Thursday, November 09, 2017

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Mithras.

I've been ranting on about Mithras since I opened this blog and lo and behold, Bloomberg finally premiere their new SPACE headquarters with the enclosed Mithraeum, smack dab in the middle of the Never-Ending Ritual. And a day after the Grand Lodge of England posted video of the Tercentennial at the Royal Albert Hall on Halloween.

I'm sorry; is this actually the real world or am I in some kind of Audrey Horne coma and am lucid-dreaming old Secret Sun posts all night and day?

Bloomberg SPACE. If you saw that in a movie you'd think it was over the top.

And they're really pulling out the special effects to make you feel as if you are actually in an ancient Mithraeum.

This Mithraeum was discovered in 1954 in an old bombed-out site.

Which almost certainly became the inspiration for Quatermass and the Pit. I think it's safe to say Nigel Kneale was "read in," so to speak.

And the Never-Ending Ritual folded the opening of the Mithraeum with a three-month celebration of London's Roman history. I'll have to look into that, see if there are any interesting, um, connections.

Three-month celebration. 

For the opening of a Mithraeum.

Still think you're living in the same world you were just a couple of years ago? Well, I have some bad news for you. You're not. 

None of us are.

Wow, what a big week for the old boy. Here he stands in his Mithras-Phanes incarnation in downtown Dallas at AT&T World Headquarters. 

Just a short walk from Dealey Plaza. Check it out if you're in town.

Here's what "Golden Boy" is actually based on. Cute how they make the giant snake into power cables, don't you think?

And wouldn't you just know it, AT&T's buyout of TimeWarner is front page news all of a sudden. Very surprising given how hard the two corporate giants have worked to keep the merger out of the spotlight.

What's the big occasion?

Apparently, this was a reaction to a move by the Trump Justice Department demanding AT&T sell off CNN before the merger is completed.

Trump, whose National Golf Club was across the friggin' street from Mithras there when AT&T's HQ was in Bedminster.

Speaking of secret societies, Mike Bloomberg is a member of one very powerful group, Kappa Beta Phi. 

They have an interesting initiation ceremony- new members are required to dress as women and put on "variety-show acts."  

And, look: their "mantra" is a riff on the old Las Vegas tagline.

But all of this got me thinking- the Second Degree of the Mithraic Mysteries is Nymphus, in which new members were/are required to dress as women and become "male brides." 

More on that in a moment.

Of course, another prominent Mithraic icon is the Prometheus statue at Rockefeller Center (Prometheus was syncretized with Mithras in late antiquity). Do note the waterfall and mark it for future reference. 

And of course the Zodiac tells you all you need to know. That is Mithras.

And will wonders never cease? The press-shy Rockefellers are all over the news this week as well. Note this Times story on David Rockefeller's "philanthropy." Interesting to see the Cups-- a very important icon in Mithraism-- resplendent in Masonic Blue and Gold.

Note Mithras is also being "Born from the Rock" at Rockefeller Plaza.

As was Mithras' son Diorphus, because Mithras "hated the female race."

And what timing, Rockefeller Plaza is going to undergo a major transformation.

With circular portals.  Portals.

It will be a "beautiful transformation."

Speaking of Beautiful Transformations, the Masonic Birthday Bash featured a familiar figure...

...Lady Liberty. Bonus factoid: "Liberty" was originally intended to be wearing a Phrygian cap, just like Mithras.

But I guess they decided to go for the more heroic version of Mithras.

You do realize that the Statue of Liberty is actually Mithras Nymphus, right?

Which all these headlines last summer were actually pointing you towards.

I'm sure this is old news for some of you but it bears repeating in light of the current zeitgeist. 

I mean, we're all adults here, right? That's not a masculine woman, that's a very masculine man.

Based on icons like this...

...and this...

...and this...

...and this...

...and this. 

Oh, wait; that's the scale model of the Statue of Liberty at Brooklyn Museum. 

My mistake.

And of course the pose itself comes from traditional depictions of the Sun God.

The Brooklyn Museum is currently hosting this exhibit on how women had to turn into men to achieve rebirth. I guess because Osiris hated the race of women too. 

The museum sure is "reimagining Feminism," all right.

Interesting factoid: the Freemasons were congregating at Royal Albert Hall at the very same time this happened. 

Now, after looking closely at Donald Trump's Marvelous Underworld Journey through the constellations the other day, it got me to thinking about those Mithraic degrees. And it got me to thinking about all the Saturn symbolism coming out of Heaven or Las Vegas.

And what it started to look like to me was a journey to Lyra. Corvus, Virgo and Leo seem like a no-brainer for the 1st, 2nd and 4th degrees...

...and Bootes gets my vote for the Solder, or 3rd Degree of Heliodromus. Do note Sickle. Of course, Perseus seems like a no-brainer for the Perses degree as well.

Now, my vote is for Cygnus the Swan, for the 6th Degree. Remember the Swan popped up during Sirenmania 2017. Note how it's been associated with Phaethon, son of Helios. 

Phaethon, who was also called Lucifer, leading many scholars to believe he was the model for the post-Biblical figure of the same name.

Which brings us back to Lyra and the Falling Vegas. Do note that Lyra was also associated with Orpheus, who like Phaethon is associated in death with a river.

And please note that my theory presents us with a mirror image of the Sickle. 

And that the Sickle is a symbol of the highest Degree in Mithraism. 

And for Saturn as well.

Yeah, I think it's looking pretty likely, don't you? The Sickle. Saturn. Regulus. The Vegas.

And then this happened. Charlie, get me out of here!