))) who has already had 150 years of forging connections, networks EVEN a fucking country. The french roth bankrolled all of syria and the still do. SECRET SOCIETIES OF THE JEW - IN PARTICULAR the CIA which originated from the Rothschild information network, because information is essential to finance (think waterloo)

    And because of that and other things, not to mention LBJ being the PERFECT puppet to replace him, they shot him dead. OUR PRESIDENT

  26. Back in the 60s Jacques Costeau wanted to graft gills into humans, that may be still in the agenda of some groups.

  27. I found the trailer for that mermaid film.

  28. From 1971 to 1977 General Motors produced a sub compact car called Vega, which has the dubious distinction of been considered the worst car ever produced in the US. Even worse than its contemporary competitor Ford Pinto.

    1. This is off topic but of interest - back in 1984, after Dune, David Lynch was set to direct the first Hannibal Lecter film, Red Dragon. It was directed instead by Michael Mann in 1986. In 2002 a re-make was directed by Brett Ratner, who has been in the news lately regarding sexual violence in Hollywood.

  29. A few more synchs to add to the pile; as always, I hope they'll be of some use to you in the stellar work you do here.

    Hard to know where to begin; but, since you've posted most recently on Mithras, and the Freemasons: recent events, starting with the massacre in Vegas, look like one long Working by the New Praetorians: though, of course, we normal folk can only guess as to what end (my best rough guess is that it has something to do with (among other things), a good outcome to the recent royal coup d'etat in Saudi Arabia, and Dubai 's preparations for the arrival of the Space Brothers)...

    First: the Vegas massacre looks like a modern reworking of the Ancient Roman sacrifice called the October Horse. The parallels are too numerous to list, but just to hit a few: the sacrifice took place not in a temple, but outdoors, in the Campus Martius, the Field/Paddock/Vega/Campo of Mars. During the sacrifice, priests dressed in archaic costume, singing in archaic dialect, celebrating the virtues of an idealized past, of rural life and the citizen-soldier; which also sounds like a pretty decent description of a country music concert. After the sacrifice, a horse was decapitated, and the head displayed from a tower in Rome's red-light district; in the New Praetorian version, a gun mule was shot in the head in a tower in a city that is trying hard to rebrand itself as America's red-light district. The October Horse rite was instituted by the second king of Rome (a city founded by *twins*), who claimed to have been given them by Egeria, a water nymph (Siren?), who lived in a pool in the River Almone. In 1937, for no stated reason, the Italian government spent a tremendous amount of money to transport the Axum Obelisk to Rome and erect it on that spot.

    The star Vega, as you've noted, is the Falling Eagle. "The Eagle" was also the name of the plain black flag the Prophet Muhammad flew; which flag is also currently being disgraced by the terrorist group ISIS, who, strangely enough for a group of fanatical monotheists, not only named themselves after a pagan goddess, but one of only three pagan deities whose worship is specifically derided in the Quran (under the Arabic permutation Uzzah).

    After the Vegas Working, the nation decided to bathe itself in orange, the color the condemned wear in Islamic countries. After which a "known-wolf" acolyte of Uzzah/ISIS, wearing a (Masonic?) checkerboard shirt and driving a truck with an eye-catching orange logo commits another mass murder/sacrifice.

    Following after this, there's another Working presided over by Aldebaran, whose name just so happens to be Arabic, and to mean "the one following after". And just to bring it back around to Our Lady of Oracles, the killer was stationed/programmed at Hollow Man Air Force Base (which, contrary to standard usage, the media consistently refers to using the definite article: *the* Hollow Man AFB).

    Again, thank you for the work you do here. Unlike what some say, knowing what the Archons are up to doesn't make me, or anyone I know, feel powerless. To be ignorant of it, and therefore to unwittingly give one's assent to it, would be powerlessness.

  30. Almost forgot: concerning Mr. Lady Liberty; the Roman name for Aldebaran was Palilicium, which was also the name for the festival in honor of the very obscure deity Pales, who was extremely androgynous, to the point that different Roman authors described Pales as a god, a goddess, or decided that there had to be two Pales, one male and one female.

    The first temple to Pales, BTW, was built by a Roman general named Marcus Atillius *Regulus*.

    1. Pales namesake asteroid 49 Pales was discovered together with 48 Doris (an Oceanid sea nymph). They are known as 'The Twins'.

    2. Khadir, wild and interesting ideas you've shared, thankee sir. Needless to say, thankee to CLK too, and anybody who contributes their ideas and support to him.

  31. Was Mithra at all associated with Haoma/Soma? It's mushrooms season I'm just saying:) Gordon R Wasson's Soma: Mushroom of Divine Immortality; posed the idea that the ecstatic ritual substance "Soma" was in fact; Amanita Muscaria, the deep red to orange-red capped mushrooms that dot the Russian forests.

  32. OK then...I've been traveling with you for a time...even when you quit( the wolf was so sad) then then the evil magicians stoled all your material here...something happened then...kk now 1st post, not Mr. Lud but you gno...Cris, did the AI Masters give you your name? It is there hidden in plain sight...who are the have always dissed my nervious system people...Bill Cooper and Robert Anton matter, in AR Way...all roads lead to Rome

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  34. And then there is the Da Vinci Code movie where the return of ..... is really an ACTUAL woman not a man dressed as a woman to me that was very telling.

    if you look at the bicycle deck of cards notice the female trapped in the spade

    sacred feminine being neutered and all that

    Sacred Feminine = Liberty Mother = Imagination = Creation Power on Earth


  35. I have found Mithra in the constellations. I need your email. I have something to show you.